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Everyone was starting to get ravaged by Stewie's Shadow attacks, but thankfully Sera's Heal Bell did wonders and cleared everyone of whatever distractions affected their bodies, particularly Wendy being freed from her icy prison. To top that off, Sera's Heal Pulse reinvigorated Wendy so she could get back in the fight. As the battle continued, the Stealth Rock was cleared away, but Stewie's stat buffs were still a struggle to get through. Ginny, however, could be another story as Daphne burrowed down in an effort to blow her away from the battlefield and keep her safe while they could focus down Stewie.

Thanks to the efforts of other Pokemon, the Shadow Ledian had to deal with a Leech Seed sucking the life out of him, but this only served to enrage him, to the point of pummeling Alex's Shadow Zangoose until she was knocked out (a feat Amethyst would have rubbed in Totsuka's face had she been there), though there were several Pokemon still standing. Daphne's attack, however, was something Ginny was ready for, and all she needed to do was stand in the way of the incoming Haze attack being conjured by Alex's Honchkrow and use Swords Dance after the stat erasure to do what she could to deflect it away, but all she needed to do was stay there while Daphne's Whirlwind did the rest of the work. Daphne was able to figure out what Ginny was up to, but it was too late to cancel her attack; none of the Haze reached Stewie which was the intended target! Even worse, Ginny's Magnet Rise kept her from being blown away completely, meaning Daphne's attack essentially ruined a good strategy. No, I may have just lost us this battle! Daphne thought. Nngh, I can't think like that, I must win! The winds demand it! With her resolve refocused, she went in for a Rock Smash which hit Ginny directly for lots of damage, though she took the Pawniard's Revenge attack in return, leaving her fairly low on health. Not enough, Pawniard, I have one move you won't be able to stop! I just need to disappear into the winds...


"We have to stop her!! NOW!!"

Trying her hardest to squirm out of Sarkhan's long arms was Carla, desperate to get to where Hyrem and the others were at that moment. "You ain't makin' sense here!" Sarkhan grunted, the scene starting to attract the attention of the other Pokemon, including Amethyst. "Hyrem and the others are long gone; we can't just take a quick trip to him, we don't even know where he is!"
"But my vision..." Carla mewled mournfully.
"You had a vision!? A vision of what's happening right now!?"
"Yes...the sky...it's exactly what I saw...before Daphne sacrificed herself to stop it!"
"WHAT!?" Sarkhan growled out of shock. "You better be absolutely sure of what you're sayin'!"
"Let me at her, Sarkhan!" Amethyst hissed sharply. "I'll cut her lying tongue out for even suggesting that Daphne would fall like that!!"
"I'm so sorry," Carla pleaded, tears starting to stream down her face. "I wish I was wrong. I really, really wish I was wrong!!"
Amethyst's demeanor changed dramatically as the truth started to sink in and her coils shook in disbelief. "No...you have to be wrong!"
"Mom?" Kinana asked, having never seen her mother act like this.
Sarkhan growled in despair. "But Daphne...she's one of us, one of the first four Pokemon on the team! It was just us for a while: Sera, Daphne, me, and then Amethyst--Delilah didn't even join us until months later! We're Hyrem's strongest Pokemon, his best friends who've been there for him all this time. And now you're tellin' me one of us is about to go away for good? Nah, there's no way she can lose!"
"...You're wrong," the words came out of the Espeon's mouth.
"What!? Say that again!!" snarled Sarkhan, his grip instinctively tightening on Carla.
"Nnnngh, no, you're wrong, Daphne doesn't lose!!" she cried out, the words almost being forced out of her by Sarkhan.
"Say what!?" This time, Sarkhan's shock actually loosened his grip on the Espeon, even freeing her from his arms altogether. "Then, how does she die if she doesn't lose?"


Ginny ended up taking the brunt of another onslaught of attacks meant for Stewie, though Wendy made sure her Flamethrower attack was especially painful as it hit Ginny, then went through her and to Stewie, and caused a nasty Burn for Ginny in the process. With a satisfied snarl and an exhale of some excess flames, Wendy watched the effects of her attack take place. "Maybe next time, you'll learn to give a powerful dragon the respect she deserves!" In her hubris, however, she failed to recognize the true threat on the battlefield, and the Shadow Ledian took Wendy's distraction to lay waste to the entire field, damaging everyone with Shadow Rave and taking out four Pokemon, two of which were Fragarath and Hedwig, the two Pokemon able to stop Stewie from benefiting from his stat buffs! And had Sera not used Heal Pulse earlier Wendy would have joined them!

"Grrrrrr, you greedy insect!!" snarled the Salamence angrily. "You could've just Ice Punched me and done away with me for sure, but you had to try and finish everyone off in one fell swoop! Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news...actually, I like it a lot! You failed!!" Hyrem, however, noticed another charging of Shadow energy. "Guys, look out, Stewie's attacking again!!" he warned.


Just then, a scream could be heard before an Explosion of pure energy erupted from behind the Shadow Ledian, causing extreme amounts of damage to him while everyone else was far enough away from the blast area to avoid being hit at all. "What was that..." Hyrem said softly, struggling to see past the smoke until it cleared to reveal a familiar wooden form, her body standing without a consciousness to guide it. "Daphne!!" he shouted out, realizing what she had just done. "Then that means she used Explosion!" But why? he thought. I didn't order her to use that attack, I never have! Normally, he would hear a response from Sera, but this time there was none heard. He glanced over at his Mega Gardevoir, and her reaction showed she was stumped by Daphne's actions too. True it stopped Stewie from unleashing a second Shadow Rave attack, but she had plenty of moves in her arsenal that could do so other than Explosion... Just what was she thinking giving up her health up like that?

There was no more time for those kinds of thoughts as the battle raged on without the Shiftry. Keith swapped out his Crobat for Gemini, his Weezing. Ginny's feeble effort to take down the Weezing was easily blocked, and as soon as the Sunny Day attack faded, Gemini's Clear Smog took effect against Stewie, eliminating those dangerous stat changes! Not only that, the loss of his shadowy aura left him much more vulnerable to Sera's Psychic powers, locking him in place. Ginny moved to intercept once more but was the target of many a powerful attack until finally a pair of seagreen arms took hold on the Pawniard as Zatch finished her off with an Aqua Tail, slapping her to the ground and knocking her out in the process.

Now that there was no more Ginny left to block whatever attacks were meant for Stewie, Keith and Gemini moved in for the finishing blow as Keith brandished a familiar device on his arm. "No way, a Z-Ring!? That means he and Gemini can use a really powerful move!" Indeed, as Hyrem stated, Gemini began to charge up with an aura of ultimate strength before the area around Stewie started to become an inhospitable environment, not to mention the dark clouds above were replaced with a different type of purple, ominous haze. As everyone braced against the Shadow Sky hurting their forms, Hyrem knew if anything was going to bring down a Shadow Pokemon of this level this would be the move to do it. "Seraaaaa!!" Hyrem called out. "Don't let up! Put more into your Psychic attack than ever before, Stewie needs to take the full attack if we want to win!!"
"Of course, Master. HaaaaaaaaAAAA!!!" And with that, her hold on the Shadow Ledian intensified as the Acid Downpour covered him in toxic liquid until he was drenched in it. Between that, the Psychic hold Sera had on him, and the Leech Seed planted on him earlier, Stewie stood no chance and finally fell to the combination of attacks.

"So we won?" Hyrem asked, his body starting to feel the effects of the lingering Shadow Sky. "Go on, Keith, stop that machine already before we all get corrupted or something!" Keith does so, but the dark clouds failed to dissipate. As Sera listens to Stewie, she gasps. *Oh no, the machine was destroyed too late! The Shadow Sky is growing on its own!*
*Well, that's really bad, how do we stop it?*
*I am afraid I do not have an answer,* Sera thought woefully, her form shifting back to her regular Gardevoir self.

Keith did have an answer, however. He told everyone to have their Pokemon use Sunny Day; if enough Pokemon used it, maybe that would be enough to stop the Shadow Sky attack! "Well, I wish I could, but...the only Pokemon I have that can use Sunny Day is...right over there," said Hyrem, pointing to Daphne, close by Stewie's unconscious body and unconscious herself, but somehow still standing.

There was nothing he could do but feel the Shadow Sky's droplets of pain splash against his vulnerable body. "Anyway, I just hope your plan works, Keith- wait, what's going on!?" He looked down to see his Shadow Pokeball react strongly to the Shadow energy making contact with it as well. "My Shadow Pokemon...no, not now, I don't need him out at all!!" He tried grasping the dark sphere tightly, but he started to get a burning sensation from the Pokeball and let go, dropping it onto the ground and allowing it to open up, revealing a Chimecho floating in the air, his coloration and aura revealed to be quite ominous. "OOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH!!" the normally adorable Pokemon cheered in a shrill voice. "I've never felt anything like this, it's got me excited like y'all wouldn't believe! Nothing like my last trainer ever showed me, it's time for Karthas to take the stage!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!" he shouted, getting himself into an Uproar that had Hyrem and the rest of his Pokemon covering their ears. "Nnnnngh, no, Karthas, stop! I was only going to bring you out if we were losing the battle, but we already won! Please, just go back into your Pokeball and stop this! If you don't, everyone else might get distracted and stop using Sunny Day! So just make this easy and return!!" Hyrem picked up the Shadow Pokeball in an effort to contain Karthas, at the same time relaying a secret thought only Sera could hear through their mind link. The Shadow Pokeball failed to work, and the Uproar continued with no signs of stopping.

"That is enough!!" Sera's voice resonated against Karthas as his crude behavior was immediately put to a stop. "Huh?" the Shadow Chimecho wondered in bewilderment. He tried again, and again, over and over, to start shouting up a storm, but each time he found his voice stifled. "What's wrong with my voice!? SOMEBODY EXPLAIN!!" he demanded.
"I have silenced you thanks to my Imprison," Sera explained. "Because I used Mimic to copy the knowledge of your Uproar, my Imprison attack means you cannot use that move along with any other move you know that I have also learned."
"Then I'll just have to bring you down so I can perform again!! So...SHADOW HALF!!" Sera cried out in pain as the spell affected her, the attack reducing everyone else's health by half in addition to Sera, including Karthas. "Now it doesn't matter how much stronger you are than me, my Shadow attacks should bring your health down to zero-" His words were cut short as he suddenly found himself engulfed inside the mouth of a certain Shiny Eelektross.

"Hey, wait, let me out! I'm a rock star, my voice isn't meant to be stuffed inside someone like this, and especially not someplace really...uh, really tight, and...really...stinky...wait, what is this stuff- ZZZZZZZZZZ!! Ow, okay, seriously, get me out of here, it-it's getting tighter and TIGHTER!! AAAA-"

...I'll spare you the details, but Karthas fell to a combination of Acid Spray and Thunderbolt, then finished off with Zatch's Crunch attack before he was unceremoniously spit out and revealed to be unconscious. "Wow, nice job, Zatch, I knew that big mouth of yours would come in handy!" "Trossss~" he hissed while rubbing the back of his head with his paw, his cheeks flashing red in addition to the luminescence they normally flashed. As Hyrem returned Karthas to his Shadow Pokeball, he looked around, hoping nobody else was affected, but saw Alex who seemed to be clutching his arm tightly after his Shadow Zangoose, Totsuka, apparently attacked him, though not voluntarily. Not to mention the Shadow Sky causing endless amounts of small pain that was beginning to add up. Hyrem grew even more worried as well as irritated by the pain caused by the storm. "Man, not only is this storm taking its toll on our bodies, it's agitating all the Shadow Pokemon! It has to be stopped before there's any more damage! But with Daphne knocked out-"

I can do it.

"A voice?" Hyrem asked. "Who's saying that?"

It's me...Master, it's me, look at me!

Hyrem gasped before gazing in the direction of where Daphne was, still standing, and now with her eyes partially open as she could barely move. Hyrem started to run towards her. "Daphne? I almost forgot about you, don't worry, we can get you to a Pokemon Center, and you'll be okay!"
No! Daphne shouted, stopping Hyrem in his tracks.
"Wha...why, Daphne?" he asked.
There's not much time! If these clouds in the sky aren't stopped, this world is lost!
"Wait, you aren't planning on using Sunny Day too!?" he realized. "But your body is really weak right now, if you do that, then-"
Yes, I know, responded Daphne. My spirit will be expelled from my body...and I won't be your Pokemon anymore.
"No, you don't have to do this!" denied Hyrem. "There's plenty of Pokemon here right now, they all should be able to use Sunny Day!"
And if they aren't enough!? the Shiftry's question rang deep inside Hyrem's mind. If this world falls into darkness, and I didn't do my part, my duty, then I wouldn't be able to live with myself! I do have to do this...for your sake...and in the name of Tornadus!
"Tornadus?" Hyrem asked.
Remember when we were freed from that shadow place back in the Forbidden Garden?
"How could I forget, that was when I gave you that Leaf Stone so you could evolve into Shiftry!"
Before we were sent back into the real world, I talked with that Pokemon, Tornadus, and he said I was meant to evolve for a specific purpose. I had no idea what that purpose was...until now.
Don't you see!? This is what I'm meant to do, I have to give up my life so the world is saved!
"No...you can't...I WON'T LET YOU!!"

Just as he was about to rush forward, however, he felt his left shoulder get pinched, then punctured on the front and back, and he looked to see the jaws of his Salamence Biting down on his shoulder. "Ack! Wendy, let go, I've gotta stop Daphne!" Then a second familiar mouth engulfed his head while two strong arms Bound his arms at their sides. "Zatch, no, now's not the time for this, now let me go!!" He could feel Wendy's jaws release him before she said, "Now!" Soon enough, an electrical pulse flowed through his entire body, a weak attack, but one that shut down all bodily functions as the Thunder Wave successfully Paralyzed him from head to toe. When Zatch felt satisfied, he released his trainer's head from his mouth but continued to hug his body until Wendy moved close enough so he could gently set him down on her back. "What is the meaning of this, you two!?" Sera demanded, shocked at the two teammates' behavior.
"Ohhhhh, I'm so sorry, Sera," Zatch whimpered sadly, his paw covering his mouth. "It's just that Wendy made me-"
"You can still heal Hyrem, right?" the Salamence grunted briskly.
"Yes, I do still have the energy to-"
"And you can use Teleport on all of us, right?"
"I can, but not until you explain yourself!"
"You heard her!" Wendy barked. "Since you two were his first Pokemon I figured you'd understand this: she's made her choice, and I plan on honoring and respecting it." She then lowered her head and looked to the ground, and the Gardevoir could see the rare moment of the occasional tear streak down Wendy's face. "Even if I don't fully agree with it either." Sera then looked back at Daphne long and hard before nodding. "One moment, please."

Floating over to her longtime friend, she found it hard to figure out what to say; after all, this was the first time she ever had to say goodbye to anyone. *...I can only guess your mind is made up...but I will say what may be the most pointless thing to say: it is not too late to change your mind. If you are at all afraid, please say so.*
*I am not afraid,* Daphne's voice leaked into Sera's mind. *I can hear the winds calling to me. They want me to join them, to be a part of them, and I want that too. That way I can still be with you guys, guiding all of you, even if I can't be there all the time. Can you...tell our trainer that...please?*
*He has been hearing every word,* Sera confirmed with a smile. *Our minds are linked together, remember?*
*Right,* Daphne sighed. *I guess I'll say something for everyone then: Sarkhan, you keep getting stronger, I know you'll be the strongest Druddigon out there someday. Leila, and all my prank buddies, you all keep Amethyst in check. Amethyst, I hope you think of me the next time a gust of wind blows in your face. Delilah, don't ever let those lights of yours go out. Laika, you take care of Leila, and...maybe try and meet up with that Ninetales friend of yours and tell her what you've always wanted to say. Seshiro, Shisato, you two take care of yourselves and your kids, I can tell they'll be a handful. Ice, keep trying, you'll meet a lucky girl someday! Aisa, you be nice to our trainer and give him lots of cuddles...and stop scaring other female Bug Pokemon off the team, it's a bad habit! Carla, if you predicted what's happening, it's not your fault; also, thanks for not telling me about it. Wendy, stop trying to get what you want when you want it, it isn't always about you (or your stomach)! Rengar, drop the act, you've been around long enough to like at least one of us! Ahri, just relax, not everyone has to be totally clean all the time, you included. To the kids: try not to take too much after your parents, be your own Pokemon instead! And Hyrem...Hyrem, it was an honor to call myself your Pokemon.*

Sera nodded slowly to Daphne. *I will relay your messages to those who were not already here to receive them.*
*Thanks,* Daphne sighed again. *And thanks for keeping Hyrem from stopping me.* Sera simply nodded before turning to head back to the rest of the group. *Oh, almost forgot one thing!* As the Gardevoir looked back and saw the Shiftry's eyes sport their own set of tears just like she sported hers, she just knew who it was meant for: *Sera, thank you for trusting me all these years and for being the best friend I never deserved.*
*The same goes to you,* Sera thought as more tears began to run down her face. *Farewell...my dearest friend.*

As she floated back, she did her best to wipe the tears away before sitting on Wendy's back, next to her trainer's still Paralyzed body, his own face wracked by rivers of salty fluid, as he struggled to speak, "D...Da..ph..ne..." Sera put one hand on his chest while the other was soon held by Zatch before, without another word, the four of them, with Delilah and Karthas still in their Pokeballs, Teleported away from the scene and onto the ship in which they arrived at this fateful island.

Meanwhile, Daphne took one more look around and spotted Goyle, Keith's Victreebel, focused on his own Sunny Day attack; there was only one thing about this moment that caused Daphne endless amounts of pain, and it was the fact that her lover was here to witness it. Goyle...I am so very sorry that you have to see this...I wish you were far away from here! But...just know...that I love you... And with that, she let her body take over, her mouth slowly but surely began to open and open wide...wider...and wider until it had opened unnaturally wide even for a Shiftry. At that moment, a large beam of bright, orange light erupted out of her mouth and joined the other attacks trying their hardest to break the clouds and destroy the darkness attempting to take hold on the world. If there was anything besides Goyle that Daphne prayed for, it was that her sacrifice would not be in vain...


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There was a bit of good news, sure, but there was also a ton of bad news as well. Sure, Stewie was finally down and out for the count, but his malevolent clouds were still spreading, and multiple people have suddenly had their pokemon turn on them. And yet, despite all the chaos, many still managed to focus on trying to turn back the clouds with raw solar power... or something. Has anyone figured out how Sunny Day works?

In any case, there was no telling just how effective they were being quite yet, what with the clouds' strength and the surprisingly high number of attacks being used to counter them. Nevertheless, Chroma figured that it would probably be for the best to add more fuel to the fire, so to speak, just in case this wasn't quite enough yet. "Berue, Butternut, Let's put your skills to use! Both of you, Mimic someone's Sunny Day, than add your own touches to the sky!" Both Grass Types had to take a breath in order to focus on their orders (which Berue had an easier time doing), but they soon were doing their part to try and end the ledian's influence once and for all.

Chroma sighed and turned to her mawile. "Louise, do me a favor and keep an eye out for any trouble headed our way. The last we need is another health issue now that we've come so far." Louise nodded and turned to scan the area, ready to take matters into her own hands if needed.

Now, all there was left to do was hope that this all blew over soon. It seemed like all parties involved were getting exhausted for one reason or another by now, after all...

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(My sincerest apologies to kawaiiconcept for not waiting for you to post, but with the storyline so close to its conclusion, I felt it wasn't fair to keep things waiting for much longer. I deliberately worded this post in such a way that if you so chose, you could make a final post in this thread describing what your character and Pokémon did to assist the others.)

Alex was quick to act at Keith's words. He gave the command, and Tantalia the Conkeldurr started up a Sunny Day at once, with Fragarath the Honchkrow joining in as well, having recovered sufficiently from the battle to be able to let loose his own Sunny Day. Alex then proceeded to try some unconventional methods- he sent out Golestandt, his massive Golurk, as well as what looked vaguely like a Graveler, but not like any Graveler Keith had ever seen before. He instinctively consulted his Pokédex.

"Graveler- Alola Form- the Rock Pokémon. A Rock and Electric-type, and the evolved form of Geodude," droned the device. "Graveler likes to eat rocks. In Alola, the rocks it ate gave it an electric charge, resulting in this form."

Golestandt, on Alex's command, carried the Alolan Graveler into the sky, while the Rock/Electric-type Charged up power, preparing to blast the clouds directly with Discharge. The Golurk, meanwhile, would be going crazy on the clouds as well, with Psychic and Energy Ball- basically whatever it deemed necessary.

Keith grinned as Alex approached, asking about "that swamp thing". "Ah, yeah- that's what's known as a Z-Move," Keith explained, showing Alex his Z-Ring and Poisonium Z. "With a Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal, a Trainer can help their Pokémon upgrade one of their attacks into a Z-Move. I'll explain more about it when we're finished here. Cool Graveler, by the way," he added. Alex then headed off to check on Totsuka, something Keith didn't really think too much about- he'd met the Shadow Zangoose before, and knew her to be remarkably lazy and generally harmless-

-except at that moment, what Totsuka did was anything but lazy or harmless. The best that could be said was that the sudden Shadow End was completely involuntary, and not due to any ill will on her part. Well, OK, that and the fact that the injury Alex sustained, grievous though it was, was by no means fatal. Of course, this didn't dull the shock and horror of the situation any- kinda hard to keep things calm, after all, when one's hand gets vaporized, leaving nothing but bone behind. "Oh my Arceus!" Keith exclaimed.

"Keith- here!" Helena exclaimed. In one swift motion, she unzipped her mouth, produced a Ground Ball from within, lobbed the sphere to Keith, and zipped her mouth back up, all while keeping her own Sunny Day going.

Keith understood immediately. As he caught the Ground Ball, he pressed the button to enlarge it, and held it up. "Rubeus!" he exclaimed as the white-finned Stunfisk emerged.

"Stun- Stunfisk!?" Rubeus exclaimed- upon seeing Alex collapsed on the ground, clutching an arm that was tipped in blood-soaked bone and nothing else, he sprang into action, flapping his side fins like wings, and hovering to his side. Of course, he knew better than to think anything short of a miracle from Arceus would regrow the hand, but he also knew that a timely Soft-Boiled and Heal Bell would at least help soothe the pain and maybe even close the wound as best as one could reasonably expect it to close. With that in mind, it was those two moves the Stunfisk wasted no time in using on Alex.

Satisfied that Alex was in good hands (or rather, good fins), Keith glanced around to see what else was being done. Heather had regained consciousness, and in a display of resourcefulness, she had called back the Charizard she'd borrowed earlier, and was getting it to contribute its own Sunny Day. Keith made sure to give Heather a nod and a smile, try and convey that he felt she was being a big help at the moment, for something about the look on her face suggested that she thought otherwise.

Sera had Teleported Hyrem and the rest of his team back onto the Banette's Revenge, following a brief and very loud interruption by Hyrem's Shadow Chimecho (which included a highly inconvenient Shadow Half targeting basically everyone else present). Keith hadn't seen the tearful farewells Daphne and her teammates exchanged, but Goyle had. Between how weakened Daphne was following her use of Explosion, the emotional exchanges that followed, and the fact that Sera had Teleported everyone except Daphne away, the Victreebel started to piece together the truth, and it made his chlorophyll run cold. And though he was focused on using Sunny Day the entire time, this did not stop him from meeting Daphne's gaze as she took one last look around. There were tears in the Victreebel's eyes. If he could have, he would have hopped over to her side, but he didn't want to risk stopping his Sunny Day attack. Instead, he extended his vine across the clearing and gently took hold of one of Daphne's leaf fans as the Shiftry's mouth opened unnaturally wide, as she prepared to sacrifice herself for the sake of the world.

Nothing Chroma had brought was able to use Sunny Day, but she didn't let that stop her- her Tangrowth and Pumpkasaur, after all, were both packing Mimic, and they both put the move to excellent use, each of them copying a Sunny Day and using it themselves. Keith was unable to keep an eye on everything going on, however, and so whatever contribution Kawaii and her team were adding to this group effort, effective as it was, it escaped his notice. And yet...

Keith gritted his teeth- despite the multiple Sunny Day attacks being used, despite the extreme measures, the resourceful tactics, the direct attacks on the clouds themselves, despite it all, the Shadow Sky was not dissipating. While Golestandt and Caritas were landing some solid hits on the clouds, destroying big chunks of them, any parts of the clouds that weren't hit billowed larger in their stead, effectively making the destroyed portions grow back with ominous rapidity. Even though the machine was destroyed, that which it had already set in motion seemed unstoppable... Keith groaned. This was how it would end, wasn't it? Obliterated by a supercharged Shadow Sky, while he, Keith, would be spared from the insidious inclement weather, only to be thrust into a horrific wasteland populated and ruled by Shadow Pokémon, never to see the sun shine again-

Keith blinked. As he thought of never seeing the sun shine again, one of his Pokémon sprang immediately to mind. He plucked the Premier Ball off his belt and looked at it. Of course. There was still Sunny. Perhaps her Drought would be just enough to tip the scales in their favor! Much as Keith didn't like the idea of exposing his young Vulpix to such a harsh situation, the fate of the world literally hung in the balance. "Go! Sunny!" Keith exclaimed, throwing the ball, and sending out his Vulpix.

"Vuuuuul~" Sunny cheered as she materialized. At her very presence, the Shadow Sky seemed to weaken even more... but no- it was still intensifying, just at a slower rate.

"Oh, man..." Keith groaned. His final hope- everyone's final hope- had failed them. The world was going to end-

"Vul! Vulpix vul!" Sunny barked, cutting across Keith's despondent train of thought. Keith looked back up, looked at his Vulpix. He saw the fire in her eyes, saw immediately what she was getting at. Any other time, had she made the request this early, he'd have questioned it, asking if she was really sure, stressing the point that there was no going back, all that good stuff. But, once again, fate of the world in the balance and all that. Therefore, Keith's response was to give an understanding nod, and roll a wrapped-up bundle from his backpack out towards the Vulpix. The Fire-type pulled at the wrapping with her teeth, and as it fell away, the Fire Stone beneath exposed itself. It was at that moment that both Sunny and this Fire Stone started to glow. The glow was intense, and it even felt hot- a heat one doesn't usually get from evolution.

Sunny grew taller, her body more slim and lithe as the Fire Stone was absorbed into it. Six tails became nine, and her fluffy fur grew more and more luxurious. Keith's jaw dropped- the glow had faded now, but the that Sunny had become, it wasn't like anything Keith had ever seen before. Well, no, that's not entirely true- he'd seen the exact color of that fur just moments prior, hadn't he? Sunny's shape, size, and species were all different, but her color scheme stayed remarkably unchanged.

"Ninetales- Normal Form- the Fox Pokémon. A Fire-type, and the evolved form of Vulpix," said Keith's Pokédex. "Ninetales can live very long lives, some even living a whole millennium. Pulling one of its gorgeous tails will provoke it to seek retribution until the offender has been severely punished. This specimen has retained the coloration of its previous evolutionary stage, a very rare phenomenon."

Keith grinned- Sunny was every bit as beautiful as he'd have pictured the Ninetales to be, and then some, considering how well the Vulpix colors suited her in either stage. Moreover, now that the newly evolved Ninetales was adding her Drought to the mix, Keith was finally starting to see some results.

"What the deuce?!" a tired and worn-out Stewie exclaimed in horror, for his Shadow Sky was no longer intensifying- it was starting to dissipate! "No! NO! I won't allow it!" he exclaimed. Hastily, he charged at Sunny, hoping to land a good Mega Punch, even as weak as he currently was.

But Keith was ready. "Sunny! Flamethrower!" he ordered.

"Niiiiiiine!" howled Sunny, unleashing a stream of flames in Stewie's direction. The Shadow Ledian hastily ducked underneath the flames, crashing back down to the ground. The glow around his fist faded- he was stopping the Mega Punch. And at long last, the Shadow Sky vanished completely, the newly-evolved Ninetales's Drought helping all the other Sunny Day attacks to have their intended effect.

"Yes!" Keith cheered. "And now," he added, approaching Stewie. "Stewie," he stated, looking down at the battered, weary, and utterly defeated Shadow Ledian. "I don't even have words for what you just tried to pull," he stated. "You destroyed my house, and threatened to do likewise to the entire world. That I cannot allow, and I certainly can't run the risk of you trying this again."

"So... so what now?" Stewie demanded with as much false bravado as he had the strength to muster. "Hmm? You... you going to kill me, hat man, hmm?"

Ginny was in tears, looking back and forth between Keith and Stewie. It was looking like she had to make a choice, and it wasn't an easy one. Of course, the most crucial of choices never were... but eventually, she approached Keith and Stewie. "Stewie..." she murmured.

"Heh... my queen," Stewie chuckled. "So... after all this, my carefully laid plans were for naught. It seems we won't be ruling together any time soon, will we?"

"Stewie, I..." murmured Ginny. "I think... I think you should give up trying to take over the world."

"...What the deuce?" Stewie responded. He looked intently at Ginny.

"I love you," Ginny stated. "But... the way this is going... I'm going to have to choose between you and Keith. And... I don't want to side against Keith. I mean, if you kill him, you know I would kill you. But... I don't want to lose you, either. I... Stewie, I want to be with you, whether you're the ruler of the world or just my teammate. But... the former just isn't going to happen, you must know this by now."

For a moment, Stewie said nothing. He looked deep in thought, his face unreadable. It was a tense moment, one in which both Keith and Ginny feared a sudden outburst of Shadow Rave or something similar. But then, Stewie... looked down. Something about his eyes seemed different- it was an indescribable difference to Keith, but a difference nonetheless. "...Not twenty-four hours ago, I would have met that suggestion with swift and terrible retribution," Stewie said quietly. "As it is... I went at this with every ounce of preparation I was able to make. This was the culmination of years of careful planning, topped off with the sheer surprise factor... I went at this with all the conditions at their very zenith, and this is how it ended. I'll never have that surprise factor again, and I cannot get any stronger than I am. Perhaps... perhaps one single Ledian cannot take over the world after all," he admitted. "Perhaps... perhaps you're right. And you as well," he added, with a glance at Keith. "You and your cohorts who rose as one to strike me down, and with you orchestrating and leading the whole affair... Perhaps I was wrong to regard you as merely a tool for my own personal gain," he admitted. Keith couldn't understand what Stewie was saying, but the small smile and the look in his eyes got the gist of the message across quite nicely. Keith realized what he was seeing in Stewie's eyes now, something he'd never seen in them before- respect.

Keith smiled. He crouched down, maintaining eye contact with his Ledian. "You're starting to get it, aren't you, Stewie?" he asked. "You've come a long way, haven't you? I get the feeling this battle did more than just wreck your plans for taking over the world... I think it got you to think differently about all we've been through. About all the training, all the moves you've learned, about our experience in the Dream World... you're starting to appreciate it all for more than what it did to further your own agenda. Am I right?"

Stewie gave a small nod. "I never thought I'd hear myself say this, but... you're right, hat ma... er... Keith."

Keith's smile widened. He reached into his backpack, and pulled out a container that both looked and smelled distinctly floral. "No-" Ginny began.

"Silence, vile Pawniard," Stewie interrupted, his tone as gentle as it's ever been whilst speaking such a sentence. "I know you love the insane megalomaniac I've been all my life. But... if I stay this way, then the time will surely come when you'll need to make that choice you've been dreading. And now I see... I can't do that to you. Because I love you too, Ginny." He bowed his head humbly. "The time has come," he decided. "These shadows that have plagued and tainted my soul since birth, the shadows what twisted and corrupted me, what conspired to make me the unspeakable evil you all brought down today... they may give me power, and bloody awesome attacks.... but it's what they can't give me I'm now seeing." He looked up at Keith. "Do it, hat man," he said. "I can feel it- the time is right. Undo the final lock, and see what becomes of me. See who Stewie really is, when not shrouded in shadow. And let me see it as well... and let Ginny see it, too."

Once again, no translation was necessary. Keith caught the gist of it. He placed his Rose Incense, hand crafted by Celebi herself, in front of Stewie. And just like the fabled Relic Stone of Agate Village, the power Celebi had given this Incense set to work at once. Swirls of glowing green energy erupted from the container, and surrounded Stewie. Bursts of shadowy aura flew away and fizzled out as the power did its work as the Shadow Ball, ever the reliable portable prison that always served to keep Stewie in place, crumbled away in Keith's hand. Stewie exclaimed in surprise- feelings, emotions, felt stronger than ever before, surged through his very soul. Tears came to his eyes for the first time, as he experienced his first real dose of remorse. The urge to do evil faded away, knowledge of most of his various Shadow moves slid right out of his head. He could see Keith through the swirls of Celebi power, could see for the first time just how admirable this man really was. He saw Ginny, his heart leaping like it never leapt before as he gazed upon the Pawniard. And finally... it was finished. The energy swirls faded away, revealing the who was forever changed by this experience, and most decidedly in a good way.

"Stewie?" Keith addressed his Sha- no. Addressed his Ledian. "How do you feel?"

"...My Arceus," Stewie murmured, looking down at himself, seeing himself as a regular red Ledian for the first time ever. "So... this is what it feels like, then? Feeling? Caring? Not... not wanting to fly into a rage at the slightest provocation?"

Ginny smiled. "Stewie..." she murmured.

Stewie looked at Ginny, with his brand new bright blue eyes. "So... what do you think?" he asked, sounding the tiniest bit nervous. "The new and improved Stewie, hmm?"

"I'd say so," smiled Ginny. "So... um... YAAAAH!" she suddenly exclaimed, lunging at Stewie without warning, looking about ready to Cut his head clean off. Stewie was ready for this, however, and blocked Ginny's blade with an Ice Punch, the ice surrounding his fist catching the blade handily. Stewie and Ginny grinned at each other for a moment following this, and then, blade still wedged in ice, the two of them kissed. "...You're still the same Stewie I fell in love with," Ginny stated once the kiss broke apart.

"So it seems," smiled the Ledian. "It seems the instincts and reflexes our multiple sparring matches have honed in me over the years remain unchanged... as has my enjoyment of said sparring matches," he added quietly and with a grin. He stopped Ice Punch at that point, and Ginny lowered her blade once the ice thawed. "I will admit... I was worried," he admitted. "Worried whether purification would take away that which you love about me, as well as the part of me that so loved you... but I can look back upon our moments of passion with as much fondness now as I could then- moreso, in fact- I feel... I... I feel!" he exclaimed, reveling in the possession of a soul untainted by pure evil, in the sensation of a heart not locked away by shadows. "And that means-"

"It means you love me even more now?" the Pawniard asked hopefully.

Stewie grinned. "Damn straight... vile Pawniard," he responded.

Keith did not know how to respond to any of this. He let Ginny and Stewie do their own thing for the time being- it felt very odd to him, not needing to keep a close eye on Stewie anymore, considering the chances of him trying to do something bad were now extremely minimal, but it felt... freeing, somehow. He sat on a nearby rock, sighing in relief as he absentmindedly stroked his Ninetales's head. Sunny was enjoying this attention immensely- and of course, the bright and sunny weather that was shining down upon Stargazer Island wasn't hurting matters any, either.

At long last, after injuries were treated, after Keith had produced a Luxury Ball to house Stewie in to replace his old and totally destroyed Shadow Ball (and in the process, finally realizing just how long ago Luna must have foreseen all of this happening), after Goyle had finished wailing his lament to the heavens over the loss of Daphne (helped in this by Pomona, who likewise had no small amount of tears to shed over the loss of her friend, but still proved a comforting presence for the Victreebel), Keith stood back up and addressed the group of Trainers who had helped him save the world. "Alright," he said, his face tired yet triumphant. "Let's head on back to the mainland, shall we?" True, Keith no longer had a home to go to, but considering he'd just played such a big part in the saving of the world, he figured he'd take this one step at a time. Moreover, seeing the clearing Stewie's attacks had formed back at Salt Wave Coast, from his Shadow attacks felling so many trees, it gave Keith an idea...

OOC: And with that, the Final Stewie-line comes to a close. As of this post, the Poisonous Paradise can now be considered closed. You may all make whatever closing posts you wish to make, though after that, I shall be requesting that a mod close this thread. In the meantime, it is at this point I hereby declare my new Secret Base, Sludge Wave Coast, to be open to any and all visitors! Thanks to all of you who helped make this storyline a reality, as I've been wanting to pull off something like this... basically since I got Stewie in the first place. Also, although both events have officially happened previously, I now consider this to be the point at which Sunny evolves into Ninetales and Stewie gets purified.

What?  Vulpix is evolving!




Congratulations!  Your Vulpix evolved into Ninetales!

*Sunny learned Imprison!*

*Sunny learned Nasty Plot!*

*Sunny learned Flamethrower!*

*Sunny learned Quick Attack!*

*Sunny learned Confuse Ray!*

*Sunny learned Safeguard!*

There's a Pokémon that may open the door to its heart!





! ! !
! ! !
!!! !!! !!!!!!!

Stewie opened the door to his heart!

*Stewie retained the move Shadow Break!*

*Stewie retained the move Shadow Rave!*
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As the purple clouds broke, revealing the bright Sunny Day everyone's attacks--including Daphne's--had worked towards creating, it was at that point that Hyrem could hear Sera's soothing, Healing Bell created out of nothing and the control he had regained of his body from the earlier paralysis. He knew she had done it. He knew it was too late. All he could do then was roll off Wendy's back and onto the wooden floor of the ship, curling into a ball up against his Salamence's belly while he hid his sobbing the best he could. No words were spoken from either trainer or Pokemon, only thoughts heard between Hyrem, Sera, and Wendy, Zatch having gone to the water to do the tough job of explaining to Delilah the tragic news while Karthas was contained in his Pokeball, unable to break free from it while his body recuperated from the beating he took.

Wendy in particular took extra effort to comfort her ailing trainer in the only way she knew how; beside the constant thoughts of apology he heard, she carefully took off his shirt, revealing the puncture marks her fangs had made and the trickles of blood streaming out of those holes. She meant well, but in her desperation to stop him from interfering with her comrade's sacrifice she had gone too far, even for her. Her tail curled against his legs, her wing would spread out over his exposed body and cover it from the harsh sunlight, her long neck craned around his head, giving him an even better place to cry against, and with that done she pressed her lips against his shoulder and began licking the wounds long and slow. After all, dragon saliva was very sticky, maybe it would help to stop the bleeding. Between that and the soft vocalizations she was making it seemed to calm him down slowly but surely; he did like it when certain other Pokemon did this with him, it seemed, and she was happy she could now be numbered among them, even if the circumstances that led to this intimate moment were not of a lighthearted nature.

By now, Sera's Mega Evolution had long since dispelled, and she took this moment to join Hyrem in his sorrow by laying down near her mindlinked trainer and the normally boisterous Salamence and buried her own face in her arms as she cried, not wanting to disrupt the moment her companions were sharing. Thanks to the Gardevoir's psychic connection with Hyrem, however, she could also feel Wendy's soothing comfort as though her tongue was brushing against her own body, allowing all three to share in each other's sorrow but also feel consoled by each other as well, though one thought could be heard by both Sera and Hyrem that gave them the faintest of grins if only for an instant:

*What a bunch of crybabies we all are.*


Back at the base, everyone could feel the void that opened in their hearts, but none felt it more than Sarkhan, Amethyst, and Carla who had all collapsed to the ground and had curled up in their own way, leaving Kinana left baffled by her mother's actions.

Sometimes I wish I didn't see the future...

I-I'm sorry I threatened to cut off your nose and calling you an onion head and trying to eat you when you turned yourself into a cookie and trying to eat you after covering you in chocolate--well, I guess I'm sorry for wanting to eat you in general, but mostly I'm sorry for being a big meanie like you said I was...I'M SORRYYYYYYYY!!

Ugh, man, I ain't never said goodbye to anyone, not like this...it's so dumb, I can't stand it, y'know? So how about you just...figure out how you can come back, 'kay, cuz I just ain't gonna say it! Nope, not gonna, never!


The moment she felt the vine tenderly wrap around her wrist, she couldn't take it. The beam actually intensified out of sheer agony, and she felt herself scream as the last of her life energy struck against the clouds and dissipated into the air.

She could no longer feel anything after that point. She looked down at her body--her old body--before attempting to look at herself now, yet there was nothing to be seen. Then she felt something again, but this time it didn't bounce against her...it blew through her. However the process worked, it was working. She attempted to exhale; no sound came out, but she could somehow recognize her breath blowing out like normal...well, as normal as it got with this new form.

Wait, sunlight...that meant they were successful! Everything worked! She spun around like a tiny whirlwind in the sky, hoping to see her friends and finally spotted them curled against one another in a sorrowful embrace. She could feel her lips curl into a wistful smile, but there was no moisture available to her, not enough to create anything resembling tears anyway. She would need to let them know of her presence at some point, but...right now, she could hear a voice...a voice asking her for something, that much she knew, but what...

Your body...it can still be useful...take it...move it somewhere...

Why? What was the point? She could no longer use it...but someone else was asking for it? There had to be a reason... She looked at the husk left behind and soon decided that if someone wanted it they would have it. As she flew back down to the husk, she came at the Victreebel she had called her lover from behind and breezed her way through him, essentially telling him about her should he be able to figure it out...she knew he would eventually if not in that moment. Slowly but surely, she turned her corpse to dust that she could carry to the only location she could think of that would fit a "rebirth" of sorts and trusted that the winds of which she was now a part of knew what they were doing...

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