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Zone Admin Elections- September 2020

Zone Admin Elections

With the closing of the Cloud Garden, we see an end to an era. Although New Fizz City has reopened with a new look, Cloud Garden was the last of the post-revolution zones. Perhaps one day adventurers will walk through the Cloud Garden again, but for now its time to look forward, to a new frontier!

Current Status: Zone Applications
Current Status: Zone Admin Nominations

After the last election, we decided to increase the number of Fizzy Bubbles' zones. With the Cloud Garden closing, we now look for the final piece of the puzzle.

The proceedings for this zone election will be held in a similar way to last time. Votes will be cast in favor of a Zone Admin, not a zone. The moderators (Sandaa, TheKnightsFury) will take all votes into consideration and make the final decision themselves. The new Zone Admin ultimately has the final decision as to which zone they'll be taking up. The community may cast a ballot in favor of a specific zone, but these votes will be advisory mostly. We’re looking for a responsible leader who is willing to spend a portion of their free time maintaining their new zone; hiring new updaters, firing old updaters, managing updater's workload and ensuring all adventures proceed routinely by having their updaters work together.

We will first only open the floor to zone applications. Later in the month, we will also open up the thread to Zone Admin nominations.
The elections will be held in a similar vein to moderator elections. That is to say, the community will be able to give their input and final vote on the candidates, and the moderators (Gary/TKF) will take these into advisement and make the final decision themselves. Because this is a Zone Admin election, and not a Zone election, keep in mind whether you want to retain exclusive rights of ownership of a zone you submit or whether you’re willing to have someone be its administrator in your stead. In case of the latter, you’re free to partner up with a ZA nominee you trust to moderate your zone. In other words; one player can submit a zone and have a second player apply to be its Zone Admin. The minutia of the partnership – eg. Who has the ‘creative’ control? – is to be decided between the two players beforehand. Understand though that the elected Zone Admin is the one who'll be held responsible for its daily operation.

1. Players may submit a zone in this thread for preview until 21st September, 11:59 PM GMT.
2. When submitting a zone, if you are willing to relinquish control of it to another player should you not be nominated, please state so.
3. Players may also nominate themselves for the position of Zone Admin in this thread from 8 September, 12:01 AM GMT until 21st September, 11:59 PM GMT. Please keep Zone and ZA applications in separate posts!
4. When possible, please state which of the newly submitted zones you’re comfortable running if given a choice.
5. Votes for a Zone Administrator may be cast from 22nd September, 12:01 AM GMT up until 29th September, 11:59 PM GMT.
6. You must send a PM to both Sandaa & TheKnightsFury with your single vote for ZA candidate along with a preference for a zone, should you have any. You may not cast a vote for yourself. ZA candidates are expected to provide a vote!
7. The winner will be announced on On 1st October, 12:01 AM GMT after which the zone may be put up on the UPN branch.

Zone Rules
* The choice of zone is ultimately decided by the winner of the Zone Admin election.
* The zone will be on the UPN Forums.
* The zone will go up on 1st October, 12:01 AM GMT.

Important Notes to Consider:
* As stated several times before, this is an election for the next Zone Administrator, NOT the most popular zone application! Important qualities we look for in a Zone Admin are as follows:
* Updating experience is not required, though highly valued. The most important thing is to have a firm grasp on the systems currently in place in Fizzy Bubbles, a proactive attitude towards maintaining and facilitating your zone, and above all else, excellent communication skills to work with the moderation team, fellow Zone Administrators, as well as Zone Updaters from not just your zone but all zones in FB.
* Things to consider when submitting zone ideas:
1.) Specialization vs. Viability: Try to submit something that we currently don’t already have in FB! With only 2 adventure slots and 5 zones to choose from, adventure diversity could wind up getting stale if zone themes end up overlapping! However, try to not make your zone too specific! While a very detailed and intricate idea could be fascinating to dream up, sometimes a theme that is too specific can end up constraining the variety of options for zone updaters when coming up with adventure ideas. Try and think to yourself: How would my zone fit geographically within the region of Fizzytopia?

2.) What is Lore?: Likewise, it’s important to consider the balance when coming up with lore for your zone ideas. Having an interesting backstory can really make your zone idea “pop” but sometimes it can end up creating a creative handcuff of sorts for updaters when they attempt to come up with ideas for adventures. It’s also important to consider prospective adventurers, and whether or not they want to be channeled into a specific plot to further the zone’s overarching storyline or if they have avenues to embark on an expedition of their own choosing!

3.) Follow your Passions, whether you are designing your own zone or selecting someone else’s (with their permission)! Especially if you intend to run for the administrator position; being able to maintain interest in the daily routine of managing your zone and promote your zone’s longevity is much more attainable if the zone you create is something you have a longstanding passion for! It’ll be much easier to avoid burnout if your zone is something that you are able to routinely possess a fountain of ideas and inspiration to draw from. Part of what makes FB great is how organically it has grown off the creativity and passion of its members!


Zone Admissions
The Fizzific Ocean
Raptor Island Resort

Zone Admin Nominations
(Note: While most, or all, candidates might be willing to host any zone, I will only be showing their preferences in this list.)
Sandaa- The Fizzific Ocean
Pearl's Perap- Raptor Island Resort

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Well, this has been a long time in the making. As I have stated before, I have been dying to work on a subject that I have a huge passion for, and to no one’s surprise, this is it. A TON of work went into creating this zone, and I couldn’t have done it without contributions and input from several members across the community; Emp, TheKnightsFury, Toyo, and Raves were kind enough to give me their blessing to use areas from the rich history of FB that were of their creation, and Emp blessed me with those sprites you’ll see below. Having a water-themed zone is so ingrained in the history of FB that it only felt right that we have one once again, and it was a huge point of emphasis to me to grow the worldbuilding surrounding the region of Fizzytopia, and it wouldn’t be possible to do that by ignoring some of the most iconic areas in FB’s history. I will be nominating myself to act as the zone’s ZA, citing my past experience as ZA of the Cloud Garden, running countless events as a mod, and including the biggest campaign in recent years as examples of my work. As a past ZA, a current GL, and a mod I know what it takes to communicate and collaborate with my colleagues so I hope those are enough qualifications to be re-elected as the next ZA! Thanks, and enjoy!

The Fizzific Ocean

It is said that more is known about the surface of the moon than the full extent of the ocean. The region of Fizzytopia is vast, filled with rich culture and a variety of civilizations, including several island colonies off its coast. However, the massive ocean that spans across its shores has seldom been traversed other than its bustling ports that are few and far between. Recent attempts by cartographers have hoped to capture a picture of a unified ocean, and in the process have discovered many beautiful ecosystems as a result. In order to appreciate this pristine beauty and promote conservation efforts, the Fizzytopian Coast Guard has paired with the nation’s Board of Tourism to provide a guide for travelers to enjoy.

Welcome to the Fizzific Ocean: a diverse oceanic paradise filled with a myriad of biomes and cultures about as numerous as stars in the sky. From tropical reefs to arctic tundra, the ocean is separated by powerful currents that serve as natural barriers for vastly different climates. These segmented seas are classified not only by longitude and latitude, but by the temperatures that circulate through the ocean currents and the types of organisms found inhabiting each ecosystem. The climates of each of these regions rarely fluctuate throughout the year, and because of this have been aptly named after each season.

Warm nutrient-rich waters swirl the Springtide Sea, making them the idea location for wild Pokemon to raise their young. The Summer Surf features a hotbed of activity, from massive waves to open ocean travelers. Cooler currents chill the Autumnal Tides, filled with many dark secrets and mysteries. The Polar Pelagic is isolated by freezing deep sea currents that only the hardiest inhabitants can handle.
– Indicates the area is only accessed through use of a Pokemon with Surf
– Indicates the area is only accessed through use of a Pokemon with both Dive and Surf
– Indicates a port where boats may be chartered as an alternative to using a Pokemon with Surf.

The Springtide Sea
THE VERNAL COAST (Please reply in pink)
In a location where cold ocean currents meet warm currents, a small cluster of islands serves as a refuge for sea creatures all across the ocean in their annual breeding cycles. The blending of warm and cool currents acts as a proliferation of life in the nutrient-rich water while the land masses provide shelter from predators of the open seas. These havens have been established as nature reservations in order to maintain their pristine nature, so there are very few settlements on them. Tourism is still an integral part in the observation of this breathtaking ecosystem, but the Fizzytopian Coast Guard remains ever vigilant in maintaining the balance of nature.
Rendezvous Reef: A coral reef with water so clear it appears pink due to the coral visible from the water’s surface. All forms of life her have taken the same shade as a form of natural camouflage, from the Corsola to the various species of fish Pokemon and even Slowpoke that bask on the rocky outcrops above. Schools of Luvdisc swarm the waters, the inspiration behind the reef’s name. The Rendezvous Reef has become a Top 5 romantic getaway location in Fizzytopia for visitors all around the world, but also a spawning ground for sea creatures all across the ocean.

Laguna Marea: Isolated from the main shore, a small fishing village rests atop disjointed clusters of a mangrove forest, hardy trees that are able to take root in oceanic soil. Translating to ‘the tidal lagoon,’ Laguna Marea is known for its especially high tides. The villagers of Laguna Marea are very in tune with the ocean and its ebbs and flows, using canoes to travel between the groves. The thin needlelike roots of the mangrove trees serve as a shelter for juvenile sea creatures from ocean predators.

Springtide Isle: A diminutive volcanic seamount poking out of the ocean, the Springtide Isle is a tranquil little island with rich biodiversity and temperate climate year-round, making it an ideal nesting location for migratory Pokemon to lay their eggs. The Springtide Isle boasts warm, sandy beaches, picturesque scenery, and a welcoming Harborside Market whose main commerce consists of various products deriving from the inhabitants’ Alolan cultural heritage. The island is best known for its folk legend of the Springtime Pyukumuku, who is said to deliver eggs of exotic Pokemon to travelers every year.

THE MINNAO ISLES (Please reply in tomato)
A small archipelago of islands that surround a larger fish-shaped island, the Minnao Isles are haven to seafaring Pokemon and home to a tribe of very spiritual inhabitants. The island’s sheer pristine beauty has attracted a rapidly budding tourism industry, which has been met with mild apprehension by the native population, concerned that construction will disrupt the gentle balance of nature and wildlife. Despite the unease however, the natives of Minnao have generally been accommodating to visitors and taken part in opportunities for work in construction, fishing, and guiding sightseers. The island’s most prominent point is the Sea Altar atop Cordina’s Peak where Minnao’s inhabitants worship their god of the sea.
Cordina’s Peak: Located in the northern end of the island, Cordina’s Peak gets its name from a famous priestess and is the religious center of the Minnao people. People from various tribes often travel here to make offerings at a shrine to Manaphy for the health of their children or for good weather. Here, the current head priest, Holai, attempts to heal the bonds between people and Pokemon on the island. While there isn’t much fishing opportunity here, with the only water truly available in the shallow pools of the Sea Altar, the locals are sure to need help with the daily goings on in the village.

The Blue Valley: A little ways away from Cordina’s Peak, the valley formed by run- off from the water up top is filled mostly by an expansive river. Here, Pokemon are found on the shores of the river, and those willing to brave the waters to look into deep dwelling Pokemon must be careful for the winding rapids that happen downstream. Minnao teens often come into the valley searching for the Pokemon companion they bond with for life.

Orta Lake: In the middle of the island, Orta Lake rests as a natural freshwater habitat and is one of the most popular fishing spots on the island. Fishing operations as well as healthy fishing habits are led by expert guides here, operating from a small fishing shack near the lake. They are more than willing to show anyone, Minnao or traveler, the ropes of fishing.

New Redford Beachfront: The largest settlement on the island, New Redford can be found on the southern coast of the main island. It is a relatively small town, mostly consisting of small hotel, general stores, gift shops, and large port. Adjacent to town is a beach encompassing a massive inlet to the island, where most tourists spend their time in the gentle tides and bright sun. Any wild Pokemon are often nervous of the recent influx of people, and tend to stick to the deepest part of the waters or have fled to the outskirts of the beach. Minnao protesters can sometimes be found here protecting natural Pokemon habitats.

The Summer Surf
WHALE ISLAND (Please reply in deepskyblue)
The largest island in the ocean was formed by a cluster of volcanic seamounts that rose out of the water millennia ago. The landmass became aptly named Whale Island due to its semblance of a giant whale emerging from the water. Whale Island’s signature landmark is a dormant volcanic crater that formed a lake resembling a blowhole. The reservoir is supported by a Hydro-Electric Dam which supplies renewable clean energy to the bustling Pieli Harbor and Seaside City on the coast; a place renowned for its tourism and resorts. On the island’s farthest point, waterfalls cascade over an eroded cliff side onto a sinkhole below giving off the appearance of a whale’s fluke rising out of the water. An ancient structure constructed by the island's original inhabitants lies beneath the sea basin.
Seaside City: Built up over time, Seaside City has attracted quite a number of tourists as well as long-term residents. Both a large harbor and resort, It is now a sprawling city with all the trimmings, including shopping malls, schools, parks, industrial sector, and the best ice cream in the land. The Pieli Resort is archetypical of a seaside funfair, with several small rides as well as a roller coaster and Ferris wheel, though the promenade at night is most famously a sight to behold. Pieli Harbor is famous for its massive shipping stations as well as a booming fishing industry, with extensive piers for travelers to cast from.

Ampere Beach: The largest stretch of coastal sand in all of Fizzytopia, Ampere Beach is famed for its sand, which contains a mild electrical current that soothes the body. This charge is the result of the high salinity content, combined with the naturally high electricity from the central region, providing an insulating ground for the static. As a result, the beach is often used in therapeutics, evident at the resort in Seaside City. Bioluminescent algae causes the waves to glow a vibrant blue at night, one of the most breathtaking sights in all of Fizzytopia.

Hydro-Electric Reservoir: Atop the island’s highest peak, a dormant volcanic crater has filled up with water and formed a lake, several dozen million cubic feet in volume. The reservoir is supported by a massive dam that channels clean water and generates electricity for the entire island. Chosen due to it being a renewable source of clean energy, the dam has become a popular tourist attraction in its own right. Its rich power source attracts a large variety of electric Pokemon to the area.

Orcain Catacombs: Beneath the cliffs and cascading waterfalls of the island’s farthest tip, a sunken hole in the ocean lies an odd and mighty statue of the legendary Pokémon of the sea, Kyogre. The statue itself is the entrance to the Orcain Catacombs, a labyrinth of underwater tunnels and caves located beneath the peninsula. It is very easy to become lost in the catacombs, and the reports of the cries of the lost emerging from the catacombs have deterred many from visiting what could be the most dangerous place in the peninsula.

ORGI TOU ΩKEANOS: The Ocean's Wrath (Please reply in steelblue)
Deep in the heart of the ocean sits a chain of underwater seamounts that form a serpentine reef. While most of the shoals lie under the surface of the water, thin strips of land breech the waves in a shape that greatly resembles a sea serpent. Descendants of ancient Greca have settled here, calling this land ‘Orgi tou Ωkeanos,’ or ‘The Ocean’s Wrath.’ While the locals are very hospitable people and the reef very serene, the name serves a deeper reverence of nature; the locals are passionate about being respectful to the ocean and returning whatever they harvest back to nature lest they anger the ancient deities. The main settlement forms the shape of a dragon’s head; the eye punctuated by a bottomless sinkhole, an extensive kelp forest forming its mane, while deep sea currents batter against the lower jawline to form the best surfing spot in all of Fizzytopia.
Typhon’s Gaze: At the head of the serpentine reef is an atoll that pierces straight into the ocean floor below. The locals refer to this as Typhon’s Gaze; a representation of the folklore of a serpentine deity with a piercing eye that can be seen from the heavens. The reef surrounding it is filled with beautiful crystal blue water, so clear that you can see the reef from the surface. However, the middle of the atoll is what has been classified as a Blue Hole; a sinkhole that dips down deep into the cavernous ocean floor below. No one knows what’s at the bottom of the hole, but draconic Pokemon seem to be attracted to the area. This site marks the location of the Typhon’s Depths Gym, and a small floating cabin serves as a research hub and resting place for travelers.

Delphyne’s Mane: Northwest of Typhon’s Gaze is a stretch of ocean that is covered by one of the largest kelp forests in all of Fizzytopia. The bright sunlight and nutrient rich, clear waters serves as the perfect incubator for algae, causing the kelp beds to bloom. Many Pokemon take shelter in the dense seaweeds, as well as many predators who relish the perfect environment to ambush their prey. It is very unwise to sail a boat here, as many have been known to become stranded when their propellers become tabled by thick kelp. Some local legends even tell tales of the kelp having a mind of its own and snatching careless swimmers down into the depths below.

Tiamat’s Roar: Strong ocean currents rise from the south, and the oceanic ridge just below the serpent’s jaw serves as a barrier for the rest of the reef. A namesake from their ancient ancestors, the Grecan settlement of New Cabrys can be found here on the rocky shoals, living purely off the sea around them. Because of the steep breaker waves and powerful current, it is extremely dangerous to dive underwater or sail boats around here, though the people of New Cabrys have managed to craft many ways to fish the nutrient-rich water. While the remote location is not a huge tourist attraction, it has become known within the surfing community as the best surfing spot in all of Fizzytopia. Many locals have taken up the pastime as well, and some have opted to make a living off of teaching others how to surf.

The Autumnal Tides
THE OCEAN OF MYSTERY (Please reply in mediumaquamarine)
Living up to its name, the Ocean of Mystery is a section of seas that are shrouded in the unknown and the origin of countless tales of supernatural incidents that scientists have had a hard time explaining. Many ships’ navigational gear have been known to malfunction when nearing the area, and stories of ships who enter the sea disappearing completely have circulated the ports. Because of this, major shipping routes steer clear of this sea leaving travel by Pokemon as the most reliable way to navigate the area. This sea is not for the faint of heart, and many who have returned have been known to spout absurd tales of spotting things that are vastly out of place from this part of the world. Travelers should enter at their own risk; a search party likely won’t be coming.
Celestial Shipwreck: It was supposed to be a relaxing luxury cruise. However, on that fateful day over ten years ago, the passengers mysteriously found themselves back on solid ground, and the 800 passenger vessel was nowhere to be found. Years later, an ocean diver discovered a massive cruise-liner resting on the ocean floor: the SS Tidal. There were hardly any signs of a crash, but the ship’s condition has deteriorated and rusted over the years. How it ended up here, no one knows, but teams of scientists have embarked on expeditions to research and look for clues. Some have even come to loot and salvage whatever they can find amongst the cabins.

Mirage Island: One of the most fabled islands in the history of the Pokemon world is that of Mirage Island; a small island oasis said to appear before weary, delirious sailors behind a shroud of thick fog and swirling whirlpools. According to old sailor accounts, a number of spirits inhabit the land, hiding behind illusions in the mist. The island has been described to be a small hill covered in grass and trees, as well as an ancient shrine to a sea goddess. It should surely make for a fantastic story to tell, if you can find it, that is.

The Spatial Abyss: Settled in the deepest and most isolated undersea trench in the Ocean of Mystery rests a tall statue of the legendary Pokemon Palkia. It’s a mystery how such a massive sculpture ended up there in the first place, but what’s even stranger is the environment surrounding it. An incredible ripple of spatial distortion surrounds the area like a bubble, water molecules have been spread so far out that there is a breathable atmosphere. The pitch black sea glitters with the lights of bioluminescent creatures, like stars in the sky. An unearthly soil covers the ground and a myriad of alien-like sea creatures float through the air.

THE DIRE STRAIT (Please reply in lightseagreen)
The consequence of the rise of civilization stems from mankind’s attempts to tame the natural world. The industrial age and growth of capitalism has taken its toll on these waters; a once pristine ecosystem has been completely destroyed by pollution and the traffic caused by large ocean cargo ships. The harbor of New Fizz City, the largest metropolitan area in Fizzytopia, is a marvel of human ingenuity, but it came at a cost. Coral reefs that were once filled with life now act as a cemetery for the ocean’s remains. While the Fizzytopian government has made many attempts to try and restore the ecosystem in recent years, an abandoned oil rig in the middle of the bay serves as a permanent reminder of the damage that has been done.
The Rusted Refuge: As the largest commercial and industrial port in the region, the Fizzby Harbor’s shipping channel is a gateway for innumerable amount of commerce that flows in and out of New Fizz City. Possessing one of the highest volumes of oceanic traffic in the world, the water has become utterly contaminated with pollution, where only the fiercest and hardiest of life can survive. Resting in the middle of the channel is an abandoned deep sea oil drilling rig formerly known as the Oceanic Vantage. Once the site of a terrible oil spill, it has since fallen into ruin and become a haven to Pokemon who can withstand the toxic environment. Pokemon living on the rig as well as the ones lurking beneath the waves will defend their home from encroaching humans at all costs.

Beacon’s Bluff: Just a short way down the coast from New Fizz City’s Cape Effervescence, the metropolis’s shipping channel opens up into the greater ocean. The shorelines are rocky and powerful oceanic currents pose a dangerous threat for ships trying to reach the harbor, so the location serves as the ideal placement for a lighthouse to help guide ships safely into port. The lighthouse is also headquarters to the Fizzytopian Coast Guard who patrol these waters for illegal activity and deploy oceanic rescue missions. It is unwise to traverse these waters without proper training, but the Coast Guard does offer informal training drills for swimming and diving in these treacherous seas.

Coral Crypt: Several nautical miles off the coast of the Fizzby Harbor lies a once flourishing coral reef. However, due to decades of pollution and trash dumped into the sea by humans, all that is left are the bleached skeletal remains. Because of this, sea creatures have been observed voyaging from all across the ocean to lay here as their final resting place. Now, the enormous carcass of a Wailord decorates the seafloor, providing shelter to those brave enough to stop for a rest. The stench of death has permeated the ocean, and now the only signs of life that can be found here are scavengers and predators looking for a quick meal.

The Polar Pelagic
GLACIER ISLAND (Please reply in lightblue)
One of the oldest and yet least explored islands of Fizzytopia is not an island at all; Glacier Island is in fact a large iceberg that has maintained its form for decades without melting. Whether this is because of its location in the cooler ocean currents to the south, or because of some unknown mystery that has yet to be uncovered has not been determined, but researchers have been stationed here for years trying to uncover that answer. The area is a haven to ice type Pokemon, as well as the site of the most breathtaking auroras in the night skies.
Crystal City: The prominent port of Glacier Island, Crystal City is the sole economic center of the entire island. Fishing is the primary industry here, but its location serves as the perfect shipping and storage hub for ocean voyagers in need of refueling. Many hungry seabirds circle the fishing harbor for an easy meal. For the tourists who do venture this far south, Crystal City is equipped with all of the technological comforts that visitors desire, and a luxurious Ice Hotel serves as the place to visit.

Alpha Research Station: Many scientists have come to Glacier Island from all across the world in order to study its peculiar ecology. In order to collaborate as much information as possible, the Alpha Research Station was established in order to do just that. Scientists assist one another in all schools of thought, whether it be observing the ecosystem around them, the weather patterns above, the natural wildlife in the area, among many other topics. The research base is located in the middle of an icy plains, but protective domes shield the research tents from the elements.

The Frosty Floes: Off the coast of Glacier Island and far from Crystal City’s port is a blanket of ice floes that dredge the shoreline. The thick layer of ice makes it impossible for ships to pass through the area, allowing the natural wildlife to thrive. Many aquatic Pokemon that are able to withstand the freezing temperature call this area home, most of which rest on top of the ice in countless numbers. Most of the Pokemon here love to play and are not afraid of humans, but will fiercely defend their young if they have to.

The Boreal Basin: Deep in the heart of Glacier Island are a series of deep pools of water collected from the ice around the area as well as precipitation in the air. For some reason, these pools never freeze over, but studies have always come up inconclusive when testing the chemical composition of the water. A large structure made out of ice watches over the area like a guardian; many locals have claimed it possesses many canid features and some even say it resembles the legendary Pokemon Suicune, a claim further enhanced by the purity of the pools of water and the location being regarded as the best spot on the island for observing auroras.

ARCTIC ARCHIPELAGO (Please reply in white)
The Arctic Archipelago is an unforgiving, remote stretch of ocean due to the polar climate and freezing ocean currents. Land is few and far between, and volcanic seamounts that do breach the surface are rocky and devoid of much vegetation, making it near impossible for civilization to take root. Because this area is so isolated, it’s unwise to camp out here alone; if a traveler were to disappear here, it could take weeks for their absence to be noticed. However, those who are brave enough to embark into the ruthless wilderness may just find a hidden diamond in the rough to make the experience worth their while.
Rime Reef: Despite the freezing climate of the southernmost section of the ocean, a small stretch of seabed near the Arctic Archipelago features one of the ocean’s most breathtaking coral reefs. Unlike most reefs that showcase a kaleidoscope of colorful coral, the Rime Reef is an image of white; instead of relying on photosynthesizing algae for energy, life in these arctic waters are sustained by nutrients and heat provided by hydrothermal vents. What really causes this reef to stand out are the vents that are spread out all across the area and slowly release bubbles into the water that trickle up to the surface like snowfall in reverse. The ocean floor is teeming with life due to the warmth provided by the vents, making it a true underwater winter wonderland.

Hoarfrost Hotspot: One small island in this chain of rocky islets is a hotbed for geothermal springs, covering the island in a shroud of steam. The Hoarfrost Hotspot has become a rather warm and welcoming oasis in an otherwise chilling and inhospitable climate. Because of this, the island is a haven for fire type Pokemon as well as a resting place for oceanic travelers who are not suited to colder temperatures. Despite its remote location, the island also features a prominent hot spring inn run by an elderly couple from Hoenn. The property has been in their family for generations and runs on completely self-sustaining energy from a water mill. Those who soak in these relaxing waters may be joined by wild Pokemon, who are more than happy to share.

Isle of Always Winter: Inhospitable to humans, the Isle of Always Winter is a small rocky island covered in ice and dominated by wildlife. Food resources on this island are very limited, and because the ecosystem is so strongly driven by the hierarchy of the food chain, almost everything here will fight tooth and nail to get their next meal. At the top of the food chain is a Pokemon known as the Snorlax King; lording over the wildlife with an iron stomach and forcing others to forage for it in exchange for protection.
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As I briefly mentioned on Discord a few days ago, I have spent a chunk of my time since returning working on the below zone submission based upon a prehistoric Fizzy Bubbles zone in every sense of the word. I decided to do this as a way to blow away the creative cobwebs as well as reconnecting with the world of Fizzytopia at the same time. The zone in question was somewhere I always wanted the opportunity to visit but never got the chance to as adventures there were only permitted through the use of an exclusive ticket.

I'd like to take a moment to say a big thank you to Emp for his work on the banner and sprite you'll see below as well as providing valuable feedback during the drafting process. Though I have experience as a 'ZO' in a past life, this submission was mostly an exercise to help me reintegrate with the community and spend time writing creatively once more as opposed to chucking my hat in for the ZA position up for election. That being said, I'd be more than happy to support whoever is nominated for the ZA position in whichever zone is selected with no qualms from me about handing the below over particularly since I gutted out an existing zone to submit this one for your consideration in the first place - consider this my informal way of saying that if you need a hand, just give me a shout as I've got plenty of time on my hands and a drive to get stuck in!

Anyway, without further ado, I'd like to cordially invite you all to visit...

where prehistory meets present day

Located off the Western coast of Fizzytopia and surrounded by a chain of some of the most beautiful coral reefs, Raptor Island was once heavily protected by the heritage laws of the mainland government due to an abnormally dense distribution of ancient and once incredibly rare Pokémon found to call the atoll and its coasts home. In the past, only a select few people were given the opportunity to visit this primordial paradise but as time went on and the public's appreciation for the past grew, the Fizzytopian government decided to open the island to guests as the Raptor Island Resort. With dedicated teams of rangers and scientists supporting and protecting the flora and fauna of the island, visitors will be able to step back into the past and come face to face with some of the weirdest and most wonderful creatures that time (almost) forgot. Though capturing ancient Pokémon was once prohibited on Raptor Island, populations of these Pokémon have risen due to the sheer volume of fossils discovered upon the island, the dedicated restoration work of the Raptor Island Resort team and the existing inhabitants, uh, finding a way.

Once exclusively accessible by bicycle, the roadways and paths of the Raptor Island Resort have been adapted to allow for hiking and the use of Pokémon to traverse both the wilds and resort areas too. If you would prefer to see the island as it was originally set up, we have various kiosks located around the island where you can lend Acro and Mach bicycles free of charge... just make sure to return them once you're done. New for 2020 and recently back with us from intensive training in the Galar region: we are proud to announce that we are offering Aerodactyl Taxis, allowing visitors to be some of the first take to the skies and see the island like never before!

Raptor Island Resort Area - Please reply in Orchid
Once you have made it across the land bridge over from the Fizzytopian mainland, you'll be met with a sprawling plaza and the main entry way to the Raptor Island Resort. Built up over the last decade, the Resort Area has grown to cover the majority of the Southern most part of Raptor Island. With no airstrip available on the island, visitors from far off shores start their time in the Raptor Island Resort from the purpose-built port located within the Resort Area. Whether you prefer to enjoy the comforts of home or plan on roughing it in the wilds, there's options available for everyone's tastes. Spend time kicking back and enjoying some R&R in the resort itself or embark on the Primordial Path to explore the island as it was originally intended.

Facility α
Situated at the entrance to the plaza and constructed in the shape of a giant Helix fossil, Facility α is Raptor Island Resort's largest and most important research facility. All of the data collected from the smaller research centres on the island is sent here for processing and archiving, with a large library of their findings over the years available for you to peruse at your leisure. Though a team of scientists are busy working in the facility at all times, they could always use a hand with their research and may have a task or two you can help them out with, particularly if you're of a braver disposition or don't mind getting your hands dirty. Given their strong link with the other facilities, you may find yourself being asked to help out deeper into the island but what better way to get a feel for the place than to get stuck right in.

The Old Amber Inn
The jewel in the crown of the Resort Area, The Old Amber Inn is an all-inclusive hotel and restaurant built in the Neoclassical style and set in gardens filled with topiaries and statues of Pokémon from a time in our distant past. Situated at the heart of the plaza, most visitors to the island pass by this eight-storey wonder at some point on their trip. Upon entering the foyer of the hotel, the first thing that you're bound to spot is the elevator, fashioned entirely out of amber. The hotel is known for its Battle Ballroom, a large indoor space where tournaments are held and the island's guests can duke it out for exclusive prizes - including the Raptor Island Resort exclusive Raptor Balls.

Port of the Present
Located along the Southern seaboard of Raptor Island is the Port of the Present. With gift shops, boutiques and patisseries lining the promenade and beach-front leading to the island's only port, you'll be able to take in the sea air whilst you indulge in a little bit of retail therapy with like-minded visitors. If you find yourself particularly laden down or just fancy a trip through the skies, you can call yourself an Aerodactyl Taxi from select locations. Prior to the port being built, Raptor Island was only accessible by the land bridge from the Fizzytopian mainland. Nowadays, there are several drop-offs a day at the port meaning that guests can visit the island from far and wide and very often do. As with most ports, you'll find a whole host of different faces milling around here, from other island visitors to the various boat staff and more - you may even spot a celebrity if you're really lucky!

Getting around the Raptor Island Resort
Aerodactyl Taxi Central Depot
Following extensive training at the Galar Taxi headquarters, our Aerodactyl are here to provide you with a first-in-a-lifetime experience - an Aerodactyl Taxi. Take to the skies above the Raptor Island Resort and experience the island's splendour in the comfort of your own cushioned taxi with complimentary audio guides available to those who are interested. Similar to the bike kiosks, there are a number of Aerodactyl Taxi ranks located around the atoll but you are free to ask your Aerodactyl if you can land wherever and they will be happy to alight if the environment is suitable. If you have your own Aerodactyl, they can undergo a training programme here that offers them the chance of obtaining their very own taxi license, too, just ask at the reception desk for more information.

Primordial Path Base Camp
Originally built as an extension of the island's entrance bridge, the Primordial Path and its various branches spread across the entire atoll with some paths even leading underground. You can lend a bicycle from one of the kiosks at this outpost and you'll also find similar kiosks situated every few kilometres along the path itself. At these kiosks, you can swap or leave your bike, access vending machines and catch up with other visitors. If you would prefer to see the island on foot, the paths have now all been adapted for hiking too. Trainers from far and wide come to relax and get back to nature with campsites complete with firepit areas for social events and barbecues as well as viewing platforms to enjoy the wilds from afar. Pokémon battles are commonplace in the area so if you're looking to tussle, you're sure to find someone who's willing.

Everglade Preserve - Please reply in DarkCyan
A large and consistently humid rainforest with a meadow at its heart which covers most of the centre of the Raptor Island Resort. Everglade Preserve is the first major area within the Raptor Island Resort that you will encounter when travelling along the Primordial Path and you can find information boards posted throughout packed with trivia about all of the local flora and fauna. Some of the plants here cannot be seen anywhere else in the world and the jungle's trees could tell stories from millenia gone by - if only they could talk!

Facility β
A research facility located near to the entrance to Everglade Preserve. A row of state-of-the-art greenhouses containing samples of the plants, trees and soil from every corner of the rainforest. The scientists working here spend most of their time looking into the strange genetic code of the forest plants as they hypothesise that they may haves special effects upon the Pokémon who happen to feed on them. If you are interested, you might be able to assist the scientists with their research. If you would prefer to see the preserve from the sky, you can take an Aerodactyl Taxi from just outside the facility.

Dewdapple Fields
This expansive meadow makes up the majority of the Eastern side of the preserve. Home to many different Pokémon amongst its long grasses, the air and ground here is thick with moisture and Grass and Water type Pokémon will find themselves particularly at home rejuvenating themselves amongst the dewy blades. Seemingly spontaneous rainstorms are known to happen in the area so make sure to bring an umbrella or you just might end up caught in one of the famous downpours!

Valley of Plenty
Well-hidden in the thick foliage of the preserve is a verdant ravine containing many Apricorn and Berry Trees alongside some of the world's rarest flowers. The strong scents of the trees and bushes have attracted many Bug Pokémon who visit to enjoy the nectars available to them. At the end of this ravine, a mysterious white tree stands. Said to be blessed by Celebi itself, this tree glows in a pulsating light each and every night, inviting Pokémon to seek sanctuary and comfort in the safety of its boughs.

Noxious Marshes
Once considered one of the more dangerous locales in Everglade Preserve, the Noxious Marshes in the West of the preserve now have a boardwalk running throughout that will bring you closer to some of the more venomous inhabits of the island without you needing to get too close to the miasmic waters of the marsh they call home. Though it is not recommended for many, Poison-type Pokémon are permitted to explore beyond the boardwalk if their trainers allow them to - as long as they don't disturb the denizens of the marsh.

The Excavation Sites - Please respond in Tomato
Beyond Everglade Preserve to the East is a sprawling complex of excavation sites covering a number of acres where the remains of an ancient civilization was once unearthed. The site is now almost entirely accessible to Raptor Island Resort visitors and information about the various digs and excavations can be found posted on noticeboards and signs around the area. From all accounts and the evidence found within the site, the society unearthed was advanced for its time and lived in harmony with Pokémon, including some who may not have even been identified yet. Physical and audio tours of the area are available from Facility γ, simply ask one of the staff members for more information.

Facility γ
A research facility attached to the Excavation Site and its continuing studies. Due to the number of fossils that have been discovered in this region, Facility γ has a Fossil Regeneration Machine as well as a number of laboratories where DNA studies take place. In the past, it is rumoured that a former employee attempted to cross-breed incompatible Pokémon species through their DNA but today the scientists work to deeper understand the history of the island and its various inhabitants. Much like other research facilities on the island, you can call for an Aerodactyl Taxi to take an aerial tour of the excavation.

Archaeological Dig
Spanning over five square miles of land, the dig site is where the majority of the activity happens in the area. Despite the fact that research teams have been working in the area for a number of years now, new fossil discoveries are still being made, big and small. Keep to the designated visitor paths around the dig site as some areas are being actively excavated - if you don't, you may find yourself having to answer to the Lead Archaeologist or one of their team!

Sobal Tombs
An underground network of tunnels found to have been built by the ancient Cult of Sobal, a sect of people who worshipped a certain otherworldly Pokémon and followed them as their God. Raptor Island Resort scientists continue their research on the inscriptions and artefacts found in this area to this day and have recently confirmed that almost the entire cult vanished without a trace one day, leaving behind only a handful of their members. Those with an interest in the occult will probably find themselves at home in the Sobal Tombs and rumour has it that you can occasionally hear the voices of the missing cult members murmuring from the darkness.

Nesting Grounds
Spread across a ridge separating the excavation site from Everglade Preserve, Crows Nest is a communal nesting ground for a plethora of different Pokémon. The ridge itself is adorned with old decaying tree stumps and clusters of boulders where Pokémon find sanctuary from the winds and prying eyes. Despite this, scientists and visitors alike can observe different species raising their young in tandem if they make sure to give them space. Though rangers and guard rails are in place in most areas, you should be respectful and exhibit caution as nesting parents can be extremely protective of their young, particularly if they are feeling threatened...

Raptoric Valley - Please respond in SlateBlue
A deep valley running through the majority of the North of Raptor Island from one coast to the other. At different points along the valley, waterfalls flow into the shimmering Starlit Stream below. With an abundance of lush green glades, hidden caves set into the valley walls and the glorious Lake of the Eclipse at its heart, Pokémon of all kinds are drawn to Raptor Valley due to its seclusion and variety of terrain.

Facility δ
Facility δ scientists focus the majority of their time studying the Pokémon native to Raptoric Valley and their habitat in and around the Starlit Stream and Lake of the Eclipse. If you're lucky, you might get the chance to join one of the scientists on one of their amphibious expeditions, they may even let you join one of their deep dives into the darkest depths of the lake to help uncover its mysteries via submarine. Like the other facilities, you can find an Aerodactyl Taxi rank located outside if you would prefer to take to the skies than explore the valley from the ground.

Starlit Stream
A gently flowing stream winding through the valley and around the western edge of Lake Eclipse. Along the stream, there are a number of narrow bridges where you will be able to cross the stream. There are several points along the stream where you can visit the waterfalls and enjoy the haze on dedicated 'splash platforms'. At night, the river appears to twinkle like the stars themselves and even Raptor Island Resort scientists believe that there is some mysticism attached to the waters. If you're of the adventurous kind, kayaks and paddle boards are available for your use along the stream and huts equipped with these can be found at each of the stream's bridges.

Lake of the Eclipse
A large lake situated at the heart of Raptoric Valley and the largest body of freshwater on Raptor Island. In the recent past, some of the once thought extinct inhabitants of Raptor Islands first appeared from the depths during a once-in-a-millenia eclipse. Since that day, the scientists at Facility δ have been focusing their attention on exploring newer and deeper portions of the lake with each passing year in the hopes of finding more undiscovered Pokémon. During these explorations, it has been discovered that the deepest waters have a high salinity level and different Pokémon species call the depths their home, suggesting a direct connection to the ocean surrounding Raptor Island. Similar to the Starlit Stream, there are a number of facilities around the lake where trainers can lend kayaks or paddle boards to truly immerse themselves in the area.

Crystallized Cove
A deep cave situated somewhere between the rocks and boulders adorning the shores of Lake of the Eclipse. Most people tend to stumble upon this mysterious cavern by accident, noticing the chill emanating from its maw in the form of a faint breeze. Facility δ scientists abandoned their studies there in the island's recent past when they encountered a labouring wail from deep within the cave and have yet to schedule a return. If you're feeling up to it, they will probably be more than happy with you taking a look and seeing what might be lurking down there in their stead...

Thunder Plains - Please respond in Goldenrod
An area to the West of the Raptor Island Resort where a strange magnetic force attracts many Electric and Steel-type Pokémon to the area to create their homes. Though it is not known for sure what causes the magnetism in the area, it is clear by their presence that this is something that seems to benefit them. Flying Pokémon will occasionally steer clear of the area, though most other Pokémon are not deterred by the strange atmosphere and can be found roaming the prairies without all too much deterrence.

Facility ε
Thunder Plain's key research facility where studies are being performed to attempt to explain the curious levels of magnetism in the area. Two towering lightning rods erected by former scientists stand behemothic at the entrance to the facility. Designed to study the effects of lightning in this already highly-charged locale, scientists at the centre discovered that, during thunderstorms, some of the more powerful Pokémon drawn to the area's magnetism may become enraged as a result of the excess energy levels. Unlike the other facilities, Aerodactyl Taxi are not typically available from this point, though some of the more hardy members of our team may be available to assist you.

Pangian Prairies
Making up the majority of Thunder Plains, the Pangian Prairies are a sprawling savannah that is home to the majority of the Pokémon drawn into the area's magnetism. With gnarled trees and rocks being the only scenery dotted around the sparse and patchy grassland landscape, the wild Pokémon endemic to the area have less opportunity to conceal themselves and as such are often quicker to flight... or fight. Located somewhere near to the centre of the Pangian Prairies is a watering hole where many different species have been observed to gather.

Incus Power Plant
Situated upon a tall mesa in the Pangian Prairies, the Incus Power Plant provides energy to the whole island through equipment built and managed by a team of experts and technicians from Facility ε to the South. Given its unusual levels of energy, Raptor Island Resort management wanted to harness the power of the lightning in the area, not only to diffuse the landscape and potentially provide some respite to the affected Pokémon but to also provide the resort with power from the atmosphere in the area. Though the scientists have yet to have much success at capturing the full potential of the thunderstorms in the area, they have built a series of wind turbines around the edge of the mesa with plans on the horizon to expand into the prairies below.

Throne of the Ancients
A large rock resembling a throne stands in the very centre of the Thunder Plains region, overlooking the entire domain and beyond. On top of this rock stands a single stone statue built in the uncanny likeness of a Legendary Beast which is known to some as 'Raikou's Effigy'. It is said that this statue is actually a real Pokémon who was cursed in the past, turned to stone by a wrathful God. Whether this is true or not is for you to decide but there's no arguing the majesty of the statue overlooking the landscape below.

Subterranean Areas - Please respond in IndianRed
A network of underground tunnels and caverns spanning for miles. Accessed via openings along the Primordial Path marked with warning signs, these trails are considered to be quite hazardous in places so visitors must remain vigilant if they decide to engage in any subterranean explorations. Many different Pokémon call the cave systems of the island their home with some of the most powerful Pokémon spending their time in the deepest and most dangerous areas underground. In the recent past, Raptor Island Resort scientists worked at a research facility located within the tunnels but this was reclaimed by the inhabitants of the tunnel's depths some time ago.

Facility ζ
Located within the underground tunnels, the staff at this research facility once studied the ores and minerals of the island to deeper understand its surface and story. Visitors to the underground portion of the island are advised to steer clear of the facility as powerful Pokémon from deeper into the twisting tunnels of the island claimed the space as their own some time ago and drove the facility scientists back to the island's surface. That being said, the scientists might appreciate a hand retrieving some of their now-lost findings...

Caverns of Fire and Ice
Legend says that centuries ago two Legendary Beasts engaged in a cataclysmic battle on Raptor Island. Following their bout and nearing death, they fled into the underground systems of the island to seek sanctuary in the darkness. Upon their joint demise, their bodies supposedly fused with their respective cavern, changing the environments drastically. The Cavern of Fire is filled with lava and trainers must be careful where they step in such a treacherous environment. Similarly, the Cavern of Ice is encased in sheets of freezing cold ice and trainers may find the area incredibly slippery without the right preparation. Only those with a will of steel and maybe a fraction of a death wish should seek out these caverns.

Den of the Draconic
In one of the deepest and darkest parts of the underground is an enormous cavern where Dragon Pokémon are known to reside. Partially submerged in water and only lit from a series of cracks high in the ceiling of the cavern, the murky atmosphere can be unnerving to even the bravest or most prepared of visitors. Despite this, you definitely won't be alone in visiting this area as people tend to visit the gloom to test their mettle and come face to face with some of the gnarlier residents of the tunnels.

Glittering Grotto
In recent years, Raptor Island Resort scientists discovered a new cave system within the tunnels when trying to discover why the Pokémon had overtaken Facility ζ. The rocks in this system twinkle and glint like nothing the scientists had ever seen before, manifesting light like that from the island's surface. Not only that, this light has allowed strange mosses and peculiar shrubs to grow with abandon despite the grotto's location in the bowels of Raptor Island, creating an underground paradise and inviting new Pokémon to call this space their home.
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Representing Raptor Island Resort

Originally Posted by Pearl's Perap View Post
Though I have experience as a 'ZO' in a past life, this submission was mostly an exercise to help me reintegrate with the community and spend time writing creatively once more as opposed to chucking my hat in for the ZA position up for election. That being said, I'd be more than happy to support whoever is nominated for the ZA position in whichever zone is selected with no qualms from me about handing the below over particularly since I gutted out an existing zone to submit this one for your consideration in the first place - consider this my informal way of saying that if you need a hand, just give me a shout as I've got plenty of time on my hands and a drive to get stuck in!
Despite saying the above alongside my zone submission, I’ve found myself spending the last few days since making the submission considering whether or not I should put myself forward in the ZA election as well. Since getting stuck in and writing the piece, I've been spending my time daydreaming about the resort, imagining the sorts of stories that could be told on the island and the colourful characters who may be awaiting those who decide to plan a trip there. Given this, it feels only ‘right’ to stand alongside the zone and submit myself forwards as well.

Though I have only recently returned to the world of Fizzy Bubbles and my updating experience is probably incredibly dated by now, I believe I would be a suitable candidate for a number of reasons outside of just my drive and desire to engage with the game once more. Teamwork always feels like the key to true success to me and I find great enjoyment in working collaboratively towards a shared goal. If you’re not engaging with different personalities and ideas, you’re never going to get a ‘full picture’ of things, after all. I believe that this alongside strong time management skills and the ability to plan ahead and adapt to change would make me a good candidate for a position that requires me to work in tandem with a number of other like-minded people.

With regards to roleplaying, I understand the importance of creating and managing a strong lore whilst simultaneously seeking to tell engaging stories in the present too. In the revamping of my zone submission, I tried to offer just a taste of the island’s lore to give freedom for the exploration of ideas and space for development in the present by the updater and ultimately the adventurers themselves. Since returning to Fizzy Bubbles in particular, I have taken the time to familiarise myself with the new shops and systems in place and feel like I have caught myself up on the bulk of the major changes to the game. That being said, I plan to continue in the same way, making my way through and catching up on time I have missed whilst at the same time continuing to actively engage with the Fizzy Bubbles of today.

Ultimately, though, I'm just happy to have had the opportunity to submit an idea I had fun putting together and thought it only right to stand by my ideas as a show of willing - thank you for your consideration either way!

Past life experience in Fizzy Bubbles
* Spent time as a ZU in The Cloud Garden before being appointed ZA and tasked with rewriting and relaunching a portion of Fizzytopia as the long-defunct 'Miasma Heights' in 2009
* Co-coordinated Fizzy Bubble’s first (and only) PokéRinger tournament for all things winged during a brief tenure as a Referee
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From this moment onwards we’ll be accepting votes for the next ZA. New submissions can still be made, but keep in mind that votes may be cast from now on. The voting period will last roughly one week, with the grand opening of the winner’s zone due on October 1st. Below are detailed the candidates as well as the zones they’re eligible and/or wiling to moderate. You may cast a single ballot for a ZA candidate by PM to Myself (TheKnightsFury). If desired, you may also submit a preference for a zone. However, it’ll be a consultative vote. The winner of the election will ultimately decide which zone they’d prefer to moderate.

Zone Admissions

Zone Admin Nominations
(Note: While most, or all, candidates might be willing to host any zone, I will only be showing their preferences in this list.)

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