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Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis


This brings back memories. Both of when I played this game in middle school as well as of when the Nintendo Wii came out and we were all expecting a Renaissance of point-and-click adventure games. *sigh*
"The plot is set in the fictional Indiana Jones universe and revolves around the eponymous protagonist's global search for the legendary sunken city of Atlantis. Sophia Hapgood, an old co-worker of Indiana Jones who gave up her archaeological career to become a psychic, supports him along the journey. The two partners are pursued by the Nazis who seek to use the power of Atlantis for warfare, and serve as the adventure's antagonists. The story was written by Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein, the game's designers, who had rejected the original plan to base it on an unused movie script. They came up with the final concept while researching real-world sources for a suitable plot device.

"Fate of Atlantis was praised by critics and received several awards for best adventure game of the year. It became a million-unit seller and is widely regarded as a classic of its genre today. Two concepts for a supposed sequel were conceived, but both projects were eventually canceled due to unforeseen problems during development. They were later reworked into two separate Dark Horse Comics series by Lee Marrs and Elaine Lee." - Wikipedia
Even though these graphics are so ridiculously outdated, they're actually not too bad on the eyes. That's the magical thing about pixel art: it ages so much better than 3D polygons.

lol @ 5m25s. "We can't afford Harrison Ford for the voice acting, but we've got permission to use his likeness at least! " ^^;

Watching some of these puzzles again, I'm amazed at how I was able to figure them out as a kid. My family didn't have home access to the Internet back then and even if we had there were no such things as GameFAQs or other easily-accessible online walkthroughs back then. Kids used to have to figure everything out either by themselves, from their friends and family, or from gaming magazines. I wouldn't have had family or magazines to help me so it must've either been my friends at school or else me on my own figuring this stuff out. I don't doubt a lot of it was probably help from the friend who lent me his copy of the game. I remember the submarine part especially being a bitch and me asking him for pointers. ^^;
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Oh this game was so amazing. I am tempted to dig it and Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle and Infernal Machine out.
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Day of the Tentacle was one of the games I never played/owned. I don't know if I owned it, and I certainly never played it. Some games I was too chicken to ever play like The Seventh Guest.

But this game. Oh, did I play this game. It was actually easier than the original, which was fashioned after Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. It really opened my brain up to a world I didn't think was possible.



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