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Going to enter this raid with Wolfe


Name: Wolfe ( Male ) ( Recolored )

Pokeball: Valentines Ball( custom colored )
Obtained: Starter
Nature: Bashful
Ability: Flash Fire
Held Item: Alternates between Devil Horns  (Boosts Fire-type moves) And His heart-shaped amulet.   His mate Cassie has the match ( Unless Cassie is with him he is almost always holding these devil horns)
Evolution: Fully Evolved (  > () >  )

    Attacks: Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Helping Hand, Flame Wheel, Reversal, Fire Fang, Take Down, Flame Burst, Agility, Retaliate, Flamethrower, Crunch, Outrage, Play Rough, Flare Blitz, Double Edge, Thunder Fang, Extreme Speed, Burn Up, Heat Wave, 

    TM/HM:Return, Attract, Swift, Headbutt Surf, Dragon Rage
Thunderbolt Will-o-wisp, Pyschic Fangs

    Move Tutor(MT): Mimic, Dragon Pulse
    Egg Moves(EM): Morning Sun,Iron tail,  Double Kick  Howl Close Combat
    Shadow Moves(CM):

    Custom Moves(CM): Firestream, Celebrate

    Unnatural moves(UM): Camoflauge

    Advanced Moves(AM): Volt tackle

    Bond: 50

    Contest Stats: 40 Cute, 40 Beauty, 20 in all others
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With the terrors of last month's raid behind them, the residents of Zephyr Valley settled down once more to enjoy the peaceful vale. Well, as peaceful as any place can be with howling gales tearing down the middle. A calm and windy day, as everything is in Zephyr Valley.

And then the skies were rent with a terrible roar once again. This time, the insect in question was not airborne, instead emerging from the creek to terrorise the woods of the valley. Yawning, Liawe reached for her comms device. "We have a Dynamax situation at Zephyr Valley. Code Amber, species is Golisopod. Requesting four trainers for pacification.
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Your slimy savior is here!

Name: Goop Dogg

Gender: Male

Level: 23

Pokeball: Pokeball

Obtained: Hatched

Nature: Relaxed

Ability: Gooey

Held Item: None

Evolution: None

Attacks: Tackle, Bubble, Absorb, Water Gun, Protect, Dragon Breath, Bide, Flail, Rain Dance, Water Pulse

TM/HM: Thunderbolt

Move Tutor(MT): None

Egg Moves(EM): Life Dew

Shadow Moves(SM): None

Custom Moves(CM): None

Unnatural moves(UM): None

Advanced Moves(AM): None

Bond: 3

Contest Stats: None

Bio: Goop Dogg is a bright and bubbly Dragon-Type, as chill as his shades foretell. He refuses to battle in most situations, preferring to sit and relax in a pool of water.

Origin: The Hatchery
Dracen, Dragon Trainer

Cy, Bug Trainer

FB Profile
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Seems I missed all the other Raids...

Name: Corviknight
Gender: Male
Level: 39
Bond: 50
Ability: Mirror Armor
Nature: Serious
Birthday: October 7
Obtained: Caught in Galar Release Event
Level-up Moves: Steel Wing, Iron Defense, Metal Sound, Peck, Leer, Power Trip, Hone Claws, Fury Attack, Pluck, Taunt, Scary Face, Drill Peck, Swagger, Brave Bird
EM/MT Moves: Roost, Steel Beam
TM/TR Moves: -

Holding Sharp Beak
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Duos don't always work, but most Raids in GO can be easily Triod. Why not test if the same holds true in Fizzby?

Name: Louise
Species: Mawile
Gender: Female
Special: Wears a white hoodie with a copper nametag attached
Level: 54
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Sassy (Likes Bitter, Dislikes Sweet)
Obtained: Starter
Held Item: Fairy Dust
Contest Stats: Cute: 10, Smart: 10, Tough: 10, Cool: 10, Beauty: 10
Bond: 45
Moves Known:
--By Level: Play Rough (Lv. -), Iron Head (Lv. -), Taunt (Lv. -), Growl (Lv. -), Fairy Wind (Lv. -), Astonish (Lv. -), Fake Tears (Lv. 5), Bite (Lv. 10), Sweet Scent (Lv. 13), Vice Grip (Lv. 17), Faint Attack (Lv. 21), Baton Pass (Lv. 25), Crunch (Lv. 29), Iron Defense (Lv. 33), Sucker Punch (Lv. 37), Stockpile (Lv. 41), Swallow (Lv. 41), Spit Up (Lv. 41)
--By 'Birth': Ancient Power, Metal Burst, Misty Terrain, Seismic Toss, Pain Split, Punishment, Swords Dance
--By Tutor: Thunder Punch, Magnet Rise, Laser Focus, Guardian Terrain
--By TM: Sludge Bomb, Power-Up Punch, Incinerate, Ally Switch, Ice Punch, False Swipe, Sandstorm, Stone Edge
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Might as well at least get one raid this month, I suppose.

Held Item: None
Birthday: March 27
Nickname: Signal
Gender: Male
Level: 45
Origin: Egg House
Type: Water/Electric
Ability: Volt Absorb
Nature: -
Bond: 50 (choose moves)
Contest Stats: 70/70/70/70/70
Evolution Line: -Lv. 27->
Level-Up Moves: Water Gun, Bubble, Thunder Wave, Supersonic, Electro Ball[4], Flail[9], Confuse Ray[12], Bubblebeam[12], Spark[20], Take Down[23], Charge[24], Signal Beam[28], Discharge[28], Aqua Ring[32], Hydro Pump[41]
HM Moves: Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Whirlpool, Flash
TM Moves: Ice Beam, Dazzling Gleam, Double Team, Charge Beam, Zap Cannon, Volt Switch, Scald
Egg Moves: Psybeam, Shock Wave, Mist, Soak, Agility, Brine
Move Tutor Moves: Icy Wind, Heal Bell, Sucker Punch, Water Pulse, Thunderbolt, Endure, Bounce
Additional Moves: -
Other: -
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Gym's closed. Permanently.
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