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Signature Moves for Zone Captures

(disclaimer: This is not related to custom moves, or signature moves as done by ASB)

Alright so with the idea becoming quite popular since I first implemented it, I thought it would be best to outline the practice so that we have consistency in updaters who choose to implement this idea.

The Idea
Updaters may give their updatees zone encounter/capture some additional moves that suit that Pokemon's personality/backstory. Usually this is 1-2 moves chosen from that Pokemon's egg moves or any Move Tutor or Technical Machine. To make their Pokemon a little different it might be nice to give them a non standard MT or TM, as long as its justified.

An Oranguru that was discard by its trainer and turned to a life of crime, bringing other abandoned Pokemon under its control. This Oranguru has TM Submission (non standard) and MT Foul Play (standard) as its signature moves.

This is simply just an additional reward. Pokemon can be taught these moves through the MT or TM shop anyway. Zone Captures are not generally a fast or easy process, so an additional reward on the Pokemon is a nice additional and surprise, especially if it adds to its personality/backstory. This is an optional practice, Updaters shouldn't feel forced to implement it, nor should it be expected from Updatees. Ultimately I feel like it really adds to the experience and can really open up the creative options of the updater.
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I'm pretty sure this is already a thing since we've never disallowed it.

I know it came up when discussing old FB policy at the very least. Regardless, its totally okay to do.
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