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Celebi Mint's Moleskine

Mint's Moleskine Journal

Up in the crow's nest of Mint's villa, a moleskine journal lays atop a nightstand next to the bed. While strangely absent whenever company is over, the tome is filled with accounts of memories and experiences of Mint's that she won't readily share with others, per se, though rumor has it some of the Base's inhabitants can have their tongues plied should you yourself swear to secrecy...

The pages seem relatively crisp and fresh for now, though. Will you have a look?

Mint hates thunderstorms, but at least this one isn't all bad...right?

Entry 2: Heimdall
Mint's newest teammate has a test for her...

The remaining pages are empty, for now...

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Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
Fizzy Member Post: Mint Earhart

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Mint hated thunderstorms. One could argue that, having grown up in a place like Sunyshore, such a hatred of bad beach weather would be justified. In reality though, Mint hated thunderstorms for another reason. For reasons beyond her imagining, thunderstorms always brought the worst the world could make her deal with at any time right to her. Quite a few times, she and The Pearl had had to flee an angry Gyarados, School Wishiwashi, or worse, just as the thunder would start crashing down.

Despite that, Mint wished she was at sea for this one. At least those times, the bad things came quickly. But this time, like many other storms spent at the villa, the sense of dread that came with knowing something worse would happen before the rain stopped permeated the air. It was a thick, oppressive feeling, and it was suddenly cut by Mint's Poke Gear ringing.


So this is what it would be. Mint forcefully clicked the decline button. She wasn't up for that kind of clownfest. Not today, and certainly not now, she thought, as Snowy, seeming to sense her Trainer's discontent, climbed into Mint's lap and stared up at the Sinnovan.


"Don't worry, Snowy, I'm-"

Mint was cut off by the Poke Gear ringing once again.


announced the caller ID once more. Either something was really wrong, or this woman was just out to ruin her day. Given the weather, it could very well be either. Mint growled, then sighed and answered, pressing an additional button.

"You're on speaker. State your business, and make it quick."

"I want to talk to you! You don't even give me so much as the time of day anymore!" an older woman's voice sounded from the device.

"Gee, I wonder why THAT might be. Couldn't be that I actually want to live my own life or anything, no, must be something else." Mint bit back with sarcasm caustic enough to make an Acid Spray blush. "Seriously though, do you actually need something, or do you just not take a hint!?" they added.

"I want my child back-"

"I am nineteen, going on twenty. Even if I wanted to be, I am NOT yours anymore, and I never want to be again!"

"Max, listen-"

"WHAT did you just call me!?"


"That was supposed to be an opportunity to correct yourself. You know that's not my name anymore! It's been years! I shouldn't even have to give you a second chance anymore! But you just don't learn a thing, do you!? You don't care, about me or about anything I say, isn't that right!?"


"Save it! Save your breath for someone who cares, and don't call me again! You're not my mom anymore. I'm done holding out hope that you'll learn, that you'll ever get any better, that you'll ever stop treating me like some clay doll you can shape and dress up however you like regardless of what I want out of my life! So just leave me alone! I'm living my life the way I was meant to, I'm happy that way, and I don't need you anymore!" Mint finished, and hung up the Poke Gear, beginning to cry, not noticing the shadow that passed by the window for a brief moment. Snowy pawed at her Trainer, but Mint was entirely unresponsive, the young woman eventually storming up the spiral wooden stairs to the crow's nest and roughly slamming the door behind her, absentmindedly undoing the latch that kept the "cat door" open for Mint's Pokémon and collapsing in her bed.

Minutes later, the Poke Gear rang again, and Mint screamed in frustration as she felt the thing vibrate in her hand, almost pitching it through the window. The name on caller ID stopped her.


Mint sighed. With a sniffle to drive back the tears, she picked up.

"...hey, dad. What's up?"

"Are you alright, Mint? You sound upset."


A sigh from the other end.

"Let me guess. Your mother called."


"And it went just as badly as I'd expect."


"Arceus, that woman...so hung up on her myths and stories that she can't love her own daughter, or even see her as one..."

"They're not just stories, Dad!"

The man on the other end sighed once more.

"Why do you hold on so dearly to something only the worst person in your life has given you? I don't understand..."

It was Mint's turn to sigh.

"...I know you probably won't believe what I'm about to say, but...it's because, at my lowest point...when all I wanted was for everything to end...those "stories" showed themselves to me. Or...more accurately, Azelf did. When I was at Sendoff Spring the day I was going to..." Mint trailed off, unable to make the words to finish that sentence. "I was scared. I wanted it all to end, but I couldn't make myself do it, and in that time of desperation, I asked Azelf to give me the will to just throw myself down and go through with it already...and that's when it appeared. It gave me something better instead. It gave me the will to defy what I'd been told. The will to believe that mom was wrong and defend my lifestyle, believe that being who I was wasn't wrong or sinful or unnatural. But most importantly, it gave me the will to turn to others and admit I needed help. That's why I started clinging to those stories more tightly than ever-because they weren't just real. They saved my life."

"...Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"...You weren't a believer. Not even Azelf could give me the will to tell you to believe something you'd never given a second thought to all your life. Not unless you asked."

"That's...I'd always thought you'd have been more of the Mesprit type if anything, arguing so fiercely about your feelings guiding you..."

"I thought so for a long time as well. But looking back...my real problem the whole time was doubt. Of myself, and of my feelings, too. In my heart of hearts I knew what I felt...but I doubted. And the only remedy for self-doubt is willpower. The resolve to act knowing that you may be wrong and that it won't be the end if you are. Because in reality, you only stop moving when you refuse to take a risk. That's why Azelf watches over me, I think."

"I see. Well, anyway, I was actually calling about something else. You might think it a little early to start talking about this, but...I found a surgeon. You would have to go back to Sinnoh for a bit, but they're affordable and have glowing reviews. So...just a thought, alright?"

Mint stayed silent for a few moments.

"...I...I see. Where in Sinnoh is this person based out of, if I might ask?"

"...This is why I needed to call you. You see...they're based out of Hearthome, and I know how you feel about that. The last thing you need is your mother finding you and getting on your case at such a delicate and important time. So I need to know that you're willing, or if I need to keep looking. I doubt I'll find a better person, but...it's up to you."

"I understand. And I'm glad you asked, but...I can't let that stop me. Only the best for something like this. Send me their details, and I'll look into when I should get a consultation." Mint said, pausing for a moment before continuing. "...thanks, Dad. It...means a lot to me. That you'd ask. That you listened to me today. This is...the first storm to end on a good note, I think."

"First...what? I don't follow."

"Ah! Uh...we can discuss that another time. For now...I think Snowy and the rest are worried, I can hear her through the door to my room..." Mint said. "Just send me the contact information. We'll talk again soon. I love you, Dad."

"Alright, Mint. Take care."

With that, the call ended. Mint opened the door, finding all her Pokémon assembled, even Sprocket, all looking concerned.


"Are you alright, Mint? You seemed upset before..." Sprocket asked delicately.

"I'm better now. Dad called...he had some good news. I'll be fine now. I'm sorry to worry you all..."

Mint bent down and comforted the rest of her Pokémon. These little ones-or, well, Pastinha wasn't quite so little anymore-she was their family now, as well as their Trainer. No matter what was to come, she'd need to take care of them.

And by Azelf, she'd do it, come storm, sleet, or shine.

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Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
Fizzy Member Post: Mint Earhart
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Mint pressed the release on the Luxury Ball containing one of her newest additions to the team, a male Ralts. The little guy had cost her a pretty penny, to be sure, but Mint had always dreamed of owning a Gallade, and now, that dream was not far off at all, it seemed. A burst of light emerged and coalesced on the floor of Mint's island villa, looking up slowly as the light revealed its true petite form.

So. It is you after all, who have come. I have had many visions of you, Mint Earhart.

Mint was slightly startled by the fact that the basic stage Psychic type had already mastered telepathic communication, but kept her compusure for the most part.

I am stronger than I look, as I'm sure you realize. the Ralts continued. My old Trainer may have referred to me as Merlin, but that is not my true moniker. That name, Heimdall, was given to me long ago, from the moment the legends set my Egg upon this realm. My life was ordained with one purpose, to guard a fair maiden with my blades and life. I am predestined to achieve the form of Gallade. Hence, despite my power, I have not evolved, not even to the level of Kirlia. If you wish me to take the form of Gardevoir, I regret to inform you that you are mistaken in taking me in.

Mint did not worry at all, however. Producing the Dawn Stone she'd been mysteriously sent at the crown of her adventure, Mint smiled back.

"Well, you're in luck, Heimdall. I just so happen to really, really want a Gallade." she said.

Ah, so you have already procured a Dawn Stone. Where did you find an artifact such as this? the Ralts inquired.

"It was gifted to me. I'm not sure who sent it, but the morning after I settled here, in this home, I received a package with this and other items within it, with no explanation."

Hmmm, Heimdall mused, perhaps then, it is fated that we met. But the Dawn Stone is not all that I require. There is something we must first do.

"What might that be?" Mint asked.

I must attempt to create an empathy link between our minds. If this Ralts form cannot tolerate your emotions and motives, then I cannot serve you. I must create the sort of bond necessary for the two of us to achieve Mega Evolution, once you obtain a Galladite.

"I...see. How is that done?" Mint asked.

Simply relax and clear your mind. Inform me when you are ready, and I shall begin.

Mint took a deep breath, closing her eyes. In. Out. If she feared this test, then she would certainly fail. She had to trust Heimdall. Trust, after all, is the first element of Mega Evolution.

"I am ready." Mint said plainly, now kneeling on the ground, eyes gently closed.

Then let us begin. Heimdall said, as a bright light burst forth in the back of Mint's eyelids, taking her into another world.

Mint opened her eyes, as if prompted to do so, finding herself kneeling amidst a large field of flowers of every shape and size, forming a traditional color wheel in a circle around her, with all the colors forming a circle of white where she knelt.

I see, you are an intellectual type. came Heimdall's voice. Comfort, for you, comes from a sense of order, of logic, of a balance. So long as you know your next move, you are at peace. Such is one mindset of a worthy commander, a tactician. Let us move on, then.

All at once, the scene changed, and Mint found herself amidst an armory. A shield had placed itself in her left hand, and a sword in her right.

Mmm, now this is interesting. Heimdall mused. You battle not only to defend the defenseless with your shield, but to forge the path ahead of you with your sword whenever the road ends. What a delightful mixture of determination and selflessness! Let us move on.

The scene changed again, and now Mint stood in an endless black expanse, populated by only two hooded figures, one in white, and one in black, the latter poised to assault the former. Without a thought, Mint found herself stepping between them, crossing her arms to intercept the black hood's blow. The black hood, in return, stepped back, drawing a sword as if from nothing. Mint found herself still unarmed as the figure charged, but stood firm as it rushed her, raising her arms in a quite ineffective guard as both figures dissipated just before the impending strike.

Hmmm. Stubborn. Unyielding in the face of superior power. Admirable, at times, but also the undoing of many an otherwise able leader. You must take care, with such an attitude. Heimdall said firmly.

The scene changed once again, Mint finding herself draped in regal robes, on a balcony, with a mass of people below. Before her lay a crown, a scepter, and a set of scales. Again without even thinking, Mint found herself taking the scales in her hand.

You are a rare sort indeed, came Heimdall's voice again. Presented with power, you would aim to mete out justice. You do not crave the power invested in you, nor do you derive satisfaction from simply leading those under your power, they must also be led justly, even if justice may seem unfair.

The scene changed again for what would be the last time. Mint balked as she recognized the scenery that now stood before her. She'd stood here once before, at the edge of the decayed bridge above Sendoff Spring. Moments later, all at once, her "mother's" words began to pound in her ears, as it they came from all around. Mint didn't even feel herself take a wrong step forward, sending herself careening over the edge, only for the words to stop, her body floating in the air, held aloft by a familiar blue shape, which placed her back on solid ground.

Astounding. came Heimdall's voice. To think that you would take a blessing of willpower from Azelf himself and come so far, growing all the while. Your darkest moment was of the blackest of pitch, but now you shine brightly, as a beacon of hope.

The scene melted away, and the black void returned, this time, Heimdall seemed to hover before Mint, her Dawn Stone between them.

You are a worthy Trainer, Mint Earhart. I will now link our hearts-any harm you shall suffer, so shall I, as your vassal. Focus, now!

At once, Mint felt her own presence shift in a way she couldn't describe. It was as if her entire being had been rent in twain, but into wholes rather than halves. She could feel new emotions as Heimdall took one of those wholes into himself, his body glowing brightly as he grew taller and changed shape into that of a Kirlia. Just as it seemed the evolution would stop, though, Heimdall's still-glowing form seized the Dawn Stone hovering before it. The stone changed from a brilliant sky blue to a dull blueish black before shattering, and Heimdall began to change again. Sturdier legs spread out into a fighting stance, his arms grew longer and branched off at the elbow. The "skirt" of his Kirlia form vanished, replaced with a round, bulboush shape as his torso grew upwards. The "hair" on either side of the head vanished as well, and as the two glowing red protrusions moved from his head to his upper torso, a long, sharp-edged fin of a sort emerged from his head. The light around him dissiapted as Mint returned to reality, not knowing when she had stood. Before her, just a few inches or so shorter than her, stood a full-fledged Gallade.

Mint Earhart. I am forever at your service.


Heimdall is undergoing change...

...Heimdall's appearance changed...

Heimdall evolved directly into Gallade!

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Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
Fizzy Member Post: Mint Earhart
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