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Meowth All These Things That I've Done

Table of Contents
The Basics
1 - Birthdays
2 - Adventure Log
3 - Families/Relationships
4 - Pokemon Ages
5 - Pokedex (wip)
6 - Formerly Owned Pokemon
Isaac Side Stories
1 - Ezra
Olivia Side Stories

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Birthday Calendar
Isaac ♫ | Olivia ☆

25th ♫ Luca the Dartrix , Morgana the Incineroar

6th ☆ Typhon the Gible
27th ♫ Sam the Ivysaur , ☆ Alke the Charmeleon

11th ☆ Calix the Alolan Meowth
18th ♫ Sanjake the Tangela
19th ♫ Kyp the Manectric
23rd ☆ Asteria the Noibat
28th ♫ Elise the Cherubi

4th ♫ Sophie the Minccino
6th ♫ Arkell the Togepi
8th ☆ Eirene the Ralts
15th ♫ Flea the Shroomish
17th ♫ Vinny the Leafeon , Ahri the Espeon , Arlo the Umbreon , Ezra the Eevee

19th ♫ Vanderlyle the Zangoose
23rd ♫ Marigold the Sunflora

4th ♫ Iris the Vileplume , Eileen the Bellossom
5th ♫ Nate the Grookey
20th ♫ Dramamine the Jumpluff

23rd ♫ Oliver the Snivy , ☆ Caeneus the Oshawott
25th ☆ Seirios the Growlithe

9th ♫ Isaac Casanova
18th ♫ Milo the Treecko , James the Combusken

22nd ☆ Chronos the Mareep
25th ♫ Huron the Elekid
30th ☆ Alastor the Lucario

9th ☆ Olivia Vallis
21st ☆ Bia the Axew

12th ♫ Laika the Pikachu
14th ♫ Adam the Applin , ☆ Secace the Applin
22nd ☆ Hera the Nidorina
24th ☆ Kydoimos the Jangmo-o
25th ♫ Kurt the Pansage

10th ☆ Castor the Shelmet
12th ♫ Chester the Chespin
22nd ☆ Ania the Cubone
23rd ☆ Metis the Skorupi
24th ♫ Mira the Mimikyu

9th ☆ Orithyia the Bagon
21st ♫ Grace the Chikorita
14th ♫ Daniel the Turtwig
25th ♫ Ophelia the Lapras

29th ☆ Leucothea the Dratini

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Adventure Log
Completed | Ongoing | Abandoned

Isaac Casanova
The Cloud Garden
[] Cloud Forest:[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11]
[] Rose Garden: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

The Abominable Snowdown: A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign
[] Long Campaign Event: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8]

Dialga's Gate
[] Cherry-Blossom Garden: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Bedlam Ridge: Free for All Zone
[] Shanty Heights: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

The Realm of Shadows
[] The Skewed Forest: [1] [2] [3]

The Arcane Realm
[] XV. The Devil’s Playground: [1] [2]
[] VI. Lover’s Grove: [1]

Olivia Vallis
The Arboreal Cradle: The Eternal Forest Zone
[] Dragon's Descent: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

[] Twisted Roots Raid 1 (Cacturne 4☆): [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]
[] Typhon's Depths Raid 2 (Gigantamax Drednaw 5☆): [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
[] Cinccino Royale: [1] [2]
[] Le Marécage Noir: Trick for Treats, Halloween Event: [1] [2]
[] Wollminster's Winter Market: [1] [2]
[] New Year's Grand Festival: [1] [2]
[] Cloud Garden Lunar Festival: [1] [2]
[] Happy Fizzypendence Day: [1] [2]
[] Trick-or-Treat: A Fizzytopian Halloween Event [1] [2]
[] The Grinchleon's Lair: [1]
[] The Isle of Always Winter: [1] [2]
[] Happy Dragon Boat Festival: [1]
[] Happy hAlolaween! Halloween Event 2019: [1]
[] The Galarian Invaders! Galar Release Event: [1] [2] [3] [4]
[] The Intern who Stole Fizzymas: [1]
[] Fizzy Bubbles Dynamaxmas Special: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]
[] Happy Lunar New Year 2020!: [1]

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In Love | Broken Up | Close Friends (Almost Dating)

Vinny Morgana
Vinny Kyp
Ahri Ahi
Luca Milo
Ahri Nate
Iris Sam
Grace Chester
Marigold Eileen
Laika James

Ophelia (Mother)
Sam (Eldest Son) / Milo (Elder Adoptive Son) / Daniel (Middle Son) / Arkell (Youngest Adoptive Son)
Morgana (Father) + Tori (Mother --- Belongs to Alex)
Jean Hera (Daughter)
Vinny (Mother) + Morgana (Father)
Ahri (Daughter) / Luca (Adoptive Son)
Vinny (Mother) + Kyp (Father)
Arlo (Son)
Dramamine (Mother)
Oliver (Son)
Ahri (Mother) + Ahi (Father)
Ezra (Son)
Marigold (Father)
Grace (Adoptive Daughter)
Milo (Father) + Luca (Father)
Adam (Adoptive Son)

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Pokemon Ages
(age based on human ages, basically an estimate based on maturity/how they act)
- Ordered from oldest to youngest -

Adult (25-40)
Ophelia (40) , Alastor (38) , Dramamine (36) , Marigold (34) , Kyp (34) , Morgana (33)
Sanjake (33) , Vinny (32) , Vanderlyle (30) , Seirios (28) , Metis (25)

Young Adult (20-24)
Mira (24) , Iris (24) , Eileen (24) , Milo (24) , Eirene (23) , Leuco (23) , Secace (22)
Alke (22) , Asteria (22) , Sam (22) , Nate (22) , Orithyia (21) , Bia (21) , Kydoimos (21)
Ahri (21) , Luca (21) , Calix (20) , Typhon (20) , Chronos (20) , James (20) , Arlo (20)

Elder Teen (17-19)
Daniel (19) , Elise (19) , Hera (18) , Oliver (18) , Caeneus (18)
Chester (18) , Grace (17) , Ania (17) , Laika (17)

Teenager (14-16)
Flea (16) , Kurt (16) , Sophie (16)

Child (3-13)
Huron (13) , Ezra (10) , Arkell (8) , Castor (6) , Adam (3)

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Isaac Casanova
Caught: #001 Bulbasaur, #002 Ivysaur, #016 Pidgey, #017 Pidgeotto, #025 Pikachu, #027a Alolan Sandshrew, #028a Alolan Sandslash, #029 Nidoran(F), #030 Nidorina, #037a Alolan Vulpix, #038a Alolan Ninetales, #043 Oddish, #044 Gloom, #045 Vileplume, #114 Tangela, #116 Horsea, #117 Seadra, #118 Goldeen, #131 Lapras, #133 Eevee, #172 Pichu, #175 Togepi, #182 Bellossom, #187 Hoppip, #188 Skiploom, #189 Jumpluff, #191 Sunkern, #192 Sunflora, #196 Espeon, #230 Kingdra, #239 Elekid, #252 Treecko, #253 Grovyle, #255 Torchic, #256 Combusken, #283 Surskit, #284 Masquerain, #285 Shroomish, #309 Electrike, #310 Manectric, #311 Plusle, #312 Minun, #335 Zangoose, #359 Absol, #387 Turtwig, #420 Cherubi, #470 Leafeon, #495 Snivy, #511 Pansage, #572 Minccino, #650 Chespin, #677 Espurr, #722 Rowlet, #723 Dartrix, #725 Litten, #726 Torracat, #727 Incineroar, #840 Applin
Olivia Vallis
Caught: #004 Charmander, #017 Pidgeotto, #018 Pidgeot, #052a Alolan Meowth, #058 Growlithe, #077 Ponyta, #078 Rapidash, #092 Gastly, #104 Cubone, #147 Dratini, #179 Mareep, #280 Ralts, #303 Mawile, #371 Bagon, #443 Gible, #447 Riolu, #448 Lucario, #451 Skorupi, #501 Oshawott, #610 Axew, #616 Shelmet, #636 Larvesta, #637 Volcarona, #714 Noibat, #747 Mareanie, #767 Wimpod, #768 Golisopod, #782 Jangmo-o, #840 Applin

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Formerly Owned Pokemon

Female MurkrowTraded to 134
Female EkansDropped off at Adoption Center
Female SwoobatDropped off at Adoption Center
Male EmolgaDropped off at Adoption Center
Female LiepardTraded to Maskerade
Male GoldeenDropped off at Adoption Center
Male NatuTraded to kawaii concept
Male ArchenTraded to 134
Female TentacoolTraded to Sandaa
Male StunkyDropped off at Adoption Center
Female DelcattyTraded to 134
Male MismagiusTraded to 134
Female RemoraidTraded to Sandaa
Female MasquerainTraded to Raves
Female MeinfooDropped off at Adoption Center
Female SentretDropped off at Adoption Center
Male GulpinTraded to Alice Hope
Female SmoochumTraded to 134
Female Alolan NinetalesTraded to 134
Male SeelTraded to Sandaa
Female KingdraTraded to Gemini Spark
Female NidoranTraded to Gemini Spark
Male HoothootDropped off at Adoption Center
Female SkittyDropped off at Adoption Center
Male LarvestaTraded to Maskerade
Male MinunTraded to 134
Female GolisopodTraded to King Ghidorah
Female PlusleTraded to 134
Female ZigzagoonDropped off at Adoption Center
Male EelektrossDropped off at Adoption Center
Female GastlyDropped off at Adoption Center
Female SnoruntDropped off at Adoption Center
Female SnubbullTraded to 134
Male SunkernTraded to 134
Female MawileTraded to Missingno. Master
Female AbsolTraded to Missingno. Master
Male PidgeotTraded to TheKnightsFury
Male Alolan SandslashTraded to Prof.Enigma
Male RapidashTraded to Prof.Enigma
Male EspurrTraded to sixdragons_in_atrenchcoat
Male MareanieTraded to CrazyCreeperKid
Female PinecoTraded to TheKnightsFury

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[ Ezra ]
- Isaac Side Story #1 -

Isaac could feel his throat clench when he heard the voice through the phone.

This can't be happening. Repeated in his head over and over again. He stumbled out a forced "T-thank you, I'll be there right away." sliding on his coat and grimly approaching the door. He had hoped to slide by the ever present eyes of Vinny as he passed, but she was too quick, she could sense that there was something wrong with her master. As her brown eyes looked up at him, he could feel the ball that had secured itself in his throat getting bigger. His hands shook as he tried to form the words. Vinny's expression went grim, she knew exactly why Isaac could not speak. Her brow furrowed and she pushed against the door. She needed to go too, and Isaac knew that. He wanted to grab Morgana as well, but Vinny was on a mission. She pushed the door open, rushing forwards into the snow outside. Isaac followed in a hurry, not wanting his beloved grass type to catch a chill.

The ride to the hatchery was quiet. Far too quiet for Isaac's liking. The Leafeon sat in the passenger seat, eyes focused on the icy road ahead of them. There was an edge to her stare that Isaac had not seen in some time, and he felt nervous just seeing it. He steeled himself for what was ahead. He could remember his own thoughts in this situation, panic, anger, everything that rushed over him in those moments that he failed the breeder's exam. Now, they were all coming back... but to his own Pokemon. As they pulled up to the nursery, Vinny clawed at the passenger door until Isaac let her out. She did not even look at her master as she made her way to the door, pushing inside before Isaac was able to.

"Ah... Mister Casanova." Murmured the attendant. There was a sadness to her tone, Isaac was all too familiar with it. It was the same one he used when he had to call the people who's Pokemon he... he closed his eyes, feeling his fist clench in the glove.

"Where is she?" Isaac asked, his tone colder than intended. He was just thankful she was alive, and hopefully Ahi was helping her through everything. The attendant gave a small nod, not upset with Isaac's tone as she guided him down the familiar hallway. Vinny ran ahead, she needed to see her daughter urgently.

The door swung open, and Isaac could see Ahri. She was alone, curled up close to the wall with her back away from them. Ahi was on the other side of the room, shoulders bunched upwards in anger. He turned his attention to Vinny and Isaac as they came into the room, ears dropping angrily as his brow furrowed looking at them.

"It's your fault." He spat at Vinny. "Your daughter is barren." All Isaac could hear was the small hisses coming out of his mouth, and he barely had a chance to react as Vinny threw herself at Ahi, claws outstretched and teeth bore in a hiss.

"Vin!" Isaac exclaimed, grabbing her by the scruff of the neck and holding her back. It was not a fight she would win, and Isaac knew better than to let her tangle with him. Vinny continued hissing, clawing at her master to release her.

"Get out of my sight!" Vinny hissed, teeth bore in a snarl towards the young Flareon. "Your mother should have raised you better." Ahi spat a small puff of ember at Isaac's feet, trotting out of the room towards his trainer. Isaac glanced backwards, seeing the last glance of Ahi and his master before they turned towards the door, never to be seen again.

With Ahi gone, Isaac placed Vinny back on the ground. She immediately rushed towards Ahri, curling around her daughter and licking the backs of her ears.

"Ahri, please... speak to me." Vinny murmured, attempting to cheer up her daughter as best she could. Ahri let out a small murmur, a sob escaping her mouth. She did not turn to face Isaac and Vinny, she simply remained pressed into the corner. Isaac approached slowly, noticing the brown ball of fur that Ahri was curled around. Her face was pressed into the fur, coddling it.

"She lost one of them." A small scared voice came from behind, Isaac turned and saw the attendant from earlier. "Her body wasn't strong enough to carry two eggs... one never fully developed and she only produced the one small offspring." She gestured to the small ball that Ahri was curled around. "The Flareon distanced himself after he was born... it was sad to see." Isaac's brow furrowed. He knew how difficult this must be for Ahri. Vinny continued comforting her daughter, small remarks escaping her mouth of how handsome her grandson was and how proud of her she was.

Isaac nodded to the attendant. "Thank you... we just need a few minutes alone here." She nodded, leaving the room as Isaac took a seat on the ground. Vinny continued, until Ahri slowly rose to her feet and faced her master. Her eyes were brimming with sadness, but he could see the healthy, although small, male Eevee being held by the scruff. She trotted over to Isaac slowly, placing the Eevee into his arms as she curled up near him, head on his lap. He coddled the small child, one hand placed on Ahri's head as he gave her small strokes. Ahri tilted her head up slightly, using her telepathy to speak to Isaac.

"His name is Ezra." Isaac could see a small, pained smile cross Ahri's mouth. She loved her son, but it was clear the pain she could feel from losing his sibling. Isaac nodded, scratching behind her ears.

"We can all head home." Isaac tried to keep it light for the young Espeon. "I'm sure Morgana will be thrilled to meet his grandson." Ahri gave a weak smile, rising to her feet as she followed her mother and Isaac out of the hatchery.
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