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Lucario Master Chris
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My first team

This is my first team that I've tried to make for competetive battling. This is V4 of this team.

Dusknoir @Quick Claw
EV's:252HP 160A 98D
Position: Is meant to go out first to set up Trick Room.
Ice Punch
Trick Room

Gardvoir @Light Clay
EV's:252D 252HP 6SD
Position: Screener (what I call someone with the top two moves and held Item). Uses Light Screen and Reflect to boost everyone's defense stats and Trick Room to boost everyone's speed.
Moves: Light Screen
Trick Room

Bastiodon @(I need a good one for him)
EV's: 252HP 100D 158SD
Postion: He sets up Stealth Rock for when my opponent switches.
Stealth Rock
Iron Head

Vaporeon @Wacon Berry
EV's:252D 252SD 6HP
Position: Baton Passer for Defense and healing. The Berry will help with staying alive long enough for it to BP.
Moves:Acid Armor
Baton Pass

Blissey @Leftovers
Ev's:252D 252SA 6HP
Postion: A Cleric. Uses Aromatherapy to heal ALL stats effects on my Pokemon. Also can induce stats effects with the Serene Grace ability.
Thunder Bolt

Milotic @ Leftovers
EV's:252D 200SD 58HP
Position: A Sleep Talker (Rest/Sleep Talk cambo), to take out Dragons, and just cause I like it.
Sleep Talk
Ice Beam
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Re: My first team

Trick Room teams are nice, but this one isn't exactly going to cut it IMO.

Quick Claw for Dusknoir is pretty unnecessary. Trick Room pretty much says he's going to be going first and Quick Claw will become a dead item. While you can argue you want to Trick Room first before getting hit, it still seems pretty worthless because Dusknoir has such great defenses, it really shouldn't be worried about fainting before Trick Room is put up.

Gardevoir isn't exactly amazing when given the single purpose of putting up Reflect and Light Screen. Without Wish and/or Leftovers, Gardevoir isn't exactly hefty enough to take any hits. It's only got a base 68 HP. Additionally, yours has absolutely no effect on Dark Types. Someone can easily switch in almost any dark type and get a free attack on your team. Something deadly like Tyranitar only needs a one turn opening to start something insane and being unable to do anything to it makes it all the more deadly. Additionally, Trick Room isn't the best on Gardevoir considering it's somewhat decent 80 speed. With Trick Room, everyone on your squad should be pissant slow.

Bastiodon is worthless. Even with max HP, max DEF, and a beneficial personality, it's easily OHKOed by many stable Ground and Fighting moves from the average attacker. Additionally, it awful at attacking. It's a lot like Aggron. Some good defensive stats, horrible typing, horrible offensive, and no real chance in competition. If this team wasn't a Trick Room team, you could try Focus Sash and Metal Burst, as it easily KOs anyone trying to attack it. But because Metal Burst has no priority modifier like Counter and Mirror Coat, it becomes worthless on this team.

Vaporeon seems a bit out of place. While Acid Armor passing is cool, it seems awkward on this team. Many of your Pokemon are already quite defensive and if we assume you use Gardevoir with Reflect, Acid Armor passing can be pretty redundant.

Blissey with Flamethrower seems odd. Unless you have something you want to specifically target with a super effective fire attack, it seems less useful than the almost perfect combination of Ice Bbeam/Thunderbolt. Additionally, Calm Mind + Serene Grace is the typical build. Without it, Blissey's Special Attacks won't do any realistic amounts of damage to ward of any attackers. And the bonus to SPDEF makes her even more of a bitch to kill. If you're using Aromatherapy, you'll likely need Sing or Thunderwave. Without it, you open yourself to many one turn setup-win conditions. Salamence only needs a Dragon Dance. Metagross only needs an Agility. Azelf only needs a Nasty Plot. It really makes using Aromatherapy difficult as it could end up accelerating your demise instead of slowing it down.

I don't dislike Restalking Milotic, but I remember my friend telling me that the new statistics due to Grass and Electric getting physical moves makes it almost useless. Marvel Scale and Sleep isn't nearly enough to survive some of the best super effective attacks and the fact that Milotic doesn't exactly have any amazing SPATK doesn't really help. There's plenty of Pokemon who can just come out, take the hits and 2HKO Milotic without being ruined. Now I understand that Vaporeon can Baton Pass Acid Armor pumps to Milotic, but it still isn't enough. It's very easy to Haze or pHaze Milotic out as it has almost no moves capable of OHKOing users of Haze/pHaze and with the randomness of Sleep Talk, it's even less likely you'll hit them for any amazing amount.

Overall your team lacks any offensive Pokémon. You need something that is slow and can hit hard. Like Snorlax or Slowbro. As it is, your team is just a series of tanks and walls that become fast through use of Trick Room. No win condition. Just stall.
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