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It was the middle of the day, a rather busy time for Pokémon Centers. Most days, around noontime, they would be positively packed with Pokémon Trainers, either wishing to have their Pokémon healed up, or else just stopping in for lunch. Today was shaping up to be one such day for a Pokémon Center in Fizzytopia. Normally, this one didn't see a lot of business, but today was different, as the Center was conveniently located within easy walking distance of where the Friend Safari event had been held earlier that day, a special promotional event to herald the introduction of Kalosian Pokémon into the region. Pokémon Trainers from all corners of Fizzytopia had been present for the event, including members of the Fizzytopia Elite 4, and this Pokémon Center was perhaps the best place for the Trainers who had participated in this event to get a checkup for their newly caught Pokémon- the event allowed each participant the opportunity to catch a rare Pokémon previously only found in the Kalos region.

Among these Trainers was none other than Keith Masters, the 23-year-old Poison-type specialist. He was sitting in the semi-crowded waiting area, when Nurse Joy approached him. She was carrying a tray containing four regular Poké Balls and a Safari Ball, as well as a bored-looking Meowth. As she got closer to Keith, Meowth jumped off the tray and onto his Trainer's shoulder.

"Thanks, Nurse Joy," Keith smiled as he attached the Poké Balls to his belt. "And they're all doing OK?"

"All of them," nodded Nurse Joy. "Though your Qwilfish and Froakie were clearly in an intense battle."

"That they were," said Keith in agreement, a hint of pride in his voice. "Hannah's just like her older brother- she was born to battle! And Froakie, I'm liking the potential I saw in him today."

"Well, they're both perfectly fine now," said Nurse Joy. "We hope to see you agai-"

At that moment, however, an alarm sounded, loud and long, cutting off Nurse Joy. She wheeled around in alarm and raced into a back room. Keith and Meowth exchanged glances, before the former stood up and followed her. However, before they could get to the back room, Nurse Joy came bursting back out, in considerable distress.

"What is it?" Keith asked.

"It's terrible!" she exclaimed. "A pair of thieves just made off with all the Poké Balls we were looking after!" Keith peered in through the open door, and could see a slightly ajar exit door on the opposite end of the room. Before Nurse Joy could say anything more, the Poison-type Trainer raced through the back room and out the back exit of the Pokémon Center. Almost immediately, he could see the fleeing forms of two men dressed all in black, both carrying large sacks bulging with dozens of spherical objects, clearly the stolen Poké Balls. At this sight, Keith picked up speed and pursued the thugs.

"Ya want me ta help?" Meowth asked. "Maybe give 'em a taste o' my Fury Swipes?" he offered, extending the claws on his front paws.

"That sounds good to-" began Keith, but he stopped, suddenly remembering something. Something he had heard his Pokédex say earlier that very morning. "Hold that thought," he added to Meowth, as he plucked the Safari Ball off his belt and enlarged it. As they drew closer to the fleeing thieves, Keith threw the ball. "Froakie! Stop those thieves!" he bellowed.

In a flash of light, a light blue frog-like creature materialized, white bubbles covering his chest and back. The Froakie ran alongside Keith, keeping up with impressive speed, and as he noticed the thugs, his eyes narrowed. Froakie acted swiftly- he jumped into the air, and then, using his front legs, pulled out globs of the white bubbles on his back (the missing chunks regenerated almost instantaneously). Froakie then threw the Frubbles with considerable accuracy, each glob nailing one of the thieves in one of their feet. The Frubbles acted as an adhesive, apparently, for their feet stuck to the ground then and there, causing them to lose their balance and nearly fall. However, it did not make them drop the sacks of Poké Balls.

"Great, Froakie!" Keith grinned as they caught up to the crooks. "Now, Bubble! Go!"

Froakie responded by inhaling deeply. "Kie... Fro-o-o-o-o!" he bellowed, letting fly a barrage of bubbles from his mouth. The souped-up spherical suds struck the thieves, each bubble unleashing a small blast of energy as it burst. This forced them to drop the sacks of Poké Balls, which Froakie was quick to gather up and drag away from the crooks.

"Nicely done, Froakie," grinned Keith as he walked around the thieves. Now that he could see them from the front, he could clearly see a large red R on the front of each of their shirts. "Well, well," Keith added at this sight. "Team Rocket, huh? You scum should consider yourself lucky I didn't bring my Shuppet with me today, that's all I gotta say." Every Shuppet and Banette in existence had a grudge against someone or something, usually whoever caused their death, and Helena, Keith's Shuppet and older sister, her grudge was against Team Rocket as an organization. Indeed, had Keith brought Helena with him today, she surely would have exited her Poké Ball by this point, and at the sight of two members of Team Rocket, likely would have flown into a towering rage.

"Damn it!" one of the Team Rocket grunts grunted. "Thought this was gonna be a quick and easy job, too. Looks like we gotta fight-"

"Froakie fro!" interrupted Froakie, who was now standing next to Keith and glaring up disdainfully at the Team Rocket grunts.

"Froakie's sayin' dat bad guys rub him da wrong way," Meowth translated.

The grunts exchanged glances. "A talking Meowth?!" one of them exclaimed. "Just like on that show! The boss'll love that!"

"Well, first we gotta fight them," replied the other grunt. He reached for the one Poké Ball on his belt, but Froakie acted fast, throwing a few more globs of Frubbles. Each one hit a Poké Ball on a grunt's belt, and knocked them off the belt and out of reach.

"Good thinking, Froakie," smiled Keith. At that point, Nurse Joy caught up with them, and Keith was able to hand her the sacks of Poké Balls.


Once the Poké Balls were returned to the Pokémon Center and the Team Rocket grunts were in police custody, Keith started to walk back to his Secret Base, with Meowth on his shoulder, and this time, his recently-caught Froakie in his arms.

"I gotta say, Froakie, that was pretty cool back there," grinned Keith. "Though now I'm thinking it might be time you get to know your own Trainer's name. I'm Keith, and this is Meowth, and the Qwilfish you made the horrible mistake of underestimating is Hannah."

"Fro..." murmured Froakie, sweatdropping at the mention of his earlier mistake.

"Yeah," continued Keith. "First thing you should know about your teammates, Froakie- never underestimate any of them, ever. Not even the Weedle- actually, especially not the Weedle. Oh, yes," he added with a smirk, for Froakie looked slightly incredulous at this statement. "Hermione may not look like much, but she's got a lot of tricks up her sleeve. I wouldn't be too worried, though- as long as you don't act like battling them isn't worth your while, things'll be fine. Most of them are pretty friendly, though I'd steer clear of the Shadow Ledian if I were you."

"Fro Froakie fro?" Froakie asked.

"Froakie wants ta know more about his teammates," translated Meowth.

"Well, aside from Stewie- that's the Shadow Ledian I mentioned," replied Keith, "they're all basically OK. Some of them might strike you as a bit weird at first, but they're really OK. For example, my Timburr talks to the piece of lumber she carries around. She's not insane- the piece of wood is haunted by a ghost named Willow, and she and Millicent are practically like sisters. And my Pawniard's bound to be extremely wary of you at first, but once she knows you're not a threat to me, she'll warm up to you. She's just overprotective of me, is all. And if you don't want to end up as dinner for my Basculin, you'll have to earn her respect."

"And don't call her 'dude'," Meowth added. "She hates it when anyone mistakes her fer a guy."

"Froa-oa-oa," murmured Froakie.

"Froakie says dat dis is a lot ta take in," said Meowth.

"Seems that way, yeah," conceded Keith. "Don't worry about it too much, Froakie- you'll get to meet the team soon enough, so just introduce yourself to one teammate at a time, and take all the time you need to get to know all your new teammates."

"Hey, by da way," Meowth said suddenly, "Ain't youse gonna give Froakie a nickname?"

"Oh, yeah," Keith replied. "Been such an eventful morning I completely forgot. Hmm... Lemme see... how does Chocolate sound?"

"Frooooa..." Froakie replied in a tone of voice that said it all for Keith- he didn't need Meowth's translation to know that Froakie basically just went "Ehhhh..."

"Right, that's a no, then," nodded Keith. "Hmm... You know what? I kinda like the sound of Trevor. How's that sound?"

"Fro... Froakie!" nodded Froakie.

"Froakie likes dat one," said Meowth.

"Seems that way," grinned Keith. "Alright, Trevor it is, then."


Once Keith had returned to the Secret Base, he returned Trevor to his Safari Ball, and then gathered all of his Pokémon outside the base (he would have done this inside, but among the crowd was a Tauros, a Feraligatr, and an oddly colored Scolipede, none of whom were particularly built for being inside). And since Trevor brought the number up to 55, there were a lot of Pokémon gathered.

"Alright, everyone, I'd like to direct your attention to the newest member of the team," grinned Keith as he held up the Safari Ball. "Just caught him this morning. Meowth and Hannah are both already familiar with him, but for everyone else, I'd like you all to meet... Trevor!" he exclaimed, as he threw the Safari Ball straight up, unleashing the Froakie in a flash of light. Trevor landed on the ground and looked on at the huge group of Pokémon. Of them, the first to come forward to greet him was an Ivysaur.

"Hi!" the Ivysaur said cheerfully. "Nice to meet you, Trevor! I'm Pomona."

"Hello, Pomona," replied Trevor. "Nice to meet you, too. Can you introduce me to the rest of the team?"

"Sure!" Pomona agreed, and she happily led Trevor into the crowd of Pokémon, whereupon he proceeded to meet his new teammates one by one. Keith smiled as he watched this- naturally, Helena warmed up to Trevor right away, even moreso after she learned how he thwarted the pair of Team Rocket grunts. The Froakie clearly found Luna, the Swoobat, to be slightly odd, but she was not fazed by this in the slightest, and was in fact quite happy to meet him. He was noticeably intimidated by the large, imposing Haxorus, but only briefly, for Norbert was every bit as friendly as he was before he evolved.

"So, I'm thinking training battle later on?" Keith said to Meowth as Trevor proceeded to introduce himself to some of his Water-types. "Let Trevor test his skills against another of his teammates? I've yet to use Violet in battle, I'd kinda like to see how that strategy would work..."

"Sounds good ta me," Meowth replied.

Meanwhile, Trevor was getting along pretty well with at least most of his new teammates. He was currently talking to a group of Pokémon which included a Dunsparce, a Slugma, and a Wartortle.

"...so then I threw some more Frubbles at their Poké Balls," Trevor was saying, "and knocked them out of their reach. They couldn't do anything but wait for the police to arrest them."

"Pretty cool, dude," grinned the Slugma. "Only thing I don't get is, like, what are Frubbles?"

"Well, these," replied Trevor, as he pulled a glob of Frubbles off of his chest, only for it to grow back almost immediately. "Frubbles stick to almost anything, so they're ideal for stopping bad guys."

"I'm with Heatstroke, I think that's pretty awesome," chimed in the Wartortle.

The Froakie blushed at this praise. "Heh, you're too kind," he replied modestly.

"Uh... um..." the Dunsparce murmured, almost too quietly to be heard. Nevertheless, Trevor did hear her, which caused Violet to blush furiously and try to shrink away before continuing. "Um... I think... I think that- that was p-pretty cool, too..." Upon getting out that much, however, the Dunsparce pulled herself into a Defense Curl and said no more.

"Don't mind Violet," the Wartortle said. "She's usually this shy around newcomers. She'll warm up to you, give her time."

"Yeah, dude, like, Chance's right about that," nodded Heatstroke. "See, the deal with Vi over there is, the dude that was gonna trade for her before Keith got her backed out for some reason, and see, like, nobody really knows why. Thing is, though, Vi just kinda jumped to the conclusion that she, like, wasn't good enough for him or something like that, so she's, like, always real shy, y'know?"

"That's a real shame," Trevor sighed. "But at least she seemed to end up with a capable Trainer in the end- this Keith fellow seems to know his stuff. He battled me with this Qwilfish, and at first I kinda brushed off the challenge- I was relaxing in the sun, and I didn't think she'd put up enough of a fight to make me want to stop my sunbathing-"

"Whoa!" interrupted Heatstroke. "That's, like, major mistakeage, man!"

"Don't I know it," Trevor nodded gravely. "She had some seriously powerful attacks, even knows an Electric move."

"If Hannah's moves amazed you," said Chance, "then I can't wait until you see Hebenon in action- Hannah's big brother. He does things other Qwilfish aren't even capable of doing."

Trevor tilted his head. "Such as?" he asked.

The Wartortle grinned. "Well, just to name a few, there's Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Dark Void, Tri Attack, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Fire Spin, Bullet Seed-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa, what?!" Trevor interrupted. "How does he even do some of those moves?"

"I'm guessing you mean those punching moves, am I right?" asked Heatstroke. "It's totally awesome- he, like, does a Tackle attack at the same time, so he basically, like, uses his whole body in place of a fist."

"Wow," remarked Trevor. "How about you guys?" he added. "Heatstroke? Miss Chance? Either of you know any moves your kinds aren't usually capable of?"

Heatstroke shook his molten head. "Nah, man," he replied. "Anything I can do, other Slugma can do, too. Got a few rad Fire moves to choose from, but nothing others of my kind can't pick up for themselves."

"Same here," Chance added. "Though you don't need to be so formal, you don't need to call me miss," she said. "Just call me Chance, OK, Trevor?"

"Sure thing," the Froakie responded.

This sort of thing went on for most of the rest of the day, with Trevor introducing himself to the rest of the team. Keith never did find time that day for a training battle, but considering how his day started out, he could hardly call the day wasted.

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"Now, Crabbe!" Keith exclaimed. "Use Giga Drain!"

"Chance, use yer Blizzard!" Meowth exclaimed.

The yellow feather on the Gulpin's head glowed a pale green, and a single tendril of energy erupted from it. As the Wartortle opened her mouth and unleashed a howling snowstorm, the tendril of pale green energy swerved around the Blizzard and coiled around Chance. The green glow extended to cover the Wartortle's entire body as it sapped at her energy.

"...Tortle..." grunted Chance. She was struggling to keep up her Blizzard, for the attack was starting to have an effect on Crabbe, but within seconds, she stopped, feebly coughing up a few snowflakes.

"Nicely done!" grinned Keith as the Giga Drain stopped. "Let's finish this up, Crabbe- use Sludge!"

"Gul pin!" Crabbe exclaimed as he unleashed a stream of smelly black sludge from his mouth.

Chance tried to evade this by Withdrawing into her shell, but the sludge merely came in through the holes in the shell, and before long, the Wartortle collapsed.

"And I think that'll do it for now," Keith declared. "Excellent job, everybody. Crabbe, I'm proud of you in particular, that Giga Drain was your best one yet!"

"Gul pin," replied the Gulpin- and then, his entire body was bathed in a bright blue-white light! Keith's mouth fell open- Crabbe was starting to evolve! However, the light flickered a little bit, and then faded abruptly, revealing Crabbe to not have changed at all. "...pin?" Crabbe said questioningly, apparently just as confused by this as Keith was.

"...Wait, wat just happened here?" demanded Meowth.

Keith was at a loss. "...Uh... I... I... Crabbe was... was evolving," he murmured. "And- and then, he... he... wasn't."

As Keith tried to make sense of the situation, Meowth stepped over to the Gulpin. "Hey, so, wat just happened?" he asked.

Crabbe shrugged. "I dunno," he replied. "I'm all set to evolve, I want it to happen, but it just stopped for some reason."

Meowth turned to Keith. "Crabbe ain't got no idea wat happened, either," he explained.

Keith shook his head. "This is so weird," he murmured. "I think we better get Crabbe to the Pokémon Center, make sure nothing's wrong."

"Dat ain't a bad idea," nodded Meowth as he climbed onto Keith's shoulder. With that, Keith scooped his Gulpin up in his arms and headed off in the direction of the nearest Pokémon Center.


It wasn't a very long walk, but the wait was borderline unbearable. Keith and Meowth sat in the waiting room while Nurse Joy examined Crabbe. And then, at last, after two hours, the nurse approached him, Crabbe in her arms.

"Your Gulpin appears to be in perfect health," she reported as she handed the Gulpin back to his Trainer. "Just want to ask a few questions. What's he eaten lately?"

"Oh, some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza..." Keith listed the food items.

Nurse Joy shook her head. "No, I mean just this morning."

"...Some roast beef, some chicken, a pizza..." repeated Keith.

"I see," said Nurse Joy. "Well, he seems to be eating right, but it sounds to me as though his appetite is somewhat subdued."

"Y'know, come to think of it," Keith said, suddenly realizing something, "he only tried to swipe food from a few of his teammates last night. Didn't even bother trying to steal food from my Seviper, and he's usually foolhardy enough to attempt it."

Nurse Joy opened her mouth, but at that moment, both she and Keith found themselves distracted by a commotion in the waiting room. Keith walked over to where a crowd was gathered around a TV, Meowth on his shoulder and Crabbe in his arms. He maneuvered his way through the crowd until he was close enough to the TV to be able to see and hear what was going on. It was a news report, and the more of it Keith watched, the more appalled he became. It was about Hallow, the Pokémon Trainer who had been found dead not long after Halloween of 2012, and it went on to mention how all of his Pokémon, who had previously only been presumed dead, were now confirmed to have been murdered. The report did not go into much more detail than that, but it left Keith shaking his head in disgust all the same.

Once the news report ended, Keith exited the Pokémon Center, mouth agape in shock, too appalled to speak. Meowth kept moving his mouth as though about to speak, but clearly no words were doing justice to what he was feeling. However, these reactions paled in comparison to Crabbe's- the Gulpin in Keith's arms was shaking with fury, a look of utmost rage in his slit-like eyes.

On the trek back home, Keith broke the silence. "...What the fuck?" he said. "Seriously, Meowth, what the actual fuck? Who the hell even does something like that?!"

"Dat's all kinds o' messed up," Meowth agreed.

"Gul... Gul..." Crabbe said, his voice uncharacteristically thick with rage. And Keith knew why, too- among Hallow's deceased Pokémon was a female Frillish by the name of Narcissa, and Crabbe had fallen in love with her. It was the most he had ever felt for anything he couldn't eat.

"Crabbe already knew dat Narcissa was dead," Meowth explained to Keith. "I know youse has been tryin' ta tink of a way ta break it gently to him."

"Yeah... Yeah, I- I have," Keith nodded. "I'm sorry, Crabbe- I know how much she meant to you, and believe me, I know how you're feeling now. I don't know how you found out, but I probably should have told you myself."

"Gul... Gulpin gul..." Grabbe managed to say, now sounding as though he was holding back tears.

"Crabbe ain't blamin' youse," Meowth translated. "It's da murderer he's blamin'."

Keith nodded. "I don't blame him- Crabbe, that is, I don't blame Crabbe for blaming the murderer. Crabbe," he added, addressing his Gulpin, "you ever want to talk, I'm willing to listen, and I'm sure Meowth's willing to translate for me, OK?"

Crabbe nodded. "Gul... Gul... PIIIIIIIIIN!" he wailed- it had become too much, and the Gulpin could hold back the anger and sorrow no longer. Keith sat down on a nearby tree stump, and held the Gulpin close to him for comfort as Crabbe wailed loud and long, letting out all his pent-up emotions in the form of tears. Keith understood perfectly, having reacted more or less exactly the same way when he received the news that Coselle's memory of their entire relationship had been forcibly erased.

After a while, Crabbe's crying slowed down, and then stopped altogether. Keith looked down at his Gulpin. "That feel any better?" he asked.

"Gul..." sighed Crabbe.

"A little bit, he says," Meowth translated.

Keith sighed and hugged the Gulpin again. "You'll be OK, Crabbe," he said. "What say we go home and you eat everything in the kitchen, hmm?"

"Gulpin," Crabbe replied. However, most unusually for him, the notion of devouring all the food in the kitchen did not monopolize the forefront of his mind as it normally would have. No, the Gulpin had come to a decision. Narcissa had once asked him what his goals were, what he wanted to accomplish, and he didn't have a lot in the way of answers back then. Well, that was then, and now, Crabbe knew what he had to do. With his decision, his new goal, ingrained firmly in his mind, the determination coursed through him. He was going to stop other people and Pokémon from suffering at the hands of criminals any way he could. This newfound determination, this sense of purpose, Crabbe could practically feel it welling up within him.

And then, just as Keith's Secret Base came into view, Crabbe's eyes flashed with determination... and then he started glowing. And this time, it neither flickered nor stopped.

Astonished, Keith set his evolving Gulpin down on the ground and watched it happen, watched the transformation that had previously been repressed by Crabbe's repressed anger and sorrow finally take place. Crabbe grew taller, his feather shrank away, and he sprouted a thin mustache that looked like two pieces of spaghetti. Finally, the glow faded, revealing a in his place. Mouth agape, Keith took out his Pokédex.

"Swalot, the Poison Bag Pokémon, and the evolved form of Gulpin," droned the device. "Swalot can stretch its mouth wide enough to engulf objects larger than itself. The only thing its digestive acid cannot dissolve is its own stomach."

"I guess those bottled-up feelings were what was holding back Crabbe's evolution," Keith remarked. "Way to go, Crabbe!"

"Yeah, nice job!" Meowth added.

"Swa, Swalot," Crabbe replied, nodding at Keith and Meowth. As they reached the base, Keith and Meowth went inside, though the newly evolved Swalot hesitated for a moment, deep in thought, before climbing up the ladder the best he could with such stubby arms.


That night, a bloblike being stood atop a tall building overlooking a big city- the Swalot was wearing a red mask with eyeholes, and a matching outfit, for lack of a better term (it seemed to consist solely of a band of fabric with holes for the Swalot's stubby arms). On the front was a light blue circle, with a dark blue "S" in the middle. Crabbe looked down at the city, bustling and busy even in the middle of the night.

"No more criminals will cause suffering like that ever again," the Swalot quietly vowed as he scanned the streets for any sign of distress. "Not so long as I, Captain Stomach, have anything to say about it."

What?  Gulpin is evolving!




What?  Gulpin is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Gulpin evolved into Swalot!

*Crabbe learned Body Slam!*

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Taking A Bite Out Of Crime

It was the middle of the night in the Fizzytopia region. All was quiet. A couple of Hoothoot and Noctowl flew above the forests of Astoria, hooting softly. Down on the ground, a number of Oddish were wandering around. In one of the region's biggest cities, however, activity of a decidedly more suspicious nature was going down.

A pair of men dressed entirely in black were sneaking up on a large building- the First National Bank of Fizzytopia, where Pokémon Trainers would store their stashes of Rare Candy. Why the uncommon confection was chosen as a form of currency in Fizzytopia was anybody's guess, but by now, the fact that was considered to be a form of currency within the region was pretty much accepted without question by everybody. And it was with those very candies in mind that the darkly-dressed duo was currently approaching the building.

"Heh, heh," chuckled one of them, decidedly shorter and fatter than his partner. "Finally, after all our months of careful planning and preparation... Tonight's the night we pull off the heist of the century!"

"We thought of everything," the taller, thinner man added with a sinister grin. "Those bumbling, brainless bankers won't know what hit 'em!" He procured a Poké Ball from his pocket and pressed the button to enlarge it. "Alright, Eelektrik," he added, preparing to toss the ball into the air. "Acid attack, just as we planned- wha?!" he exclaimed, for at that moment, an Ice Beam struck the Poké Ball, casting a thick layer of ice over it, as well as the forearm that was holding the ball. Simultaneously, the two would-be-thieves turned around, and to their horror, they saw the source of the Ice Beam- a tall purple blob, its height somewhere in between that of the two crooks, and it was dressed in a red outfit. As their eyes fell on the blue insignia on the shirt, aforementioned eyes widened in horror.

"C-C-C-Captain Stomach?!" they stammered simultaneously.

In response, the heroic blob sprung into action. A green aura came over his mustache, and it transformed into a pair of green tendrils of pure energy. Each tendril swiftly coiled around one of the crooks, and as they struggled to escape Captain Stomach's mustache, the Giga Drain attack sapped at their energy. Slowly but surely, the criminals stopped struggling so hard, and as Captain Stomach released them, they slumped to the ground, conscious, but too drained to do anything. Satisfied with this, the bold blob belched up a length of rope, and swiftly tied the criminals up.


"-and by the time police arrived on the scene, the potential bank robbers were already drained of energy and tied up just outside the bank," the reporter on TV was saying. "And as you can see behind me, the sludge writing on the wall indicates that this was once again the heroic handiwork of the elusive Captain Stomach, the mysterious masked creature who has been fighting crime all over Fizzytopia for the past couple of weeks now." Indeed, in the background, "CS" could be seen on the wall outside the First National Bank of Fizzytopia, written in large lettering, and clearly done by way of a Sludge attack.

"Amazing," Keith grinned as he watched this on his TV in the living room of his Secret Base. "I'd like to meet that Captain Stomach someday. I mean, that 'CS' he always leaves behind is clearly done with a Sludge attack, so odds are he's a Poison-type Pokémon."

"Yeah, and since youse wants others ta see dat Poison-types is good, I can see why youse would wanna meet him," Meowth nodded.

Keith opened his mouth, but before he could say anything to Meowth in response, a bacon-shaped puff of smoke passed before his face. "Ah, breakfast's ready, I see," Keith grinned. "C'mon, Meowth- Hermione made chocolate muffins, too, and I can't wait to try them!"

"Now yer talkin'!" Meowth said, as he jumped off the couch. As he and Keith made their way to the kitchen to partake in Hermione and Shelley's amazing cooking, a Pawniard was floating all throughout the house, staying airborne by way of Magnet Rise, and glancing around suspiciously. At that moment, a Swalot came in through the front door, bounded across the entrance hall, and went up the stairs. Narrowing her eyes suspiciously, Ginny followed. Once she floated up the stairs, Crabbe was already in the library, flipping through a cookbook.

"Crabbe!" Ginny exclaimed sharply, causing the Swalot to jump and drop the book.

"Wah! What the- Ginny, what was that about?" demanded the Swalot as he picked the book back up.

In response, Ginny floated over to him and pushed the book down. "I'll tell you what that was about," she hissed. "This is the third time this week you've been out all night with no explanation of your actions whatsoever. In fact, it seems to me like you're actively trying to keep some sort of secret from me, from Keith, and from the rest of the team."

Crabbe tilted his head. "That's a bit of a stretch, don't you think?" he asked.

Ginny folded her bladed arms. "There's also the fact that the smell of bacon and chocolate muffins fills the entire house, and you went right past the kitchen," she said.

"I was out exploring, finding new stuff to eat," said Crabbe.

Ginny shook her head. "Tauros shit," the Pawniard retorted. "That still doesn't explain why you bypassed the kitchen. I know for a fact you've never been full in your life, you digest food way too quickly for that. Now start explaining!"

The Swalot gave a small sigh. "Fine," he conceded. "But before I tell you anything, you have to promise me you won't tell anyone what I'm about to tell you."

Ginny shook her head defiantly. "That's up to me," she replied. "It depends on the nature of your secret."

"Alright, let's say that this secret, hypothetically, doesn't mean anything bad for Keith, or you, or me, or anyone else on the team, with the possible exception of Stewie," said Crabbe. "Were I to let you in on such a secret, would you be OK with keeping it?" he asked.

Ginny thought this over for a moment before nodding. "Provided you're being honest about that, I suppose I might be able to keep such a secret," she agreed. "But only if you truly are being honest about that," she added with a glare. "I find out you're lying, those beans get spilled to the whole team, starting with the ones who can talk. Understand?"

"Got it," nodded Crabbe. He then glanced warily around the room, and then muttered "Follow me," to the Pawniard before moving out of the room. Intrigued, Ginny followed him as he crossed the hallway and started down the stairs. Halfway down, however, he stopped. Crabbe then belched up a small remote control with a single red button on it, caught it in one hand, and pressed the button. Immediately, a panel opened up on the nearby wall, and as Ginny looked at the red mask and shirt hanging up on a pair of hooks in the secret compartment, her eyes widened with dawning comprehension.

"W- wait a sec," she said weakly as she turned to look at Crabbe. "It's... It's you? You- you're... you're Captain Stomach?" As the Swalot nodded in response to this, the Pawniard's mouth fell open. She was at a complete loss for once. Then, she motioned for Crabbe to follow her as she floated back up the stairs. Crabbe pressed the button to close the panel over the secret compartment in the wall, swallowed the remote again, and then followed Ginny- up the stairs, down the hall, and into the Battle Room. As they entered, Ginny conducted a thorough search, and once she was satisfied that she and Crabbe were the only ones inside, she closed the door, then turned to face Crabbe. For a moment, she said nothing, and then suddenly, she exclaimed, "EEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Crabbe blinked in surprise, not knowing what to make of this, as the Pawniard started spinning around in place. "Oh my Arceus, I can't believe this!" she squealed, sounding quite unlike her usual self. "I, I, I, ever since I first saw about you on the news, I- but I never dreamed- I mean, OK, I've dreamed, but- I never seriously thought that-"

"Er..." Crabbe sweatdropped. "You gonna... finish any of those sentences?"

"I can't believe it's you!" Ginny exclaimed. "I mean, the way you handled all those criminals on the news, you're just like those fictional superheros except you're real, and oh my Arceus, I have Captain Stomach for a teammate~" she gushed. "Oh my Arceus- I owe you a huge apology for being so suspicious of you, if I had had any idea-" she added, but Crabbe cut her off.

"Relax, it's OK," he assured her. "I get how my being out all night must have looked."

Ginny had no response to this, merely giggling like a schoolgirl in response. Crabbe was understandably stunned- it was quite unlike Ginny to act like this.

"Oh, I'm such a huge fan of yours~" Ginny squealed, now floating in circles around the Swalot. "Now I wish I hadn't made that promise- I mean, of course, I'm keeping the promise, but can you imagine how jealous everyone would be if I told them I actually got to meet THE Captain Stomach?! Oh, please, can I just tell Cadmium and Pisces?" she pleaded. "I promise I'll make them swear not to tell, and they both respect me, they wouldn't blab if I made them promise not to!"

As Crabbe and Ginny continued to talk, however, neither of them could tell that a tiny camera embedded in the wall overlooking the battle platform was transmitting their entire conversation to one of the screens in Stewie's secret underground lair.

"So," muttered the Shadow Ledian, "the amazing Captain Stomach is our very own Crabbe, hmm? And that vile Pawniard seems to be rather smitten with him, too," he added with a growl. "On the one hand, knowing that the enemy is so close at hand should make eliminating him that much easier... on the other hand, that vile woman is in a prime position to screw with my plans," he hissed, slamming two of his four fists on his computer desk in frustration. As he watched the conversation go on, Stewie found himself becoming progressively more infuriated with each instance of Ginny gushing over Crabbe.

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Ginny & Stewie

Night had fallen in Fizzytopia. In the forests of Astoria, the majority of the Pokémon were being lulled to sleep by the soothing music of the local Kricketune population; in one of the bigger cities of the region, the bloblike superhero Captain Stomach was executing a Body Slam on a would-be mugger, successfully thwarting his attempt to steal an unsuspecting man's wallet; and in Keith Masters's Secret Base, a small group of Pokémon had gathered in the dining room to discuss something, each Pokémon sitting in a chair around the table (and in one case, hovering above its chair)

"Alright," whispered the Haxorus. "I think we all know why we're gathered here tonight, so I'll just come out and say it- something really weird is going on with Ginny and Stewie!"

"AFFIRMATIVE," the Klink chimed in as quietly as it could. "BACK WHEN NITRO WAS ON THE TEAM, IT AND I... AT THE BAR... ACCIDENTALLY WALKED IN ON..."

"Oh, spit it out al-rea-dy," snapped the Banette.

"...THEY WERE KISSING," Cadmium said, its droning voice somehow starting to sound nauseous. "AND... IT LOOKED AS THOUGH IT WAS... GOING SOMEWHERE, IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT."

"Drift caught," Myrtle nodded. "As you all know, I ne-ver sleep. Well, Gin-ny does. The oth-er night, I floa-ted past her, and she was talk-ing in her sleep. She said Stew-ie's name, as clear as day."

"Whoa, back it up a bit," the Slugma interjected. "Like, how does that mean anything, though? She could've been, y'know, dreaming about killing him and stuff."

Myrtle shook her cloth head. "Not with those e-mo-tions, she was-n't," she replied. "Tas-ted ex-act-ly like how Mar-vo-lo was fee-ling that night I heard him say A-me-thyst's name in his sleep." This was met with nodding and murmuring of general assent from the other three- their Seviper teammate made no effort to conceal his feelings for his girlfriend, after all. "Be-sides," she added, looking back at Heatstroke, "you have some-thing to share too, do you not?"

"Oh, yeah," Heatstroke nodded. "See, I was, like, helping Vinny look for his fedora, and I, like, tried to look in Keith's closet. But when I opened the door, like, there they were. Dudes, I'm, like, majorly lucky they didn't see me. They were, like, totally too into each other to notice. Still, though... someone pass me the brain bleach, bro," he sighed.


The Haxorus shuddered. "Can... can I not talk about it?" he asked. "I'd rather not have that mental picture come back- oh Arceus, there it is," he groaned.

"Say no more, bro," Heatstroke nodded understandingly. "So, now that we all, like, agree that there's gotta be something going on between those two, the question is all... what do we do now? Should we, like, tell Keith?"

"We do not know how well Meat Sack will re-spond to this, though," Myrtle said. Then, at the thought of how her Trainer might potentially react to news of this nature, an evil, creepy smirk came over her zipper mouth. "Can I be the one to tell him?" she asked.

Before anyone could answer Myrtle, however, the door to the dining room flew open with a bang. The Haxorus, Banette, Klink, and Slugma all looked- a sinister dark-grey Ledian was floating into the room, his expression positively livid.

"UH-OH," droned Cadmium.

"So," hissed Stewie. "You couldn't leave well enough alone, could you? Had to go snooping around, and now you think you have Stewie all figured out, is that it?"

"Dude, how did you even know we were in here, man?" asked Heatstroke.

"None of your damn business, Slugma!" snapped Stewie, slamming the door behind him. "So, is that what you think, hmm? You think that me and that vile Pawniard have a little something going on? Come, now, speak up," he added, for he was met with silence. "Everyone's allowed to speak their mind here, worst that can happen is an ultra-nasty Shadow Wave to the face."

After another few moments, Norbert spoke up. "That's exactly what we think," he said. "We all have evidence, we all know that you two don't just hate each other."

"Oh, is that so?" sneered Stewie as he flew fearlessly into the Haxorus's face. "And just what evidence is that?"

"Dude, I, like, totally saw you two making out!" burst out Heatstroke.


"She said your name in her sleep!" snapped Myrtle.

"I saw you two- uuuugh," groaned Norbert, unable to finish his sentence as the memory filled him with nausea. However, Stewie paid him no mind- it was the Banette he was focused on at that moment.

"What the deuce?" Stewie demanded. "She said my name in her sleep?"

Myrtle nodded. "And your fee-lings right now con-firm what we are saying," she responded.

"SILENCE!" Stewie roared, firing up at once. "You know nothing! None of you! You are all taking things out of context with your damn minds in the gutter, jumping to the least likely conclusion right away-"

"What the hell is going on in here?" demanded a voice from the doorway. Everyone present turned around- the door was open again, and there floated Ginny, hovering in midair by way of Magnet Rise, as she had a tendency to do.

"Ginny?" said Heatstroke. "Whoa, I, like, thought you were asleep."

"I was," growled the Pawniard as she floated into the room, her eyes on Stewie at all times. "This huge racket you guys were making woke me up. You're all damn lucky Keith's still asleep, you know, Arceus only knows what he'd have to say about... just what the hell is going on in here anyway? What?" she added, for Heatstroke, Cadmium, Myrtle, and Norbert had all exchanged uneasy glances at that moment.

After a moment of awkward silence, Norbert took the initiative once again and spoke up. "We know about you two," he said.

Ginny's face turned as red as her helmet. "W-what are you talking about?" she demanded. "I-" As she glanced at the Klink, however, her eyes narrowed, a look of dawning comprehension on her face. "You!" she roared, lunging at Cadmium, pinning its minigears to the wall with her blades. "I thought I made myself clear- NEVER speak of what you saw!"

"Whoa, harsh!" frowned Heatstroke. "Lay off, Ginny. Like, Cadmium ain't the only one who saw things. I saw you two in the closet."

"Which time?" Ginny asked automatically as she backed away from the Klink. Then she blinked as she realized what she had essentially confessed to. Stewie smacked her upside the helmet.

"You bumbling Bidoof!" the Shadow Ledian hissed. "It's bad enough these imbeciles think we have any feelings other than hate for each other, now you give them more to go on?"

"De-ny it all you want," Myrtle said, the Banette floating into the air, cloth arms folded. "Your e-mo-tions do not lie. The taste is distinct. And e-ven if I am mis-ta-ken, then just what were you dreaming about the oth-er night, hmmmm?" she demanded of Ginny.

"I... I..." the blushing Pawniard stammered, desperately trying to find a way out of having to answer. And then, with the eyes of every Pokémon in the room upon her, she broke down. "I... OK! OK, I admit it!" she exclaimed. She turned to the Shadow Ledian, a blazing look in her eyes. "I love you, Stewie!" she said in a crazed voice before kissing him passionately (causing the other four Pokémon to recoil in shock). As they broke apart, Ginny continued, "You're paranoid, you're violent and unstable, you're completely insane- it's like we were meant for each other!"

Stewie's eyes narrowed. "A likely story, vile woman," he snapped. "I saw you fawning over Captain Stomach a few weeks ago. You're quite the fangirl, aren't you?"

Ginny blinked in surprise. "That?" she said. "You actually think I love him? No! I'm just a fan, that's the extent of it. Given the choice, I'd pick you, no contest!"

"...This is seriously starting to scare me, man," Heatstroke muttered to his teammates.

"...Very well," Stewie muttered. "Then it seems the time has come to confirm what those nosy imbeciles have already confirmed, I suppose." He started flying around the room in kind of an oval pattern, as though pacing. "I will someday rule the world," he began.

"UH-HUH. SURE," Cadmium droned.

"Suck Shadow Wave, machine part!" snarled Stewie as he wheeled around and blasted the Klink with Shadow Wave. The direct hit sent the Steel-type falling to the floor. "Now then," he said, his voice back to normal as he resumed pacing. "I will someday rule the world," he repeated. This time, nobody dared to dispute this. "I shall be the king of everything and everyone, and rule with an iron fist. All knees will bow to Stewie," he hissed with a diabolical grin. "Having said that," he continued, "there are many things I still lack to be truly capable of conquering the world. I'm not nearly strong enough, not yet, hence my consenting to allow the hat man to work on that. I don't know nearly enough attacks yet- again, I've delegated that task to the hat man. I lack the limitless armies willing to fight for me, to aid in my rise to power, and to assist me in staying there. And one more thing," he said as he stopped pacing, and turned to look at Ginny. "I lack a queen to rule alongside me."

Ginny found herself speechless. All her life, she had devoted herself to defending her Trainer from all sorts of evil, and now she found herself in love with an evil Shadow Pokémon bent on world domination- one who loved her back, no less, and wanted her to rule beside him as his queen! Would it be possible? Could she somehow manage to be in such a relationship and still keep Keith safe from whatever evil lurked out there? The paranoid, over-protective part of her still harbored some manner of suspicion, however- suppose this was some trick of Stewie's? An elaborate ruse to gain her trust and subsequently get her out of the way?

"Well? What say you?" Stewie asked after a few moments' silence. "My soul may be twisted and corrupted by whatever forces of pure evil conspired to make me what I am... but it's still a soul, and it still works like one, even if only sparingly. Besides... I think Queen Ginny has a nice ring to it, don't you?"

Ginny's mouth fell open slightly, and as that happened, it was as though that was the signal for all remaining traces of doubt and suspicion to flee from her mind. It wasn't what Stewie had said about his soul, it wasn't the thought of being known as a queen. No, what had affected Ginny the most of Stewie's latest words was-

"...You said my name," the Pawniard murmured.

"Hmm?" Stewie said.

"My name. Ginny," replied Ginny. "Up until now, it was always just 'Pawniard' or 'vile woman'. Sometimes even 'vile Pawniard'. But... this is the first time you've ever..."

Ginny fell silent after this, and after a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, Cadmium spoke up.

"...WELL, I GET THE FEELING OUR PRESENCE HERE IS NO LONGER REQUIRED," the Klink droned nervously as he slowly floated towards the door, giving the mind-blowingly bizarre couple a wide berth as he did so. In response, Ginny and Stewie attacked simultaneously with Psycho Cut and Shadow Wave respectively, the waves of Psychic and Shadow energy working together perfectly. The four Pokémon evaded the tandem attack as best as they could and raced out the door. Well, except for Heatstroke- being a Slugma, he wasn't very fast. Stewie and Ginny both glared at him as he moved.

"No worries, totally respect your privacy, dudes," he said as he noticed the looks he was getting. "Moving as fast as I can here, y'know?"

In response, Stewie fired off a Psybeam which succeeded in blasting the Slugma out of the dining room. "Stewie," Ginny said once they had their privacy. "When the time comes, and you take over the world... I would be honored to rule alongside you as your queen."

"I'm glad to hear it," Stewie replied. He was grinning his usual diabolical grin, but this time something in it seemed more akin to a genuine smile, in a way.

"Just... on one condition," the Pawniard added. "Whatever you're plotting, it can't put Keith in danger. I still have every intention of defending him in any way I can, and if that means going up against you, don't think I won't."

"I'd expect nothing less from you," smirked Stewie. "Very well. The hat man's life is in no danger from me, but don't think for a second this will change my opinion of him, nor my behavior towards him. You are quite literally the only thing preventing any possibility of him dying at my hands."

"I'll take it," grinned Ginny. "Oh, and one more thing," she added. "I don't think Keith is ready to know about us just yet. You saw how the others reacted, that should give you a pretty decent idea as to how he'd take it. And I don't think they'd want to weird him out like that. Heatstroke respects Keith pretty well, Norbert's real loyal to him, I already know Cadmium can keep a secret, and Myrtle-"

At the mention of Keith's Banette, however, the Banette who feasted on negative emotions and was not above freaking others out for a quick snack, the Banette who, while loyal to her Trainer, delighted in screwing with his head every so often, the Pawniard and Shadow Ledian exchanged looks before flying out the door. "MYRTLE!" they exclaimed simultaneously.

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The Surprise Party

It was seemingly a day like any other. Keith Masters was sitting in the couch in his living room, TV remote in one hand, idly flipping through the channels, looking for something to watch. He had gotten up fairly late in the morning, having fallen asleep watching TV, something which normally doesn't happen with him. Moreover, today was his 24th birthday, and as far as he could tell, not one of his Pokémon appeared to have remembered it. Not exactly a good start to the day, he figured.

At that moment, Meowth walked into the living room. "Hey, Keith," he said. "Youse gots a minute?"

"Yeah, what's up?" asked Keith.

"Ginny needs yer help wit sometin'," said Meowth. "She's in da dinin' room, I tink da blade on her head got stuck in one o' da chairs' legs."

"Not again," groaned Keith as he got up. "Y'know, I'm starting to think teaching her Headbutt wasn't the best idea I've ever had," he remarked to Meowth as he exited the living room. He walked down the entrance hall until he got to the closed dining room door. "The hell? Why's the door closed?" he muttered to himself. He pushed the door open, only to see that it was completely dark- even the windows had the shades pulled down, so no sunlight was coming through.

"What the-" he said, but as he flipped the light switch, he stopped speaking, for once the light filled the room, he could see just what else was filling the room- what appeared to be all of his Pokémon, except for Stewie and Salazar. Even Vernon was standing in a corner of the room, and seemed to be acting very careful to not hit anything. Ginny, the Pawniard, whose blades were not stuck in any furniture, pulled up one of the window shades to reveal the dark grey Scolipede looking in through the window. Shelley, Keith's Torkoal, was emitting large puffs of smoke which formed into a huge smiley face in midair. All the furniture had been pushed to one side, including the dining room table, on which sat a huge chocolate cake.

"SURPRISE!" exclaimed all the Pokémon at once (except the Torkoal). "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KEITH!" Those who could speak in English did so; those who could communicate telepathically did that instead. All the others said it in their respective language, but their meaning got across to Keith loud and clear. Too astonished to speak, Keith looked down at the Meowth by his side, who was grinning up at him.

"I... holy crap," Keith exclaimed. "I thought you guys had all forgotten!"

"Forget yer birthday?" Meowth said incredulously. "Ain't no way we'd do dat. Why d'ya tink Hermione had Peeves bring youse all yer meals fer da past week? She was busy workin' on da cake!"

"This is amazing," grinned Keith. "You guys are awesome." As he said this, Ginny used her Magnet Rise to float over to the cake, and using her sword-like hands, Cut a slice off and put it on a plate, after which she handed it to Keith. As Keith tasted it, he nodded appreciatively. "Mmm," he said. Once he had swallowed it, he added, "this is delicious! Good work on the cake, Hermione!"

"Weedle," Hermione said modestly.

After Keith had eaten several slices of birthday cake (Crabbe, James, Fang, and Goyle were even able to restrain themselves long enough to allow the rest of the team to have some cake), several of his Pokémon brought him presents. Rubeus, Keith's Stunfisk, gave him a first aid kit; Ginny, Keith's Pawniard, and Heatstroke, Keith's Slugma, gave him a sword that seemed to have been forged from a Skarmory feather; Pisces, Keith's Blue-Striped Basculin, gave Keith a pile of bones that seemed to have once belonged to a Magikarp; Marvolo, Keith's Seviper, gave him a dead Pidgey; Dudley, Keith's Shiny Slowpoke, gave him... a rock.

"Well... it's a nice rock," Keith said. "Very shiny. Thanks, Dudley."

"Slooooooow," Dudley said happily.

"Alright, my turn," came a tough-sounding voice- a Numel wearing a black fedora walked up to Keith, carefully balancing his Vampire Ball atop the hole in his hump. Then, with a puff of hot air, he shot the ball into the air, and Keith caught it expertly. "Been keepin' my gift for you in there, hat man," said Vinny. "Go on, open it."

Keith regarded the red and black sphere warily. "This didn't by any chance, as you put it, fall off the back of a truck, did it, Vinny?" he asked.

"You know, you worry too much," Vinny replied. "Go on, open it, and quit worrying, alright?"

Keith nodded, though couldn't help but notice that Vinny had failed to answer his question. Still, he opened up the Vampire Ball, and out came a backpack. It looked a lot like the one he could usually be seen wearing, but decidedly newer.

"The latest model," grinned Vinny. "The material's waterproof, heatproof, all that good stuff. You could have Heatstroke bring this to ya without lowering his body temperature and the stuff inside would be just fine. You could drop it in the pool, and as long as it's zipped up, everything in there'll stay dry as a Cubone."

"Pretty cool," Keith admitted with a grin. "I'll have to transfer all my items into here later on, for sure. Thanks, Vinny."

"Don't mention it," the Numel said. "No, seriously," he added. "If anyone comes by asking questions, you don't mention it, OK? Anyone asks where you got it, I got a, uh... receipt they can see."

"The receipt from where you bought this?" Keith asked.

"It can pass fer that, yeah," said Vinny.

Keith sighed. "That works, I guess," he conceded. "Thanks again, Vinny."

"Alright, now it's Meowth's turn," Meowth said, as he and Helena approached Keith. Meowth was carrying a small box in his paws, and Helena used Psychic to levitate it into Keith's hands.

"Ooh, what have we here?" Keith asked as he ripped off the wrapping paper. He opened the box, and saw a single Rare Candy inside. "...A Rare Candy?" Keith murmured as he took it out. He examined it for a minute before turning to face Meowth and Helena. "I get the feeling there's some sort of story behind this one," he said. "Pokémon don't just stumble onto Rare Candies so easily, and I'm fairly sure neither of you would try and just give me one of my own Rare Candies, so... where's this from?" Meowth and Helena exchanged looks, at which point Keith pulled up a nearby chair and sat down, waiting patiently to hear what they had to say.

"...Well, here's da ting," Meowth said. "See, a week ago, me and Helena, we went inta the Egg House and picked up an Enigma Egg, sayin' we was doin' it on yer behalf."

"Our plan was to hopefully hatch a Pokémon you'd like and give you that for your birthday," Helena continued. "But the Egg hatched into a Solrock, and we weren't so sure you'd want one." At this, Keith dug out his Pokédex and pressed a few buttons, manually calling up a Pokédex entry.

"Solrock, the Meteorite Pokémon," droned the device. "Solrock is said to have fallen from space. Its energy comes from the sun, making it more powerful during the day."

"Hm," Keith said. "Well, Solrock are alright, but overall, I'd say you made a good call with that one. Not really sure if one of those is right for the team. So, what'd you do with it?"

"Advertised it fer trade," Meowth replied. "We didn't keep da biddin' open fer as long as you'd have done, we wanted dis done wit before da surprise party, y'know?"

"We ended up trading it to Okiku, for one Rare Candy," Helena said. "By the way, she's probably under the impression that you named me after your very much alive sister," she added.

"You did the illusion thing again," said Keith.

"...Kinda, yeah," Helena admitted.

"Well, I gotta say this much, you did a hell of a job keeping all this from me," Keith said with a small grin. "Looks like you both put a lot of effort into all this, so, thank you, both of you."

"No problem," grinned Meowth.

"You're welcome," smiled Helena.

The rest of the party went well, even after Crabbe decided he could wait no longer, and the Swalot inhaled what remained of the birthday cake in a single gulp. After that, Hermione, Peeves, and Shelley all went into the kitchen to prepare some bacon cheeseburgers. Having dessert first wasn't how Keith would usually do things (not like he wasn't tempted to do it that way sometimes), but you know what? Screw it, it was his party, and if he wanted cake and bacon cheeseburgers in that order, then so be it.

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Meowth's Midnight Snack

It was the middle of the night in Fizzytopia, and in Keith's Secret Base, almost nobody was awake. Of course, Myrtle and Helena were awake- both of them having Insomnia as an Ability, they never slept- but tonight, two more Pokémon were awake and roaming the house. One of them, a Meowth, carried a green notebook and a bottle of ink in his paws. The other one, a Weedle with a pitch-black tail stinger, was following close behind, a tiny flashlight strapped to her head.

Soon enough, the pair happened upon a slumbering Dunsparce. Meowth placed the notebook and ink bottle on the floor, then approached the Land Snake Pokémon. He closed his eyes and focused, and a tiny wisp of pink vapor rose out of the Dunsparce's mouth and in through Meowth's face, where his nose ought to be (there wasn't one visible, but Meowth could smell just as well as any other Pokémon, so surely there had to be something there)- he was sampling a taste of Violet's dream by way of Dream Eater.

"Mmm," Meowth whispered. "Violet's dreamin' about eatin' chocolate," he said to Hermione in a hushed voice. "And da dream tastes like chocolate, too."

Hermione nodded at this, as she flipped open the notebook, dipped her tail stinger in the ink, and proceeded to take notes furiously, using the ink-soaked tail stinger as a pen. "Then I think this confirms it," she whispered back. "If you're dreaming about eating a certain food item, the dream will taste like that food item. I really appreciate your help with this, Meowth, by the way," she added. "Outside of bad dreams inducing illness, I don't believe anyone's ever gone into any sort of in-depth research about the varying tastes of dreams."

"Not a problem," grinned Meowth. "Though wit dat in mind, can I not eat Ariana's dream? Y'know, just in case she's dreamin' o' eatin', too."

"Say no more," nodded Hermione. "Now, next thing I want to make sure of is my hypothesis that exciting dreams have a spicy kick to them. You looked about ready to breathe fire when you tasted Scorpius's dream about fighting off a hundred wild Pokémon at once."

"Yeah," Meowth said, vividly remembering this. The Skorupi's action-packed dream had hit Meowth's taste buds with all the subtlety of a wild Tauros and all the soothing coolness of a Tamato Berry. "So, whose dream does youse want me ta try next?"

"Ginny will probably be having an exciting dream," said Hermione, "so let's try her next."

"Dat ain't a bad idea," Meowth grinned. "And da best part is, Dream Eater's a Psychic move and Ginny's a Dark-type, so I can eat as much o' her dream as I want, and it ain't gonna hurt her one bit!"

"You're welcome, by the way," Hermione added. "Don't forget who discovered that Dream Eater could be used without limit on Dark-types without any adverse effects on them."

"Oh, yeah, tanks fer dat," Meowth said. "It's really given me a lot more freedom wit my midnight snacks."

"It was actually quite interesting," the Weedle remarked. "I didn't think it was possible to eat a Dark-type's dream without first using Miracle Eye on them. Turns out it's only not possible to cause damage to them in that way- their dreams can be eaten with no problem. Now I just want to figure out why that happens..."

She trailed off at that point. Meowth picked up the notebook and ink bottle, and the two of them walked over toward the front door. Ginny, Keith's Pawniard, was asleep in the entrance hall, muttering in her sleep. "Mmm... Stewie..." she murmured as Meowth and Hermione approached her.

The two of them exchanged looks. "She's dreamin' o' Stewie?" Meowth muttered.

"I had a feeling she might be," nodded Hermione. "Clearly she's dreaming of killing him, so the dream should be plenty exciting. Go on, take a taste."

Meowth nodded, and once again used his Dream Eater attack, drawing out Ginny's dream in the form of pink vapor from the point on her face where her nose ought to have been, and taking it in through that same point on Meowth's face. "Huh," Meowth remarked as he contemplated the flavor. "It ain't a spicy taste... it's actually more of a sweet flavor. Gimme a sec, lemme see wat da dream's about..." he added before taking in a bit more of Ginny's dream, this time with his eyes closed. He stood still for a few seconds, and then his eyes flew open, wide with shock as he slowly backed away from Ginny, and then took off down the hall and into the living room, whereupon he put the ink bottle and notebook on the coffee table and curled up in a fetal position on the couch.

"What?" asked Hermione, as she came in after him.

"I... I... I tink I'm gonna hurl!" Meowth said shakily. "G-Ginny and Stewie! Ginny and Stewie!!"

"What are you talking about?" demanded the Weedle.

"In her dream... Ginny... and Stewie... dey- dey was..." Meowth said, looking more and more nauseous by the second. "Dey was... kissin'!"

Hermione blinked. "What?" she said. "Wait- Ginny? And Stewie?"

Meowth nodded. "And now dat image is seared inta my mind ferever," he groaned. "W-wat was Ginny doin', dreamin' about dat? And it didn't even taste like a nightmare! It- it tasted like dat dream Marvolo was havin' about Amethyst!"

There was silence for a minute, until Hermione spoke up. "There's only one possible conclusion," she said quietly. "Ginny must be in love with Stewie."

Meowth looked at Hermione as though she was crazy. "I thought youse said 'possible conclusion'," he retorted. "Ginny and Stewie are always at each other's throats like dey was two different kinds o' Basculin!"

"It's something I never would have guessed at normally," the Weedle conceded. "But this evidence can't mean anything else."

"Ugh..." Meowth groaned, trying (and failing miserably) to keep the mental imagery the hell out of his mind. "I... I tink I lost my appetite," he finally said.

"So, now you know," came a voice from behind them. Meowth and Hermione turned around, and there was Myrtle, Keith's Banette, a small, zippered smirk on her face. "Per-haps I should start tel-ling the rest of the team- your re-ac-tions were de-li-cious."

"Youse knows about Ginny and Stewie?" Meowth asked.

Myrtle nodded. "For se-ver-al weeks now," she replied. "Heat-stroke and Nor-bert know, too. And con-si-der your-self luc-ky you stopped ea-ting Gin-ny's dream when you did. Jud-ging by her e-mo-tions now, the sub-ject mat-ter has... es-ca-la-ted." Meowth suppressed a shudder.

"So... do we tell Keith?" asked Hermione. "He's not that unobservant, he's bound to notice sooner or later."

"It's apparently been goin' on fer weeks and even youse didn't notice it," Meowth said to Hermione. "And yer probably da most observant one on da team! Nah, I'm all fer not scarrin' him fer life if ya ask me."

"Speak for your-self," cackled Myrtle. "Had they not sworn me to se-cre-cy, Meat Sack would al-rea-dy know."

"Yeah, if anyone's tellin' him, it ain't gonna be youse," Meowth said to Myrtle. "Ya never sugarcoat dese tings, youse just drops da bad news so youse can grab a quick snack off da reactions." Myrtle merely cackled in response as she floated out of the room. Meowth shook his head as he turned to face Hermione. "So as I were sayin'," he said, "Youse didn't even notice wat was goin' on, so I'd be willin' ta bet dat if we just don't say nuttin' ta Keith, he ain't gonna find out."

"I'm not so sure," Hermione shook her head. "Besides, if he finds out on his own, he's likely to react a lot worse than if one of us tells him."

"Yeah, and we don't want dat," agreed Meowth. "So, it's subtlety we's after here... In other words, not Myrtle."

"Nor Gemini's second head," said Hermione. "What about Vinny?"

"I'd rather not ask someone ta do it if I'm gonna hafta pay dem afterwards," Meowth shook his head. "And ya know Vinny'll charge me fer doin' dis, or ask fer someting in exchange. Maybe Luna?" At this suggestion, Hermione merely gave Meowth a look. "Alright, not Luna," Meowth conceded. "She ain't exactly dat much better wit bein' subtle. Ehh, y'know wat, I'll tell him. Soon. Eventually. Whenever I can find da time and remember ta bring up da subject..."

Meowth trailed off there, and there was silence for a moment before Hermione looked at him. "You don't wanna tell him, do you?" she asked.

"No. Please don't make me," Meowth replied almost immediately.

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Quit While You're A Head

"Norbert, Dragon Pulse!" Meowth exclaimed.

"Gemini, block it with Flamethrower!" Keith ordered.

"HAXOOOOOOR!" bellowed Norbert as the Haxorus fired off a powerful sphere of pale blue Dragon energy from his mouth.

"Weezing weez," groaned Gemini's larger head, just before unleashing a stream of fire from his mouth, holding the Dragon Pulse at bay. This held up for several seconds, and then suddenly, both moves exploded.

"Norbert, prepare fer Aqua Tail!" said Meowth.

"Quick, Gemini, get in there and use your Blizzard attack!" Keith ordered his Weezing.

Norbert's thick tail started to form swirling water all around it, but the Weezing swiftly flew in close, and from the mouth of the larger head, unleashed a howling snowstorm. Norbert roared in protest as the Ice move assaulted his body, but once it had finished, the Haxorus slumped to the ground.

"And that's it!" declared the Shuppet hovering off to the side.

"OK," grinned Keith as his Weezing and Haxorus turned to face him. Keith walked towards his Pokémon. "You guys were looking good out there," he said. "Norbert, next time I want to work more on that Aqua Tail- This was a definite improvement, but I think we can still cut down that charge time a little more, don't you?"

"Haxor," nodded Norbert.

"And Gemini," Keith added, grinning at his oldest partner. "Nice reaction time with that Flamethrower, and that was probably your best Blizzard yet.

In response, the Weezing's larger head telepathically transmitted his voice into Keith's head; Thank you. Telepathy was not a skill the average Weezing was capable of, but Gemini, as Keith would often inform anyone who would listen (and several people who wouldn't), Gemini was not an average Weezing. They were a stronger Weezing than what most people would have, and their small selection of Psychic moves helped to further bring out their stores of Psychic energy, which helped them to develop their telepathy.

However, another voice sounded in Keith's head at that point; Hmph. And then, Gemini floated away, though judging by the angle the Weezing was hovering at, it seemed as though the smaller head was dragging the larger one away.

Keith stood there and just blinked. "Uh..." he said. "What... what just happened there?"

"Yer guess is as good as mine," Meowth replied.

"Haxor," Norbert remarked.

The Weezing floated off until they were behind the tree which housed Keith's Secret Base, at which point the larger head forced the smaller one to stop. "What was that?" the larger head demanded. "We just won a training battle, Keith's pleased with how well we did, what's wrong-"

"No," the smaller head interrupted, turning to face the larger head as best as he could, considering the former was growing out of the latter. There was a fury in his eyes scarcely ever seen in this Weezing before, much less the smaller head. "You just won a training battle, and Keith's pleased with how well you did. You fired the Flamethrower, you blasted the Blizzard. You're the one who fires off the Sludges and the Shadow Balls and the Hyper Beams and the Psybeams and the Dark Pulses, you're the driving force behind the Tackle attacks, you're the one doing all the spinning with Gyro Ball- it's all you, you, you, you, YOU!" By this point, tiny tears were welling up in the smaller head's eyes.

"I-" Gemini's larger head began.

"Did I say I'm done?" interrupted the smaller head. "All my life I've been living in your shadow, literally and figuratively. I don't even have a damn name, for Arceus's sake! I guarantee you, if someone were to somehow write down an account of all the events in our Trainer's training career, I would be referred to, at best, as 'Gemini's second head'. Where's my name? Where's my chance to be in the spotlight for once?" At this, the smaller head's eyes closed as he tried to hold back tears.

Gemini's larger head was rendered almost speechless. His second head was not one to hold back on his feelings by any means, so it came as quite a shock, this tirade which had clearly been building up for some time now. He couldn't help but feel for his brother, though. "I had no idea," said the larger head. "You should've said this to me sooner- we can work something out with Keith. In fact, you know what? I got an idea, a way you can prove to Keith that you're just as vital to us as I am."

"Yeah? What's that?" the smaller head demanded.

"Another training battle," came the response. "Except this time, you take the helm. You handle the attacks, and I'll just... hang around.

The smaller head considered this for a minute. "Yeah, you know what? That, that's not a bad idea. Yeah! You think Keith'll go for it?"

"I don't see why not," smiled the larger head.

Sure enough, Keith did go for it, and mere minutes later, the next training match was all set. Keith was, again, commanding Gemini, and Meowth was now commanding James, Keith's Vileplume. This time, however, Gemini's second head was the one upright and facing forward, as he was now assuming control of the entire Weezing. The idea, while a strange one to Keith, went over well enough, and he agreed to the plan.

"And... begin!" Helena exclaimed, once more floating on the sidelines to referee.

"Go... er... Gemini!" Keith stammered, as it started to occur to him that this was the first time he had specifically addressed the Weezing's smaller head by name.

"Weez Weezing," replied the Weezing's smaller head as Gemini floated forward.

"Let's do dis, James!" Meowth responded.

"Vilepluuuuuume," replied James as he stepped forward.

Meowth made the first move. "James, use yer Flamethrower!" he exclaimed.

"Pluuuuuume!" James exclaimed, shooting a stream of fire out of his mouth.

Keith smirked. "Bad choice," he said. "Gemini, use Smog!"

"Weeeeeeez," groaned Gemini's second head as he opened his mouth and unleashed a plume of dark smoke from within. It wasn't as much smoke as the larger head would put out, but nonetheless, it caused an explosion as the Flamethrower met it, blasting the attack back on the Vileplume.

"Nicely done!" grinned Keith. "Now do a Psybeam!"

The small, yellow oval below the smaller head's face shone in rainbow colors, and then numerous rings of similarly colored Psychic energy blasted forth, striking the Grass/Poison-type.

"James! Thunder attack!" Meowth commanded.

"Viiiile... PLUUUUUUUUUME!" James bellowed as his flower crackled with electricity, and then unleashed a sizzling bolt of electricity. This time, it was the Weezing who took the attack heads-on, but the smaller head did not seem too fazed- he was determined to prove his point.

"Now use yer Ice Punch attack!" grinned Meowth.

"Gemini! Gyro Ball!" Keith commanded.

"Weez Weezing... Weez!" grunted Gemini's smaller head as it began to, with some difficulty, spin around, causing the larger head, which was starting to glow with Steel energy, to circle around it. Before long, Gemini's larger head was but a glowing, circular blur surrounding the smaller head as the whole Weezing flew towards the oncoming Vileplume. James attempted to Punch Gemini with a fist covered in Ice, but the attack was easily deflected by the Gyro Ball, knocking him on his back. As James climbed unsteadily back to his feet, Gemini stopped spinning, the smaller head regarding the Vileplume warily.

"I think that'll do it for this one," Helena said. James sat on the ground to catch his breath, relieved that the surprisingly tough battle was done, as Keith approached his Pokémon.

"James, great work," Keith praised his Vileplume. "You're getting a lot better at keeping that Flamethrower under control, and considering how many trees we got all around us, I'd say that's a very good thing. And Meowth, Helena, thanks for all your help, too." Then, he turned to his Weezing, but this time, he faced the second head specifically. "And as for you," he said, smiling proudly. "I owe you an apology. I mean, I refer to you and Gemini as 'them' or 'they', so I really do acknowledge you two as your own separate identities, just with that remarkable circumstance of being physically connected to each other. Still, though, I know I could've made more of an effort. It's just that, Gemini- well, you know, the larger head, the one who was a Koffing, he's my oldest friend, so of course there's gonna be some degree of favoritism in that regard." At that moment, Keith turned to smile at his Weezing's larger head, who smiled back.

"Anyway," Keith said, resuming his talk with the second head. "My point is, I was wrong to ever underestimate your capabilities, y'know? I'm not sure how I can ever completely make this up to you, but I think I know of a good way to start... How does Mustard sound?"

The Weezing's smaller head blinked in surprise before transmitting an answer telepathically; Uh... kinda spicy, I guess? Dunno, never tried the stuff before.

Keith chuckled. "No, I don't mean as a food... I mean as a nickname. Derived from mustard gas, y'know?" The Weezing's smaller head's eyes widened as this dawned on him. "So, what do you say?" said Keith. "The larger head keeps the name Gemini, and you, the second head, you'll go by the name Mustard. Of course, for simplicity's sake, I'll be referring to the both of you collectively as Gemini in battle, I hope you understand-"

Yeah, no, yeah, that's understandable, it's just... my own nickname? You're serious? the smaller head interrupted telepathically, a definite hopeful tone to the voice being played in Keith's mind.

"I'm serious," smiled Keith. "So, I take that as a yes?"

Hell, yeah, you do! grinned the newly named Mustard.

Thanks for this, Gemini chimed in, the larger of the Weezing's heads smiling again. This means a lot to him. Pleased with how happy the Weezing was, Keith hugged both of the heads at once.

"Well, I dunno about you guys, but I'm thinking it's time for lunch," Keith said after a few minutes. "Meowth, Helena, why don't you two go in and see if there's anything you can do to help Hermione with preparing lunch, hmm?"

"Sure!" Helena smiled, as she floated into the Secret Base.

"Got it," Meowth added, as he climbed the ladder which led to the Secret Base.

"James, you and Lily go see what Six wants for lunch," Keith added, which prompted his Vileplume to also make his way up the ladder (a bit of a challenge what with that huge flower, but James was used to it by now). Gemini and Mustard started to float towards the Secret Base, but Keith stopped them. "Hold on a sec- little appetizer for you two," Keith grinned as he dug a pair of berries out of his backpack. "Sitrus Berry for Gemini, and an Iapapa Berry for Mustard. Enjoy it, guys, you earned them," he smiled as his Weezing happily accepted the berries, each head munching eagerly on their respective berry. Once those were done, the three of them re-entered the Secret Base together, eager to see what Hermione was making for lunch.

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Vernon II

It was another beautiful day in Fizzytopia, though this time, Keith was not spending the day outside training his Pokémon. Oh, he was training them, yes- just not outside. Not at the moment. No, this time, Keith was standing at one end of his indoor pool. Drifting in the water before him was a Tentacool. On the other end, there floated a Shuppet, and an Audino stood before her on the edge of the pool.

"Alright," grinned Keith. "Ready, Helena? This'll be a great way to see how well Joy can swim, and it'll also be good training for Aquarius."

"Ready when you are," the Shuppet replied. "Ready, Joy?"

"Audi Audino!" nodded Joy.

"Alright, begin!" declared Meowth, who was standing off to the side.

"Go, Aquarius!" Keith ordered. In response, his Tentacool swam forward.

"Joy, in the water!" said Helena, at which the Audino dove in and started swimming toward Aquarius.

Keith made the first move. "Aquarius! Acid!" he commanded.

"Tentacool, Tentacool!" replied Aquarius as she aimed her tentacles at Joy. From the tip of each tentacle, a blast of dark purple acidic liquid was sprayed.

"Joy, dodge it!" exclaimed Helena.

"Audi!" Joy cried out, hastily going underwater and swimming out of the Poison move's path. Though she wasn't swimming too fast, she managed to evade the move by less than an inch.

"Not bad," Keith remarked. "Now, Aquarius, use Supersonic!"

"Joy! Growl!" called Helena.

At the same time, both combatants fired their moves, Joy treading water, shouting loudly, and generating a volley of soundwaves from her mouth, and Aquarius generating a volley of high-pitched soundwaves from her ruby-like protrusions. The attacks met just above the center of the pool, each cancelling the other out.

"Aquarius! Aurora Beam now!" yelled Keith.

"Joy, use your Ice Beam!" cried Helena.

Again, the Pokémon attacked simultaneously, this time each of them firing off a beam of energy, Aquarius launching a rainbow-colored beam from the smallest of her ruby protrusions, and Joy firing a bolt of pale blue Ice energy from her mouth. This time, as the attacks collided in midair, the more powerful Ice Beam started to overpower Aurora Beam, a fact that did not go unnoticed by Keith. "Stop the attack and Dive!" he ordered.

"Tenta!" replied Aquarius. She quickly stopped firing off Aurora Beam and hastened to Dive under the water.

"After her, Joy!" commanded Helena. "Use Pound!"

"Intercept with Cut attack!" grinned Keith.

As Joy swam downward, Aquarius swam up, each of them readying their attacks, and once they were close enough, Joy punched Aquarius as hard as she could, and Aquarius swiped Joy across the torso with one of her tentacles. Both attacks seemed to hit hard, and as the combatants swam back up to the surface, Keith could see that they were both starting to breathe a little more heavily.

"And dat's it!" declared Meowth.

"Well, that went pretty well, I think," smiled Keith. "Joy's getting much faster in the water, and that Ice Beam's got more power behind it than last time, for sure. And Aquarius," he added, now addressing his Tentacool, "You're doing pretty good yourself, I liked how fast you were able to switch from Aurora Beam to Dive."

"You were awesome out there, Joy!" Helena smiled as her Audino climbed out of the pool. Then, she looked back at Keith. "So, do you need my help training any other Pokémon?" she asked.

"Well, I've been thinking, actually," Keith replied. "I think it might be a good idea to see about getting Hedwig to take orders from you. As it is right now, she only obeys me, even if I ask her to take orders from someone else."

"Yeesh, don't remind me," grumbled Meowth. "Dat trainin' session wit Hedwig and Gemini was a disaster."

"Can't argue with that," sighed Keith. "I think she'd have been more likely to dodge Gemini's Thunderbolt if you hadn't told her to do so. Well, that seems like as good a thing as any to work on- WAH!"

For at that point, two Poké Balls on Keith's belt opened up, unleashing a Carnivine and a Tauros into the room. The two eyed each other from opposite sides of the pool, with looks in their eyes that Keith understood immediately.

"Well," Keith said. "Hedwig's training is going to have to wait- it would seem it's come time for these two to have their rematch, I'd say."


Not five minutes later, the small group had relocated to outside, where there was more room for the battle to unfold. On one end of the clearing stood Keith, with Vernon the Tauros standing in front of him. On the other end stood Meowth, with Fang the Carnivine hovering before him. Helena floated off to the side, having agreed to referee, and Joy was sitting on a rock, watching the battle with interest.

"Let's go, Vernon!" grinned Keith.

"Let's do dis, Fang!" exclaimed Meowth.

Helena glanced between the Tauros and Carnivine- both of them looked ready to go. After Vernon's defeat at the leafy hands of that Carnivine, he in particular was more than ready to show the Bug Catcher Pokémon what he was truly capable of. And Fang? Well, he just couldn't turn down a good battle. "Begin!" the Shuppet exclaimed.

Meowth made the first move. "Alright, Fang, start wit yer Swords Dance attack!" he said.

"Carni Carnivine!" responded Fang as he started to spin around in midair, his leafy arms glowing a pale blue.

"Vernon! Flamethrower!" Keith commanded.

Vernon bellowed loudly as he unleashed a scorching stream of fire from his mouth. In response to this, Fang merely spun faster, and managed to deflect the flames.

"Hm, impressive," Keith remarked upon spotting this. "That's something I gotta keep in mind for the future. Alright, Vernon, now Tackle attack!"

"Use Razor Leaf!" ordered Meowth.

The Tauros charged forward, bellowing loudly as the Carnivine swung his arms around, launching a barrage of rapidly spinning razor-sharp leaves. Vernon, however, lowered his head and charged straight through the arboreal onslaught, before slamming straight into Fang and sending him crashing to the ground.

"Nice job, Vernon!" grinned Keith. "Now use your Stomp attack!"

"Bug Bite now!" Meowth commanded.

Vernon stood over Fang and reared up on his hind legs. As his front legs fell down, however, Fang opened his mouth, his numerous teeth glowing a bright green. The Carnivine then chomped down on the Tauros's right leg, hard. Vernon's eyes bulged and he mooed and bellowed in pain, trying without success to shake Fang off.

"Steady, Vernon!" Keith called. "Ice Beam, go!"

"Fang, spray 'im wit yer Sleep Powder!" Meowth exclaimed, but it was too late- Vernon looked down at the carnivorous plant clamped onto his leg. A pale blue ball of energy charged up between the Tauros's horns, and it quickly fired off the blast of icy energy, striking Fang's torso.

"Viiine!" Fang exclaimed, involuntarily releasing his grip on Vernon's leg, which the Tauros took as his cue to back off as quick as he could. Fang rose back into the air, albeit now with a visible degree of unsteadiness.

Keith turned his hat backwards. "Now, Vernon!" he exclaimed. "Finish this with Stone Edge!"

"Fang, Razor Leaf again!" said Meowth, but this time was quite unlike the last- Fang winced as he tried to move his arms, and it was then that he realized that several chunks of ice remained on his torso, and that they had pinned his arms to his sides! With a triumphant moo, Vernon summoned a ring of sharpened stones all around him, before sending them blasting off directly at the Grass-type. Fang shrieked as the razor-sharp rocks pelted him, and he collapsed to the ground almost immediately.

"Fang is unable to battle!" Helena declared. "Vernon wins!"

Pleased with the result, Keith approached his Tauros. "Well done, Vernon," he smiled. "I'm proud of you." Vernon bellowed triumphantly in response, clearly just as happy about his victory as his Trainer was.

Fang, meanwhile, had regained consciousness, and was floating in midair again, a sulky expression on his face. "Carnivine," he grumbled.

Keith sighed, then walked over to where Fang was hovering. "Fang, you were good, too. And y'know, don't forget you won the first time. You and Vernon are even now. And besides, even if you lost, I was still impressed with that Swords Dance- a Grass-type deflecting a Flamethrower? I'd call that a pretty sweet move!"

Fang looked at Keith. "Carni Carnivine," he sighed with a grin. Upset though he was at losing, he couldn't deny the truth that there was to Keith's words. Then he lunged, which Keith took as the sign to remove his hat. Sure enough, Fang chomped down playfully on Keith's head.

"Haha, alright Fang, that's good, that's enough," Keith chuckled as he attempted to extricate the Carnivine from his head. Once he did so, he put his hat back on and walked towards his Secret Base. "Alright, I think we should all take a break for lunch," he declared as he began to climb the ladder. "Anyone else hungry?"

"Now yer talkin' my language!" grinned Meowth as he dashed up the ladder. Fang gleefully followed Keith into the Secret Base as well, for a good meal was always a welcome idea to the Carnivine.

Vernon waited at the bottom of the ladder- due to his bulky build, Keith preferred for the Tauros to not be indoors if at all possible, except in the Battle Room, to minimize the risk of broken furniture, even if by accident. Vernon was OK with this, though. He had been with Keith his whole life, and knew that the Poison-type Trainer would never forget him. In fact, this rematch right here was proof enough of that- when the bulky bovine's birthday rolled around some months ago, Keith had taught him the Flamethrower and Ice Beam attacks that he had demonstrated in the battle, for the sole purpose of gaining the upper hand over Fang in the rematch, despite nothing having been said or done about this rematch in the half a year between the first battle and Vernon's birthday. Sure enough, minutes later, the door opened up, and Keith stepped out, accompanied by his Swoobat. Being telekinetically levitated above them was a large bowl.

"Alright, set it down gently, Luna," Keith instructed.

"Swoobat bat," Luna nodded, as her eyes glowed blue. Using Confusion, the Swoobat carefully lowered the bowl to the ground in front of the Tauros. It contained a variety of berries- primarily Oran and Sitrus, though with a few Cheri and Tamato Berries in the mix, too- some of Vernon's favorites.

"Eat up, Vernon," grinned Keith. The Tauros mooed gratefully in response before digging in. Satisfied with this, Keith and Luna re-entered the house to eat some lunch themselves.

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Ah, the Fizzytopia region. From the vast Astoria Forest to the Cascadia Archipelago, it was truly a region with a lot to offer. And yet, even with all manner of interesting people and places all around, there were still a great deal of days that were just slow for Trainers. On one such day, the Pokémon Trainer Keith Masters could be found just outside his Secret Base, doing that which he could so often be found doing- taking advantage of the lull in adventuring opportunities to further train his team of Pokémon. Indeed, at this very moment, a practice battle was already underway, with Keith and Meowth each commanding a Pokémon.

"Now, Norbert! Dragon Claw!" Keith commanded.

"Hedwig, dodge it!" Meowth exclaimed.

The Haxorus, Norbert, dashed forward with thunderous footsteps, the claws on his right hand glowing with harsh blue energy. The Crobat, Hedwig, however, acted as though she didn't hear what Meowth had said, and took the full force of the Haxorus's Dragon Claw.

"Hedwig, wat da hell?" Meowth demanded.

"I have told you before," the Crobat snapped irritably, "I only obey Keith."

"Yeah? Wat about da part where he told youse ta do wat I say? How's dat goin'?" retorted Meowth. Hedwig had no response to this, other than to shoot Meowth a disdainful glare. Keith sighed- Hedwig was one of his most loyal Pokémon, but when it came to taking orders from anyone other than him, she seemed to constantly take issue with the idea.

"Hedwig, Meowth's right," Keith said sternly as he approached his Crobat. "I appreciate your loyalty to me, but by not doing as Meowth says, you're disobeying my orders. You know I told you to do whatever Meowth and Helena tell you to do.

Again, Hedwig said nothing, but unlike with Meowth, she didn't dare shoot Keith any sort of glare, disdainful or otherwise. Deep down, she knew he was right, but on the other hand, something just felt so unbelievably wrong about her doing what anyone else told her to do, even if Keith had told her to obey that other person or Pokémon. However, as Keith looked at the Crobat, he could almost see the conflict raging behind her eyes.

"We'll try this again some other time, Hedwig," he said, now in a more gentle tone. "Something isn't sitting right with you, I can tell, but we'll work on that. How about you and Norbert take a break for right now, though, OK?"

"Cro, bat," Hedwig nodded as she flew off to where Norbert was already lying down and relaxing.

"So, now wat?" Meowth asked.

"Let's try something different," Keith replied as he looked around at all his Pokémon... A Magcargo, literally bubbling with enthusiasm; a Skorupi, clicking his tail claws eagerly; a happily grinning Dustox, all set to go at a moment's notice; a shy, timid Dunsparce, trying to not be noticed... It was on this last one Keith's eyes fell. To the Dunsparce's horror, she could see her Trainer walking right over to her.

"Violet," Keith said gently as he knelt down next to his Dunsparce. "I think it's time you showed us what you can do in battle, hmm?"

"S-sp-sparce..." Violet murmured in an almost inaudible voice. "D-D-Dunsparce sparce."

"Violet don't tink she'll do too good," Meowth translated. "She don't wanna let youse down."

"Just relax," Keith said to Violet. "As long as you try your best, there's no way you can let me down. C'mon, please?" Though clearly still brimming with anxiety and nervousness, Violet gave a single, extremely hesitant nod. "Alright, then," Keith smiled. "Now, who's gonna be your opponent..."

"Excuse me," a voice sounded in Keith's head. "Might I suggest Millicent? She's wanted a decent battle for some time now."

Keith was not disturbed in the slightest- he had been communicated with in such a manner before. He wasn't sure if he'd call it telepathy or what, all he knew was that Willow, the ghost haunting Millicent's log, was able to control who could and couldn't hear her speak. "That true, Millicent?" he asked, turning to face his Timburr. "You up for a battle?"

Millicent grinned and flexed one of her arms. "Timburr tim!" she replied with an affirmative nod.

Within minutes, the match was all set up- Keith was commanding Violet, and Helena had agreed to command Millicent. Meowth stood off to the side, acting in his usual role as referee. "Alright, den, both sides ready?" Meowth asked. As Keith and Helena nodded simultaneously, Meowth also nodded. "Good. Now, we begin!" he declared.

"All right, Millicent!" Helena grinned. "Focus Energy!"

"TimBURR!" exclaimed Millicent as she firmly struck the ground with Willow, at which point a faint red aura came over her body.

"Violet! Thunder Wave attack!" Keith commanded.

"D-Dun...SPARCE!" exclaimed Violet as she unleashed a thin bolt of electricity from the tip of her tail. Millicent, however, parried the jolt with her log. Though her face flashed with brief concern, it was apparent that Willow had urged Millicent to not worry about whether she had been hurt by the Thunder Wave, for her focus remained on the battle.

"Violet, use Headbutt!" Keith ordered.

"Quick, Millicent, counter with Comet Punch!" called Helena.

Both Pokémon rushed in at once, and started attacking each other enthusiastically- Violet continually flew in for Headbutt after Headbutt, and Millicent landed numerous consecutive punches whenever the Dunsparce was within range of her fists.

As the Dunsparce and Timburr continued to spar, their enthusiastic battling caught the attention of many of their teammates, who began to watch the battle with great interest. Every time Violet landed a hit with her head, it was met with two or three quick punches from Millicent, who had left Willow on the ground behind her in order to be able to use both hands for the attack.

"Dun! Sparce! Dun! Sparce!" Violet grunted with every successful Headbutt.

"Timburr Timburr Timburr!" Millicent was yelling, each syllable punctuated by a punch.

"Dun! Sparce! Dun! Sparce!"

"Timburr Timburr Timburr!"

At last, the Headbutt and Comet Punch attacks started to slow down, and Keith seized his chance to change up tactics. "Violet, try your Rock Smash!" he exclaimed. Thanks to Serene Grace, Violet's Ability, the usually weak move would be absolutely guaranteed to come with a nice Defense drop for Millicent. It was a move Keith wanted to get Violet used to using, for that very reason.

"Millicent, use Force Palm!" Helena commanded.

Wings flapping furiously, Violet dove in on Millicent, drill-like tail first, a red glow having come over the tail. Millicent, however, caught the attack in her hand, in which a mass of energy was gathering in the palm. Undeterred, Violet flapped her wings harder, determined to overcome the Fighting move, but the energy mass kept building up as Millicent struggled to execute the move. And then, finally, the mass of energy unleashed itself in a powerful beam that sent the Dunsparce skidding across the ground.

"And dat's it!" Meowth declared. "Millicent's da winner!"

"Nice job, Millicent," Keith grinned. His Timburr flashed him a thumbs-up in response. However, Keith noticed that Violet had pulled herself into a Defense Curl, and was shaking slightly. "Violet, what's the matter?" he asked as he approached the Normal-type. "Come on, you were great out there," he added with a reassuring smile.

A pair of yellow eyes peeked out from the Defense Curl. "...Sparce?" chirped Violet uncertainly.

"Well, yeah," Keith smiled. "I mean, you did really well, and against something with the type advantage, no less!"

"Yeah," Meowth added. "I ain't never been able ta hold out against dat Force Palm fer nearly as long as youse did."

"And your Headbutt is really amazing," Helena chimed in. "Millicent was having a hard time finding openings to attack half the time!"

"It's true," the Timburr grinned. "I'm lucky I landed as many Comet Punches as I did!"

The Dunsparce looked around, speechless. She had always feared that she was one minor mistake away from being traded off- the fact that her originally intended Trainer changed his mind just before the trade was to be made certainly didn't help things out. Still, she looked a bit uncertain, and mumbled something to Meowth before ducking back into a Defense Curl.

Meowth sighed. "Violet can't help but recall dat youse traded Trevor away," he translated, referring to the Froakie Keith was briefly in possession of. "She tinks dat if you'd be willin' ta trade sometin' like dat away, den wat's stoppin' her from bein' next?

Now it was Keith's turn to sigh as he sat next to the spherical figure that was his curled-up Dunsparce. "Vi, there's a difference here you have to understand," he said patiently. "I caught Trevor on more or less a whim, and I only traded him away because this Chad guy wanted a Froakie way more than I ever did. Had I not heard about that, you might well have been sparring against Trevor today instead of Millicent. But see, the thing is, with you, I'm the one who wanted you way more than the other guy in the first place," he said with a grin. "I wanted a Dunsparce just as badly as Chad wanted a Froakie. You got a permanent place on this team, in this family. And if you still have doubts, my suggestion is that you go and talk to Helga. Or better yet- Hedwig. Both of them had similar concerns when they first joined the team, and in Hedwig's case, that was back when she was just a Zubat, and getting close to ten years ago."

The Dunsparce uncurled her body yet again, her eyes looking slightly moist. She looked up at Keith, before making an awkward attempt to coil her body around him. It was clear that her body was not particularly built for this sort of thing, but Keith didn't mind, and hugged Violet back. Though it took him several tries to position his arms in a way that would allow him to hug the Dunsparce while still being hugged by her, right now, he was just glad that she was starting to get the idea- finally starting to understand just how welcome she was on the team.

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Gulpin and Swalot

Biology: Gulpin and Swalot, on the outside, appear to be little more than sentient stomachs, and in fact, this is a fairly accurate description of them. Like Koffing and Weezing, their bodies consist of very little in the way of internal organs, and no skeleton whatsoever. Their skin is extremely stretchy, especially their mouths. There is no esophagus- the inside of a Gulpin's mouth and the inside of its stomach are one and the same. Its digestive acid is extremely powerful, able to dissolve anything the Gulpin swallows in a matter of minutes- seconds, even, in the case of small portions, though this is rare. Consequentially, a Gulpin's stomach is remarkably resilient. The only substance a Gulpin's stomach acid cannot dissolve is the stomach of a Gulpin or Swalot, and the only substance a Swalot's stomach acid cannot dissolve is the stomach of a Swalot- Swalot stomach acid is the only substance on earth that can dissolve Gulpin stomach. For obvious reasons, the entire evolution line is inedible. The digested remnants of a Gulpin's meal manifest as a vile sludge and toxic gases, which it stores in its body and expels in the form of Sludge and Poison Gas attacks. Rather than generating poison from seemingly nothing, Gulpin and Swalot's digestive acid convert their digested meals into the poison they put into their attacks.

Diet: Gulpin and Swalot will eat anything. Be sure to understand that this is not an exaggeration- I mean they will literally eat anything. Blocks of concrete, bar furniture, DeLoreans, you name it. A Gulpin with enough time and dedication can and most certainly will devour an entire abandoned city. This is something a Gulpin's Trainer must be wary of, for not only are Gulpin the exact opposite of picky, they also don't know the meaning of getting full. Getting a Gulpin to not eat absolutely anything and everything in sight is a significant challenge for any Trainer wishing to own one. Having said that, though, a tamed Gulpin or Swalot is hands down the best garbage disposal in the world (though it must be argued that Trubbish, while not quite as efficient, are about a thousand times cuter). Helps to keep that much more garbage out of our dumps- who says Poison-types are bad for the environment?

Behavior: Gulpin have a one-track mind, and that track is paved with food. Gulpin wake up thinking about food. They think about what they want to eat until they start eating, at which point they think about what they're eating. Once they're done, they start thinking about their next meal until they start eating it, and so on, until the end of the day, when they fall asleep thinking about what they'll eat tomorrow, and subsequently dream about food. That said, a Gulpin can be jolted off of its one-track mind, and may very well develop interests outside of eating. As a Swalot, its mind works in very much the same way as before.

Gulpin are in general very docile, mainly because they're too preoccupied with the thought of food to bother with being aggressive. That said, they can turn violent if someone is actively barring them from access to their intended meal, and if their intended meal is otherwise inaccessible to them, they can display surprising instances of craftiness and ingenuity in order to acquire their meals. They generally treat new Trainers well, especially if they're well-fed, and are surprisingly protective of Trainers they're especially fond of. Were it not for their nigh-insatiable appetite, Gulpin would be ideal for the beginning Trainer. Alas, feeding them is often beyond the financial means of those just starting out, unless one comes to the realization that they need not buy food for their Gulpin. In fact, some demolition companies and garbage dumps will pay good money to rent one's Gulpin or Swalot (or Trubbish, Garbodor, Koffing, or Weezing in the case of the latter) to devour condemned buildings/mountains of garbage.

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The sun was setting in Fizzytopia, a long day coming to an end. Many people and Pokémon were preparing to call it a day and get a good night's sleep right about now... the two Trainers currently locked in an intense Pokémon battle outside a Secret Base, however, neither of them seemed ready to call it a day.

"Tropius! Stomp attack!" exclaimed one of them, a ten-year-old Trainer by the name of Oliver.

"Aragog, use Twineedle!" ordered the other one, the 24-year-old Poison-type Trainer known as Keith Masters.

Aragog, an Ariados, reared up on his hind legs as his two foremost front legs glowed a bright green. Then, as the colossal beast known as Tropius closed in on him, the Ariados jabbed the Grass/Flying-type with his legs. Though this didn't stop the Stomp attack from working, Keith could see, to his relief, that his Ariados was still good to go. And even better- from the looks of things, Tropius had even been poisoned by the attack!

"Tropius, finish it!" exclaimed Oliver. "Use Gust!"

"Aragog! Venoshock!" said Keith.

"Aria!" hissed Aragog, the Bug/Poison-type now spewing a vicious-looking glob of green fluid from his mouth. As the foul liquid splattered against Tropius, it bellowed in pain, the super effective move reacting to the poisoning and distracting it from using its Gust attack.

Keith saw his opportunity and seized it at once. "And now we win with a Fury Swipes!" he grinned.

"Dossssss!" Aragog hissed, now as he jumped into the air. As he landed on Tropius, he started scratching repeatedly at the leafy creature. Tropius roared in protest, but at that moment, the poison's effects seemed to kick in once again, and this time it was to finish the job. Tropius slumped to the ground, and Aragog leapt off its fallen foe.

The Meowth on the sidelines made his ruling right away. "Tropius is unable ta battle!" he exclaimed. "Aragog wins, which means da winner o' dis battle is Keith!"

"Awesome, Aragog!" Keith grinned, crouching down as his Ariados approached him. Keith smiled, patting the Long Leg Pokémon on his head. "You were great out there!"

"Ariados," Aragog nodded before walking away. Keith stood back up and sighed, watching his Ariados walking off. Aragog still didn't seem fully used to life under Keith's care yet, and the trade had been made years ago. Then again, Rayzen had raised Aragog from a baby Spinarak, so his training methods had to have been pretty deeply ingrained in the Ariados's mind, but still... Well, at least Aragog had no problems listening to Keith, unlike a certain Shadow Ledian. Keith was grateful for that, at least.

Oliver, meanwhile, had just returned his Tropius to its Poké Ball. He looked slightly bummed at the ultimate outcome of the battle, but still smiled as he approached Keith. "Oh, man, that was a great battle," he said.

"Sure was," Keith replied, shaking Oliver's hand. "I was cutting it pretty close there near the end, too- if Tropius's Gust had worked, it probably would've beaten Aragog right then and there."

"Man, your Ariados is cool, though," said Oliver. "Your Foongus is gonna be OK, though, right?" he added. "Tropius's Gust really got it moving, didn't it?"

"Yeah, Six'll be fine," Keith nodded. As though to prove a point, he took out a Poké Ball and sent out the Foongus, who was now conscious again, and while looking slightly tired out, looked to be in decent health. "This is probably the toughest battle I've had him in yet, though," he added. "Honestly, I think he did pretty well under the circumstances."

Six, however, did not share these sentiments. He wanted to pull himself into a Defense Curl and never stop it. That battle had been, as far as he was concerned, embarrassing. Keith had sent him in against Oliver's Tropius after Marvolo had fainted, but the Foongus's Sludge Bomb attacks were easily deflected by Tropius's Leaf Blade, and his Poison Powder missed altogether. Rollout was probably the only move he had managed to inflict any damage upon Tropius with. All his recent training, all his gradual building up of self-confidence, and that Tropius found it insultingly easy to beat him. One Gust, and Six had rolled right into the trunk of the tree holding up Keith's Secret Base. It was a one-hit KO.

As Six was thinking about this, Keith and Oliver realized that it was getting late, and the latter had left- he had a room booked for the night at the local Pokémon Center, and had wanted to battle Keith while he was in the area. And as Oliver was walking away, Six made up his mind- he pulled himself into a Defense Curl, and Rolled out across the barren ground, weaving between dead trees, headed for a nearby forest.

"Ahh, what a day, hmm?" Keith said to Meowth. "I'm thinking we should head inside, though- we've been doing nothing but training all day, I think we could all use a break."

"I'm all fer dat," Meowth nodded. And then, as Aragog scuttled up the ladder and in through the door to Keith's Secret Base, Meowth looked around. "Uh, Keith?" he added. "Didn't youse send Six out?"

"Yeah, just a minute ago, why?" asked Keith.

Meowth continued to look around. "Cuz I don't see him here."

Any trace of a smile vanished from Keith's face. "Six?" he called. When no response came, Keith started to look worried. He raced over to the tree holding up his Secret Base and looked behind it. Nothing. "Six? Six!" he called.

And then, suddenly, twin flashes of light erupted from Keith's belt as his Vileplume and Venomoth sent themselves out. "Vile Vileplume?!" James said in a worried tone.

"Venomoth?" added Lily, sounding equally concerned.

"OK," Keith said, trying to stay calm himself. "I think Six may be missing. James, Lily, we'll search the nearby forest. Meowth, go inside and tell Luna, Batrach, and Hedwig to search the other nearby areas. Be sure to tell Hedwig that it's an order from me, elseways she won't obey you. Then I want you to stay inside in case Six comes back. If you hear back from anyone, or if Six comes back, use the videophone to call my Xtranceiver."

"Gotcha," Meowth nodded. In a flash, he had dashed up the ladder and was inside the Secret Base. To Keith's satisfaction, not a minute later, a Tranquill, a Swoobat, and a Crobat all flew out the door and headed out in different directions. At this, Keith headed off in the direction of the forest. Lily flew by Keith's side, with James riding on her.

For what felt like hours, the search went on. Night fell extremely quickly, making it necessary for James and Lily to use Flash to aid in the search. They split up at one point to cover more ground, and not long after that, James and Lily stopped as they heard quiet sobbing. "Six?" they said simultaneously.

The sobbing subsided somewhat. "M-mommy?" came a tiny voice. "Daddy?"

At this, the Vileplume and Venomoth raced over to a nearby tree, and sure enough, there was Six, cowering behind it. As they spotted each other, they came in for as tight an embrace as they could muster, considering the stubby arms (and legs, in Lily's case) they all possessed, not to mention how much James's giant flower further complicated matters. However, as a loving family reunited, they had more than enough motivation to make the hug work.

"Six, we were so worried!" Lily said. "Why did you run off like that?"

"I... I'm sorry," the Foongus said quietly. "It's just... I lost t-to that T-T-Tropius, and... I... I thought I was too weak to belong on the team... I... I didn't think Keith wanted me anymore."

"Oh, Six..." sighed James as he hugged his adoptive son. "Son, that's ridiculous. Keith's been just as worried as your mom and I have. He's the one who got everyone looking for you."

No more words were spoken from that point as the family continued to embrace. And then, a multitude of caws could be heard from behind them all. Slowly, the three Pokémon turned to look- and to their horror, they could see a steadily growing flock of Fearow gathering in the trees before them. All of the Fearow were glaring down at the trio of Poison-types. And worse still, these Fearow looked familiar somehow.

"Are those-" began Lily.

"-the same Fearow from the Tree Grove? Yeah, that'd be them," James confirmed. "Probably relocated their nest after what happened that day." At that moment, both James and Lily could see that Six was shaking- trembling in visible fright at the sight of the flock of Fearow. And unlike last time, they didn't have Gemini or Nagini or any other Pokémon to count on for backup. Still, as the lovers looked at each other, they knew they had to be brave, for their son's sake.

James held out a hand, and Lily took it with one of her legs, and right then, a heart-shaped glob of dark purple sludge surrounded them. And then, the glob expanded in a massive dual Sludge Wave, spreading out in every direction except Six's, hitting almost every Fearow at once. This agitated the flock and spurred them into action. Most of them flapped their wings and took to the air, and many of them swooped down for Drill Peck. In response, Lily flapped her wings, blowing an Icy Wind onto the flock, and James struck down several Fearow with a sizzling Thunder attack.

As Six watched, he couldn't help but feel safe- his parents were both extremely powerful Pokémon, he knew, and so he trusted that they would be able to deal with the scary Fearow. And then he saw something out of the corner of his left eye- a Fearow was targeting Six specifically! The Foongus froze in fear. His mind was screaming for him to use Poison Powder, or Sludge Bomb, or something, but his body was too busy shaking. Luckily, James noticed this and slammed the Fearow with an Ice Punch. Unfortunately, this left him open to a Drill Peck from another Fearow. This resulted in a chain reaction, culminating in numerous Fearow managing to get in multiple hits with Drill Peck on both James and Lily. Six looked on in horror as his parents took the multiple blows, unable to find an opening to strike back. And then... Oh, no. The Fearow were all starting to fly in at once, all of them glowing- it was a group Sky Attack! Neither James nor Lily could take an attack like that! And yet, they still stood (well, hovered in Lily's case) defiantly in front of Six, intent on at least sparing him from the attack's wrath.

And in that moment, it sank in to Six- just how much he really meant to his parents, to his teammates, to his Trainer. And with that realization, it was as though the adrenaline was bringing back all the confidence Six had lost battling Tropius. His scared, timid look was replaced with a more focused and determined one. Just as Keith arrived on the scene, drawn by the harsh glow of the group Sky Attack, Six exclaimed, "FOOOOOONGUS!" and jumped out in front of his parents. Keith gasped in horror as the Fearow closed in...

James and Lily had shut their eyes, still holding hands (well, James's hand holding Lily's leg), when the Fearow... didn't hit them. They opened their eyes nervously, and were surprised to see Six in front of them, casting such a powerful Protect that it was shielding all three of them, and all the Fearow were just bouncing off, none of their Sky Attacks making their way through.

"Whoa!" Keith murmured, in awe. "I didn't know Six had that kind of power in him!"

As the onslaught stopped, Six's Protect also stopped. The Fearow angrily yet wearily climbed back to their feet, spreading their wings, preparing to take off. "Nice try, short stuff," scoffed one of the Fearow. "But we'll be taking our revenge for the Tree Grove now!"

Six did not budge. "You... You will not..." he panted. "You will not... hurt... my family." After he said this, there was a brief moment of silence as the Poison-types and the Fearow glared at each other. Keith hung off to the side, three Poké Balls at the ready, all set to withdraw all three of them should things go wrong. The only thing holding him back by now was sheer morbid curiosity as to how this would play out. And then, something happened that none of them saw coming- Six started to glow! Keith's jaw dropped in awe, James and Lily exchanged gleeful looks, and the Fearow exchanged slightly nervous looks- it never boded well for them when an adversary of theirs evolved. Sure enough, the Foongus got taller, his cap grew larger, his arms lengthened, the ends expanding into large circular shields. And then, the glow faded, revealing a brand-new-

"What the?" Keith said in shock and surprise. He couldn't help it- Six had evolved, all right, but the that stood before him didn't look like any Amoonguss he had ever seen before. In shape, yes, Six was identical to the average Amoonguss... but his cap and shields, far from looking like the standard Poké Ball, instead closely resembled the rarer and more effective Ultra Ball. Was Six some sort of rare breed of Foongus whose unusual form was designed to not manifest until evolution, or were these unusual markings some sort of manifestation of the impressive bravery he had shown just before evolving? Keith had never seen anything like this before, and he had to admit, it was a pretty cool look. He held out his Pokédex, which showed an image of a regular Amoonguss.

"Amoonguss, the Mushroom Pokémon, and the evolved form of Foongus," droned the device. "Amoonguss waves its shield-like caps around to lure in prey, but this does not fool many Pokémon. Once it lures in a Pokémon, it subdues the prey with poisonous spores."

James and Lily were beside themselves with joy. "My baby evolved!" Lily squealed, flying a small, celebratory loop-de-loop.

"That's my boy!" James grinned proudly.

At that moment, Keith stepped out of his hiding place and stood next to his Pokémon. "Six, ready to show these Fearow just what kind of mistake they made?" he asked.

Six looked up at Keith- the Poison-type Trainer was looking down at his newly evolved Amoonguss, a proud smile on his face. All traces of self doubt now completely vanished, Six nodded. "Amoonguss!" he said confidently.

Keith grinned at this, then faced the Fearow and turned his hat backwards. "Go, Six! Rollout!" he ordered.

"Amoooooooonguss!" bellowed Six as he pulled his body into a spherical shape, then rolled forward, picking up speed and momentum by the second, and bowled right into several Fearow at once. And he didn't stop there, either, plowing into more Fearow just seconds later. The smart ones were flapping their wings by this point, and were avoiding the Rock-type move by taking to the air. Once every Fearow had either fled in fear or taken to the sky in order to evade Rollout, Six stopped, glancing up at the few Fearow what that remained.

Keith, however, was not deterred. "Now use your Sludge Bomb attack!" he ordered.

"Amoooooooooooonguss!" Six replied, firing several Bombs made of Sludge from his mouth into the air. Each one struck a Fearow, exploding on contact, and knocking several of them out. The ones who weren't KO'd were now fleeing in fear.

Once Keith was satisfied that the Fearow were sufficiently dealt with, he crouched down and hugged Six. "You were amazing, Six," he grinned. "Just, please, do us all a favor- never run off like that again, OK? You had us all worried."

"Amoong," Six nodded emphatically. True enough, after what had just happened, the Amoonguss had no inclination whatsoever to leave this team behind ever again.

What?  Foongus is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Foongus evolved into Amoonguss!

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It was a quiet and peaceful day at Keith's Secret Base, with Keith out to do errands. Or at least, it should have been- indeed, Meowth, who was asleep in the dining room (and thus was not able to join Keith on these errands as was usual for him), was suddenly and abruptly awoken by a loud commotion coming from the living room. "Wat da?!" Meowth exclaimed. He jumped up and raced into the living room, whereupon his jaw dropped at the sight that awaited him.

The living room was an absolute wreck. The couch was knocked over, large gashes ripped in the fabric. The table had somehow been flipped over, and the aquarium in the corner had been knocked over, all the water having spilled out, and a Blue-Striped Basculin was flailing about on the floor. And flying above the scene was a Ledian colored a sinister shade of dark grey, with piercing red eyes. He was wielding a large axe and using it to hack away at one of the couch's cushions.

"Stewie!" Meowth exclaimed, claws already extended. "Wat da hell is youse doin?!"

"Having some fun for once!" cackled the Shadow Ledian. "The hat man took that vile Pawniard with him, so why the hell not?"

"Ya do know dat once Keith gets back, yer in big trouble, right?" Meowth reminded him.

"Oh, not necessarily," smirked Stewie as he dropped the sad remnants of the cushion on the upside-down table. With that, he flew out of the room. Meowth raced after him, but by the time he got out of the door, Stewie was smirking evilly at him from inside the elevator. Meowth made a break for it, but the doors closed by the time he got there. He raced up the nearby stairs and stood by the elevator door, but they didn't open. After a minute of waiting, Meowth ran back downstairs, but somehow, Stewie was nowhere to be found.

"How did he do dat?!" Meowth muttered as he walked back into the trashed living room. He heard a banging sound to his right, and instinctively, he turned that way and extended his claws. However, there was no Shadow Ledian in sight to his right. Instead, as it happened, the source of that sound was the front door being shut. By the person who had just walked in through it. The same person who was now beholding his wrecked living room, which prominently featured a slashed and shredded couch, with shreds of fabric and clumps of stuffing lying all around a Meowth with his claws extended.

"Meowth?!" Keith Masters exclaimed, shocked. Meowth turned to face his Trainer, who had a look on his face to match his shocked tone of voice. "I... What... What did you do?!"

"Hey, cool it, I didn't do dis!" Meowth exclaimed. "It was Stewie wat dat did dis, I was lookin' fer him, he's hidin' from me somewhere!"

"Oh, please," Keith shook his head. "Stewie's tried to trash the living room before, and believe me, Shadow Wave doesn't cut like that. You'd need claws to slice up the furniture like this, and you just so happen to fit that."

"He had an axe!" Meowth protested. "He was hackin' at da couch cushions wit it!"

"That's ridiculous," Keith said flatly. "I don't even own an axe, and I think I'd know if there was one in the house."

"I'm tellin' ya!" said Meowth, but Keith shook his head.

"Honestly, Meowth," he said, "I thought you were better than this. And even if you weren't, I'd at least think you'd be able of thinking up a more believable lie."

"So, wat, youse tink I'm lyin' ta youse?!" Meowth demanded angrily.

"I think if you walk into a room where the furniture's been cut to ribbons, and there's a Meowth standing in the room with his claws out, it doesn't leave a lot to the imagination," was Keith's reply.

"Dat's it!" Meowth snapped. "Dat is it! I thought youse was smarter den ta jump ta dat kinda conclusion, I thought we knew each other better den dat! Well, ya know wat? Youse can find someone else ta sit on yer shoulder from now on, cuz I'm outta here!!" Before Keith could reply, Meowth stormed angrily past him and out the front door, which he made sure to slam shut with all his might behind him. Looking out the window, Keith could see Meowth storming off towards the nearby forest, but at the moment, so pissed off was he that he didn't feel the least bit inclined to go after him. Instead, he set to work fixing his living room as best he could.

It took about an hour and a half, but at last, the furniture was all right-side up again, the aquarium was upright and full of water again, Pisces swimming around inside it, the ripped fabric and couch stuffing was all cleared out, and a quick trip to a furniture store got Keith replacement couch cushions at no cost, due to the extreme damage done to the old ones. Finally, Keith flopped down on the couch and turned on the TV, and was met with a commercial for the Coins for Prizes store.

"The grand reopening is coming up soon!" the announcer exclaimed. "And for a limited time only, you can still buy all the old TMs before the new stock comes in! Get those hard-to-find TMs for your Pokémon!" As the announcer was speaking, the screen displayed footage of a Trainer using a pale blue TM... on a Meowth.

"Meowth! Icy Wind!" the Trainer grinned. The Meowth happily obliged, exhaling a blast of frigid wind from its mouth. Keith hastened to change the channel.

"-Captain Stomach was quick to apprehend the would-be burglar," a news reporter was saying. "Authorities believe he would use his Meowth to pick the locks-" Keith changed the channel again.

"-Join us next week, when a Trainer's Meowth goes missing-"


"Pansear Pizza Parlor, home of the all-new Meowth-nip pizza-"


"Meowth, dat's right!"







With an exasperated groan, Keith shut the TV off. "Nothing good on," he grumbled to himself. Just then, a Houndour came slinking into the room, looking up at Keith sadly and whining. "Oh, hey, Ruby, what's up?" Keith asked.

Ruby barked in response. Keith instinctively turned to his right, but Meowth was not there to provide a translation. At this, Ruby whined even more.

"She misses Meowth," came a voice. Keith turned to see Helena, his Shuppet and older sister, floating into the living room. "I do, too, for that matter. Why don't you look for him?"

Keith folded his arms. "When Meowth is ready to apologize, I'll be right here waiting for him," he said stubbornly. "And if he's never ready to apologize, then that's just fine with me."

"You don't mean that," Helena said. It was not a question, it was a statement.

"Don't I?" Keith retorted. "I mean, you should've seen this room earlier, it was a wreck. Meowth trashed it for some reason, and on top of that, he told me some ridiculous lie to cover it up-"

"Whoa, whoa, whoa," came yet another voice to interrupt Keith. "What do ya mean, Meowth trashed the living room?" Keith looked and saw a Numel walking into the living room, a black fedora atop his head.

"Vinny? What are you talking about?" asked Keith.

"I mean I just overheard Stewie," replied Vinny. "He's up in the Battle Room, and he's laughin' his ass off about how he didn't even need to try and cover up what he did to the place, since youse blamed Meowth from the start."

"What?!" Keith exclaimed. "But, but, Meowth said that Stewie had an axe! I don't have-"

"You don't," Vinny corrected Keith. "Dere's a lotta stuff you don't know about Stewie, hat man."

"Oh my Arceus," Keith whispered as he stood up. "I... I've made a horrible mistake! We've got to find Meowth! Ruby, come on, let's go!"

Ruby barked happily and raced out the front door with Keith, the two of them expertly jumping down to the ground simultaneously. Without even waiting for orders, Ruby sniffed at the ground. Then, once she got the scent, she took off, Keith in hot pursuit.

"Meowth??? MEOWTH???" Keith yelled as Ruby Howled loud and long. It was hours into the search, they were deep in the forest, Keith even had Hedwig searching from above, but nothing. Despair was starting to creep in- what if something had happened to Meowth? Keith would never be able to forgive himself!

On they walked as it started to get dark. All the trees were starting to look alike by now, and Keith could see no sign of Meowth anywhere. Tears came to his eyes as the nasty realization came to him, that he might never see Meowth again, that the last thing he had ever said to Meowth was an unfounded and, as it turns out, false accusation. And then, Keith saw a four-winged figure flying down to him. "Hedwig!" he exclaimed desperately. "Did you find Meowth?"

"Cro! Bat!" Hedwig nodded, pointing off in the distance with one of her wings. Immediately, Keith and Ruby took off in that direction, Hedwig leading the way.

After what seemed like forever, they arrived at a clearing, but it was far from deserted. Half a dozen bipedal Pokémon with brown fur were surrounding a smaller, scared-looking- Meowth! But was it Keith's Meowth?

"H-hey, take it easy now," the Meowth stammered as the Ursaring closed in on him.

"Hey!" Keith exclaimed sharply, causing the six Ursaring to turn and face him. "Get away from my Meowth!"

"Keith?!" Meowth exclaimed. Though his voice betrayed nothing but surprise, the look in his eyes told Keith that he still hadn't forgotten what happened earlier that day.

But right now, Keith had to focus on the half a dozen Normal-types now approaching him. As Ruby growled at the oncomers, Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Ursaring, the Hibernator Pokémon, and the evolved form of Teddiursa," droned the device. "Ursaring is a skilled climber, though prefers to snap trees with its front legs and eat the fallen berries. Due to its keen sense of smell, it can always find food that has been buried underground."

"Hedwig, go get them-" Keith began, but was interrupted by a sharp barking sound- Ruby was stepping forward, and Keith didn't need any translation here- he knew Ruby wanted to fight. "Very well, then," he conceded. "Go, Ruby! Flame Charge now!"

The Houndour barked viciously before stomping the ground, her entire body becoming cloaked in Flames. She then Charged forward and rammed into the nearest Ursaring, knocking it back. Keith was surprised by the power at first, but then remembered all the Howling Ruby had done earlier. After striking one Ursaring, she continued the attack and hit another one, now running at greater speed. This went on until all six Ursaring had felt the burn from the Fire move.

"Now use your Dark Pulse attack!" Keith ordered.

Ruby threw her head back and howled, with black circles of pure energy flying off her body and towards the Ursaring group. All six took damage from this move, but now they charged forward, their claws aglow as they prepared their Slash attacks.

"Ruby! Hyper Voice!" commanded Keith.

Ruby faced the oncoming Ursaring. She stood her ground, opened her mouth, and unleashed several loud, echoing barks, complete with visible soundwaves emanating from her mouth. The Ursaring all stopped in their tracks and covered their ears as the Normal move washed over them. Once the move stopped, however, the Ursaring lowered their front paws and growled at Ruby. And this time, they opened their mouths, each one charging up an orb of pure destructive force inside. Keith's eyes widened in horror- Ruby was about to find herself on the business end of six simultaneous Hyper Beam attacks!

And then, seeing them in such danger, knowing the distance Keith must have gone to look for him, knowing the lengths he was going to to protect him from these Ursaring, Meowth sprang into action. He spread his arms, and multiple stars formed all around him. Then, they flew off, each Ursaring taking a number of stars square in the back. They stumbled a bit, stopping their attacks, and turned back to Meowth, who was glaring up fearlessly at them, claws extended and at the ready. As he and Keith established eye contact, Keith grinned. The look Meowth gave him was different than the look from before, and most definitely in a good way.

Keith turned his hat backwards as the Ursaring charged as one. "Meowth! Fury Swipes!" he ordered.

"It's on!" Meowth grinned as he lunged at the Ursaring, scratching at each and every one of them in a furious frenzy.

"Yes!" Keith exclaimed, for the Ursaring were backing off, wincing. "Now hit them with a Thunderbolt!"

Meowth did not need telling twice! His charm crackled with electricity before unleashing a powerful bolt of electricity, lighting up the Ursaring like Christmas trees. They roared in agony and protest, but as the attack concluded, they slumped to the ground, unconscious. Meowth walked over to Keith, but did not, like usual, climb up onto his shoulder. Instead, he stood in front of Keith, looking up at his Trainer.

And Keith knew why, too. He gave a sigh and proceeded to speak. "Meowth, I'm sorry," he said. "Vinny overheard Stewie bragging about how he got away with trashing the living room. How he got an axe I don't even think I want to know, but the point is, I should've listened to you. You've never lied to me before. And you're right- we're close enough that I should've known better."

Meowth said nothing, his face didn't change. Instead, he turned his back to Keith and walked off. Keith's heart sank as Meowth walked across the clearing. But then, just as Keith was about to turn around, go home, and crush Meowth's Poké Ball into a fine powder, Meowth turned around, now with a grin on his face and tears of joy in his eyes as he raced over to Keith and jumped up and into the Trainer's arms, whereupon they hugged each other.

"Alright, alright, enough wit da huggin'," Meowth said after about a minute, though still with that grin on his face. Keith obliged anyway, allowing Meowth to climb onto his shoulder.

"So... we're cool now?" Keith asked.

"You bet," grinned Meowth. "Now, how about we get home, huh? I don't tink we wanna be anywhere near here when dem Ursaring wake up."

"I'm with you there," agreed Keith, and with that, they headed home, Ruby yapping happily and running circles around Keith and Meowth, and Hedwig flying overhead. It was completely dark out by now, and the walk home a long one, but Keith didn't care, now that he had his friend back, and an important lesson learned. Well, two- besides the obvious one about trusting Meowth, he also vowed to never again leave Stewie home without leaving Ginny home as well.

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One long walk from the Cable Club later, and Keith found himself approaching his treetop Secret Base. He had chosen a very short, very hard, very dead tree to house his Secret Base so it could still be reasonably low to the ground while still qualifying as a treetop base- one gets some damn good discounts on those kinds! The property was cheap as well, probably due to how haunted the area was, but the ghosts never bothered Keith much. But anyway, he smiled down at the tiny Grass/Poison-type he held in one hand. "Well, Aria, here we are," he announced. "This is our home."

"Bud! Budew!" Aria squeaked, smiling at the Secret Base. A wooden platform was constructed all around the two-story house, allowing someone to walk all the way around, and the only break in the railing was right in front, aligned perfectly with the ladder. It was Keith's eventual plan to replace this ladder with a staircase, to make it easier to access his Secret Base without needing both hands free. Indeed, Keith had to return Aria to her Poké Ball before climbing the ladder. Once up the ladder, he entered through the front door and walked into the living room, where several of his Pokémon were already waiting.

"I'm back!" Keith announced to the room. As was completely expected by him, an Ivysaur came running up to him, and hugged him with her vines. Keith smiled- he had two Ivysaur, but it was never hard to tell them apart. Pomona, apart from being perhaps the cutest of her species, was perhaps the friendliest Pokémon in the world, and her greeting her Trainer in such a manner was something Keith had come to expect. Plus, Dennis, his other Ivysaur, would eventually evolve into Venusaur, something which cannot be said for Pomona- she could if she wanted to, make no mistake, she just didn't want to. "Heh, hi, Pomona," Keith grinned as he knelt down and hugged the Ivysaur back before standing back up. "Alright, now, we got a new teammate," he announced to the room. "I want you all to make her feel welcome, you hear?" Pomona nodded eagerly, always happy to make a new friend. Marvolo, the Seviper coiled up next to the couch, however, merely gave a curt nod and an irritated hiss. Six, the Amoonguss nearly concealed behind the couch, gave a very slight nod, saying nothing. A moment of astonishing bravery on his part may have triggered his evolution, even leaving him with most unusual markings for his kind, but he was still a shy, quiet Pokémon. Some things never change...

"I tink dey're as ready as dey'll ever be," Meowth remarked.

"I think so too," Keith nodded, and he threw the Poké Ball. "Come on out, Aria!"

In a flash of light, the Budew materialized on the floor, and glanced around at the Pokémon around her. Pomona, predictably, was the first to approach her. "Hiiiii!" she greeted the Budew eagerly. "I'm Pomona! Nice to meet you, Aria!"

"Nice to meet you too, Pomona," squeaked Aria. "So, this Keith guy, is he a good Trainer?"

Pomona nodded. "One of the best," she smiled. "Especially for Poison-types like us, that's what he specializes in. Oh, oh, you want me to introduce you to the rest of the team?"

"Sure!" smiled Aria. As the two turned around, however, they were faced with Marvolo, the Seviper from earlier, as well as a Blue-Striped Basculin who had jumped out of the aquarium, eager to find out whether this was someone she should meet or someone she should eat.

"So, you're new around here," Marvolo said, looking down at the tiny Budew. "The name's Marvolo, and this here is Pisces."

"Nice to meet you," squeaked Aria. "So, you two hunt a lot, right?" The Seviper and Basculin nodded. "Cool!" said Aria. "I don't suppose you two have any tips for me, do you? I can only use Absorb right now, and that hasn't gotten me any prey yet, but someday I'll kill something all by myself, and it'll taste that much better to me because I killed it myself!"

Marvolo and Pisces exchanged looks, neither of them having expected such a tiny, innocent-looking Budew to have such an eagerness for killing. "I like her already," remarked Marvolo.

"Alright, tell you what," Pisces said to Aria. "Me, Marvolo, Norbert, and Fang, we're all going hunting later. How about you tag along, watch us in action?"

"Sounds good to me," grinned the Budew. Then, after a few moments' pause, she added, "Who are Norbert and Fang?"

"You'll meet 'em later on," Marvolo replied. "They're friends of ours."

"So, how's it going?" Keith asked Meowth, who was listening to the conversation.

"Actually pretty good," Meowth replied. "Dey like Aria's attitude, and I don't tink it hurts dat da first ting she did was ask Marvolo and Pisces fer tips on killin', either."

"That would do it," agreed Keith. "I know a bunch of them are planning to go hunting later, they offer to let Aria tag along?"

"Yeah," nodded Meowth.

Later on, they departed from the house- a Seviper, a Carnivine, a Blue-Striped Basculin, a Haxorus, and of course, Aria. Marvolo was in the lead, slithering silently and stealthily through the tall grass, flicking his tongue in and out. Fang, the Carnivine, hovered very low to the ground, wielding Pisces in one of his leafy hands like some sort of club. Norbert, the Haxorus, was on all fours, crawling through the grass with surprising silence, considering his large and formidable build. Toddling along with them was Aria, keeping up as best as she could with such stubby legs. As they moved, they kept silent, ears and noses open for the sound or scent of potential prey.

It was around then that a rustling sound to the right caught their attention. Without saying a word, Marvolo and Fang led the way towards the source of the noise. Soon, something light brown could be seen through the blades of grass. Marvolo readied himself, and lunged, and sure enough, he found himself hissing triumphantly, muffled by the Raticate he had clutched in his mouth. Taking the cue, Fang lunged as well, managing to nab a Rattata in his mouth. Recalling only too vividly how it ended the last time he found himself in such a position, this time he chewed it up with great haste and swallowed, savoring the flavor.

Norbert rose up on his hind legs, the sight of which sent the Raticate and Rattata into a frenzied panic. They ran around in every direction, several colliding with each other and falling to the ground, unconscious. Thinking quickly, Fang took aim with Pisces like she was some kind of ferocious fishy firearm, and the Basculin, taking the cue, unleashed her Ice Beam all along the ground. With Fang taking aim, she was able to craft a wall of ice surrounding the Raticate nest in no time at all. A few Rattata managed to escape, but that was about it. One Raticate was frozen solid inside the wall, but they would deal with it later.

As the more experienced hunters chowed down on whatever they could get their hungry paws, coils, or fins on (whichever the case may be), Aria found herself up against a Rattata. As the purple Normal-type lunged forward for a Tackle attack, Aria fought back with Absorb, sapping Rattata's strength slowly but surely. The lunging quickly gave way to a slow run, but no further than that- Rattata slammed into the Budew, but she managed to stay upright. It was then that she noticed that three other Rattata were closing in on her. Fang noticed this, and was about to swoop in to help, when Aria opened up her bud, revealing red and blue on the inside of it. Then, she twirled around on one stubby leg, the closest she could come at the moment to an elegant dance move, and pollen flew from her bud in every direction. The oncoming Rattata stopped in their tracks, sneezing furiously.

Seizing her chance, Aria used Absorb once more on the same Rattata from before, and this time, it finished the job, the completely drained Rattata slumping to the ground. The other three Rattata would have done something, were they not too busy sneezing their little heads off. Slightly impressed by this, Fang gobbled up the three Rattata while they were still incapacitated. Aria, meanwhile, was taking bites out of the unconscious Rattata, happily chowing down on what quickly became her first kill.

However, this victory seemed doomed to be short-lived, for as she was about a quarter of the way done with the Rattata carcass, a Raticate lunged at her from the side. Noticing this, Fang dove down and scooped up the Budew and her kill in his leafy arms, leaving the Raticate to chomp down on thin air.

"That was close," the Carnivine commented. "You gotta be a little more careful, if a Raticate gets the chance to fight back, believe me, it takes that chance."

Aria did not respond. She was too busy gazing up at Fang, as though entranced by the Carnivine. Then, as Fang set her down on the ground, Aria, blushing furiously, nudged what remained of the Rattata towards him.

"Heh, thanks," grinned Fang. "But it's your first kill, you deserve to enjoy it. I like how you handled that, by the way," he added with a grin, before flying right back into the fray, exchanging a high-five with Norbert in the process, for the Haxorus was devouring a Raticate while having another one speared on one of his tusks for later.

Not long afterwards, the ice wall had all but melted away, and the Rattata and Raticate it had been keeping enclosed were all being digested by the group of predators heading back to their Trainer's Secret Base. Norbert's tusks, Marvolo's fangs, Fang's and Pisces's teeth, and the area around Aria's mouth, were all stained with blood, giving the group a decidedly ominous appearance.

"Well, I think that went well," Marvolo hissed. "Fang, Pisces, I like what you did with making that ice wall. Definitely a move to keep in mind for future hunts."

"Much as I'd love to take all the credit, Pisces was the one came up with the idea," grinned Fang. The Basculin he was still wielding shot him an appreciative grin.

"Too bad we couldn't find a Bouffalant," Pisces remarked. "Remember that day? We had Gold with us that day?"

"Oh, yeeeaaah," said Marvolo. "Now that was good eating."

"And did any of you see Aria in action?" added Fang. "Incapacitated four Rattata with one move, and even killed and ate one herself."

"Well, well, your first kill," Marvolo smirked. "How'd it taste?"

"Pretty good," squeaked the Budew. "Do Raticate taste any better, though?" she added.

"About the same, really," said Norbert. "Raticate got more meat on them, though, they're a personal favorite of mine, and there's also something different about their tails, I can never quite place it."

"I prefer Rattata, myself," Marvolo added. "You wanna know what's really good, though? Store up a bunch of Patrat heads, then eat the whole lot in one sitting."

They continued on in this manner for some time, the group of predators discussing their varying tastes in prey as they made their way back home.

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"Godric! Horn Attack!" Keith ordered.

"Nidooooh!" Godric roared, the Nidoking charging forward, head lowered, horn sticking out right in front of him.

The opposing Trainer didn't look daunted in the slightest, however. "Murkrow! Drill Peck!" he exclaimed.

"Krow Murkrow!" cawed the Dark/Flying-type as it dove down at the oncoming Nidoking, energy swirling around its beak. The combatants clashed in the middle of the street, eliciting cheers from the onlookers gathered around as the Nidoking and Murkrow continued to fight.

It was late in the evening in the streets of Fizzytopia. Keith Masters was en route back to his Secret Base, having only just picked up an Egg from the local Egg House, when a passing Trainer caught sight of the Nidoking walking with Keith. Determining Godric to be a powerful Nidoking, he decided he wanted to see what Keith was capable of in battle. And as we all know by now, Keith never was one to turn down a battle challenge.

The battle was two-on-two, and started out with Keith's Nidoking against the challenger's Lampent, a matchup ending in Godric's favor thanks to his Drill Run attack. However, another win looked unlikely as the outcome of this matchup, for at that moment, Murkrow's Drill Peck overpowered Godric, knocking the Nidoking on his back. "Godric!" Keith exclaimed. "C'mon! Get up and use your Sludge Wave!"

"Nidoooh..." groaned Godric. The battle as a whole had taken its toll on him, that Drill Peck in particular still smarting.

"Wrap it up, Murkrow!" grinned the other Trainer. "Psychic attack!"

"Krow! Krow!" cawed Murkrow as its eyes glowed blue. Immediately, beams of pale blue light shot out of them and struck Godric, causing him to groan in pain, and eventually abandon his efforts to give up.

Meowth, who was standing off to the side, made his ruling. "Godric is unable ta battle!" he declared. "Murkrow is da winner!"

"Come back, Godric!" Keith said, holding out a Poké Ball, which sucked the Nidoking back inside via a beam of red light. Then, he threw another Poké Ball. "Go, Chance!" he exclaimed, as his Wartortle materialized in a flash of light.

"Use Drill Peck!" ordered the other Trainer.

"Chance! Withdraw!" yelled Keith.

"Tortle!" grunted Chance as she swiftly pulled her head, tail, arms, and legs into her shell, leaving nothing soft exposed whatsoever. Murkrow dove down, beak swirling with energy, but the attack proved ineffective on the Water-type's hard shell.

The opposing Trainer frowned. "One more time- Drill Peck, and aim for one of the holes!" he commanded.

"Mega Punch!" Keith called out.

Murkrow rose up and dove back down upon the shell, this time taking aim at an arm hole, only to be met with a fist swiftly emerging from said hole. As Chance emerged from the shell, Murkrow tumbled to the ground, but soon got back into the air, hastening to fly away from those fists.

Now Keith was grinning. "Strike it down with Water Gun!" he commanded.

"Use Double Team!" yelled Murkrow's Trainer.

Chance unleashed a blast of water from her mouth, but it went straight through Murkrow. And then, Murkrow vanished, but two more Murkrow seemed to appear beside it. The Wartortle's jaw dropped as the sky above her seemed to fill up with Murkrow. Undeterred, Chance blasted Water Gun after Water Gun, but each one only seemed to strike a Double Team copy.

"Gah..." Keith grunted. He was at a loss for a moment as he looked up at the maddeningly identical Murkrow flying every which way above his Wartortle... and then he got an idea. "Chance!" he exclaimed. "Use Water Gun on the street!"

"Tor... Tortle!" Chance nodded. Immediately, she faced the ground and unleashed a powerful stream of water. This helped to propel her straight up into the air, right into the mostly made-up murder of Murkrow.

"What?!" exclaimed the opposing Trainer.

"Now!" Keith grinned. "Use Rapid Spin and Bubble at the same time!"

"Tortle tortle!" Chance replied. Immediately, she pulled herself into her shell, spun around at great speeds, and unleashed a powerful spray of foam from her mouth which rocketed out of the hole in her shell for her head. Thanks to the spinning, the shell unleashed these bubbles in every direction almost at once in a spiral pattern. The Double Team copies dissolved almost simultaneously, leaving only the real Murkrow trying to brush the foam off of its feathers. Chance re-emerged from her shell as she landed on the ground, smirking up at the opposing Murkrow.

"Murkrow!" exclaimed the other Trainer. "End this! Use Dark Pulse!"

"Now! Blizzard attack!" commanded Keith.

Despite Murkrow's orders having been given first, Chance was the one to act first- Murkrow was too preoccupied with the irritating foam on its feathers, and it wasn't as quick to react as usual, and so it was completely unprepared to deal with the howling snowstorm Chance unleashed from her mouth. As could be reasonably expected, within seconds, Murkrow fell out of the cloud of snow and ice and straight down to the street.

"Murkrow is unable ta battle!" Meowth ruled. "Chance is da winner, which means da match goes ta Keith!"

"All right!" grinned Keith, an exclamation that went all but unheard over the spectators' cheering. As Chance came running over, the Poison-type Trainer knelt down and hugged her. "Way to go, Chance, you were awesome!"

"Tortle, Wartortle," Chance smiled in response.

"Hmph," grumbled the other Trainer as he held out a Rocket Ball. "Come back, Murkrow," he grunted as the red beam withdrew the ball's occupant. Then, as the crowd dispersed, he approached Keith. "Hey, you," he added to Keith. "You know, my instinct about you was right on the money. You're a Trainer with serious skills."

"Heh, thanks," Keith chuckled modestly. "I mean, I try. My Pokémon deserve just as much credit, though."

"Damn straight we do," Meowth nodded as he got back on Keith's shoulder.

"Yes, yes," nodded the Trainer. "Now, see, I was thinking, such natural talent like yours would most assuredly be of interest to my boss."

"...Your boss?" asked Keith.

"You see," said the Trainer, "I'm actually on the clock right now. This is what I do- I'm a talent scout, always on the lookout for promising new prospects. And you, my friend, are definitely promising."

"Alright, you have my attention," said Keith. "Continue."

"See, I work for a little organization," continued the Trainer. "Nothing really spectacular, it kinda even gets a little bad press from time to time, but it's more misunderstood than anything else."

"Uh-huh," Keith said, his eyes narrowed somewhat. He wasn't so sure he was liking what this guy was saying so much anymore.

"See," he continued, "I represent Team Rocket-"

"And we're done here," interrupted Keith. "The fact that all your Pokémon are stored in Rocket Balls ought to have clued me in."

"Yer Muk's in a Rocket Ball," Meowth reminded Keith.

"Yeah, and only my Muk, is my point," Keith retorted. "Honest Trainers can come by Rocket Balls every now and again, but enough to store a whole team of six? And at least one of which isn't even a Dark or a Poison-type?"

"Ahem," interrupted the Team Rocket scout. "Getting back to the subject of you joining Team Rocket-"

"Eat my shorts," Keith snapped. "Team Rocket's more malicious than misunderstood. What's misunderstood about keeping a bunch of malnourished Miltank in an underground lair to mass-produce Moo-Moo Milk? What's misunderstood about robbing all the Poké Balls from a Pokémon Center? What's misunderstood about killing my Arceusdamn sister?!"

"Tortle, tortle!" Chance added, sounding just as angry as her Trainer- Chance had a strong sense of justice, so bad guys like Team Rocket naturally rubbed her the wrong way.

"Now you get your sorry ass outta here this instant," Keith continued. "You go right back to your boss, and you tell him that the day that Keith Golbatson Masters joins up with Team Rocket is the day the Distortion World freezes over!"

Meowth looked at Keith. "Yer middle name is Golbatson?" he asked in surprise.

The Team Rocket scout narrowed his eyes and scowled at Keith. "You know, I had a feeling you might be a tough one," he said ominously. "Why do you think I didn't make it a full battle?"

Keith took a wary step back as the scout plucked four Rocket Balls off his belt. "You wanted to be sure you had a good amount left in case exactly this happened," he stated.

"Heh. Strong and smart," smirked the scout.

"More than I can say for you," quipped Keith. "Chance, Bubble attack!"

"Wartortle!!" Chance exclaimed, unleashing a powerful spray of foam from her mouth, blasting the Rocket Balls out of the scout's hands.

"Gah! My balls!" exclaimed the scout. Keith, trying his hardest to not chuckle at the scout's suggestive wording, pulled a Poké Ball off his belt.

"Now, Hermione," he started. "Use String Shot-"

"No you don't!" the scout exclaimed suddenly, pressing a button on his belt. Keith pressed the button on his Weedle's Poké Ball, but the sphere did not enlarge.

"Wha- What the-" Keith muttered as he kept pressing the button, to no effect.

"Heh," smirked the scout as he stood back, up, all four Rocket Balls back in his hands. "This little device disables all Poké Balls within half a mile for half an hour."

At this, Keith turned to face the scout and scowled at him, Chance copying this action. Meowth, still on Keith's shoulder, also scowled, his claws extended and ready for action.

"Heh," smirked the scout. "You're thinking I screwed myself on this deal, right?"

"Well... I was, until just now," admitted Keith.

"Yes," the scout replied. "Yes, see, here's the thing. Rocket Balls are the one exception to this little device. We lost a lot of good members perfecting it, but I'm sure you'll agree, all worth it. And, oh, look, you don't have that Muk of yours, do you?" he added, glancing at Keith's belt.

Keith gritted his teeth- sure enough, his current team consisted of Meowth, Godric, Severus, Chance, Hermione, and his new Egg. He whipped out his Pokédex and pressed some buttons, but the PC storage transporter feature didn't respond.

At this, the scout laughed harder. "Told you, your Poké Balls won't work for half an hour, and that includes PC storage!" he sneered. With that, he threw all four Rocket Balls into the air at once, unleashing a crafty-looking creature with black fur and a crown of red feathers, a muscular human-shaped creature, a shady-looking lizard with really baggy pants, and a bipedal brown crocodile that looked, at first glance, to be wearing sunglasses- this was in reality markings around its eyes. Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Weavile, the Sharp Claw Pokémon, and the evolved form of Sneasel," droned the device. "Weavile communicate by using their claws to leave markings in tree trunks for others of their kind to read. Machoke, the Superpower Pokémon, and the evolved form of Machop. Machoke wears a power-save belt to regulate its movements, due to its natural levels of strength being beyond control. Scrafty, the Hoodlum Pokémon, and the evolved form of Scraggy. Scrafty can block attacks by pulling up its pants-like shed skin, and its kicks can smash concrete blocks. Krokorok, the Desert Croc Pokémon, and the evolved form of Sandile. Krokorok's eyes are covered with a special membrane enabling it to see perfectly in sandstorms and the dark."

"Oh, we can handle these!" Keith exclaimed. "Chance, Meowth, go!"

"Tortle!" Chance replied, stepping forward.

"Leave it ta me!" grinned Meowth as he jumped off of Keith's shoulder and landed on the street, claws still extended.

"Scrafty, Dragon Dance!" ordered the scout. "Krokorok, use Crunch on Meowth! Weavile, guard Scrafty! Machoke, use Low Kick on Wartortle!"

"Meowth, wait 'til Krokorok gets close, then fire a Gunk Shot into its open mouth!" Keith ordered, immediately switching to Shuppet language. "Chance, hit Machoke with Confusion!"

Krokorok made the first move, charging in at Meowth, mouth agape. As per Keith's orders, Meowth stood still at first. And then, once Krokorok was nicely within range, Meowth charged up and fired off a glowing bag of garbage, straight into Krokorok's mouth. Krokorok coughed and spluttered, pausing to spit out the foul garbage, but by the purple tint showing on its forehead, the damage had been done- Krokorok was poisoned.

Chance, meanwhile, focused intensely on the oncoming Machoke, her eyes glowing blue. Before Machoke knew what was happening, it was being blasted backwards, where it collided with a stumbling, coughing Krokorok. Both of them slumped to the ground, barely stirring. However, by that point, Weavile smugly stepped aside to reveal Scrafty, looking stronger and faster than before.

"Now, Weavile!" grinned the scout. "Hit Wartortle with Dark Pulse! Scrafty, use High Jump Kick on Meowth!"

"Meowth, stand your ground and use Fury Swipes!" Keith called out. Then, he turned to Chance and switched back to Shuppet language. "Meowth, ignore my previous order, just dodge that attack like your life depended on it! Chance, use Mega Punch!"

It worked like a charm- by facing Chance when he spoke in Shuppet language, the scout was under the impression that all of that was for Chance, so he payed close attention, on the lookout for what was sure to be some kind of super sneaky strategy. Instead, Chance merely dodged Dark Pulse and slugged Weavile with her fist. Meowth, meanwhile, took the first possible opportunity to lunge out of the way of Scrafty, leaving the Dark/Fighting-type with nothing to stop it from colliding knee-first with the hard, hard street.

"What?!" the scout exclaimed. "OK, that's it! Scrafty, use Drain Punch, and Weavile, use Brick Break! Both of you, aim for Meowth!"

"Meowth, get out of there!" Keith exclaimed, but it was too late- the naturally speedy Weavile and the souped-up Scrafty reached Meowth in no time, each landing their attack with indecent haste and horrifying power. Meowth landed on the ground at Keith's feet, badly battered, yet still conscious, albeit barely. Keith scooped Meowth up and laid him down on his shoulder. Meowth feebly held onto Keith, but he barely noticed- now it was only Chance going up against the scout's Pokémon.

"Heh," smirked the scout. "See, it's like I said, you got talent. And your talent will be of use to Team Rocket. Whether you want it to or not," he added ominously. "That Wartortle of yours, she'll make a great addition to our ranks."

Keith retorted in Shuppet language, telling the scout to go do something that certainly caught Meowth's attention, for he turned his head and gave Keith a shocked look.

However furious Keith was at that moment, however, that was nothing compared to Chance- the Wartortle was livid! The very suggestion that she'd be forced to work for criminal scum like Team Rocket? It sickened her. But unless something happened, something big, and right now, the choice would be made for her and for Keith, because there was no way in hell she'd be able to last against those two, not how she was currently. One of them, maybe. But both? Never. Then again... who's to say she had to do this the way she was currently? The possibility occurred to Chance, and it was tempting. And honestly, the only reason it hadn't occurred to her sooner was because this was something she had wanted to save for a special occasion of some sort, as she knew it'd be an event of particular interest to Keith. But right now, getting away from this crook unscathed and free of Team Rocket's dastardly influence, that was the priority.

Chance took a few steps forward, hatred and disgust in her eyes as she glared at the scout and his Pokémon. "Tortle tortle, Wartortle tortle," she started saying. "Wartortle tortle, war Wartortle tortle! Tortle, tortle Wartortle tortle..."

"What's she saying?" Keith whispered to Meowth.

"She's tellin' da scout dat wat he's doin' ain't right," Meowth translated. "And she's sayin' ta Scrafty and Weavile dat dey gots one chance ta stop, cuz she don't tink deys is truly evil. But she's warnin' dem dat if dey don't stop, she's gonna stop 'em herself. No, wait, she's correctin' herself- she's sayin' dat youse and her is gonna stop 'em yerselves."

Scrafty and Weavile, however, looked decidedly less than impressed by Chance's speech and merely shook their heads. Chance gave a small sigh, then turned to look at Keith and gave him a meaningful look. As Keith saw this, he realized just what Chance was about to do in order to stop the scout. He might have guessed even without this look- Chance had been getting a lot stronger as of late, so it would only have been a matter of time in any case. Returning Chance's look with one of his own, Keith gave a reassuring smile and a nod, silently confirming that he got what Chance was trying to convey, that he was completely on board with stopping this crook and his Pokémon, and that he heartily approved of her plan of action.

And that was all Chance needed. As she turned back to face Scrafty and Weavile, the Wartortle's entire body took on a blue-white glow. Keith grinned as the evolution process did its work on Chance. She grew taller, her limbs and shell gained bulk, her ears and tail shrank, and a pair of cannon-esque protrusions emerged from her back. And then, at last, the glow faded away, revealing a formidable in Chance's place. "BLAAAASTOIIIIIIIISE!" she roared.

"Wha- whoa!" Meowth exclaimed. "Chance evolved!" Smiling proudly, Keith held out his Pokédex.

"Blastoise, the Shellfish Pokémon, and the evolved form of Wartortle," droned the device. "Blastoise fires pressurized water from its hydro cannons which achieves impressive distance. It makes itself heavy specifically to withstand the recoil from these jets of water."

"And you even learned a new move!" Keith exclaimed. "Way to go, Chance!"

"Blaaaast," Chance grinned, now looking down at Weavile and Scrafty, who exchanged decidedly nervous glances.

"Come on, you two, let's finish this! It's still two against one!" barked the scout. "Scrafty, Thunder Punch! Weavile, Crush Claw!"

"Chance!" Keith grinned, addressing his newly evolved Blastoise. "Show them your new move! Flash Cannon attack!"

"Blastooiiiiise," rumbled Chance as she got down on all fours. An orb of silvery light charged up in each of her hydro cannons, then unleashed themselves simultaneously in the form of identical blasts of energy. Each one struck an opponent and knocked it backwards. Weavile, being an Ice-type, took the move a lot harder than Scrafty did, and thus did not stand back up after crashing to the ground.

Still, however, the scout was undeterred. "Get in there, Scrafty!" he commanded. "Thunder Punch!"

"Wash it away, Chance!" grinned Keith. "Water Gun!"

As Scrafty charged forward, one hand clenched in a sparking fist (the other holding up its pants), Chance maintained her position on all fours, her hydro cannons repositioning themselves slightly so they both focused on the Hoodlum Pokémon. Then, powerful jets of water fired from each cannon. Scrafty stood no chance and was pushed back immediately. Scrafty collided with the scout, who was also pushed back by the attack. They were sent soaring up the street, landing within a foot of a conveniently parked cop car. In an even more convenient twist, the scout's jacket had been blasted clean off him in the process, revealing the black shirt underneath, the red R on the front easy for all to see.

As the police dealt with this, pun fully intended, washed-up crook, Keith turned to face his new Blastoise and hugged her. "Chance, that was awesome," he grinned. "And you even evolved, too... Heh, you look so much like my dad's Blastoise," he smiled. "But anyway, we better get going if we want to get home," he added. Then, he glanced at his Xtranceiver. "Well, we still got 20 minutes before that stupid Poké Ball device wears off," he added. "You don't mind walking home with me, right, Chance?"

"Blaaaast," Chance shook her head, smiling.

Keith smiled back. "Glad to hear it, Chance," he replied as they started walking back to the Secret Base. "Glad to hear it."

What?  Wartortle is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Wartortle evolved into Blastoise!

*Chance learned Flash Cannon!*

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The sun was shining, the weather pleasantly mild (a welcome change in the middle of December, as the weather had previously been freezing cold, and was shaping up to be that way in the weeks to come). Keith Masters had spend the majority of these cold, cold days inside his Secret Base, taking advantage of the opportunity to decorate the place for Christmas. But today, now that the weather was warm, Keith was also taking advantage of this opportunity- an opportunity for training.

"And dat's it!" Meowth declared. "Dennis is unable ta battle, meanin' da match goes ta Sirius!"

"Nicely done, Sirius!" Keith exclaimed with a grin. Enthusiastic as a result of his victory, the Mightyena tackled Keith to the ground and licked his face. Keith, between fits of laughter, made feeble attempts to get him off. Though they didn't work, Sirius let him get up after a few minutes anyway, so he could check on his Ivysaur. "Alright, Dennis, you did pretty good," Keith said.

"Saur!" Dennis smiled.

"And Helena, thanks for commanding Dennis," added Keith, addressing the Shuppet floating behind Dennis.

"My pleasure," replied Helena.

"Well, OK, I think we've got enough training in for the morning," Keith stated. "So how about we play a little bit, hmm?" he added. As if on cue, a Trubbish came running out the door, holding a beach ball over her head.

"Trub! Trubbish trub!" the Trubbish called.

"Ah, you found it, Ariana!" Keith grinned. "Alright, let's do this. Throw it here!"

Ariana heaved the beach ball toward her Trainer, who hit it with his fist, sending it up into the air. As it came down, Helena rose to meet it with a Headbutt, sending it falling in Dennis's direction. Dennis slapped the ball with Vine Whip, at which point Sirius also struck it with Headbutt.

The game went on like this for some time, and as it did, more and more of Keith's Pokémon joined in on the fun. One of them, however, did not- an Ariados watched the action unfolding, seemingly content to remain in the shade of the tree and the Secret Base it was home to. Aragog watched the beach ball's progress, not even flinching as a horrible Stench made itself known to him. Indeed, he was so used to the stench by now he knew its source right away. Sure enough, a Skuntank made to walk past him, but stopped once she noticed the Ariados. "Hmm? Aragog?" said the Skuntank. "I'm gonna join in on the game, why don't you come with me?"

Aragog shifted uncomfortably. "I... don't play," he replied quietly. "I'm fine right here."

Bellatrix sighed. She had more or less expected a response of this nature. The rest of the team wasn't quite so understanding in this regard as she was. Keith's other Pokémon, he had raised them all from their most basic stages. They may have had other Trainers at some point, but in all cases, Keith had a major role in their upbringing. Aragog, however, was different- dumped into the Adoption Center from birth, and adopted by a Trainer known as Rayzen (among other names). Rayzen's training style differed notably from Keith's, and he raised Aragog from a very young age, even training him sufficiently to evolve him into Ariados.

But Bellatrix did understand, having temporarily been under Rayzen's ownership. She knew how the two Trainers' styles differed. In fact, her trade to Rayzen was when she first met Aragog. The two became somewhat close friends, most likely owing to the Ariados being the only one not bothered by her stench. Well, as close of friends as Aragog would make- he rarely showed emotions, if ever.

"Look, Aragog," she said. "Just because you've never played before doesn't mean you can't learn. Have you ever had fun? Ever?"

"...I enjoy battling," Aragog replied after a few moments of thought. "I like it when I win."

"Well, everybody likes winning," the Skuntank argued with a chuckle. "It's just, you always seem so... you know, uptight. You should try to enjoy yourself once in a while. Do something just for the sake of doing it, just for fun."

"...I don't think so," the Ariados murmured. "Rayzen never-"

"Forget what Rayzen would say," interrupted Bellatrix. "You've been Keith's Pokémon for, what, over two years now?"

"That sounds about right," agreed Aragog.

"Exactly!" said Bellatrix. "And tell me, does Keith look like the kind of person to discourage fun?"

Aragog glanced at his Trainer, who was currently holding his Trubbish up high in the air so she could take a swing at the oncoming beach ball. "...No," conceded Aragog.

"Then what's the problem?" laughed Bellatrix.

Aragog said nothing. True enough, based on Bellatrix's words, there really wouldn't have been anything to worry about. But... what if... what if he was no good at playing? He'd never done anything purely for fun since... well, ever! He'd feel awkward, he'd goof it up somehow, he'd look like a fool after so much time spent vying for Keith's approval. After all, he had spent all his life trying to gain Rayzen's approval, and all it got him was traded. And he had done nothing to goof up there, he could only imagine what horrors would await him should he goof up here!

Aragog gave a small sigh, then turned to look at Bellatrix. "Are you certain there won't be a problem?" he asked.

The Skuntank nodded. "Positive," she stated.

Aragog said nothing more, but slowly scuttled forward, just as Millicent, Keith's Timburr, took a great swing at the beach ball with Willow, sending it high into the sky. And as it fell, Aragog could see it coming right at him.

Keith turned, prepared to run into the ball's path, but was surprised to see Aragog standing there. The Ariados's head stinger glowed in rainbow colors, and then fired off a Psybeam attack. The Psychic move connected, propelling the ball back up, and this time it fell toward Ariana.

Aragog stood there, trying to process this. What he was feeling... what was he feeling? He felt... not unlike how winning a battle makes him feel, or trapping prey, even though there was no battle won nor prey trapped. Was... was this how fun felt? At that moment, he caught sight of Keith's face- he was smiling approvingly at the Ariados, surprised but pleased at his unexpected inclusion in the game.

This went on for a little while, with Aragog finding himself enjoying himself every time the ball came his way. Psybeam, Night Shade, even Shadow Sneak, he used a variety of moves to meet the beach ball. And then, the Mightyena hit the ball Aragog's way yet again, and this time he lunged at it headfirst- wait, headfirst? But don't Ariados have a stinger right on top of their-


The beach ball stood no chance, and fell to the ground in tattered fragments following its close encounter with Aragog's head stinger. Aragog froze as the realization came to him that the ball was no more, that he had ended the game. He knew it, he knew this would happen, he just knew he'd goof it up somehow! He didn't dare look at his teammates, for fear of seeing what were sure to be their expressions of shock, anger, and disappointment. He didn't dare look up at Keith, either. He wanted his last memory of the Poison-type Trainer's face to be that approving smile from earlier, not a look of shame and disapproval that would surely be followed by a trade.

But then, it seemed to Aragog as though such a memory would be inevitable, for out of the corner of his eye, he could see Keith kneeling down beside him. He braced himself for the hate-filled words...

"It's OK, Aragog. I can always get another beach ball."

...Wait, what? Aragog blinked, for those words contained no trace of hate. In fact, quite the contrary- they seemed calm and reassuring. Slowly he turned his head, taking the chance and looking at Keith's face, only to see a reassuring smile he most certainly didn't see coming.

"...Aria?" Aragog murmured.

"Yeah, don't sweat it," smiled Keith. "You just gotta get used to not using your stingers on the beach ball, is all. I mean, you really looked like you were enjoying yourself just now."

"Yeah, dat's da most fun I ever seen ya have," Meowth chimed in. "Didn't know ya had it in ya."

Aragog was at a loss for words, and at that moment, his teammates all chimed in, voicing their approval of his inclusion in the game, not one of them complaining about the popped ball. He glanced back at Bellatrix, the Skuntank giving him an "I-told-you-so" sort of smile.

"Aria..." Aragog murmured, his eyes moistening ever so slightly. "Aria... Aria... DOSSSSSS!" he wailed as he suddenly started sobbing, wrapping his legs around Keith as best as he could as he let it all out.

"Wat's up wit Aragog?" Meowth asked.

Keith said nothing, merely signaling for Meowth to be quiet as he embraced the Long Leg Pokémon. He had a feeling he knew what this was about. He had had Aragog for over two years, and not once in that period had the Ariados expressed the slightest hint of emotion. No doubt the product of the training methods he had grown up with, of his upbringing. Always so serious, never once tried to play with anyone, never did anything except hunt and battle, stuck in his old ways. His playing with his teammates and Trainer just now, this had to have been his first real taste of fun in a long time, possibly in his whole life. Keith had long suspected that Aragog might have had a lot of bottled-up emotions over the years, and now this suspicion was confirmed as the emotions came flowing out in the form of tears.

As the minutes passed by, Aragog gradually calmed down. Once the tears stopped, he felt amazing. It felt as though the weight of the world was lifted off of him. He didn't feel so stiff and uncomfortable anymore. In fact, he felt like playing some more.

"You OK now, Aragog?" Keith asked.

"Aria! Ariados!" nodded Aragog.

"Alright," grinned Keith. "So, what say we go and get another beach ball, hmm?"

"Ariados! Aria Ariados!" replied Aragog, before scuttling up the ladder and into the Secret Base."

"I ain't never thought I'd say dis," Meowth said, "but Aragog said he'd race ya."

"Heh, well, he's on!" Keith replied with a smile as he swiftly climbed the ladder and charged into the house.

"...I was not expecting that," Helena remarked. "I mean, I've always been able to taste traces of those pent-up emotions, so I knew they were there, but still..."

As her teammates went on discussing this new development, Bellatrix simply looked up at the Secret Base and smiled, glad that Aragog finally managed to loosen up, glad that her friend finally learned to have fun.

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The Seviper Who Saved Christmas II

It was 11:00 P.M. on the night before Christmas, and all was quiet and calm. Keith and his Pokémon were all asleep (well, the ones capable of sleep, anyway- Myrtle and Helena were hanging around on the second floor, as they both had Insomnia, and thus were unable to fall asleep). Sirius was asleep at the foot of Keith's bed; Chance and Gold were fast asleep beside the indoor pool; Vernon was snoozing in the Battle Room; Hermione had fallen asleep in her library; and Marvolo, Keith's Seviper, was all coiled up next to the fireplace.

The Seviper had vowed that this Christmas would be much more calm and quiet than the last one. To that end, he had spent the past few weeks racking up a good supply of excess prey, and omitted Stantler from his holiday diet altogether. And now, instead of battling the elements in search of prey, he ate from his built-up stockpile in the warmth of Keith's Secret Base, and fell asleep in the living room, right near the fireplace.

The base was all decorated, with the Christmas tree all set up in the room with the indoor pool, among other things, including two new items. Atop the fireplace, there sat two Pokémon plushes- a Plusle and a Minun, both dressed as elves. Marvolo could understand why Keith went for one of them, as they were being given out for free (why pass up free stuff?), but what confused the Seviper was why Keith bothered to spend a precious Rare Candy to complete the set. After all, it's not like those toys did anything besides contribute to the Christmas decor...

"Hey. You," came a gruff voice.

Marvolo's eyes snapped open. He lifted his head up and looked all around the living room. Nothing. He was all alone. The only other Pokémon in the room was the Blue-Striped Basculin snoozing in the aquarium in the corner. "...Must've been dreaming," Marvolo grunted before he lowered his head and closed his eyes-

"Hey, I was talking to you!" the voice came again. And again, Marvolo lifted his head and looked around for the source. Nothing. A slumbering Basculin, an unoccupied couch,the Plusle and Minun elf plushies standing up on their own- wait, WHAT?!

Marvolo's mouth fell open- indeed, the Plusle and Minun elf plushes had gotten up on their hind legs, and were looking down at Marvolo, blinking their eyes. "Ah, he's awake," remarked the Minun elf.

"You call this awake?" Marvolo hissed. "What the hell did I eat?"

"A couple of Watchog, a Mienfoo, and three quarters of a Bouffalant, but that's irrelevant," the Plusle elf replied. "Point is, you're awake, and that's good."

"...I knew the Mienfoo was too much," Marvolo muttered to himself. "You two aren't real, you're just a bout of indigestion is all."

"Yeah, no," the Minun elf retorted. "This is really happening, Marv. Now listen up, because we don't come to life like this unless there's a real need for it, OK?"

"Yeah, the rules are pretty strict about this," added the Plusle elf as the pair of plushes jumped down off the fireplace, landing in front of the stunned Seviper. "Only on Christmas Eve, only if we're in a complete set, and only in case of emergency. Kinda makes it hard to make plans for the holidays, y'know?"

"Don't forget- and only in the presence of someone who's been subjected to Christmas magic before," added the Minun elf.

"...OK, let's say for the sake of argument that this isn't all just some indigestion-induced illusion," Marvolo said. "Why the hell would a pair of plush toys come to life in the middle of the night and- what do you mean, subjected to Christmas magic, anyway?"

"Last year, when you ate Dasher," replied the Plusle elf. "You know, and you became able to fly until he was fully digested? That's Christmas magic at work. You might not be able to do nothing with it, but there always lingers just enough to allow us to come to life."

"OK, so, what's this supposed need for this, anyway?" demanded the Seviper.

"Alright, we'll make this quick," the Minun elf stated. "I'm Minelf, and this is my associate Pluself. We're kinda like emergency backup for Santa, y'know? Santa gets into a jam, we come to life and recruit someone familiar with the guy to help."

"Yeah, it gets to be too time consuming to explain the thing to someone who ain't met the big guy before," added Pluself. "So Santa limits us to only coming to life if we're near someone who's made use of Christmas magic before."

"So, wait," said Marvolo. "Santa's in trouble? I didn't do it this time, I swear to Arceus."

"Relax, we know," said Minelf. "The guy's due to take off in an hour, but something went wrong. Two of his Delibird was having a sparring battle, and one of them missed with Present. It landed right in the sleigh and exploded."

"The sleigh's been slayed," added Pluself.

Minelf turned and punched Pluself in the head. "Shut up, Pluself," snapped Minelf. "Anyways," he added, turning back to Marvolo. "The big guy needs help, he needs a new sleigh in an hour, and all the elves are all built out for the year, they ain't got it in them to throw together a sleigh tonight."

"And his Pokémon ain't that better off," added Pluself. "The Stantler need all their energy for the flight, and the Delibird ain't built for construction. You, on the other hand, you got muscle, you got experience working with the guy, and you got a perfectly good saw built right in," he said, with a glance at Marvolo's tail blade.

"So what would I need to do?" asked Marvolo. His skepticism at the situation was slowly slipping away, considering the events of Christmas Eve, 2013.

"Santa's got a bunch of nice pine trees growing up at the Pole specifically for two purposes- Christmas trees and working on the sleigh," said Minelf. "Cut a few of them down, make a sleigh out of them."

"Build a sleigh?! From scratch?! In an hour?!" Marvolo hissed. "I'm good, but I'm not that good!"

"Not a problem," said Pluself. "We can warp ya to the North Pole, along with up to three of your teammates to help you. I don't recommend bringin' no one weak to Ice, though. Ain't the best conditions for them up there."

"Well, that leaves out Fang, Goyle, Aria, and Norbert," grumbled Marvolo. "Fine, then. The Timburr, the Smeargle, and the Weedle."

"Timburr, Smeargle, Weedle. Got it," nodded Minelf. "Alright, Pluself, let's do this."

"Right," nodded Pluself. With that, the pair of plushes glowed with a blindingly bright white light, completely blinding Marvolo. And then, he felt cold. Extremely cold. Sure enough, as Marvolo's vision returned to him, he could see that he was back where he never thought he'd be again- the North Pole.

"What. The. Fuck." came a voice from behind Marvolo. The Seviper wheeled around to see the source of the voice- a Smeargle, staring at her surroundings, mouth agape. Beside her stood an astonished Timburr and Weedle, both of them taking in their new surroundings.

"OK, listen up," sighed Marvolo. "I'll make this quick- we got one hour to build a brand new sleigh for Santa Claus, using those pine trees... over there," he stated after a brief pause to locate aforementioned arboreal artifacts.

"...Are you serious?" Millicent, the Timburr, demanded.

Marvolo opened his mouth to reply, but a voice emanating from Millicent's log beat him to the punch. "Yes, he's serious," Willow said, her voice carrying to the four Pokémon present. "We had better get to work."

"Well, that's good enough for me," Millicent said simply, and with that, she headed off towards the trees. Hermione followed her, but Chromium folded her arms. Front legs. Things. Whatever.

"Yeah, right. Build a sleigh for Santa, now I've heard everything," the Smeargle said, shaking her head.

"You get to paint the sleigh when it's done, Chromium," Marvolo hissed.

"What are we waiting for?! Let's go, let's go, we only got an hour to build this thing!" the Smeargle exclaimed, her personality doing a complete 180, as it was known to do whenever she learned how the task at hand was relevant to her artistic talents. Satisfied with this, Marvolo slithered over to the trees, and began sawing some of them down with his tail blade. Once they had a good amount, they brought them over to the pile of wooden debris that was the sad, sad remnants of Santa's old sleigh. As they worked, Marvolo explained to his teammates exactly what had happened the previous year, and what was happening now.

"So that's where you got that Zangoose head on a stick you gave Amethyst," remarked Millicent as she helped Marvolo to move some of the lumber.

"Christmas magic is a real thing," Hermione murmured as she reviewed the blueprints for the sleigh that the elves supplied her. "Who would have guessed it..."

The work was going quite smoothly. As Marvolo had guessed, Millicent was well suited for construction work, and thus was a big help in moving the lumber and assembling the sleigh. Twice she had to stop Marvolo from mixing Willow in with the lumber, but aside from that, things were going well. And Hermione's intellect was proving to be a huge asset in the building of the sleigh. Chromium, on the other hand, merely hung around and watched. And Marvolo, of course, had no problem cutting the lumber as needed with his tail blade. And his strength, of course, which had increased considerably since he had assisted in pulling the old sleigh a year ago, was also useful in moving the lumber around as needed.

Finally, as 45 minutes passed, the sleigh was really starting to come together. Several elves and Delibird managed to salvage the runners from the old sleigh and helped to attach them to the new one, when a tall figure came lumbering towards them from the distance. As it drew nearer, as its icicle beard came into plain view, Marvolo could see that it was a Beartic. And judging by the sleepy look in its eyes, the construction work ended up disturbing its sleep.

"Uh-oh," said Hermione.

The Beartic roared loudly, then reared back and fired off a number of large Icicles from its beard, all of which were all set to Crash into the sleigh!

"No!" one of Santa's Delibird exclaimed. "If that Icicle Crash hits the sleigh, it'll reduce it to toothpicks!"

"I got this!" Marvolo hissed, as he fired off a powerful Flamethrower, causing the icicles to melt then and there.

Beartic roared its displeasure at this, however, and charged forward at a high speed, claws bared, muscles flexed, all set to destroy the sleigh in a frightening display of Superpower!

"Alright, drive it back!" Marvolo ordered, before launching into another Flamethrower. Immediately, Hermione unleashed her Firestream, and Millicent let fly a Force Palm (having no Fire moves with which to work). Chromium, however, looked supremely disinterested, and did nothing. The attacks collided with Beartic, but it muscled its way through them, slowly but surely.

Chromium watched this, wondering what to do. Ordinarily, if it didn't benefit her directly, good luck getting her involved. But for some strange reason, it was starting to hit her that if this Beartic wasn't stopped, Christmas would be ruined for pretty much the entire world. As she came to the realization that she wouldn't feel good about this even if it didn't negatively impact her personally, the Smeargle walked over and joined her teammates, whereupon she fired her own Firestream. And as she did so, the combined attacks finally seemed to slow Beartic down. At last, the Ice-type abandoned its attempted attack and slumped over in the snow, unconscious.

"All right!" Marvolo hissed approvingly. "Now let's finish this!"

And finish it they did! They got back to work eagerly, putting the final touches on the sleigh, and Chromium worked her magic painting the sleigh with her tail. She applied the final brushstroke with but five minutes to spare, and as they stood back to admire their work, they heard a booming laugh from behind them.

"Ho, ho, ho, ho!" chortled Santa Claus. "Well done, Marvolo! Well done! You've saved Christmas once again, as have your friends!"

The four Pokémon wheeled around, and of them, only Marvolo did not register a reaction of pure shock. Hermione's eyes went very wide, Millicent's mouth fell open and she had to hold onto Willow to stop herself from falling over, and Chromium fainted then and there. Upon seeing this, Santa clapped his hands once. A swirl of snow flew around Chromium, and as it faded, she was standing back up, conscious once more.

"...Holy crap," said Willow.

"This will do, right?" asked Marvolo. "It'll be strong enough to hold all the presents?"

"Ho, ho, leave that to me," grinned Santa. "I may not be any good at building a sleigh, but when it comes to magically reinforcing them, I'm second to none!" As he spoke, eight Stantler walked over to the sleigh and took their positions in front of it. All eight of them, even Dasher 2.0, the newest of the bunch, regarded Marvolo warily. "Now, we'll have none of that," Santa said sternly, noticing how the Stantler were reacting to the Seviper. "Marvolo's just saved Christmas again. Thank him, won't you?"

The Stantler all grudgingly muttered out half-assed, uncertain expressions of gratitude. Santa sighed, but did not press the matter, pressed for time as he was. Instead, he assisted the elves and Delibird in attaching the harness to the Stantler, while several other Delibird loaded the big bag of gifts into the sleigh.

"And we're ready to go!" Santa exclaimed as he climbed into the sleigh. "Many thanks to you all for your help!" he added to Marvolo and his teammates. "Hop in, I'll give you a lift home!"

None of them needed telling twice! The Seviper, Timburr, Smeargle, and Weedle all piled into the sleigh, and once they were settled, Santa cleared his throat and called out to the Stantler. "Now Dasher, now Dancer, now Prancer and Vixen! On Comet, on Cupid, on Donner and Blitzen!" And with that, the Stantler took off. As the sleigh flew through the sky, Marvolo relaxed, thoroughly enjoying the flight now that he was in the sleigh as opposed to in front of it.

Santa's first stop was Keith's Secret Base, and as he landed on the roof, Marvolo led the way down the chimney. Following him was Millicent and Willow, followed by Chromium, followed by Hermione. Then Santa sent down the presents, which the Pokémon helped to arrange under the tree. Once they were done and the fading sound of sleigh bells told them that Santa was off, en route to his next stop, three of the four present Pokémon fell asleep then and there- Millicent, Hermione, and Chromium all fell asleep at once, exhausted. Marvolo coiled up near the fireplace again, only to see Pluself and Minelf standing nearby yet again.

"Nicely done, Marv," grinned Pluself. "You saved Christmas."

"Yeah, good job," added Minelf. "I guess we know who to go to next year if Santa's in another jam."

"That's not likely, is it?" asked Marvolo. "I'd rather have a quiet Christmas Eve next year for once."

"Ehh, relax," said Pluself. "Odds are you'll never hear from us again. Just in case, though, better make sure your Trainer doesn't get rid of us, y'know?"

"Fair enough," conceded the Seviper. "Now can I get some sleep?"

"Yeah, go on, get some shuteye. You earned it," nodded Minelf as he and Pluself climbed back up to the top of the fireplace and took their rightful places.

And indeed, just as soon as Marvolo coiled himself up, he slowly slipped into a relaxing slumber, exhausted by the night's events. Despite what he just said about wanting a quiet Christmas Eve for a change, he had to admit, saving Christmas like this, it felt kinda good.

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Gone Fishing II

It was not a very long walk to get from Keith's Secret Base to the sea. Though where he had his boat tied up featured only a steep, rocky cliff overlooking the water, there was a nice, sandy beach not far south of there. And it was right there that Keith was spending the day with some of his Pokémon. Marvolo the Seviper had just finished building a remarkable sand sculpture of a Zangoose and was now in the process of destroying it, Peeves the Dusclops was building a sand castle, and Keith and Meowth were lying on their backs on towels, just relaxing in the sun. Despite it being late December, the weather was actually pretty warm. It was so nice that Keith couldn't resist the opportunity for a trip to the beach.

"Man, dis is a nice day," Meowth grinned. "Da sun's shinin', Pisces didn't get inta da picnic lunch, and Ruby ain't settin' my tail on fire."

"Oh, please," Keith chuckled. "That was one time, Meowth, and she didn't mean to."

"Yeah, youse keep tellin' yerself dat," Meowth muttered. "Dat Houndour's had a ting fer prankin' Meowth since she was in da Egg."

"Again with the Egg burning your paws?" said Keith. "I still say you were overreacting. Anyway, we're here to relax, so how about we do just that, hmm? After all the training we've been doing lately, I think we deserve a bit of relaxation."

"Ehh, alright," sighed Meowth, though already he was smiling- with weather this nice, it was hard to stay upset over such a trivial thing. In the water, however, things were decidedly less calm.

Tiny wisps of blood floated out of the mouth of a Blue-Striped Basculin as she munched down on what remained of the unsuspecting Remoraid who had swam too close. It was Pisces's third catch that day- she was on a roll for once! It was shaping up to be a good day for Pisces- no Hebenon to hold her back, no Trainer-owned Pokémon for anyone to stop her from eating... nothing but weak yet delicious wild Water-types, all hers for the taking.

"Oh, almost forgot," Keith remarked as he took out a Poké Ball. "Come on out, Dudley," he said, as the ball opened up. In a flash of light, a pale purple Slowpoke materialized, a ring of bright blue stars swirling around him for a brief moment.

"Sloooooow," Dudley said. He looked out at the sea for a minute or two, and then slowly walked towards the water. Once he got close enough, however, he stopped, turned around, and laid himself down on the sand, dipping his tail in the water.

"Youse sure dat's a good idea?" Meowth asked Keith. "Youse do know Pisces is in dere, don'cha?"

"Relax, Meowth," said Keith. "If it comes to that, Dudley can handle Pisces, or at least keep her at bay long enough for me to get her back in her Poké Ball. Also, Pisces has already bitten Dudley's tail once before, and I doubt she'll make the same mistake again- Dudley nearly ate her, and that was when he was new to the team. He's a lot stronger now."

"Ehh, I guess so," Meowth relented.

In the water, Pisces narrowed her eyes in silent fury. She smelled an all-too-familiar aroma- the sweet-smelling sap trickling from the tip of Dudley's tail, the means a Slowpoke uses to lure in prey. That damned Shiny Slowpoke, she could never get a break from him, could she? She did her best to ignore the alluring aroma, remembering only too well how that worked out last time. Instead, she set her sights on a Goldeen, swimming past not too far away.

As Dudley fished, he stuck his head under the water to see what could potentially be on the menu for him today. As he looked, his eyes were drawn to the brutal commotion that was Pisces viciously ripping a Goldeen apart and savagely devouring it. "...Violent lunch... eat Goldeen?" Dudley murmured to himself. "Violent lunch hunt..." He stared at the gruesome melee for a full minute before something appeared to occur to him. "Violent... not lunch," he said. "Violent not lunch hunt like Dudley?" Another minute of silently watching as Pisces devoured the remainder of the Goldeen carcass. "...Dudley try eat violent not lunch," the Shiny Slowpoke remembered. "Dudley owe violent not lunch apology. Maybe... maybe Dudley help violent not lunch hunt."

As these thoughts were occurring to Dudley at the speed of continental drift, Pisces had polished off the Goldeen, and was using the horn to pick out any scraps lodged in her teeth. It was tough for her to use her small fins to work the horn like a toothpick, but when one has a piece of Goldeen meat lodged between one's teeth, it's remarkable the lengths one will go to to dislodge it. Once that was done, she noticed another Pokémon passing by, this one rather small- it was a Krabby, a notoriously small species in and of itself, but this one was most certainly not one of the larger ones. Still, Pisces loved crunchy food, so even though she was getting full, she swam out towards the small soon-to-be snack. As she got close enough, she chomped down on the right pincer.

"EEEEEOOOOWWCH!" screeched the Krabby as it flailed about, trying to detach the Blue-Striped Basculin currently working at the shell with her teeth, determined to bite through. As it sank in that this wasn't working, however, Krabby turned and glared at Pisces, and then started to glow. Pisces didn't let go, but her eyes widened as Krabby changed shape, the pincer she wasn't biting growing extremely large.

"...Poke?" Dudley murmured. He had since pulled his head out of the water, but right now, a freshly evolved Kingler had breached the surface, and was currently executing an obviously painful Vice Grip on Pisces with its large claw.

"Whoa!" Keith exclaimed. "A Kingler?! And it's got Pisces!" Already his Pokédex was out and pointed at the Water-type.

"Kingler, the Pincer Pokémon, and the evolved form of Krabby," droned the device. "Kingler's large claw can pinch with 10,000 horsepower, but is too heavy to wield effectively. It can pry open a Cloyster's shell with ease."

"Violent not lunch... in danger," Dudley murmured, the severity of the situation dawning on him as Pisces launched attacks and swearwords at the Kingler in equal measure, neither succeeding in making it relinquish its grip. "Dudley save violent not lunch," the Shiny Slowpoke said. With that, Dudley wandered onto the beach, and spotted something sticking out of the sand. He walked over to it, and proceeded to clear away the sand with his front legs.

"I got this," Keith stated, holding out a Poké Ball. "Pisces, return!" However, Kingler kept waving its large claw around wildly, trying to squeeze the life out of the Basculin who tried to eat it, which constantly caused the ball's return beam to miss its target.

"Lemme take a crack at dis," Meowth offered, his charm crackling with electricity.

"No!" Keith exclaimed. "If you use Thunderbolt, you'll hurt Pisces too!"

"So wat's da downside?" Meowth asked. Keith shot him a glare, then continued trying to withdraw his Basculin.

"C'mon... C'mon..." he grunted every time the beam missed its target. So focused on this was Keith that he didn't notice Dudley digging in the sand, nor the Shellder he managed to dig up, nor Dudley offering the tip of his tail to the Shellder, who clamped down hungrily. Once Dudley started to glow, however, that got Keith's attention.

"Check it out! Dudley's startin' to evolve!" Meowth exclaimed. Sure enough, the glowing form of the Shiny Slowpoke stood up on his hind legs as the Shellder's form changed, as it grew larger and more conical. And then, the glow faded, revealing a magnificent where a Shiny Slowpoke stood just moments ago. Unlike his Slowpoke form, Dudley was now a vivid shade of blue, and the Shellder on his tail was the color of gold. Amazed, Keith pointed his Pokédex at Dudley.

"Slowbro, a Hermit Crab Pokémon. An evolved form of the Slowpoke," droned the device. "The Shellder attached to its tail lets it walk upright, but prevents it from using the tail to fish anymore."

"Dudley save violent not lunch!" the freshly evolved Shiny Slowbro repeated as he walked into the water and started swimming. The Kingler took notice of the approaching Water/Psychic-type and fired off a Mud Shot. In response, Dudley stopped swimming and proceeded to pull his entire body into the Shellder.

"That's a Withdraw attack!" Keith grinned. "Dudley learned a new move!"

The mud splattered harmlessly against the shell, and before long, Dudley was on the move again. Pisces noticed this, and was bewildered by Dudley's actions.

"Get away!" the Kingler warned Dudley menacingly. "She tried to eat me, she deserves what she's getting!"

"Dudley! Confusion!" Keith commanded.

"Dudley save violent not lunch!" the Shiny Slowbro said for the third time, as his eyes glowed blue. Then, a blue aura formed around Kingler, as the Confusion attack lifted it into the air, forcefully wrenched its claw open, and levitated Pisces into the air and onto the sand while allowing Kingler to collapse in a heap further down the beach. Dudley then swam back to shore as Kingler climbed to its feet and nursed its injured claw.

"Dudley, awesome!" Keith exclaimed as the Shiny Slowbro stepped back onto the sand. "Now use your Zap Cannon attack!"

"Slowbro," Dudley said in response. He opened his mouth, allowing a crackling orb of electricity to form within. Then, the orb fired itself off at the Kingler, and as it made contact, electricity crackled all over Kingler's body. It fell backwards onto the sand, barely stirring- the attack had almost finished it off, and rendered it paralyzed. Satisfied with this, Dudley walked over to where Keith was checking up on Pisces.

"What?" Pisces said aggressively as the Hermit Crab Pokémon drew close.

"Dudley sorry," said Dudley. "Violent lunch not lunch. Dudley want hunt with violent not lunch. Violent not lunch hunt good."

Pisces was stunned by these words, but did not dismiss them, partly because the Slowbro had just saved her life, and partly because she had started to, very, very grudgingly, gain the slightest bit of respect for Dudley as a fellow predator. "Huh," she said. "Well, if you're still as good at hunting now that you can't fish with your tail anymore, I guess it'd be cool to hunt with you sometime. Alright, apology accepted. Hey, what say we start with that Kingler?" she added.

"Dudley want taste Kingler," responded Dudley. With that, the Blue-Striped Basculin and the Shiny Slowbro both headed over towards the barely-conscious Kingler.

"...What just happened?" Keith said, watching as Pisces worked furiously at the Kingler's shell with her teeth.

"Dudley apologized fer tryin' ta eat her," Meowth said. "I tink dey're friends now."

"Wow!" Keith remarked. "Never thought I'd see the day. Well, that's pretty cool. Ooh, that, not so much," he added, turning away as Pisces finally managed to rip off one of the Kingler's arms. "I mean, I've seen enough predatory Pokémon at work that this shouldn't gross me out so much, but still..."

"Yeah, I hear dat," Meowth nodded. With that, rather then watch as his Blue-Striped Basculin and Shiny Slowbro devoured the Kingler, Keith instead opted to let his Trubbish, Ariana, out of her Premier Ball, and play with her. All in all, it all added up to a good day at the beach.

What?  Slowpoke is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Slowpoke evolved into Slowbro!

*Dudley learned Withdraw!*

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A Pain In The Grass

Down a dirt road, there dashed a dark grey Scolipede with piercing red eyes, carrying his Trainer on his back. This Trainer, a 24-year-old man clad in a red-and-white sleeveless jacket over a black t-shirt, a pair of blue jeans, a pair of black sneakers, and a distinctive brown cowboy hat, was holding onto the Megapede Pokémon, as a Meowth clung to the Trainer's shoulder for dear life. Yes, it was starting out as just another ordinary day for Poison-type Trainer Keith Masters, as he traveled across the Fizzytopia region, constantly in search of adventure.

"Ehhh," sighed Meowth. "Ain't nuttin' goin' on today, it seems."

"We don't know that for sure," Keith said fairly. "The day is young, and there's still plenty of places in Fizzytopia we've yet to explore."

"Scol, Scolipede," nodded Salazar, the Scolipede.

"See?" grinned Keith. "I don't even need you to translate that for me, Meowth, to know that Salazar agrees with me."

"Suck up," Meowth grumbled, shooting a look in Salazar's direction.

Before Keith could open his mouth to respond to this, however, he spotted what appeared to be buildings in the distance. "Huh, looks like a town up ahead," he remarked. As he said this, the dirt road came to an end, and Salazar was galloping across a lush meadow. The surrounding landscape seemed to include more and more trees, as well. "Slow down, Salazar," Keith stated as they came near a sign. The Scolipede did as instructed, allowing Keith to read the sign. "Hm," Keith remarked. "'Springreen Town- The Eternally Green Desert Oasis.'"

"I'm likin' dis place," Meowth commented, as Salazar slowly walked through the town. Trees provided abundant shade throughout the town, and there seemed to be no roads or sidewalks- just grass, grass, and more grass, in all directions.

As they explored the town, they saw that while most of the houses appeared to be log cabins, some of them were merely carved into the trunks of especially large trees. "Cool," Keith remarked. "Reminds me of when Grandma Masters showed me those photos from her vacation in Agate Village. Some of the houses there are built into trees like this, too."

Soon, they came to what had to be the center of the town- a large lake, in which a small assortment of Water-type Pokémon were swimming. Most prominent among them was a small, strange-looking creature that sported a lily pad on top of it. Keith pointed his Pokédex at one of these.

"Lotad, a Water Weed Pokémon," droned the device. "Found in clean ponds and lakes. It can ferry small Pokémon across water with its broad leaf. Lotad is the pre-evolved form of Lombre."

"Ah, cool," grinned Keith.

"Dat's a lotta Lotad," observed Meowth.

"Seems like a good sign to me," Keith reasoned. "That's gotta mean this water's clean, then. And it seems to be the only source of water for miles. Now, what say we find the Pokémon Center around here?"


Not long after leaving the oasis, they stumbled across the Pokémon Center, also apparently a log cabin. The roof, of course, was the trademark shade of bright red- the identifying mark of any Pokémon Center.

"So, basically it's just my Scolipede that needs healing," Keith explained to Nurse Joy as he handed Salazar's Poké Ball over. "We could use some nice, cool water, too- riding through the desert all morning will have that effect, know what I mean?"

"Of course," smiled Nurse Joy. "You can buy bottled water in the waiting area, it's bottled locally from our own oasis. Freshest water you'll ever taste."

"Sounds good to me," grinned Keith.

"So, what brings you to Springreen Town, anyway?" asked Nurse Joy. "Or did you come for the tournament?"

"Well, I- the tournament?" Keith said, his curiosity piqued. "Didn't really have a reason for coming, but it sounds like I might have one for sticking around. What is this tournament?"

"It's Springreen Town's annual Grass-type tournament," explained Nurse Joy, gesturing to a poster on the wall to the right, which showed, among other Grass-types, a Cacnea, a Maractus, a Turtwig, and a Lotad. "It consists of one-on-one battles, but only Grass-types are eligible to participate. Competitors can bring as many Grass-types as they wish, but can only use one in any given battle. The winner gets a year's supply of Pokémon food."

"Well, I happen to have some experience with Grass-types," Keith said. "Not my specialty, but I do have experience with them- I got a Vileplume, a Victreebel, two Ivysaur, an Amoonguss, a Carnivine, and a Roselia. And, until recently, I also had a Snover," he added, a tinge of sadness in his voice- he was still in the process of getting over Jack's decision to stay at the Adoption Center.

"Well, if you want to participate, you can sign up here," offered Nurse Joy as she handed Keith a registration form. "Just fill this out, and make sure you report to Springreen Stadium in... two hours from now," she added, after checking the clock on the wall. Keith followed her gaze to the clock- it was 1:00 PM, so the tournament was to start at 3. Therefore, he wasted no time and filled out the registration form, though it did take him some time to figure out which of his Grass-types he was going to use. He couldn't bring all seven of them, of course...


Two hours later, Keith rode up to a large, impressive stadium on Salazar's back. Once they reached the entrance, Keith dismounted and withdrew his Scolipede, then proceeded to enter the stadium.

Confirming his place in the tournament was a piece of cake, and before Keith knew it, he stood on one end of a grassy battlefield, with spectators on all sides cheering wildly.

"Welcome, everybody, to this year's annual Springreen Town Grass-type Tournament!" exclaimed the announcer, his voice being broadcast throughout the stadium. "The Trainers for the first battle have already entered the stadium- first, we have returning competitor Jeff Cherrim of Floaroma Town, Sinnoh!" This earned more cheering from the crowd. Jeff, a teenage Trainer with unkempt red hair, grinned and waved at the crowd. "And next, we have newcomer Keith Masters of Lavaridge Town, Hoenn!" added the announcer, eliciting more cheers from the crowd. Keith and Meowth grinned and waved at the crowd as well- Meowth was allowed to enter the stadium with Keith, once Keith explained to the staff Meowth's aversion to Poké Balls, but was given stern reminders that under no circumstances was Meowth to participate in any battles.

The referee stepped into position and called out, "Begin!"

Jeff threw a Poké Ball out onto the battlefield. "OK! Let's go, Tangrowth!" he exclaimed as the ball opened up, unleashing what could only be described as a blue-haired caveman. Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at the tangled mass before him.

"Tangrowth, a Vine Pokémon. An evolved form of the Tangela," droned the device. "Its arms are made of vines, and will regrow if cut off."

"Alright," grinned Keith as he took out a Poké Ball of his own and threw it. "Go, Goyle!" In a flash of light, Keith's Victreebel appeared and gave a sharp shriek at the sight of its opponent.

"A Victreebel? Hah!" sneered Jeff. "Tangrowth! Aerial Ace!"

"Goyle, fight back with Clear Smog!" Keith commanded.

Tangrowth charged forward, then jumped into the air. As it started to descend, its right claws glowed brightly as it prepared to slash the Victreebel with them. Goyle, however, was prepared, and lifted his large leaf, allowing copious amounts of thick white smoke to billow out. This disrupted Tangrowth's attack and caused the Vine Pokémon to fall to the ground before Goyle.

Jeff scowled. "It's fast," he grumbled. "Use Sunny Day!" he yelled.

"Groooooowth!" bellowed Tangrowth as it stood back up and fired a bright beam of light directly into the sky. As a result, the sunlight seemed to get brighter, causing many spectators to don sunglasses. Keith merely tweaked the brim of his hat, and it was sufficient for him. However, Jeff could still see Keith's face- which included the smug grin.

"What are you happy about?" demanded Jeff. "Tangrowth's Ability is Chlorophyll, so now that the sun's this bright-"

"-it's twice as fast as usual," Keith finished. "I know what Chlorophyll does. News flash, Jeff- that's my Victreebel's Ability, too!" Goyle gave an affirmative shriek following this. "And what's more, you have no idea how much you've screwed your Tangrowth just now," he added. "Use Weather Ball!"

Goyle shrieked loudly as a large fireball formed in front of it. Then, the fireball launched itself at Tangrowth, who took the hit directly in the gut, knocking it backwards. "No! Tangrowth!" exclaimed Jeff as his Grass-type struggled to get back up.

"Wrap it up, Goyle! Solar Beam!" Keith commanded. In response, an orb of light formed above Goyle at alarmingly rapid speeds, accelerated by the blinding sun, before firing off an equally blinding beam of light directly at Tangrowth, and as the attack made contact, Tangrowth abandoned its attempts to get up altogether, succumbing to unconsciousness.

"Tangrowth is unable to battle!" ruled the referee. "The winners are Keith and his Victreebel!" This elicited earsplitting cheers from the entire crowd as the blinding sunlight dimmed back down to normal.

"And the newcomer gets off to a promising start as he and his Victreebel score an impressive victory over Jeff and his Tangrowth, a pair who in last year's competition made it all the way to the finals!" the announcer stated.

In the waiting area, as Keith waited for his next battle, he watched some of the other first-round battles on the large TV on one of the walls. As a woman's Swadloon somehow scored victory over someone else's Meganium, Keith sat in his seat, silently wondering which Pokémon to use in the next round.

"Tinkin' about yer next battle?" Meowth asked.

"Yeah," nodded Keith. "I want to give Goyle a rest, so I'm trying to decide who to use next.

"Who else didja enter?" asked Meowth.

"Besides Goyle?" said Keith. "Let's see... Six, Fang, Pomona, and Aria," he replied.

"I'm kinda surprised youse didn't enter James," said Meowth. "He's yer strongest Grass-type, ain't he?"

Keith nodded. "No question," he agreed. "Thing is, I think this should be more about training the ones who could use the training, know what I mean?"

Before Meowth could respond, however, an announcement was broadcast into the room, calling Keith back out to the battlefield.

The next few battles went smoothly- Six's Sludge Bomb knocked out that same Swadloon from before in a single hit; Fang's Bug Bite toppled the opposing Exeggutor; and an enemy Whimsicott proved himself unable to defend against Pomona's Attract, leaving him wide open to be KO'd by a Sludge attack.

In the waiting room, Keith was sitting back and relaxing as he waited for the final match. He had made it to the finals, and was barely paying any attention to the other semifinal battle on the TV. He had his Roselia out of her Poké Ball and was giving her a pep talk.

"OK, Aria, this'll be your first battle," Keith said. "Just want you to know, whether you win or lose, it's fine. All I ask is that you have fun and do your best, alright?"

Aria nodded. "Rose, Roselia!" she responded.

"Vine, Carnivine," Fang added, the Carnivine having insisted on being out of his ball at the same time as his girlfriend.

As the Carnivine and Roselia started talking to each other (whatever they were saying, it seemed to make Meowth want to vomit), Keith turned his attention to the TV, where it seems the battle had just ended.

"Ferroseed is unable to battle!" the referee was stating. "The victory goes to Ralph and his Grovyle!"

Keith stiffened, gritting his teeth. "Ralph?" he repeated.

"It can't be," Meowth said flatly.

"And that's it for the semifinals!" the announcer boomed. "Our finalists are Keith Masters and Ralph McPhione, both of Lavaridge Town! The final battle will commence in fifteen minutes."

"Son of a Bibarel!" Keith exclaimed, angrily standing up. "Just my luck I'd run into the guy in the middle of nowhere..."

"What's going on?" Aria asked Meowth.

Meowth sighed. "Dis Ralph guy's Keith's rival," he explained. "Dey've pretty much been enemies since before dey was Trainers."

"I see..." murmured Aria, looking up at her Trainer.

At that moment, Keith found himself being approached by the smug, sneering Dragon Trainer, complete with his usual unkempt brown hair. "Masters," he sneered. "Well, I figured the final match wouldn't be too difficult, but its against you? Oh, this'll be easy!"

"McPhione," growled Keith. "Let me tell you right now, you're going down in this next battle, you hear me?"

"Yeah, yeah, save it," yawned Ralph. "I'd like to see just how high and mighty you really are without your Haxorus to hide behind."

"Hey, Norbert's far from my only strong Pokémon," snapped Keith. "And you'll find this out for yourself in a few minutes, too. Why don't you go and shoo all the Rattata out of your hair before the battle, huh?"

"You know, if you were wise, you'd quit now," smirked Ralph as he eyed the Carnivine and Roselia. "Whichever of those two you plan to use, just give up now. Save your Pokémon the pain and humiliation of going up against my Grovyle."

"Grovyle?" repeated Keith. "That's not even a Dragon-type, what interest is it to you?"

"You'll see soon enough," Ralph replied smugly. "You see, I, unlike you, know many things about the world of Pokémon."

"Yeah, but you, unlike me, suck," retorted Keith. "Now get out of here, start practicing being a gracious loser while you still can."

Ralph cockily walked away after that, still asserting as he did so that his Grovyle could handle anything Keith could throw at it. For a moment, Keith stood there, seething in fury, and almost wishing he had entered James in this tournament after all-

"Rose! Roselia!"

Keith blinked, the sudden cry having snapped him out of it. He looked down, and was rather startled by how pissed Aria looked. Fang had been able to shrug off the look of disdain and smug superiority from Ralph- Aria, on the other hand, looked like she wanted nothing better than to kill him.

"So, Aria," Keith said, kneeling down and addressing his Roselia. "I take it you're ready?"

"Selia!" nodded Aria vigorously. She hopped from foot to foot, making slashing motions with her flowers. Keith, meanwhile, took out his Pokédex and pressed a few buttons.

"Grovyle, a Wood Gecko Pokémon," droned the device. "This evolved form of Treecko jumps from branch to branch with great speed. In the forest, a fleeing Grovyle is unmatched in terms of speed."

"Hm," Keith frowned. He pressed a few buttons, and the Pokédex screen showed an image of Grovyle beside an image of Roselia, both images to scale in terms of size- this showed that Grovyle was over twice as large as a Roselia.

"Rose?" Aria murmured as she looked at the Pokédex. Then, with her red rose, she pressed a button. The Roselia picture was replaced by that of a similar-looking Pokémon, with entire bouquets of roses for arms. This one seemed to match Grovyle in height.

"...Wait a sec," Keith said to Aria. "Aria, do you mean to say that... that it's time?"

"Ro se li a," Aria nodded resolutely. The two looked at each other, exchanging meaningful looks for a few moments, before Keith nodded in understanding. He dug into his bag, and extracted from within a dazzlingly bright rock. With one last look at his Roselia, Keith placed the Shiny Stone directly in front of her.

The effect was immediate- Aria began to glow, as did the Shiny Stone, as the latter was absorbed into the former. The Grass/Poison-type more than doubled in height, and numerous roses sprouted alongside the existing ones. Finally, the glow faded, revealing a newly evolved in the Roselia's place. His Pokédex already out, Keith pointed it at Aria.

"Roserade, the Bouquet Pokémon, and the evolved form of Roselia," droned the device. "Roserade attacks with dance-like movements to take down its prey. Each hand contains a different toxin, but both can jab with near-fatal power."

A smile slowly spread across Keith's face as he regarded his new Roserade. "OK, Aria," he smiled. "Ready to show that pompous jerk just how wrong he is?"

"Roserade!" nodded Aria, just before Fang wrapped her in a congratulatory hug, which she happily reciprocated.


"This is it, folks, the final round!" the announcer boomed, as the two Lavaridge-native Trainers took their positions on opposite ends of the battlefield. "We have Ralph McPhione of Lavaridge Town, and Keith Masters, also of Lavaridge Town!"

Keith was grinning confidently in response to the smug sneer he was getting from his rival. His Carnivine floated by his side, though like Meowth, he was just there to spectate. No way in hell was he gonna miss this.

The referee looked back and forth between Keith and Ralph, before exclaiming, "Begin!"

Ralph was the first to move, throwing a Great Ball out onto the battlefield. "Grovyle, stand by!" he exclaimed as a smug-looking reptilian Pokémon materialized. Several long, blade-like leaves sprouted from its arms and backside, and one very long leaf grew out of the back of its head.

Keith, in response, threw a Poké Ball. "Go get 'em, Aria!" he cried out as his freshly-evolved Roserade appeared in a flash of light. Ralph blinked in surprise at the sight of the Bouquet Pokémon- no doubt he was expecting to see a Roselia instead.

"Hmph. So you used a stone on it as a last ditch effort," snorted Ralph. "Like that'll make a difference. Grovyle! Dragon Breath!"

Keith responded swiftly. "Aria! Swords Dance!"

"Raaaaaaade!" Aria exclaimed as she spun around in place, her rose bouquet-like hands glowing harshly as she did so. The Dragon Breath was deflected harmlessly by the rapid spinning, and once Grovyle stopped the attack, the Roserade stopped spinning.

Keith grinned. "Now, Aria! Use Poison Sting!" he commanded.

"Block with Fury Cutter!" scowled Ralph.

Aria held her hands out in front of her, and numerous glowing purple spikes launched themselves from the roses. Grovyle, however, slashed at each and every one with its sharp claws and leaves, overall looking completely unaffected by the attack.

Now Ralph was grinning. "Use Quick Attack," he smirked.

"Aria, Pin Missile!" Keith ordered.

But Grovyle was too fast- almost before Keith got all the words out, the Wood Gecko Pokémon slammed into Aria, knocking her to the ground.

"Vine vine Carnivine!" Fang exclaimed in an encouraging tone. In response, Aria sprung back to her feet.

"Hm... That Pokémon is too fast," grunted Keith. And then, inspiration struck. "Use Cotton Spore!" he yelled.

"Rose!" grunted Aria as she lowered her head, aiming the fluffy, cotton-like portion atop her head directly at Grovyle. Then, numerous spores were fired from it as though from a cannon. Grovyle jumped out of the way, however, evading the attack completely.

"Ugh!" Keith grunted. He wouldn't be able to land a single hit at this rate. Or... would he? "Aria, Mind Reader now!" he commanded.

"Take it out with Aerial Ace!" ordered Ralph.

Aria's eyes glowed purple as she focused intensely. Grovyle, meanwhile, had jumped up high into the air, and the leaves on its right arm were glowing brightly.

"Aria, you got it?" asked Keith.

Aria nodded. "Rose. Roserade!"

Keith nodded back. "Then dodge and use Cotton Spore!"

Aria hastened to step off to the side, and not a moment too soon- Grovyle missed by mere inches, thanks to Mind Reader giving Aria all she needed to know about the Grass-type's movements. And then, not missing a beat, Aria launched Cotton Spore once more, this time anticipating Grovyle's dodge and hitting her target directly. The spores clung to Grovyle, who immediately tried to brush away the distracting dust.

"Grovyle, screw the spores! Attack that Roserade!" screamed Ralph. "X-Scissor!"

"Pin Missile!" ordered Keith.

Grovyle lunged at Aria, slashing with both arms in an X-shape, as Aria retaliated by firing numerous glowing green pins from its bouquet-esque hands. Grovyle, however, muscled through the super effective move and landed a direct hit on Aria. However, as Grovyle backed off, it looked to be in pain, a purple tint becoming visible on its forehead.

"What?!" demanded Ralph.

Now it was Keith's turn to grin. "Bad luck, McPhione," he said smugly. "Looks like you've run afoul of Aria's Ability- Poison Point! That X-Scissor poisoned Grovyle! Now, Aria!" he added. "Use Venom Drench!"

"Roseraaaaaade!" exclaimed Aria as she fired a vile purple fluid from her mouth. Within seconds, Grovyle was covered in the stuff, and was looking significantly weaker.

"I love that move," grinned Keith. "Venom Drench cuts the speed and power of a poisoned Pokémon!"

"Gah! Grovyle, Acrobatics!" ordered Ralph, sounding more furious than ever before.

"Fury Cutter!" grinned Keith.

Grovyle attempted to perform a series of complicated acrobatic movements to confound Aria, but found that it couldn't move nearly fast enough. Aria, however, could very well move fast enough. Her hands glowed green, and with elegant, dance-like movements, she lunged at Grovyle and slashed at it repeatedly, usually doing a quick twirl between strikes, which seemed to have the added effect of impressing the crowd, if their "ooh"s and "ahh"s were any indicator. By this point, Grovyle was struggling to stand, and Aria delivered one final Fury Cutter across its torso. This was the last straw- Grovyle fell backwards and hit the ground with a thud. It made no effort whatsoever to get up.

"Grovyle is unable to battle!" declared the referee. "This year's winner is Keith Masters of Lavaridge Town!"

"YES!" Keith exclaimed as Fang floated out onto the battlefield and happily embraced Aria. Then, as they both came back, Aria jumped up and hugged Keith, who hugged her back. He felt the poke of Poison Point, but this didn't bother him in the slightest.

Ralph, meanwhile, seemed to have outright refused to take Keith's advice in regards to practicing losing gracefully. Indeed, so furious was he that he had trouble aiming Grovyle's Great Ball properly. It took him several tries to successfully withdraw Grovyle, and once that was accomplished, he stormed out of the stadium without a word. Not that Keith noticed any of this- he and Aria were too busy celebrating their victory.


As the sun was setting, Keith had already sent Salazar out, and was preparing for the ride home. He had already arranged for his year's supply of Pokémon food to be delivered to his Secret Base, and he was hoping to get back before Crabbe ate the lot of it.

"Well, I'd call this a good day," Keith grinned as he climbed onto his Scolipede's back.

"Yeah," Meowth replied, sitting on Keith's shoulder once more. "Youse had yer first battle wit Aria, you evolved her inta Roserade, and ya even beat dat Ralph again. Not ta mention winnin' a tournament dat ain't even yer type specialty."

"Don't forget this," Keith reminded Meowth, as he produced a bottle from his backpack and drank from it- it was the bottled water Nurse Joy had advertised to Keith earlier, and it truly lived up to the hype- clear, tasty, refreshing, just excellent. Keith had actually made a point of stocking up before they left.

At that moment, a flash of light erupted from Keith's belt- Keith's Roserade materialized on Salazar's back. "Rose, Roserade rose," she said with a satisfied grin.

"Aria's sayin' she's pretty pleased wit how today went, too," translated Meowth.

"Heh. I don't blame you, Aria," grinned Keith as Salazar began to ride off into the sunset. "I don't blame you one bit."

What? Roselia is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Roselia evolved into Roserade!

*Aria learned Venom Drench!*

*Aria learned Grassy Terrain!*

*Aria learned Weather Ball!*

*Aria learned Poison Sting!*

*Aria learned Mega Drain!*

*Aria learned Magical Leaf!*

*Aria learned Sweet Scent!*

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Neville's Last Stand

Somewhere in the Fizzytopia region, a door creaked open, revealing to the two men who opened it a darkened room. There sat a desk, but so dark was the room that nobody could see who was behind it. The men slowly walked into the room, exchanging nervous glances as they did so.

"Well?" came a voice from behind the desk. "How did it go?"

The man on the left spoke up first. "S-Sir, we- we successfully hacked into the trade machine you specified at the correct time. The process caused a minor power surge, but otherwise went off without a hitch. We intercepted the trade of the Stunfisk, and swapped out his Poké Ball with a Poké Ball containing another Stunfisk."

"Identical, I hope?" asked the mysterious voice.

"In every way but personality," replied the other man. "Same gender, same level, same attacks. Right down to Torment and Taunt, which made the search a difficult one- Stunfisk can't ordinarily learn those."

"Excellent. Excellent," said the mysterious voice said approvingly. "So, I assume that you then, uh... took out the trash?"

The men began squirming uncomfortably. "Well, I, uh..." began one of them.

"...And just what do you mean by this?" demanded the voice. It didn't sound angry, and yet, there was a tone of disappointment in the voice that made the men fearful for their lives.

"Well, you see," the other man muttered. "He, um... well, he kinda... escaped. Please don't kill us."

After a tense moment of silence, the source of the voice sighed. "Boys, I confess myself disappointed," the voice said. "You two are supposed to be the best at what youse do, and you let a simple Stunfisk get the better of youse?"

"Boss, sir, um, with all due respect," said the first man, "this, this isn't some ordinary Stunfisk we're talking about here- this is Neville, you know?"

"I am aware about whom we are talking," the voice snapped. "Trust me, I've heard the stories. Now, the two of youse are in luck- I find myself disinclined to whack youse."

The men sighed in relief. "Thank you, boss, thank you!" they said gratefully.

"Enough," said the voice. The groveling ceased at once. "Now, see, the reason I have found it in me to not kill youse, is because I happen to know of someone... uniquely suited to finishing this job. Someone with a motive much more powerful than the almighty Pokédollar. Someone who has had loved ones hurt both physically and emotionally by Neville. I speak, of course, of the Fizzytopia region's own Poison-type Pokémon Master- Keith Golbatson Masters."

The men exchanged confused looks. "The guy with the hat who rides that grey Scolipede?" said one of them. "He's the one you think can get this job done?"

"Trust me," said the voice. "If Masters ain't the right guy for this job, nobody is."

"How do you know this, boss?" asked the other man. "How do you know Masters so well? He a client of yours or something?"

"Nope," said the voice. Just then, the source of the voice stepped forward- not around the desk, but on top of it, for the source of the voice was in fact a Numel, wearing a black fedora on his head. "He's my Trainer."


A belching sound issued from the kitchen of Keith's Secret Base, as Keith Masters himself emerged from the kitchen, his breakfast now settling comfortably in his stomach. "Ahhhh," Keith sighed as he entered the living room. "That's good bacon."

"Yeah," Meowth nodded, already lying on the armrest of the couch. "So, now wat?"

"Now we watch a little TV, and then we get in some training," declared Keith as he sat on the couch. He pressed the button on the remote control, and the TV built into the wall turned on, revealing a news report in progress.

"...following the disastrous attack on Static Town, from what locals are claiming to be a rogue Stunfisk," the reporter was saying. At these words, a chill went down Keith's spine as he and Meowth exchanged horrified looks.

"You don't think..." Keith began.

Meowth shook his head. "Couldn't be," he said, though without any conviction.

Meanwhile, the reporter continued to talk. "...and all the victims reported that the Stunfisk in question paralyzed them by making physical contact to deliberately activate its Static Ability, after which it would fly away in a fit of maniacal laughter."

Keith gasped. "Neville!" he exclaimed.

"SAUR?!" exclaimed a voice from behind the couch. Keith looked- his female Ivysaur, Pomona, was glancing around in every direction, a look of horror on her face.

"Pomona, calm down, he's not here," Keith said, getting up off the couch at once as he went over to comfort his Pokémon. "I don't know how it happened, but Neville's loose upon the Fizzytopia region, and I think we should stop him."

"How?" asked Meowth. "Youse couldn't stop him da last time-"

"That's all the more reason to give it a try this time," Keith interrupted. "Neville represents some of my biggest failures as a Trainer and as a person, and it's high time I set things right once and for all."

"Stun!" At that point, a white-finned Stunfisk flew into the room, and hovered next to Keith, a look of determination on his face.

"Knew I could count on you, Rubeus," Keith grinned. Then, he knelt down next to his still-shaking Ivysaur. "Pomona," he said gently. "I know he scares you. He scares me, too. He scares most of us, and rightly so. But that's why we gotta confront him. We gotta put a stop to this crap once and for all. And you, you gotta face your fears, Pomona. Besides, the Adoption Center wiped out the moves he had learned. He doesn't know Overheat anymore, Pomona, he can't burn your flower."

"...Saur?" Pomona said timidly, looking up at Keith.

Keith smiled at Pomona. "Trust me, OK?" he said. Pomona nodded in response, a small smile returning to her face. Much as Neville scared her, she did trust her Trainer.

Just then, a Numel wearing a fedora came walking into the living room. "So, hat man, I'm guessing youse saw the news," he said.

Keith nodded. "Yeah," he said. "I'm thinking that might be Neville-"

"It is Neville," confirmed Vinny. "Don't ask me how I know. But youse plans to go out and put this to an end, right?"

Keith nodded. "You bet," he stated.

And with that, Keith began packing for the journey he was about to undertake. In addition to choosing which Pokémon he'd bring, he also packed his bag full of food, water, Cheri Berries, and Paralyze Heals, and also made sure that his Chespin doll was safely packed in its special compartment of his backpack.

At last, Keith was ready. With Meowth on his shoulder, he exited his Secret Base and locked the door. "Ready, Meowth?" he said.

"As I'll ever be," nodded Meowth.

"Then here we go," said Keith, throwing a Poké Ball. "Salazar, let's ride!"

In a flash of light, Keith's Scolipede materialized- a dark-grey Scolipede with blood-red eyes. "Scolipeeeeede!" Salazar exclaimed.

Keith jumped down to the ground, then climbed onto Salazar's back. "Alright, let's ride!" he declared. "First stop- Static Town!"

"Peeeeeede!" Salazar replied as he took off, galloping across the landscape.

The ride was a long one- Static Town was a considerable distance from the Hidden Mansion's grounds, and it took them across vast stretches of plains, across rocky, mountainous areas, and even through a desert. Every so often, they'd stop at a Pokémon Center along the way for some much-needed rest, but would get right back on the road afterwards.

"How much farther?" Meowth asked once Salazar had finished weaving in and out of the trees of a large forest. "We can't be too much farther from Static Town, right?"

"Yeah, I think we're nearly there," Keith stated. "Just gotta cross this bridge here and- SALAZAR, STOP!" he exclaimed suddenly. The Scolipede screeched to a halt, and just in time too- as Meowth could now see, the bridge seemed to have been destroyed! Only splintered pieces of wood remained on either side of a fast-moving river, much too wide to jump across, moving far too fast to swim across.

"...Well, dis sucks," Meowth declared. "How we gonna get across dis? I don't tink Salazar can make dat jump."

Keith, however, was eyeing the water warily. "Uh, Meowth?" he said. "I think that's the least of our worries right now."

"Wat makes ya say dat?" asked Meowth.

Before Keith could answer, however, the river answered for him- a school of vicious red and blue fish jumped out of the water, snapping their extremely sharp teeth menacingly as they eyed Keith and his Pokémon hungrily.

"Scolipede!" Salazar exclaimed in surprise.

"It's a whole school of Carvanha!" Keith exclaimed, holding out his Pokédex.

"Carvanha, a Savage Pokémon with strong jaws and sharp fangs," droned the device. "Attacking in schools, they viciously rip apart anyone fool enough to enter their territory."

"Oh, great," sighed Keith. "Getting across this river would've been hard enough without having a school of Carvanha to deal with!"

"So, wat, we givin' up?" asked Meowth.

Keith shook his head. "Not on your life, Meowth," he said determinedly. He then turned to his Scolipede. "Salazar, Hyper Beam!" he ordered.

"Scoliiii... peeeeede!" Salazar bellowed, unleashing a black-purple beam of pure destructive force from his mouth. The Carvanha dispersed quickly as the Hyper Beam blasted the water, but far from deterring them, they seemed more focused on Keith and his Pokémon than before as they now started jumping onto dry land, flopping towards them.

"Uh-oh," Keith muttered.

"You fool!" Meowth exclaimed. "Youse just made dem angry!"

Indeed, the Carvanha looked a lot more enRaged than before, as dozens of them flopped on dry land, awkwardly yet determinedly, snapping their teeth threateningly. And then, a larger Carvanha, this one sporting brightly colored blue and green scales, jumped onto land. "Car, Carvanha!" he bellowed, and at this, the rest of the Carvanha seemed to increase the speed of their jumping.

"Dat Shiny Carvanha must be deir leader!" Meowth exclaimed.

Keith, meanwhile, was already throwing a Poké Ball into the air. "Go, Rubeus!" he exclaimed as the white-finned Stunfisk materialized in a flash of light. "Sludge Wave now!"

"Stun Stunfisk!" exclaimed Rubeus. He flapped his side fins forcefully and hovered above the Carvanha as a spherical glob of translucent purple sludge formed all around him. And then, the Sludge unleashed itself in Wave form in every direction, striking each and every Carvanha.

"Now, Rubeus! Use Thunderbolt!" Keith commanded.

"StunFIIIIIIIIIISK!" Rubeus bellowed, this time as a powerful blast of electricity flew forth from his body, zapping the Carvanha with great force. Keith grinned with satisfaction as the Savage Pokémon screamed in protest. Once the attack had finished, all the Carvanha hastily flopped back into the river, half of them pushing the other half (who had all fainted from the attack). The last one back in was the Shiny Carvanha, who led the rest of the school down the river, only too glad to allow the current to speed their getaway.

"Excellent," grinned Keith. "Still, though, this could be a problem- we can't get across this river, the bridge is out. Matter of fact, I'll bet anything those Carvanha had something to do with this-"

"Stun! Stunfisk stun!" Rubeus said suddenly. He landed on the ground facing the river, then looked back at Keith expectantly.

"Ohhh, no!" Meowth exclaimed. "Ain't no way!"

"What?" asked Keith.

"Rubeus is offerin' ta fly us across da river," Meowth said. "Dere ain't no way I'm goin' trough dat again, once was more den enough-"

"That's a great idea! Thanks, Rubeus," Keith grinned as he carefully stepped onto the Stunfisk's back and withdrew Salazar to his Poké Ball.

"D'oh!" groaned Meowth.

Fortunately for Keith and Meowth, Rubeus, like all Stunfisk, was built to withstand the weight of a sumo wrestler, so supporting the weight of his relatively light Trainer and an even lighter Meowth was no problem. At least for short distances and at low altitudes, anyway, but hey, it was good enough for Keith! Flapping his fins furiously, the Stunfisk took off, carrying his Trainer to the other side of the river in relative safety.


Static Town. A little-known, out-of-the-way settlement, located in the scenic middle of nowhere in the Fizzytopia region. Some of the townspeople were going about their daily routines, when they heard a galloping sound in the distance. Those who looked to see its source were treated to the unusual sight of a dark grey Scolipede coming up on their town. As Salazar drew closer, more and more townspeople gathered to watch this unusual sight. And then, the Scolipede was right in front of them, screeching to a halt, allowing the townspeople to see who was sitting on its back- a man in his early twenties, wearing a red and white sleeveless jacket over a black t-shirt, and a large brown cowboy hat on his head. A Meowth sat on the man's shoulder.

A middle-aged man wearing the unmistakable apron of a Poké Mart clerk was the first to speak up. "Who are you?" he asked.

"The name's Keith," replied the man. "Keith Masters. This here is Salazar," he added, patting the Scolipede's head. "And this is Meowth," he continued, with a glance at the Scratch Cat Pokémon. "Now, just a warning, he can talk, so don't be so surprised when he-"

"-when he goes like dis," Meowth finished. "Nice ta meet ya."

"...Yeah, that," Keith finished lamely. "But enough about that- I came because I heard about the Stunfisk that attacked your town."

The townspeople spoke up at once. "Oh, it was horrible!" a woman exclaimed. "Everyone's cries of pain just made it laugh like some sort of maniac!"

"It destroyed the bridge with Thunder Shock, it's the only way across that river!" added a man. "Even if the river wasn't that fast, the Carvanha are vicious!"

"OK, everybody calm down!" Keith called. "I had no problem handling the Carvanha, and I'll happily help you rebuild your bridge. Not just yet, though- first things first, I'm a man on a mission, so I need to know where that Stunfisk went when it got through with this place."

"I saw where it was headed!" exclaimed a man in a suit and tie. "I was on my way home from the bank when I saw it flying in the direction of Mt. Chaos!"

"Mt. Chaos?" Keith repeated. "I'm not familiar with that place."

A Nurse Joy stepped forward. "I have a map at the Pokémon Center," she offered. "You can look it up while your Pokémon rest up."

"Best idea I've heard all day," Keith grinned. "Salazar here's been on the move all day, and there's also this guy to consider," he added, taking out a Poké Ball and unleashing Rubeus. At the sight of the Ground/Electric-type, however, the townspeople began to panic.

"He's got another one! AAAAAAH!" shrieked a woman.

"Run! RUN!!!" a man exclaimed.

"Hey! Hey! COOL IT!" Keith exclaimed. The crowd quieted down somewhat, but was now giving Rubeus a wide berth. "Listen to me! Your fears are understandable, considering what happened to your town. But that one Stunfisk is not an accurate portrayal of Stunfisk as a species." He picked up Rubeus in his hands (a couple of people stifled gasps at this, but calmed down when they realized he wasn't getting paralyzed) and held him up. "This is Rubeus, my Stunfisk. If anything, he is the polar opposite of the Stunfisk who attacked you all. He can, and will, happily help you all out in any way he can. His goal in life is to help others see that Stunfisk as a species does not deserve the reputation that certain specimens inflict upon it." He lowered Rubeus and continued speaking. "The Stunfisk that attacked you is a particularly infamous specimen, who goes by the name of Neville," he continued. "Rubeus has spent a good chunk of his life helping out victims of Neville's sadistic practices. Are any victims of Neville's attack present here?"

At this, a young boy, who couldn't be much older than six or seven, slowly stepped forward, clearly hindered by paralysis of some sort. If the occasional sparks flying off of him were any indicator, Keith had a shrewd idea as to what inflicted this paralysis, too.

"Um... Um..." he said timidly. "He... He looked like a- a friendly Stunfisk, s-so I petted him... and then... and then..." The boy didn't seem able to say more than this, but Keith got the gist, as did Rubeus.

"Static," Keith sighed. "Well, Rubeus, do your thing," he added to the Stunfisk. "Soft-Boiled attack."

Rubeus nodded, then wriggled free from Keith's grip and landed beside the boy. Focusing hard, the Stunfisk created a glowing yellow egg above himself. The egg then passed into the boy's body, and his injuries seemed to clear up almost immediately. Then, Rubeus flew over to Keith's backpack and, with his tail fin, fished out a Cheri Berry, and presented it to the boy, who happily accepted and ate it. "Wow, I feel all better now!" the boy exclaimed.

Following this, the townspeople seemed a lot more welcoming towards Keith and Rubeus, both of whom spent the day visiting the injured townspeople and healing them, using up Keith's entire stock of Cheri Berries, and even some of his Paralyze Heals, as well as a lot of the energy Rubeus reserved for Soft-Boiled use. As they were doing this, Keith's Timburr and female Ivysaur helped the townspeople to rebuild their bridge. The school of Carvanha, likely still recuperating from their injuries, didn't bother them at all. Later on, once all this was finished, Keith and all his Pokémon rested up at the Pokémon Center, but as they were gearing up to leave, Nurse Joy approached him.

"The sun's going down," she informed him. "Why don't you stay the night?"

Keith, however, shook his head. "No, ma'am, I can't do that," he said. "The trail will grow too cold. I can't risk losing track of Neville. I gotta put an end to this before he can hurt anyone else. He's hurt too many already..."

The nurse nodded. "Alright," she said, albeit still with a hint of uncertainty in her voice. "If you change your mind, though, we're open all night."

"Thank you," nodded Keith as he walked out the door. Immediately, he called Salazar back out, climbed on the Bug/Poison-type's back, and rode off in the direction of Mt. Chaos.

Nurse Joy was right- the sun was setting, and darkness was starting to fall upon the Fizzytopia region. Still, Keith and Salazar refused to give in, the latter continuing to gallop across the plains.

"Ehh, it's gettin' pretty dark now," Meowth murmured. Indeed, with nothing but the stars and the moon to light their way by this point, Keith could barely see anything.

"Looks that way, yeah," nodded Keith. "Meowth, use Flash."

"...I should'a seen dat comin'," grumbled Meowth. All the same, he climbed up Salazar's back and onto the Scolipede's head. Holding onto the antennae, his charm Flashed with a bright white light, which very quickly proved to work as a headlight, lighting their way.

"Scol, Scolipede!" Salazar said approvingly.

"Salazar's sayin' dis is much better!" Meowth translated for Keith.

"I can see why!" nodded Keith. "That must be it- Mt. Chaos, dead ahead!"

Indeed, poking out of the mainly flat landscape like some sort of gigantic thumbtack was a very tall mountain. Not especially wide, but very tall. It actually more closely resembled a massive stone skyscraper than a mountain. As Salazar drew close, they could see that the sides were very steep.

"I don't suppose youse brought anyting wit Rock Climb?" Meowth asked.

"Nope," was Keith's reply.

"Of course," nodded Meowth. "Why would our luck start here, after all?"

"Oh, shut up," said Keith. "We'll have to climb this mountain ourselves."

"Yer crazy," Meowth said to Keith. "Ya know dat, right?"

Keith nodded. "Yes, Meowth, I do," he replied.


The climb, it should go without saying, was a difficult one. Finding handholds in the steep rocky slopes was a difficult task, even with Meowth's Flash helping out. Half an hour into the climb, Keith dared to look down, only to see he wasn't even halfway up.

"OK, this isn't working," he sighed. Making sure he had a firm grip on a handhold with his left hand, and that his feet were resting firmly on a small ledge, he plucked a Poké Ball off his belt and held it up. "Ginny, come out and use Magnet Rise!" he ordered. In a flash of light, the Pawniard materialized, and almost immediately formed a yellow aura around her which allowed her to hover in midair.

"Pawn Pawniard pawn?" she said questioningly.

"Ginny, I need you to carve handholds and footholds in the mountainside with Psycho Cut," Keith stated. "Can you do that?"

"Pawn Pawniard," nodded Ginny. She backed up a bit, and with a wave of one of her blades, motioned for Keith to climb down a little. As Keith did this, Ginny unleashed a volley of Psycho Cuts at the steep rock face. Keith and Meowth squeezed their eyes shut and braced themselves as dust and gravel fell around them.

Ginny flew back over to them. "Pawniard pawn," she stated.

"OK, Ginny says it's OK ta look now," Meowth translated. He and Keith opened their eyes, and were stunned by what they saw- Ginny's attacks had done their work, and done it well- it looked as though someone had carved a ladder into the mountain, all the way up to the top.

"Awesome!" Keith grinned. "Thanks, Ginny! Oh, but, uh, maybe stay out of your ball for now," he added. "For once, I think your perpetual paranoia may come in handy- this is a dangerous mission."

"Pawniard!" Ginny nodded as she saluted her Trainer. She floated alongside Keith as he climbed up the freshly carved mountain, a wary expression on her face as she looked all around her.

The rest of the climb, now that Keith didn't have to continuously search for new handholds, went a lot faster and smoother than the beginning. But then, just as they were reaching the top, Keith took hold of a handhold that broke away in his hand. He lost his footing and started to fall, but in the blink of an eye, he was already throwing a Poké Ball onto the top of the mountain. "Pomona! Vine Whip! Save us!!" he exclaimed.

The Ivysaur started extending her vines almost before she had completely materialized from her Poké Ball. She wrapped them around Keith (Meowth was already clinging to Keith's arm for dear life), and with a considerable effort, hauled her Trainer up and onto flat, solid ground.

Keith looked around- the peak of the mountain was completely flat, and covered in rocky soil. No trees, no grass, no nothing.

"So, youse tinks he might be up here?" Meowth asked.

"You said it yourself, Meowth," Keith stated. "It was crazy of me to think of coming up here, right? Well, Neville's crazy, too, so in order to find him, you gotta think like him."

"Dat's just crazy enough logic ta work," Meowth remarked.

"Yeah, I-" Keith started, but he stopped as an ominous, and eerily familiar evil giggle echoed through the night air. The giggle sent a chill down Keith's spine, and he could feel Pomona wrapping her vines around one of his legs for comfort. "...He's up here," Keith stated.

As if on cue, something flat rose up off the ground on the other end of the mountain's peak. Loose soil fell off of this flat creature, revealing the familiar shape and appearance of a Stunfisk, though unlike Rubeus, the tail fin and exclamation mark were yellow, and the side fins were the same shade of brown as the rest of the body. And most of all, the diabolical, sadistic little grin was still on his face.

"Neville," Keith growled. "So we meet again."

Neville cackled in response to this, before crackling with electricity. Keith lunged out of the way just in time, the Thunder Shock missing him by mere inches. Pomona was hiding behind him by this point, shaking in fear. The sight of this elicited even more laughter from Neville.

Keith stood his ground, glaring down at the infamous Stunfisk, the source of so much pain and suffering. "Not this time, Neville," he said as he plucked a Poké Ball off his belt and enlarged it.

"Yer goin' down!" Meowth exclaimed.

"S-s-saur!" squeaked Pomona, clearly still terrified.

"It's time, Rubeus!" Keith exclaimed, heaving the ball forward. "Go!" The ball split open, and the white-finned Stunfisk appeared on the ground, where he glared at his chuckling polar opposite.

"...You," Rubeus said, a look of contempt on his normally gentle and kind face.

"Me," smirked Neville. "It's been too long, Rubeus. Still wasting your time cleaning up my messes?"

"It's not a waste of time!" snapped Rubeus. "You are a disgrace to the Stunfisk species! It's Stunfisk like you who give the species as a whole a bad name. You sicken me."

"Heh, I sicken you, huh?" chuckled the evil Stunfisk. "Hasn't it ever occurred to you why we're not a popular species? Wake up and smell the Static, brother- there are lots of Stunfisk out there who take just as much delight in inflicting pain and misery as I do."

"No," said Rubeus. "Not to the same depraved degree as you."

"Deny it all you want, goody-two-fins," said Neville. "Hasn't it ever occurred to you that maybe you're the oddball, and not me?"

Rubeus wouldn't have any of it. "ENOUGH!" he roared.

Keith could tell that they would soon resort to attacking, and seized the chance to start the battle on his terms. "Rubeus! Water Gun!" he ordered.

Rubeus did as ordered, unleashing a powerful blast of water from his mouth. Neville, however, had the same idea, and their attacks connected in the middle. Breaking off the attack, Rubeus flapped his fins furiously and took to the air. Neville, upon realizing his target was now airborne, followed suit, stopping the attack and taking off after Rubeus.

"Rubeus! Tackle attack!" Keith commanded.

"Stunfiiiiiiisk!" bellowed Rubeus as he charged forward and slammed into Neville. Sparks flew from the impact, but nothing happened- Neville's Static was rendered useless by Rubeus's Limber.

Neville had been sent reeling by the impact of Rubeus's Tackle, but managed to right himself. "You'll never beat me, Rubeus," he smirked, speaking in a particularly Taunting tone of voice. "You'll forever be doomed to the same continuous cycle- I make the messes, and you clean them all up, all while you try and make people believe that not all Stunfisk are bad. It's no use, Rubeus. You're fighting a losing battle, in every possible sense of the phrase. Give it up and come over to the dark side- to the winning side."

"NEVER!" bellowed Rubeus, infuriated by the Taunt.

"Use your Mud-Slap attack!" called Keith.

Rubeus was only too happy to oblige, so long as it was an attacking move at this point. He dove at the ground, firing some water at the dirt to make a little mud as he did so, and then as he reached the ground, he swiped at the mud with his tail fin, striking Neville with a large glob of mud. The evil Stunfisk thrashed about in midair, then dove down to the ground, intending to strike Rubeus with Tackle, but instead plowed into the ground next to him, his eyes too caked with mud to allow him to aim properly.

Keith saw his chance and seized it immediately. "Water Gun now!" he yelled.

"StunFIIIIIIISK!" bellowed Rubeus as he unleashed a powerful stream of water from his mouth, this time striking Neville directly for a critical hit. The evil Stunfisk cried out and took off into the sky in a desperate attempt to evade the attack. As he came falling back down, however, he was aiming right for Rubeus, and as he landed on his good counterpart, Neville began to Flail about, his severely reduced health fueling the desperation move.

"No! Rubeus!" Keith exclaimed, but as Neville finally stopped the onslaught, Rubeus was struggling to move. However, the look in his eyes told Keith that the Taunt must have worn off, and so he got an idea. "Heal yourself with Soft-Boiled!" he said.

"Stun... Stun..." panted Rubeus as he focused hard. Neville's eyes narrowed at the sight of the egg forming above Rubeus, and started to flop forward, hoping to intercept the egg and get himself healed instead of Rubeus. Keith's eyes widened as he realized what was going on, but he couldn't call Rubeus back to his ball- the Soft-Boiled was already being formed, and it would be lost if Rubeus was withdrawn. And in his current state, Keith was lucky he had it in him to form that one!

Pomona, meanwhile, was watching the whole thing, and she was realizing the same thing Keith was. If Neville intercepted the Soft-Boiled, all was lost! The idea of getting anywhere near Neville filled her with dread and fear, but at the same time, she knew something needed to be done if Rubeus was to be able to heal himself.

"SAAAAAAAAAAUR!" Pomona bellowed as she charged forward, knocking into Neville with a powerful Take Down, miraculously failing to trigger Static. Panting hard, the Ivysaur stood defiantly between Neville and Rubeus, glaring at the former with more contempt than anyone had ever seen from her in her entire life.

Neville smirked. "Well, well, well, we meet again... Pomona, wasn't it?" he said. "I was under the impression you were scared of me."

"No... Not anymore," Pomona said firmly. "You don't scare me anymore, Neville."

"Yes, well, we'll just see about- no. No! NO!!" Neville yelled, for at that moment, the glowing yellow egg passed right into Rubeus's body, and the Stunfisk was looking much better. Now it was Pomona's turn to smirk as she stepped aside, then walked back over to Keith.

"Pomona... You OK now?" Keith asked her.

Pomona nodded, her usual cheerful smile returned to her. "Ivysaur!" she smiled.

Keith nodded approvingly, then turned back to the matter at hand. "Now, Rubeus, use Scald!" he ordered.

"FIIIIIIISK!" Rubeus exclaimed as he ejected a steaming stream of boiling water from his mouth. Neville screamed in anger and agony as the super effective move splashed against him. He flopped around on the ground, trying to get back into the air, but Scald left a big burn on his back, and it seemed to pain him to move like that.

This was it. It was now or never. Keith reached into the special compartment of his backpack and pulled out his Chespin doll. It still seemed to radiate a sense of warmth and happiness, and even at this critical point, Keith couldn't help but smile as he held it. "This one's for you," he murmured- not quite at the doll, more like at the one who made the doll- before speaking up again, issuing one final command, clear as day as it echoed in the night. "Rubeus! Fissure!"

"Stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisk!" Rubeus bellowed as he flapped his fins furiously, rising up higher and higher into the air. And then, he descended with great speed. As he descended, his tail fin gave off a brilliant white glow. Between the halo-like glow on his tail fin, and his white side fins flapping like wings, Rubeus almost looked like some sort of angel as he streaked towards the ground, picking up speed by the second. And then, as he neared the ground, he spun around and struck the ground with his tail fin, shaking the mountain severely. And then, the very ground itself began to crack open from the point where the tail fin struck it. The crack in the ground widened and lengthened, lengthened in the direction of Neville, who was still attempting to fight his burn and move out of the way. Alas, his attempts were in vain, as the ground opened up beneath him, sending him falling into a freshly-formed chasm. Keith's jaw dropped as the Fissure continued to grow- it was bisecting the entire mountain! Hastily, Keith made sure that he, Pomona, and Rubeus were all on the same side of the mountain. Well, and Ginny, but this wasn't much of a problem for her, due to Magnet Rise.

For Neville, however, this was a very real, very big problem. The mountain split completely in half, the shaking of the process dislodging several large rocks from either side of the freshly-formed chasm. The rocks fell down, some of them falling right above Neville.

"Let's go!" Keith exclaimed. He withdrew Pomona, made sure Meowth was still holding onto his shoulder, gave a nod to Ginny, then stepped onto Rubeus, who quickly but carefully carried his Trainer down the side of the mountain.

As they reached the bottom, they could see that the damage had been done. The chasm stretched all the way to the bottom of the mountain, leaving a valley between the two halves of the massive rock formation. And in that valley, a number of large rocks were piled up.

"Go, Millicent!" Keith exclaimed, throwing his Timburr's Poké Ball. As Millicent appeared, Keith raced over to the rocks and started shifting some of the lighter ones. "Millicent, use Strength," he ordered. "Help me move these rocks. We must see what became of Neville..."


Though it was the dead of night, still many of the townspeople of Static Town were out and about. Word had gotten out that Keith had left at dusk to pursue Neville- some of them just couldn't sleep, not knowing how things were going. Others were originally sleeping, but had been awoken by the faint rumbling sounds in the distance that had been the result of Mt. Chaos being split in half, and had come outside out of sheer curiosity. And then, that same galloping noise that they had heard before could now be heard again. A bright light shone in the distance, which turned out to be issuing from Meowth's charm- Salazar was galloping into town once more, with Keith on his back and Meowth on his head. As they arrived in the town, Salazar came to a stop so as to not trample any of the townspeople now gathering around them, most of them urgently asking, "Well? Well? What happened?"

An unreadable expression on his face, Keith stood up on Salazar's back and addressed the townsfolk. "People of Static Town!" his voice echoed across the small town. "Neville the Stunfisk... is dead!" he announced. As he said this, he pulled out of his backpack the battered, burned, yet still intact remains of a Stunfisk. Battered by the rocks that snuffed out his life, a nasty burn still visible on his back, obscuring the exclamation mark, his lifeless expression frozen in an expression of fear and horror, quite unlike his trademark diabolical smirk, Neville was truly and unmistakably dead. Keith held him in his hand without fear of Static for once in his life as Rubeus flew in triumphant circles around his Trainer's head. The townspeople cheered loudly at this news, awakening what little of the town was still asleep.

The next day, a feast was thrown in Keith's honor, the townspeople's way of thanking him for what he had done. His efforts having left him extraordinarily hungry, Keith helped himself to mashed potatoes and roast beef. His Pokémon were also enjoying the feast, Salazar eating from a large trough they had filled with a variety of Berries and dead Bug-types, Ginny inspecting every piece of roast beef warily before eating it, Meowth and Millicent gorging themselves hungrily, and Pomona and Rubeus sitting next to each other and picking at the food.

"So, Rubeus," Pomona said. "What now? I mean, the whole reason you joined Keith's team was to undo all the damage Neville had done, so... are you staying?"

Rubeus did not answer at first. He seemed to be thinking as he chewed his bite of roast beef. Then, as he swallowed, he finally replied. "I've been thinking about that," he said. "What you say is true, Pomona. I chose Keith as my Trainer for the easiest access to Neville's victims, true enough... but he's a good Trainer and I like him very much. Oh, there'll be other Nevilles, for sure. They may not always be Stunfisk, but they'll be out there. I still have that purpose in life, Pomona, but there's no other Trainer I'd rather fulfill that purpose alongside than Keith." At this, Pomona happily hugged Rubeus with her vines.

"Yay!" she smiled. "I'm glad you're staying with us, Rubeus, I really like having you as a teammate, and as a friend!"

"Likewise," Rubeus replied. "Besides, were it not for you, I might not have gotten together with Bubbles. I heard a rumor you did all you could to fix up the two of us," he added slyly.

Pomona giggled sheepishly. "Well, I might've helped that out a bit," she admitted, recalling the time she did her best to help Rubeus and a Corphish named Bubbles to fall in love with each other. "It's just, I had a really good feeling about you two from the start, y'know?"

"And I'm glad you did," smiled Rubeus.


Once they were all done eating, Keith packed up and prepared to leave. The townspeople were sorry to see him go, and assured Keith he would be welcome back in Static Town whenever he was in the area. Much as Keith appreciated this, along with all the support, help, and generosity the townspeople had shown him, now was the time for him to get back to his Secret Base. He was tired out from his adventure, full though he was from the feast, and right now, he just wanted to lie down in his own bed and go peacefully to sleep, for the next day, his first priority would be to take Neville's corpse to a taxidermist. He normally wasn't one for mounting dead things on the walls of his house, but if there was ever to be an exception to this, he knew this was it.

OOC: I'd like to thank DavetheFishGuy for giving me permission to make this post to help explain his retconning of his new Stunfisk, allowing it to start with a clean slate in terms of personality.

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It was a beautiful day in the Fizzytopia region. Blue skies, not a cloud in sight, the bright sun making for pleasantly warm temperatures (if a bit unusual for early February, but then, this kind of weather had been the norm for the past couple of months in any case). After several dismal, rainy days consisting entirely of staying in at his Secret Base and doing some occasional training in the Battle Room, Keith was glad for the opportunity to take things outside, and once he was able to seize said opportunity, he seized it as only Keith Masters can.

Out on the calm, tranquil sea of Fizzytopia, an impressive ship floated idly on the surface of the water. She could easily pass for an old-time sailing ship if she only had masts and sails- indeed, propellers were attached to her stern, several yards below where the name "Banette's Revenge" was painted in an ominous shade of blood red. A Dusclops stood at the helm, holding the wheel steady, a task normally undertaken by the captain himself, but at this time, he was otherwise occupied.

Keith Masters, the captain of the Banette's Revenge, was currently standing on the starboard side of his trusty vessel, looking over the side expectantly, almost as though waiting for something. And sure enough, here came that something- well, more like those somethings. Three aquatic Pokémon came swimming around the stern- a Blue-Striped Basculin came first, closely followed by a chipper-looking Qwilfish, and then by a Tentacool. They all stopped right under where their Trainer was, and looked up at him.

"Nicely done," Keith nodded approvingly. "Let's say one more lap around her and we'll take a break for lunch, hmm?"

"Bas, Basculin!" nodded Pisces as she took off.

"Qwilfish qwil!" added Hannah as she swam off as well.

"Tentacooool!" replied Aquarius, just before hastening to follow her teammates.

"I gotta say," the Meowth on Keith's shoulder said, "dis ain't too bad. Da weather's finally nice fer once."

"Sure is, Meowth," nodded Keith. "Figured this was a good idea to give some of my Water-types some real good exercise for a change- figured they'd be getting a bit tired of the same old aquarium and the same old indoor swimming pool."

"Chance and Gold ain't too tired o' dat pool, it seems," Meowth observed. "Dey both volunteered ta stay behind, remember?"

"Oh, I remember," Keith said with a sly smirk. "I'm getting the feeling there may be something going on between those two, y'know?" Indeed, as of late, he had noticed his Feraligatr and Blastoise spending quite a bit more time than usual with each other, and had a pretty shrewd suspicion as to why this was. Of course, he couldn't confirm or deny his suspicions (well, OK, he could, but he didn't feel like coughing up any money to Vinny at this time), so for now, he decided he'd just see where that went. Couldn't be any worse than when he found out about Ginny and Stewie, at any rate... Shaking that unpleasant mental image out of his head, Keith resumed watching the water for any sign of his three Water-types.

Meanwhile, as Pisces, Hannah, and Aquarius swam around the bow, the Tentacool slowly but surely caught up to the Blue-Striped Basculin. "Hah... I think I might actually win this one!" panted Aquarius.

"Oh, please," scoffed Pisces. "Y'know, I don't even know why Keith keeps a limp sack of jelly like you on the team anyway, especially when he has much more formidable Water-types like myself."

"Well, he specializes in Poison-types, remember," Aquarius reminded Pisces. "And I am a Poison-type, so it's not a hard connection to make."

"Yeah, but still," persisted Pisces. "I mean, what do you even do for the team? What exactly do you bring to the table that nobody else does? Hermione's already the brains of the team, and if he needs to pull out a trump card for aquatic battles, he only needs to send in-"

"My brother!" piped in Hannah from behind them.

"For once, the pipsqueak's got it right," said Pisces. "That Qwilfish has more talent in his tail fin than you got in your whole soft, squishy body, and knows more moves than you ever will."

"It's not about how many moves one has, though," replied the Tentacool. "Didn't Helena win against a Kangaskhan with nothing to work with but Knock Off and Flash?"

"That's not my point!" snapped Pisces. "Anything you can do, you got a teammate that does it better! I'm a faster swimmer than you, Hebenon's stronger than you'll ever be, and you are far from the only Poison-type the guy's got to choose from. You're not even the only Water/Poison-type! And you don't even make a good snack, so exactly what is it that makes you unique?"

Aquarius did not answer. She thought about this, and started to realize that Pisces might in fact be right. She had no unique talents or traits that made her any better than anyone else on the team. She had brains and creativity, for sure, but didn't the likes of Hermione and Chromium kinda trump her in that regard? She could concoct inventive battle strategies, but so could Godric.

Before Aquarius could even begin to say something, however, Hannah swam up between the Basculin and Tentacool. "Hey, leave Aquarius alone," she said to Pisces. "She's the one who taught me how to do that thing with Water Pulse- you know, how I try and make it spin when I fire it, so it goes faster and farther, and hits harder?"

Aquarius blinked. Yeah, she remembered that. The idea was that the Water Pulse would be spinning, almost like a drill, which would make it hit harder. It was an easy feat for her, too- all she had to do was cross her tentacles before forming the Water Pulse in between them, and then hastily uncross them as she fired off the move, to put a spin on the orb of water.

"OK, fine, so she's taught one Pokémon one neat little trick," said Pisces. "My point still stands. Anyone who knows that move could've worked this out for themselves."

"I'm afraid I must disagree with you there," Aquarius said politely, but before they could say anything else, they had all swam around the stern and were right back where they started.

"OK, looks like it's lunch time," Keith grinned. He held out three Poké Balls and withdrew the Basculin, Tentacool, and Qwilfish. Then, he turned to face the deck, where Peeves, his Dusclops, had already used Psychic to set up dishes and food bowls on the deck from his place at the helm, and Keith sent the three Pokémon back out. "Thanks, Peeves," Keith added. He dug into a picnic basket, pulled out a large chocolate chip cookie, then tossed it up towards the Dusclops like a frisbee, which Peeves caught expertly before pushing it in through his body, into the black hole that was his innards.

"Mmm, no, thank you," the Dusclops replied.

Keith raised an eyebrow. "Do you even taste it, eating like that?"

"Believe it or not, yeah," Peeves nodded. "Don't ask me how it works. All I know is, it tastes great, there's no chewing necessary, and I can basically pig out with no negative consequences. I don't get it, but hey, I'm not one to look a gift Ponyta in the mouth."

"Makes sense," nodded Keith. As he spoke, he produced more food from the large cooler next to the picnic basket, and set it out for his Pokémon. Hermione, his Weedle, helped to cook some burgers for them, while Shelley, his Torkoal, was cooking bacon. Whatever it was about Torkoal smoke that made bacon taste even better than usual (and considering Keith always found bacon to be the tastiest thing ever, this was saying something!), nobody really knew. It didn't stop Hermione from trying to figure it out, of course.

"Mmm," Meowth said appreciatively as he chowed down on a delicious bacon cheeseburger. "Dis is good!"

"Thank you," Hermione said modestly. Shelley said nothing, of course, and merely puffed out some smoke which formed into a smiley face in midair.

"Yeah, you two have outdone yourselves this time," Keith added. "And for dessert, I packed enough Snoverberries for everyone!"

"All right!" Meowth grinned. "So, Hermione's gettin' good at growin' dem, huh?"

"And how!" nodded Keith. Jack, Keith's former Snover, had left the Poison-type Trainer with a handful of Snoverberries before willingly staying behind at the Adoption Center to boost the spirits of its many inhabitants. It took Hermione a lot of research and experimentation, but she finally managed to grow Snoverberries without the need for an actual Snover. The tasty treats had the temperature and texture of frozen treats, even if left out in the heat for a long time, making them perfect for sunny days such as this. Sure enough, once everyone was done with their food, Keith distributed a bunch of Snoverberries to his Pokémon before keeping several for himself. They all leisurely munched on the delicious berries, not a care in the world... until, that is, a low rumbling sound met their ears.

"Wat da...?" Meowth murmured, looking up at the sky. Everyone, in fact, was now looking up at the sky, for it was no longer its clear, blue, sunny self. Now it was obscured by black clouds as far as the eye could see. It was actually quite an amazing sight, just not so much considering they were seeing it from a ship in the middle of the ocean.

"...Son of a bilge Rattata," Keith said quietly.

And just like that, it was like someone had flipped a switch. The rain, nonexistent mere seconds ago, was now coming down in unholy quantities, prompting Keith to hastily withdraw his Torkoal, and prompting Meowth to swipe the cowboy hat off of Keith's head and hide under it himself. The water, formerly calm and serene, was now as violent as the school of Carvanha Keith fought off not long ago. As thunder boomed and lightning flashed all around, the Banette's Revenge started rocking.

"DIS WAS A BAD IDEA!!!" Meowth screamed from under Keith's hat.

Keith, meanwhile, was taking charge. He ran all over the deck, withdrawing the smallest of his Pokémon left and right. "Helga, haul in the anchor!" he called to his Hariyama. "Peeves, hard to port, get us the hell outta here!!"

"Aye aye!" the Dusclops responded, spinning the ship's steering wheel to the left just as Helga finished reeling in the anchor. As the ship began to move, Keith valiantly made his way across the deck, trying to get up to the helm himself, help Peeves out in any way possible.

"I'm coming, Peeves!" Keith shouted, making himself heard over the loudness of the storm. "I'm coming- whoa, whoa, WHOOOAAAA!" For at that moment, the choppy, wild waters forced the ship to lurch violently. Keith lost his footing and fell over the side and into the water.

"Keith!" Peeves cried out.

"NO!" Meowth exclaimed in horror.

"Tentacooooool!" Aquarius shouted. Pisces was about to jump in, but the Tentacool was quicker. Acting swiftly, Aquarius scrambled across the deck as best as she could for something with nothing to move with but a pair of thin tentacles, and jumped in after her Trainer.

Keith was thrashing and flailing like an injured Magikarp. Contrary to what he had said to Myrtle that one time on Whale Island, he never did take those swimming lessons. As Aquarius swam down, she looked in horror as her Trainer was thrashing like this. Determinedly, she swam further down until she reached Keith, who gave his Tentacool a desperate, pleading look. Aquarius lashed one tentacle around Keith's arm, and tried to swim up with the other one... but it was no use. She couldn't swim with just one tentacle, especially while using the other tentacle to hold onto her Trainer.

It... It's no use, Aquarius thought sadly, her heart sinking just as much as she was. Pisces was right... I have nothing to offer the team. If I had just let her jump in, Keith would be safe, but instead, he's gonna drown, and it'll be my fault... Sadly, she looked down, hoping for at least one more look at her Trainer before he'd lose consciousness. But Keith wasn't looking like he'd given up. He was still giving Aquarius that desperate pleading look. There was something in that look, and as Aquarius met Keith's gaze, she realized something. But... Keith hasn't given up on me? she thought. As this sank in, the Tentacool came to a realization. ...He still believes in me. Well, then... then I'm not gonna fail him, she decided. She wasn't about to make the last thing her Trainer ever saw be his trusted Pokémon giving up on him. No way.

Up on the ship, Keith's Pokémon were looking over the side in horror. It had been almost a minute now, and nothing was happening, neither Keith nor Aquarius had resurfaced. "Oh, no..." Meowth groaned quietly.

"He... he can't be dead," Helga said, tones of definite panic in her voice. "He just can't, it can't end like this!"

Hannah looked at the Basculin next to her. "...Pisces, are you crying?" she asked.

"Of course not!" snapped the Blue-Striped Basculin, though with an odd tone to her voice. "It's just- it's the rainwater!" She didn't stop looking at the water as she spoke, however.

The Pokémon continued to watch the water in horror (except Peeves, who was expending all his strength and focus keeping the ship steady, or else he'd have rescued Keith with Psychic by this point). Pisces could have jumped in, of course, to save her Trainer, and it's not like she'd have been disinclined to do so... but something was holding her back. As she looked at the water, she realized it was nothing more than sheer morbid curiosity. Aquarius had jumped in after Keith with such determination, the Basculin was actually being held back by wanting to see whether the Tentacool had it in her. Of course, if this went on for much longer, Pisces was just gonna jump in herself anyway- and then, just as that thought crossed Pisces's mind, a great flash of light erupted out of the water before them, causing the Pokémon to shield their eyes. And then, as the water faded, and they all looked over the side out of great curiosity, the feebly stirring, still alive body of Keith breached the surface of the water, the rain letting up at that point. But that was nothing compared to what was beneath him, pushing him up out of the water. Keith was lying back on, not a Tentacool, but a considerably larger and stronger-looking . With one long, thick tentacle, Aquarius easily lifted Keith off of her and placed him on the deck of the ship. As he dimly registered the fact that he wasn't dead or about to die, Keith's eyes widened at the sight of just who and what had saved him.

"...Aquarius?" Keith said. He held out his Pokédex, which, despite having just been submerged in the sea, still worked perfectly. To quote every fat guy in every starting town ever, technology sure is amazing.

"Tentacruel, a Jellyfish Pokémon. An evolved form of the Tentacool," droned the device. "Its eighty tentacles can stretch and contract freely. It flashes the orbs on its head to warn others of danger."

"I knew you had it in you, Aquarius," Keith smiled as his new Tentacruel climbed back onto the boat. "You saved my life, Aquarius. Thank you." With that, he wrapped his arms around the Tentacruel as best as he could, and Aquarius responded with a hug with two of her tentacles.

Once that was over, Keith's other Pokémon mobbed him all at once, Helga wrapping her Trainer in a hug that threatened to crack his ribs. Except Pisces and Hannah. Those two flopped over to the Tentacruel that now towered over him. "Well?" asked Aquarius, still sounding as polite as ever, despite her much more intimidating appearance.

"...Alright, you saved our Trainer," sighed Pisces. "I guess you got that going for you, if nothing else."

"Ooh, and coming from Pisces, that really means a lot!" beamed Hannah. "Congratulations on evolving, too, Aquarius!"

"Thank you," replied the Tentacruel. "So, would you two like to go swimming again?"

"Sure!" smiled the Qwilfish.

"...Ehhh, why not?" conceded the Blue-Striped Basculin. With that, the trio of Water-types jumped back into the water and resumed swimming laps around the Banette's Revenge. This time, Aquarius was much faster than either of the other two.

What? Tentacool is evolving!




Congratulations! Your Tentacool evolved into Tentacruel!

*Aquarius learned Reflect Type!*

*Aquarius learned Wring Out!*

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Evolutionary Woes

Meowth charged forward, his claws extended and ready for action. "Feast on my Fury Swipes!!!" he exclaimed.

"Hermione, blast him with Chocolate Magic!" Keith ordered.

"Weeeeedle!" replied Hermione. Above her head stinger, a molten glob of Chocolate formed, and then launched itself off as though by Magic. Meowth tried to dodge, but ended up taking the attack right in the face.

"GAAAAH! It's hot! It's hot!! It's- mm, tasty," Meowth murmured. He then started to try and lick the chocolate off his face.

Keith seized his chance. "Finish it, Hermione!" he exclaimed. "Use Firestream!"

"Weeeeeeedle!" bellowed Hermione. She unleashed a powerful stream of molten bubbles from her mouth, causing Meowth to scream and fall backwards as they burned like Fire. He made no effort to get up.

"Alright, Meowth, youse is unable to battle," said Vinny. "Hat man and Hermione's the winners!"

"Gah..." groaned Meowth as he regained consciousness and shakily sat up. "Is it me or did Hermione get even stronger?"

"It's not just you," Keith grinned. "She did indeed get a little stronger as of late, and it's really showing."

"Weedle, Weedle," Hermione said modestly... just before a dazzling glow came over her body!

"Wha- she's starting to evolve?!" Keith gasped. "But wait, I thought she-"

Before he could say anything else, however, the glow cut off abruptly. Hermione was still a Weedle, though was now breathing heavily.

Almost immediately, a Skorupi came scuttling over, a concerned look on his face. "Hermione?" he said. "You OK? What just happened?"

"I'm... fine..." Hermione panted. "Started... evolving... wasn't prepared... Forced... self... to stop... Took... a lot... of energy..."

"Hermione was startin' to evolve," Meowth translated for Keith. "And yer right, she don't wanna- she used up a lot o' energy stoppin' herself."

"Yeesh," sighed Keith. "Well, let me see," he added as he dug out his Pokédex. "Let's see if there's any way we can prevent Hermione from evolving against her will."

"To cancel a Pokémon's evolution," droned the Pokédex," press your Pokédex's B button while the Pokémon is evolving. When pressed, it stops any Pokémon currently belonging to the Trainer from evolving, unless the evolution is induced by an evolution stone or a trade." Keith looked below the screen, his eyes scanning the various buttons on the Pokédex, and sure enough, he found a circular red button with a white letter B on it.

"OK, found it," stated Keith. "Let's see if this- whoa!" For at that moment, Hermione started glowing once again! Hastily, Keith aimed the Pokédex at Hermione and pressed the B button. The effect was instantaneous- the glow went away as though someone had flipped a switch. Hermione opened her eyes and sighed in relief.

"Dat certainly seemed ta work," Meowth observed.

"True," nodded Keith. "Still, though, what if Hermione starts evolving in her sleep tonight? I can't stay up all night aiming my Pokédex at her."

At this moment, however, the Pokédex spoke up again. "The Everstone gives off energy which prevents evolution in the Pokémon that holds it."

"Of course!" said Keith. "An Everstone- can't believe that never occurred to me!"

At that moment, a bright blue Slowbro approached Keith. "Slooooow?" he said.

"Not right now, Dudley," Keith said, hastily yet not unkindly. "We gotta find an Everstone to give to Hermione so she doesn't have to keep stopping herself from evolving."

"Let's go to my library," Hermione suggested. "I know there's something about Everstones in there."

"Hermione says she's got information on Everstones in her library," Meowth translated.

"Then let's go!" Keith stated. He allowed Hermione to crawl onto his shoulder, pressed the B button in his Pokédex again (for he had noticed Hermione starting to glow a third time out of the corner of his eye), and climbed up the ladder leading to his Secret Base. Meowth followed close behind.

Dudley stood there, blinking occasionally, staring at the ladder his Trainer had just climbed. Then, after exchanging looks with the Shellder on his tail, he slowly made his way over to the ladder and started to climb it himself.


Hermione's library was on the second floor of Keith's Secret Base, directly across the hall from the stairs. Numerous tall bookcases were all that separated this "room" from the hallway- getting proper walls put in would have cost more and reduced room in the library itself. As Keith entered the room, Hermione expertly fired off String Shot, catching it on one of the notebooks, the cover of which had "Rocks and stones" written on the cover. Then, she reeled it in, pulling the notebook off the shelf. Keith, seeing this, caught the notebook expertly and started flipping through it. Thankfully, considering it was written by a Weedle by way of dipping her tail stinger in ink and using it as a makeshift pen, the handwriting was remarkably legible.

"OK, let's see..." muttered Keith as he leafed through the pages. "Evolution stones... the Oval Stone... kinds of rocks a Dwebble prefers to make its home... theories about the legendary Regirock... aha, here we are- Everstones! Mm-hmm... Uh-huh... 'able to prevent the evolution process'... 'energy is overrode by that of evolution stones, specialized items to induce evolution upon trade, and Kadabra's alpha waves'..."


Keith sighed. "Dudley, look, we'll do something later, but right now it's kind of an emergency, alright?" he said patiently, turning to face the Shiny Slowbro standing in the entrance to the library. Dudley blinked in response, a blank look on his face, though Keith could've sworn the Shellder was looking a bit... irritated. But no time to dwell on this. He pressed the B button just as Hermione started to evolve again, then continued to look through the notebook.

"Slowbro slow," Dudley said, this time a little louder.

Keith closed his eyes, as though praying for patience. "Like I said, Dudley, it's going to have to wait, unless you somehow know where we can find an Everstone, OK-"

"MMMMPH MMMMMPH MMMMMMMMMPH!!!" interrupted the Shellder on Dudley's tail, wobbling violently as its muffled shouts drowned Keith out.

Once the muffled shouts died down, there was total silence. Keith, Meowth, and Hermione all looked at Dudley. "All right," sighed Keith. "What is it, Dudley?"

"Slow, Slowbro slow," replied Dudley. "Slow, bro, slow, bro. Slowbro slow, Slowbro."

"Wait, youse tinks so?" Meowth asked, tilting his head.

"...Slow," nodded Dudley, after briefly giving Meowth a blank look.

"Meowth, what is it?" asked Keith.

"Youse still gots dat rock Dudley gave youse fer yer birthday?" Meowth asked Keith.

"The rock that-" began Keith, and then it came right back to him.

Originally Posted by Flashback View Post
After Keith had eaten several slices of birthday cake (Crabbe, James, Fang, and Goyle were even able to restrain themselves long enough to allow the rest of the team to have some cake), several of his Pokémon brought him presents. Rubeus, Keith's Stunfisk, gave him a first aid kit; Ginny, Keith's Pawniard, and Heatstroke, Keith's Slugma, gave him a sword that seemed to have been forged from a Skarmory feather; Pisces, Keith's Blue-Striped Basculin, gave Keith a pile of bones that seemed to have once belonged to a Magikarp; Marvolo, Keith's Seviper, gave him a dead Pidgey; Dudley, Keith's Shiny Slowpoke, gave him... a rock.

"Well... it's a nice rock," Keith said. "Very shiny. Thanks, Dudley."

"Slooooooow," Dudley said happily.
"Yeah... yeah, it's still in here," Keith nodded, digging through his backpack. After a few moments (interrupted by the need to press the B button yet again), he extracted a plain grey rock from within his backpack. It had been a bit shinier when Dudley first gave it to him, the then-Slowpoke clearly having gone to commendable lengths to make it a nice present, though it was a bit duller now.

"Slooooow," Dudley nodded, pointing at the rock.

"...So, wait," Keith stated. "Is Dudley saying that this is an-"

"Everstone," interrupted the Pokédex, which Keith pointed at the rock. "Gives off energy to prevent evolution in the Pokémon holding it."

"...Huh," said Keith. He placed the seemingly ordinary rock next to Hermione, who had just begun to glow again, and the glow faded away abruptly. "Well, Dudley, I owe you an apology," Keith stated. "Next time you got something to say, I'll listen. Promise." Though Hermione was looking happier at this development, a problem soon became apparent to the rest of the them.

"...How's Hermione gonna lug dat around, though?" asked Meowth. "It's gotta weigh more den she does!"

"Yeah, you're right," Keith nodded. "Hermione, we'll have to come up with another solution- that thing'll just weigh you down-"

"Weedle, Weedle," interrupted Hermione, jabbing her black tail stinger in the direction of the notebook, which Keith still had open to the section about Everstones. Taking the hint, Keith kept on looking.

"Uh-huh," he murmured. "'...allegedly helps to pass down character traits in the breeding process...' oh, here we go- 'boiling an Everstone in water and then drinking said water once it's cooled permanently prevents evolution in the drinker.' That's it!" He slammed the notebook shut and returned it to the bookshelf. "To the kitchen!"


Hermione had insisted on boiling the Everstone herself, despite the fact that it would no longer be in close enough proximity to prevent her evolution. Keith, therefore, had to oversee the entire thing, Pokédex at the ready, and press the B button whenever Hermione showed signs of starting to evolve. Thankfully, however, everything went off without a hitch, and once the boiled Everstone water had cooled down, Keith poured some into a bowl. Hermione drank it eagerly, and after a few moments of tense waiting... nothing happened. Hermione wasn't trying to evolve anymore.

"Phew," sighed Keith. "OK, looks like that works-"

"Saur! Ivysaur!"

"Timburr, Timburr!"

Keith turned around, knowing full well what this was about. Sure enough, Millicent, his Timburr, and Pomona, his female Ivysaur, were both looking up expectantly at the pot of Everstone water on the kitchen table. Keith sighed, albeit with a grin on his face- neither of them wanted to evolve, either, so this would certainly be of interest to them. "All right," he conceded as he poured another bowl of Everstone water, plus a glass, and handed them to the Ivysaur and Timburr, respectively.

What? Weedle is evolving!



Huh? Weedle stopped evolving!

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The Ultramoonguss

It was early Monday afternoon, a bustling, busy time of week in the three shopping districts of the Fizzytopia region, for it was when the vast majority of the various shops would open their doors for Trainers- Day Care Centers, Salons, Training Centers, and Move Tutor Centers, not to mention Pokémarts giving out a free Rare Candy to each Trainer each week. Some Trainers left their weekly business at these shops until later on Monday, while others preferred to get them over and done with. Keith was in the latter group of people, and thus had long since finished his errands for the week. Ordinarily, he would be using this kind of time for training, but right now, he was busy with something else.

On the second floor of his Secret Base, Keith sat on a chair in the hallway, at the PC that had been set up near the stairs. He was starting to give serious consideration to moving it into Hermione's library by this point, but right now, he couldn't really focus on that. Indeed, a few clicks of the mouse later, and he seemed to have stumbled onto something he had been looking for. "Aha," he grinned.

At that point, Meowth came walking up the stairs, and as he reached the second floor, he spotted Keith. "Dere you are," said Meowth as he climbed onto Keith's shoulder. "Wat are ya doin'? I tought we was gonna get in some trainin' today."

"That'll come later, Meowth," said Keith. "Remember what that guy at the Salon said?"

"Wat, about Six?" asked Meowth.

Keith nodded. "That's right," he confirmed. "Soon as we got back, first thing I did was go into the library and try to look up what he was talking about, but it seems Hermione doesn't have any books or notes on the subject yet."

"Weedle," came a voice- it was Hermione, Keith's Weedle. She was seated on the computer desk, and was in the process of taking notes furiously on whatever it was on the screen.

"So I turned to the internet," continued Keith. "Took me hours, but I finally found this on pokeball.silph. The Silph Company created the first Poké Ball that didn't involve Apricorns, so there's a ton of history on Poké Balls on their site. Here, have a look..."

Originally Posted by http://www.pokeball.silph/history/ultra/design/ultramoonguss.html

The Ultramoonguss Tribe

Up until sometime in the 1500s, there lived in the deepest parts of the densest jungles of Unova a tribe of Amoonguss so extraordinary that those lucky enough to stumble upon them believed it to only be fitting that they be named the Ultramoonguss. The Ultramoonguss were characterized by distinctive black and yellow markings on their caps and shields, markings you may recognize as those on an Ultra Ball, and not without reason. Modern Amoonguss are far from dangerous; a little ornery if disturbed, but overall harmless. The Ultramoonguss, however, were not like that at all. They were warriors, possessors of fighting spirit so great that even the likes of Salamence and Dragonite would hesitate to pick a fight with them, and above all, they were known for their unparalleled bravery, never backing down from any challenge.

The Ultramoonguss's young, in the Foongus stage, were indistinguishable in looks from any other Foongus. The Ultramoonguss viewed their unique markings as something which had to be earned, and to that end, no Foongus among them would be able to evolve into Amoonguss until they have first shown the Ultramoonguss's characteristic bravery in times of great peril, even if they had already reached the prerequisite power level of 39. However, they could not evolve before reaching the required level, either, so if one had proven its bravery before becoming strong enough, it would evolve immediately upon becoming strong enough. Upon evolving into the Amoonguss stage, it would then acquire the Ultramoonguss markings, and thus be recognized by the tribe as a warrior.

Over the years, the Ultramoonguss dwindled in numbers, for reasons unknown; few humans knew about them, and of those, even fewer showed any interest in catching them in the hollowed-out Apricorns of the time or killing them. Some believe that the Ultramoonguss were not dying out, but rather relocating, though in the centuries to come, there has yet to be a confirmed Ultramoonguss sighting. However, their legacy as warriors lives on, and it is their name and markings which inspired the design of today's Ultra Ball, available everywhere Silph Co. products are sold.
"...Wow," Meowth remarked. "I can't believe it, though- Six ain't exactly warrior material, y'know?"

Keith shook his head. "You weren't there when he evolved, Meowth," he said firmly. "You didn't see the amazing sight I saw. The entire flock of Fearow, all using Sky Attack at once. Something like that should have outright killed James and Lily in an instant, but Six just jumped out in front of them, and the Protect he used, I was blown away. Big enough to shield the three of them, and powerful enough to deflect every single Fearow. And even after that, the Fearow were getting back up and cawing at him, getting ready to attack again, and Six just stood his ground. That was Ultramoonguss bravery right there, Meowth. I'm sure of it," he stated.

"Weedle," Hermione remarked, her tail stinger flying across the pages as she furiously took notes on the Ultramoonguss."

"Hermione's right, dat's pretty amazin'," Meowth agreed. "So, how about we gets some lunch, huh? I'm starvin'," he added.

"Honestly, Meowth, it's like all you think about is foo-" began Keith, before a loud rumbling noise cut him off- it was his stomach. "...eheheh," Keith chuckled weakly.

"Yeah, yeah, yer just as bad as Meowth," smirked Meowth. "So, as I were sayin'?"

"Well, when you're right, you're right," conceded Keith. He stood up from the computer, as Hermione closed her notebook and crawled up Keith's arm and onto his other shoulder. "Let's order from Pansear Pizza Parlor for a change," he suggested, a suggestion met with sounds of approval from the Meowth and Weedle on his shoulders as they headed downstairs.

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Melittin Vs. The Mega

It was a bustling afternoon in Fizzytopia, with many Trainers going about their business, be it training, adventuring, or shopping. One such Trainer was Keith Masters, who was currently walking back in the direction of his Secret Base for dinner. Meowth was, as usual, lying lazily on Keith's shoulder, eagerly awaiting whatever it was Hermione would be cooking for dinner today. However, as they were passing through a small town, Keith and Meowth were quick to notice a large crowd of Trainers excitedly gathering around... something. They were all murmuring excitedly, and loud noises were coming from whatever it was they were gathered around.

"Huh," remarked Keith, stopping to look at this. "Wonder what's going on."

"Let's see," suggested Meowth. Agreeing with this, Keith walked over and made his way through the crowd. Finally, he could see just what everyone was looking at, and his eyes widened.

A Pokémon battle was underway in the midst of the crowd, one Trainer using a Pelipper against the other Trainer's Dragonair. At the sight of the latter, Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at the Dragon-type.

"Dragonair, a Dragon Pokémon. An evolved form of the Dratini," droned the device. "Able to control the weather and fly in spite of its lack of wings. Dragonair is the pre-evolved form of Dragonite."

"That's pretty coo-" Keith began, before he realized with a jolt- the Trainers commanding the Pokémon in this battle, he knew both of them! The younger one, the one in command of the Pelipper, was Oliver, a young Trainer from Orre Keith had battled on several occasions. Keith vividly remembered how Oliver made excellent use of Pelipper's Pursuit to take out Heatstroke, back when he was a Slugma, in just one hit. This time, however, Pelipper didn't seem to be doing so well. In command of the Dragonair, on the other hand, was someone Keith was decidedly less pleased to see- a man Keith's age with greasy, unkempt brown hair, and an unbearably smug smirk on his face. Ralph McPhione, an aspiring Dragon Master, and without question the most arrogant jerk Keith had ever known. The two had been mortal enemies since their days back at Lavaridge Elementary School, way before either of them ever became Trainers, and indeed, even now, Keith found himself rooting for Oliver.

"Pelipper! Twister attack!" ordered Oliver.

"Dragonair! Thunder!" sneered Ralph.

Pelipper flapped its wings hard, but before the Twister could start up, Dragonair's horn crackled with electricity before unleashing a powerful electric blast. Pelipper screeched in agony as the super effective move was unleashed upon it, and as the attack stopped, the Water/Flying-type fell to the ground, smoking slightly, and making no further effort to move.

"Pelipper is unable to battle!" declared a spectator who was clearly acting as the referee. "Dragonair wins, and the battle goes to Ralph!"

"Heh, that was too easy," smirked Ralph as he withdrew his Dragonair to a camouflage-and-white sphere- Keith recognized this as a Safari Ball, having used one previously to catch a Froakie. "Your Pokémon are pathetic, kid. I didn't even have to use all three!" Oliver said nothing. He merely withdrew his Pelipper and ran off, clearly fighting back tears.

Keith and Meowth glared at Ralph. "Wat a piece o' work," grumbled Meowth.

"Yeah," frowned Keith. "The fact that Trainer licenses are even given out to jerks like him just appalls me."

Ralph, however, was smirking in his smug way as he glanced around at the gathered crowd, most of whom seemed more interested in Ralph's battling skills than his horrible attitude. "Alright, who's next?" he asked cockily. "I'll take on any one of you in a three-on-three battle, right here, right now!"

Keith saw the opportunity and seized it immediately. He stepped forward and glared at Ralph. "Boy, McPhione, you just love being a dick, don't you?"

Ralph's eyes narrowed as he spotted the Poison-type Trainer. "Masters," he sneered. "So I guess I'll be humiliating you next?"

"Yeah, let's just see who'll be humiliating whom," Keith retorted. "Three-on-three, right?"

"Well, if you really want to get your ass kicked by me again, I suppose I can't day no," smirked Ralph. "And just to shake things up, let's make this three one-on-one battles, and best two out of three wins."

"I can work with that," agreed Keith.

"Then it's on," said Ralph. He made his way over to a nearby pond and produced a Dive Ball from his belt. "OK, Kingdra, stand by!" he exclaimed, throwing the Dive Ball into the air. In a flash of light, a regal-looking aquatic Pokémon splashed down into the water. Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at the new Pokémon.

"Kingdra, a Dragon Pokémon. An evolved form of the Seadra," droned the device. "Found in undersea caves, it is said to be able to create whirlpools merely by yawning."

"So, the first match is in the water, huh?" Keith grinned. "Well, I know just who I'll be using for this," he added, taking a Poké Ball off his belt. "OK, Hebenon, let's go!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball into the air.

In a flash of light, a Qwilfish materialized in the water. Upon spotting the Kingdra, he puffed himself up slightly, signaling his readiness to battle.

Ralph gave a derisive snort. "Seriously? A Qwilfish? That's what you're using?" he chuckled. "Oh, this will be a piece of cake."

Hebenon narrowed his eyes and puffed up even more. Ralph's words were infuriating him. "Qwil Qwilfish qwil!" he exclaimed angrily.

Keith, on the other hand, merely smirked. "Oh, we'll see about that, McPhione," he said. "Hebenon, ready?" he added as he walked around the pond to the side the Water/Poison-type was on. His Qwilfish nodded in response, pumped up and ready to battle.

Ralph, still chuckling, made the first move. "Heh... Kingdra, Dragon Pulse!" he commanded.

Keith reacted swiftly. "Hebenon! Hydro Pump!"

Kingdra fired off a bright blue orb from its snout, and Hebenon unleashed a forceful stream of water from his mouth. The attacks collided just above the surface of the water, and though the Dragon Pulse held up initially, the Hydro Pump caused it to explode in midair.

Keith grinned, intent on pressing his early advantage. "Now let's use Swords Dance!" he called.

"Qwil! Fish! Qwil!" grunted Hebenon as he spun around in the water, his spikes glowing brightly as he did so.

"Use Headbutt right now!" commanded Ralph.

"Hebenon, you use Headbutt, too!" Keith ordered.

Kingdra zoomed forward, ramming its head into Hebenon, but the Qwilfish quickly recovered, and rammed into Kingdra, this hit proving much more powerful, sending Kingdra flying onto dry land, where it tried to flop back into the water.

"Here's your chance, Hebenon!" Keith grinned. "Jump up with Bounce!"

"Qwil! Fiiiiish!" bellowed Hebenon as he slapped his tail against the surface of the water hard, sending him flying up into the air, his eyes on Kingdra the whole time.

"Now use your Thunder Punch attack!" Keith exclaimed.

"Do what now?!" Ralph demanded.

Hebenon's body crackled with electricity, his entire body serving as the fist for the purposes of the punching move as gravity sent him zooming back down, straight towards Kingdra. Kingdra tried to flop out of the way, but couldn't do so in time, and dust flew everywhere from the impact, eliciting excited murmuring from the crowd.

"Kingdra, get back in the water!!" Ralph ordered.

"Now! Giga Impact!" called Keith.

The thumping sound of a Qwilfish tail slapping the ground could be heard, and Hebenon shot up out of the dust, then dove back down, this time with streaks of purple and yellow energy swirling around him as he landed right onto Kingdra. The dust cleared, and while Hebenon looked perfectly OK, Kingdra was unconscious.

"Kingdra is unable to battle!" called the spectator who had refereed Ralph and Oliver's battle. "Qwilfish wins!" The crowd cheered loudly, in awe of Hebenon's awesome moves. Keith grinned proudly- he barely had to dip into Hebenon's legendary movepool to win this one!

Ralph scowled, holding out the Dive Ball. "Return, Kingdra!" he snapped. Once Kingdra was back in its ball, he glared at Keith, who was withdrawing his Qwilfish. "You lucked out, Masters. But this time you won't be so lucky, I'll make sure of that!"

"Yeah, we'll see," smirked Keith, as the rivals stepped away from the pond, both in agreement that the next round would take place on dry land.

"Oh, yeah, we'll see, alright," said Ralph. This time, he took a Dusk Ball off his belt, enlarged it, and threw it into the air. "Zweilous, stand by!"

In a flash of light, a two-headed blue Pokémon with black hair and what appeared to be a pair of black wings materialized. If either head had any eyes, the hair was obscuring it, and the heads were snapping at their surroundings viciously. Unfamiliar with this species, Keith took out his Pokédex.

"Zweilous, a Hostile Pokémon," droned the device. "This evolved form of Deino always overeats due to its heads never getting along. It turns eating into a competition, and the head that eats more gets to be the leader."

In response to this, Keith reached for a Poké Ball on his belt, but before he got to it, another ball burst open, unleashing a Skorupi. Scorpius waved his stingers about wildly, and he looked more eager for battle than ever before. And considering this was Scorpius, that was saying something.

"Uh... OK," shrugged Keith. "I choose Scorpius, then."

"Skor! Skorrrupi!" Scorpius exclaimed energetically.

"Man, Scorpius is ready ta go," remarked Meowth. "I mean, more den usual, y'know?"

Keith nodded. "Yeah, it's been a while since he's had a good battle," he replied. "And Zweilous seems to be a Dark and Dragon-type, so Scorpius's Bug moves will be even more effective here."

"Type advantage won't save your Skorupi's sorry ass, Masters," sneered Ralph. "Zweilous, Fire Fang!"

Zweilous's heads roared simultaneously as both mouths caught fire. It then charged forward, but neither Scorpius nor Keith looked fazed.

"Scorpius! Agility, let's go!" Keith grinned.

"Skor! Skor! Skor! Skor!" Scorpius grunted, as he dashed around at blinding speeds, narrowly evading the Fire Fang, and running circles around Zweilous.

"Now! Use Bug Bite!" exclaimed Keith.

"Zweilous, it's behind you!" yelled Ralph. "Nail it with Dragon Rage!"

Scorpius lunged at Zweilous, but identical blue fireballs, one fired from each mouth, blasted it backwards. The Poison/Bug-type skidded backwards, but got back up almost immediately, a fire burning in his eyes by this point.

"Heh, little punk doesn't know when to quit," smirked Ralph. "Just like its Trainer, actually. Now! Use Incinerate!"

"Flamethrower attack!" Keith exclaimed. He ordinarily wouldn't bring out Scorpius's trump card so early, but he figured it wouldn't be that crucial a move in this match, given Zweilous's natural resistance to Fire moves. This was more of an attempt to counter the Incinerate attack.

Zweilous fired off twin streams of red-hot fire from its mouths, and Scorpius unleashed a powerful stream of fire from his mouth. The streams collided in midair, creating a small explosion, which blasted both Pokémon backwards. Scorpius, of course, got right back up, though was starting to look a little shaky- Flamethrower never was an easy move for him to pull off, and it usually did a number on his energy. However, as the dust settled, it became clear that Zweilous wasn't about to give up, either.

And neither, apparently, was Ralph. "End this now, Zweilous!" he commanded. "Head Smash!"

A collective gasp came from the crowd- Head Smash was the most powerful Rock-type move in existence, the Pokédex identified Zweilous's Ability as the physical-attack-powering Hustle, and Scorpius wasn't exactly the best at taking Rock moves. Keith vividly remembered Matthew Brown and his Anorith, whose Rock Blast dealt the finishing blow to Scorpius in their battle, and that was a measly Rock Blast- Head Smash's power was on par with the Rock Wrecker move, described as a Rock version of Giga friggin' Impact. He had even heard rumors of an unbelievably gigantic and horribly superpowered Tyranitar, whose Hyper Beam was impressively held at bay by a Rock Wrecker attack. But now wasn't the time to dwell on that sort of thing- he had to stop Scorpius from being on the receiving end of the Head Smash! "Scorpius! Dodge it!" he exclaimed.

Scorpius tried to scuttle off to its left, but as Zweilous charged forward, both heads starting to glow light blue with dangerous amounts of Rock energy, the right head seemed to take notice of Scorpius's attempted dodge, and it urged the Zweilous body to veer off to the right. To Keith's horror, both heads closed in on Scorpius. The Skorupi, meanwhile, noticed this, and fired off a Dark Pulse at close range, a desperate attempt to fend off Zweilous. As the attacks fought against each other, the crowd watched intently. At first, they seemed relatively evenly matched, but before long, Zweilous started to muscle through the Dark Pulse, inch by inch. Desperate to regain control, Scorpius turned up the power, but though it slowed Zweilous down, it didn't stop it. And then, with a great effort, Zweilous suddenly rammed into Scorpius with both heads, and the collision of Rock energy and Dark energy resulted in an explosion, throwing dust in every direction.

"Scorpius!!!" Keith exclaimed.

"Skoooooooooor!" Scorpius bellowed from inside the cloud of dust. And then, shafts of bright light started to poke through the dust cloud, more and more, until Keith had to shield his eyes more against this sudden glow than against the flying dust.

"Is dat wat I tink it is?" Meowth asked.

"I think so!" Keith exclaimed excitedly.

And sure enough, as the dust settled, the source of the light was now clear- it was Scorpius! The Skorupi was glowing and changing shape and size drastically, his head stingers expanding into arms with claws, his tail lengthening, a neck sprouting and lengthening, lifting his head higher off the ground. And then, the glowing subsided, leaving a mighty in its place. "Drapiiiiooooon!" bellowed Scorpius. Keith, nothing short of ecstatic at this development, held out his Pokédex.

"Drapion, an Ogre Scorpion Pokémon," droned the device. "This evolved form of Skorupi prefers to use brute strength than poison when attacking. With its powerful claws, it can crush a car into scrap metal."

"Yeah, I saw this one coming for a while! And he even learned some new moves!" Keith grinned, checking out the display on his Pokédex.

"Hermione's gonna be pleased ta see dis," remarked Meowth.

"Oh, so what if it evolved?" shouted Ralph angrily. "Zweilous, Earth Power!"

Keith grinned wider than ever. "Scorpius! Ice Fang attack!" he exclaimed.

"Draaaaap!" roared Scorpius, Ice forming on his Fangs. Then, he charged forward, but he had barely taken two steps when the ground beneath him began to erupt with energy. The newly evolved Drapion was caught off-guard, and fell to the ground.

"Scorpius, get up!" Keith exclaimed.

"Finish it!" smirked Ralph. "Outrage!"

Zweilous roared insanely as a harsh red aura came over its body. It charged as the Drapion got back to its feet, and began kicking, headbutting, and biting with all its considerable might. Scorpius, of course, fought back as best as he could, but even with his claws trying to hold the heads still, so strong was the Hostile Pokémon's fury that Scorpius could only hold on for so long. Eventually, Scorpius began to weaken, and with one final blow, Zweilous struck him down.

"Drapion is unable to battle!" declared the referee. "Zweilous wins! That's one victory for each side, the next one decides the winner!"

Keith sighed, holding out the Poké Ball. "Come back, Scorpius!" he exclaimed, as he withdrew his Drapion. "You did great," he added with a proud smile. "I couldn't be more proud of you."

As he reattached Scorpius's ball to his belt, Ralph had already withdrawn Zweilous, and was smirking at Keith. "Alright, Masters, this is where I come out on top now," he said cockily.

"Yeah, you talk a big game," retorted Keith. "But let's see if you've got what it takes to deal with one of my toughest fighters," he added, a third Poké Ball at the ready. "Go, Melittin!" he yelled as the Beedrill materialized in a flash of light.

"Oh, you have no idea," sneered Ralph, holding up a Great Ball. "This one's gotten a lot stronger since last time, Masters." And he tossed the ball into the air. "Sceptile, stand by!" he exclaimed.

In a flash of light, a tall, bipedal lizard materialized. Leaf-like blades grew out of its arms, and some sort of small pine tree seemed to be growing out of its ass. Keith held out his Pokédex once again.

"Sceptile, a Forest Pokémon. An evolved form of the Grovyle," droned the device. "Extremely agile, and said to have unparalleled power when fighting in the jungle. Its leaves can slice through thick trees with ease."

"So, your Grovyle evolved, huh?" murmured Keith, recalling all too well how his Roserade toppled the Grovyle spectacularly in battle. "Well, let's just see if it's gotten any stronger. Melittin, ready!" he exclaimed. The Beedrill buzzed in response.

Ralph smirked. "You're not even close to being ready," he sneered. "You have no idea what you're up against."

Keith paid no attention to Ralph's words. "Melittin! Swords Dance!" he ordered. The Beedrill buzzed angrily and rose high into the air, spinning around, his front stingers glowing harshly as he did so.

"Use Dragon Breath!" Ralph commanded.

"Sceptiiiiile!" replied Sceptile as it opened its mouth and fired off a blast of blue energy. However, Melittin was still spinning, and was able to deflect the attack with ease. At first, anyway- as the Dragon Breath persisted, Melittin was forced to fly out of the attack's path.

"No matter," Keith said confidently. "You still got that Attack boost, Mel! Now use Twineedle!"

"Dual Chop, let's go!" Ralph replied.

The two Pokémon closed in on each other, Melittin jabbing with elongated stingers, and Sceptile slashing with its glowing arm leaves. Both Pokémon seemed evenly matched, and both of them eventually backed off, eyeing each other warily.

"Not bad, not bad," conceded Ralph. "But, I think it's time we turned it up a bit. Masters, remember back in Springreen Town, when you asked me what interest Grovyle is to me?" Keith nodded, indeed remembering this. Ralph had replied by telling Keith that he would see soon enough, implying in the process that he knew some big secret about the Treecko line that Keith didn't know. Of course, Keith dismissed it as all talk, but right now, Ralph was about to dispel that notion in a very big way. "Well, you're about to find out," smirked Ralph. Sceptile, wearing a smug smirk to match that of its Trainer, reached behind its back and turned something it wore around its neck so that it was now hanging in front of him- Keith had missed this initially, not noticing the small black string around Sceptile's neck. Now he could see some sort of spherical gemstone hanging off of the string. It was green, red, and black, and it glistened in the sun.

At the same time, Ralph produced from his pocket something Keith initially believed to be a microphone, but instead seemed to be some kind of spherical gemstone on a metal stick. This stone was smaller than the one Sceptile was wearing, and it shone in the colors of the rainbow. And then, Ralph pressed a small button on the metal stick, and it extended like some sort of telescope, until it was closer in length to a walking stick of some sort.

"Sceptile!" cackled Ralph as he struck the ground with the Mega Scepter. "Mega Evolve!"

The effect was instantaneous. Four tendrils of energy erupted from the strange gem around Sceptile's neck, and four more tendrils of energy erupted from the stone on Ralph's Mega Scepter. The tendrils connected in midair, until they were four long tendrils of energy, connecting the two gemstones. And then, Sceptile glowed with energy, changing shape, almost as though it were evolving! But Sceptile was already fully evolved... wait a minute, Keith realized. Mega Evolve? This must have been that new form of Pokémon evolution Chuck kept mentioning!

As the glowing faded, Ralph's Sceptile looked drastically different from before. Its leaves looked longer and sharper, some of them tipped in an ominous, blood-like red. Dark green spikes protruded from its back. And most prominently, its tail was much longer, and more closely resembled some kind of missile now.

"I... Wha... What is that?!" Keith exclaimed.

"Behold the awesome power of Mega Sceptile!" cackled Ralph. "This is why I picked Treecko all those years ago, Masters- I, not being the bumbling, clueless idiot that you are, already knew about Mega Evolution, and by extension, Mega Sceptile. In this form, Sceptile unleashes its latent powers and becomes the dragon it was always meant to be! Yes- Mega Sceptile is a Grass and Dragon-type!"

"Well, that'd explain it, alright," Keith admitted. "But," he added, turning his hat backwards, "we're not gonna let a little thing like this get in our way! Melittin, Twineedle!"

"Sceptile! Dragon Pulse!" ordered Ralph.

Melittin charged forwards, his front stingers lengthening once more, but Sceptile fired off a large and powerful blue orb from its mouth, this one clearly much more powerful than Kingdra's Dragon Pulse had been. The Beedrill attempted to dodge it, but the speed at which the attack was fired off made this quite impossible. He took the full force of the attack and was plowed into the ground.

"Mel! Can you get up?" asked Keith.

A weak yet determined buzzing answered his question. Melittin unsteadily flew back into the air, and buzzed angrily at Mega Sceptile.

"Heh, it's got guts, I'll give it that," smirked Ralph. "But guts won't win it this one! Sceptile, finish this up with Dragon Claw!"

"Mel, Reflect!" Keith ordered.

Melittin buzzed urgently as a shimmering Reflect formed in front of him. Sceptile's claws struck the Reflect and struggled against it, but broke right through it before long, though the Reflect at least gave Melittin time to dodge this one.

Emboldened by this success, Keith grinned. "Now, Mel! Skull Bash!" he called.

"Rock Slide!" ordered Ralph.

Melittin flew in like a rocket, deftly swooping and swerving to evade the numerous rocks Sceptile was causing to fall out of thin air, and rammed into the Mega Evolved Grass/Dragon-type. Sceptile grunted as the attack pushed it back a bit, but to Keith's horror, the Forest Pokémon seemed mostly unharmed by the move.

"Wha... just how strong is that thing?!" Keith asked.

Now it was Ralph's turn to grin. "Too strong for you, Masters," he sneered. "Now finish this once and for all! Sceptile, Hyper Beam!!"

"Melittin, Bide!" Keith called desperately, but as Sceptile fired off the destructive attack from its missile-like tail, he could already tell it would be too much for his Beedrill to take. And sure enough, the attack blasted Melittin backwards, where he collided with a tree in a rather painful manner before slumping to the ground.

"Beedrill is unable to battle!" declared the referee. "Mega Sceptile wins, and the victor is Ralph!"

"That's what I'm talking about!" Ralph exclaimed in response to the crowd's cheers. "Yeah! Next victim, please!"

Keith sighed as he withdrew Melittin. "Whoa," he murmured to Meowth. "I... that..."

"Yeah," nodded Meowth. "I ain't never seen power like dat before, neither. But hey," he added. "Don't tink o' dis as a bad ting, alright? I mean, now youse knows dat Mega Evolution is a ting, right? Dat means youse could someday get ahold o' dat kinda power, too, right?"

"...Yeah," Keith admitted with a small smile. "And y'know what? I bet Hermione's done some research on the subject. Maybe she could help."

"Somehow, I tink Hermione's gonna be a bit preoccupied fer a while," Meowth smirked.

"Wha- oh, yeah, Scorpius!" grinned Keith. "Yeah, can't wait to see how she reacts to his evolution! Let's go home, Meowth. And if Hermione's too distracted to cook dinner, we'll order from Pansear Pizza Parlor again."

"I wanna try dat Meowth-nip pizza," said Meowth.

"Hell, no," Keith replied firmly.

What? Skorupi is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Skorupi evolved into Drapion!

*Scorpius learned Thunder Fang!*

*Scorpius learned Ice Fang!*

*Scorpius learned Fire Fang!*

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Mega Madness

Weeks had passed since Keith's latest battle against his rival, Dragon-type specialist Ralph McPhione. Though Keith tended to be on relatively equal footing with the guy, the last battle was something else entirely, due to Ralph having one hell of a trick up his sleeve in the form of Mega Evolution. Indeed, Melittin, despite a definite type advantage, stood no chance against Ralph's Mega Sceptile, and suffered what had to be his worst and most humiliating loss yet.

Since then, Keith had devoted himself to not only training Melittin even further, but also to find out anything and everything he could about Mega Evolution, in hopes of being able to have that kind of power on his side for the next time he encountered the cocky Dragon-type Trainer. While this involved a lot of research on the internet and in Hermione's library, this also involved talking to Chuck. The Gengar was fairly knowledgeable, having spent eight years between his death and reincarnation wandering the spirit world and accumulating all manner of facts and secrets, and Mega Evolution was one of the subjects on which he knew some things.

"...and on the end of that staff-like thing, there was this weird gemstone," Keith was saying one morning. He was seated on the couch in the living room of his Secret Base, his Gengar floating beside him, and Meowth draped lazily over the arm of the couch. "It reacted with the larger stone Sceptile was wearing around its neck."

Chuck nodded. "The first stone you mentioned, that's called a Key Stone," he replied. "The Trainer holds that one. The Sceptile was holding one of the many varieties of Mega Stone, called Sceptilite. There's many other varieties, for each Pokémon. There's Audinite, Banettite, Charizardite- there's actually two kinds of Charizardite- Venusaurite, Beedrillite, and Gengarite, just off the top of my head."

Keith's eyes lit up. "Beedrillite, you say?" he said, a small grin forming on his face. "You mean, Melittin could possibly Mega Evolve, too?"

"Oh, yes," grinned Chuck. "I'm guessing Melittin's in the mood for revenge, then?"

"Like you wouldn't believe," nodded Keith. "Losing like he did, and to a Grass-type, no less, it was a huge blow to his pride. We've been training nonstop the past few weeks. And even if he hadn't lost like this, Mega Evolution sounds exactly like the kind of thing that Mel would be interested in anyway. I mean, he's all about being strong, getting respect, being taken seriously, y'know?"

"I do indeed," nodded Chuck. "And from what I know about Mega Beedrill, you'd be a fool to not take it seriously. Supposed to be one of the most powerful Pokémon in the world."

They continued on in this vein for some time, both unaware that a certain Pokémon had been listening in on their conversation just outside the door, and had gotten excited after hearing one of the Mega Stones Chuck had listed.


"...and one of the kinds of Mega Stone Chuck mentioned is called Venusaurite," Dennis was saying to a number of his teammates, who had gathered near him just outside the Secret Base. "Which means that I could Mega Evolve, too!"

"Wow, that's awesome!" smiled Pomona. "And you could do it, too, Dennis, you've been getting a lot stronger lately!"

"Thanks, big sis," grinned Dennis. "Of course, I gotta evolve first, before I can worry about Mega Evolving..."

"Dudley help," the Shiny Slowbro stated. "Dudley help any way Dudley can." Of course, Dudley didn't quite grasp the whole Mega Evolution concept just yet, but what he did grasp was Dennis wanting to evolve.

"Yeah, count me in, too," grinned Bellatrix, the Skuntank equally eager to help out her teammate.

"Thanks, guys," said Dennis gratefully. "I-"

"Hey, how about you forget about Mega Evolution, hmm?" came a voice from behind Dennis. The male Ivysaur wheeled around, coming face to face with a Beedrill.

"Mel, what the-" began Dennis.

"It's Melittin," interrupted the Beedrill. "I don't recall telling you you can call me Mel. Now, look- I'm not saying you don't have it in you to Mega Evolve, I'm just saying, I'd prefer it if Keith made it a priority to work on me Mega Evolving, alright? Because if I wanna knock that freakishly overpowered Sceptile down a peg- and make no mistake, I do- then I'm gonna have to get the hang of this Mega Evolution deal myself."

Leaving Dennis no time to respond, the Beedrill flew off.

Bellatrix huffed. "That Melittin... what's his deal?" she muttered.

"You can't blame him," Pomona said fairly. "I heard all about that battle, it really hurt his pride. But Dennis, don't let him get you down," she added to the male Ivysaur.

"Dudley no like Melittin," remarked Dudley. "He's a-" and from there, the Shiny Slowbro launched into a stream of such vile profanity that even the Shellder on his tail looked shocked. Once he finished, he was met with a stunned silence.

"...Well, someone's been hanging around Pisces a liiiiittle too much," Bellatrix finally said, breaking the silence. Before anyone could reply to that, however, the door to the Secret Base swung open, and Keith Masters walked out.

"Alright, let's do some training," Keith said, addressing the numerous Pokémon on the ground below. This was met with excited cheering, particularly from Melittin, who started flying in circles around Keith's head. "Heh," grinned Keith. "I'm guessing you want to go first, right, Mel?" The Beedrill nodded emphatically, buzzing for extra emphasis.

"Dat's a yes," Meowth translated, needless though it was- Keith got the point well enough regardless.

"Well, OK, then," said Keith. "Let's see... OK, Melittin, you'll be going up against..."


Keith looked down- Dennis, his male Ivysaur, had stepped forward, looking more eager than usual (and Dennis loved to battle, so this was saying something). "Well, that answers that," Keith stated. "OK. Melittin vs. Dennis. Let's do this! Meowth, you want to referee or command Melittin?"

"I'll ref," Meowth said almost immediately. Melittin had no problem obeying Keith or Helena, but he never quite warmed up to Meowth in that regard.

Within minutes, they were ready. The clearing in front of Keith's Secret Base was all cleared out. On one end stood Keith and Dennis; on the other end floated Helena and Melittin. On the side stood Meowth, who was looking back and forth between the pair of Poison-types who were currently glaring at each other. Behind Meowth, there sat Pomona, Bellatrix and Dudley, all watching the battle with interest.

"Alright, we all set?" Meowth asked. Keith and Helena nodded simultaneously. "OK, den, begin!" he exclaimed.

"Let's do this, Dennis!" Keith exclaimed. "Leech Seed, let's go!"

"Melittin, use Cut!" exclaimed Helena.

Taking aim with his flower, Dennis fired a single brown seed at the Beedrill, who responded by slashing at it with one of his stingers. The seed split in two, and fell to the ground, now useless.

"Melittin, Twineedle attack!" Helena ordered.

"Dennis, fight back with Hidden Power!" commanded Keith.

"Ivy... SAUR!" Dennis exclaimed, white-hot beads of fiery energy forming all around him. As the Beedrill flew in close, stingers at the ready, the Ivysaur unleashed the Hidden Power. The orbs of energy, burning with fiery energy that represented its user's fiery determination, pelted the Beedrill, who buzzed angrily in response, then jabbed at Dennis angrily with both stingers. Dennis grunted as he took the attack, which didn't harm him as much as it would have were he not partially a Poison-type.

"Use Razor Leaf!" Keith ordered.

"Fury Attack!" called Helena.

Dennis's leaves waved wildly as razor-sharp leaves were fired from them. Melittin, however, was more than ready- he flew right into the oncoming attack, deftly dodging the arboreal assault, jabbing with his stingers at the few leaves he couldn't fly past, and as he reached Dennis, he gave five jabs with his right stinger in rapid succession, the last of which was the most powerful of all and sent the Ivysaur rolling backwards.

"Come on, Dennis!" Keith encouraged the Ivysaur. "Double-Edge!"

"Melittin, Skull Bash!" commanded Helena.

In an instant, Dennis was back on his feet and charging forward in a reckless tackle, while Melittin shot forward, head-first, like a rocket. They met in the center of the makeshift battlefield, neither side giving an inch as each struggled to overpower the other.

"Rrrrgh... give it up," grunted Melittin. "You're... strong... but I'm... stronger..."

Dennis said nothing in response, pushing just as hard as the Beedrill was, determined to win. To the pair of Poison-types, this wasn't just another training battle. No, after what happened earlier, they were trying to prove something to each other. Melittin was fighting to prove his determination to Mega Evolve and become strong enough to take out Ralph's Mega Sceptile, while Dennis was fighting to prove that he was strong enough to Mega Evolve, and that he wasn't gonna stand down just because Melittin wanted to Mega Evolve, too.

But as Dennis struggled, he felt Melittin pushing him back. He closed his eyes as he pushed as hard as he could, but the Beedrill's Skull Bash was winning. Was... was Melittin the stronger one after all? Were the Beedrill's convictions going to win out over his own?

"Come on, Dennis! You can do it!" Pomona cheered. This caused the Skuntank and Shiny Slowbro to join in and start cheering for Dennis as well. Even the Shellder on Dudley's tail added its muffled sentiments to the mix. They weren't exactly opposed to Melittin, but they knew that right now, Dennis needed their support.

Dennis's eyes snapped open as he heard his big sister cheering for him, as he heard his other teammates cheering him on. And the effect it had on the young Ivysaur was immediate and noticeable. He dug in with his feet, and pushed Melittin back, Double-Edge now winning out over Skull Bash. He could feel the vibration as Melittin flapped his wings at the speed of a caffeinated Yanma, he could feel the Beedrill try and push harder, but he didn't care, he kept on going. He could feel strength coursing through his body like never before, and with a loud cry and a final push, Dennis's Double-Edge stopped Melittin's Skull Bash and sent the Beedrill tumbling to the ground.

"Who's... stronger... now?" panted Dennis as he looked down at the Beedrill, exhausted but happy. And then, as Melittin struggled to get up, Dennis started to glow!

"Wha- whoa!" Keith exclaimed.

"Dennis is startin' to evolve!" added Meowth.

Indeed, his body bathed in that familiar blue-white glow, Dennis grew drastically in size. He grew taller, longer, wider, his legs assuming a thickness usually reserved for tree trunks, his flower blooming spectacularly. Melittin managed to get back into the air, but could only watch in shock as his opponent evolved before his eyes. And then, at long last, the glow faded away, revealing a formidable where a young Ivysaur once stood. "SAAAAAAAUR!" roared Dennis triumphantly. This was not the first Venusaur Keith had seen- there was Ivy in the Arcane Realm, and the Venusaur in charge of the Bulbasaur evolution festival, but since this one was his own, he pointed his Pokédex at Dennis all the same.

"Venusaur, a Seed Pokémon. An evolved form of the Ivysaur," droned the device. "Uses its massive flower petals to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy."

"Heh, and you even learned a new move on top of it," Keith grinned. "Dennis, this is awesome!"

"Venusaur!" Dennis nodded.

Melittin was at a loss for words at this point. The Beedrill simply stared at the newly evolved Venusaur, but a moment later, he buzzed angrily, more than ready to resume the fight. And judging by the look on Dennis's face, so was he.

Keith grinned, just as eager to continue the fight as his Pokémon was. "Dennis! Razor Wind!" he ordered.

"Venusaaaaur!" Dennis roared as he slashed at the air with his leaves. This created a number of blades out of thin air, aimed right at Melittin.

"Melittin, use Bide!" called Helena.

The Beedrill crossed his forelegs in front of him and braced himself as blade after blade of solid air struck his body. Melittin took the Razor Wind attack, storing up the energy from each blow. And then, Melittin's eyes snapped open, he uncrossed his forelegs, and he fired off a powerful beam of white energy. Dennis groaned as he was hit with twice the power of his own Razor Wind, but stood his ground nevertheless. When the attack landed, both Pokémon looked exhausted, but they weren't down just yet.

"Let's finish this up with your newest attack, Dennis!" Keith exclaimed. "Petal Dance!"

"Venu... SAAAAAAAAUR!" bellowed Dennis, his flower taking on a harsh glow. And then, dozens, if not hundreds of large flower petals flew off of Dennis's flower, swirling around Melittin on all sides. The floral tornado enveloped Melittin, but as it dealt its significant damage, the Venusaur started to stumble around, the attack having taken a heavy toll on him, leaving him confused. With each step, the earth shook.

"Come on, Dennis, snap out of it!" Keith exclaimed. But as he said this, Dennis reared up on his hind legs, and rammed his head into the ground before him, which seemed to be the straw that broke the Numel's back as far as he was concerned. At the same time, the Petal Dance dispersed, and Melittin fell to the ground.

Meowth had seen all he needed to see. "Dennis and Melittin are both unable ta battle!" he declared. "Dis match is a draw!"

Keith gave a small chuckle. This was the kind of battle he liked best- too close to call until the very end. He walked over to his dazed Venusaur and barely-stirring Beedrill, smiling at them both. "Hey, you both should be proud of yourselves," he said. "Dennis, you were amazing, especially when you evolved. And that Petal Dance was incredible!"

"Venusaur," smiled Dennis, who extended half a dozen vines and pulled Keith into a hug as best as he could, considering how much the battle had weakened him.

"Heh... and Melittin," Keith added, once the Venusaur had let him go. "You did good, too. That Razor Wind was hitting you hard and you didn't even flinch, not to mention that Skull Bash of yours. You know," he said, now addressing both Poison-types. "I think the both of you will be able to make excellent use of Mega Evolution once I can get ahold of the necessary stones."

At this, Melittin and Dennis exchanged looks. "Heh," chuckled Dennis. "Looks like we'll both get to Mega Evolve after all."

"Seems so, yeah," nodded Melittin. "But hey, like I said, I never doubted you had it in you, I just didn't want anything getting in the way of me Mega Evolving, y'know?"

"I kinda get that, yeah," Dennis admitted. "So, we cool?"

"...yeah, we're cool," Melittin said after a moment. Dennis extended a vine, and Melittin met it with one of his foreleg stingers in the best approximation of a high-five they were able to muster.

What?  Ivysaur is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Ivysaur evolved into Venusaur!

*Dennis learned Petal Dance!*

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The First Battle

It was a dreary, rainy day in Fizzytopia. The kind of day most people would take as an excuse to sit in front of the TV and just relax all day. And while it could easily be argued that Keith Masters wasn't most people, he was in this case.

Indeed, inside a two-story Secret Base on the Hidden Mansion's expansive, haunted grounds, Keith Masters sat on his couch in his living room, watching an episode of The Simpsons on his TV. Sitting next to him was Ariana, his Trubbish, and on the other side of her, his Meowth. Floating beside the couch was Gemini and Mustard, Keith's Weezing. And now that the show had gone to commercial, Keith and Meowth had struck up a conversation.

"Wow," Meowth said. "So it's really been ten years?"

Keith nodded. "Yep," he replied. "Ten years since I left Lavaridge Town with Gemini to become a Pokémon Trainer.

"Weezing," Gemini nodded, the Weezing's larger head smiling at his Trainer. Though it had had been indeed over a decade since Keith saved the baby Koffing from the Machop bullies, the bond of friendship that had been forged between the two still held strong to this day. After Koffing had been treated at the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy had requested that Keith keep Koffing with him for a week just to be on the safe side. Keith frequently described what followed as the best week he'd ever had in his life. Between Koffing having had no one back in the Fiery Path, no friends, no family, and Keith's own lack of popularity, the two had quite a bit in common.

Keith grinned back at the Weezing. "Heh, seems like just yesterday, doesn't it, Gemini?"

Indeed it does, Gemini replied telepathically. Mustard didn't chime in as was usual for him- as the Weezing's second head, he didn't actually exist back then, only having been born when Gemini evolved into Weezing, which wasn't until years after Keith started his journey.

"So, wat, youse left Lavaridge Town, and how'd ya end up in da Fizzytopia region?" Meowth asked.

"We headed on down to Slateport City," Keith explained. "It's a good day's walk from Lavaridge, mostly heading south. We were able to stop for lunch in Mauville City along the way... oh, and there was one other stop," he added, his face darkening. "Just before we got to Mauville..."

Originally Posted by flashback
"Aha!" Keith exclaimed, for as the 14-year-old rookie Trainer reached the top of a hill, he could see a number of large buildings in the distance. "That's gotta be Mauville City- we're halfway to Slateport!" He quickened his pace, enticed by the thought of stopping for some lunch before-

"Well, well, well. The boy who cried Missingno."

At the sound of one of several cruel nicknames he'd had in school, to say nothing of the decidedly unwelcome voice in which it was said, Keith skidded to a halt. No, surely not... alas, as he turned around, he could see a boy his age approaching him, dressed in an orange t-shirt and blue jeans. His brown hair was filthy and unkempt, and he wore the most infuriating smirk of smug self superiority.

"You?!" Keith exclaimed. "What the hell are you doing here, McPhione?"

Ralph McPhione raised an eyebrow. "I could ask you the same thing, Masters," he replied. "I always knew you were an idiot, but leaving town without a Pokémon for protection? I never thought you were that stupid," he chuckled.

In response, Keith grabbed the lone Poké Ball off his belt. "I have a Pokémon, for your information," he snapped. "I'm a Trainer now, McPhione, and I'm gonna be the best Poison-type master in the world! I'm even gonna catch a Missingno.!"

At this, Ralph burst into laughter. Keith seethed in silent fury as Ralph tried to speak through the laughter, but was laughing too hard to form coherent sentences. Finally, after entirely too long, the laughter subsided sufficiently for him to speak.

"Heh... Oh, don't make me laugh," Ralph chuckled. "I mean, it's funny enough that you think you got the skills to be the greatest of anything besides town laughingstock... but you're still sticking to that crap story about how you were saved by some mythical creature that doesn't exis-"

"It does too exist!" Keith exploded. "I'm tired of having to tell you this! You and everyone else at that damn school!"

"Heh... you're too funny," Ralph chuckled. "But lemme tell you something Masters," he added, as he plucked a few objects off his belt and held them up for Keith to view- a Great Ball and an Ultra Ball. "I, too, got my first Pokémon. I'm a Trainer as well. I even caught a Trapinch in the desert! And I'm gonna be the greatest Dragon master that ever lived. It's in my blood," he explained. "The McPhione family has produced some of the greatest Pokémon Trainers history's ever seen. And what's your family produced, beside the crazy Wobbuffet lady?"

"Hey, leave Grandma Masters out of this," Keith snapped. "You know what- if you want to keep bragging about yourself to me, how about you prove you've earned the right to brag in the first place? We're both Trainers now, so let's battle, and see if you're anywhere near as good as you claim to be."

Ralph smirked. "Heh... Alright, then," he agreed as he reattached the Ultra Ball to his belt. "One Pokémon each. My starter against yours. Let's settle this right now." And he threw the Great Ball forward. "Treecko, stand by!"

In a flash of light, a green, bipedal lizard materialized. Twin dark green tails stuck out behind it, and it glared at Keith with large yellow eyes. Keith took out his Pokédex and aimed it at Ralph's Pokémon.

"Treecko, a Wood Gecko Pokémon," droned the device. "Using tiny hooks in its hands and feet, Treecko can climb any surface with ease."

"Heh, so you picked a Treecko?" smirked Keith. "Wrong move, McPhione." And he threw his Poké Ball. "OK, Koffing, let's go!" he shouted, as the ball split open and unleashed its spherical occupant.

"HAH!" cackled Ralph. "That puny little Koffing you were playing with last week, that's your starter?"

"Hey, I wouldn't laugh if I were you," Keith warned him. "You're the one with the type disadvantage right now."

"Yeah, we'll just see how that works for you," Ralph smirked. "Treecko, Pound!"

Keith reacted swiftly. "Koffing! Poison Gas!" he commanded.

"Koffiiiiiing!" bellowed Koffing as he puffed up slightly, then blasted clouds of thick, dark green gas from his mouth. Treecko, who was running towards Koffing, got caught up in the clouds, though it still emerged from the other side and swung its tails into Koffing, knocking him for a loop. As Treecko hit the ground, however, it winced and coughed.

"Hmph. So it's poisoned," Ralph grunted. "No matter- Treecko, Dragon Breath!"

"Treeeeecko!" Treecko exclaimed as it exhaled a blue blast of breath from its mouth. Koffing cried out as the Dragon move made contact, but didn't look ready to give up once the move subsided.

"That's the spirit, Koffing!" Keith grinned. "Now! Tackle attack!"

"Use Pound once more!" shouted Ralph.

Koffing dove down at Treecko, who slapped him with its tails once again, like Koffing was a baseball. Koffing was launched back up into the air, but it quickly turned around and dove down at Treecko again, this time successfully striking the Grass-type.

"Yes!" Keith cheered. "Koffing, use Tackle again!"

"Leer attack!" shouted Ralph.

Koffing charged forward, but came to a stop, thoroughly startled by the frightening look Treecko was now giving it. It brought back extremely unpleasant memories of those Machop who also tried to frighten him with their Leer attacks before progressing to more violent moves. Seeing an opening, Treecko acted quickly. It jumped up, did a quick flip in midair, and slammed Koffing with its tails, knocking it to the ground with another Pound.

"Koffing!" Keith exclaimed.

"Now! Use Dragon Breath!" sneered Ralph.

Towering over the fallen Koffing, Treecko inhaled deeply, then exhaled another Dragon Breath at point-blank range. Koffing tried to evade the move by getting back into the air, but it was too slow, and by the time the attack ended, Koffing wasn't moving.

"Well, well," smirked Ralph as he withdrew Treecko. "Now who picked the wrong Pokémon?" Saying nothing more, the arrogant Trainer walked away as Keith picked up his barely-stirring Koffing.

"Koffing... you OK?" Keith murmured. In response, Koffing opened his eyes and nodded weakly, giving a feeble yet reassuring grin.

"Koff... Koffing..." Koffing replied.

Keith sighed. "It's my fault," he muttered. "Even with a type advantage, you lost. How can I call myself a Trainer if I can't even win against a Grass-type with a Poison-type? I failed you, Koffing- you deserve a better Trainer than me."

"Koff!" Koffing interrupted. Though it was still hurting from the battle, it rose back into the air nonetheless, now shaking its head vehemently. "Koffing Koffing, koff koff Koffing!" Keith, of course, couldn't understand exactly what Koffing was saying, but the meaning was coming across nonetheless.

"...Yeah, you're right," Keith admitted. "One loss isn't the end of the world, is it? We're only just starting out, after all, we can't expect to win everything on the first try."

"Koff!" nodded Koffing, grinning happily once more now that his Trainer was getting the idea.

Now Keith was smiling again. "C'mon, Koffing," he said. "Let's get you checked out at the Mauville City Pokémon Center, grab some lunch, and then it's on to Slateport City, and after that, the Fizzytopia region!"

"Koffing!!" agreed Koffing happily. With that, the two continued towards the large buildings in the distance.

"...So ya lost da first battle ya ever had?" Meowth was saying.

"Yeah," sighed Keith. "But it's no big deal- we've won plenty of battles since then, and just look at Gemini now," he added, gesturing to the Weezing. "He and Mustard are probably one of my strongest Pokémon, they got all sorts of cool attacks, and I managed to get myself all sorts of awesome Pokémon. Including you two," he said, grinning at his Meowth and Trubbish. Meowth gave a small grin in acknowledgement of this, while Ariana hugged her Trainer. Keith happily hugged his Trubbish back. He was glad Gemini was able to snap him out of it following his first loss, glad he decided to not let one loss turn him off Pokémon training. He had been a Trainer for a whole decade now, and as far as he was concerned, that wasn't gonna change anytime soon.

"...Y'know what?" Keith said once The Simpsons was over. "Suddenly I'm in the mood for some training. Let's head on up to the Battle Room," he suggested.

"Weez!" Gemini and Mustard said in agreement.

"Yeah!" added Meowth.

"Trubbish trub!" smiled Ariana.

With that, they headed up the stairs, all of them eager to get in some training in spite of the inclement weather, Keith most of all.

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