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We're gonna need a support option so rolling in here with Halley the Jirachi.

Spoiler: show
Species: Jirachi.
Gender: Genderless, considered Male.
Level: 27.
Obtained: April Fools CfP Event.
Poke Ball: Xmas 2008 Ball.
Type: Steel/Psychic.
Ability: Serene Grace.
Nature: Quirky.
Contest Stats: 0 all.
Hold Item: None.
Bond: 0.
Evolutionary Track: None.

Bio: Halley is odd, to say the least. Whimsical yet careful, the mythical pokemon came to Alex's attention on the eve of the passing of a comet, and in the adventure that followed the trainer lost a very close companion. With assistance from an ally in the Order, he was entrusted with the wishmaker, and since then he named the pokemon after the comet. Halley's a bit of a recluse, as expected of a pokemon as elusive as Jirachi, but when approached by the curious he's glad to entertain others.

Level: Wish, Confusion, Rest, Swift, Helping Hand, Psychic, Life Dew.
Egg: N/A.
Machine: Thunderbolt, Psyshock, Calm Mind, Toxic, Hidden Power Electric, Sunny Day, Hyper Beam, Light Screen, Protect, Rain Dance, Safeguard, Frustration, Thunder, Return, Shadow Ball, Double Team, Reflect, Sandstorm, Aerial Ace, Facade, Rest, Round, Energy Ball, Fling, Charge Beam, Giga Impact, Flash, Thunder Wave, Psych Up, Dream Eater, Grass Knot, Swagger, Sleep Talk, U-Turn, Substitute, Flash Cannon, Trick Room, Power-Up Punch, Dazzling Gleam, Confide, Aura Sphere.
Move Tutor: Iron Head, Pay Day, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Signal Beam, Magic Coat, Body Slam, Water Pulse, Drain Punch
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Leo finally made his way back onto the island, and found that it wasn't actually in complete disrepair. It seems that the Hatterene has left, feasting off the power spot and making its way off into somewhere unknown. It took him a while to repair the island, but he was able to make it back up and running, well, right before another raid boss showed up.

"[Seems we got a Category 4 Wigglytuff over here! Will need a team of 8 trainers to handle this threat!]" He states into the microphone has he watches the Wigglytuff, who seems to be interested in the newly repaired gift shop.

"Could this be the source of the more neutral atmosphere of the island?" he mused to himself as we awaited back up.

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Missingno. Master
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It had been a wild year in Fizzytopia thus far. Power Spots cropping up all over the region, and numerous Dynamaxed Pokémon appearing that made it necessary for Trainers to gather and defeat them. And recently, a discovery was made- Pokémon of sufficient levels were able to ignore the nullifying powers that Dynamax Energy had on Z-Power and Mega Evolution energy. Put simply, Pokémon whose level of power was at its absolute maximum were still able to Mega Evolve or unleash Z-Moves against these Dynamaxed foes. This was something Keith, for one, was quite willing to try out, and so when the strange island seemingly made entirely of sweet snacks turned out to be under the threat of a giant Wigglytuff, Keith decided this was the perfect opportunity.

"...do apologize for this," Willa Carnet was saying as she and her boyfriend both went ashore, leaving Peeves the Dusknoir to guard the Banette's Revenge, as he so often was entrusted to do. "I really had hoped my Pokémon would have been fully healed by now."

"Ah, it's not your fault, sometimes the Pokémon Center just gets that busy," Keith assured Willa. "Helena'll keep 'em safe until we get back. Besides, just having you by my side for emotional support, I'll gladly take that."

"And help with the Z-Move poses, as well, I expect?" Willa inquired with a slight smile.

Keith grinned back, brandishing the Z-Ring on his left wrist, and the Poisonium Z set into it. "That, too," he admitted. "Meowth, you be ready for that as well, OK?" he added.

"Naturally," purred the Normal-type on Keith's shoulder. "Why's Willa wearin' da Dynamax Band, though?" he added, pointing a paw at Willa's right wrist, which was indeed clad in the Dynamax Band shared between the residents of Sludge Wave Coast.

"Ah, yes- you missed the conversation we had back at the house," Willa said, adjusting the Dynamax Band on her wrist. "Keith and I agreed that if I couldn't bring any of my Pokémon to help out with this raid, then I could at least help out in this way. Since Keith intends to use a Z-Move, Marvolo won't be able to Dynamax, so there's no point in him wearing it, not unless Marvolo were to faint. If, Xerneas forbid, that should happen, then I'll be able to fire excess Dynamax Energy through this to either heal an ally or damage the shield should one be up."

"Oh, yeah, dat's a ting," Meowth nodded. "Alright, dat's fair," he conceded.

Soon, the group arrived- they seemed to be the first ones on the scene thus far, the Dynamaxed Wigglytuff towering over them all. Keith stepped forward, not scared of the Normal/Fairy-type at all, a Christmas Ball clutched in his hand. With his free hand, he tweaked the brim of his Mega Hat, then he brought his right hand back and heaved the Christmas Ball forth. "Let's do it, Marvolo!" he exclaimed, and from the festive sphere emerged a powerful Seviper, likewise unafraid of the massive Balloon Pokémon. "Hah!" the Seviper hissed. "Oh, this should be easy."

"Hey, don't count on it, Marv," Keith warned the Poison-type, understanding what he was saying in spite of it being in Seviper language. "Dynamaxed enemies like this are no joke. It's not for nothing I'm using one of my strongest here, after all."

"Eh, there's something to that," conceded Marvolo, making the decision to not underestimate the giant fluffy pink thing before him.

Willa stepped forward, standing beside Keith. "Kick its ass," she said to Keith with a small smile.

Keith grinned back. "We will," he promised.

Keith Masters is entering this raid along with Marvolo the Seviper, as well as his Z-Ring and Poisonium Z.

Species: Seviper ()
Gender: Male
Level: 100
Type: Poison
Attacks: Wrap, Body Slam, Lick, Night Slash, Dragon Pulse, Bite, Blow-Back, Dig, Flamethrower, Poison Tail, Strength, Swagger, Rock Smash, Sludge Wave, Screech, Venoshock, Dragon Tail, Giga Drain, Glare, Poison Fang, Toxic, Scary Face, Gastro Acid, Haze, Iron Tail, Punishment, Dark Pulse, Sucker Punch, Double-Edge, Mimic, Assurance, Switcheroo, Knock Off, Fury Cutter, Substitute, Stockpile, Endure, Snatch, Crunch, Belch, Coil, Hidden Power (Fire), Poison Jab, Venom Drench, Wring Out, Aqua Tail, Earthquake, Swift, Headbutt, Payback, Retaliate, Infestation, Spit Up, X-Scissor, Swords Dance, Swallow, Brutal Swing, Magnet Rise, Secret Power, Final Gambit, Draco Meteor, Shadow Storm, Mud-Slap, Throat Chop, Snore, Submission, Sleep Talk, Bind, Earth Power, Blizzard, Present, Liquidation, Sky Attack, Power Whip.
Usable Z-Moves: Acid Downpour, Z-Toxic, Z-Gastro Acid, Z-Coil.
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Shed Skin
Bond: 50
Cute stat: 80
Beauty stat: 80
Tough stat: 80
Smart stat: 80
Cool stat: 80
Obtained: Cable Club
Marvolo came to Keith at the same time as Goyle, the two Pokémon considering each other to be brothers. Unlike Goyle, Marvolo is a very forceful presence on the team- proud and intimidating, and doesn't take crap from anybody. He does respect Keith, even if somewhat grudgingly, and usually has no problem obeying him. In fact, Keith gaining the ability to understand Seviper language has brought the two even closer together. Marvolo will often assert his superiority over smaller Pokémon, making him somewhat less than popular among most of his teammates, his few friends being the other predators on the team, all of whom he will happily go hunting with. Despite all this, Marvolo does have a soft side, albeit very, very deep down. In particular, he draws the line at messing with those in love (unless Zangoose are involved, of course- then all bets are off)- knowing just how good true love feels, he finds himself unwilling to screw with it. So passionate is he that he actually gets angrier when his love interest, Amethyst the Seviper, is threatened, insulted, or injured, than if he himself were to be threatened, insulted, or injured, and the same goes for his daughter Kinana, who has brought out a fatherly side of Marvolo that some of his teammates were surprised to see.
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Let's go with Dusknoir for this.

Spoiler: show
Nickname: Marissa
Gender: Female
Level: 37
Beauty Points: 10
Contest: Cute 40, Smart 100
Ability: Pressure
Nature: Calm
Obtained: Arcane Realm (lv.2)
Holding: Shadow Lance
Evolutionary Track: Duskull -(lv.37)> Dusclops -(Trade w/ Reaper Cloth)> Dusknoir
Ball: Pokeball
Spoiler: show
Astonish (--)
Attract (TM)
Bind (--)
Blizzard (TM)
Blow Back (CM)
Bullet Seed (TM)
Can't Catch Me (CM)
Captivate (TM)
Chocolate Bomb (CM)
Chocolate Magic (CM)
Confuse Ray (17)
Crossfire (CM)
Curse (30)
Dark Pulse (TM)
Dark Void (TM)
Destiny Bond (EM)
Disable (06)
Double-Edge (TM)
Dragon Pulse (TM)
Drain Punch (TM)
Dynamic Punch (TM)
Energy Ball (TM)
Faint Attack (EM)
Fatal Attraction (CM)
Fire Punch (--)
Fire Shield (CM)
Firestream (CM)
Flamethrower (TM)
Flash (TM)
Fling (TM)
Focus Blast (TM)
Foresight (09)
Future Sight (--)
Giga Drain (TM)
Gravity (--)
Grudge (EM)
Hidden Power Bug (TM)
Ice Beam (TM)
Ice Punch (--)
Icy Wind (TM)
Imprison (EM)
Leer (--)
Light Screen (TM)
Mega Drain (TM)
Memento (EM)
Mimic (MT)
Moonlight (TM)
Night Shade (--)
Nightmare (TM)
Ominous Wind (EM)
Pain Split (EM)
Protect (TM)
Psych Up (MT)
Psychic (TM)
Psywave (TM)
Pursuit (22)
Rest (TM)
Seed Flare (TM)
Shadow Ball (TM)
Shadow Claw (TM)
Shadow Punch (37)
Shadow Sneak (17)
Skill Swap (EM)
Sludge Bomb (TM)
Snore (MT)
Spite (MT)
Swift (TM)
Teleport (TM)
Thief (TM)
Thunder Punch (--)
Thunder Wave (TM)
Thunderbolt (TM)
Trick Room (TM)
Unfinished Symphony (CM)
Voodoo Bugaloo (CM)
Water Pulse (TM)
Will-O-Wisp (25)
Zap Cannon (TM)
Wild Future - FizzBy
PASBL - Ghost Grass Gym Leader - Dragon Elite Four

Daisy wins at life for making this Battle Cut
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Name: Weed (female), Level: 15
Pokeball: Poke Ball Obtained: The Global Trade Station
Nature: Lax Ability: Chlorophyll
Held Item: None
Evolution: Oddish ->Lv.21 Gloom->Leaf Stone Vileplume
Attacks: Absorb, Growth, Razor Leaf, Acid, Sweet Scent, Giga Drain, Sludge Bomb, Mega Drain, Poison Powder
Shadow Moves(CM): N/A
Custom Moves(CM): N/A
Advanced Moves(AM): N/A
Bond: Quicklink
Bio: Coming soon
Origin: Traded to Brianna.

Team banner by Keith Masters (Missingno. Master)

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From what Alice had heard, the last raid at the fairy gym had not gone at all to plan. She didn't really know the details, but hearing that the island hadn't been utterly wrecked had come as a relief. Apparently that was short lived relief, though, because a voice message had been left from the gym leader, Leo. A category four Wigglytuff was snooping about the Saccharine Sweets area, and Alice couldn't help but laugh bitterly. She'd barely dragged her arse out of the Zephyr Gym when the news had come through. Had Leo's reparation efforts even borne any fruit before this dynamax monster had come stomping through?

“I swear, nobody around here can catch a break.” Alice said, recalling her last few raids with an aura of exhaustion. She missed the days where they felt exciting and easy, but there was no rest for the wicked, and as an idol who'd actually killed people... Well, that role model image was all a lie. She had a lot of work to do to feel like the scales were tipped to goodness, that was for sure. Her eyes skimmed over the options available to her, finally coming to a stop on the roosting Zubat, hanging from a perch in one of the few shadows of the room. Good idea.

“Zoey, you're up!” Alice called to the Pokemon. She seemed surprised to be called, a bit flustered before it finally released its claws, making to glide towards the trainer's lifted hand. She hadn't had an adventure in a while, and was curious to see what was in store for her...

((Signing up with my Zubat, Zoey. Let's see who's tuff now, gdi!))

Spoiler: show
Nickname: Zoey
Gender: Female
Level: 53
Love Ball
Nature: Docile
Type: Poison/Flying
Obtained: Adoption Centre
Ability: Inner Focus
Bond: 10
Moves: Absorb, Thief, Snatch, Super Fang, Uproar, Zen Headbutt, Snore, Heat Wave,
Giga Drain, Venom Drench, Defog, Quick Attack, Pursuit, Feint Attack, Gust, Hypnosis, Steel Wing, Ominous Wind, Twister, Mimic
, Defog, Supersonic, Astonish, Bite, Wing Attack, Confuse Ray, Air Cutter, Swift, Poison Fang, Mean Look, Leech Life, Haze, Venoshock, Air Slash, Quick Guard, Toxic
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Species: Eevee
Calendar Date: April 17th
Name: Naula
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Level: 22
Ability: Anticipation
Nature: Gentle

Pokeball: Luxury Ball
Held Item: None
Covet, Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Swift
Egg Move: Wish
Tutor Moves: Heal Bell
Bond: 12
TR/HM/TMs: Reflect
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Lil' Bluey

Entering with Kief the Lv. 100 Zigzagoon (who'll be "borrowing" Minchi's Silk Scarf for the time being).

Kief Lv. 100
Birthdate: March 22
Nature: Impish
Ability: Pickup
Poké Ball: Poké Ball
Hold Item: Silk Scarf
Bond: 41
Beauty Points: 50
Cool Points: 100
Cute Points: 100
Smart Points: 100
Tough Points: 50
Accessories: Team Pocket Hat

Spoiler: show
Level Up Moves:
Tail Whip
Odor Sleuth
Baby-Doll Eyes
Mud Sport
Pin Missile
Take Down
Belly Drum

MT/Advanced Moves:
Body Slam
Defense Curl
Fury Cutter
Gunk Shot
Helping Hand
Hyper Voice
Icy Wind
Iron Tail
Last Resort

Shock Wave
Seed Bomb
Sleep Talk
Super Fang
Thunder Wave
Water Pulse

Egg Moves:

Rock Climb
Simple Beam

TMs/TRs/HMs/Custom Moves:
Hidden Power
Sunny Day

Ice Beam

Rain Dance
Shadow Ball
Double Team

Secret Power

Charge Beam
Natural Gift
Grass Knot
Hone Claws

Echoed Voice
Work Up

Mud Shot
Tail Slap
Pay Day
Skull Bash
Ice Punch
Fire Punch
Skill Swap
False Swipe
Poison Jab
Rock Smash

Can't Catch Me
Phantom Step

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Held Item: 1x Charcoal
Birthday: November 21
Nickname: Wildfire
Gender: Male
Level: 68
Origin: Starter
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze
Nature: -
Bond: 50 (choose moves)
Contest Stats: 70/70/70/70/70
Evolution Line: -Lv. 14-> -Lv. 36->
Level-Up Moves: Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen[4], Ember[10], Quick Attack[13], Flame Wheel[19], Defense Curl[22], Flame Charge[28], Swift[28], Lava Plume[31], Flamethrower[37], Rollout[40], Inferno[46], Double-Edge[46], Eruption[49], Burn Up[58]
HM Moves: -
TM Moves: Wild Charge, Dig, Aerial Ace, Fire Blast, Toxic, Facade, Incinerate, Double Team, Return, Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Focus Blast, Solar Beam, Rock Slide, Shadow Claw, Rock Tomb, Detect, Iron Tail, Incinerate
Egg Moves: Flame Burst, Crush Claw, Reversal, Extrasensory, Foresight, Naturepower, Flame Burst, Double Kick, Flare Blitz
Move Tutor Moves: Fire Pledge, Heat Wave, Mud-Slap, Headbutt, Endure, Body Slam, Mimic, Double-Edge
Additional Moves: Captivate, Pursuit, Metronome, Firestream, Gummi Bomb, Defensive Shield, Scald
Other: -
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She's got to get a grip on reality before she does something stupid and hurt someone again. That someone being me.

Last month's visit to the Saccharine Sweets gym was a complete disaster. Following a severe underestimation of the dangers a Gigantamax pokemon posed, he and Halley were thoroughly ejected from the island, the Jirachi having been thrown further, and ended up hurtling into a very unusual rift which closed before he could fly into it, permanently shutting his contact with the mythical pokemon off. That had been quite a huge blow, though the news that the Timeworn Spire had finally toppled was an even bigger one, if expected. He was once again officially homeless, though thankfully evacuation from the area had occurred weeks prior and so nothing was lost.

No, the reason he had returned to this sugary land wasn't just to do battle with the oversized Wigglytuff who had shown up, after the Hatterene had left: in fact, he had unfinished business with said Silent pokemon, and vowed hard to hunt the witch down and burn her for the humiliation. The main reason was Totsuka. The Zangoose had lately grown even more of a pain in the arse to him with her lackadaisal attitude and seeming lack of care for anything but herself, and he felt the best remedy to the situation was to throw her into a deeply uncomfortable situation where she'd have no option but to take life seriously for once. The shadow pokemon of course was oblivious to the whole deal, and as far as she knew he was taking her and a couple of the boys out to candyland for the day. That part was true.

What she didn't realise was that said boys were very busy working together to try and find a trace or track of where the hat witch had vanished to after her rampage, and would report to Alex once he had finished with the raid battle he was signing the cat ferret up for. He intended this fight to be a major reality check for the pokemon, as well as a bonding exercise to try and get inside the shut-in's head to figure out how her difficult to ascertain mind worked. Above all else though, he wanted the Zangoose's main course to be a very generous serving of humble pie.


We'll be entering with Totsuka the Shadow Zangoose. Her stats are below.

Spoiler: show
Species: Zangoose.
Gender: Female
Level: 43
Obtained: Trade with LBC.
Pokeball: Shadow Ball.
Type: Normal, SHADOW.
Ability: Immunity.
Nature: Docile.
Contest Stats: 0 all.
Hold Item: Silk Scarf
Bond: 4.
Evolutionary Track: Zangoose.

Bio: Shadow Pokemon are feared and reviled by all, seen as endlessly hateful of others. Totsuka, a spear of sorts of Nihan legend, is nothing like this. She is a serial prankster who is incredibly lax and lazy, almost self-loathing, and her existence is the cruellest irony, though none on the team know. The spirit of a Seviper forced into the form of its most hated enemy, she exhibits a level of self-deprecation and crass humour that would boggle the mind, yet despite her slothful nature, when she means business, she means business. As of late, her dark heart seems to be opening up to others, though it remains to be seen whether the shadow plagueing her can be lifted or not...

Level: Scratch, Leer, Quick Attack, Swords Dance, Fury Cutter, Slash, Pursuit, Crush Claw, Revenge, Hone Claws, False Swipe, Embargo, Detect, Hone Claws, X-Scissor, Taunt.
Machine: Poison Jab.
Egg: Metal Claw, Double Kick, Disable, Counter, Curse, Night Slash, Quick Guard.
MT: Ice Punch, Avalanche, Fire Punch,
Swift, Thunder Punch, Knock Off, Water Pulse, Last Resort, Snore, Psywave, Encore, Throat Chop.
Shadow(lost upon purification): Shadow Panic, Shadow Hold, Shadow Storm, Shadow Rush, Shadow Down, Shadow Blitz, Shadow Break, Shadow End, Shadow Rave, Shadow Wave, Shadow Mist, Shadow Shed.

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