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Better late than never?

Well since we're all using this thread as a way to catch up, I guess I'll join in.

I think we're all in agreement 2020 is a shitter. Back in November I was hired to be a data specialist importing new client data to be compatible with our company's software. It was a pretty good gig for a pretty decent company.

Started working from home on March 13th with no issues. More and more people at the office were coughing like crazy and calling in sick, so our CEO sent us all home indefinitely. It was pretty nice while it lasted...

A little over a month later, I wake up and log in to find an email that they were announcing layoffs as a result of a decline in business and sales. Sure enough, I was one of the chosen and thus I've been unemployed ever since. They will not be hiring again until next year and they will not call me back up for an opportunity.

I've basically been in quarantine this entire time. I've gone on some walks and visited my dad a few times (while wearing a mask and maintaining distance), and I went to the store for a few minutes earlier this week (the first time in months), but outside of that I've been vegging inside. To my knowledge, I haven't come down with Covid yet -- however, back at the end of February and beginning of March, I had all of the symptoms for it on a mild scale for 3 weeks (my highest temperature was 99.9, but everything else fit the bill, including loss of taste) so it is possible that I had it.

My entire life now basically consists of learning Python, Japanese, playing Final Fantasy XIV, and watching anime.

Times are tough but I hope things start improving for everyone soon. Cheers
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