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Froslass The Abominable Snowdown: A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

The wind howled as it cascaded the rocky peak of Mt. Zephyria and swept across the plains at its feet. The gust carried on, breathing a chill upon the quaint Galea Town, a village that marked the entrance to the region otherwise known as the Cloud Garden. Several windows rattled on houses and storefronts as the sun came over the horizon. As the town’s inhabitants slowly roused from their slumber, many looked outside to be greeted by a blanket of white that covered the rooftops and the streets. Little by little, the townspeople put on their warm robes and coats and trickled out onto the roads, their murmuring filling the air.

“How unusual!” an elderly woman exclaimed while a middle aged man answered, “I know it’s November, but this is quite early for snow, don’t you think?” Meanwhile, a woman shrieked, “Oh no! My garden! Quick children, let’s harvest what we can!” As a few of the town’s stronger men gathered together and prepared to shovel the snow off the streets, confusion continued to spread like wildfire while snowflakes continued to trickle down from above.

A young woman in her 20’s woke up in her home at the Galea Town Harbor. She got dressed and pulled her shoulder-length dark blue hair into a ponytail before pouring a cup of coffee and heading outside to start her day. Looking around, she was quickly met by panicked fishermen, whose boats had been encased in ice. The harbor was the town’s only link to the outside world. Several sailors were working frantically on breaking up the ice that trapped the town’s ferry with their Machokes and Machops. “Marina, it’s awful!” an elderly fisherman huffed and puffed as he spotted the woman and rushed over. “Winter came early and the harbor is frozen! Heck, everything is frozen! I’ve never seen anything like it in my life!”

At the mention of the girl’s name, a few other people hurried over, looking to her for answers. Marina Swift was no town leader or anything like that, but she was a Cloud Garden park ranger that served as a guardian of the waterways that spilled down from the mountainside and chief overseer of the Starline Waterfall, an integral tourist attraction and primary method to ascend the mountain. “Alright, let me see what I can do,” she answered, trying to ease the panicked people around her. Looking up at the Starline River that passed through the port on its way out into the great lake beyond, all that Marina could spot was ice, as far as the eye could see.

This was going to be tricky, she thought to herself, as she tested the ice with her boot. The river was frozen solid, at least a good couple of feet thick that would take too long to break up. Normally Marina made her commute every day up the river on her Gyarados’ back, but that was out of the question now. “Alright, you guys keep working on the harbor. It looks like it thins out the further you go out onto the lake. I’m going to go check things out in town.” The group of people readily accepted her advice and doubled their efforts as assisting the sailors with their Pokemon.


As Marina made her way towards the main street in town, confused citizens continued peppering her with their issues. She didn’t seem too bothered by it, as she was still trying to wrap her head around the issue herself. Once she was in the town square, she came across a young man who was also receiving similar treatment. He had messy brown hair with a pair of flight goggles on his forehead and wore a brown leather jacket. Behind him sat a large Drifblim atop of a wooden basket. “Jet,” Marina called out, getting his attention, “The river is frozen like I’ve never seen it before, do you have any idea what’s going on?”

Like Marina, Jet was a Cloud Garden park ranger who was in charge of the Cloud Shrine and monitored the skies around the mountain. “It’s insane,” he answered, a worried look on his face. “The winds up there are too strong, we can’t even get back up there! It’s like an arctic storm hit us or something.” While the Cloud Garden was in fact a mountain, the region was hardly north enough to receive this kind of blizzard this early in the season. Marina looked over at Jet’s Drifblim as an idea popped into her head. “Hey, can you give me a lift over to the waterfall? I’m not going to be able to make it up the river like this.” Jet quickly nodded and the two climbed into the basket. As the Drifblim puffed itself up, they lifted off of the ground and slowly drifted northwest.


Not too far north of town, a small family was already hard at work. The Applewood family of the Oran Orchards was scrambling all over their farm trying to save their Berry Trees that were covered in frost. The eldest son Isaac had gone out into the orchard with the family’s Herdier in order to pick ripe berries before they went to waste. A burly man with a thick red beard and plenty of warm layers walked up to the Applewoods’ front door and knocked. Moments later, he was greeted by the patriarch. “’Morning, Adam,” the visitor greeted, “Crazy weather here… figured you folks could use a hand.” Adam smiled and let the lumberjack in. “Thanks Samuel, this storm really came out of nowhere…”

Out in the orchard, Isaac was quickly filling a basket with ripe berries. As he worked diligently to harvest what he could, the Herdier sniffed around on the snowy ground. Suddenly, her ears perked up and she let out a low growl. “What is it, Lady?” the boy asked, stopping what he was doing to look at his dog. Lady was on full alert, staring intently at the next row of trees. Isaac slowly crept over to get a closer look, and upon doing so he spotted a gang of five Sneasels ravenously chowing down on some berries. “HEY! Cut that out!” He leapt forward with a shovel in hand to fend off the poachers. Lady charged in as well, ready to Take Down one of the Sneasel. However, the two were outnumbered and outmatched as the Sneasel took turns in Beating Up the boy and his dog. Unable to fend them off, Isaac picked up the injured Lady and sprinted for home, yelling, “Pa! We got a problem!”


“This is bad…” Marina sighed as she and Jet floated above the plains. From high up in their Drifblim-carried basket, she could see acres of white before her. Much of the region’s natural inhabitants weren’t prepared for this kind of freak storm. The trails looked unpassable for the time being. Drifblim rattled around as a freezing gust blew down from above. “I don’t think we’ll be able to get much higher than this,” Jet commented. As they finally came upon the Starline Waterfall, things were worse than Marina feared. A massive pillar of jagged ice rose from the river and high up the side of the cliff. The waterfall had frozen solid. “Take us down,” Marina said quietly.

Jet nodded and Drifblim slowly lowered to the riverbank. The two got out of the basket and began to look around. Like she did at the harbor, Marina tested the ice with her boot to no avail. “I don’t get it…” Marina spoke, “There is no way this waterfall should be frozen. The water pressure is too strong. Something’s not right.” Walking out onto the ice, Marina approached the pillar of ice while Jet tended to his shivering Drifblim. The haunting howl of the wind echoed off of the rocky cliff side.


“Did you hear something?” Marina yelled to Jet, who was still on the riverbank. “No, you?” he answered. Marina scratched her head and looked up. The sun was bright and it reflected off of all of the snow and ice, making it hard to see.


A shiver went down Marina’s spine as she was positive she heard something now. “Jet, something’s here!” she called out, looking back up and squinted. There was a speck from high above getting larger by the second. “GET OUT OF THERE!” a girl’s voice screamed as a girl on an Altaria spiraled down to the ground, barely able to pull out before hitting the ground. “Athena!” Marina called out as the Altaria circled around. She slowly backed up, not wanting to fall on the slippery ice. As the Altaria slowed down into a low glide, the girl hopped off of it and landed on the ice next to Marina. It was none other than Athena Luna, a 19 year old prodigy who lived up near the mountain’s summit. She was wearing a hoodie and tattered jeans with short pink hair. “It’s not safe here! Go!” she urged, grabbing Marina by the arm and began hurrying towards Jet.

The Altaria let out an anguished chirp as it was suddenly blasted by a Beam of Ice. “Altaria, no!” Athena yelled, pulling out a Pokeball and recalled her wounded Pokemon. As she did so, some shadowy figures floated down from higher up the waterfall. There was a number of Cryogonal and Vanilluxe, and behind all of them a large Glalie. The two girls made it to land and before they could even get in the balloon basket, some of the Pokemon began firing Ice Beams in Drifblim’s direction. Realizing the situation, Jet recalled his Pokemon and the three of them fled the scene. “Quick! To Madoka’s place!” Athena yelled as they ran.

It was a short distance up a rocky slope to the Stone Shrine. When they got there, they found the young priestess with her hands full battling off some Vanillish and Vanilluxe with her pair of Lycanrocs. “Guys!” she yelled in greeting, surprised to see her fellow Trial Captains. “They just keep coming!” Marina tossed a Pokeball, revealing a Poliwrath. It flexed a little before turning around to Dynamically Punch a Vanillish in the face. “We’ll hold them off, you guys go get help!” Marina urged to Athena and Jet, who quickly nodded. Jet summoned forth a Pidgeot and got on its back. Athena held onto him from behind and with the flap of wings, the Pidgeot took off for town.


A short while later, Jet and Athena touched down in town square. A crowd of people quickly gathered around them. “This storm isn’t natural,” Athena told the people. “There’s an army of Pokemon that came from up the mountain! They’re the ones that summoned the snowstorm! I tried to fight them off, but there were just too many. They even took over the waterfall!” A panicked murmur went over the crowd. “We’re going to need help,” someone spoke and Athena nodded quickly. “You’re right. We need to recruit trainers to help take back the waterfall!”

“That’s not all,” another voice spoke up as a large lumberjack stepped forward. “They’ve overtaken the Orchard and they’ll be here next.” It was Samuel Flint, the woodcutter who lived by himself in the Cloud Forest. He looked exhausted. Accepting the reality that the Cloud Garden’s strongest trainers wouldn’t be able to hold off the invading Pokemon by themselves, they turned to the harbor as the sailors made progress on freeing the ferry from its icy prison. Once it was ready to go, Athena boarded the ship and it set off for the capitol of Fizzytopia.

Athena was on pins and needles as she awaited her arrival at her destination. After a few hours, she finally arrived and went straight to the Pokemon Center. There she posted up a bulletin to be sent throughout the entire continent.


The Cloud Garden has been overrun by an army of ice Pokemon. Their snowstorm has ravaged the countryside. Looking for help from any and all Pokemon trainers. Any help is appreciated, no matter how little! Strong trainers are requested to take back the Starline Waterfall while everyone else is needed to hold off Pokemon from overrunning the town. Reward available. Please help!

As she sent out the electronic message, Athena left information for trainers to gather in the capitol to be ferried over to the Cloud Garden. She rubbed her fingers over her Altaria’s Pokeball, who had since been healed. “We’ll get them back,” she whispered, anguished over her Pokemon’s previous defeat. All she could do now was wait to see who would be willing to help.


Campaign Rules and Sign-Up Information:
1. This campaign is open to all. You do not have to be adventuring in the CG to participate.
2. A maximum of 6 Pokemon are allowed per trainer during this event.
3. Each trainer is permitted the capture of 1 Pokemon during the course of this campaign. Capture of evolved Pokemon is not permitted. Capture of a Pokemon someone else is battling is not permitted.
4. In order to progress the story on schedule, this campaign will be updated once a week on the weekends. If you are unable to reply before an update, there will be no punishments for failing to do so. Replying on time simply means you have more opportunities to score points within the campaign!
5. The campaign will be divided into two sections. For trainers starting out or with lower-leveled teams, there will be a group for holding off Pokemon invading the town and surrounding areas. For trainers with more confidence in their Pokemons’ abilities, there will be a group for taking back the Starline Waterfall in order for everyone to head up the mountain. Both groups have equal importance. Please state which group you wish to join.
6. Sign-ups will be open until November 11th, when the campaign will begin.
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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

The Cloud Garden has been overrun by an army of ice Pokemon. Their snowstorm has ravaged the countryside. Looking for help from any and all Pokemon trainers. Any help is appreciated, no matter how little! Strong trainers are requested to take back the Starline Waterfall while everyone else is needed to hold off Pokemon from overrunning the town. Reward available. Please help!

How did this happen?...

Last he was here, Rorik had been trapped in a struggle between four Grass-Type Pokémon in a lush, verdant landscape. Before that, he'd explored the Stone Shrine in its arid, mysterious beauty. But now?

"It's... it's a frozen nightmare..."

He could scarcely believe his eyes. How could such a dramatic shift in weather happen overnight? "Overrun by an army of Ice Pokémon", said the urgent message... What could be the cause?

He almost hadn't come. Ever since he'd been disgraced by Wolfgang Lauther at Springtide Isle, Rorik had avoided icy regions altogether, the sight of frozen landscapes eliciting the unwanted memories he'd tried so hard to repress. Lauther had encased him and Guntz in a prison of ice, then set out with the rewards the Spring Pyukumuku had intended for him: an Egg and a Z-Crystal. It had been Rorik's first catastrophic failure since leaving Heiml, and one that ashamed him to this day. Seeing Cloud Garden covered in frost and snow only made things worse...

But the locals are not to blame for my incompetence, are they? Whatever happened back there is my cross to bear, not theirs. I can't walk away from this!

His resolve unwavering, the Professor released his four partners from the confines of their Balls: Guntz the Snorlax with his Thick Fat, Stahl the Starmie with a natural protection against ice due to its typing, Volg the Charmander with his violent flame to shield him from the cold, and Zyll the Deino, visibly the one most uncomfortable with the current weather, but serene as always.

"You've certainly come a long way," suddenly said a voice behind him.

A strange man dressed in monk garbs, bald and followed by four Pokémon of his own, approached Rorik with a peaceful look on his face despite the disaster that surrounded them.

His facial features... A man from Saigo?

Rorik's homeland of Heiml had been at war with the eastern region of Saigo for the past fifteen years. But this man exuded an aura of peace, much like Zyll, and Rorik saw no reason to treat him as an enemy. Then again, he was never very patriotic to begin with...

"H-have we met?"

The monk held out a hand and smiled.

"My name is Sai Hajimoto, a monk from Saigo. We've met... in a way. I would not expect you to recall our last encounter," he said softly, "but I am overjoyed to see how much you and your partners have grown since then, Professor."

As he spoke, Rorik noticed Sai diverted his gaze towards Guntz. Unbeknownst to the Professor, Sai was the one who'd rescued him from Lauther's ice cage; Rorik had been unconscious, and by the time he came to, the monk had already left - and the Gastly he'd received from Marion Ette had followed, abandoning Rorik in favour of the more interesting Saigonese Trainer.

In fact, fate worked in mysterious ways: not only Shiou had once belonged to Rorik, but Kyuki too, the Alolan Vulpix born from the Egg originally intended for the Heimlan. The Egg had been stolen and hatched by Lauther, who then released the Vulpix as he fled from Fizzytopia to Kanjohto, to elude the authorities. As it turned out, Kyuki too wound up in Sai's possession.

"My name is Rorik Pine... Holstadt. These are Guntz, Stahl, Volg and Zyll," he introduced. He felt surprisingly comfortable around the man from the region he was supposed to hate. "Did you come to help too?"

Sai nodded, visibly saddened by the current state of affairs.

"I have. Oh, I neglected to introduce my friends - these are Jin, Shiou, Kyuki and Kami," he said pointing at a Meditite, Gastly, Vulpix and an unsettling-looking Abra who gazed at the desolation with the indifference of a distant deity.

The winds picked up, howling around them. Rorik, despite coming from the northernmost region of the world, felt himself freezing to the bone, but Sai seemed mostly unaffected.

"W-We sh-sh-should get g-going, yes?" he stuttered; hopefully Sai wouldn't notice how ridiculously intolerant to cold he was. The monk did, but said nothing out of politeness. "H-hey Zyll... come here."

The Deino trotted towards Rorik obediently, and the man dropped to one knee.

"This cold i-isn't f-for you, I'm afraid," he whispered. "I underestimated the w-weather conditions here. P-please sit this one out."

Zyll pondered on Rorik's words for a moment, then nodded. If the dragon was in any way upset, he didn't convey it, and Rorik knew it was the right thing to do. All his other partners had some sort of protection against the cold, but Zyll was vulnerable to ice and it wouldn't be fair to expose him to this climate. The Deino was recalled back into his ball, and Rorik rose to his feet again.

"Interesting... I'd never seen one in person," Sai suddenly said behind him. Turning around, Rorik saw the monk kneeling down in front of Volg, staring at him with strange curiosity. "This one... he's tormented by the Baimon, is he not? And despite that, the soul beneath is so exceptionally gentle... You suffer, don't you little one?"

Volg, hesitant at first, finally nodded at the monk's question. It had been a while since the Charmander had succumbed to his berserker curse, but Rorik knew it would only be a matter of time until the Baimon triggered again.

"Professor Pine, if you would allow... I might be able to help," Sai confessed. "At Tatakami Tower, we were taught to dispel curses, or at least bind stronger ones to hamper their effects. The Baimon is said to be one such case - it cannot be lifted, but with enough effort, it can be contained, some say even controlled. This Charmander is much too young to tap into the Baimon at will, but I can at least make it dormant until he is strong enough to tame it on his own."

"C-can it be done?" Rorik had never read anything about curing the Baimon. But if it was a technique exclusive to Saigonese monks, that would explain why it was never published... "If so, please. Help Volg. It would mean the world to me."

Sai called over Jin, his Meditite and student, and the two palced their hands on Volg, who looked around in confusion. They closed their eyes and muttered a prayer in a tone barely above a whisper, and the roaring winds prevented Rorik from hearing the words that were spoken.
The ritual went on for five long minutes, and then, the monk and Meditite lifted their palms simultaneously. As they did, Volg was suddenly engulfed in light - first of a golden hue, and then morphing into a blueish silver shine.

"Oh? It seems Volg was willingly repressing his true power to keep the Baimon dormant," said Sai as he saw the shift in the light's color. "Behold, Professor - the Baimon is asleep for now; this new glow is a different miracle altogether."

Volg's frame grew progressively, and when the light faded, the Fire-Type stood transformed into a dark-red !

"Oh dear... this is remarkable!" exclaimed Rorik, still in disbelief. Just who was this Sai character, who could perform such feats?...

The monk stretched, tapped Jin on the head as silent thanks, then turned back to Rorik.

"A pleasant surprise," Sai said with a tired voice. "Make no mistake about it, Professor - his evolution was not my doing. Your Pokemon was intentionally holding back, perhaps fearing the Baimon would consume him if he didn't... either way, his curse is slumbering for now. It may reawaken, but hopefully by then, your partner will be able to fight back without my aid. Now... those people need us. We've lingered enough, no?"

"Y-yes... yes, we should hurry to the village," Rorik agreed. As he turned to the town, Sai placed a hand on his shoulder.

"With respect, Professor... leave the town's protection to me and the others. Your partners - a Snorlax, a Starmie and a Charmeleon - should be able to handle the front lines, taking the fight to the root of the problem."

"M-me... on the vanguard?!" Surely the monk wasn't serious...

"It is not my place to tell you what to do, but I can sense the power your friends exude," insisted Sai. "You may not be comfortable in battle, but surely they are. In truth, the strength of your ranks exceeds my own. Trust me, the men ahead will welcome you with open arms when they see the allies you bring."

Without another word, the monk and his Pokémon advanced towards the village, leaving Rorik alone with his thoughts and his friends.

The vanguard... But I'm a Pokémon Professor! What good would I be?...

But it wasn't about him, was it? He looked at Guntz, who eagerly cracked his knuckles, at Stahl whose blue gem glimmered with anticipation, and at Volg, whose grin of newfound confidence was contagious.

"You... you want to fight, don't you? Oh dear..."

He adjusted his glasses and clenched his fist. Guntz picked him up effortlessly and placed him on his shoulders, sensing the Trainer's growing resolve.

"Alright then. Let's do it - let's purge Cloud Garden of its freezing blight!"


Rorik Holstadt will be joining the group for taking back the Starline Waterfall.
Joining him will be Guntz the Snorlax (mount), Stahl the Starmie, Volg the Charmeleon and Zyll the Deino (will appear in the future despite current instructions).

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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post

The Cloud Garden has been overrun by an army of ice Pokemon. Their snowstorm has ravaged the countryside. Looking for help from any and all Pokemon trainers. Any help is appreciated, no matter how little! Strong trainers are requested to take back the Starline Waterfall while everyone else is needed to hold off Pokemon from overrunning the town. Reward available. Please help!
The Kangaskhan gave the monitor another whack with a fist. Steam started to rise from the computer which caught Lucas’ attention. “Hey. Hey!” Lucas quickly put himself between his Pokémon and the PC. “Careful with it, we only have the one.”

“Khan, kang-kang-kang,” the Kangaskhan protested. The stupid thing hasn’t been working right for ages. They were about to receive a missive; a global alert for help, until the computer decided to break down.

“It broke down because you kept hitting it whenever it was too slow.” The Kangaskhan only roared in objection to the accusation. Lucas tried tweaking some of the knobs to get it working again, but ended up settling on a complete reboot of the thing. “We might have to get a new one at some point.”

“Slurp-slurpuff,” came a cry from the main hall. Lucas ignored it and assumed that whatever got Whitefloss’ attention wasn’t worth bothering himself about.

Parts of the screen finally started to take shape, though not all of it. “Okay that’s it, we need to get a new one.”

“Kan-kangaskhan.” (I told you so.)

But Lucas wouldn’t hear of it. He opened the message they received. Another pandemic was going on in the outside world. He skimmed the message, not all too interested at all about what was going on in Fizzytopia. It seemed to be one disaster after another and he was growing gloomy by the day because of it. Not too long after the upheaval, Lucas shut himself and his Pokémon out from the outside world, essentially cutting off their connection and hoping they wouldn’t have to deal with it too much. It had been months now and he had no idea what Fizzytopia was like anymore.

“Slur-slurpuff!” The cry was louder this time.

“Alright, I’m coming.” Lucas shut off the PC before it’d overheat and went to the large communal area. TVs had been placed in nearly every section of the base, though they were more often used fir announcements and the like. The group preferred sitting together most of the time in the living area anyway. Sofas and cushions were sprawled out amongst the floor in front of it, each one of Lucas’ Pokémon occupying a seat for their own, some staying close to a well-known ally, some staying away from others. The TV that had attracted their attention was set on a news channel. A weather report detailed strange climate changes in the area of Cloud Garden.

’That place was abandoned long ago’ Lucas thought to himself. ’Did they decide to rebuild it?’

The report went on about how a freak snowstorm has captured the village of Galea Town. Pokérangers were sending out urgent messages, requesting for help that any trainer, strong or weak, might come to their aid. This was what the missive was describing. It was the same pandemic he read about earlier.

“Turn it off,” Lucas insisted. “It’ll only upset you further.”

“There was a small uproar coming from the group as he turned his back. The majority of his Pokémon heavily disagreed with their trainer’s view on the outside world. They had been cooped up on their island for months doing nothing but training. Mrs. Khan argued that Lucas was being unfair towards his Pokémon and that they needed some rest. Rags, his Gallade, agreed with the group’s sentiment and further added that they had a moral responsibility to help out when possible. They couldn’t stay retreated here forever, he had promised them it was only temporary and that eventually they’d return to Fizzytopia.

‘But when?’ the group argued. Glances were exchanged between the Pokémon and the TV screen. Some didn’t mind staying on the island, but they disliked the rugged routine their lives had become as much as the rest. Eventually Lucas had to give in. He did promise soon, and a soft town like Galea might be a good place to start.

The group gave a loud cheer and a few whispers were made as they wondered who would be the first to go. “Rags, you up for it?” The Gallade gave a confident but gracious nod. The others were slightly dismayed that a slot was taken, but weren’t all too surprised by the fact that Lucas’ main Pokémon, his starter, was getting to go out first. “Snowstorm, right?” Lucas was mostly conferring with himself. “That means Snowball would be needed. Pearl’s not around as she wants to rest. Besides, the harbour is frozen from what I’ve heard. So I guess we’ll fly there instead. Sal get ready, I need you to take us there.”

“Mag-ne-ton.” The electric-type tried to express the idea he might come in handy if there was water.

“Nah,” Lucas said, “I already have plans for you and me to go out somewhere else. Faust will be going with you as well then. Also, if we are going to bring electric-types,” his words drifted off as his gaze settled on Amabel, the Eelektross.

“Amp,” the abbreviated nickname he called her by often. The Elektross gave a jovial grin on her sucker and started clapping her hands with excitement, sparks of electricity producing between them. “Knock it off,” Lucas told her, “the reason I’m taking you is so that you might start taking things more seriously.”

“Last slot…” his eyes scanned across his Pokémon once more. “Kong, you’re coming with us.” Everyone’s mouth suddenly dropped. He’s taking his lazy-*** Pokémon with him? He probably doesn’t even care about going out.

Lucas ignored his Pokémon’s protests and packed some of his necessities. “Alright, let’s go,” he hurried his Pokémon. The Slaking reluctantly got up, decided it was a bad idea, lied down and went on picking his nose. Lucas recalled him to his Pokéball as well as the Gallade, Mamoswine and Eelektross. He gave his farewells to the group, and instructed Mrs. Khan and Greycoat to keep watch over the others while he was away.


A small din of commotion grew in the distance along with the sight of miniaturs sprawling about grey silhouettes. Vaguely, through the blistering winds the cold had brought with them, Lucas could make out the contours of the village. “Over there!” he raised his voice above the roar of the jet streams so that Sal might hear him.

“Salamence!” she confirmed and blew a hot stream of Flamethrower. The warm fire briefly warmed up Lucas again before the sheer winds brought back the cold. The Salamence did it for herself though, she had a strong dislike for the cold, and for good reason. She gave a shiver when the wind blew opposite again and blew another breath of fire.

“Alright, nice and steady,” Lucas tried to reassure her.

“Sal!” The Dragon-type went for a sharp descent, sparing not a minute longer up high in the cold atmosphere. She gave a triumphant roar when the two neared the ground of Galea Town and warned the crowds to disperse if they could. A surprise cold wind blew Salamence unwittingly to the side and made her drift off course. The two were headed for a crash landing.

Lucas yelled at passers-by to move, the giant body of the Salamence roaring with flame to upset them further. (They were supposed to be here to help people.) “Come on Sal,” he petted the Dragon’s side and in a surprising feat, managed to tilt her wings and come to a slow crash into the snow. Lucas held on tight to his Pokémon as her paws slid across the snowy surface, gaining no traction.

Eventually they came to a standstill, and Lucas disembarked his Pokémon to take a look around. The majority of people seemed to busy preparing for the worst to pay much heed. Lucas had never been to a place such as this before, nor had he ever met a real Pokéranger before. He laid stranded in the middle of the village, not fully knowing who to report too. He then remembered parts of the message specifically. It stated that trainers were needed by the waterfall. Lucas peered around left and right, not fully knowing which way that exactly was. He ended up finding a small group in conversation and signs pointing towards the exit. Lucas plodded through the snow along to try and regain his bearings.

"Sal!" Lucas looked back to see his Salamence treading uncomfortably through the snow, lifting her paws each time to shake off the flakes. She was clearly not at ease in the cold conditions.

"Oh, sorry Sal," he pulled out her Pokéball. "Sal, return." A beam of light hit the side of the dragon and recalled her to the warm safety of her capsule. Lucas plucked another off a belt and called out his Mamoswine. "Snowball, I need you."

"Mamo!" The giant body of the Mamoswine appeared and crashed her front paws down into the snow with a mini-quake. "Easy girl, I need to get up on your back." Snowball gladly let her trainer climb atop and set out a few feet through the snow, shovelling whatever little there was. "Hold up," Lucas reigned her a bit. He had no idea how severe the conditions outside of the town were and was happy he had a Pokémon such as her to ride on as Mamoswine were known for carrying travellers through tundra and mountains. He thought, however, that other trainers might not be nearly so lucky.

"I'm heading out to Starline Waterfall. Is there anyone else in need of a ride? My Mamoswine can probably carry 1-2 more people.

"Mamo!" She bellowed to her confirm her trainers statement.


Will be going to Starline Waterfall. Willing to carry 1-2 people for transport.
Pokémon with me: Snowball the Mamoswine, Sal the Salamence, Rags the Gallade, Kong the Slaking and Amabel the Eelektross.

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News of the Cloud Garden's sudden influx of Ice-types had spread, somewhat ironically, like wildfire. All across the Fizzytopia region, Trainers of all kinds were setting out to lend a hand, assist in any way they could. And of course, among said Trainers was the Poison-type specialist known as Keith Masters.

At first, one might not immediately realize they were seeing Keith Masters. After all, one of the most iconic aspects of his appearance, aside from his distinctive Mega Hat, was the fact that he so often rode around atop his dark grey, red-eyed Scolipede. But that wasn't the case today- with the cold and the snow already upon them, Keith saw fit to choose a different mount for this adventure. One decidedly much more capable of withstanding the freezing cold, and in fact, one who was proving to be quite a comfortable ride.

Indeed, as the Camerupt marched onwards, his passengers were sighing contendedly- heat was rising from the volcanic humps on Vinny's back, and was giving some additional warmth to Keith and Meowth.

"How's it goin' up dere, hat man?" called Vinny. Even though he was a Ground-type, he was also a Fire-type, with magma in his veins, and thus, he wasn't bothered much by the cold. The only thing he wore was his trademark black fedora.

"Doing fine, Vinny," Keith responded. "Meowth, how about you?"

"I'm nice and toasty up here," Meowth purred from his usual spot on Keith's shoulder.

"Yeah, well, just be ready fer dat to change at a moment's notice, savvy?" grunted Vinny. "None of my sources was able to tell me wat the hell's been goin' on around here, so them Ice-types could come at us at any time."

"Oh, we're ready for them," Keith nodded. "That's why we're here, after all. I know you can handle things well enough if you need to, man, and even so, I picked a good team for this. Now let's head on out, Vinny," Keith added. "We're gonna be helping them take back the Starline Waterfall, so let's head on out there and do what we do best!"

"Yeah!" grinned Vinny, as the talking Camerupt continued onwards.

OOC: Keith Golbatson Masters will be joining the group that will be taking back the Starline Waterfall. His team for this is as follows;

-Vinny the Camerupt (mount)
-Kyle the Heatmor
-Lenny the Weavile
-Helga the Hariyama
-Aster the Shiny Mareanie
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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

The Cloud Garden has been overrun by an army of ice Pokemon. Their snowstorm has ravaged the countryside. Looking for help from any and all Pokemon trainers. Any help is appreciated, no matter how little! Strong trainers are requested to take back the Starline Waterfall while everyone else is needed to hold off Pokemon from overrunning the town. Reward available. Please help!

Campaign Rules and Sign-Up Information:
1. This campaign is open to all. You do not have to be adventuring in the CG to participate.
2. A maximum of 6 Pokemon are allowed per trainer during this event.
3. Each trainer is permitted the capture of 1 Pokemon during the course of this campaign. Capture of evolved Pokemon is not permitted. Capture of a Pokemon someone else is battling is not permitted.
4. In order to progress the story on schedule, this campaign will be updated once a week on the weekends. If you are unable to reply before an update, there will be no punishments for failing to do so. Replying on time simply means you have more opportunities to score points within the campaign!
5. The campaign will be divided into two sections. For trainers starting out or with lower-leveled teams, there will be a group for holding off Pokemon invading the town and surrounding areas. For trainers with more confidence in their Pokemons’ abilities, there will be a group for taking back the Starline Waterfall in order for everyone to head up the mountain. Both groups have equal importance. Please state which group you wish to join.
6. Sign-ups will be open until November 11th, when the campaign will begin.
It was finally time for Team Flash Fire to start their first big adventure, Incognito Isle awaited them, and they were all ready to go out there and help wherever they were needed in a nice area with hot springs. Of course, that would be when their plans were totally changed as Hyrem received a notice saying that Cloud Garden was being invaded by a huge number of Ice-type Pokemon freezing the landscape, and what jumped out to Hyrem was the part about a group going to Starline Waterfall to take it back. If that was true, that meant his friend Gary was likely right in the thick of it and may be in a lot of trouble; he had to go and rescue him!

Hence why the three Fire-types accompanied Hyrem on the boat ride back to Cloud Garden. This would only be the second time Hyrem had set foot on the island to have a serious adventure; the first time was cut short as he and Daphne escaped a shadowy plane and Daphne evolved into a Shiftry as a result. This time the purpose was for something more valuable than a treasure, he was here to potentially save Gary from whatever force was covering the place in snow and ice. As he got off, Happy, Silas, and Kenna all followed him, with three other Pokemon inside their Pokeballs, to be revealed if Team Flash Fire were to fail in their efforts. But before they joined the group headed to Starline Waterfall Hyrem had a few gifts to give them so they would have a good chance of beating whatever they would be up against.

First up was Happy, his fluffy fur coat as well as the internal heat he had in his body insulating him from any of the frigid weather suddenly being thrust upon an island not used to this climate. Hyrem, having...decidedly less natural insulation, approached him in his heavy coat holding a small handful of Rare Candies and an orange disk. "Here, these are for you, Happy! First, the candies, they'll give you enough levels so you can learn your next attack!" "Fwaa~" the Flareon barked excitedly, his eyes lighting up as one by one the candies were unwrapped and presented to him before he gently grabbed each one from the trainer's fingers with his teeth, chewed it up, then swallowed it down before moving on to the next one. Once he was done with that, it was time to show him the disk. "This is my TM Flamethrower that I've had for over a year, and I'd like you to have it; now you can breathe lots more fire than before!" Another excited bark from the Flareon later, and the technical machine did its work, instilling within him a new way to expel that internal flame of his forcefully, in one constant stream of fire.

While Happy was busy trying out his new moves, Hyrem turned his attention to Silas, the leader of Team Flash Fire. "Hey Silas, you'll need some more abilities to go with your being a leader and everything, so here you go!" A bigger handful of Rare Candies was then shown to the Houndoom, to which he nodded and accepted each one graciously, and by the time he sent the last candy of his down his throat he was able to learn the same Flamethrower attack that Happy learned with a machine.

Last, but certainly not least, was Kenna, her blazing mane still glowing and burning despite the inclement weather, and Hyrem had the biggest handful of Rare Candies out of the three reserved just for her. Before she could get her greedy mouth around any of them, however, Hyrem was able to put his other hand on her nose, the hand with the goods situated behind his back. "You're going to get the most," he whispered to his Ponyta, "because I need you to to be a stronger Pokemon for me. With these candies, you'll be a strong enough Pokemon to carry me on your back!" Kenna widened her eyes at this, and Hyrem backed up enough so she could celebrate without accidentally hurting him. "Whoa, easy girl, easy!" he chuckled, trying to calm her down before giving her the candies. "Easy..." Once she was able to keep all four hooves on the ground and stop bobbing her head around (though she still tensed in anticipation) she waited for the hand to come forward and present the offering, and the moment both hands came together with the unwrapped candies her lips and tongue went straight to work. "Wait, not so fast, Kenna!" warned Hyrem, but it was no use. Within seconds, his hands were being explored for the last of the sugary taste, and she wasn't even finished with that when she started glowing. Then she started getting bigger and taller, and Hyrem had to duck from the horn that suddenly grew out from her forehead.

Even when the glowing stopped, she was still busy licking his hands clean, her bigger tongue slobbering more of the hands with each sweep, which allowed him a brief moment, and a rare one at that, to look at the fully evolved Pokemon up close without her moving around so much. The first thing that he noticed was that this new Pokemon would certainly be taller than him from head to hooves if she wasn't so busy with his hands. Second, he had to stay conscious of where her head moved so he could maneuver away from the new horn that threatened to stab him in the face if he wasn't careful. Third, those fires that represented her mane and tail had grown in size with the body, the smaller flames on her legs were much more pronounced now, and the blaze on her head seemed to flick about with whatever wind they were faced with at a given moment. The last thing he noticed was how much easier it was for her to fit both his hands in her mouth, and he finally had the heart to pull them away from her and let the unicorn stand in front of him in all her glory. "Wow, and I thought you were a beautiful Pokemon before," he marveled. "Let's see what you are now." As he pulled out Dexelle, Happy and Silas couldn't help but look at their partner with awe as the Pokedex read:

Rapidash, the Fire Horse Pokemon, and the evolved form of Ponyta. It makes the plains and grasslands its home, where there is plenty of plant material to graze. Normally a carefree Pokemon, its competitive spirit is brought out whenever anything fast runs past it. Its mane then explodes with a fiery passion as it gives chase, going into a full gallop of 150 MPH within seconds, attempting to run faster than their quarry, which they usually succeed in. Rapidash can escape most predators simply by outrunning them.

"All right, well, we'll see if that speed of yours comes in handy, but for now I have this to give you!" Hyrem then presented Kenna with a similar looking Unicorn Horn which fit perfectly on top of her existing horn. "I'll have to take your Charcoal from you though, which means that can go to Happy!" After giving his Flareon the Fire boosting item to hold, he then brushed his hands against each other. "Okay, that should be everything! Now let's go find our group so we can find Gary!" With a few barks from Happy and Silas and a resounding whinny from Kenna, they were finally off. "Kenna, I am excited to ride you for the first time as a Rapidash, but right now let's just walk through town to where we need to go so you can get used to your new form before I ride you. That should also give me enough time to look for a saddle to put on you, preferably one that's fireproof." Another happy neigh came from the unicorn before she looked down to her fellow Fire-types beside her. "Aw yeah, look at me, I'm so big now, it ain't gon' be a problem carryin' our trainer around!"
"Congratulations, Kenna!" said Happy. "It's been a long time coming, and you look really super cool now~"
"Aw, shucks~" she neighed bashfully.
"Yes, you do look very strong in your new body, and much faster from what we've heard," Silas commented. "Just be careful not to run too fast and leave your teammates behind."
"Yeah, yeah, I hear ya, Silas!"
The Houndoom couldn't help but sigh. "That's exactly what you said before running off on your own to chase someone."
"Hey, I saw that varmint Pansear steal a King's Rock from a poor, defenseless Slowpoke, I had to do somethin'!"
"There was no King's Rock on the Pansear's person when you brought him to us with his foot in your mouth."
"I'm tellin' ya, he must've passed it on to someone else before I could catch him! Lousy monkeys, ya just can't trust 'em."

As Team Flash Fire had similar conversations about their past escapades helping other Pokemon around Cortoza, they continued walking with Hyrem as they looked for where the group was that would lead the assault on Starline Waterfall. I really hope Gary and his Pokemon are okay...

{Also going with the Starline Waterfall group, with half of my team being Happy (Flareon), Silas (Houndoom), and Kenna (Ponyta Rapidash) and the other half of my team to be revealed later if I need them. And below is just some inventory business just to make it official; the candy usage is already recorded in the Candy Store.}

Use: TM Flamethrower on Flareon
New Move! Flareon learned Flamethrower!

Then, Happy gets Kenna's Charcoal to hold, while Kenna finally gets to use the Unicorn Horn so she can use Horn Attack while holding it. (Because why does Rapidash not get the attack naturally?? gamefreak pls)

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This was something Liawe had never seen before, and she did not like it one bit.

Having grown up in a dustbowl next to an inactive volcano, cold was a rarity in the daytime, and snow was as mythical as Arceus or Mew. And yet here she stood, ankle-deep in the stuff, in a frozen-over town that had so desperately called for aid. She took out the flyer that Caeda had found, the piece of paper that had summoned her from her myriad of travels to arrive at this icy hell. She was sure it'd be much nicer if it wasn't buried under a metric tonne of snow and ice, but as it stood, it was horrible. She wished she had some longer trousers. Her squad, such that she'd brought with her, didn't seem to mind overly: Hope was a ghost, so Liawe doubted she could even feel the cold, whereas Caeda had her metal cladding, which would surely aid the Skarmory in maintaining her ideal temperature. "Just me struggling with this, then?", she said through chattering teeth as she made for the Pokemon Center to inform them of her assistance, such that it would be. As her Skarmory soared down, Liawe raised her arm so that the bird could land on her armguard, while Hope floated over her other shoulder. Caeda's Steel moves should be able to land some serious hurt on these Ice types, she reasoned, and Hope had access to some relatively nifty area control. Plus, that ghost was a psychopath, she'd never say no to coming out to beat things up. Little did she know though, that she had another ally in the mix: A pair of bunny ears sprouted from her bag, as their wearer hitched a lift inside. Calem wasn't supposed to be in her bag, he was supposed to be with the rest of the squad, but he wasn't going to pass up an adventure like this. The little Caterpie was full of daring, and with his Easter bunny suit, he was ready to leap into action should the need arise. ...That is, if he didn't get found and sent home by Liawe first. She wasn't aware of her little boarder in her bag, and so it was that Liawe and her three Pokemon of choice arrived at the Pokemon Center in the small town, ready to aid those who needed protection.

(Note: This'll be Liawe Read signing on to help guard the town, with Caeda the Skarmory, Hope the Shuppet and Calem the Caterpie. Every little helps, right?)
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It was unusually chilly for this time of year, and yet the news of abnormal behaviour among the Cloud Garden had not fallen on deaf ears. Indeed, one such pair of ears was returning to Mt. Zephyria after several months, following their success in the War of the Roses back in the sunnier months, and this time it was not for entertainment, but for something much more serious. From the reports, ice pokemon had gone feral or mad, and had began to swarm the mountain en force, ravaging the countryside and bringing chaos across the region, and people were being called upon to both fight off the hordes and defend the settlements. While the prospect of bringing the fight to the waterfall was of interest, there was something else on the mind of the trainer as he gripped the thick cloak tighter around him, not quite accustomed to the cold, nor the gauntlet of his right hand.

Being a freelance demonbreaker of the Rhodine Order certainly had its merits, and their technicians had done a spectacular job in constructing this nifty prosthetic. A cap over the stump of his lost hand formed a connection with an ivory-coated matrix of his surprisingly clean bony hand, the only thing left following the incident, and synthetic fibre allowing control almost as though it were his own. The limb was given a fancy plating of polished obsidian, and reached far back on the arm, giving the appearance of a gauntlet. However, within the palm was nestled an orb, while an opening on the back formed a diamond-shaped indent for something else. Multi-purpose, fashionable and resilient, a winning combination...though it would have been better if that Zangoose hadn't vaporised his hand in the first place.

Giving a small shiver, he ventured into town, planning on backing the guard up. While he'd normally jump at the chance of punching into the waterfall, he wished to make this a multi-purpose mission. One, to stop the push of pokemon, possibly even obtaining a recruit from the situation. Two, to give some of the other pokemon on the squad a real workout in a hostile situation, and give them the experience of battle. On one hand, he had Nuhuko and Isaac, who possessed type advantage against the predicted ice type force, while on the other hand, Vog and Attila were either more a supporter or not quite ready for the big leagues. He wasn't a fool however, and he had a couple of aces in the hole if things went south very quickly in Nothung and Mistilteinn, two powerful pokemon in their own right, and if the defence and offence went well and the source of the trouble discovered, then the pair were dependable to strike at the heart of the problem.

He shivered. This snow was going to be an issue, and if he was going to reach the mountaintop someday, he'd better get used to it.

OOC: Alex is on hand to help defend the town from the onslaught, with the following pokemon.

-Nuhuko the Lunatone.
-Isaac the Alolan Marowak.
-Vog the Drowzee.
-Attila the Larvitar.

For the eventual assault on the mountain, the following pair will be backup.
-Nothung the Infernape.
-Mistilteinn the Abomasnow.
Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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Patches was holding a notice that she had received from one of the Pokemon Centers she was visiting, she saw it displayed on one of the computers and had asked them to print it out for her. She walked through the familiar Galea Town which is the town that she always passes through first each time she comes to visit the Cloud Garden. This time, she is so absorbed into reading the paper in her hands that she is oblivious to where she is walking and has slightly bumped shoulders with several strangers already, none of the bumps have broken her concentration. Suddenly, something that actually does break her concentration finally happens. Just as she reaches the edge of the town she slips on some ice and it completely takes her out as she falls forward, face first, into a pile of snow.

She quickly scrambles out of the snow pile and stands back up, brushing snow off of her leggings. “Whoa there’s snow here! I knew it felt a little chilly.” She speaks to Rika the Espeon who had been closely following behind her this entire time. The Espeon just sighs at her trainer’s obliviousness but also doesn’t think much of it since it’s nothing new, she’s just happy that Patches isn’t hurt. As Patches finally begins to take in her surroundings her jaw drops. “Snow… Ice Pokemon… I feel like I’ve read about something like this recently…” Rika uses her psychic abilities to pull the paper out of Patches’ hand and brings it up so that it is right in front of her face once again. “Oh, right! This is exactly how this notice described the movie auditions!”

“Espeon?” It’s rare that Rika is caught off guard by Patches, she had figured her trainer didn’t quite get the urgency of the notice, but movie auditions was not quite what she was expecting. “Wait… This is a bit much for auditions though…” Rika found this somewhat funny but kept that to herself, it seems that this particular misunderstanding will probably work out for the best anyway. “Wait! This is way too much for auditions Rika! Is this the movie?? Are they recording the movie right now!?” Patches begins to frantically look around for cameras but can’t seem to spot any. “I think we’re going to need to get serious Rika. I can’t tell if they’re recording but if they are, I don’t want us to ruin it! So let’s pick a part and do our best to play the role!” She grabs the paper out of the air and begins to read over it once again. “So it says here that we can either be the defenders of the town or the Starline Waterfall. What do you think Rika?” Rika stomps a foot on the ground to indicate that they should stay put. “Hmm, that’s a good idea. I mean we’re already in the town so it makes sense that we stay here! Now I just need to be a trainer who is defending the town from ice Pokemon! This is soooo exciting!!” Patches closes her eyes and takes a deep breath in order to prevent her excitement from leaking too much and tries to get into character. “Alright, let’s go Rika! I’ll bring the others too!” And with that, she takes off running into the fray!

Patches will be defending the town and she is bringing the following Pokemon:

- Rika the Espeon
- Mio the Pikachu
- Kei the Charmander (or Charmeleon if he evolves before he gets sent out)
- Zen the Mareep
- Momo the Sylveon
- Aya the Sentret

Fizzy Bubbles
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Lil' Bluey The cold never bothered me anyway

Jess had barely gotten settled back in her Base after returning home from her venture to the Cloud Garden when she turned on the T.V. to a breaking news bulletin, detailing a freak weather storm taking place in the very locale she just left. Granted, she had felt it a bit early for snow when she noticed the first few flakes beginning to fall before departure, but never did she imagine it would develop so quickly into a full-on blizzard. Ranger recruiters on the report were desperately beseeching trainers for assistance as harrowing pellets of hail raged bitterly behind them - like hell itself had frozen over.

"Aw, what's wrong with a little white? I mean, is perpetual winter really that bad?"

Midna yawned as she reclined on the couch, unbothered by the chilling events onscreen. Jess sighed, having been looking forward to some rest and relaxation herself (especially after everything she'd been through lately), but she knew she couldn't just ignore this. Plus, with the way things were going, the faces of frosted horror flashed in her mind, and she gripped the remote cold, feeling frigid rage boiling to the surface as she bristled at the reminder, vowing she would not repeat the same mistakes as last time. But who to bring with her on this rescue mission?

"You can count me out," Midna waved her hand lazily as she leaned over the lounger. "Why don't you bring 'Ms. Drama Demon Queen' instead?" She pointed at Lilith's Snow Ball with a grin. "I bet she'd love it there."

Jess shot her a sharp look of ice, clearly exasperated at how unhelpful the Sneasel was being. She said nothing though as she turned to Link who was also watching the broadcast with an expression of concern. The Poochyena barked and nodded, prepared to rise up to protect those in need.

Beside him sat another canine, sleek and silent, steel-blue coat shimmering like the walls surrounding them. Strangely, the mysterious "Sheik" hadn't said much since joining the team, but the Houndour's haunches rose as well, indicating willingness to participate. As for who else...

Jess glanced over to where Leo, Kim, and Zoom were seated on the cushions, witnessing the visual arctic wonderland with wide eyes. They crowded around Jess, evidently eager to go (even if they didn't fully understand the dire reasoning behind it). The girl gazed down at the begging Spheal, Vanillite, and Sandshrew in turn, weighing the risks of letting them tag along when they had barely any adventuring experience - let alone in combat - but couldn't refuse such persistent pleading.

"All right, you guys can come too. Promise me you'll be careful though, and not try to do anything too dangerous," she warned as the trio keenly agreed. Midna rolled her eyes with a smirk.

"Oh sure, bring a bunch of babies along to fight an army of abominable creatures. I'm sure that'll go well."

Jess ignored the remark as she began to get ready herself to embark on the journey, gathering winterwear and supplies.

"Why don't you come too if you're so worried then?"

"Hmph," the Sneasel sniffed, flopping back on the sofa. "I'm not worried. I'll just be watching from here where it's warm while you guys struggle out there in the snow. Maybe make some popcorn or something."

"Suit yourself," Jess shrugged as she pulled on her boots and stood up. "Look after the Base for me while I'm gone then, will you?"

"Whatever," Midna muttered in reply as she shifted position to face the pillows instead. As she heard the party's footsteps fade down the corridor, she rolled back over to stare pensively at the ceiling with her hands behind her helmeted head, mumbling irritably to herself: "Idiots. Why stick your neck out just to save some 'strangers'? I don't get it."


While the attempt to convince the imp had been unsuccessful, Jess already had a particular Pokémon in mind for the last member of her team anyway, as she led the group outside the cave and onto the coast. She knew she'd need someone faster than her usual mount to help her get back to the disaster site stat, and would be able to withstand such harsh glacial conditions and tough terrain. Nodding to Link and Sheik, the pair threw their heads back and began to howl in unison a familiar tune. From down the stretch of sand came the sound of thunder as a fiery steed galloped into view, stopping before her summoners to nuzzle them lovingly - especially Link. Jess smiled as she beamed back her Ice-Types into their balls for convenient carrying, so as to avoid any accidental burns from excess heat during travel, given their sensitivity to such high temperature spikes. She then lifted Link up onto the Ponyta's back, clambering on afterwards, while Sheik chose to stay on the shore and run alongside her hooves. Taking in the balmy beach (and the last she would likely see of warm weather for a while), Jess sighed as memories of traversing a similar scene on horseback towards what seemed like certain doom back then surfaced again - but she brushed them aside, assuring herself this time would be different.

"Okay, guys. Let's go help defend the town. Take us to the Cloud Garden, Epona!"

OoC - Signing up to defend the town.

-Link the Poochyena
-Sheik the Houndour
-Leo the Spheal
-Kimball the Vanillite
-Zoom the Alolan Sandshrew
-Epona the Ponyta
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Isaac stood in the snow, he hated winter. He hated having to throw on a stupid oversized coat, and he hated the way his hands shook in the chill --- causing him to have overwhelming difficulty lighting up his cigarettes. The winter was bittersweet, it reminded him of Christmases with the love of his life... but those were gone now. He clenched his fist within his glove, winter had brought him nothing but sorrow. He stood, looking over the embankments of snow. For once, he decided that bringing Vinny probably wasn't the best course of action. She was weak to the ice, and he certainly wouldn't want his beautiful flower to wilt in the bellowing winds.

He glanced forwards, he could see a group beginning to gather to reclaim the waterfall. They seemed determined to achieve their goal... but Isaac wasn't sure if that was where he belonged. Although defending the town didn't really appeal to him either, what was the point in it all? If they failed, they'd be the laughing stock of the other trainers. However, if he fell defending the waterfall... it would be much more valiant, maybe then he'd actually have a reason to be alive. He glanced at the group, their Pokemon looked so powerful --- much stronger than Isaac's small party at this point. He pulled out a cigarette, placing it to his lips before fumbling around realizing he had misplaced his lighter.

"Aw shit." He grumbled. "Mona, you got a light?" He asked, looking at the muscular cat that had been standing next to him while he tried to make up his mind. The cat grumbled, he stood almost two inches taller than his master... yet his master still gave him these adorable and degrading pet names. He let out a small puff of Ember, allowing Isaac to light his cigarette. Isaac smiled, scratching under Morgana's chin, causing the rather large feline to let out a rough, deep, purr. Isaac grinned at the taller feline, he acted so tough but he was such a softie deep down. He glanced towards the other two Pokemon that stood near him in the snow, his stark white Zangoose, and his newly captured Stunky. The two were chattering amongst themselves, probably looking forward to getting moving.

Isaac approached the small gathering of trainers, looking around at their strong looking Pokemon. He heard one trainer offer transport to those in need, he approached --- cigarette still within his lips. He glanced at the three of his Pokemon, and then towards Lucas.

"Pardon me, I'd love to take you up on that ride offer if you still have the room." His three Pokemon nodded, itching for a fight.

(Isaac is going to reclaim the waterfall!

His Team will be: Morgana the Incineroar, Vanderlyle the Zangoose, and Julius the Stunky)

message me on discord @Asteiri#0573 if you need me
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Athena squinted at the display on her phone, cold wind battering her face. Her Mawile, Eclair, wandered nearby, her tough Steel body resistant to the cold. She had no need for the bundles of clothing Athena had on, and was enjoying the sensation of snow in her hands. It was something she'd never experienced before.

"Galea Town..." The trainer read aloud, then compared it with the snow covered sign in front of her. It probably looked friendly on a normal day, but right now it was buried in snow and icicles. She could barely make out "G...a T..w... Pop...." which she assumed marked she was in the right place. With a gloved hand, Athena turned the screen of her phone off and placed it in her coat pocket. "Let's go E....clair?" She looked around for her partner, worried she had fallen in a deep pocket of snow or something. She spun around to face the way she had came. They had mostly travelled in silence, Athena shivering and Eclair bounding ahead. Had they gotten split up somehow?

Athena felt something cold hit the back of her head and splatter down her back. She let out a panicked cry and turned again to see Eclair peeking out from the snow-covered sign, snickering and holding another snowball in hand.

"Wha-?! 'Clair!" Athena huffed. Eclair roared with laughter and threw another snowball that hit her trainer in the leg, then took off running. Athena chased after her, boots crunching on the newly fallen snow.

The wily Pokemon was finally scooped up right before she ran right into the back of a stranger's legs. Athena scolded her and made her way through the group of people to where she could get a better idea of what was going on. Eclair wriggled out of Athena's arms, but only after she promised to stay at her side and not pick up any more snowballs. There was a gathering of trainers talking about heading to the Starline Waterfall. Athena gravitated that way, imagining how beautiful it might look encapsulated in ice. Then, she noticed the rather strong Pokemon accompanying this group. Several fire types and Pokemon big enough for their trainers to ride. She sheepishly turned the other way before the group could notice her.

Instead she made her way into a smaller group talking about defending the town. That felt like a task a bit more in her comfort zone. After all, they had no idea what had caused this storm in the first place. She didn't want to go wandering into the wilderness and have her Pokemon get hurt.



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"The fuck is this?!" Tate howled, voice rising an octave before reaching the end of the sentence. At her trainer's ankles, Kai's delicate, hairless frame was entrenched in snow up to her clavicles. She'd never missed being an Eevee so much as she did in that moment, entire body chilled to the goddamn bone. Belching up a mouthful of hot water -- a trick she usually used to scald her opponents in battle -- she began a valiant but fruitless attempt at melting the horrible, frigid, white hell around her. Meanwhile her children -- little more than the brown tips of tails and ears -- were tunneling their way through the snow, Kehili infinitely more enthusiastic about the endeavor than her woefully put-upon younger brother, Ahi.

Pulling both arms into the light sweatshirt that was the only defense against the sub-zero temperatures, Tate hissed out a series of curses. This was supposed to be a nice, relaxing vacation; an opportunity to spend some time together as a family -- Tate, Kai, and the twins. The forecast had predicted sunny skies and moderate temperatures throughout the week. Instead, here they were, in what Tate could only assume was Hell having frozen over. The cold-intolerant trainer would have gladly turned around and gotten back onto the train back home, except that their return ticket was dated for exactly one week from today. Nor, as it were, did Tate have the money required to get a ticket for an earlier train back. No, they were stuck here, in the Cloud Garden, in snow up to Tate's goddamn fucking knees. This sucked. And then something hit Tate in the face.

It was a piece of paper, blown by the vicious wind for the express purpose of making Tate miserable. Yes, that's what this was. The universe itself hated Tate, and was expressly out to make the Johto native miserable. Adhered to the trainer's face by the sheer force of the wind, it took Tate a moment to peel the page from wind-bitten skin. It was, it turned out, a flyer. No, more urgent than that. A declaration of emergency? The blizzard was... pretty intense. Were things really that bad? Reading aloud the plaintive call for trainers to assist int the efforts to protect the Cloud Garden from what was, apparently, an infestation of Ice-Type Pokemon, Tate began to grow concerned. Had they really wandered off the train and into an full-blown ecological disaster?

Tate looked down at Kai, as if to ask what they should do, only to find the Vaporeon wasn't there. Rather, she was about fifteen feet away, slowly but steadily carving out a path through the snow, one mouthful of hot water at a time. Now and then, the twins would dart by her, before disappearing into the snow again. At least they were smart enough to stay close to their mother, who was making a beeline directly towards what appeared to be a group of much more appropriately equipped trainers preparing to make the long trek to the waterfall. Tate chased after her, unwilling to risk losing her in this weather, blissfully unaware of what they were about to get into.

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"Snow in November? Nothing new for me, but... not like this. What happened to global warming?"

Originated from Kalos' Snowbelle City, Mélina knows quite about the unusually early cold weather - in fact, she traveled well prepared, wearing her trusty and fluffy pink winter coat, gloves, skitty-shaped tuque and her crampons-adorned winter boots. (She knew these in her backpack would've come in handy one day, despite their heavy weight.) She even bought along the way a shovel, so her travels would be slightly easier and could lend a hand with the shoveling. Good thing too, because as the harbor was quite literally frozen, she had to dig her way through to her destination: the now ice-olated Galea Town, as stated in the alert the Kalosian heard in the Pokécenter she was staying at.

Arrived at the town square with one last shovel-hurrah, the girl celebrated by belly-flopping into the nearest chest-high pile of snow... only to sink into it, just deep enough that any of her flailing failed to free herself up enough to be able to get up and get out of the winter trap.

"I haz a stuck, halp," she complained, although she had a hard time not hiding her laugh about the silly situation. Not to mention it isn't the first time she got stuck like this. "Erm, a little help here?"

As she uttered those words, three of her Pokémon team flashed out of the Pokéballs. The first one was Lune, who materialized... right beside Mélina and into the snow, just wanting to get into the 'fun' of being in the snow herself and Biting it away. Of course, she was closely followed by Soleil, who was more wise by showing up next to the pile, all while shaking her head and sighing at the silliness and trouble her sister got herself into. Finally, Catalina showed up beside Soleil, who figured it would be the best one to help out.

As the calmest Eevee gave a Helping Hand, the oversized Minior flew towards its trainer, let her hold onto it (and Lune held on to her leg) then lifted them out of there.

"Whew, thanks you two! I think I would've been stuck there for a few hours if it wasn't for your help," she awkwardly chuckled as she brushed off the snow off her coat. "No more time for silliness now though, we got a serious job to do today. We got a town to help out!"

Soleil and Minior nodded in agreement, while Lune gave an excited squee.

OOC: Signing in to help the town out!

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Flames kicked up, leaving a trail of water behind them as they melted away the snow which had coated the once luscious grass of the Cloud Garden. Jayson had received word of the situation while he was in LMN. The trip was long and speed was of the essence. Boudicca, his Mudsdale was a reliable mount but she favoured stamina over speed. Jayson had another option though, a recently acquired Ponyta that he found abandoned one night, in the middle of a wild storm........

Jayson had been working hard with the Fire type, its natural strength and ability was like nothing the trainer had ever seen, there was certainly something special about the young flaming colt. When news of the dilemma in the Cloud Garden reached his ear, Jayson realized he would have to accelerate the Ponyta's growth. He was apprehensive but the when Thowra looked him in the eyes he could tell the Ponyta was ready. Digging into his bag, Jayson produced 29 Rare Candies and presented them to the Ponyta. Thowra ate steadily, giving his body time to process the sudden rush of energy. As he swallowed the last candy, his flames intensified and his body began to glow. Jayson shielded his eyes as Thowra's body began to change, growing larger as his flames spread and strengthened. A horn suddenly sprouted from his head and as the light died down, Jayson found himself in the presence of a majestic Rapidash. Thowra nuzzled up against the trainer, Jayson was presently surprised by the lack of heat in the flames. They had already squandered enough time, it was time to get to the Cloud Garden.

Thowra glided through the snow, other Pokemon might have struggled to move through the snow at such speed, but thankfully the heat radiated by the newly evolved Rapidash allowed it to melt the snow under hoof. They came to a stop as they found a large group of trainers gathered near the now frozen waterfall. There were some impressive Pokemon gathered around their trainers, Thowra immediately spotted another Rapidash and let out a whinny at the female. Dismounting, Jayson gave his legs a good stretch before unclipping two Pokeballs from his belt. Tossing them forward, Jayson released Balerion and Spartacus, the Charmeleon and Scizor would have a distinct advantage over any Ice types they encountered. Balerion had been born during his first visit to the Cloud Garden and had since evolved after some intense training. Spartacus had spent a fair amount of time in the Cloud Garden as well but Jayson had evolved him while in LMN. His team was much stronger now and he was confident that they would prove capable of handling the threats that awaited them. Now they just needed to know where to start.....

Im going to be helping out at the Waterfall! Team at the moment consists of:
Thowra the Rapidash
Spartacus the Scizor
Balerion the Charmeleon

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No matter how much one may focus on the strength of the individual, there was no denying the efficiency a well organized group can display. Just yesterday, the Cloud Garden as a whole was a fairly temperate locale, awash in the oranges, reds, and browns that often come with the middle of autumn. Today, it was just a few degrees too Arceus-damn cold to be called a 'winter wonderland', and pretty much nobody was happy with it. Even Dichromata Schmeltzer, someone who rarely perturbed by the temperature, found the new scenario too frigid to be remotely comfortable in, and was none too pleased with the reported army of Ice Typed pokemon responsible for the sudden shift in weather.

As with all good invading parties, the crystalline menace was steadily taking the Gardens place by place, striking when most opposition was at rest and turning the entire area into a place where they could thrive and keep the upper hand. Chroma sighed, thinking that they had done a dang good job of that- two of her strongest pokemon were far too uncomfortable to reliably fight back thanks to their weakness to Ice, and two of the ones she had that held a natural advantage over the invaders were significantly weaker than her older team members. That left her with only one truly advantageous pokemon, which didn't look so next to the folks charging in to take back the Starline Waterfall with at least two such pokemon and a few backups that weren't weak to the bitter cold.

"Which means I'll help keep the town safe," she declared, putting her best pokemon for the situations' balls within easier reach on her person. "I'm not sure exactly how much of a help I'll be here, but my team and I will most certainly do our best in aiding to keep the invaders at bay. Count me in."

(OOC: Signing in for Defending the Town. Declaring Louise the mawile, Elenchos the inkay, Miapladicus the staryu, and Tobu the passimian, for a total of four pokemon)

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"I can't believe how bad this weather's gotten," Bill said trying to march his way through the snow, the wind had picked up at his location making it a lot harder to use his eyes to navigate. The snow was coming down hard and fast. Thankfully for him, the trainer was from Floe Island of the Sevii Islands. The Icy caverns had prepared him for this kind of extreme cold, though most of his adventures put him through hotter climates, too. He admitted that he was a little rusty dealing with colder weather. He hoped he wouldn't run into the ice Pokemon right now, they would have a clear advantage.

"Regardless, we have been called into action and we must do our best," a gruff, yet sophisticated voice behind him had spoken. An Alolan Geodude has been following behind him closely, using its arms to shield the snow from its large eyes and its makeshift glasses. It continued to speak, "Regardless, if I recall the town is not too far from our current location. If we hurry, we might be able to contribute to its protections."

Although the Geodude couldn't see it, Bill nodded his head in agreement. "Yeah, not to mention, I still need to build up our team. I've only got four, and if these Pokemon are this powerful, we could definitely use them in battle."

Bill thought about the Pokemon on his person. All of them were low leveled, but two were very battle experienced. He had brought Trono, his Geodude as well, because Rock beats Ice. If this were any other time, Bill would be visiting the waterfall. His Finneon would've loved it there, but instead when he decided to visit the Cloud Garden, it had been overrun with ice types apparently, powerful ones, considering the Rangers were asking for help.

The Waterfall was overrun with powerful Pokemon apparently, and while Bill would love to go there and fight them, without a powerful team of his own, he'd likely become a big icicle. Instead, he ended up going with the safer part of the plan, keeping the town safe from the ice-typed invaders.

The snow started to die down as the duo made it to a clearing. "Hey," the trainer said, "I think I see the town! Let's hurry up!"

"Hey, wait for me!" the Geodude yells. "My body is not made for high speeds!"

Team Consists of
Silver the Squirtle
Swift the Finneon
Megas the Golett
Trono the Alolan Geodude

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Gary had been adventuring across Fizzytopia for the last couple of weeks when he had stopped by a Pokecenter and noticed an urgent message on the bulletin board. As he read through the contents, his mouth dropped. Having been a resident of the Cloud Garden for many years, this news hit close to home in every sense of the phrase. On top of that, he knew that if Athena was getting involved, this was far more serious than he initially thought. He thought of the peaceful citizens of Galea Town and everyone else who lived on the mountain and wondered what state they were in right now. Clearing all of his plans from his schedule, Gary quickly wrapped a scarf around his neck, zipped up his jacket and headed outside. He didn’t need a second more to make up his mind; he was going to help out his adopted homeland no matter what.

Stepping outside, Gary promptly pulled out a Luxury Ball and tossed it into the air. Normally he would use his beloved Tropius named Coco as his means of aerial transportation, but the current situation wouldn’t bode well for his grass and flying type. Additionally, he needed a little more speed. The ball popped open in a burst of light, revealing a glimmering, golden marvel of a dragon. Her eyes met Gary’s and she could sense the severity in his gaze. “Ramoth, we need to get back home, fast.” There was no wavering, no hesitation in his voice. The Charizard snapped to attention and lowered her head, something she wouldn’t willingly do without good reason. Gary perched himself on her shoulders right above the wings and held on tight to her neck before giving her a reassuring pat. The golden Charizard’s wings beat a couple of times, lifting her body off the ground and increasing in altitude.

While the air was chilly up in the sky, the atmosphere seemed like ordinary autumn weather. It wasn’t until Mt. Zephyria appeared over the horizon that the temperature plummeted. Gary clung to the fiery dragon’s body heat for warmth. It was a jarring sight for Gary to behold; as they approached the mountain, it was blanketed in white, all the way down to the foothills and the town. Even the lake around the town’s port had been encased in ice. The summit of the mountain was completely obscured by clouds, vastly different from the ring of clouds that usually surrounded it like a halo.

Ramoth headed in the direction of the waterfall, where Gary’s home and was. However, as she neared the high cliffs, the turbulent wind picked up, chilling Gary to the bone. Visibility was near impossible as snow pelted their faces. Ramoth was doing all she could simply to remain airborne. “This is too dangerous!” Gary called out, “Let’s turn back and regroup in town!” Ramoth let out a grunt and quickly turned around, gliding into a descent towards the town.

After landing, Gary rubbed Ramoth on the nose, thanking her for her service before returning her to her ball. He went around and exchanged greetings with a few of the townsfolk he recognized, hoping to see if people were doing okay. He then made his way to the town square where a number of people had gathered in hopes of helping out. While he knew that the town needed help as well, Gary had experienced firsthand that something wasn’t right higher up the mountain. If this madness was going to be put to an end, he would need to cut it off at the source. On top of that, he couldn’t get his home out of his mind, eager to make sure it was alright. With his resolve unwavering, Gary determined that he would join the group to take back the Waterfall and ascend the mountain.

As people prepared to set out, Gary pulled out another Pokeball, a Christmas Ball. Tossing it in the air, the ball popped open and released a rather large Stantler. She wore a bridle and had reins draped around her neck. Gary pet her on the muzzle before mounting her back and grabbing the reins. “Alright Rena, it’s time for us to join the waterfall expedition. It’s going to be some rough terrain, but I know you can handle it.” The Stantler quietly nodded and pawed at the snow with her hoof, ready to go.

Seeing as I have been permitted to participate in this campaign as well, I am going to join the expedition to the waterfall. Joining me so far will be:
Ramoth the Charizard
Tyrant the Larvitar
Akame the Pawniard
Rena the Stantler
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Alice Hope had noticed a certain chill hitting the Cloud Garden recently, but had assumed that with the passing of Halloween, that kind of change was normal for the season. As it was, though, she knew that the area’s climate varied drastically from place to place, and everyone she spoke to and everywhere she read things the answer seemed to be the same: that this was far from normal, and with the sudden slamming of snow—well.

This place was her home now, for better or worse, and it was a problem for most of her Pokemon that the weather had taken such an abnormally foul turn. The birds that normally soared the skies around their home and the other Pokemon that frolicked in the grasslands were no longer able to, and Alice didn’t exactly have a lot of Pokemon capable of carrying her through this mess. Axel had teleported her to Fizzytopia’s more central spot for a few errands and for an escape from the freeze, and that was when they alert went out. It was time to defend their home.

Other trainers were doing the same, and Alice caught a ride as far as she could get one before her Abra took her the rest of the way, stopping not far from the Starline Waterfall. By the sounds of it, this was where the serious monsters were loitering, and the blonde’s Pokemon were more than capable of taking down some big beasties. The mound of pink fluff trudging besides her snow boots, a Swinub named Maasa, was one such example of a power house. He was deceptively small and sweet looking, but the pig’s nostrils were keenly leading their expedition, and he was incredibly strong - as were the other five Pokemon Alice was taking into the fray.

“I know I said I come from a northern place that’s very cold, but this is bloody absurd. I’ve not experienced weather like this since my teens.” Alice remarked, voice muffled by the bright pink and sparkly scarf about her neck, tucked into a thick designer overcoat. She had a warmer beneath the long-sleeved sweater underneath, and a stylish set of trousers that wouldn’t suffer the wet and cold so easily. She had on transparent visors over her glasses lenses, because it was the best way to protect her eyes and actually ensure that her already weakened vision wasn’t hampered anymore than it naturally was. Maasa oinked as if to acknowledge that he’d heard something, though what exactly, the Pokemon wasn’t so sure.

Gosh, the things Alice did for this world, and for home. But she wouldn’t have had it another way.
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The Cloud Garden... It was different now. No, not even in this wintry landscape... It was different as a whole. The last time he ventured here, he was at the Stardust Fields... Yet those were gone and he couldn't remember what happened there. Usually his memory was good enough psot-accident, but that's one of the few things that escapes his mind. Whatever. The teen was here due to the S.O.S call. Austin wondered how a lush, verdant mountainside could become so... barren. All he could see was snow. Snow. He touched his lips almost instinctively. He got his first kiss while watching the snow. It was something close to his heart, something that he didn't want to destroy. Yet, even he could realize that this sudden winter was a problem in the Cloud Garden. The entire environment changed almost instantly, instead of over time like it would normally with the seasons.

He fiddled with the four Pokeballs his bag. Wisp, the Litwick. Marie, the Gengar. Nick, the Ninetales. Taiyo, the Larvesta. He would help assist at the waterfall with these four. Though, Taiyo was to more learn battling and assist if absolutely necessary. The bug was a sun to all, and hopefully his radiance would cheer on his main three as he helped assist others at the place. The rest of his team would be very ill-suited to the task of climbing the mountain. No matter, it was something that needed to be done. The defense of the town could be done by basically anyone. Besides, the teen hated dealing with people and having to worry about his environment in battle. Even if more trainers were at the waterfall, he could at least be free and let loose. Besides, with his primarily fire squad, he was ready to burn things down.

Making his way towards the town, Austin contemplated stopping here for awhile. He could just help out the town. No, what was he thinking. There were too many times where he just gave up and didn't push forwards. What was the point in coming this far if he didn't head towards his goal? All of his adventures up until this point had only strengthened his resolve. He still needed to find that vessel. He still wasn't completely sure what that prophetic memory all the way back from his visit to the Mad King's Castle was, but it stuck with him. If it lead him to remembering his past... If it lead him to the ones he lost, then he would follow it.

As he headed through the town, Austin overheard the worried thoughts of the townsfolk. This was a sudden winter, after all. Whatever is causing it is most certainly an antagonistic force, and it wouldn't be long before their grunts begin attacking the town. That was someone else's problem. Grabbing his music device, Austin shuffled through the song list as he hit the outskirts of the town. This was the path towards the waterfall, right? Well, he wasn't about to ask for directions. Giving the town one last glance, the teen followed the fresh footsteps towards the waterfall while humming "Let It Snow."

OOC: Will be heading towards the Waterfall. My team:
-Wisp the Litwick
-Marie the Gengar
-Nick the Ninetales
-Taiyo the Larvesta

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While Eskil knew what snow was, stepping off the ferry into a blizzard is his first memory of it. It doesn’t take long for him to decide he hates it. Warmer clothes or not. Furry, breathing scarf or not. The chill of the wind seems to pierce straight through him. (Some part of him wonders if the strange conditions are to blame for the intensity. The rest of him is too busy cursing to care.)

He clasps his gloved hands in front of his face as if to warm them with his breath, already shivering. Even Nyx seems affected. The others in his group, a Houndoom and a Sneasel, don’t seem to mind however. (They have their typing to thank for that.)

He's chosen the two companions because they aren't as susceptible to the cold. When deciding on who would help with the defense, Eskil realized how many of his team are weak against the cold, and against the Pokemon they would be facing. Eskil can only hope they are up to the task. Especially Belial as his lone fire type. If he can avoid bringing the rest of the team into the fight, he will.

Belial surveys what little they can see. Which amounts to whiteness with the vague suggestion of shapes in the distance.

“What did you get us into this time?” The Houndoom questions wryly.

“Perhaps more than we can handle.” Eskil admits. Even with a coat and gloves, he feels woefully unprepared for the weather. “Maybe we should go back--”

The ferry is already fading into the distance when he turns to look.

“Well.” Nyx comments flatly. “Looks like we’re stuck.”

“We could wait for the next ferry?” The last of the group remarks. Despite being at home in the weather, the Sneasel at Eskil’s feet glances about nervously. “Plenty of piles of snow to ambush us from if we go forward. Safer to just turn back!”

“Unlike you, I don’t think I’d survive the wait.” Already, Eskil can’t feel his face, even with Nyx's fur pressed against it. (What is the temperature, even? How fast can frostbite occur?) “We might as well head to the town, there’s no shelter here.”

“And then we come back for the next ferry?” Khione is determined to avoid this, apparently. (Not that he disagrees with this entire venture being a bad idea.)

“No reason to not defend the town while we’re there. Especially since we’d lose our shelter if it got overrun.” Nyx comments, resigned that they have little choice.

Over Khione’s vocal protests, Belial exclaims “It’s a good day to die, at least!” (He’s probably joking. Probably.)

Her protests go up an octave. “No it isn’t, you suicidal mutt! Don’t drag us down with you, idiot!”

Eskil tries to tune it out as he starts his cold and painful trek to the town. (Hopefully we'll make a difference.)

OOC: Eskil will be helping defend the town.
Currently declared party:
Nyx the Purrloin
Belial the Houndoom
Khione the Sneasel

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Big bursts into the door of the Pokemon Center at Cloud Garden absolutely shivering and teeth chattering. He is obviously not dressed for winter weather. "I th-th-thought the Cloud Forest was a lot warmer the last time we were h-h-here." He says as he walks in his blue charmander follows through the automatic doors, with a satisfied smirk on his face. "I don't know what you mean boss." The fire type says, more to himself than anything. "Not all of us have flame sacs and a flaming tail to keep us warm." Big replies more to the tone than to the words. Big asks around to see what the deal with the weather is and is directed toward the bulletin. "Ah, ice types huh?" He comments to Hotstuff. "Sounds like a good training opportunity." The charmander grins and pounds a fist into his opposite claw. "Yeah, sounds exciting." The trainer replies. "Maybe we can find a new friend too." He says. He takes off toward the door and goes out for a second, but comically comes back in, shivering once more. "Maybe I should find a coat first."

OOC: Big will be defending the town and only bringing his Charmander: Hotstuff
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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign


The Cloud Garden has been overrun by an army of ice Pokemon. Their snowstorm has ravaged the countryside. Looking for help from any and all Pokemon trainers. Any help is appreciated, no matter how little! Strong trainers are requested to take back the Starline Waterfall while everyone else is needed to hold off Pokemon from overrunning the town. Reward available. Please help!
"Hoooly shit." Melissa hunched her shoulders and huddled as best she could in her fleece jacket. "When they said a snowstorm was ravaging the countryside, they weren't kidding." She had her arms crossed in front of her stomach, but she wasn't quite squeezing to try to keep the heat in. Mostly because she'd stuffed her starter into her jacket when she realized how cold it was and was currently wishing she'd gotten some proper snow gear.

"Quil." Wildfire poked his head out the top, shoving the zipper down so he could see. "Cyndaquil." He glanced around. "Cyndaquil?"

"Uh, I was thinking of heading for the waterfall, actually," she said, checking how far she was from Galea Town. "I figure, I've got a lot of Fire-types. It can only help if I go, right? Besides, you're a decent level and so are the other five. I think we'll be alright."

"Quil quil cyndaquil," Wildfire pointed out.

"True. And it wouldn't help if she'd evolved either because Dragon-Flying is even more vulnerable to Ice." Melissa squinted as the wind shifted and then tucked her chin again. "But we've got options. And we can't be the only ones planning to lend a hand, so we should be fine."

"Cyndaquil quil cynda," he said dubiously.

Melissa slowed her walking and did her best to give her starter a deadpan look. "Why are you trying to jinx us? I know we missed two run-ins with Zapdos and one with Raikou, but I don't fancy having to go up against Articuno."

"Quil quil cyndaquil!" he protested, which prompted her to start walking again.

"If we actually end up going up against Articuno, I'm blaming you," she told him.
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"Well would you look at that?" mused Melody, looking at the urgent bulletin. "There's some trouble brewing in the Cloud Garden."

Perched, somewhat uncomfortably, on Melody's shoulder was Princess. Peering at the message, the Stufful was taking in what it said. Or at least Melody thought she was, she wasn't actually 100% sure if Princess could actually read or not.

"I don't think we can ignore this," she said, "Feeling like going for a snowside adventure."


"Oh god, why didn't I ignore this?" Melody asked herself, trying to somehow pull her parka even closer to her body.

She didn't realise how bloody cold it was going to be, which was on her, but Melody still could complain if she felt like it. Plodding next to her, Princess was fine, her warm fur keeping her nice and insulated. There weren’t many pokemon that Melody couldn’t take with her. Rompette and Silk were completely out of the question, both were weak to ice types and would have been taken out very quickly. Speaker could be useful, but Melody didn’t want to put her out unless it was completely necessary, she wasn’t battle confident yet. That pretty much left Princess, andPrincess wouldn’t have leftere was anytway that Princess wouldn’t have let her come.

“I think we might nearly be there,” said Melody, her lips starting to turn a touch blue. “I don’t think the town is too far away. Hopefully when everyone gets briefed, its gonna be in a nice and warm place. Cause let me tell you, I’m well and truly over this cold already.”

Princess didn’t reply, she just thought Melody was over reacting and if she wanted to be warm, she should have let her coat grow.

Melody will be helping protect the town.
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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign


The Cloud Garden has been overrun by an army of ice Pokemon. Their snowstorm has ravaged the countryside. Looking for help from any and all Pokemon trainers. Any help is appreciated, no matter how little! Strong trainers are requested to take back the Starline Waterfall while everyone else is needed to hold off Pokemon from overrunning the town. Reward available. Please help!
Above the winds that buffeted across the Galea Foothills, a duo of voices could faintly be heard.

"Man, I don't know what you're complaining about. I mean, the cold never b-"

"NO, Rotom, no. No movie jokes. Especially not from that one."

Shivering as he spoke, Drew Boyd trudged slowly into Galea Town, Rotom floating along behind him with the epitome of shit-eating grins. To match the weather, the man had traded in his normal attire for a heavy parka and boots, with sunglasses shielding his eyes from the wind and snow. Rotom, to Drew's increasing annoyance, didn't change a damn thing. There are perks, in hindsight, to not being completely tangible.

Having just been here a few weeks back, when Drew heard the news of the icy siege taking place in the Cloud Gardens, he felt he should pitch in. Help out where able. Kinda regretted that a little bit, as another shiver shook down his body. Too late for that though, as they finally reached the town, even if they were cutting it extremely close.

It was hard to see, over the snow and the winds, but there were a few people out in the beginning stages of mobilization: a guy with a Salamance, asking if anyone else going on the offensive needed a ride; that one guy he'd heard some things about, name presently escaping him, riding in on a Camerupt (and man, was Drew jealous of that); as well as others planning to go take back the waterfall.

Probably should head in that direction, he had just started to muse when a voice rang out near him.

"Excuse me, yes, you, sir!" a melodic voice to his left said, accompanied by a light touch on his arm. Turning slightly, Drew saw a tall man, dressed not dissimilarly to himself (unsurprisingly in this weather) but in all shades of green. Blond hair peaked out from underneath a green beanie, and a scarf was drawn up over the lower half of his face leaving only amber eyes not unlike Drew's own visible. From his back, of all things, an instrument case of some sort hung, shaking in the wind. "Excuse me, but might you know where one might find the nearest tavern? Or place in general to imbibe oneself in the face of this atrocious weather."

It took Drew a moment for the request to register, and then another moment to truly register, because really? To each his own, he supposed. "Sorry, man, but I've only been here once before briefly. I don't really know where anything is at, to be honest."

The man grimaced, or at least that's what Drew thought what he could see of the man's expression shift into. "Well, apologies then, for interrupting your travels. May I wish you luck traversing this blizzard." And with that, he walked away.

Rotom, for once silent, piped up. "Well, that happened."

"Yeah, yeah it did." Drew turned back to the gathering forces, only to find most having departed for the mountain. "Well shit. I was hoping to bum a ride off that one guy." Grimacing himself now, Drew let out a sigh. "Well, guess we can be defense here then. That's what we get for getting here late. C'mon, Snow Queen, let's go see if there's someone organizing this."

That shit-eating grin was back. "So, what you're saying is we should let it go and protect the town?"



Drew Boyd, signing up to protect the town!
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The Abominable Snowdown
A Cloud Garden Winter Campaign

Town: Ironthunder, Raves, Patches, morningstar, lilbluecorsola, OkikuMew, Median Dia, CyberBlastoise, Schala, biggggg5, PikaGod, Rotom310

There was a large gathering in the town square of Galea Town. As Athena counted heads, she was moved by the number of trainers who had answered her call and travelled to the Cloud Garden to help out. Clearing her throat, she finally addressed the crowd. “Hi everyone, I’d like to thank you all for coming here! What we are about to face is on a scale too large for all of us who call this place home, so every bit of assistance does a world of good.” Many of the Galean citizens who are in attendance applauded, showing their appreciation for all of the visitors. “For those of you who help take down the Pokemon controlling the Starline Waterfall, please follow me for more details. If you wish to stay here and help the town, Jet here will organize things. Thank you!”

As Athena broke off from the gathering with a group of trainers, the ranger known as Jet stepped forward to address the remainder. “Like Athena said, thank you for coming to help. Every bit matters!” Standing next to Jet was Samuel the woodcutter who was accompanied by men and women from the town. They were each carrying a small bundle of parchment, which they began passing out to the trainers. Upon closer inspection, the trainers had been handed a map. “As I speak there is a large number of wild Pokemon sweeping across the region taking over the environment, eating crops, and destroying property. Our first task is to head up towards the Oran Orchard and save their farm from ravenous Pokemon. Here is a map of the Cloud Garden for your personal use.”

“We are located here, in the red area by the lake. The small green dot to the northwest of town is known as the Rose Garden while the thin green strip directly north is Oran Orchard. Time is of the essence, so in order to make sure we get there quickly, some of the residents here have assembled a couple of sleighs to take us to the Orchard. Samuel here will lead the way,” Jet concluded, motioning over to the woodsman. Samuel nodded, adding, “Thanks, Jet. Right this way, folks.”

After Jet finished speaking, Samuel guided the trainers down the street to the edge of town. Awaiting them were two large wooden carriages where the wheels had been replaced with long wooden blades to traverse the snow and ice. Before the two sleighs were a pair of Mudsdales that were tied up and ready to go. Because they were agricultural Pokemon, they weren’t ready to take on combat, but they were certainly strong enough to pull a carriage full of trainers. The Mudsdales didn’t seem too comfortable with the cold temperature, but were ready to do their job regardless. With twelve trainers remaining behind to assist the town, Jet had six board each carriage before they set off.

As the Mudsdales left town and trotted north, the towering trees of the Cloud Forest appeared on the horizon. Everything had been coated in a layer of bright white snow, and snowflakes continued to trickle down from above, forever replenishing an endless supply of white. Along the way they passed a few countryside houses, most of which had been submerged in snow and appeared abandoned for the time being. Some of the houses appeared to have their windows broken in, as if something had already ransacked the house. Small animal footprints in the snow seemed to confirm that suspicion.

Eventually the two carriages arrived at a quaint farm known as the Oran Orchard where they found rows and rows of berry trees ruined by the cold temperature. Several of them had even been snapped in two, as if there was a violent struggle. Accompanying the destruction was a chorus of grunts and yells coming from further in the orchard. “Quick, let’s go help them out!” Samuel called out, jumping out of one of the sleighs and onto the thick snow below. With Jet and the other trainers following in pursuit, they made their way deeper into the cluster of berry trees.

Following the sounds of heated shouting and angry screeches, the group came upon a pair of men and their Pokemon. It was none other than Adam and Isaac, the father and son of the Applewood family, and their Herdier named Lady and Miltank named Bessie. Neither Pokemon was in good condition as they were surrounded by a mob of Sneasel. Bessie darted around, trying her best to Rollout through the snow, but it was tough to gain traction against the quicker opponents and the Miltank was struggling to catch her breath.

With the new group of trainers approaching, the two farmers let out a sigh of relief while the Sneasels hissed angrily. “Thank god you’ve come!” Adam exclaimed, out of breath himself. Looking around, there appeared to be more Sneasel than the eye could count, and they were moving too fast that it would have been impossible to try. "Let’s start thinning out their numbers and then we can hopefully scare off the leftovers,” Jet called out while tossing a Pokeball. A Skarmory appeared and quickly took to the air before swooping down and hitting a Sneasel with a Steel Wing. The Sneasel shrieked in pain, which seemed to echo throughout the orchard.

The rest of the Sneasels growled in unison until a loud rustling in the trees behind them got nearer and nearer. Bursting into the clearing was a Weavile, who was chowing down on a berry in its hand. “Weav…” it hissed, looking to take charge of the situation. “That must be their leader!” Isaac called out while bending over to tend to Lady. Jet nodded in agreement. “If we can take down their leader, it might make things easier for us!” As it stared down the group of trainer, Weavile let out a menacing hiss. This bandit was a tough customer, and it appeared to have no intentions of backing down from its hoard of berries.

In order to keep things organized for us to update, please use only 1 Pokemon in combat at a time and order up to no more than 3 attacks at a time. Reminder: this campaign will be updated every weekend around Saturday/Sunday, so if you are unable to reply in time do not worry. There is no penalty for missing an update; simply reply to the latest update to keep up with the plot. Please reply in Paleturquoise
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