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So recently, Netflix put the Castlevania OVA on its site, and I have to say it's a very good show. Granted, it doesn't have my favorite Castlevania III character, Grant Danasty, but I do love the interpretations of both Trevor Belmont and Sypha Belenades. I cannot judge Alucard yet because he's been shown so little, though the scenes with him are pretty well done. (I do kinda wish he put on a shirt).

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The animation quality was pretty high, it reminded me of Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust for a few reasons, but mostly the style and the tone.

Episode 1's end was fantastic with the whole bar scene and that barkeeper looking entirely disgusted with the conversation.

Sadly quite a few people have given it less than stellar reviews. Many claiming it's "Castlevania for someone who has never played Castlevania," which I think was a big point of getting it to appeal to more than just the hardcore gamers.

Also the short length, which I agree, but understand Netflix's cautious investment of the series. This is their first anime to be produced, rather than licensed, so it makes sense that they test the waters rather than go all in.

I think it's a great 100 minutes of my life. I watched it at work and every customer watching got hooked and we all started cheering at awesome shit happening on screen.
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I've seen some clips of it and the animation quality is inconsistent. It has a detailed artstyle to compensate for this. The overall idea is it looks good in stills and isn't bad to watch in motion.

I can't readily access this since I can't torrent at the moment (I won't dare do so yet over mobile) but something that really annoyed some reviewers was a fedora-tipping scene involving monsters in a church. I saw it, and I can sort of see the topicality, but what does it matter in fiction, honestly?

That's not as bad as the politically charged dubs as of late...
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