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View Poll Results: What should be done with Bedlam Ridge and FFA zones in general?
Nothing needs to be done 0 0%
Instate a new FFA zone alongside Bedlam 8 66.67%
Instate a new FFA zone, making Bedlam a Standard zone 3 25.00%
Instate a new FFA zone, replacing Bedlam 1 8.33%
Make a current Standard zone an FFA zone, alongside Bedlam 0 0%
Make a current Standard zone an FFA zone, replacing Bedlam 0 0%
Make a current Standard zone an FFA zone, making Bedlam a Standard Zone 0 0%
Add additional areas to Bedlam Ridge 0 0%
Merge Bedlam Ridge with an older zone (such as say Minnao) 0 0%
Voters: 12. You may not vote on this poll

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Bedlam Ridge and FFA Zones

It has come to our attention that the current situation regarding Bedlam Ridge and FFA zones is not satisfactory for everyone. As such, since we've only gotten a few opinions on the matter and do not know the full scope of FB's opinions on it, for right now, this will be a community feedback thread with the potential for more discussion down the road.

There are two things we want to see from this poll:

A) The extent of people who feel Bedlam is not satisfactory for the purposes of an FFA zone

B) What people would like to see regarding the topic

Please vote for what you feel is the best option and if you do vote, we ask that you please post in the thread regarding your vote. This isn't supposed to be an easy way for people to comment and avoid discussion, we genuinely want as many people involved in the process. The poll will be open for two weeks, after which we will move onto the discussion portion.
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Ok, seeing as I'm the one who brought this up I should probably make my case.

Bedlam Ridge, as it stands, is not really a great zone to be the FFA zone.

The zone itself is a decent zone, and the destabilised suburbia theme is decent enough, but this is our only actual FFA zone, and for that purpose, I find it's incredibly niche. The FFA zone is supposed to be for free, casual adventures and to allow for updater experience. At the minute it's essentially a third adventure locked to a single zone, and if you don't like that zone or your character doesn't fit with that zone you're basically screwed out of an adventure slot. Similarly, if you find that Bedlam's not quite the setting you want to practise updating in- and Bedlam's zones do tend to lend themselves to a slightly darker adventure or something around the gangs- then your only other options are to apply to a full zone and hope you don't get overwhelmed, or else just not update. Neither point is, I feel, satisfactory for our FFA zone. We need some form of alternative, something that isn't Bedlam's darker, destabilised urban zones. Whether that be the introduction or re-introduction of another zone as a second FFA zone, or the expansion of Bedlam to have a wider appeal, I'm not sure. Personally, my thought process was to necro Minnao or create a similarly lighthearted, natural zone to be a second FFA zone, to provide the contrast between the two. I'm pretty sure that between Minnao and Bedlam, there's enough to satisfy the vast majority of people, and definitely more than Bedlam alone would. Alternatively we could as a community come up with a few new areas to diversify Bedlam a little more, but I think we'd probably be better off just adding a second zone instead of reworking an old one.
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I don't have a ton to add, but I want to backup what Iron said as I had a lot of these same thoughts a while ago just haven't spoken up about them. I'm definitely in the favor of adding a zone alongside Bedlam with a lighter tone rather than reworking Bedlam, as tacking on extra areas later on likely won't have the same feel. Besides, the Bulbagarden half needs a good ffa zone anyway, and that would hopefully draw in activity somewhat. All that said, we should have a plethora of inspiration and zone ideas from the thread we already have going for the new standard zone to fuel this.

Honestly. I don’t mind whether Bedlam ridge is replaced or not. I just want a decent ffa zone on both forums with different tones to play with.
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I voted to instate a new FFA zone in place of Bedlam.

While I technically have an intro pending pickup there, the fact of the matter is that city zones have just...always proved to be a block on my creative process. Even if Bedlam is quite lawless, it doesn't seem like the place for me to go in search of adventure. By that same vein, I can't even begin to conceive an adventure for someone there myself, a large reason I haven't used Bedlam to get my updating feet wet-the one time I tried, I was basically executing an idea that Raves cooked up because hell if I could think of something myself! I just think we should consider a new FFA zone and move away from city zones as a whole-NFC as a zone never even began to appeal to me as an adventuring place-the one time i went in, it was because it was the one place with a location I'd reasonably find the Electric types I was looking for at the time, rather than because I felt I could have a compelling adventure. But that's just mY OPINION

Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
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Lil' Bluey

Remind me again why we're not instating a FFA Zone like the old one where there were no location restrictions? I really liked that the old one allowed for complete creative freedom, where you could work with your Updator to concoct whatever crazy setting you want. I got whisked away to a desert-themed Arabian Nights Adventure by Talon (which I rather miss, since I was planning to Evolve my Zigzagoon there). I even Updated Furi on a dragony Adventure (which was his choice to start at a Weyr, based on the Dragonriders of Pern book series I believe) and used to opportunity to continue Harper's Adventure from the CG. The possibilities are endless when all limits are lifted, offering more story options that other Zones might not. Bedlam just never interested me since it seems like another suburban Zone that already has its own (rather dark) mythos. I don't mind it staying as is if other people enjoy it, but I'd rather see the return of the original FFA Zone as well as an alternative for those who want to flex more creative juices.
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King Ghidorah
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The more zones the better. Allows maximum creativity. I understand we have limited resources, so rather than have a bunch of small zones, I prefer the DG concept which is essentially multiple smaller zones under the umbrella of one overarching theme.

In addition, I vote for adding a second FFA while also leaving Bedlam as FFA. Personally, I wouldn't have a problem if all zones were FFA with the understanding that adventures had to adhere to the zone guidelines set up by the ZA. It would allow people to start adventures and be picked up by people who actually want/have time to update. With the standard zones, they can get backlogged if those who have signed up as updaters are busy, take LOAs, etc. Prevents updating from becoming a chore. Just my opinion.
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Originally Posted by lilbluecorsola View Post
Remind me again why we're not instating a FFA Zone like the old one where there were no location restrictions?
It already exists. We have one over on BMG, but it sees no use because it doesn't offer rewards whereas Bedlam does, and neither takes an adventure slot, so it's more profitable to venture into Bedlam than the FFA zone. Although just allowing rewards for a FFA zone adventure and closing Bedlam would probably be a decent enough answer.
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