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Reset Documentation Thread

Welcome! If you wish to reset, you simply post here detailing what you're dropping, what you're keeping, and if you are going to pick up a starter and starter pack. There is no restrictions in how you can reset. Dropped Pokemon will be placed into the AC, and you have the option to "release" Pokemon, in which a Level 1 version of the Pokemon will enter the AC with no relation to the Pokemon released. Dropped items simply disappear.

If you wish to devolve a Pokemon, please state your Pokemon’s level and species, which previous evolution stage you wish to change your Pokemon to, and then remove any level-up moves that are exclusive to the formerly evolved stage(s).

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Guess I'm gonna christen this thread. My Member Post

I will be keeping my base and my coin collection. The following pokemon will be released:
- Shiftry
- Ledian
- Herdier
- Carnivine
- Tropius

The following pokemon will be sent to the AC reset to Lv 1 with no special moves:
- Shiny Nuzleaf
- Sunkern
- Volbeat
- Spritzee

I will be grabbing a new starter and starter pack
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Dream Weaver
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I'm gonna start this too. Member Post.

I'm dropping everything.

All my Pokemon will go to the AC with a reset to Level 1.


I'll be grabbing a new starter and starter pack. As well as making a new trainer.


Editing for member profile: Making a new trainer named Elka and having her start with a male Eevee named Pascal.

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And here we go.

Resetting Aipom to Lv. 43, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Banette to Lv. 37, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting shiny Gigalith to Lv. 25, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Shiny Octillery to Lv. 25, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Plusle to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Pansage to Lv. 6, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Murkrow to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Gliscor to Lv. 27, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Poliwhirl to Lv. 25, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Shadow Elgyem to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Lickilicky to Lv. 2, removing all stats and non-levelup moves except for Rollout
Resetting Tepig to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Chimchar to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Marshtomp to Lv. 16, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Shinx to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Sentret to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Sylveon to Lv. 9, removing all stats and non-levelup moves except for his Beauty Points
Resetting Chatot to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Tropius to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Shiny Hitmontop to this state
Resetting Bibarel to this state
Resetting Minun to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Zigzagoon to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Drilbur to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Pansear to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Klefki to Lv. 5, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Sneasel to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Buizel to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves
Resetting Solosis to Lv. 1, removing all stats and non-levelup moves

Resetting to Lv. 1 and dropping all the ff. mons to the AC
Petilil (F)
Whismur (F)
Girafarig (M)
Seel (M)
Darumaka (M)
Slakoth (M)
Scraggy (M)
Munna (F)
Buneary (F)
Shiny Sandile (F)
Emolga (M)
Caterpie (M)
Pidgey (F)
Spearow (M)
Swablu (F)
Volbeat (M)
Tympole (M)
Mareep (M)
Starly (M)
Lillipup (M)
Shiny Mime Jr. (F)


Will be doing an item wipe too and picking up a new starter pack.


Spoiler: show


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Resetting information!

Dropping the following into the AC at level 1 with moves wiped;

Girafarig (F)
Krabby (M)
Meditite (F)
Makuhita (F)
Timburr (F)
Sawk (M)
Throh (M)
Paras (F)
Shroomish (M)
Cubchoo )F)
Stunky (F)
Croagunk (M)
Breloom (M)
Shuppet (M)
Snubbull (M)
Hitmonlee (M)
Litleo (M)

Picking up a "new" starter (reclassifying my existing Pancham as my starter) and retaining the same starter kit (Water), as well as my King's Rock. Every other item wiped.
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The Cutest Tsarina
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Dropping all items into the aether. Picking up a Starter Pack once the thread goes up.
Dropping all Pokemon into the AC at level 1 with moves wiped, the Pokemon consisting of
Graveler (M)
Lopunny (F)
Yanmega (M)
Banette (M)
Alomomola (M)
Silcoon (M)
Mienfoo (F)
Zubat (F)
Bouffalant (M)
Gligar (M)
Shuppet (F)
Paras (M)
Petilil (F)
Shinx (F)
Binacle (M)
Poochyena (F)
Starly (M)
Misdreavus (F)
Murkrow (F)
Aron (M)
Blue Flower Flabebe (F)
Pawniard (F)

Keeping my Woobat and making her my starter, deleveling her to Level 5 and wiping all moves.
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Member post for reference.


Gyarados (M)

Dropping off into AC:

Paras (F)
Ekans (F)
Skitty (F)
Luxio (M) as Shinx (M)
Croconaw (F) as Totodile (F)
Numel (F)
Goldeen (F)
Drowzee (M)

Wiping all items with the exception of my Ice Master Ball from the Cloud Garden Winter Adventure, and TMs Stone Edge, Teleport, Ice Beam, Seed Flare, and Tri Attack.

Will post in new registration thread with starter and to pick up starter pack.

EDIT: New starter is a male Rowlet with the EM Confuse Ray.

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It's been 3,000 years...

I guess I'll use this thread as a starting point for a soft-reboot to dip my toes back into FB.

Member thread


Note: listed moveset information is extremely outdated and I will therefore be resetting all moves on all Pokemon in order to update to and align with their most current revisions

Retconning Blaziken to L1 Torchic and releasing to AC

Picking new starter - Mimikyu

edit: Mimikyu learned EM Curse! (totally forgot to do this whoops)



L5 M Mimikyu
L9 M Umbreon
L6 M Lombre
L7 M Phanpy (Shiny)
L19 M Spheal

The only item I have, and will be keeping, is a Halloween Master Ball. It was a reward from the '03/'04 Halloween event, and while it is not listed in my membership post, I spoke with Marion who confirmed she can personally vouch for this and will allow it to be reinstated in my inventory.

edit: Picking up a starter pack.


Updated information regarding starter (Torchic).

New registration thread is being worked on with all up-to-date information and will be posted soon.

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So, time to soft-reset. Thread for reference.

I will be dropping the following off at the Adoption Centre:
Lv.1 Maractus (M) w/ Secret Power
Lv.23 Horsea (M) w/ Blizzard, Ice Beam, Secret Power, Aurora Beam, Octazooka, Signal Beam, Dragon Breath, & Razor Wind
I will be starting with a new starter, Rotom the Rotom, though otherwise not resetting team or items.

Lastly, I will be releasing my old starter, Salazar the Ekans (M). May he finally get that nap, wherever he decides to go.

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Chiko Chiko Chi
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soft-reboot, let's get it.

Member post

Sending to the adoption centre:

Lv. 5 Foongus (M)
Lv.1 Chinchou (M)
Lv.1 Girafarig (F)

Choosing Mawile as my new starter with the nickname of Nico and resetting items.
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I'm alive!

Looks like I'm going to be returning and doing a soft-reset.

Member post

That entire post is extremely outdated so I will need to update all of the information and redo everyones movesets in a new thread.

Changes on Pokemon I'm keeping:

Devolving Charizard into Charmander and decreasing to lv. 12
Devolving Jolteon into Eevee


Geodude (M)

That's it for me. I'll be keeping Pikachu as my starter.
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Marion Ette
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By her own approval, the Office of Reset Documentation had been built, christened, and opened to the public. For those who wished for a new lease on life, in whatever form that may take, the option would be given. For the first time, even the bond between starters and trainers could be broken, if circumstances required such a split. These were controversial edicts, but from Marion's position, necessary ones. Now, more than ever.

The weeks ahead would be difficult, but fruitful. There was still much to discuss, and many changes to implement. Shops would open; zones would be cleared for public exploration; worthy trainers would claim their own deserved positions of influence. Even in the midst of this chaos, registrations for trainer licenses had been opened. Marion's heart remained hopeful, her thoughts optimistic – but still, there was a weight yet to lift from her soul. Only now could she even begin to address it.

Unable to travel alone, a small gaggle of Pokemon follow the new Elite member – both those belonging to her and those following her as part of the Elite Guard. Though dissent had yet to be expressed in a violent way towards the current Elite, it was still expected that an entourage would follow wherever she went. The Dragonite flying beside her, sensing that weariness may already be setting in for her trainer, gently squeezes her shoulder, and gives a gentle, yet stern gaze – neither of them could falter. In time, Marion hoped that the fascination with her and the other Elites would wane, and the world's eye would turn away from them and their exploits to focus on what it needed to – what it always should have been – exploring the mad universe and fostering the growth of trainers and Pokemon.

Marion turns, and makes a motion for the others to wait at the door. She and the Dragonite enter the Office, and the trainer takes a deep breath. “No turning back, August,” she says softly to the Dragonite as they both step through the entryway.

“Oh, Miss Ette! My goodness, what an honor!” The attendant immediately bows, and Marion blushes profusely. August grunts in disapproval, and Marion regains her composure almost immediately.

“Thank you, sir. The pleasure is all mine – I am happy to see your office in full operations.” Marion pauses a moment, as August nods, encouraging her. “I am actually here to use your facilities myself; you see...” Marion opens her bag, pulling out some official-looking papers. “I recently received this letter from Lacunosa Town. My starter... er, you see, well...”

August shakes her head. So much for the confident and inspiring speeches Marion had spent days practicing – at the end of the day, she was still a quiet, socially awkward researcher doing her level best to play the role of leader, and though she may have been working hard to shed that persona, it would clearly take time. She gives her trainer a moment to recompose.

“...You must understand that this is a difficult time,” Marion finally says, sighing. “The tabloids made no secrets of Minerva's past. Surely, you heard...”

The attendant immediately looks conflicted over whether to admit to the Elite that the strange, often terrifying exploits of the Banette known as Minerva had, indeed, reached his ears. The Halloween incident certainly had made news long before Marion's bid for the Elite, and the years that followed only added to the mythos surrounding the Banette and her attempts at returning to humanity. He smiles on, hoping she will continue before he is forced to answer.

“...Well, the important thing is... Here. This documentation shows that, whatever it is that she's doing over there, she counts as being sufficiently human to warrant...”

Marion takes another deep breath, choking back emotion.

“...to warrant removal of stater status and to be stripped from my roster.”

The attendant gives a sympathetic nod, and takes the paperwork. Far be it from him to question the Elite, despite the absolute strangeness of the request – the documentation appeared genuine enough. Lacunosa was an established city, and its seals were easily verified. An open-and-shut case.

“Very well, Miss Ette. We will see to it that your request is processed. Would you like to declare a new starter at this time?”

Marion shakes her head, now unable to hold back tears. August wraps an arm around her trainer. “I'm... I'm sorry. I cannot. I only hope... I only hope that, if this is what was holding her back... she can be free now. She can live that life she apparently wanted so badly.”

“I understand,” the attendant murmurs. He didn't. Not even remotely... but he, at least, understood that the woman standing before him must be in a great deal of pain, and it would not do to press her. With a grateful bow and a few more signatures, Marion leaves the Office with a single piece of paper. She could only guess as to how Minerva would take the news, but she could only hope it was the right decision. Now was not the time to think of her own selfish desires. Her sister, like everyone else, was counting on her.


((OOC: Dropping my starter, the Level 100 Banette, Minerva, from my roster.))

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Member Post

Simply getting rid of some Pokemon I grabbed just for the sake of having them. Sending my Meditite (F) and Bellsprout (M) to the AC.
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Lil' Bluey

Dropping these Pokémon:

Lv. 1 Spinarak
Lv. 1 Axew
Lv. 1 Larvitar

Lv. 1 Bagon
Lv. 1 Elgyem

Pretty sure I never added them to my post or did anything with them, so figured I'd send them to the AC before they're lost to the aether.
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"Greetings, sir, and welcome! How can we help you today?" The attending officer was prompt in recieving Duke with a warm yet practiced smile. It was all part of protocol. He found it a bit strange considering the purpose of the institution was to formalize the breaking of an established relationship between trainer and Pokémon. What was there then to be so jovial about? Then again, perhaps it was needed, in order to help soften the loss.

Narrowing his eyes, Duke takes a second to read the officer's name tag before stating his business. "Hey there... Margarette... ah, I am Balmund of Blackthorn City, and I just want to formalize the releasing of some of my Pokémon. I will not disclose my reasons as they are personal, but I will say that these Pokémon are no longer under my guardianship and have been released into the wilds of Volcanic Mountain. They are: Kurthnaga the Aerodactyl, Durandal the Salamence, Seath the Dratini, Zelgius the Scizor, Narsil the Gabite, Fa the Dunsparce, and Solaire the Larvesta. Vega the Arbok has also been released back on his native home at the Arcane Realm's forest. I bring along all the relevant paperwork and can certify that they were all in good health prior to their release and pose no threat to the local ecosystem."

"Very well sir, we'll take care of the proceedings from here and will remain in touch should we have any further questions. Is there anything else we can help you with?"

"Not at all," he paused as he returned the smile, "thanks."


Dropping the following from my roster:
Lv.62 Aerodactyl (M)
Lv.100 Salamence (M)
Lv.22 Dratini (M)
Lv.72 Arbok (M)
Lv.41 Scizor (M)
Lv.34 Gabite (M)
Lv.22 Dunsparce (F)
Lv.32 Larvesta (M)


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One morning, mysterious and heavy cardboard boxes has been found at the doorstep of the documentation facility. Among them, countless items and produce are enclosed in them. One was even filled with many Pokéballs, each housing a Pokémon: Young and old, easily found and rare, evolved and not; all were different, but had all in common how well they were surprisingly taken care of, despite the sad-looking way they were left behind. But nothing was sadder than, among the perfectly-filled paperwork for the "Resetting" program, was the personal letter that was attached to it:

"For whoever finds and takes care of these packages,

I can't live like this anymore.

I have quit my job to have a new life, but that life had nothing as I hoped for. Although I had found friendship, I haven't found freedom. I was able to walk the earth, but everywhere I went, I felt trapped. I would put my feet down, and just couldn't move. Was it fear of adventuring, despite wanting it? Or perhaps it was fear of accidentally doing something illegal in that foreign place? It felt like the whole world turned into a post-apocalyptic dictatorship, where all that was heard was tiny whispers on the surface, hoping the superiors don't hear them, while the cracks of the society was screaming and agonizing. I couldn't go like this. So I ended up hiding in my base, closing myself from the world, in the hopes it will change. But time has passed, and I have changed too. I've became a sort of a hermit, not knowing the small happenings on the outside, and hissing at the sight of sunlight glaring on my computer screen or tv. It got to the point I couldn't even recognize my own, dearest friends, even those that I sit beside me this whole time, even those who I knew of since my childhood... They weren't the same. Even if they were full of life, they felt empty to me. I wasn't the same. I used to care for every single living thing, and now I just... don't. I'm not like this. Or am I? I don't know anymore.

And then it happened. From my enclosed base, I could hear the chants of joy. For the first time since years. I opened my door. And what I saw was... alien, but beautiful. The world has changed. The pain that was retaining the creativity and beauty of the world has vanished. The evil has been defeated. Even though I couldn't even recognize the world now, I knew, I just knew, that it has now turned into a much better place.

But I don't fit in here anymore. It's been too long since I left. I'm out of touch with... everything, except my little own place. I don't know what to do. I was scared I still couldn't do anything, and forced to close my door again. But no. With the little that I could understand, I saw another door that was open: yours. A place start anew, for me... and for my companions. Especially them. They didn't deserve to be even more imprisoned than I am, their tiny cages, as pretty as they are, collecting dust. They don't deserve me. They deserve a better life... without me.

So I hereby donate my dear Pokémon to your facility, in the hopes that they find a loving and caring home. I wish my donation of my items collected throughout my travels is enough to cover for their care, and perhaps the care of other Pokémon who shares the same fate as mine.

I pray that they find a better life, while I search for a better one for me.


Okiku Hirundo"


I dunno if you would call this, but I'll say that this is a heck of a not-so-soft reset. TL;DR: wiping my character to make a new one, putting almost all my Pokémon for adpotion (plus getting a new starter) and getting rid of items; but all while keeping a few Pokémon and items.

As for the details:

Pokémon stuff:

Dropping the following Pokémon in the Adoption Center, with their levels reset to Lv.1, de-evolved and their moves wiped:
  • Poochyena (M)
  • Shuppet (M)
  • Spheal (M)
  • Natu (M)
  • Starly (M)
  • Aron (F)
  • Staryu
  • Girafarig (F)
  • Liepard (F)
  • Drowzee (M)
  • Sneasel (F)
  • Swoobat (M)
  • Exeggcute (F)
  • Sigilyph (M)
  • Skitty (F)
  • Bronzor
  • Slowpoke (M)
  • Spoink (M)
  • Ponyta (F)
  • Meditite (M)
  • Elgyem (M)
  • Swablu (F)
  • Lunatone
  • Baltoy
  • Snover (M, Shiny)
  • Minun (F)
  • Munna (M)
  • Solrock
  • Chikorita (M)
  • Fennekin (M)
  • Munna (F)
  • Sewaddle (M)
  • Maractus (F)
  • Mienfoo (F)
  • Darumaka (F)
  • Vulpix (F)
  • Misdreavus (F)
  • Oddish (F)
  • Ralts (F)
  • Ralts (M)

Keeping the following Pokémon, but resetting them to Lv.1, devolving, and wiping all TM/Egg moves:
  • Eevee (F)
  • Eevee (F)
  • Cosplay Pikachu (F)

New starter: Porygon w/ Ability Download and MT Wonder Room


Getting rid of almost all of my items, including: (Not gonna name them all one by one because it'll take too long...)
  • Most Recovery items (Castelia Cones and Sweet Hearts)
  • Most Hold items
  • Gummis
  • Berries
  • Pokéblocks
  • Base items AND base itself
  • TCG Cards

Keeping the following items:
  • All Pokéballs
  • Blue Flute
  • Some Hold Items:
    • Blackglasses
    • Mystic Water
    • Miracle Seed
    • Nevermeltice
    • Twisted Spoon
    • Spell Tag
  • All Evolution items
  • All TMs:
    • Mega Drain
    • Flamethrower
    • Ice Beam
    • Thunderbolt
    • Sky Drop
    • Double Team
    • Focus Blast
    • Rollout
    • Water Gun
    • Attract
    • Frost Breath
    • Psychic
    • Psychock
  • All Contest Items:
    • Ball Capsules
    • Seal case and seals
    • Red Barrette
    • Pink Flower
  • Gracidea
  • x1 Base Token
  • Soot Sack w/10 Piles of Ashes
  • x8 Heart Scale
  • x1 Rare Bone
  • Custom Pokédex
  • Red Valentine's Coin Case
  • 3,545 Pokédollars
  • 160,000 coins
  • x130 Rare Candy

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RP stuff:
Spoiler: show

The Arcane Realm. A place of mystery and wonder, so mysterious, in fact, that you can only visit it once. Anytime anyone tried to find it again, they would never be able to locate it, even if they went to the same exact spot where they entered in from. And it was the mystery that drew Bill into wanting to research it even more, especially that place where he had first met Swift, his now-Lumineon, the Ocean of Mystery. Every time he got a lead, he thought he could chase it only to have his hopes dashed. Even Swift, who once lived in the ocean couldn’t seem to locate it. Bill wasn’t anything if not persistent. He would find it, or die trying.

One day, in a Pokemon Center, he saw someone who he thought he’d never see again, an elderly woman, one that was very familiar to Bill. She, like Swift, was from the ocean itself, or rather she lived on the cove. She was an elderly woman clothed in simple albeit culturally outdated robes. One look at him put a smile on her face. “Ah, it’s been ages, Mr. Darius.”

This caused Bill to just stare and blink. For all he knew, he never actually gave the woman his last name. He wasn’t even sure if he gave her his first. But he shook his head and replied, “It’s nice to see you too, Ms…?”

“Don’t worry about my name,” she said, a pinch of laughter in her voice. “This is about you. From what I understand you wish to see my domain once again.”

Bill just gave an approving nod. “There are so many mysteries surrounding it. I need to know.”

“Knowledge is powerful that is true, but it also costs…a lot. The Arcane Realm, as you know it as, is a place of new beginnings. It cannot be found, it will show itself to those who are about…to begin.” That pause was very effective on Bill. He was downtrodden, unsure of what to make of the information. “I’m sorry you had to find out this way, but it is best that you do not find it, lest the consequences last.”

With that, she departed from the Pokemon Center, Bill ran out after her, but when he looked outside, there was nary a soul outside. He ran around the building to see if she might’ve went behind it as a practical joke, but there was no one there either. What he did see behind the center was interesting, a very familiar looking abandoned power plant. In fact, it looked almost exactly like the one in….. “The Ocean of Mystery” departed from Bill’s lips.

He ran down towards the plant as fast as he could. It appeared as though that woman was wrong. He was able to find it, though, he wondered why he hadn’t noticed it sooner. He should have, after all, it was a sizable building. Actually, what was weirder was the fact that he didn’t remember the ocean behind the center either. However, his excitement overrode these concerns.

Grabbing one of the six Pokeballs from his belt, he called out, “Swift, I choose you.”

A glowing blue light shined from the ball, and within the water nearby, a large blue butterfly fish materialized. “Lumi,” it seemed to always have a scowl on its face, but this time it was even scowlier…scowlier? more scowlie? Whatever the proper word was, it looked less than enthused to be here.
“Lumi, Lumi Lumi” it called out, obviously scolded its trainer.

“I know I know,” Bill responded, his hands in a calming gesture. “Look, let’s just go into the ocean, see if we can find anything, then leave. We’ll be in and out before you know it.”

Suddenly another one of his Pokeballs lit up to reveal a large turtle. “Blaaaastoise” it cried out.

The two Pokemon exchanged what appeared to be angry scolding from the Lumineon and a more hearty laughter from the Blastoise. Eventually, the Lumineon conceded giving a gesture that just read “don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Thanks, Silver.” Quickly, Bill donned his usual scuba gear. It was a bit snug, but this water-proof costume has seen its fair share of adventures. After he placed his mask on his face, he jumped into the water and held onto the Lumineon, as it, and the Blastoise dived into the depths.

Unbeknownst to the trio, storm clouds gathered above head. As they reached the ocean floor, Bill noted what looked to be an underwater cave. Curiosity suddenly filled the young trainer’s mind as he used hand signals to guide his two partners at the cave itself. As he approached the cave, the tides began to shift pulling and pushing the three. It was unlike anything that any of them had ever felt. The forces pulled all three into the cave, Bill noticed that all of his items that he had taken with him started to loosen from their secured areas, especially the Pokeballs. He quickly reached out to grab them but he only managed to grab one as the others violently went towards the open ocean, while he was being forced into the cave. Something hard hit Bill on his back, it felt like a rocky cave floor but the impact was enough to cause his body to go numb.

He felt himself being tugged by his two Pokemon and they tried to force themselves through this torrent. They eventually made it back to a shore, though it was obviously far far away from their initial place. Bill kept thinking about the Pokemon that was washed away. He wanted to go back, and find them, but he was so tired, he fell asleep on the beach that he lay.

Eventually, he awoke from that same spot, and said “Silver? Swift?” He looked around. He found a swimming blue Pokemon at the coastline of the ocean and a brown bump under the sand. He approached the brown bump first and said “Silver, we need to get up. Some of the-“

Suddenly, a Squirtle jumped out from where the lump was. “Squirtle Squirt” it told Bill very enthusiastically. It was as jovial as Silver, but….that couldn’t be right. Silver was a Blastoise, a fully evolved Pokemon.

“S-Silver?” Bill’s eyes wide with surprise.

“Squirt!” it replied with a nod. Suddenly, it seemed to realize how much its trainer was towering over it. It tilted its head in confusion. Noticing the same confused expression on Bill’s face, the Squirtle rushed to the ocean to look at its reflection. “SQUIRT!” It exclaimed in shock and horror. It looked at its own arms and legs as though in complete denial.

“Finneon” the fish Pokemon swimming nearby. It had the same scowl as Swift.

“Swift?” Bill gave with the same confused tone.

The Finneon gave Bill a look at just said “of course it’s me, idiot.”

“Squirtle Squirt!” Silver said, pointing at the Finneon.

Again, the two exchanged dialogue before it appeared as though Swift, like Silver, realized it too is now in its unevolved state.

That’s when Bill remembered the Pokeball in his hand. He wondered if the Pokemon in it had devolved as well. “I choose you…whoever you are!”

Bill’s Golett, Megas, appeared before the three. That wouldn’t do much good, Megas was already a Golett. Had all of his Pokemon devolved? It wasn’t long before he learned that the ocean they were at was no longer the Ocean of Mystery. He also found out that all his other Pokemon in the PC just disappeared from the Pokemon database, as though they never existed. What was going on? Nothing seemed to make sense in Bill’s mind until the woman’s words echoed in his mind. The Arcane realm is a place of beginnings. Like it or not, Bill was back to almost square one, he fortunately was able to keep three of his Pokemon, even if they did revert to their level 5 selves. Soon, he would have to find the ocean again and maybe find an answer once and for all.

Dropping the following Pokemon into the adoption center:
Kabuto (f)
Maractus (m)
Carvanha (m)
Qwilfish (f)
Deerling (f)
Woobat (f)
Swablu (f)
Lotad (m)
Duskull (m)
Joltik (f)
Bergmite (m)
Slowpoke (m)
Koffing (f)

In addition resetting the following Pokemon
Blastoise to Lv. 5 Squirtle with all non-level up moves removed
Lumineon to Lv. 5 Finneon with all non-level up moves removed
Golett to Lv. 5 with all non-level up moves removed.

I am also doing an item reset and will be picking up a new starter pack.

EDIT: so undoing one part of my item reset. My coins which numbers at 439,081 coins. This has already been Mod approved.

Fizzy Bubbles


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Got confirmation from Ex that's it's okay to de-level some dudes since I don't want any compensation or anything. I just want to be able to RP a bit more in zones with some of my 'mon that I felt I needed to get to 100 for PC slot purposes. With that in mind, let's do it.

De-leveling the following Pokemon from level 100 to level 75:

Thank you.
The Kim Il Sung of ASB.
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Resetting my character entirely. As such, I'm making my Level 5 Mareanie my starter with egg move Haze, and I'm releasing the following Pokemon:

Murkrow (M)
Poochyena (F)
Krabby (M)
Gible (F)
Bagon (F)
Natu (M)
Qwilfish (F)
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Removing my Lv.38 Mantlarva from my roster. Pretty sure UPC 'mon don't get to show up in the AC, but I'll still say that I do not consent with it showing up there as well.
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Hope I am doing this right

Member post

Male Gothita (Starter)
Male Throh
Female Qwilfish
Female Surskit
Female Lillipup
Female Seel
Female Goldeen
Female Foongus

Picking up a new starter, a Female Popplio named Caprina.

Keeping all other Pokemon and all items intact.

EDIT: Oh, apparently Starters now get an EM or MT included? Let's go with EM Aromatic Mist

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After talking with Emi, I'll be resetting Elka in favour of a new character. This character will keep all of Elka's Pokemon other than Pascal, who will disappear into the aether along with Elka. All of Elka's current adventures will be reset, however the new character will keep her belongings and whatnot.

This new character will be a man named Isaac, he will be starting with a female Eevee named Vinny. (MT: Iron Tail)
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Beautiful Savage
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I'm resetting my character (not that there's much to reset). My member post is here. If I understand this correctly, Nidoran, Tympole, and Hoppip go to the AC at Level 1 with all moves wiped and whatever. I'm also resetting my character,
not that I think that matters.

New character's name is Calvin Hyde and he'll be starting with Calcifer the Male Magby (Abilitiy: Vital Spirit || Egg Move: Barrier)
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Member Post, out of date as it is

I'm nuking everything. I need a fresh start on a character without gimmicks, where I can simply raise the Pokémon I want without the need for a theme. The only things not getting changed or deleted is my Trainer Birthday, which will remain September 15th, and rewards for the Casino event which I will pick up shortly after making this all official.

Aside from that, all five of my Pokémon are to be released. In case my Member post fails to include any, they are Female Emolga, Plusle, Alolan Vulpix, and Mareep, and Male Misdreavus.

I am not keeping any items or money besides the aforementioned Casino rewards, there's wayyyy too much I'd have to track down and I'm not about that life. Adventures are likewise gone.

With Heather Pridemoor gone to the aether, Thunder Cloud Temple is to be closed in short order, with a base for my new character to come in due time, perhaps. Replacing Heather will be one Mint Earhart, who will begin her travels with Celeste, the Level 5 Female Chatot with the MT move Heat Wave and Ability Big Pecks.
Confidence (Some Assembly Required): Because NQNH's save file is now RIP
Spoiler: show

Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
Fizzy Member Post: Mint Earhart

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Togepi It's a nice day to start again...

Given the slump I've been in with writing for my current characters, I think a completely fresh start is in order. I would like to request a full reset of my Pokemon roster and character profile. I would like, however, to retain my item list. My member post is here for reference.

The following Pokemon are being released to the AC, de-leveled, de-volved and with moves removed:

Lv. 01 (F) Axew
Lv. 01 (F) Dratini
Lv. 01 (M) Drifloon
Lv. 01 (M) Shadow Drilbur
Lv. 01 (M) Shiny Eevee
Lv. 01 (M) Frillish
Lv. 01 (F) Frillish
Lv. 01 (Genderless) Golett
Lv. 01 (M) Litwick
Lv. 01 (F) Nincada
Lv. 01 (M) Nosepass
Lv. 01 (M) Mawile
Lv. 01 (M) Ralts
Lv. 01 (Genderless) Rotom
Lv. 01 (F) Snorunt
Lv. 01 (F) Spiritomb
Lv. 01 (M) Spritzee
Lv. 01 (F) Vulpix
Lv. 01 (M) Zubat

I will be picking up a new starter: Lv. 05 (F) Stufful with EM Stomping Tantrum.

And if you're wondering why I'm throwing all these Pokemon into the AC... Some people just like to watch the world burn. Especially with popcorn in hand. <3
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