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Lucario A Trainer's Life! Hyrem's Childhood and Current Events!

Hello, I've made this thread to put a little more into Hyrem's backstory than what I had for my registration post. I've got a few ideas in my head, and hopefully this'll be a good place to write them down and make a part of my FB character. Enjoy!

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 8.1
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 10.1

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Chapter 1: Legacy of a Champion! A Family with Many Pokemon!

How many kids were able to say they were able to play with Pokemon? ...Well, plenty, some Pokemon like Poochyena, Glameow, and Sentret were examples of family pets across the globe. But, at least in Viridian City, only one kid could say they hung out with the likes of Weavile, Lucario, Clefable, Gardevoir, Charizard, even a Zoroark, along with countless others, on a regular basis, and that was Hyrem. If that wasn't enough, he could also visit the local gym leader, his Blastoise, Umbreon, Electivire, etc, or go to Pallet Town, where Kanto's champion lived. He had been exposed to all sorts of Pokemon very early on, many of which were indigenous to other regions.

These Pokemon all belonged to his father, all obtained through his many journeys in faraway lands. That man had been through it all: four Pokemon Leagues, Orre and Unova Colosseum, you name it. (He did retire before exploring the land of Fizzy Bubbles, though; Hyrem takes pride in exploring a world his father hadn't yet) This also meant Hyrem had many bodyguards! When he was young and would like to go to Pallet Town, Viridian Forest, or other places where wild Pokemon could be found, some of these Pokemon would make sure to keep an eye on him, especially Gardevoir.

This didn't make his mother feel any easier; she wanted him to focus on getting his education instead of exploring all over the place when he was too young to do so (which was the reason he had to wait three years more than other kids before starting his Pokemon journey). She, of course, had realized what sort of trouble one can get into having traveled a bit herself (if her Glameow and Gallade were anything to go by, they could say she had many accomplishments as a Pokemon Coordinator).

Nevertheless, Hyrem did venture out before his travels in Fizzy Bubbles and before he had Pokemon of his own, and he would occasionally get himself into trouble. Two occasions in particular required intervention from his father's Pokemon, possibly even more than that considering the circumstances...

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Chapter 2: Lost in Viridian Forest! The Newest Member of a Beedrill Swarm?!

So yeah, time to talk about one of those occasions! This was when Hyrem was about four years old, so his memories on this were a little vague, but thanks to Gardevoir's memories being passed down, I can still tell the story, it'll just be mostly from her side of it. Okay, so Hyrem was four, and he knew so many ways to sneak out and play somewhere. Mostly it was with his dad's Pokemon, but one Saturday he was curious enough to try to explore the areas outside Viridian City. Here's the thing: one of those areas was Viridian Forest, and that's where he unknowingly headed. Fortunately, the little kid never escaped the watch of friendly Pokemon; Gardevoir's Psychic powers let her know just where he was at all times, Zoroark had a great sense of smell and could blend in just about anywhere, and the Beedrill with them knew the forest intimately since it was where she lived before getting caught as a Weedle. Another fortunate thing about this moment was that Viridian Forest was relatively peaceful; the Nidoran were busy storing up food, a few Pikachu were having fun sparring matches, and the Butterfree flitted about, spreading a fine powder. Hyrem suddenly started to feel lightheaded and tired, so he figured that taking a nap in the flowers wouldn't be a problem. Unfortunately, the three Pokemon watching him had also breathed in enough of the Sleep Powder that they too fell asleep...


Hyrem slowly awoke to find himself sitting against a tree. How long had it been? The sun was starting to set, so he wanted to make sure he got back before dark- Huh? As he tried to get up, he found that he was stuck to the tree somehow. No, his whole body was tied up with something sticky. Then he heard the sounds of buzzing. And they were coming straight for him! Something flew just above him and landed somewhere on the tree, but he couldn't see it ...

Until the Beedrill crawled straight up to his face.

Immediately he was filled with fright; he had seen his father's Beedrill a few times and didn't think much of her ... he didn't recognize this one! As its antennae start feeling all around his head he started screaming, "AH!! MOMMYYYY! DADDYYYY! HELP ME!" and the Beedrill backs off since it got spooked from all the screaming. But it is not his parents that come to him, but a group of Weedle that crawl right up to him and start nuzzling him. Naturally, this does not help his situation. As he is swarmed by the Weedle, he quickly looks around him. Lots of Kakuna. And tons of Beedrill. That all fly down to meet the little boy. He struggles in vain to get free, and one of the Beedrill approaches him and forces its mouth parts into his before feeding him ... something. It didn't matter what it was, it tasted really bad to Hyrem, and he quickly spat it back out and coughed before screaming again until another Beedrill used String Shot to cover his mouth. He started crying in terror; whatever the Beedrill wanted to do with him, he didn't want any part of it, but it didn't look like he had a choice...


Gardevoir was the first of the three Pokemon guarding their trainer's son to wake up, and upon doing so she looked over to where Hyrem was; he was gone! She tried searching for his emotional signature, but her mind couldn't pick up anything. Maybe he was still asleep, or ... or maybe he was ... No, she couldn't think like that! She had to believe he was still alive and somewhere close! She woke up Zoroark and Beedrill and asked them to find their charge while she would telepathically communicate to their trainer what had happened. Of all the times to lower your guard!

Zoroark was able to pick up Hyrem's scent easily from where he was last, but the trail was difficult to follow. It was like ... he was carried in the air by something! Zoroark relays this to Beedrill, and she immediately thinks a Flying Pokemon might have carried him off somewhere. Maybe if she and Zoroark looked in the bird's nests, they might find something! But they would have to be quick in their efforts, or it was possible the little boy may end up being a part of a different family ... forever ...

Contact was successful, and Gardevoir's trainer had dropped everything he was doing and was on his way with his trusty Charizard, but she, Zoroark, and Beedrill were trying to find their trainer's son before then ... before something happened to him. Zoroark was busy in the trees asking around for a little kid, while Gardevoir covered the fields and Beedrill asked the Flying-types. Zoroark and Gardevoir weren't having much luck, but after asking a small group of Butterfree Beedrill found a possible lead! The Butterfree claim they saw three other Beedrill carry a little human toward their nest and found such behavior odd of them, but when they went to investigate they were driven out by other members of the swarm. This raised many alarm bells in the hornet's mind: what if they were planning on turning Hyrem into food for their Weedle!? She couldn't waste any time, she had to get him out of there now! The Butterfree referred her ... to the hive where she was born as a Weedle. She had escaped capture from one trainer while he was busy arguing with some weird kid with a beetle helmet before being caught the next day. Since then, she hadn't visited her birthplace. What would happen?

As Beedrill buzzed her way to the hive familiar scents began to enter her mind. This used to be her home. There were Beedrill here that cared for her and nourished her. The sight of Kakuna hanging from the branches soon came into view and she knew this was the place. One Kakuna on the ground, however, looked peculiar and would need a closer look. It didn't look like there were too many guards at the nest so a Beedrill at her level could fight them off if she needed to, but she hoped that wouldn't be necessary. As she flew in, it didn't look like the guards noticed her approach yet, so she landed off to the side and carefully made her way through the bush so she could get a closer look ... and it revealed that it wasn't a Kakuna at all, just a cocoon of something ... with a small boy's face!

At that time, Gardevoir's voice called inside Beedrill's mind; she urgently told the telepath to have everyone head toward the nest as soon as possible before sneaking over to where the boy was. He flinched while letting out a muffled scream, despite efforts to calm him down. The rescue would have to be quicker now because the guards noticed her and were releasing pheromones to call out the other members of the swarm! Not only that, the Beedrill here smelled completely different; apparently the old swarm was driven out in favor of a new colony, these weren't going to be friendly at all! There wasn't time to free Hyrem from his cocoon, so she tried to drag it away, but it was quite heavy even for one of her level to move. Just then, a black blur appeared to attack some of the Beedrill while others were held in place via telekinesis before being thrown off to the side while a Flamethrower served to ward off those coming straight for her and Hyrem!

"Are you all right?" Hyrem's dad called out to him and his Beedrill with urgency. "I'm coming!" He bravely ran into a flurry of stingers to try to reach the pair, and, with a few scratches and the occasional sting he felt, he was finally able to make it to his son and tear the webbing off him. "Daddy!" Hyrem cried as he was embraced by his father's arms. "You'll be safe now, let's get you home," the loving words could barely be heard above the buzzing while Hyrem was being carried back to Charizard and everyone was starting to try to escape.


Except for Beedrill.

One look back from her trainer after he was sure Charizard had flown to a safe enough distance, and he had just heard a squeal of pain that filled him with shock and horror. One of the swarm had tried to fly in for a deadly Poison Jab attack at him, but instead of him taking the attack to the chest he could only see his Beedrill with the other one's arm stinger right through her thorax for a fatally critical hit.


He tried to run towards his old friend, but Zoroark and Gardevoir were just able to hold him from getting himself in an even deadlier situation, and the last thing he saw before being Teleported away to safety was the rest of the swarm mobbing her body violently, as if they wanted to eradicate any trace of the old swarm's regime. Beedrill was the first Pokemon belonging to Hyrem's father that died.

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Chapter 3: A Glimpse of the Present! Hinabi Enters her Shell!

Winter was fast approaching the land of Fizzytopia, though there hadn't been any sign of snow on the horizon yet. Still, most of Hyrem's Pokemon were very grateful for the accommodations of the insulated stables that housed them, the workers ready to transfer the Pokemon here over to Hyrem's party and back via the PC he received use of more than a year ago. Since he was only allowed to keep six Pokemon with him, that left the rest of his Pokemon needing shelter elsewhere. All the female Pokemon were at one stable while the males were at another one across the way. Currently, the stable where the females were housed all of the Bug-types Hyrem had at the time--Aisa the Whirlipede, Elise the Spinarak, and Hinabi the Weedle--along with the group of five females obtained close to each other, Mia, Brittany, Vi, Zyra, and Conis, Daphne the Nuzleaf and the highest-leveled female in the stable at the time, Selina the Purrloin, Carla the Espeon, Wendy the Bagon, and others. And today was a time where things were coming to a head.

You see, ever since Hinabi had arrived on the team two months ago she has always kept her distance from other Pokemon despite efforts on everyone else's part to get to know her. And that's bothered Aisa for a while. Now was the time to confront the little Weedle about it, so she rolled over to where Elise was trying to trick Hinabi into spinning herself a silky bondage for herself so the spider would be able to snack on a leg or two, but the Whirlipede wasn't going to wait for this Spinarak's elaborate scheme. "You, go away, I wanna talk with the grub." Elise was about to protest but decided it wasn't worth the trouble; besides, if this was a "chewing out", so to speak, she could always have the leftovers. "Um, m-miss, please l-l-leave me alone," Hinabi quivered in fear as her voice trailed off, her instincts kicking in when baring her stingers at Aisa. "Pff, like that'll work," scoffed Aisa. "Look, I just wanna set one thing straight: this attitude of yours? It's disgusting. You rejecting everyone and trying to keep yourself in your own little world, it's almost as if you're saying you're better than everyone else!"

"Wha- n-n-no, I-I d-don't mean that..."
"Did I say you could speak?"
"Um... no... please go away..." Hinabi was on the verge of tears at this point.
"Uh-uh, not until I let you know just who really deserves my Hyrem's attention! Besides, I've sensed it plenty of times; he's afraid of your kind, so you don't even belong on his team. How about you go away, and don't ever come back!"
"No!" Hinabi wailed out, now starting to cry. "He's nice to me, he makes me feel happy when I'm near him. I don't want to leave him!"
"Too bad, I don't care, so I'll make you leave one way or another!" And with that, Aisa proceeded to roll right on top of Hinabi.
"Please, please stop, please..." the Weedle's voice was breaking from all the crying she was doing and the fact she was being smothered.
"Hey, stop that, Aisa, you're squishing her!" It was Daphne's voice; since she was in charge of the females on Hyrem's team while Sera and Amethyst were gone, she had to be responsible for everything going on around her, which meant more than just giving up her pranks during that time.
"Shut up! This is the best way to make sure out trainer isn't afraid of her anymore!"
"Aisa, get off of her right now!" Daphne ordered the Whirlipede. Something this Nuzleaf almost never does is give orders, but when she does give them she means it.
"What're you going to do about it if I don't?" Aisa taunted Daphne.
"Oh, only this!" Daphne then launched a Shadow Ball right at Aisa, knocking her over and causing her to fall on her side. This gave Daphne the chance to pick up Hinabi before Aisa could right herself again. Aisa rolled off without saying another word, hoping she was successful in getting Hinabi to leave. "Sorry about Miss Hell-in-a-Wheel, that was totally uncalled for!"

Hinabi didn't say a word. She had thought of leaving the team before, but after this incident, she was seriously considering it. Many of her teammates were more interested in eating a little grub like her than making a new friend, she could tell. Even among those who didn't, there were many that she felt too uncomfortable being around. The only thing going for her was Hyrem... Maybe, she didn't have to leave the team, she just... needed to hide among them. As long as she didn't draw any attention to herself... things would be okay. As long as she hid, no one would notice her, and she would be able to live among everyone without fear. With that thought in mind, she used her String Shot on the ceiling of the stable before spinning herself in silk.

There, that's what Elise wanted! Wait a minute, this wasn't quite working out the way she wanted... As the silk wrapped around the Weedle's body, it started to glow along with her. Eventually, the stinger on her head disappeared, and she felt herself completely encased in a hard shell. The glow stopped, and workers watching the scene urged one another to call their trainer to give the good news...


Hyrem woke up to loud music in his head. Though it was only his Xtranceiver, the ringtone's sound was amplified by Sera's manipulating the soundwaves psychically. "Mmm, thanks Sera. Hello?" he answered his Xtranceiver. "Wait, what!?" Whatever he heard on the other line had certainly jolted him awake for sure. "Yeah, send her over, I don't have an egg with me right now, so I have a space in my party. I want to see what she looks like now!" As a Pokeball materialized over the phone device, he grabbed it and tossed it beside his bed. "Hinabi, come on out!" A yellow chrysalis with black eyes stared at him while leaning against the wall. This wasn't the Weedle he had before, Hinabi had somehow evolved last night! Sera and the Pokemon with Hyrem looked on with mixed reactions of interest and surprise while Hyrem simply took out his Pokedex to look up the new form before saying anything:

Kakuna, the Cocoon Pokemon, and the evolved form of Weedle. Kakuna hang from trees by their own silk, almost completely immobile. Its internal body temperature is raised as a sign of preparing to evolve into its adult form. It used to be believed that all it could to to defend its soft inside from predators is harden its tough shell outside. However, it can still utilize a barb at the base of its shell to sting its opponents. It prefers to avoid combat altogether by hiding under leaves and branches.

"Wow, you've only been here two months, and you've already evolved? That's quick!" While Hyrem was afraid of the Beedrill line, he had to admit that Kakuna weren't all that bad as long as he wasn't staring at one in the eyes. Once he got past that, he managed to pick up the Kakuna and hold her in his arms. "There, what do you think of that?" He couldn't hear any response from Hinabi, though he could feel her body squirm inside. "Now just... don't evolve too quickly now, okay?" he said with some sweat dropping down the back of his head. Kakuna he was fine with. Beedrill... eh, I'll just say not so much. He still hadn't gotten used to the idea of having a scary hornet buzz around him, but Hinabi had taken a step toward that direction, albeit done to keep herself in some sort of seclusion.
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Chapter 4: An Enemy is Now an Ally!? Rengar Joins the Team!

"Hey everyone, how's it going~?"

The imminent mob of Pokemon quickly surrounded Hyrem as soon as he entered the large shed where they were all being held until he could find the opportunity to purchase a base; he certainly had the cash for it, he just hadn't found the right location yet. Anyway, some of these Pokemon were affectionate and strong enough to knock him flat on his back so he couldn't stop the further affection that ensued. Once everyone (ahemLaika) was finished, he could finally emerge from the pile so he could begin talking to everyone: "Okay, so first off, you guys obviously missed me, right? Well, I finished my job at the Arcane Realm, plus I met some really cool trainers too! And you two might like this part," he said while looking at his two Arbok, Seshiro and Shisato. "We really impressed Luke, so when he admitted defeat, his sister gave me this: the Silver Luck Symbol!" As he flashed the special badge on his backpack strap, the two Arbok both hissed excitedly and quickly slithered over to tie him up in their strong coils. "Hehe, congrats, you two," he exhaled before signaling they may want to loosen up if they didn't want to squish their trainer. "Okay, so second thing," he paused for a moment to catch his breath. "Well, we have someone new joining us, and... some of us might not like this guy. Uh... well, see for yourself."

As he tossed out the Pokeball, Amethyst gave a pretty menacing hiss as she was the only one to know who he was talking about: appearing before the other Pokemon was a Zangoose who growled back, still plenty bitter about the loss dealt to him by the Seviper he saw among the other Pokemon. But the Pokemon that gave the most surprising reaction was Laika: his fur stood on end, and he bared his fangs towards the Zangoose who had threatened Leila's life earlier, ready to lunge at any moment. And when Rengar saw Laika, he gave a nasty grin; though he did fall to Amethyst eventually, he showed absolutely no remorse in what he did to Laika. "So, want to take this from me again?" he taunted, licking the Toxic Orb that led to Laika losing his battle when he tried stealing it but got poisoned for his efforts. "Or maybe I should give this to your friend, see what she thinks of what you tried to get for her?"

"YOU STAY AWAY FROM HER!!" he Snarled before Tackling Rengar to the ground, all the while ignoring the sinister Leer he was giving off. Rengar's Strength in the arm holding the Mightyena's throat back was just enough to keep a Bite attack from reaching his own, allowing them to see each other face-to-face, Laika's angry maw to Rengar's sadistic grin that had only widened when they were close to each other.

"Laika, Rengar, stop, now!" the sharp order came from Hyrem. Laika breathed heavily while he looked up at his trainer feeling thoroughly embarrassed by the outburst. He let Rengar get into his head, and he knew just how dangerous that was before. Rengar simply maintained his grin while holding his attacker at bay. "Look, I'm not asking for everyone to be friends with Rengar, just... just remember he's one of us now, and that makes us responsible for whatever he does, so... just keep an eye on him, okay?" The tone he said those words made it apparent that he wasn't exactly fond of the idea of having this psycho on the team either. "You harm her--or any of my friends, for that matter," Laika threatened with a low growl, "and you'll find your claws won't save you from me next time."

"Heh..." Rengar gave a soft chuckle. "I'll keep that in mind." And with that, Laika released his pin on the Zangoose and walked off to watch after the younger Pokemon. When Benji, a younger Electrike adopted by Hyrem about a year ago, approached Laika, he could notice something different about his senior. "Hey... what's wrong?" he whimpered softly. Laika looked back, then down. "...It's nothing." He then sat down, leaving Benji confused and worried. He definitely heard something go on in the other room, and, though he tried to deny it, he heard Laika... shouting at someone. But who, and why?

Meanwhile, Amethyst had watched the scene and was now impressed at Laika. She never thought what was an annoying, playful puppy now had it in him to make a death threat against someone. Then again, it was Rengar, so she could relate to such animosity. Leila, on the other hand, was totally shocked by this. She had no idea why Laika would do that; when she woke up, she only saw Laika on the ground, she didn't know what had happened before then. Leila also took her leave and had approached Laika with Benji looking on. "Something's weird about Laika now, I'm scared," the Electrike whimpered. "Don't worry about it, just go play with Happy and the others, okay?" Still not satisfied, he did do as she said and walked over to his other friends. Leila sat down with Laika and let a short amount of time pass by before she finally broke the silence again: "Laika... what happened? I woke up and saw you already down before I could battle. Did he do something to you?" Laika looked at her and wondered if he should tell her or spare her the details. She deserved to know, but it could put the burden of knowing what happened on her shoulders as well...


"Hi sweetie~ ...Oh, nothing, just wanted to call about something. So I now have... one of them as a teammate- ...Shhhh, someone might hear you! Don't worry, I know of a way we can turn this into something good for us. Just meet at the hole near our shed where you can smell a nest of Rattata, and we'll set our trap there. Ohhh, we'll have SO much fun with him, we'll make him WISH I killed him. And did I mention the nest of Rattata? ...Mmm, yes, it is a nice bonus, isn't it? See you soon~"


As Vi the Combusken was on a stroll around the barn, it wasn't long before she could hear some very unusual noises coming from the forests. Before she could go in to investigate, out came Rengar, uh... not looking nearly as smug, we'll just say. "Hey, aren't you the new guy on our team? You don't look so good."
"Did you know... that she and her pal... are [REDACTED] INSANE!?"
"...Those two? Can't say I'm surprised. They've been tryin' to dress me up with ketchup since I was a Torchic. Chocolate too. I hate chocolate now thanks to them... looks like you do too," said Vi, pointing to the brown substance stuck to Rengar's ear.
As he scraped it off he gave a pretty unusual "Oh-", then covered his mouth before running back into the forest where more of those unusual sounds could be heard by Vi. He returned looking even paler before saying, "Uuh... I should be Immune to poison, why's this happening to me..."
"If what happened to you is what I think happened to you, that's not getting poisoned, that's called getting sick."
"Whatever..." a weak retort came from the Zangoose. "She just thinks that... because she beat me... she gets to team up... with her noodle of a boyfriend... and do whatever the heck... she wants with me..."
"That's Amethyst, all right."
After a pause to catch his breath, he felt he could continue. "Boyfriend doesn't seem that strong either... I bet I could take him."
"It'd be so cool and all to see him gone, but... you know she'd totally rip you to shreds if you did that."
"Heh, there'd be no point in her killing me; beyond filling her for a week, she'd get nothing out of it. And she knows it. I'd call worth."
"But..." Vi cooed sadly, "you wouldn't be living anymore. Isn't there something worth living for you?"
"Not if I'm on this nightmare of a team. Why the heck do you care anyway? No one else does, not even the human you're all with."
Vi didn't have a good response to that at first, but then she clenched her fist as she found something fairly legit. "Well, those two just deserve a good beatdown. I can't believe how everyone just wants to overlook what they're doing instead of standing up to 'em! Someday, I'll really show 'em who's boss: my claws, my feet, and my beak!"
"Tch, well you got me there, we might have something in common. How about you save a few scraps for me, eh?"
"Deal!" And with that, they shook paw and claw, ready to get stronger so they could take out the Seviper that were hunting for them.

Up in the rafters were Daphne, Leila, and Icarus looking down at what happened, though in different locations. All of them grinned at what they heard: they may have more friends willing to take the two Seviper down a notch than they thought. And despite what she heard from Laika, Leila was still willing to work with her would-be killer to deal with a greater evil at hand. Maybe with all of them attacking the two at different angles, they could finally defeat the couple...
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Chapter 5: Rare Candy Burglary! Wendy Takes a Shortcut!

It was another summer day, and the sun was setting on Fizzytopia once again, meaning it was starting to cool down. At the shed where Hyrem's Pokemon were still kept, Selina had just come back from helping her fellow Team Pocket members with another successful heist of Rare Candies. She took off her black hat with a red "P" on it and set it in her space next to a small pile of trinkets she had "collected" from a few unsuspecting humans--and a suspiciously large bag the team had helped her bring in--before sitting down, beginning the long, arduous process of meticulously cleaning herself from head to tail, waiting for a certain visitor to show herself. The Purrloin had just gotten to the bottom half of her body when her nose picked up the scent of fresh fish Pokemon nearby along with the scent of a Bagon, and she grinned as Wendy approached her, dragging six recently killed Finneon she had caught just for this purpose, two at a time. "'Kay, I got you what you wanted. Now where's my candies?" the Dragon-type demanded.

"Right here," Selina proudly claimed, patting the big bag next to her. "Help yourself~"
"Oh, I will," Wendy squeaked, stopping Selina before she could get to the pile of tasty Finneon. "I wanna see if they're real first." Selina pouted slightly but allowed Wendy to open the bag and inspect what was inside. She took five of the candies, then unwrapped and stuffed each one in her mouth, one at a time. A sinister Leer then appeared on the Bagon's face along with a smile. "How about we both help ourselves now?" she suggested. "You to your fish, and me to my candies?"

"Mmmm, pleasure doing business with you~" Selina purred before slinking over to her "payment" and biting into the first Finneon while Wendy went back into her pile of candies and began scarfing them down, feeling each new surge of power that came from eating these potent confections. Meanwhile, off to the side, a Swinub was peeking in at the scene and gasped at what she heard. The great detective Sejuani had just witnessed something very suspicious! She had to warn her trainer about it!


"What do you mean I only have 25 candies!?" Hyrem's voice could be heard at the entrance to the shed. "I had twice that many last I checked!" He had just gotten finished with his weekly errands at the shops, having picked up another Rare Candy to put into the Bank, and it was to be his 50th candy currently in his stash. Needless to say, he was quite concerned at the news that he only had half as many candies that he did before. So concerned, in fact, that he failed to notice the Swinub tugging at his pant leg. When he did finally notice Sejuani at his heels, he put his phone on hold. "What? What do you want?" "Swi swinub swi swi!" she snorted frantically, motioning further into the shed. "Something wrong with my Pokemon?" "Swi swi!" she nodded. Hyrem rushed alongside Sejuani to find Selina and Wendy. As soon as his Bagon noticed him, she held the almost empty bag close to her and started growling. Selina had already finished eating her first Finneon and was about to start on her second. Hyrem's focus was on Wendy, however, as she took the last Rare Candy in the bag and unwrapped it. Everything suddenly added up. "Wendy..." he muttered. 25 candies. At the level he last knew she was, that was all she needed. "Wendy, stop!!" he ordered as she held the last candy up to her mouth, but she looked straight at him in the eyes as she ate the candy and quickly swallowed it.

A bright light soon engulfed her before she completely changed her shape, becoming bigger and rounder. It took a while, but she soon stopped glowing, revealing her new body to be encased within a large shell, with four stubby legs protruding from it and two yellow eyes staring right at Hyrem. "Didn't think you wanted to evolve that badly..." he muttered further before checking out his Pokedex for information on Wendy's new form:

Shelgon, the Endurance Pokemon. Its body is now protected by a thick shell, making it impervious to attacks as it prepares to evolve again. The armor severely limits mobility, but its lower metabolism means it can go for weeks without food, so it only eats when the opportunity presents itself. Once it begins evolving, the shell is shed as it loses its purpose.

Well, thanks to this act of defiance, Wendy was now one evolution closer to becoming a scary Salamence. Hyrem needed to take her more seriously now as she had suddenly become a lot stronger. Thankfully, she didn't rush completely to becoming a Salamence as he had read reports of Salamence being unable to fly immediately after evolution because they hadn't spent enough time in the Shelgon stage to develop their bodies. "Well, guess I'll have to put my candies under tighter security, huh?" He returned to his phone and simply told the Bank there wasn't a problem, that he had worked it out, and that they should keep an eye out for Pokemon wearing black hats with red "P"s on them before hanging up. "All right, I want promises from you two," he looked at Selina and Wendy sternly. "Promise me you won't pull a stunt like this ever again. Rare Candies are something I decide who to give to, no one else. Otherwise, we do training in order to earn those levels. Now I'm not sure if you were trying to send me a message about that, Wendy, but just ask me about some training instead of going behind my back like you just did. Otherwise, how can you call yourself a true Dragon-type, huh? Dragon-types are supposed to be raised the hard way if they really want to be respected among other Dragon-types. What do you think about that, huh?" "Shell..." the Shelgon grumbled, looking off to the side before nodding; she knew he was right. "Now, Selina- Selina!" he called out as he noticed his Purrloin attempting to make off with the dead Finneon. "I catch you stealing candies from the team's stock, I may consider trading you away, got it?" She continued slinking off without another word, though it was clear in her expression that she got the message.

Hyrem then rubbed Wendy's smooth shell. "Gotta admit," he said to her, "having you as a Shelgon now is starting to get me a little more excited for you becoming a Salamence. We'll hold off on training for that until you get used to your new body though, 'kay?" "Shel!" she grunted before ramming into Hyrem with a Headbutt, easily knocking him to the ground. "I... take that as a yes?" he said weakly before taking a nap then and there.
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Chapter 6: Marooned! An Island of Giant Water Pokemon!?

A wave of water gently washed against a young Hyrem's bare feet followed by another, then another, until finally he woke up on the cool, sandy floor of a beach. It took him a little time, but he was soon cognizant enough to remember what had happened: he had just turned 8, and his parents had planned to take him on a cruise on the S.S. Anne II for his birthday. Which was coincidentally the day Team Aqua had chosen to hijack said cruise liner for... well, something on the ship, he didn't really pay much attention once the chaos erupted and his father, along with other trainers, began battling the terrorists in an attempt to drive them off, but once Team Aqua got whatever it was they came for the commander had ordered his Wailord to attack the cruise liner and sink it. All the passengers and crew were able to evacuate safely with Hyrem able to stay with his parents and his little brother who was only 3 at the time, but a huge tidal wave--which was later found out to have been caused by the same Wailord--swept over all the boats, at which point Hyrem blacked out and had no clue what happened. He began to scan the area for other people, specifically his family, when he noticed a large, red, jagged fin come towards him from the water. Before he could react, he saw a mouth he would swear was bigger than he was, with sharp teeth the size of pocket knives, lunge forward and almost engulf him when he instead felt himself pulled just out of the reach of the hungry jaws in front of him which closed to reveal a large, blue crocodile with a cream colored bottom jaw and underbelly staring right at its missed chance for an easy meal with total contempt before slinking back into the sea in front of the boy and his savior, waiting for its next opportunity with a mix of greed and patience.

"Whew...just in time, son." Hyrem looked up to see his father's distressed face and instinctively wrapped his arms around him. "Dad, you saved me!" he states the incredibly obvious- Ow! What? I'm just sayin'! But yeah, he was glad to see his dad again, and him being the one to save him from a big predator was a pretty nice bonus. "What was that anyway?" he asked his father. "A Feraligatr," he replied, "though I've never seen one that big before. They're supposed to be about as big as a grown-up, but that guy looks like he's three times as big! Anyway, we probably shouldn't stick around here, or he might try to eat both of us," he said, noticing the same red fin sticking out of the water in their general direction, as he motioned his son to move further up the beach. They soon came across what looked like an enormous shell with two cannons sticking out. "This Blastoise is a lot bigger than normal too..." Hyrem's father said with concern. "Lucky us, though, looks like it's sleeping, let's keep it that way." They both gave it plenty of space so it wouldn't wake up as they moved into the forest, walking along a wide river, passing by a Swampert, a Whiscash, a Jellicent, and a Quagsire, all of them much larger than normal, though interaction with them was fortunately minimal at most, with most of the huge Pokemon either oblivious to their presence or noticing them but ignoring them and simply moving past them.

Finally, they came to a lake where a woman with red hair had just jumped off of a blue, fish-like creature with a long neck, a horn on its head, four flippers, and a shell on its back. Hyrem actually recognized the woman as Misty, the Cerulean City Gym Leader, and a good friend of his father's who had actually journeyed with him and Kanto's current Pokemon Champion back when they were both beginning their journeys as Pokemon Trainers. Hyrem had only met her when she visited them in Viridian City, he hadn't met any of her Pokemon until now. "Okay, stay there, Lapras," she told her Pokemon before turning to the pair. "Hey there! So you found Hyrem, good to see you again!"
"Did you find them?" his father asked in a desperate manner.
"They're on their way here, she's just guiding some other survivors over!"
"That's good. Can you look after Hyrem for a bit? I'll go see if there's anyone else who needs help!"
"Sure thing! He can meet my Pokemon, that should keep him busy!"
"Hyrem, you stay with Misty while I go off and look for other survivors, okay?"
"Okay~" he said before running over to her while his dad went off in a different direction.

"So what Pokemon is this?" he asked Misty, referring to the Water-type next to her. "I-it looks really big..."
"This is Lapras," she explained, "and she's very tame, right, Lapras?" A soft coo was the reply the water horse gave them before she leaned in towards the boy and started sniffing him before letting out a tiny squeal so they knew she approved of him. "See, she's nice! She'll probably let you pet her on the nose if you want."
"Okay." His hand made contact with her snout before he slid it across her wet face, feeling the breath from her nostrils on his arm. "She feels so... smooth."
"Mm-hmm," Misty nodded. "Too bad Lapras are really rare, the world could use more of them."
"Yeah," Hyrem agreed. "Wait..." He stopped petting Lapras and walked along the edge of the lake, coming to a stop in front of what looked like a blue fan with red circles in the middle of it. "What's this doing here?" As he reached down to pick it up, Misty tried to warn him, "Wait, don't grab that-"

Too late. As he tugged on the "fan", it tugged back, pulling him close to the water and into the face of an angry Milotic who immediately squirted a Water Gun at him, knocking him back and forcing him to let go of its tail. "It's okay, Milotic, he didn't mean it!" Misty tried to calm her sea serpent down, but she simply looked away from Hyrem and gave a grunt of disapproval. "Sorry about that, Hyrem, it's just that Milotic don't like being grabbed by their tail like that."
"Nah, you warned me, and I didn't listen, I should be the one to say sorry, hehe!" the boy gave a small chuckle. "She looks even bigger than Lapras though... is she one of the really big Pokemon on the island?"
"Nope, that's a regular-sized one!" Hyrem's dad called out as he ran back to the group. "Though they are pretty big in general...not to mention they're pretty too!" he quipped.
"Haha, don't get her started, she loves being flattered like that!" the gym leader warned jokingly. "So, anyone else out there?"
"Not that I could find. If there were...you can probably guess what happened."
"Well, nothing else to do but wait for your wife and other son then, I guess. Say, what if I brought out the rest of my team while we wait?"
"I don't see why not, especially if even those giant Pokemon don't want anything to do with you and your team!"
"Really!?" Hyrem said with astonishment. All those big Water Pokemon are afraid of Misty's regular-sized Water Pokemon? They're that powerful?
"Yup~" Misty said with a wink. "They know better than to mess with a woman like me! All right, come on out!" As a Gyarados, Golduck, Kingdra, and Starmie popped out of their Pokeballs and splashed into the lake to join her Lapras and Milotic, Hyrem was able to spend the next few minutes interacting with her team of Water-types, though he still hadn't gotten on Milotic's good side yet. He tried again, and she turned away from him curtly. "Milotic, stop being rude, he's just a kid!" Misty scolded her sea serpent. Even her Gyarados had more tolerance for Hyrem than Milotic did!

Fortunately, the sight of his mother and brother, along with a few other passengers of the ship and the crew assigned to their life boat, had just appeared to break the situation, though why were they running- Ohhhh, a big, scary giant Tentacruel, that's why! "Oh no, he's..." Misty's voice trails off before she gets herself ready for battle. "Ice Beam, everyone! Keep that Tentacruel from reaching those people!" All of her Pokemon soon release frigid beams of white at the water leading into the lake from where Tentacruel was chasing everyone, flash freezing it and stopping the jellyfish in its tracks. Then she did an odd thing and run towards the giant Tentacruel, shouting, "Please, leave them alone! They're not here to disturb you!" The Tentacruel simply lashed at the wall of ice with two of its tentacles, breaking it effortlessly before swimming towards the center of the lake. "Tentacruel..." a low drone could be heard from the Poison-type as it sized up Misty's Water Pokemon. Hyrem's little brother cried in fear, his mother holding him close to try to calm him down as they stood a safe enough distance from the dangerous jellyfish.

"Misty...is that Tentacruel who I think it is?" Hyrem's father asked, standing beside her.
"Yeah...he's the one we saw on that island. I've been looking for him for a while, and I finally found him about a week ago and have stayed with him to make sure he...he spends his last days in peace."
"He's dying then."
Misty nodded sadly. "Or about to."
"I would've figured Tentacruel to have a bigger lifespan than that."
"He evolved from a Tentacool while in a lot of radiation, remember? That probably shortened his life by at least half."
"What should we do?"
"You get everyone to safety, I'll try to fight him off."

Well, heh, easier said than done; at that moment, Tentacruel was charging up a huge Hyper Beam and preparing to fire it on the fish in front of him, and though they all countered with their own Hyper Beams, they weren't quite powerful enough--even together--to stop the bigger beam from dropping Golduck, Gyarados, and Kingdra instantly, forcing Misty to recall them. Meanwhile, her Lapras was recruited to ferry some of the castaways away from the lake, so that left Milotic and Starmie to fend off Tentacruel. And where is our dear friend Hyrem, you may ask? Oh, he's standing close by, oblivious to the fact that he might be in danger! Moron.

"Hyrem, get out of here, it's too dangerous!" Misty calls out to him, but he doesn't move.
"Who...who's talking to me?" he asked out loud.
"Wh- it's me, Misty, now go!" she urgently shouted at him.
"No, someone else! Inside my head!" the boy yelled back. "Whoever it is, they're saying... 'Help me.'"
"What..." It was at that moment that something occurred to Misty, something Tentacruel did back when they met him.

It was also at that moment that Tentacruel fired off a Sludge Wave that threatened everyone still at the lake. Neither Misty nor Hyrem would have been able to react fast enough to it, but Misty's Milotic sure did! Before the attack could hit, she slithered in front of the two and cast a thin, green shield, Safeguarding them from all effects of the attack. Starmie was also able to avoid the attack by Diving underwater, where the gunk had no power; however, this meant Tentacruel's full focus was on the two humans and Milotic since everyone else had already moved into a safer part of the island by this point. Again came the cry, *Please...help me,* low, loud, and clear in Hyrem's mind, and before anyone could respond the three of them were Bound in the giant jellyfish's tentacles. Interesting to note, they weren't being held too tightly, just enough so they wouldn't escape.

"Who's, nngh, talking to me?" Hyrem asked again.
Tentacruel looked as if he was surprised by what the boy in his grip said. *You... you can hear me?* he asked back in Hyrem's mind.
"Wait, you're the one?" Now it was Hyrem's turn to be surprised. "Yeah, I can hear you!"
"Milooo!" the Milotic beside him added.
*But you are human!* Tentacruel's next message rang angrily in his head. *How can you hear me when my thought-speaking is meant for Pokemon!?* As he spoke that, he tightened his grip on the helpless boy.
"Ack! I... I don't know!" he sputtered. "I just can! I dunno how to help you though!"
Tentacruel's gaze on Hyrem soon softened as did his grip. *I suppose it matters no more now,* he spoke to his mind.
"What do you mean by that?"
*This other human is correct,* he said, referring to Misty, *my time in this body is short.*
"You... mean you're dying, right?" Hyrem asked Tentacruel. *Yes,* he replied with a nod.
He knows, Misty thought sadly. She also inferred that death was probably coming for him very soon. "If you want us to leave you to die in peace, we can do that," she said out loud to the jellyfish. "You just need to let us go-"
Tentacruel interrupted by tightening his grip on all three of his captors, though this was not intended to harm them; instead, the three could feel a sort of desperation from Tentacruel to keep them with him as long as he could. "...He says, 'Don't go, I don't want to be alone,'" Hyrem spoke what he heard in his mind. Misty was confused by this. "But I thought he was leading a whole group of Tentacool the last time he left us," she said, now wondering why she hadn't seen a single Tentacool when she found him.
Hyrem was in shock when he heard what was said in his mind: "He said all his friends were eaten by the other giant Pokemon here."
Misty gasped. "That's terrible!"
"He also says...they're waiting for him to go so they can eat him too." Sure enough, there stood the giant Swampert, Blastoise, and Feraligatr seen before as well as other giant, predatory Water Pokemon, ready to feast on the giant jellyfish.
"Well, we won't let them, we'll fight them off, right Milotic, Starmie!?" Misty called out to her two Pokemon still conscious. "Mai milotic..." the sea serpent cooed sadly as she looked at her trainer before shaking her head. Besides Tentacruel telling her that he was fine with his fate, she knew it wouldn't be a battle worth fighting, nor one they could hope to win.

Suddenly, Hyrem, Misty, and Milotic could feel Tentacruel's grip slacken, and they looked up to see a glazed look on his face. *Thank you...for staying with me,* his thought-speech began to grow weaker. *How ironic...that humans...are...the last comfort I have left. May you... live longer than I...* And with that, his consciousness started slipping away, and the massive tentacles holding the two humans and Milotic dropped them into the lake below. Misty had to think fast before they were caught up in the frenzy about to begin as the giant Water Pokemon moved in. "Milotic, you carry Hyrem out while I ride on Starmie, okay?" Milotic nodded before swimming under her charge, allowing him to get a good grip on her before she slithered past the lake and through the river; now wasn't the time for her opinion about this boy to get in the way of following her trainer. Misty and Starmie followed closely behind as they all made their way back out to the beach where a rescue boat was just spotted and signaled by the others. The gym leader looked back to see the giant Tentacruel's body being mauled and torn apart by the other giants on the island. Goodbye, Tentacruel...


Everyone's safety was assured since the giant monsters were all preoccupied at the moment they were being rescued, and no further casualties were reported among the group. Hyrem, his family, and Misty were all standing close to the railing, watching as they left the fateful island. "So you really couldn't hear what the Tentacruel was saying?" Hyrem had asked the red-haired woman. "Mm-mm," she shook her head. "If I had to guess why, maybe you could hear Tentacruel because you were young enough, innocent enough. I didn't hear anything in my mind back when I first met him, and he was communicating through that talking Meowth anyway, so I didn't think much of it." Hyrem's dad then put a hand on his shoulder. "Son, if I learned anything during my travels, it's that there's some things in this world that just can't be explained. The trick is living with that idea and figuring out how much of it can--or even should--be explained." He then pointed back at the island they were on. "Take that island, for example; none of us know why Water Pokemon there grow so big, but are you willing to go back there and find out?"
"No way!" the boy refused, crossing his arms indignantly.
"Haha, to tell you the truth, I'm not either!" his father chuckled.
"Something tells me you may be more interested in why Misty's Milotic doesn't like you even after you apologized to her," his mother added, once again holding her younger son who had finally dozed off after such a long day.
"Oh, I know how you can fix that~" Misty interjected. "Give her this, and she'll be your friend for life!" She then hands Hyrem a dead Magikarp by the tail, the smell of which was abhorrent to the kid's nose. "Ugh, gross!" he said in disgust. "Does she really like this?"
"She loves it," the gym leader firmly stated with a wink.
Still not convinced, Hyrem held up the fish with one hand while holding his nose with his other hand. "You want this, Milotic?" he asked. She turned away from him at first, but once she smelled what he was holding she slowly turned around and began inspecting her potential meal. He thought Milotic's expression looked very cute as her eyes stared intently at the fish before she gingerly moved her mouth around the Magikarp's head, sunk her fangs into it, then swiftly pulled it away from the boy and raised her head so she could easily swallow it whole. "Milooo~" she called out in joy before approaching him again, trying to find more food from him, then staring at him with her head tilted to the side when she found no more fish on his person. Luckily, Misty had another fish for Hyrem to give, and this time she grabbed the Magikarp with eagerness but pulled much more gently from his hands, as if inviting him to play tug-of-war with her, to which he obliged. She cheated, of course, by Wrapping her coils around his legs so he couldn't get a firm stance with which to pull her food away from her, after which she was surrendered the fish. Once she finished off that carp, she Wrapped another coil around him then moved in to slobber his cheek, much to his dismay. "Blech, fish breath!" he complained. "I think she likes me too much now!" Everyone laughed at the scene as the rescue boat carried them back to safety from an experience Hyrem would never forget.

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Chapter 7: Escape the Shadow! Time to Answer the Call of the Wind!

{This assumes the Cloud Garden adventure I was in has been cancelled as it goes over what I had planned for it. For those curious about what happened in that adventure, it starts here.}

The plan to take down this Bastiodon was quite elaborate in hindsight, but attacking it head on would only get Daphne flattened, so as she ran around the ancient Pokemon she laid down small seeds that sprouted into short, thick blades of Grass that tied themselves in various Knots, waiting for someone to trip over them and trap their movement. Bastiodon, in the meantime, waited for Daphne to run into its line of sight before it began to spit Rocks at her; the first three stones Blasted against her body as Bastiodon successfully predicted her movement and timed its fire as well as aiming at where she was going to be, then she wised up and stutter-stepped to dodge the last two before laying down the last trap she wanted to have on the floor. She took her time with the placement, however, giving Bastiodon the invitation to charge and try to Slam itself into the Nuzleaf, and given that it was five times Heavier than her it would deal a huge amount of damage if it connected. And it might have done so if Daphne wasn't planning on it attacking, but she ran straight at it only to slide right under its head and body and grab at one of its legs, tripping it so its foot landed right into one of the Grass Knots she had set earlier, dealing both Grass-type damage and Dark-type damage. Annoyance sets in as Bastiodon begins to lose its cool and charge again, this time for an Iron Head, and this time knocking Daphne off her feet as she was still getting up after her attack and didn't expect it to turn around so quickly and hit her, this one also causing her to flinch and be unable to cast a Shadow Ball this turn.

Hyrem could see Daphne was in quite a bit of pain after that attack, but nothing other than the attack from earlier had impeded her in any way from setting down all the traps she needed...now was the time for the big test. "Daphne, see if you can bait Bastiodon into some more of your Grass Knots, then get yourself ready...it's time for Razor Wind!" Daphne grew very excited as she heard this order and nodded before finding herself a very good spot where Bastiodon would have to get past 3-4 of her traps if it wanted to get to her. Of course, it could have just fired another round of Rock Blast at her while she made her way to her ideal spot and hit her with four out of five of its attacks there...which it actually did.

No matter, Daphne had gotten to the spot she wanted, and now all that was left to do was to concentrate on the spell she was desperately hoping to cast. The winds...they called to her, and she wanted to answer them, hoping they would hear her. With this in mind, she sat down and began to meditate, muttering the necessary incantation in Nuzleaf language while the air started to swirl around her. Bastiodon took this chance, now that its quarry was sitting still just waiting to be trampled by it, to charge in for a Heavy Slam attack and possibly finish her off, but one Grass Knot extended its reach and snared one of the Bastiodon's rear feet, tripping it into another Grass Knot that grasped one of its front feet, rendering it unable to move and dealing a sizable amount of damage between the two traps.

Now with the Bastiodon fully immobilized, Daphne could cast Razor Wind unimpeded. The swirling winds around her swelled and combined into a single tornado that howled so loudly and blew so powerfully it became very difficult for Hyrem to tell what was going on. Many of the skeletons and old weapons that littered the ground before were all caught up in the tornado that had now engulfed the Bastiodon; not only was the attack assaulting the Steel-type with a critical hit, but the dead seemed to be teaming up on it as skeleton after skeleton and weapon after weapon were flung at its body, and it could only defend itself against one side of the onslaught. Hyrem took a look as best he could at Daphne through the blowing winds and saw her eyes glowing a bright white before the tornado swelled even further, blocking her from view. In fact, it grew so powerful that it began to pull him into its grip! He tried desperately to grab hold of a pillar, but it was too late, he got sucked into the vortex, left hoping that nothing would hit him. As he looked down into the eye of the storm, he was met with the shocking sight of a pile of bones with a Bastiodon skull at the front as they began to wither and turn into dust. Hyrem had figured Razor Wind was a powerful attack for Daphne to learn, but never could he have imagined such an effect it would have as everything around him began to disintegrate...the skeletons, the weapons, all of it was crumbling to dust. No longer could he see anything, however, as the winds blew him up and up into the darkness, and he completely blacked out.


Everything felt so...light here. Daphne could float up, down, whatever way she wanted. But where was Hyrem? He was nowhere in sight! No matter where she hovered, she just couldn't find him. Not again...


Daphne clutched her head and tensed with fear as the loud voice boomed inside her head. "Nngh, w-who are you?" her voice quivered as she asked the question.


At that moment, multiple small clouds begin to gather until a green figure with purple markings and a purple tail materialized, the lower half of its body seemingly hidden in the clouds as its yellow eyes gazed upon the small Nuzleaf. I HAVE WATCHED YOU GROW FROM SIMPLE TRICKSTER INTO A FULL SERVANT OF THE WIND. MY NAME IS TORNADUS. I AM THE VOICE OF THE WIND.

"The Voice of the Wind?" Daphne asked. "But why have you brought me here?"


"Power? What kind of power?"

WHEN YOU AND THE HUMAN AWAKE, YOU WILL SEE. At this, Tornadus's body began to fade.

"Why do I need this power? Please, don't go, I have so many questions!" No answer came from Tornadus as his body merely disappeared, leaving nothing but the cloud he was on. Suddenly, a powerful gust of air blew Daphne upwards at a quick pace...


...and she was jolted awake. She found herself back at the remains of the house, where she was trying to rescue Hyrem from the vortex that pulled them into the world of darkness. She looked around and found her trainer lying on the ground beside her, and she rushed over and shook his body, trying to wake him up.

"...Daphne?" he asked with a weak voice. His Nuzleaf hugged him tightly around his neck, happy to see him still in one piece. He hugged back, with the assurance that the ordeal they went through was now over. "We did it...we beat Bastiodon. And we're out of that nightmare...Best thing though, was that you were able to use Razor Wind!"

"Nuzleaf nuz~" Daphne chimed in, still hugging Hyrem and not wanting to let go. Then she noticed light erupting from his backpack and pointed at it, shouting, "Nuz! Nuzleaf nuz nuz!"

"What is it, Daph?" Hyrem asked, looking over his shoulder to find something glowing from inside his backpack. He took it off and opened it, finding the light source at a case that held one of his evolution stones. As he got it out and opened it, he found that it was his Leaf Stone glowing a bright green. So that's what Tornadus was talking about! Daphne stared at the stone longingly; Hyrem had gotten it a couple of years ago, and there was nobody else he could've gotten it for but Daphne, and she knew it. The only problem was that he was waiting for Daphne to learn that one move, and learning it required lots of patience and development. She hasn't been pulling nearly as many pranks as she did in the past, mainly because her time was spent training so much. Now her hard work was finally paying off, she was finally going to evolve! "Well, I guess it's time," said Hyrem, holding out the Leaf Stone. "Unlike the others, though, you still have a choice. You don't have to take it if you don't want to evolve. That's fine, and you can always change your mind later. But just know that you earned this Leaf Stone, and you don't have to wait for the stars to align before you randomly evolve. Whatever your choice, I'm proud of you, Daphne. Always have been, always will be."

It was at this moment that doubt began to sneak its way into Daphne's mind. What if she wasn't really ready? What if she can't handle the powers this evolution gave? What if...no. Tornadus, a Legendary Pokemon, said she needed this power--what exactly she needed it for was unknown at this time--and there was no way of knowing if she had the luxury of time to delay her evolution. There was no turning back now. With this resolve, Daphne took a deep breath before shouting, "Nuz...nuzleaf!!" and thrust her hands at the stone, grasping it and quickly pressed it against her body, leaf side first. It wasn't long before the stone was absorbed into her body, and she began to glow a bright green from it. Soon enough, her hands developed and flattened out, becoming shaped like large fans, her feet changed shape and looked like a type of platform sandal worn by traditional Johto dancers, and she grew out an entire head of hair. Once the glowing stopped, Daphne's new form resembled a certain birdlike spirit from Kanjohto folklore. "Awesome," was all Hyrem could mutter as he opened his Pokedex to discover what Daphne evolved into:

Shiftry, the Wicked Pokemon, and the evolved form of Nuzleaf. Shiftry commonly take upon themselves the duty to guard the forest they were raised in and scare away those who would harm their habitat. They seclude themselves deep inside the forest and make their home in the treetops, making it difficult for humans to reach them. When threatened by something that isn't afraid of them, they use their fans to create powerful gusts of wind that have speeds up to 100 feet per second to blow their foes out of sight. Shiftry also appear to perfectly counteract their opponent's strategy as they are rumored to have the ability to read minds.

"That's a lot of cool stuff you can do! Congratulations, Daphne!" said Hyrem as he hugged his newly evolved Shiftry. "Shif shiftry~" she replied happily as she hugged him back as best she could with her new fan hands.

Then Hyrem remembered why they were here in the Forbidden Garden's area. "Oh yeah, what about the key? Think you can help me look for it, Daphne?" They looked all over the place, but no key was to be found. In addition, the vortex that sucked the two into its world before seemed to have disappeared, and the area looked completely normal now. "Well, darn, I guess this wasn't actually an area we could find a key in," he concluded. As far as the original objective for the Forbidden Garden was concerned, this little side trip was a waste of time, but seeing as it resulted in Daphne's evolution Hyrem figured it couldn't have been a total waste. "Looks like we'll have to start over. Thanks for your help though, Daphne, you deserve a really good rest, so return!" Once Daphne was safely inside her Pokeball, Hyrem made his way to the Pokemon Center, where he would regroup for a while before making a second attempt at the gate to the Forbidden Garden. Perhaps next time, he wouldn't be led down such a misleading path...

Use: Leaf Stone on Nuzleaf
Evolution!! Nuzleaf evolved into Shiftry!
New Move! Shiftry learned Whirlwind!
New Move! Shiftry learned Nasty Plot!
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Chapter 8: Hearts Race and Anger Flares! Amelia's Sudden Departure!?

Up above the mountains of Cortoza, Amelia was practicing her most recently learned move, Aerial Ace, while snacking on whatever tiny insects were available in the air. Before this, Icarus was always with her because she was too young to protect herself, but she had been through quite a bit of training and felt like she could be on her own now and not bother Icarus with such things. Today would be more interesting as her avian vision detected another bird in the air, this one with very similar patterns and colorations to her but bigger and more defined, and the Taillow quickly realized this was quite possibly what she could evolve into. She could also recognize this swallow to be male as he spoke, “Oh, hi there, little one! Didn’t think any of our kind lived here...maybe you know of a group of Fire Pokemon that are around here too? They call themselves Team Flash Fire…
Yeah, I do!” Mia lit up with excitement. “They’re my fwiends!” She had almost grown out of her lisp completely, though it still surfaced when she wasn’t concentrating on avoiding it.
Oh good, I gotta be in the right place then!” the older bird chirped. “See, they bailed me out of a really tough spot, and I wanted to visit them as thanks. They told me about the waterfall in Cortoza, and here I am! So can you take me to them?
You bet!” she tweeted. “Maybe while we go you can help me with this move I just learned, Aewial Ace!
Haha, I guess I could do that,” he said. “It is pretty difficult to learn without a few pointers. But first, let’s see you fast you are! If you can beat me in a race, I’ll help you master Aerial Ace, but if I win you owe me a dozen Berries!
Okay, so...first one to touch the top of the mountain wins?” Mia asked.
That’s just what I was thinking!” said the older bird. “Ready...set...GO!

And with that, it was a fluid motion for him to propel himself towards the tip of Mount Infernus, leaving Mia struggling to catch up. She soon started flying exactly behind the other bird and was able to take advantage of the smaller wind resistance for an easier Pursuit. She then could see him look behind and grin with admiration. “Not bad, using me as cover from the currents! But you won’t get ahead that way, so get those Berries ready; I could use a snack after this race!” Mia could only watch as he flew further away from her and closer towards the mountain.

No...I can’t just lose...I have to win this...so I can be stronger...so I can be faster...faster...FASTER!

FAAAAASTERRRRRR!” she found herself shouting before an energy she had never felt before surged within her as she flew and was starting to gain on the male once again. He looked behind again and was stunned at the sight of her glowing, enough so that he actually slowed down a bit; this was all she needed to barely pass him up, and it was the male’s turn to watch the tip of her wing touch the top of the rocky formation just as she stopped glowing and a mere moment before he could touch it. She now looked the exact same as the male except only slightly smaller. “Haha! I did it! I won!! Mia sang happily while the male looked on, dumbfounded.
You...beat me,” he said softly, “And you evolved too...you’re a Swellow just like me…
Whew, that was a good race- ...wait, what?” she asked, having failed to notice either her new form or the blush starting to form on the other Swellow’s cheeks.
Well...look at yourself,” the male chirped rather awkwardly, but it was enough to convince Amelia to fly to the closest pool of water to look at her reflection. As she landed right in front of the pool, the male landed beside her so she could compare the two. “See? You’re the same kind of Pokemon as me now...a Swellow.
You’re right!” she gasped. “And it was because of our race that it happened! Oh, thank you for helping me evolve~” she let out a chirp before lightly touching his cheek with her beak, causing his face to break out with a brighter red than his feathers.
Oh, uh, well, I don’t...really think I did much, it was probably just...your time, you know? Anyway, a deal’s a deal, I guess, so I’ll help you be great at Aerial Ace in no time! Though right now I kinda want to rest and see your friends. You’d...be okay with that, right?
Oh yeah, Team Flash Fire! And yeah, you can stay and visit for as long as you want! Though you should probably stay away from Wendy; she’d look at you as a snack, not a visitor.
Uh, thanks for the warning…” he said nervously.
Oh yeah, I never told you my name, did I? It’s Amelia, but everyone calls me Mia.
Heh, that’s a cute name- er, I mean-
So what’s your name?
Oh, uh, I don’t really have a name,” the male explained. “See, I’m a wild Swellow, I’m not owned by any human.
Oh, that’s fine, wild Pokemon are welcome at our place too! Though if some of my teammates knew you were wild, they’d be more likely to eat you too…
The male nervously forced back the bile in his throat. “Oh, r-really?” he asked hesitantly. “M-Maybe I shouldn’t-
I know! How about I give you a name? That way the others won’t know you’re wild! So, how about...mm, Vent? That seems like a cool name for you!
Hehe, yeah, that actually does sound cool-
Great, Vent it is! Let’s go! I can’t wait to show you to Icarus, and Vi, and Team Flash Fire, of course, and definitely my trainer, you’ll like him…

Back at the waterfall near the base, Hyrem was busy giving Wendy the attention she demanded and, more importantly, a bath to help with parts of her old skin that failed to shed off properly. The wings were not only the most difficult to shed but also the most needed as she would feel too uncomfortable to fly and would get very cranky as a result...a potential disaster in the making when referring to a Salamence making this bath a top priority for the day. Hiding behind one of the nearby boulders was Henrietta, not wanting to get too close to the dragon, while Icarus kept his usual watch from a high perch, and Vi and Daphne were busy sparring and testing out their new evolutions. The scene would be interrupted, however, by a cheerful chirping sound, and the six would look up to see two fair sized birds with black and red patterns on their bodies outside of their white chests, their most notable features being the two long tail feathers each of them had. One of them flew in towards Hyrem and landed in front of him (away from Wendy, just to be safe) before giving a happy “Swellow~!” It was at that moment that he started to realize who this Pokemon was. “...Mia? Is that you?” He asked and got another happy chirp in response. “Congratulations, Mia! I can’t believe you evolved on your own!”

Meanwhile, as the boy began searching for his Pokedex, Wendy gave a quick snort before checking her wings: enough of the old skin had been peeled off so she could move them comfortably for now, and her stomach began to demand food again, so she got herself out of the pool before taking off to avoid the temptation to ruin whatever moment was happening. Not that she cared about something special happening, she just didn’t want to get into any trouble with her trainer today, not after he helped her out the way he did. “See you later Wendy! Be back by sundown, and don’t cause any problems!” He called out to her, feeling it was necessary to remind her about such things. “Now, about Mia’s new form…” At that point, he opened his Pokedex to reveal that she was now a...

Swellow, the Swallow Pokemon, and the evolved form of Taillow. Swellow is one of the best Pokemon at flight, able to make any aerial maneuver look easy. Whenever it finds a suitable prey item from high above, it swoops in with pinpoint accuracy to grab the prey with its talons, giving it very little time to react and almost no chance of breaking free from its grip. Swellow then drags it to the nest to feed either itself or its chicks. As a couple, they will meticulously groom each others’ feathers, particularly the tail feathers to keep them upright, so their coats are always healthy for flight. Swellow prefer warm, mildly humid environments such as forests and lakes where food is easy to find.

“So, a Swellow...I bet you’d be great in Sky Battles...Oh yeah, looks like you found a friend!” He said, finally taking notice of the other Swellow, who looked quite nervous as he stood off to the side. Hyrem then looked at his watch. “Oh wow, look at the time! Sorry guys, I have to run off to do some favors for the park rangers, I’ll be back later! Oh, and your friend can stay as long as he wants, Mia, just make sure he stays outside, okay?” “Swell!” she tweets to him as he runs toward the base to collect a team of Pokemon in case he needed to battle.

So, what do you think?” Mia asked “Vent”.
He, uh, seems nice, I guess,” he replied.
Yeah, he’s pretty relaxed for a human,” Vi interjected before kneeling to get closer to the two Swellow. “Most of the time, he just lets us do what we want, and a lot of us just do training on our own whenever he’s busy with things. Anyway, my name’s Vi, and this is Daphne!” said the Blaziken, referring to the Shiftry next to her. “Nice to meet you!” said Daphne. “What’s your name?
Oh, uh, it’s...it’s Vent.
Also good job on evolving, Mia!” Daphne added. “How did it happen?
Well, I actually beat him in a race!” Mia tweeted proudly. “And now he’s going to teach me how to master Aerial Ace and maybe some other cool moves!
Yeah, she’s pretty and fast- I-I mean, she’s pretty fast, caught me by surprise because she evolved, you know?” Vent’s slip raised some eyebrows between the two older Pokemon but didn’t go beyond that.

I’ll bet,” a disgruntled voice could be heard from above as Icarus descended from his perch to approach the two swallows. “Big brother~” Amelia called out, oblivious to the Skarmory’s mood at that moment. “Vent, huh?” His focus stayed on the other Swellow. “Is that actually your name, or just something Mia came up with?
Uh, well, I-
Don’t bother answering. Mia, what are you thinking bringing a wild Pokemon here? Don’t you know that’s dangerous?
Wait, how did you know he was wild?
Come on, it’s not that hard to smell on him. He’s lucky Wendy didn’t eat him up right as you two were flying in!
I just wanted you guys to meet him,” Mia answered sadly.
And what’s this about you two going off so he can train you these moves? I’m perfectly fine at Aerial Ace, if you were really struggling with it that much, why didn’t you ask me about it? I’d have been more than willing to help you with it!
Well, he said he could teach me some other moves too…
Oh, really? And what might these moves be?
Well,” Vent began, “I know Brave Bird and Air Slash, and I got those just from evolving.
So that’s what’s going on then! You want to help her with moves she’d be totally fine learning on her own, and oh, it just so happens that it takes weeks for you to do it! Plenty of time to get to really know her, isn’t it?
What are you talking about, big brother?” Mia asked Icarus.
Oh, please, you can’t be that blind, can you? He’s been acting funny the whole time! You know, like the way I act around, uh hehe, pretty girls…

Huh?” the female Swellow chirped softly, having seen the expression Icarus referred to, now finding a similar expression in the male Swellow next to her. “I don’t understand...” The other Swellow was silent, looking away while trying to hide his face.
Well, good, then ‘Vent’ can be on his way out before Wendy comes back and changes her mind!
Now wait a minute!” Amelia yells at Icarus. “Why are you in such a rush to have Vent leave!?
Like I said, his safety-
No!! That’s not it, I can tell! What’s really going on!?
Icarus was taken aback by Amelia’s bold stance all of a sudden; he had never been on this end of it before. “W-well, I...I’m...thinking of your safety too…
And how does Vent leaving make it so I’m safe!? He’s a really good friend I just made!
Yeah, well...sometimes you’ve been known to make some bad decisions.
So!?” Amelia chirped angrily at him. Never before had she felt so belittled, and coming from Icarus, who had been there for her all this time, she couldn’t help but show on her face just how hurt she felt from that statement. “That’s never stopped me before! I can find out on my own if it’s a bad decision or not.
At this point, Vent felt a little awkward as the two Flying-types argued and began backing away. “Um, Mia, maybe I should just go…
Mia looked towards her new friend, and a new thought crossed her mind. “No...maybe we should just go.
Yeah, maybe you- what did you just say?
You heard me…” the female Swellow chirped softly. “I know our trainer loves me--he loves all of us--but I’ve been thinking...maybe I’m meant to be somewhere else! Someplace where I don’t have to worry about living constantly with certain Pokemon that think of me as food instead of friend, someplace where I can fly freely! And maybe someplace that’s far away from a...a selfish, jealous, stupid...brother!!
Jealous!? Of what, him!?” Icarus asked with indignance. He never would have thought Mia had the nerve to call him that!
Well, that’s what it looks like!” she chirped angrily.
That’s enough!” Vi tried to interrupt, approaching from the side. “Both of you, calm down, before you say something you’ll regret!
Sorry, Vi, but I don’t care anymore!” said the female Swellow, still considering the Blaziken a good friend, all things considered. “I’m leaving, and that’s that!
You wouldn’t last a week in the wild!” the Skarmory interjected. “You’re captive-born, like I am; sure, you know how to hunt, but out there it’s just you and whoever you happen to meet that day!
Well, it wouldn’t just be me because I have Vent!” Mia replied, to which Vent starts to blush. “And you won’t have to worry about me...because you aren’t really my big brother...in fact, you aren’t my brother at all, not anymore!
Icarus gasped at that comment; it was at that moment in particular that his feelings were truly hurt. “Well, that’s fine by me. I never needed a silly, little sister to get in my way anyway. So go on! Get out of here!
Mia turned to Vent, spreading her wings. “Let’s go…” Vent was going to say something but thought against it and followed the other Swellow away from her home, tears streaking down her face as she left everything she loved behind her...

*To be continued*
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Chapter 8.1: Goodbye, Amelia! The First to Leave the Nest!

Monsieur Icarus?” a little Froakie croaked softly. She was looking for a certain Skarmory who had flown off somewhere after an incident between him and a Swellow, a very good friend of hers, which resulted in the Swellow flying away with another of her kind. The little blue frog wanted to look for her friend, named Amelia, but she knew there was no way she could cover the distance Amelia could without someone else flying her around (and asking Wendy, the only other Flying-type she knew that could handle carrying someone on their back, would risk her being eaten by the Salamence in less than two seconds). Besides, she had seen Mia and Icarus and how they were good friends with each other, and the way they ended their friendship shocked her. They couldn’t leave each other now, at least not like that…

Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!!” the Froakie named Henrietta could hear along with the sound of metal striking against rock, and she poked her head out from behind the rock pillar into the clearing to see Icarus repeatedly bashing his Iron Head against a solid wall of stone and making a few good dents in it as well, all while muttering, “Stupid, dumb, idiot, moron!!

Ah, m-m-monsieur?” she muttered softly. “What!?” he shouted as he quickly turned around and glared about, looking for whoever had interrupted his tantrum. Truth be told, while she was told by him that he would do no harm to her, those sharp wings, talons, beak, and everything else about the Skarmory’s body always seemed to tell her otherwise, and considering the mood he was apparently in she hid herself behind the rock, her whole body quaking, thoroughly convinced this was the moment the Steel-type was going to snap. “If you’ve come here to say, ‘I told you so,’ I swear I’ll- oh, it’s you,” he said, his whole demeanor softening as he discovered the frightened Froakie cowering behind the rock, but this didn’t stop Henrietta from letting out an “Eek!” before hopping away in fear. “Nonono, wait, come back! I didn’t mean to, I’m sorry, I-” he began, but she had hopped out of sight before he could finish.

Oh well,” he sighed, drooping his head, “it’s probably better you ran away. I can’t help you get over your fear of me, and maybe there’s no point in doing that anymore. I’d just be a bad friend, y’know? You saw how good a friend I was with Mia…” He turned back, ready to bash his head against the wall more when Henrietta’s voice could be heard, “I...I need your help. I want to look for Mia, but I cannot do that on foot. You would be the only one to keep up with her, and I am so...how you say...worried about her? I am thinking you are also worried, so would you take me with you, sil vouz plait?” A minute of silence… “It is fine, I understand if you-
Hop on.
Henrietta slowly poked her head out to see Icarus had sat down, his back turned towards her, looking behind himself for any sign of the shy, scared Froakie. She crawled tentatively towards him, still unsure about it until he said, “Come on, we don’t have all day to catch up to her!” That made up her mind, and she latched onto the Skarmory’s neck with her tongue before pulling herself into a hug. “Merci~” she squeaked before getting herself in a comfortable position that didn’t involve her getting anywhere near his wings. “No prob~” he replied before taking to the air with the blue frog on his back. “Oh, and don’t do that tongue thing again, I don’t like getting anything on me that rusts my skin up.


The sun hadn’t touched the horizon yet, but the Ignatius River was quite long, and night would fall before Amelia and Vent would reach the coast, so they were planning to stay the night under a cement bridge that Vent knew about, one made by the locals so tourists could cross the river safely and without getting wet. Currently, they were perched on a tree close by the river taking a break as they were going to follow the river until they reached the bridge. They had been mostly silent up to this point when Vent decided to break it: “So...are you sure about leaving your friends behind? I mean…really sure?

I’m not sure about much at this point,” she replied, looking down towards the people playing games at the river. “But I’m feeling okay with it more and more. See, I hadn’t told anyone about this, but I’d been thinking about leaving the team for a while now, and what happened back there...well, it just rushed me into making that decision. That’s probably the only reason I have any doubts; it wasn’t the decision I made, it was the way I made it.” She then looked at Vent with a smile. “But what I don’t have any doubts about...well, I’m looking at him.” Vent simply blushed at her comment then blushed even further when her beak touched his cheek. “Uh, well, that’s good,” was all he could say before he instinctively inched his way towards her.

Well, well, well, what do we have here?” came a voice from behind them. “Two lovebirds taking up MY perch space!” Mia turned around, expecting Icarus since the newcomer had similar speech mannerisms to the Skarmory and saw a brown bird with large wings, a long neck and beak, and what looked to be a red “mohawk” on its head. It then became very apparent that the Fearow planned to land right where the two Swellow were, so they jumped away from each other which allowed the larger Flying-type to land between them.

What’s the big idea, jerk!?” Mia spoke up.
You heard me, all I’m doing is taking MY spot, and for my next trick I’m going to give you a chance to leave before I drive my beak right through your skulls!
This wasn’t anything new to Mia: she had seen other Fearow around the island, and they were quite the territorial Pokemon. Still, as a Swellow, she was just as stubborn, and she stood her ground. “Well, we simply came here to take a break, and once we’re done with that break, we’ll be out of your feathers in no time.” Vent wasn’t so confrontational. “Er, maybe we should go, we can always find somewhere else to rest…
The Fearow laughed at the starkly different mindsets shown from the two Swellow. “Sounds like you two ain’t on the same page! One shows some Guts, while the other just has no spine!” He then looked at Mia. “Tell you what, you can stay with me--maybe you’ll even get the chance to make some babies with me if you’re really good…” Mia forced herself to gag out of disgust, but the Fearow ignored her reaction and faced Vent. “And you can stay as a…I dunno, a trophy, a meal for later, whatever, take your pick.
Uh, Mia, I really think we should get going now-

Ah!! Get OFF of me!” Amelia interrupted as she suddenly felt a sharp pressure press down on her back; from Vent’s view, he could see the Fearow’s right foot had grasped the other Swellow from behind, the talons digging into her back. “Did I sound like I was giving you that option?” the larger bird asked in a threatening manner.
No, l-let her go!” Vent said, trying to muster up as much courage as he could.
Or what?” the Fearow teased, throwing a Leer attack at the male Swellow for good measure.
Or...or...or THIS!” And with that, Vent attempted to drive his beak into the Fearow, but because he closed his eyes it was sheer luck that the Peck attack found its mark on Fearow’s left leg, causing him to squawk loudly in pain; he was caught completely off guard by the male Swellow’s sudden defiance. Vent, meanwhile, didn’t look to see what was happening, he had already bolted from the branch and was flying as fast as he could away from there.

Okay then...you must made yourself a dead bird,” the Fearow muttered. “YOU HEAR ME!? YOU’RE A DEAD BIRD!!” After that screech, he took off after the fleeing Swellow, instinctively letting go of Amelia in the process. “Not if I have anything to say about it!” said Mia. “Run, Vent! Don’t let ‘im catch you!” she called out before straightening herself out and flying towards the scene as fast as she could.

Try as he might, however, even at his top speed Vent found himself being caught up quickly by the Fearow who took as many opportunities as he could to increase his Agility. It wasn’t long before the bigger bird had his talons fastened on the smaller Swellow and had slowed down to find a good branch to land. “Hahaha, you honestly thought you could escape me!?” he gloated. “...There! I’ve found the perfect place to turn you into a pincushion!” Vent looked ahead and saw a wild looking tree with all sorts of long thorns that looked like full sized daggers to him. “Say goodbye to your little- GAH!!

Fearow was interrupted by Amelia slamming into him with an Aerial Ace; his slowing down allowed her to catch up to him and save Vent as the impact of the Flying-type attack was enough to release the other Swellow from his grip. “Running won’t work, we have to hide!” Vent said as they both started flying away. Amelia looked around and noticed the same thorny tree and one important detail about it: a hole in the middle of it! The tree was hollow! It would make for a good hiding place if they could navigate safely through the thorns and briars blocking their way to it. “All right, that’s it!! YOU’RE BOTH DEAD!!” they could hear the Fearow crow with an unharnessed fury Amelia had only previously seen from Amethyst. “That hole!” Amelia shouted. “Go, now!” Instantly, they both used Quick Attack to dash their way into the thorns, but the thorns held strong and scratched them up. There was no time to find a safer way, but soon enough first Mia and then Vent was able to dart through the hole...and into something surprisingly soft. And large.

Mia was the first to look up to identify the creature as a big, brown bird with six dark brown triangles pointing downward, a hooked beak, and two long feathers adorning its head like a crown. She had to admit she had never seen a Pokemon like this before, and as its gaze fixed unerringly onto the two intruders to its nest it looked like it hadn’t slept in...well, it hadn’t slept period. “Well!?” the bird that Vent could identify as a Noctowl spoke with a cranky, elderly voice. “You young’uns gonna explain why you flew right into my home and disturbed my meditation!?
Please, s-sir, don’t kick us out,” Mia desperately tried to respond, “we need a place to hide, or that Fearow will-
You can’t hide there forever!!” the aforementioned adversary could be heard coming from outside the tree. “That old geezer’s bound to get rid of you at some point, and when he does…” They didn’t hear anything further other than the flapping of wings fading away and leaving them in peace for the moment.

I’m afraid he’s right,” the old Noctowl spoke after a moment of silence. “This place is too small to fit the three of us for long, so you two won’t even be able to spend the night here. However…” His voice trailed off before he started slowly twisting his head until his face was exactly upside-down; perhaps this was how this Pokemon showed he was deep in thought? After a few minutes, his head twisted back to its normal orientation before he spoke again: “Yes, that may work...I’ve a secret exit in case I need to leave without havin’ to go through those nasty thorns, just give me a little time to open it up…

Mia and Vent looked at the Noctowl, then at each other, clueless as to his intentions as he started flapping his wings, hovering just above the ground, his eyes glowing blue. All of a sudden, the floor beneath the two Swellow opened up, putting them in free fall. “Good luck you two!” was all they heard before the trapdoor above them was lifted shut, leaving them to fly downward toward a soft amount of light below them. Soon enough, they landed at the bottom, somewhere around the tree trunk, and the small amount of daylight left at this time could be seen through some shrubbery obscuring this hole. “An exit!” said Vent in a hushed tone. “Wow, good thing this wasn’t occupied by someone-” at which point he saw a tightly clumped ball of fur with what looked like the skull of a Patrat protruding from the pellet the Noctowl above them likely coughed up a while ago. “Let’s just get out of here,” Mia said nervously before the two began to exit the chamber.

And felt a familiar pressure bear down on her from above.

Gotcha!!” the Fearow said victoriously. Mia quickly looked to where Vent was, and her heart sank when she found the bigger bird’s talons digging into him as well. “That old coot honestly thought I didn’t know about this place...my mate and I lived here, for Ho-oh’s sake! Now where was I...Oh right! Turning you two into Swellow kabobs!” Both Swellow started struggling at the mention of this, but it was Amelia that felt the end of Fearow’s beak at the top of her skull. “You first, little lady. You know, you could have had something with me, but I guess you just wanted to be trash for the scavengers to pick up. Let me help you with that…” The pressure lifted off her skull for a moment, likely him raising his head up to ready the Drill Peck that she could hear begin to charge up, and she shut her eyes ready to accept her fate.
But it never came.

In fact, the talons suddenly released from her back, and she opened her eyes to see her assailant in front of her, flat on his back. Then another familiar sound and sight...the sound of metal clicking onto the ground as two large, silver feet landed in front of her, and she looked up, overjoyed to see the body of Icarus standing guard over her vulnerable form. “Make a bird kabob out of my friend, huh!? he threatened. “Maybe I should see how YOU like it!
And what’re you, some knight in shining armor ready to save the day?” the Fearow retorted.
You could say that (though any other title meant to bring the ladies to me works just as well). You can also call me someone ready to Dance,” he said as he brought his wings together in a cross as if they were Swords. (He told me to add that “dancing” part, by the way, he’s kicking himself for not thinking of that line at the time!)
So am I,” said Fearow as he Mirrored the same Move Icarus used. They then both took to the skies to begin their clash, at which point a voice croaked near Mia. “Are you alright, mon ami?” To her right stood Henrietta, the Froakie she and Hyrem had befriended at a special event a few years ago. It was certainly odd for her to come with Icarus since she has been afraid of anything sharp after a nasty encounter with a Honedge, but that didn’t matter for the moment. “I think so,” she replied, “I’m not hurt really bad, at least.” A glance to the left revealed Vent to be quite winded and shaken, but also not badly injured.

Meanwhile, Icarus and the Fearow repeatedly collided with each other midair, and despite the level advantage Fearow clearly had the type advantage was still in favor of Icarus, so Fearow cast his gaze toward the trees below him and started flying down. “Hey, where do you think you’re going!?” demanded Icarus. As he followed the other Flying-type down, he noticed the two Swellow who had just barely gotten up as well as the Froakie with them...and Fearow was headed straight in that direction. “GUYS! LOOK OUT!!” he squawked desperately, racing with a boost of Agility to try to make it there before the other bird of prey could...and he was able to make it. “You jerk, you leave them out of this, it’s between you and me!

And what made you think I was gonna involve them, huh~?” he could hear the Fearow’s voice jeer at him from above. “Icarus?” Mia said softly. “I don’t think he was attacking us.” He looked above where the Fearow had Roosted and was recovering from his earlier injuries. “Boy, you idiots make it really obvious that you’re man-hatched! That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, and your big, dumb, shiny friend there just fell for it! What, did you need your precious human to tell you all about it?

Icarus was about to respond when he saw something in the distance. “...Not sure, but maybe you needed a kid to tell you about something.” He pointed his wing in a direction past the Fearow to which the Beak Pokemon responded, “Oh sure, like I’ll fall for something that dumb after- AWK!!” Fearow quickly took off, narrowly avoiding a stream of green flames aimed straight at where he had landed.

Good, keep flying! I like it when dinner doesn’t make it easy on me!” roared a hungry Wendy coming in at a high speed. She was soon relentless with her Flamethrower and Dragon Breath attacks that her prey was barely able to dodge each time, and the last thing the three Flying-types below heard was a desperate plea for help from their harasser before the two flew out of sight. “Gotta be honest,” commented Icarus, “I never thought things would turn out like that.

Me neither,” a new voice chimed in, and Icarus could only gawk at the source: another Skarmory touching down close to them, a female, and you already know where that’s going as far as Icarus is concerned. “I was sort of hoping the poor sap I artificially called my ‘boyfriend’ wouldn’t get eaten by something like a dragon before I got the chance to have at him myself; he hadn’t outlived his usefulness yet. In fact, he did say he had a 2-for-1 special in mind for me tonight...I’m guessing you two were supposed to be my offering?” she said, looking at the Swellow. Neither Mia nor Vent dared to respond, but Icarus did: “I can offer myself, if that’s what you want~
Dream on, lover boy,” said the female Skarmory. “Besides, I don’t subscribe to cannibalism, it’s a barbaric practice,” she said with a wry smile that made the two Swellow wonder if she was joking or not. “Off you go~” And with that, her Wing began to glow with a metallic shimmer before she batted Icarus away and into the sky while Mia and Vent watched with a mix of awe and fear; this was one Skarmory they really didn’t want to mess with. “Now as for you two, I suppose that dragon is a friend of yours, the way your lovesick companion talked about her?” The two Swellow and the Froakie nodded. “Very well, then I shall consider you having done me a favor for doing away with an annoying brute and give you and the frog with you a headstart before I count to 10.
Amelia was puzzled for a short moment. “What do you mean a headstart-
Bye now!” Vent wasn’t waiting any longer before taking to the air and flying away from the wild Skarmory.
Amelia soon got the message, but waited for Henrietta to get on her before following after Vent.


None of the three Pokemon saw the wild Skarmory in pursuit of them as they headed in the direction they saw Icarus knocked away, and soon enough they found their silver friend lying on the ground dazed, whom they helped up with enough time and effort. (“Mayb-be an-n-nother day when you’re av-v-vailable?” he said weakly.) After taking a moment to catch his breath he looked at Amelia. “Thank the legendaries we got to you before you got really hurt, or...or worse.
Thanks for finding us!” Mia replied. “We don’t know what we would’ve done without you.
Well, I needed a little push to do it,” the Skarmory said before switching his gaze to Henrietta. “It was her idea.
Amelia chuckled a bit at Icarus’s admittance. “Wow, not taking credit for once.
You know, I don’t remember you being so quick on the uptake before.
Well, I’ve been around you so much, I guess I’ve finally caught on!
Both Flying-types laughed for a moment, enjoying the time they were sharing as if their argument had never happened. It was Icarus who spoke up first again: “Look, I just...I just wanted to say...I’m sorry. I know I can be a moron sometimes, but earlier...I was just the worst moron alive.
Yeah, well,” Amelia began. “I said stuff I didn’t need to say, and I would’ve felt a lot better about leaving if I didn’t say them.
Wait, so...you’re still leaving? After all this?” asked Icarus.
Amelia paused for a moment to gain the further conviction she needed before walking over to Vent. “I think it’s the right thing for me to do. I mean...I love Vent, but it’s not just because of that. I want to see the whole world, and it sounds like there’s a lot more to it than where we are. I could see where Henrietta came from, for example, or maybe see our trainer’s family, wherever they are. And...okay yeah, I really love Vent.” she said while forming a blush to her face while watching the other Swellow’s face redden as well.
There was another long pause as Icarus struggled to think of what to say. “I...I...okay then. I guess one reason why I didn’t want you to leave with Vent was...well, I didn’t want you to leave at all.” Mia didn’t respond for she had an inkling of what he was getting at. “I never really thought of life without you around,” the Skarmory continued, “and you making me think about it so quickly just scared me. I mean, I still remember when you first came onto the team; you were this wide-eyed chick who looked up to me, called me ‘big brother’, and thought I could do no wrong. And now look at you! If you weren’t you, I’d probably be flirting with you and stuff like I always do-
And I would’ve given you a headache from all the pecking on your head.
Heh, yeah, probably. The point is...you’ve grown up. You’re not a tiny bird that needs protecting anymore, so...yeah, go ahead. Do what you want to do. And don’t let any selfish, jealous, stupid brother try and stop you!” Icarus winked at the last part.
Hehe, I won’t,” Amelia tweeted with a chuckle. “Oh wait, what will our trainer say? Or our teammates
We’ll tell them what happened,” he said as he lowered himself so Henrietta could hop onto his back. “You know how chill our trainer is, I’m sure he’ll understand.
And what about you, Henrietta?
I do not know,” the Froakie spoke for the first time in this scene. Amelia was the first Pokemon she had met with Hyrem, and now that she was leaving it was like a big hole had suddenly formed in her heart. “You were always the one I could talk to, mon ami, and with you gone...I will not know who to turn to.
It’ll be fine,” said Icarus, turning to the frog on his back. “You’ve got me, and you’ve been playing with Nissa too. I think things’ll work out.
Really? You would do that!? Oh merci!” she said before hugging the Skarmory’s neck with her webbed hands.

Hey Icarus, I just wanted to say something,” Amelia chirped, then motioned for Icarus to lean his head down to her. “Just between you and me...I think you’ve grown too.” She gave Icarus a gentle peck on the cheek and then turned to Vent. It was finally time. “Okay, I’m ready.
Me too,” he replied softly.
As the two began to take flight, Amelia turned one last time toward her two friends. “Bye for now! I’ll try to come visit some day!” “Au revoir!” Henrietta croaked back. And with that, the pair of Swellow flew off, with Icarus not saying a word until the two were out of sight, with what sounded like sniffling to Henrietta. “Dangit...I hate crying. It rusts my face up so much…


As Icarus and Henrietta landed near the entrance to Hyrem’s base, they could see Wendy sitting off to the side licking her lips and sending the last of whatever she had eaten down her gullet. “Mmm, that’ll fill me for a good couple of weeks~” her voice rumbled with a mood unusually pleasant for her.
Hi there, uh, Wendy,” Icarus greeted nervously. “So, about that Fearow…
Hm? Oh, it’s you,” the dragon grumbled casually. “Who, the mohawk turkey?” She used her front paw to pat the scutes guarding her belly. “He’s in here. You can hop inside if you want to talk to him,” she taunted before opening her mouth to welcome a possible meal in.
Uh, n-no thanks,” refused Icarus. “You may want to get inside, ‘mad morsel’,” he then said to Henrietta, butchering the Kalosian language.
That is a good idea. Oh, and perhaps I can work with you later on how to speak Kaloseur,” she offered before hopping off his back and heading straight for the pool.
I might want that,” he said to himself. “After all, it does sound…tres romantique~

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Chapter 9: An Enemy of an Enemy...That is Tsurara!?

Sticking out of a large bush, a large pair of jaws had snapped shut on some unfortunate wandering animal that could be seen trying to get out but the huge mouth wouldn’t budge until the creature inside it stopped moving, a process made quicker by the Sweet Scent it used to lure the critter inside in the first place, now serving as an effective numbing agent. Soon enough, the victim had given in, and one gulp was all it took to send it on its way to its final resting place. The mouth’s large tongue licked the jaws in satisfaction...with another, smaller mouth doing the same as the body controlling the jaws behind her sat up and looked at the bulge in her belly...this would be a suitable meal for Akali.

As she got up to walk back to Hyrem’s base, however, she noticed another ravenous creature, a Snorunt named Tsurara, finish off her own meal, though with more of a mess than Akali had. Tsurara was one of her newest teammates and an admirable predator much like herself, though she lacked the refinement of stealth and ambush, apparently preferring a simple chasing down of her target instead. Akali walked up to the Snorunt, impressed that the Snow Hat made chunks of molten shale out of a Slugma, and asked, “You never stop eating, do you?

Always...hungry…” the Snorunt droned before picking up the last big chunk of newly cooled magma and shoving it down her throat.
Are you ever...well, not hungry?” Akali asked again.
Nope, never...never not hungry…” Tsurara replied.
Really? Poor thing…” the Mawile concluded, the sad realization hitting her as hard as an Earthquake attack. Even as a predator, there was some limit to how much Akali feasted on before she could desire no more for a time. Having a constant desire--no, the constant compulsion --to feed and feed, never satisfied with how much you’ve eaten...it must be torture to Tsurara! “Do you...know of any way you could stop it?” she asked further.
I change,” Tsurara explained simply. “But I...not know how…nope...
Change...do you perhaps mean evolve?
Yes, yes that! But...again, not know how…
Have you tried asking our trainer?
Who, human?” Tsurara asked. “But...human tasty! Human...good to eat, yesss~” she said with perhaps a little too much excitement.
Yes, I will admit he would make for a good source of flesh in emergencies. And you have been after him for quite some time (with Carla being there at every turn). But perhaps he may be your way out of...not being hungry? He does know quite a lot, actually.
Tsurara paused to process this information. “I no think of that…
At this moment, Akali had seen Hyrem walk up to the door to his base, back from another trip to the meat market.
Look, there he is! How about we go ask him right now?
Tsurara thought very hard, trying to resist the urges inside her for once. “Okay…” she finally said. “But if he not know, I eat him!
That sounds fair,” Akali said with a smirk. “And I’ll even help you catch him, maybe even deal with the scary Espeon as well!
Oh yes, forgot about scary Espeon,” said Tsurara. “But you do things, it all work, very good, yes!!
Yes indeed,” the Mawile finished before guiding Tsurara to their trainer, potentially their long-awaited special meal…


“Wait, you want to evolve?” Hyrem asked Tsurara.
Sno snorunt sno sno!!
“And if you can’t help her, she’s going to eat you,” said Michael, who considered the Snorunt pretty predictable to translate for.

Hyrem, meanwhile, saw this as an opportunity; if he could help her evolve, that may get her off his back...maybe. Problem was, he didn’t know how he could evolve her, so he consulted Dexelle, looking up “Snorunt evolution”, and got 2 results: one was for an evolution after the traditional answer of “gain enough experience”, and the other was for one that could be obtained after using a Dawn Stone, but only for females. Neither result said what the evolutions were, though that made sense because he had not seen either evolution to register into the Pokedex yet. The first evolution would take time and effort put specifically into training Tsurara up, which was not something Hyrem was willing to risk on a regular basis (also, even if Carla allowed this to happen, she would demand that she be in the picture at all times). That made the choice pretty obvious, but was she ready for evolution? More importantly, was everyone else ready for her evolution?

He took everyone--Tsurara, Akali, Carla, and Michael, as well as Ahri and Sera who were watching from the side--into the bedroom where the PC was and took one of two Dawn Stones out of his storage, and as soon as it caught Tsurara’s gaze her demeanor suddenly shifted. Instead of being simply a creature of pure instinct, she turned into a desperate beggar, rushing over to him--Carla tensing up, thinking she needed to act in that moment but not yet--before the Snorunt grabbed onto his leg not to bite but to begin an earnest plea, not in Pokespeak but in human tongue, albeit still as broken as it was when Hyrem first met the Ice-type: “Stone!! Yes, stone, give me, must have, must have stone!!”
“Wait, you can talk!?” blurted out a surprised Hyrem, reflexively holding the Dawn Stone away from Tsurara. “I thought that was a Dream-World-only thing!”
“Yes, yes, I can talk, now give stone!!” said Tsurara, starting to get impatient.
“Okay, well…” he began to lower his hands down but quickly took them back up. “How do I know evolving you won’t make you even hungrier than you are?”
“It work, yes, it work, just please...give stone! I...I do anything, I no eat you anymore, and you be my master, just...pleeeease??” she squealed, clinging fast to his leg with his arms.
“All right,” said Hyrem, finally giving in. “I guess it’s worth a shot.” And with that, the Dawn Stone was relinquished, and the smooth, bright blue rock fell into Tsurara’s grasp. As it began to react with her body, she said, “Yes, this it. I feel free...free…” Suddenly her demeanor changed once again, this time with her voice, “FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOOM!!” As the stone grew brighter, she suddenly ingested it, after which her arms spread out, wider than they looked like they could normally spread, before what looked to be the head popped out of the “coat” and underwent a complete transformation before finally being revealed as a floating head with long arms extended from the top of its head and what looked to be a gown underneath with a red “ribbon” tying the gown at its “waist”. Two horns made out of ice jutted out of the creature’s head, and its purple face with alluring blue and yellow eyes seemed to be guarded by a white skull adorning it with a diamond-shaped hole in the forehead. As the new form looked at her hands, Hyrem saw fit to open up his Pokedex and register Tsurara’s new form:

Froslass, the Snow Land Pokemon, and the evolved form of Snorunt. Most legends about this Pokemon originate around the northern areas of Sinnoh, and they tell of women lost to the frozen mountains and sightings of this spirit entity reported soon after they are found dead. Most of its body is hollow, although there is still a physical presence felt when touching it. The icy breath of a Froslass is reported to have reached -60 degrees Farenheit and it is used to freeze its prey after luring it in close. Even after being drained of anything useful, the victims are kept by Froslass as trophies.

“I...never thought this day would come,” Tsurara muttered to herself. “My true form...restored…” She looked down at the empty Snorunt husk she left behind upon evolving. “I wonder if…” she trailed off before floating down, picking up the “hat” and turning it upside down before taking a small nibble on the bottom of it. Gasping, her mouth watered at the taste, saying, “Oh Kyurem, if my previous body knew about this I might have eaten it sooner (or gone after other Snorunts for their hats)!” And with that, she began to tear into the husk as if it was a delicious scone while everyone else looked on in confusion. Once she stuffed the last of the husk, the tip, into her mouth and swallowed it down (where did all that food go anyway?), she licked the last of the “crumbs” from her lips and said, “Mmm, now that was a satisfying meal~ And you know what? For the first time in years, I’m finally full. I’m actually not hungry right now!”
“So...does that mean it worked?” asked Hyrem.
“Absolutely, my darling~” cooed the Froslass. “I hope you’ll forgive my manners, I must have looked like a slob when I ate my...prison, if you will, but I was still quite famished from that ordeal and figured I might as well indulge a little. Now,” she spoke, floating up to Hyrem so she was face-to-face with him, giving a slight glance towards Carla, knowing full well she may not like this next part, “allow me to...express my gratitude for releasing me.” Suddenly her arms wrapped around her trainer’s neck before her mouth stretched wider than expected, revealing a pair of fangs on her bottom jaw to go with the fangs designed into her “skull” before she gently enveloped most of his face with her mouth. “Mmph!?” he moaned in shock before his limbs started to go slack. Fortunately, there were plenty of Psychic users there to telekinetically yank her away and hold her in place while Hyrem stood there feeling a little drained. “You stay away from him, witch!” Carla hissed at Tsurara.
“Hmph, I was hoping you would have the common sense not to jump to conclusions, cat,” Tsurara hissed back. “As I said before, I’m simply giving in to a few indulgences, and if I had really wanted to hurt this sweet boy here his entire face would have been frozen stiff before being completely ripped off.” She then looks at Hyrem. “I do, however, apologize for my Cursed Body ability triggering on you; normally, when it activates on a Pokemon, it disables the move that forced it to make physical contact with me, but on humans the effect is much more variable, though I can assure you that you were in no danger when I touched you...not that time, at least.”
Any reason why I shouldn’t turn her into a puddle where she stands?” Ahri asked with a growl.
“I have a very good reason, my precious nine-tailed fox,” answered the Froslass. “You see, should you use your fiery breath to melt me out of existence, then the boy suffers the same fate, thanks to the Destiny Bond that I placed on him.”
Sera’s powers flared to life, sensing the disturbance in her partner’s aura, and she saw that the auras of both Hyrem and Tsurara were in fact linked to each other by some ominous looking thread. She does indeed tell the truth, do not attack her! she warned with a thoughtwave.
“Good of you to check,” added Tsurara, “for I don’t bluff often. Now, seeing as I am still being held captive by your psychic powers I suppose you wish me to explain myself. Feel free to keep your hold on me, as I don’t intend to go anywhere. And perhaps you’ll change your mind about me once you hear my story...you don’t mind if I start from the beginning, do I? It’ll take at least that long for my spell to wear off.”


Now, as you can possibly infer, I did indeed have a past life, one with quite a wealthy upbringing. My father did love to spoil me, his only daughter, and I also had...many reasons for men to stare at me. As father’s only heir to his cybernetics company, however, I was to be partnered with a man that had his own financial successes to speak of. One of my choosing, of course. And it just so happened that I was courting with a fine, handsome man known as Axel Danforth, a weapons manufacturer that had held my father’s interests from the time his name first appeared in the papers.

So he seemed the perfect fit; one marriage later, and he and I spent our honeymoon at a grand hotel on an island most known for its amusement park. It was such a lovely place, and we would go to the park multiple times for adventure and fun, though each day would end with the both of us...truly enjoying our time with one another.

But, as fate would have it, I overheard him on the phone talking with someone about what he would do with the company once he got rid of me and my father (something about using the cybernetic technology to give people the power to steal Pokemon from other trainers). I couldn’t believe it, and I stupidly confronted him about it...well, that went about as well as I should have expected; he had a Malamar ready to dispatch me with ease before I could even do anything about it.

And then I woke up in that meat locker. Obviously it was locked, and when I looked out the door everyone in the restaurant was frantic about something, I couldn’t tell what. I tried screaming and pounding on the door to get someone…anyone...to give me the attention that I deserved, but they were all too busy running around like decapitated Torchics! That was my rude awakening to how the world truly spun, and needless to say I had a fair few tears shed before they sped up my freezing to death.

Ah, but my dear Axel, he made one mistake: he returned to personally make sure I was dead. And I had quite a bit of fun with him in my new form even after he became my first trophy. And with every successive person that entered the restaurant...each one was their own unique delicacy. That’s when I met her.

She saw the carnage I had wrought and had offered me a place amongst her forces on the island. Apparently, each one had their little domain, and they gained power through various means of procuring a specific part of a person’s body--I believe you had an encounter with a later version of one such monster...I was to be the one that gained power by draining my victims of their warmth until they were nothing but cold, lifeless husks for me to talk with for eternity. I was doing perfectly fine at my job until she came again and told me that someone else was better suited for my position. Naturally, this did not sit well with me, but...once again, I fought and lost, and as punishment I was sealed away inside that...contemptible, primeval body and banished to the realm you found me in. You, of course, know the rest of my story up to this point...


“So, here I am,” Tsurara concluded her story. “And now, you all may drop your hold on me as I have no intention of attacking you; rather, I would wish to side with all of you.”
“You...want to join us?” asked Hyrem.
“Why, of course, my dear, I made a deal with you, didn’t I? And unlike some people I have associated with in the past, I honor my word.”
How can you be trusted?” asked Carla, her fur still bristled and ready to cast the Froslass out if given the chance.
“Oh, I can’t be trusted, not at all!” replied Tsurara with a smile. “At least, not until I give you a reason to do so. But I can give you an incentive: accept my place in your lives, and I can help you take down the Harvesters...for good.”
“For good?” Hyrem asked. “Is...is that even possible? It took us all we had to beat the Harvester of Eyes, and who knows when Ariel becomes the next one.”
“It is possible, my dear,” the Froslass assured him. “But we would have to strike down the leader first, as she is the one who makes up the rules governing the concept of the Harvesters.”
Sera checked one more time and found the Destiny Bond attack had worn off, and there was a calmness to Tsurara’s aura that would not be there if she was preparing any sort of attack. You talk about this “leader”. Who is she?
“Oh, I haven’t a clue who she really is,” said Tsurara. “If I did know, I would have told you by now. All I know is that the leader is a woman of some sort and that she has powers beyond belief, although they did seem to be powers a Ghost Pokemon normally has.”
Hyrem thought of one possibility but dismissed it for the moment. “All right, you’re in,” he decided. “Just don’t try to drain my soul or anything.”
“No promises~” the Froslass said with a wink. “Especially after I learn Draining Kiss~”
Hyrem shuddered at the thought and hoped she wouldn’t be learning that move too soon. “Anyway, do you still like the name ‘Tsurara’, or should I call you by a different name?”
“Well, in my past life, I was known as Emmaline. Emmaline Rimeson, or Emma for short,” she explained. “However, you may call me by whatever you wish, including your Kanto-inspired name; I can use it as a cover for my true identity.”
“Okay, then I’ll still call you Tsurara...sometimes. I could do it all the time, but...no promises!”
“Fair enough,” said the Froslass. “Now, would you kindly have my teammates release their psychic holds on me?”

Use: Dawn Stone on Snorunt
Evolution!! Snorunt evolved into Froslass!
New Move! Froslass learned Destiny Bond!
New Move! Froslass learned Astonish!
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Chapter 10: A Collection of Short Stories! Looking Back at Evolutions Untold!

Selina was so ready to evolve from the battles in the Summershine Cup that the fact it was cancelled irritated her. She was going to impress Luke with how much stronger she had gotten--that was all he cared about apparently--and now that opportunity was gone. Even her hunt today didn’t go so well: one measly Rattata for a snack, and a tiny one at that. Not even her thieving was particularly successful; outside of the occasional tourist no one around these parts had anything worth stealing. The last few months have just been the pits for her…


The cry brought the Purrloin out of her thoughts and over to a suspiciously sandy area, suspicious because of how perfectly round it seemed to be as well as sloping downward to a point right in the center. Slowly sliding down it was a lamb with yellow fleece, a blue face, and a yellow and black tail with an amber colored orb on the end of it, and she recognized this Mareep to be Conis, one of her teammates and a very good Pokemon to sleep next to due to how comfortable her fleece is (not to mention Selina is one of the few Pokemon on the team that doesn’t mind the Static). “Hold on, Conis, I’m coming!” she called out to the lamb before stepping into the pit to try and reach Conis; there didn’t seem to be anyone else around to help out, so she figured she was on her own. “Selina, no! You’ll be trapped too!” Conis’s warning came too late as the Purrloin lost her footing and tumbled into the pit alongside her teammate. At this point, something emerged from the center hissing, “Food...two foods...yesss…” and Selina looked down to see a Trapinch gnashing his jaws, ready to accept his dinner...this wasn’t the first time their teammate Ezreal (who hadn’t evolved into a Vibrava yet) had mistaken friend for food, and it probably wouldn’t be the last until his primitive brain developed through evolution.

For now, however, Selina and Conis would have to fight their way out of his Arena Trap, but no matter how many Electric attacks Conis threw at Ezreal, they didn’t seem to affect him at all. Selina went with a different tactic and turned to face Ezreal before saying, “Aw, you don’t want us for food, we’re too cute~” The Trapinch tilted his head, not really understanding what was happening. “Food is...cute…” he began to say as the attack started to work like a Charm...at least until he said, “Cute food...maybe...taste better?” Selina slapped her paw to her forehead before coming up with another idea. “Okay, you’re really that hungry? Then eat coins!” She then began to throw various pieces of money at the Trapinch, a modest Pay Day’s worth, to be exact, pelting them against his face and actually distracting him from the real attack, an ocean blue Hidden Power from Conis, the orbs splashing against him for an excellent amount of damage.

This only served to make him angry, however. “Food must stop fighting back...stop...fighting...BACK!” And with that, the sand in the pit started to swirl violently and trap the two Pokemon even further in a Sand Tomb, damaging the Purrloin a small amount; however, Conis, due to her disadvantages in both type and level, succumbed to the Ground-type attack and fell unconscious, drifting slowly towards the fate Ezreal would provide for her if Selina didn’t do something quick. Not to mention the fact that she was beyond annoyed at Ezreal’s persistence. “Okay, that does it...if he wants to eat something, he’s gonna eat something…” Instinct soon began to take over, and--from what she could remember of the encounter--she slid herself close to the Trapinch as well before dangling her tail--her longer tail--right into his jaws. Ezreal, feeling something touch his mouth, instinctively snapped them shut onto her tail with a Bite attack, causing her to wince, but her seething anger as well as her type resistance helped her to surge through the pain as she began to pull on her tail, with the antlion still clamped on it, and her newfound strength surprised Ezreal enough so that she was able to pull him out of the sand and towards her, where she could give him a nasty dose of Payback as well as an onslaught of Fury Swipes that he couldn’t dodge or defend against due to how tightly he held onto her tail, and after a good minute of this Ezreal couldn’t take anymore and fell limp and unconscious, though his jaws still held true to Selina’s tail even after being knocked out.

Selina stopped to catch her breath before she carefully dragged Conis out of the pit; it seemed that it was indeed Ezreal controlling how slippery the pit was, and now that he was unconscious it felt easier to find footing in the sand. Once they were all out of the pit, Selina took stock of the situation. Conis seemed...smaller than before, and so did the Trapinch on her tail...or maybe she was bigger. She looked at her own body and found yellow spots blotched onto her purple fur with yellow fur on her legs as well as a longer tail. Perhaps she could show her evolution off to Luke after all…


Over in the dry, tall grass of Mt. Fumi’s plains, was Luke, crouched low to the ground to keep as much of his profile hidden as possible. Mt. Fumi was no small distance away from Mt. Infernus, where his trainer’s base resided, but that didn’t deter this Luxio from making the journey toward this prime location not only for battling wild Pokemon to receive experience, but also hunting some of them to earn his food as opposed to the free food he might get from Hyrem. Not that he couldn’t fall back to that if necessary, but he appreciated the same value of working for his food that he knew Pokemon of his kind in the wild had, and he would not want to be seen as weak because of his upbringing in captivity by his wild counterparts, should he ever encounter them. Best of all, there was none of his teammates around to bother him...it was just him and him alone, the way he always liked to do things.

What would bother him instead was a booming Roar, shouting out, “INTRUDER!!” He dared to look above the tall grass and find the source: a mighty looking male lion with a mane of flames having a pattern that inspired the Kanto region’s symbol for “fire”. Two lionesses with long hair also made of flames stood beside him, one on the left and one on the right, both ready to spring into action, and a decent group of cubs could be seen behind them with tufts of fire on their heads. One thing was for sure: Luke may have liked battling, but even he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance against an entire pride of Litleo and Pyroar, even if it was considered to be a smaller pride than usual.

He had to make a run for it, but he barely got a couple of bounds before he had to duck from the Flamethrower attack that scorched the grass just above him. He didn’t smell any singed fur yet, but it was as close as possible to the limits of a “warning shot” without stepping over that boundary. Worse still, the distraction allowed the two females to circle ahead of Luke, cutting off his best escape route. He was trapped! He turned back toward the male Pyroar with a defensive stance as he would be the one to confront; the two females behind him were not making any moves towards him, simply there to make sure he wouldn’t run away. “I don’t want to fight you,” Luke explained, “so if you let me go, I’ll leave you in peace.

You say that,” the male replied, “and yet we have seen you here many times. You consider this a hunting ground of yours even after you have seen the markings we have made to our territory.” The male then points to one of the trees that had various scorch and claw marks. So that’s what those were. Luke had seen them on a few trees around here, but he never made the connection until now. “I swear, I didn’t know what those were for,” said Luke, holding his ground.

Regardless,” the Pyroar interrupted, “the fact remains that this is an area you could return to. And I cannot have you or any Pokemon like you invade my territory and endanger the Litleo I have sired. Your body would serve an effective message to others who would dare to intrude otherwise.
That’s assuming you can kill me,” the Luxio retorts, steeling himself for the impending battle.
And I shall, for the sake of my family!” Pyroar bellowed. “Now come, and earn your life, if you can!!


Hyrem had a problem. A big, big problem. It all started when he brought his Magikarp named Bubbles over to the pool to give her room to swim around as well as provide some Pokemon fish flakes while he was busy feeding the other Water Pokemon their whole fish. He dangled one of them over the water for Delilah, low enough for her to break the surface and gently close her mouth on the dead fish’s head before pulling it out of his fingertips, diving underwater to swallow her meal whole. Another dead fish was presented to Brittany, though for the Sealeo she had to hold her lunch on her nose until Hyrem gave the go-ahead, at which point she could snap it into her mouth and slurp it down. Next to eat was Juvia who liked to use her “hair” to tug his arm towards her face before shoving both the fish and the hand holding it into her mouth, allowing the Milotic the opportunity to tease her trainer, only letting go after she had given his hand the feeling of the fish being gulped down her long body. He couldn’t really understand why she did that. Nami’s fish was actually wrapped in seaweed he recovered from the ocean off of Cortoza’s Shale Beach, as she could eat both plant and animal matter, and she enjoyed what was essentially considered sushi for Lapras.

There would always be a large pile of fish on hand during these feeding times, and on occasion one would slip into the water, usually snapped up by Delilah or Juvia when she was in the water, but this time he noticed Bubbles grab onto it and scarf it down. Had she really gotten to the point where she could eat fish like the others? He didn’t think much of it until he saw her burst out of the water, grab a fish from the top of the pile, and flop around while at the same time trying to eat her second fish. “Bubbles, you really shouldn’t do that,” Hyrem warned. “You can’t really move outside of water, you know that! Here…” He picked up his Magikarp and gently released her back into the pool, though she still secured the fish she wanted.

As the feeding continued, another fish slipped into the pool, and this time Bubbles, Delilah, and Juvia lunged for it, with Juvia coming out the winner. Delilah also felt something in her mouth and Swallowed, thinking she was the one who came out on top, but three things told her something was wrong: Juvia emerging from the pool dragging the real prize out when there was only one that fell into the pool, Hyrem hurriedly telling her, “Delilah, no, spit her out!”

And the wriggling she felt inside her belly when there shouldn’t be any.

Panicking, the Lanturn tried her best to heave out the writhing mass in her stomach while also keeping the rest of its contents Stockpiled inside. Fortunately, Bubbles’s head was Tackling the right doorway out, and with enough effort Delilah was able to open her stomach up so the accidental “live food” was able to swim her way up the throat and into the mouth, where it was a simple matter of opening the jaws and Spitting Up the Magikarp. Thankfully, other than the damage from the nature of the attack used to release her, Bubbles had proved how hardy her kind really were and was still able to swim around, but she was quickly gulping in water, similar to how land dwellers would gasp for air and was on the opposite side of the pool from Delilah, who looked at her with a very remorseful expression. “Bubbles, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to, it-it was an accident, I swear!” she pleaded, but in Bubbles’s mind her worst fears were confirmed. “I knew it,” she blubbed. “I knew you only saw me as food, if not now then later!” She then saw the entrance leading to the underwater network of caves and darted in without saying another word. “Bubbles, wait!” Delilah cooed sadly, desperately giving chase before anyone could stop her, but she must have gone down a different tunnel than Bubbles did because she couldn’t see the Magikarp in front of her! “Oh no, Bubbles…” she moaned. This was the worst she had felt in awhile; she had tried so hard to help the smaller fish realize she had no intention of eating her, and now this happened...no way she would believe her now…

There were multiple paths in the network of caves, and there was only one path left Delilah hadn’t checked, so she made her way into the outdoor lake, where the waterfall raged above, and she looked to the bottom to find the familiar red fish seemingly swimming in place. “Bubbles? I just want to say sorry for eating you, I never meant to, honest! It’s just that...well, we were all going for that dead fish, and I thought I got it, but…” There was a long pause as she waited for Bubbles to respond, during which she swore she heard some peculiar sounds
Did it feel good?” she finally heard the Magikarp ask, but in a strange way, almost as if the words were strained out of her. “Having me inside you, I mean.
Wha- no, it felt terrible!” Delilah cried out.
Why is that? You’ve eaten other Magikarp before, I’ve seen you,” came the reply, her speech growing more and more bitter.
Well yeah, but...I just...I couldn’t stand the thought of one of my friends struggling to get out of my body! I hate having to feel it when that happens!
You could have just paralyzed me, then you wouldn’t have had to feel it.
No!! I would never do that to a friend of mine...ever!!” Delilah’s heart was on the verge of breaking at this point. Nothing she could say was swaying this Magikarp’s mind!

Well that’s your mistake,” said Bubbles before turning around to reveal a fish with what looked to be a dull grey body and a blue tail fin sticking out of her mouth, still wriggling inside but unable to escape before Bubbles snapped her mouth forward and sent the rest of the living fish inside her. This display didn’t so much horrify Delilah as it did confuse her; she was no stranger to swallowing live prey (albeit usually paralyzed and too incapacitated to move), but this behavior seemed unusual coming from a flake feeder. “Bubbles...what’s going on?” she asked hesitantly. Bubbles hovered in place, spitting out a few loose scales from her meal before a grin began to form around her mouth. “I think it feels great,” she gloated. “In fact, I’m even hungrier now! I want more food inside me!!
Bubbles please, what are you doing!?” Delilah asked again as fear started to well up inside of her.
Gotta have...more…more…” The Magikarp’s eyes widened as she appeared to lose control of herself until finally…


Bubbles, you’re scaring me!!” whistled Delilah before gasping audibly at what she was seeing...

The only Pokemon with Hyrem at the moment was Juvia as Brittany and Nami were tasked to search the rest of the underwater caves. It wasn’t too far to the waterfall, but as they were closing in on the scene they heard a loud Roar and saw a bright light erupt from the large pool at the base of the waterfall, and the two arrived just as the glow ended and the enormous blue sea serpent’s head and neck could be seen towering above the water’s surface, the eyes with purple pupils focused on the familiar Lanturn that was cut off from the cave system just from the sheer size of the monster blocking the entrance. “...Bubbles?” Hyrem asked in disbelief, his mouth agape.

He had a problem. A very, very, very big problem.

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Chapter 10.1: Another Collection of Short Stories! More Electrifying Evolutions!

What am I going to do!? Luke thought to himself in desperation.

He and this Pyroar were doing very well at dodging each other’s attacks, but it was Pyroar’s Fire-type attacks that were having an effect on the environment, setting the dry grass around them on fire and giving the Luxio less room to dodge. The two female Pyroar still stood behind him, not only cutting off his escape but also making sure the fires didn’t go out of control; no sense in burning away all of the perfectly good ambush cover, apparently. Another Flamethrower spewed out of his opponent’s mouth; this time, while he was able to dodge the attack once again, his paws landed on scorched earth and tinder, and he growled in pain, hopping off of the flaming grass and onto cooler ground, still feeling the Burn his paw pads suffered. That was what Pyroar was waiting for as he charged in, Luke barely able to walk much less jump away as the impact sent him flying into another patch of grass as he was slow to get up. Suddenly, adrenaline pumped through him as he heard a voice, familiar, yet unfamiliar at the same time:

Luke!? What’s going on!?

Behind him was a slender looking purple feline with a long tail that a Trapinch was holding onto, and beside her stood a Mareep. The Liepard’s voice was deeper, but he could recognize the way Selina carried herself. “What are you doing here!? Get out!” Luke warned.
You’re in a battle, right? Let me help you!” Selina pleaded.
This doesn’t concern you,” he dismissed, his tone beginning to show a sudden surge of desperation. “Now run, get out of here before-
Ah, so the intruder has friends?” one of the female Pyroar was heard as she confidently padded her way to the three new faces. “And even better, one of them would make a good meal for our young,” she said, staring at Conis hungrily, causing her to shrink behind Selina, who in turn took a defensive stance. “Back off, she’s our friend!!” she hissed, ready to swat at the lioness if she came any closer, not that it would do much good, especially as she saw the other female approach. Though she may be newly evolved, she was merely that and still severely outmatched by one apex predator, let alone two. It was too late to run, however, as Conis would be left behind and easy pickings for two big cats. On top of all that, she started to feel pressure on her tail once again, and she knew Ezreal had picked the worst possible time to start waking up. Crap, not now! she cursed in her thoughts, there was no way she could fight now, and she started to look towards Luke, hoping he knew a way out of this.

What she saw instead wrenched her heart. Distracted, the Luxio was unable to dodge the next Fire attack, knocking him down as everything around him felt Overheated, and that was before he felt the crushing weight of the bigger lion, as well as the fiery mane, on top of him, his muzzle looming dangerously close to his neck. “I’ll handle this one, you two kill the rest!!” he ordered the females. Everything seemed to slow down for Luke as he was forced to watch the females bearing down on his comrades while the jaws of the male started to clamp down on his neck, the fangs about to Crunch into the vulnerable flesh until he would breathe his last, all the while that mane starting to ignite his fur; if the Pyroar’s jaws didn’t kill him, the fire would soon enough. All this time, all my fighting by myself...I still can’t save my friends? No...I can’t lose...not like this! NOT NOW!!

Even as he struggled to breathe, he willed his hind legs to thrust directly into his attacker’s chest, the Double Kick catching him off guard and giving Luke a short moment to breathe. The Pyroar, not completely fazed, soon gained resolve, pressing his jaws into the ground and a paw on Luke’s face, planning to pull up and tear his throat out for a quick death. But that one breath was all that Luke needed as his body sparkled with electricity which traveled to the Pyroar and began to seize his nervous system. He was unable to move, unable to deal the finishing blow! Then, using whatever ounce of Strength he had left, Luke was finally able to throw Pyroar off his body and quickly stand, thankfully grabbing the two females’ attention off their targets. “I’m not done yet!” he said defiantly before feeling another surge of power within him. “In fact, I’m just getting started!
You show resolve, young Luxio,” the male Pyroar admitted. “However, I have the advantage, and I have family to fight for! I cannot lose!!
Yeah, well so do I!” Luke retorted. “If I lose here, my friends die with me. I can’t let that happen!
Then we are on even terms in that regard,” the bigger lion agreed. “But you merely delayed the inevitable; my fangs will pierce your flesh once again, and in that moment I will grant you a death that doesn’t seem to come swiftly enough for my liking!
Is that so?” taunted Luke. “Then how about I even things up a bit?
Not if I can stop you!!” Pyroar then charged up a Hyper Beam, firing it directly at Luke, but with a strange glow the Luxio took the attack without a reaction.

Luke, no!!” Selina cried out.
Selina!” The Liepard looked behind her, shocked to see one of the females, having taken advantage of the commotion, snuck around her and grabbed the Mareep, the hunger in her eyes lusting for the fresh meat in her mouth. Selina had to think fast!

And think fast she did. Using the newly awoken Trapinch on her tail, she swung it down on the ground and kicked up more of a Sand Attack than usual, the grains of dust assaulting the lioness’s eyes and blinding her, loosening her grip on Conis. Then with a rush of movement, she dashed into the female’s midsection, leaped off her, and secured Conis by the collar that had just barely been relinquished by the Pyroar, lifting her onto her back as soon as she landed. “Nice try, but that was a Thief you were trying to steal from! You’re not getting her a second time!
Oh, but we will,” the peckish lioness gloated, wiping the sand from her eyes. “We’ll pry her off your dead body if we have to, right sister?

The other lioness said nothing as she was watching what was happening with Luke: Not only did he grow in size, but his mane also grew out. In fact, as soon as the glow ended, it appeared more black fur took over his body than it did in his previous form. As he opened his newly bloodshot red eyes, he felt like he could see past everything, including the opponent he was standing against, and what he saw surprised him and caused him to focus back on the Pyroar. “You still have a chance to back down; I don’t want to be responsible for what happens next!
What do you mean by that!?” the Pyroar threatened.
It seems we have some more visitors,” the Luxray responded, his gaze once again focused past the other male lion, who looked behind him to find three small flames atop his cubs’ heads. He quickly crouched before charging at Luke, his maw wreathed in flames. “You will not take my cubs!! I will burn you to ash before that happens!!
And you’re not taking my friends!” Luke retorted again, his own mouth crackling with electricity. “Because I’m going to end this once and for all!!” He soon countered the charging Pyroar with a charge of his own. Which attack would hit: Luke’s Thunder Fang, or Pyroar’s Fire Fang?

No, wait!! Please, STOP!!

A second Hyper Beam attack fired, this one sent right in between the two male lions, interrupting them and stopping their charge into one another. They both looked to see it was actually one of the female Pyroar who fired the attack. “What is the meaning of this!?” the male Pyroar demanded.
Tears began to well up in her eyes as she began her plea: “We have to stop, this fight doesn’t gain us anything! No matter who wins, one of us comes out worse, don’t you see? It is true that, if we win, we save our cubs by killing their potential threats, as well as providing food for them. But if we lose...even if we live, we would be crippled...weak...no longer able to care for our young! Or worse...what if they get caught up in this fight!? I couldn’t forgive myself if any one of them got hurt because of a stray attack! It’s not worth it anymore, please, we must end this!!

As the flames from the battle began to die down, the male looked at his cubs, each of them calling out to him, “Daddy,” then to the Luxray, who was breathing heavily from the battling which clearly took a toll on him, then towards the Liepard with the Mareep on her back and the again unconscious Trapinch attached to her tail. “My mate is right,” he finally said. “This conflict is over, there is no longer anything we gain that would come without too great of a sacrifice. Now leave us, while you all still have the chance.

Luke breathed out a sigh of relief. “Thank you, we’ll know not to come back here in the future.” As the male Pyroar walked towards the cubs, Luke was joined by Selina, who allowed Conis off her back next to him. “I’m so glad you’re okay, I thought you were de- oh no, you’re bleeding!” she mewled, having noticed trickles of red coming from his throat. She leaned forward, about to lick his wounds clean when a thick black paw shoved her face away. “Not that badly!” Luke scoffed. “Pretty sure evolving helped take care of those wounds for me, I’m fine.
I guess,” Selina submitted. “Oh yeah, speaking of evolving, what do you think~?” She then strutted her way around the Luxray in her new Liepard form. “It looks better, I guess,” he said, albeit pretty forced. “Still doesn’t make you better.
Oh, come on!” she complained. “Just because you evolved doesn’t make you all hot stuff either!
So if I’m not, maybe you’ll finally leave me alone?” he asked, starting to smirk. “You just admitted I’m not attractive to you.
Why, you…” Selina snarled angrily before a different kind of growling came from below her voice. “Uh, hehe, guess I haven’t eaten at all today. All this battling has got me starving…
More growling could be heard from multiple sources. “I’m hungry too,” Conis complained. “Ugh, me too,” Luke admitted. “I was gonna grab something here, but now...well, we should probably get going if we want to find something to eat without messing around in their turf.
It’s almost dark though,” Selina said with worry. “Sure, you and I could probably hunt at night and maybe get some Berries for Conis, but we’re all probably tired from all that battling. I know I am.

Sorry, did you say you were hungry?” The group turned to see the two female Pyroar on their way back to the den, the one speaking to them being the one who convinced her mate to stop the battle. “I may be able to help with that. Honey??” she called out to the male. “What is it, my dear?” came the response.
These Pokemon need some food, maybe we should share that spare Sawsbuck we caught yesterday!” A growl could be heard in opposition. “I’ll make it worth your while tonight~” she added. Another growl, this one more of a moan than anything as it seemed he was caving in. “They can have the scraps when I’m done with it.
Love you lots~” she purred.
Thank you, you’ve done a lot for us,” said Luke.
Wait, ‘spare’?” Selina inquired.
Mmhm,” the first female nodded. “We actually caught a pair of Sawsbuck, they’re really easy too when they’re fighting and their antlers get tangled up.
Getting this little lamb of yours would have been a nice bonus~” the second female chimed in.
You mean you weren’t even hungry!?” Selina said incredulously. “Talk about greedy!
You’ll have to forgive my sister,” the first female explained. “She likes having something for herself because our mate would rather have his large portion of food first before letting anyone else have theirs.
Well, that, and I’ve never seen your kind around,” said the other sister to Conis before leaning in. “I bet with all that Static you’d be an extra special treat~
Meep!” Conis backed into Selina, trying as best she could to hide under her legs.
All right, sister, you’ve scared the poor thing enough,” the first sister interjected. “How about you go check on our cubs and see if our mate is done with his dinner?
But I just want a taste…
Sister…” The glare in her eyes was enough to cause the other to sulk back towards their den.

Wait, we don’t have anything for Conis!” Selina realized.
Um, it’s okay,” the Mareep bleated softly. “I can try some Sawsbuck meat if I need to.
I..don’t think that’s a good idea,” the Liepard said with hesitance. “You’ve never eaten meat before, what if your body can’t handle it?
I won’t know until try, right? Besides, this way you don’t need to look around at night just to find Berries for me!
All right,” the Liepard gave up. “I just hope there’s more than bone marrow on whatever the Pyroar give us.
Don’t worry, we’ve got a spare, remember?” said the helpful female Pyroar. “It’s not like a small pride like us can just put away that much meat in one sitting, not even our mate can handle one big Sawsbuck by himself.
But you’ve got your cubs to feed, and-
Please, I insist” said the Pyroar, setting her larger paw on top of Selina’s. “It’s the least we can do after causing you so much trouble. I’ll even add in something extra: if you go down the hills from here, there’s a cave there right on the edge of our grounds you can use to spend the night before heading..well, wherever home is for you...Now that I think of it, you three are completely different, and none of you look like Pokemon from around here, except maybe this Liepard. You wouldn’t happen to be-
Human owned?” Luke finished for the lioness. “Yeah, we are. And before you ask, we’ll make sure he doesn’t know about you.
That’s very appreciated...” Her voice trails off as she notices the oddity on Selina’s tail. “Say, how did you get that stuck on you?
Ehehe, it’s a long story,” Selina nervously slipped.
Want some help getting it off?” she asked. “All I need to do is one Flamethrower, and not only do you get rid of your pest problem you get a nice, crunchy snack to go with the Sawsbuck!
Er, no, sadly he’s one of ours too,” Selina explained. “He’ll probably let go once he figures out we have food anyway.
Your loss,” the Pyroar shrugged. “Cooked bugs are really nice to have once in awhile.
Heh, no thanks,” Selina dismissed the idea. “Besides, you’ve already done so much, there’s gotta be something we can do to repay you. You know, other than keep you a secret from our trainer.
If something comes up, we’ll try to find you. How hard can it be to find a bunch of different Pokemon that normally don’t belong together? Anyway, I better go get you your dinner; my sister may be trying to sneak a few bites in before we hand it over to you.
Seriously, thank you for everything,” the Liepard nodded before the female Pyroar ran to the den.

So,” she continued, turning to Luke, “how snug do you think that cave’ll be? We may have to sleep really close to each other, huh?
Get real,” Luke said, looking away from the still annoying Liepard. “I’ll probably sleep by the entrance and guard it from attackers.
Selina was about to have another complaint directed towards the aloof Luxray, but Conis intervened with her softly spoken words: “Um, I’d...I’d really like it if both of you were near me. That way I know I’d be really, really safe.
Of course I will, sweetie,” purred Selina, nuzzling the Mareep’s cheek. “You can sleep right between us, and we’ll keep you really, really safe. Right, Luke?

Luke said nothing, but looked at Conis’s pleading eyes, then closed his own before giving a “Hmph,” with a smirk, then a nod. “Yeah. Just stick close to us.” It was mind-boggling how a simple lamb had such sway over a lion’s heart when the lion is normally the one to come out on top, but Conis was one of many comrades he was fighting for that day, one of many reasons he became a Luxray. Perhaps he needed to know how to be around other Pokemon in order to become a true leader of the family like Sarkhan and Sera were. Perhaps that mongrel Silas knew what he was talking about, how a leader stands and falls with those whom he leads. These were things Luke would ponder as he listened to Selina and Conis talk about their misfortunes while they waited for the Sawsbuck they were promised, Selina about wondering when she would get the dang Trapinch off her tail and Conis as she finally noticed she was starting to shed larger amounts of her wool coat than normal…


Gyarados, the Atrocious Pokemon, and the evolved form of Magikarp. Legends are told of the first Gyarados in existence being angered by a village of people and reducing the entire village to rubble. Anything a Gyarados encounters can throw it into a frenzied state that can last for several weeks or until everything in its sight is destroyed by powerful breath weapons. When the rage subsides, anything that was killed during the rampage can be considered food for this Pokemon.

It could not be understated how big of a problem Hyrem had on his hands at the moment. He had to assume the large, blue sea serpent in front of him was Bubbles, and despite a clear type disadvantage she had his precious Lanturn right where she wanted her, with Delilah unwilling to respond to him for some reason. “Delilah, quick, use Thunderbolt!” he ordered, but all she did was just sit there and stare in terror and disbelief. “What’s it gonna be?” the low, rumbling jeer came from the Intimidating Gyarados. “Go ahead, attack me, make our trainer happy!
I...I can’t,” Delilah whimpered, her lure voluntarily going dim. “I don’t want to hurt you.
Well, I do want to hurt you,” Bubbles’s rumbling voice intensified as she raised her head up and closed her mouth, ready to lunge. “And I WILL!!

Her head came down before Hyrem could get Delilah into her Lure Ball, mouth opened wide, her four biggest fangs and gaping maw the only things Delilah could see before she flinched as the massive jaws closed down on her for a Bite attack. She was just barely too small for the fangs to be touching her, but the only part of her sticking outside of the monster’s mouth was her tail, and only for a moment before it was sucked inside as well. “Bubbles, no!! Spit her out now!!” shouted Hyrem, but Bubbles deliberately stared at him before taking a deep swallow, sending her prize straight to her gut. “NO!!” At that point, he knew there wasn’t any getting to her, so he turned to the Milotic beside him. “Juvia, we’ll have to fight her, it’s the only way we can save Delilah! Ready, big girl?”
Milo!” she nodded.
“Good, let’s synch up and battle then! Start with Aqua Ring, then Whirlpool to at least keep Bubbles contained!”
Juvia’s own serpentine body slinked into the pool to get to work, but Bubbles was having none of it; while both serpents were underwater, the Gyarados belted out a terrifying Roar that rippled through the lake, sending Juvia into a terrified state that caused her to promptly exit the lake and into her Blue Cyber Ball. Two other red beams of light shot straight to the Snow Balls on Hyrem’s belt as both Brittany and Nami were somehow affected by the attack as well, and right as they just arrived onto the scene too!

“No way!” Hyrem muttered in disbelief; now it was just him and Bubbles, and Bubbles made her way towards the edge of the lake to confront her trainer, growling at him as her huge body began to move off the lake and onto solid ground, looming over him as she prepared for her second meal in this new form. Would this Gyarados be the first Pokemon that would prove too big a challenge for him? “Bubbles, wait, don’t do this!!” he pleaded with her, no longer in a position to be giving her orders; after all, how could some puny human tame a Gyarados? As he prepared for his fate, he wondered where he went wrong in raising Bubbles, the same maw that enveloped Bubbles threatening to engulf him too.


Suddenly a Bolt of lightning Thundered from afar, connecting with the leviathan and causing her to reel away from Hyrem and roar out in pain before she could grab him. As soon as he recovered from the loud noise Bubbles made, he looked to his left to see three Pokemon, one he definitely recognized as his Mareep, Conis--although her wool coat seemed smaller than usual on the rear part of her body--and two Pokemon who looked similar to Pokemon he had but bigger, with a certain Trapinch on the purple cat’s tail...how did Ezreal get there? Whatever, right now what mattered was all three Pokemon letting loose more electricity, their combined Thunder Wave attacks impacting different spots on the Gyarados’s huge body, enough to cause Paralysis in all of her body and render her immobile. Now that he was able to get a good look at the two big cats he could figure out who they might be. “...Selina?” Hyrem asked, to which the purple spotted cat mewled and purred, “Raiiiiprrrr~” He looked toward the black and blue cat and asked, “...And Luke?” “Luxray,” he nodded, looking back at his trainer. “So you two must have evolved somewhere...great job, guys!” Hyrem was starting to wonder if this was a dream as he registered the more powerful forms of his cats in his Pokedex:

Liepard, the Cruel Pokemon, and the evolved form of Purrloin. While Liepard is a popular Pokemon among trainers because of the way its fur is colored, the fur and its lithe form allows it to hide almost anywhere, especially at night. It is able to sneak up on any target, pouncing from behind and capturing its prey before it can respond.

Luxray, the Gleam Eyes Pokemon, and the evolved form of Luxio. The yellow in its eyes grant it X-ray vision, allowing it to see past walls and objects and pinpoint wayward cubs, sneaky intruders, or hidden prey. It then catches its target unaware, granting it full control of the situation.

Before Hyrem could comment further, Bubbles growled again, struggling to fight through her paralysis. “We’ll talk later about this. Right now...Conis, Electric Terrain, and Luke, use Thunder Fang!” Conis bleated out before sending multiple sparks of electricity across the ground until most of the area was lit up with crackling Electric energy, powering up future Electric attacks while also keeping Pokemon on the ground awake and alert for the battle to come. The former part would help Luke as his mouth soon hummed with a similar kind of electricity until his teeth were glowing with a bright blue, and he ran straight for Bubbles and bit down wherever he could, and while his fangs were unable to pierce her very tough scales the electricity did, and she again roared in pain from all the damage she was taking. She was about to send the threatening lion away with a well placed Dragon Tail, but Selina was very quick and actually flicked her tail straight into Bubbles’s tail, with Ezreal still clamped on, and soon made her tail light up with the same dark blue energy that the other tail did, the original attack only causing the poor Trapinch to take damage and actually let go of Selina’s tail right before he was flung straight into his Dragon Ball, while the Copycat-created Dragon Tail attack flung the bottom half of the Gyarados back into the water, the top half still remaining above the water.

Now Bubbles was beginning to get desperate, and it wasn’t long before her whole body started to Thrash around, her large body kicking up lots of water while her head randomly swept into Selina, throwing her to the ground and making her quite slow to get up after all the damage she took yesterday, she was still quite exhausted even after resting for the night. The second impact hit Luke for a critical hit, causing him to be in a similar state as Selina, that battle against the Pyroar really took a lot out of him too. This left Conis, who looked at her stronger friends who were too tired to keep battling for long, then at the newly evolved Gyarados with doubts in her mind. She was actually well rested despite being knocked out by Ezreal the day before and was still fresh with energy, but how strong was she compared to a Gyarados? The next face she looked at was Hyrem’s who looked at her with his own desperation. “Conis, please, I need your help. They need you help. And Delilah needs your help too, we need to beat Bubbles so we can rescue Delilah! Are you ready?” She looked again to Selina and Luke who stared back at her with grins on their faces. Both of them saved her, and now it was her turn. “Mariii!” she said with determination flaring in her eyes. “Good, Charge yourself up and then get ready to use that energy for a Charge Beam!”

It took Bubbles some time to move, struggling through the paralysis as well as the aftermath of her Thrash attack, which gave Conis time to store some electricity within herself. What Bubbles was able to manage, however, was a blue ball of Water energy shooting out of her mouth as a Pulse before splashing against the lamb, dealing slightly reduced damage due to the raise in the Mareep’s Special Defense from the Charge attack. Her next attack expended the stored up Electric energy by directly converting the Charge into a Beam that struck the Gyarados cleanly, amplified not only by the Charge attack but the Electric Terrain from earlier and raised her Special Attack, further powering up any future Electric attacks she did.

Then something particularly odd happened. Bubbles certainly reacted to the Charge Beam attack, but she started convulsing and Flailing about soon after than that, hurting nothing but herself, which wasn’t a reaction even a souped up Charge Beam would do given Conis’s level. After a while, sparks erupted from all over her gigantic body, further causing her to convulse in pain, and Hyrem suddenly figured out why. “Keep fighting, Delilah, we’ll get you out! Conis, Tackle attack, go for the win!” And with that, a simple run from Conis straight into the distracted Gyarados caught her off guard for a critical hit and was enough to secure the win as the fatigue was too much, and Bubbles slumps over unconscious.

“Conis, you did it!” Hyrem cheered. “Mariiiii~” she squealed in victory, looking back at her trainer before starting to glow. Hyrem gasped; was it finally time? More and more clumps of wool fell off of her hindquarters until she actually started to stand up, her hind feet developing enough to hold her body weight. The changing and glowing soon stopped to reveal a similar looking form except she was bipedal, her body had changed colors from a dark blue to pink, with black stripes on her ears and tail and a blue sphere on her tail instead of a yellow one, and her now white wool was only on her head and shoulders now; everywhere below that was completely barren of wool, exposing her pink skin even more. “Wow, so you finally evolved too!” Hyrem remarked, opening up his Pokedex once more:

Flaaffy, the Wool Pokemon, and the evolved form of Mareep. From evolution, this Pokemon’s wool develops so it is easier to store the electricity needed for its attacks without needing so much of it, and if its tail shines any light, it is a sign that it is fully charged with electricity and ready to release it from its wool at any moment. As a result, parts of its body will no longer grow any wool, even a downy coat, instead becoming a hide with similar properties to rubber, insulating it from its own Electric attacks as well as those of its opponents.

“Great job, Conis! Wow, I just had a bunch of Pokemon evolve today, but I think yours was a long time coming! Can’t wait to see you learn some new stuff!” said Hyrem. “Flaaaaaffy~” Conis squealed happily, running over to her trainer to give him a hug with her new arms, which he knelt down to allow. Inadvertently, however, her wool started to let loose some of her Static in her excitement, causing him to stiffen up with paralysis. Fortunately, Conis still had plenty of energy for a Heal Bell in order to cure him as Selina and Luke both approached. “You two look really cool too, I wasn’t expecting to suddenly have my cats get bigger!” Selina purred, walking up to nuzzle her trainer’s face while letting him rub her, arching up when he got to her back as if emphasizing that as a good place for her to be rubbed. Luke kept his distance, as usual, instead watching a certain fish wriggle out of the mouth of the unconscious Gyarados.

Luxray!” he called out, pointing his paw in that direction. “What is it, Luke?” Hyrem asked, looking over to see Delilah sprawled on the ground outside Bubbles’s mouth. “Delilah!” He dashed to his Lanturn’s side, seeing she was still alive; thankfully, she hadn’t been inside Bubbles for long, so she wasn’t hurt much, but she wasn’t getting back into the water by herself. “Guys quick, I need some help moving her!” he asked the Pokemon nearby, to which they obliged, and it only took a few minutes before she was finally hefted back into the lake. “You okay, big girl?” he spoke to Delilah, to which she whined but nodded before looking over to Bubbles. “Her? She’ll be fine, she just needs some rest...and a lot of training,” he explained before putting his newly evolved Gyarados back into her Pokeball. “You must have gone through quite a scare, huh?” Delilah didn’t answer this time, instead lowering her head and whimpering sadly, her lure not giving off much light at all. “Listen, it’s not your fault,” Hyrem assured her, knowing what might have been troubling her. “Anything could have set her off, it’s just natural that Magikarp become Gyarados by getting angry about something, we’ll just have to work with her to use that anger (and appetite) in the right way, that’s all!” He put his hand to her face and started rubbing. “It’ll all work out, it always does!” “Flaaffy~” Conis added, turning around so she could extend her tail, and the shining blue orb on it, towards Delilah. After a pause, Delilah beamed before touching her much brighter lure with the ball on Conis’s tail, causing electricity to pass between them.

The day could only get brighter from there.


Evolution!! Mareep evolved into Flaaffy!
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