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Slurpuff Yuki Yonka's Cute Contest Candy Giveaway!

As Fizzytopia rings with festivities for the spookiest time of year, hordes of Trick-of-Treaters gather in the streets, striving to snag as many sweets as they can before night’s end. When they return home with their spoils to sift through the candy collection however, each discovers upon unwrapping a certain chocolate bar that a mysterious blue-and-white ticket has somehow been slipped inside the foil: It’s an invitation to Saccharine Sweets Island, but strangely there’s no mention of power spots or gigantic Pokémon associated with the usual monthly Raid alerts. Rather, the fine print text on the back simply states that all trainers are bidden to attend a very special event to be hosted by an anonymous benefactor…

Curious, those who follow the instructions arrive by charitably pre-chartered ferry the very next day to find a flock of Milcery onshore ready to greet them, with one particularly excited member at the forefront. She bows graciously to the guests before leading them through the lush licorice jungle, across the flowing fondue river and peanut butter swamp. As the party carefully makes its way over chunks of fudge stepping stones, the fairy guides start to hum a familiar (if perhaps somewhat unsettling) song as they help the less coordinated travelers maintain their footing, surrounding and supporting on all sides to prevent anyone from losing purchase and getting swept away by the sticky currents.

Eventually they reach a point where the waterway widens too far to cross on foot, and the head Milcery whistles to summon something shadowy from upstream. A bowed figure emerges through the thick fog – revealing itself as a grand gondola built entirely of gingerbread and granola, held together by hardened honey and molasses. It sails to a graceful stop before the crowd, oddly appearing unmanned. Despite the tourists’ trepidation, they’re all eagerly ushered onboard, and the vessel takes off at surprising speed. As the yacht yearns forward faster and faster, so too does the escorts’ eerie tune pick up in pace, matching tempo to the boat’s blinding trajectory. Cutting through the concealing sensory mist that still clings persistently to the atmosphere even after Castform’s departure, creepy mirage-like images seem to shift and clip all around like a kaleidoscope, affecting the climature’s seasons and throwing the entire ecosystem out of whack. Is it raining? Is it snowing? There’s no earthly way of knowing…

Suddenly, the ship jerks to a halt, and the terrified passengers glance up to see themselves deposited in front of a majestic hall. Something about the towering building itself feels slightly off, as if it too is a fleeting illusion, temporary and transient. For how could such a magnificent structure be erected in the center of the isle without notice in such a short timeframe, even given the previous month’s lack of activity? Regardless, most are too shaken from the wondrously psychedelic ride to question the logistics much, and cautiously disembark to approach the ephemeral entity’s entrance – where a dark-haired, bespectacled woman waits at the candy cane gate with a broad beam on her face. Compared to her usual hooded casual appearance, she’s dressed smartly in fancy garb; wearing a sleek and sharp, shiny sapphire suit as she politely tips her top hat to receive the visitors one by one.

“Welcome, welcome… Glad you all could make it.”

As she shepherds the lucky assembly inside, the group gasps in awe once she flings open the doors to unveil an enormous mountain of Rare Candies – just as giant as any Gigantamaxed creature. The suspicious sponsor grins as she senses several already drooling over her painstakingly amassed fortune pile over so many years serving as the prize pot, and proceeds to explain the rules of the game…

1) All players will be participating in a Cute Contest, however it will function a little differently to ones in the past. For each Appeal, contestants can order up to three Moves – you are responsible for RPing the results of how effectively the Attacks are combined, and judgment will then be drawn based on the general following criteria:

Creativity: 10
Overall Flow: 10
Overall Appearance: 10

2) Contest Condition points and Contest Attack Categories will have no bearing on the final score. If you can find a way to make a “Cool” or “Tough” Move work to your advantage, by all means do so. (Just remember you’re aiming for “Cuteness” above all.)

3) You are permitted to use up to one Held Item and one Accessory as props in your Appeal. Anything that can conceivably exist within the environment is also fair game.

4) There will be two rounds of Appeals. For the first round, no pre-registration is required, and any amount of players may post their Appeal publicly along with their selected Pokémon’s current stats. Stats may be edited before the deadline, however once the first round finishes those stats are locked in for the remainder of the contest.

5) The top four scorers will advance to the second round, where they must design a stage of their own choosing, which the Psychic Types of the island will work to bring to life. Appeals for this round are to be PMed to me along with a description of the stage.

6) The top two will then face off against each other in a final Battle round. The person who achieves the highest average score between both Appeal rounds will be granted the choice to use either the initial setting (i.e. Saccharine Sweets) or their own designed stage as the arena.

7) Cash and Bond may be claimed at regular rate for RP.

8) First round Appeal submissions are due by Friday, November 12th, 11:59 PM GMT.

Without further ado, let FB’s first official Cute Contest in over a decade… Finally begin!
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It had been a most interesting Halloween for Keith. A fun Halloween party, more candy than was strictly advisable for human consumption in such a short span of time, adding a nightmarish Jigglypuff created by Giratina itself to his team- you know, the usual. But the fun and games weren't over just yet- no, as Keith and his family indulged in the candy, Keith was quick to find a strange ticket wrapped up with a chocolate bar. An invitation to a special event to be held by an anonymous benefactor on Saccharine Island. This... this caught their attention.

And so, the next day, they headed out. They followed the flock of Milcery through the highly edible wilderness once they reached Saccharine Island, on board the gingerbread-granola gondola (try saying that three times fast!). Ominously, the vessel appeared unmanned, though the Milcery ushered the guests aboard all the same, and once all were aboard, they were off. Faster and faster, right through the eerie mist, with creepy images flashing around them. Keith, while not outwardly freaked out, nevertheless held his wife and daughter close to him. Maribel didn't seem scared either (then again, when was she ever?). In stark contrast, however, Willa shrieked like a Misdreavus every couple of seconds.

Finally, they arrived at their destination, and they stood before a grand building that seemed as though it must surely be an illusion. And yet, there it stood. And more to the point, there also stood a dark-haired woman. Keith chuckled and grinned- he recognized Jessica, even if she was dressed quite differently than usual. But he didn't have much time to wonder what the hell was going on before they were told exactly what was going on. Or rather, first and foremost, they were shown the prize that awaited- a veritable mountain, a League Champion's ransom in Rare Candies. Keith's eyes widened, his mouth falling open- one of them could conceivably win all of this!? Needless to say, he paid rapt attention as Jessica began to explain the rules of what was going to go down here. Put simply, they were taking part in a Cute Contest, but the prize was no mere Ribbon- instead, they were competing for that colossal confection collection!

"Wow," Maribel murmured, once the instructions had ceased and the planning could begin. "So whoever wins this Contest wins those Rare Candies?"

"That seems to be about the shape of it, sweetie," Keith nodded. "The only question is, which of us will go in for this?

Willa raised an eyebrow, smirking at her husband. "Well, isn't it obvious?" she said. "Only one of us three can claim to own the world's cutest Pokémon."

"...There's something to that," Keith conceded. "She'd be perfect for this."

"And correct me if I am wrong, but you and her have already been practicing various potential Contest appeals, yes?" Willa continued.

"True, true," Keith nodded. "Hm... Yes... Lemme run an idea or two by you guys..." he began, and the family huddled together as Keith laid out the plans forming in his mind.


At last, the time had come. The appeal round of the Cute Contest was at hand, and it was Keith's turn. Willa and Maribel were spectating, and applauded the loudest and longest of all when Keith stepped out, Poké Ball in hand. Was he nervous? Arceus above, yes! He had had no idea what to expect from today, least of all his Contest debut! But he took a deep calming breath- he could do this. Contained in the ball in his hand was the cutest Pokémon in the world, and now everyone would get to see it. It was time to put his money where his mouth was. His eyes flew open, and he clicked the button on the Poké Ball to bring it to full size. "It's time, Pomona!" he exclaimed, throwing the ball. "Show 'em what you got!"

The ball burst open in a flash of light, ad the first impression most onlookers might get was that Keith had sent out a Meganium, going off of the shape. But when the flash of light died down, they would see that the Meganium in question was merely a luminous life-sized plushie of Meganium, being held onto by the comparatively smaller Grass-type standing beside it. "Saur~" Pomona called out cutely, smiling at those looking on at this. The Ivysaur was downright adorable, both in terms of natural looks, and also courtesy of the Moon Tiara she wore on her head.

"Here we go," Keith stated. "Just as we planned, Pomona!"

"Ivy~" Pomona responded. She turned and backed up somewhat, facing the Illumina Meganium Plushie that stood on its own, posed as though preparing to pounce, and then... well, she pounced! Jumping all around and over the legs and torso of the plushie, proceeding to Play Rough with it. But not too rough- it was more in the way of pretend wrestling, as one might expect a baby Growlithe to attempt with its plush toy of choice, except made all the more adorable by the fact that this Ivysaur was attempting to take something down so much larger than herself- Meganium just normally were larger than Ivysaur, but this plushie was modeled after the Illumina Meganium specifically, a particularly luminous specimen known to be somewhere in the area of 12 feet tall!

But it didn't stop there. As Pomona fake-wrestled with the plushie, she gradually went higher and higher up the height of the towering prop. Once this led her to start going up the plushie's neck in an increasingly rapid spiral motion, the flower on her back began to let out a pink Sparkly substance that proceeded to Swirl all around. The whirlwind of sparkles got faster and faster to match the user's movements... until finally, Pomona reached the top of the Meganium's head, and let loose the rest of the energy of the Sparkly Swirl in one sudden burst that rippled all around, causing the sparkly stuff to cease its swirling. This resulted in the sparkles gently fluttering down to the ground all around Pomona, the sparkles twinkling gently like stars in the night sky due to the light still given off by the Illumina Meganium Plushie she proudly stood atop. The plushie's light also helped to illuminate Pomona herself, showing off her naturally adorable looks in all the better of light. The Moon Tiara helped, too- its lunar motif went very well with the twinkling sparkles that fluttered down around them. And to top the whole thing off, while the sparkles continued to gently fall, Pomona pulled the most adorable face anyone present would surely have ever seen, and smiled and winked, showing off the fullest extent of her Charm while the aftermath of all this was still serving to highlight just how adorable she was. A truly stunning finish.

Once they were done, Pomona slid back down the neck of the plushie, trampolined off the neck flower, and landed gracefully on the stage, whereupon she and Keith simultaneously took a bow. Keith exhaled in relief as they did so- it had been so nerve-wracking to perform like this on such short notice, but right now he was confident that their display of pure, unadulterated d'aawww was enough to melt the iciest of hearts, and hopefully, hopefully, get them into the next round.

OOC: Keith Masters will be entering this with Pomona, the world's cutest Ivysaur. Pomona's stats are as follows, and as the above appeal shows, I have chosen my used Illumina Meganium Plushie as Pomona's held item, and my Moon Tiara as her accessory.

Species: Ivysaur ()
Gender: Female
Level: 48
Type: Grass/Poison
Attacks: Tackle, Sludge, Growl, Leech Seed, Vine Whip, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, String Shot, Power Whip, Giga Drain, Petal Dance, Leaf Storm, Take Down, Grass Whistle, Attract, Captivate, Charm, Razor Leaf, Sweet Scent, Venoshock, Strength, Cut, Growth, Return, Defense Curl, Rock Smash, Flash, Grass Pledge, Safeguard, Razor Wind, Bide, Hidden Power (Steel), Double-Edge, Grassy Terrain, Reflect, Light Screen, Sunny Day, Solar Beam, Fury Cutter, Rage, Toxic, Worry Seed, Skull Bash, Sludge Wave, Seed Bomb, Synthesis, Headbutt, Hyper Beam Mud-Slap, Dazzling Gleam, Frenzy Plant, Nature Power, Draining Kiss, Grassy Glide, Play Rough, Gummi Bomb (Steel), Guardian Terrain, Defensive Shield, Sparkly Swirl.
Usable Z-Moves: Acid Downpour, Z-Poison Powder, Z-Toxic.
Evolution: >Egg House hatching>>lv. 16>
Nature: Naive
Ability: Chlorophyll
Bond: 30
Cute stat: 100
Beauty stat: 100
Tough stat: 90
Smart stat: 90
Cool stat: 90
Obtained: Egg House
Pomona is perhaps the personification of perkiness. An eternally optimistic and friendly Ivysaur with a heart of gold, she seems almost supernaturally drawn towards less sociable Pokémon, almost as though she is able to sense those who are most in need of a friend. Though she was horribly shaken by her first encounter with pure evil, she bounced back from it, and eventually conquered the resulting fear of Stunfisk once and for all. She hates to see anyone she considers her friend (which is basically everyone) in distress, and will stop at nothing to help her friends feel better. Pomona doesn't like to hurt others, though is somewhat talented in battle, particularly when it comes to using her cute appearance to get enemies to let their guard down, a strategy that was more or less Keith's doing. She enjoys playing games like tag, and does not wish to evolve, believing that such games would be tricky to play in the Venusaur stage, and also that the huge size would frighten potential friends, something she does not wish to happen. Naive though she can be, she does know true love when she sees it, including what there is between herself and her love interest, Sarkhan the Druddigon. She has proven a very capable and loving mother to Aletri, and will prove surprisingly fierce and dangerous if her family is in danger.
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With the threat of the Dynamaxed Galarian Rapidash being behind them, Leo could focus on the event being held in his gym. Even if he couldn't participate in the battle himself, as he had his duty as a Gym Leader to make sure the island wasn't destroyed. Sometimes that meant participating himself, while other times that meant letting others handle it while doing damage control. For whatever he needed to do, he'd do it.

Though, he was still taken by surprise when the event host began. She unveiled a gargantuan pot of Rare Candy, and was offering it as the prize. How did someone manage to amass a horde of that size? It was absolutely, positively humungous. This blindsided him... He was told the prizes would be Rare Candy but that was a ton. Like, a metric ton.

With much deliberation, he had decided on his appeal. There were a few of his fairies that he debated between, but decided on his newest addition. The Clefairy, after all, was one of the cutest Pokemon he'd seen (next to Custard obviously). Custard deserved some much-needed rest, and his last idea, Tart, was very much lacking in the move department for this to work. Even if the Marill wearing a floatie was adorable.

Watching the quite interesting... performance before him, he felt a little better. That was certainly a little overwhelming, having to watch the Ivysaur trapeze around the gargantuan plushie. Though, kind of a shame that a plushie was involved there. He had a feeling that there would definitely be more used here than just the appeal before him and his.

Shaking his head, he walked onto the stage. He grabbed a Poke Ball from his belt, a Jirachi Plushie from his bag, and some star shades. Letting out the Pokemon, a shiny Clefairy appeared from the ball with luxurious, shining sparkles. He then handed the Clefairy the plushie and put the Star Shades onto the plushie.

"Okay Parfait... Just like we practiced!" Leo shouted towards the star fairy, who gave him a nod of approval.

The Clefairy meekly sat the Jirachi plushie onto the other side of the stage, back turned to the Clefairy, before running back over. With the stage set, the appeal would be able to start.

"Alright, give the plushie your best Fake Tears, then once you're done give it a lovely Charm, and finish up by running up and giving it a Sweet Kiss!" Leo ordered, and the fairy began.

Parfait sat down and began to cry fake crocodile tears. He sniffled towards the plushie, crying that the plushie was ignoring it. Once he was done, he cutely rubbed his eyes before standing back up. It was obvious that in this appeal's story, the Jirachi was ignoring the Clefairy for some reason.

Teary-eyed with some renewed determination, the Clefairy produced charming hearts around it and blew them off towards the Jirachi plushie. The First one hit it towards the head, causing the plushie to slowly turn around towards Parfait and the shades to be knocked off, showing sparkly eyes. The Clefairy then let out an adorable, happy squeal as the plushie was finally noticing it.

Then, with a running start, the Clefairy flies towards the Jirachi. The last of the fake tears fly off of the Pokemon's green eyes, leaving a small sparkling trail behind him. The pink blob then lands into the plushie, and picks it up, and swings it around before giving it a sweet, tender kiss on the cheek and nuzzling its face.

With their appeal done, Leo motions Parfait to clear the stage with the plushie and dropped shades. Hopefully, the judges would find this little cute story appealing. He had things to plan for later stages, and very much did not want to risk revealing further tricks that he had up his sleeve. But, that's if the judges actually enjoy his appeal. All he could do was wave, thank the audience and hope.


OOC: Having Parfait the Shiny Clefairy hold my used Jirachi Plushie and use the Star Shades Accessory.

Species: Clefairy (Shiny)
Calendar Date: February 23rd
Name: Parfait
Type: Fairy
Level: 32
Ability: Friend Guard
Nature: Naive, Innocent, Hopeful, Inspiring, Sweet
Gender: Male

Pokeball: Luxury
Hold Item: N/A
Obtained: Hatch
Level-Up: After You, Charm, Copycat, Defense Curl, Disarming Voice, Encore, Growl, Healing Wish, Pound, Sing, Splash, Spotlight, Sweet Kiss, Stored Power, Minimize, Double Slap, Amnesia, Follow Me, Life Dew, Magical Leaf, Metronome, Bestow, Wake-up Slap, Body Slam, Moonlight, Cosmic Power, Gravity, Lucky Chant, Moonblast, Meteor Mash
Egg Move: Aromatherapy, Belly Drum, Fake Tears, Wish
Move Tutor:

If I had to leave to disappear and leave this world behind, no matter-
All I'd need is your smile
And I wouldn't even mind

Credit goes to Daisy~

Hawke | Leo

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"Rhubarb, it appears as if we've entered the Third Circle of Hell... I suppose they've tidied up a bit for the promised festivities, but I have no doubt that il gran vermo wades within these indulgent waters, eager to swallow us up. What wretchedness."

These were the words of Oroitz, a strange, red-eyed human in Honchkrow-inspired garb, complete with stylish hat and obsidian suit, who utters them the moment he steps off the graciously pre-chartered Saccharine Sweets ferry service onto dry land. He is accompanied by a single Pokémon, the one referred to as Rhubarb - an incredibly eager and excited Gulpin, whose assessment of the scenery is quite at odds with the grimacing trainer that accompanies her. Stars in her eyes and rumbles in her stomach, the little Gulpin picks up everything within reach that isn't nailed down - anything that she thinks won't be missed - and samples all that the island has to offer. Strands of licorice from the licorice jungle! Sips of delicious peanut butter swamp water! A bite out of a fudge stepping stone! Now this - this was Heaven, and no one could tell her otherwise.

Oroitz follows behind Rhubarb, eyes sharp, hawk-like, ever alert against potential dangers. "Now, see here, Rhubarb," he chides, pulling the joyful poison type out of the swamp in which she plays and eats. "I will not allow you to be carried away by the sumptuous tides and sucked up with an extraction pipe out of some decadent fudge river! Do not surrender to temptation, or surely, we will be subjected to some sort of lesson in morality... And we are above such petty trifles."

Rhubarb dreams of flying above some delicious, delicious trifles, not quite understanding anything else about what Oroitz just said. Aware that the Gulpin is likely more focused on sugary sweets than the nourishing fruits of his knowledge, Oroitz simply rolls his eyes and carries the Gulpin across the swamp, with some help from the Milcery guides. Eventually, however, the river can no longer be reasonably traversed on foot. The Head Milcery is quick to provide the solution, whistling to summon an unmanned gingerbread-granola-gondola from beneath a veil of thick fog. Oroitz raises an eyebrow at this, clearly hesitant to board the craft, but before he can even weigh his options, Rhubarb is already bouncing onto the gondola, the scent of honey and gingerbread drawing her in.

Not a speck of light is showing, so the danger must be growing. Are the fires of Hell a-glowing? Is the grizzly reaper mowing? So the song of the cream-scented fae went. Rhubarb seems... oddly at ease with the situation she finds herself in, gnawing and munching contentedly on the bench she and Oroitz sit on, oblivious to the horrifying images around her. Oroitz, on the other hand, seems unable to look away at the phantasmagoria of color and terror, even as his seat cracks and crumbles from the structural damage done by the friendly Pokémon he is escorting. By some miracle, their bench does not completely fall apart despite Rhubarb's sampling of the boat, and by the time the ride is over, a thoroughly frazzled Oroitz nearly has to drag the poison type off the gondola for fear that she may swallow the ship in its entirety.

Soon, the darkly-garbed gentleman finds himself face-to-face with the stunningly sapphire-adorned host herself - Yuki Yonka. In response to her greeting, Oroitz suddenly becomes rather sheepish. "A pleasure to meet you, madam. My sincerest apologies about the damage to your boat," Oroitz says quickly, hiding his eyes beneath the brim of his hat as he lowers his head. "The little lass is just so excited to be here, and I haven't the heart to - Rhubarb! RHUBARB! What did I say about getting too far ahead -" His apologies thoroughly cut off, he breaks into a run, trying to catch up to the Gulpin. He finds, however, that she has stopped dead in her tracks, transfixed by the sight before her - a veritable mountain of rare candies, bigger than even she could have ever imagined! Saliva dripping from her lips, Rhubarb nearly leaps atop the pile of candies, though Oroitz is able to restrain her just in time. The Gulpin wiggles in protest at first, but she takes a deep breath and calms herself as the rules of the game are explained - she seems to understand that it would be unfair for her to swallow all those candies when she had not won them! She would simply have to do her best at this contest, and hope to earn a share of the loot for herself.

The first round of appeals were upon them. Tiaras and plushies, kisses and stars, pink perfection, floral fascination - Rhubarb gulps with intimidation watching her competitors. Little tears form in her eyes as she looks up at Oroitz, silently pleading for reassurance. How could she even hope to compete with such naturally cute Pokémon - so perfectly accessorized and coiffed - when she was a living stomach with no fashion sense? Wouldn't she be a laughing stock? She had been so enamored with all the sweets and treats that she had not given significant thought over whether she even stood a chance, until this very moment, minutes away from her own Appeal...

Sensing Rhubarb's growing stage fright, the normally irritable and sarcastic Oroitz rests a gentle hand on the Gulpin's head, but only briefly - for he is busy working on a makeshift ribbon made of licorice that he himself had pilfered from the forest early in their trek, originally intended as a treat for himself for later (besides, the natural black color made it easy to hide in his hat). Adorning the Gulpin's head with the licorice bow, he both fastens and decorates the center of it with a piece of hardened honey, shaped to look like a heart, though a bit rough around the edges. The little Gulpin beams with delight at the makeshift accessory. She would be cute, in her own way - and even if it wasn't enough for anyone else, it was enough for her.

With renewed courage, Rhubarb makes her way to the stage, carrying a microwave oven, which she places down beside her. The appeal begins with Gulpin pantomiming placing something into the oven and closing the door, pressing the buttons to turn the appliance on - without a Rotom to possess it, of course, nothing happens, but part of the appeal was joining Rhubarb in her whimsical world of pretend. Dancing with anticipation around the oven with exaggerated expression of delight, she begins to slow down, the expression fading, as if the time spent waiting for her imaginary food to cook dampens her enthusiasm. Eyes heavy, body sagging, surely, a quick Rest would do no harm... Adorably curled up in a little ball, she takes the moment to sleep, dreaming happy dreams.

Suddenly, her eyes burst open in shock. She waves her arms wildly, mouth open wide in a gasp - the horror of having overslept with something in the oven! Running over to the appliance, she opens the door and immediately sticks her head in... At that very moment, she releases a Smog from her lips, to give the illusion that the moment she opens the door and looks in, smoke from burned food comes billowing out. Slamming the door shut again, wisps of errant smoke sneak out of the sides of the microwave oven as the Gulpin's countenance turns pensive... What to do, now that her food has been ruined?

Gulpin's face suddenly returns to her previous look of sheer excitement. Unhinging her jaw, she Swallows the microwave oven whole. Her face beams with joy and triumph, as the narrative of her little story ends with success - and a little moral about not letting one's failures get in the way of dinner.

The little Gulpin bows to signal the end of her performance, though the act is slightly difficult with an entire kitchen appliance inside her. Clinking and clanking off the stage, she nonetheless seems very pleased with herself - she had literally chewed up the scenery, and got to eat a whole microwave oven! That was a small victory in and of itself...

Rhubarb's Stats:

Gender: Female
Level: 28
Held item: Microwave Oven (Eaten as part of first round Appeal)
Accessory: Licorice Bow (Obtained and crafted from environment - licorice, hardened honey piece)
Nature: Timid
Ability: Sticky Hold
Attacks: Pound, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Seed Bomb, Water Pulse, Snatch, Shock Wave, Snore, Smog, Mud Slap, Rest, Sunny Day, Rain Dance, Attract, Confide, Substitute, Yawn, Poison Gas, Sludge, Amnesia, Acid Spray, Encore, Toxic, Gummi Bomb, Giga Drain, Flame Burst, Flame Wheel, Spit Up, Stockpile, Swallow, Protect, Frustration, Return, Double Team, Round, Swagger, Sleep Talk
Bond: 10
Birthday: November 25th
Obtained at the Hatchery.
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Stepping into the candyland haven, Liawe felt somewhat uneasy. The overwhelming sweetness wasn't entirely new to her, living with a Bounsweet and all, but it was still unnerving. She felt like she was walking into a fly-trap. Cavaroc, on the other hand, didn't really seem to care, as she bounced around the place, nibbling at the flora. And indeed, the floor. A land of sweets does tend towards being edible, after all. Swiftly gathering up her little berry buddy, Liawe stepped into the boat that awaited them. She swiftly regretted that decision.

Upon finally disembarking at the grand hall, Liawe resolved to fly directly home from the hall if at all possible. Never. Again. She strongly disliked the mystical fog that shrouded the journey. It felt like she'd taken a ride on Charon's ferry. Shaking herself down, and setting down Cavaroc who began to merrily hop along behind her, she ventured further in, to discover what madness awaited. Instead, she was direct to a dressing room, to prepare for some... Contest appeal? She'd never really seen the appeal of contests, but Cavaroc was energetic as ever so she figured she might as well let the Bounsweet have some fun.

And so it was that Cavaroc stepped on to the stage, as Liawe stood in the wings waiting. Bouncing forwards, she seemingly tripped and fell- but Liawe knew the feint, as Cavaroc's "fall" sent her bouncing forwards, the controlled Splash making her appear a little clumsy. Hopefully endearingly so. Looking up at the judges, she then smiled at them, attempting to Charm her way into their hearts, before hopping forwards and gently bouncing between them, Playing Nice with the judges in the hope that a more personal appeal would bring her better scores. That was Liawe's plan anyway. Hopefully it'd work.

Cavaroc the Bounsweet, female, level 4.
Ability: Oblivious.
Item: None.

Play Nice
Zen Headbutt

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Spoiler: show
Species: Plusle
Friend Ball
Name: AA
Gender: Female
Ability: Plus
Level: Ten
Obtained: The Adoption Centre
Contest Stats: 00/00/00/00/00
Bond: 12
Levelup: Encore, Entrainment, Growl, Helping Hand, Nasty Plot, Nuzzle, Play Nice, Quick Attack, Spark, Thunder Wave
EM: Sing
MT: Coaching, Electroweb, Signal Beam
TM/TR/HM/etc: Charge Beam, Flame Charge, Round
CM: Gummi Bomb (Ice)

"A Pokemon Contest, huh? I've heard of those," PJ thought aloud, seeing the sign. "Not sure how they work, though."

The idea had some thoughts spiraling in Darik's head. He'd never participated in any of them, but he'd spent a fair time in Hoenn, and it was impossible for him not to be aware of them as a concept there. Slateport, where he'd first arrived in Hoenn, had a pretty active contest scene, after all. He looked over the rules laid out.

"Well some Contests are based off general appeal. The primary round involves showing off your Pokemon's abilities and talents in whatever way possible to woo the crowd and judges. Then it moves onto battle rounds, where damage isn't necessarily the most important factor. If your attacks can dazzle the judges, even if they're weak and do little to no damage, your opponent loses appeal points. Knocking the opponent out in the allotted time will still secure the win, so it's always something to try for, but if your attacks and counters were more appealing to the judges, you can win even if you're far behind in damage taken. It looks like this is less of a general Contest, and instead one based on Cuteness. So while a very beautiful or clever display will win points in a more generalised Contest, this one selects for Cute appeals and attacks above all. It's a lot more limiting, but the specificity brings focus."

PJ's blank look indiated to is uncle he didn't quite get it. He was rather young after all.

"Okay, basically, you enter a Pokemon you think can perform well in doing cute moves, both as a solo appeal, as well as in a battle situation. Yu try your best to make the judges see it as cutely as possible in the solo appeal. If you make it to the battle rounds, you want to prioritise cuteness in your battle style above just dealing damage. The cuter your Pokemon can appear to the judges, the better."

"Okay, I think I get it." PJ responded. "Are you wanting to join?"

"I think not," his uncle replied. "If it were a more general Contest, or the subject was something like Coolness, Toughness, or Cleverness, maybe, but I don't really have the right instincts for a Cute based appeal. I can try to help you out a bit, but I don't think I'd want to do it myself."

"That makes sense," PJ replied. The two went into the Gym hosting the contest to sign PJ up.


PJ Appoached the arena. He'd come up with a few ideas, and workshopped them with his uncle. For a man who was adamant he didn't have the instincts for a contest like this, he sure did have some ideas PJ found pretty adorable. He pulled out the Friend Ball his Plusle was in, but he'd made sure to make even the entrance as attention-grabbing as possible. He'd put the Ball in a Ball Capsule, and had affixed a few seals to it. He tossed out the Ball, sending the Plusle out into the appeal arena.

Blue Confetti streamed out from the left side and red confetti streamed out from the right, while a few multicoloured stars lightly obscured the Plusle from view, as she popped out of the ball. The stars cleared, showing her holding a Magical Elf Minun Plushie, the same small size as her, hugging and Nuzzling it as she came into view. Noticing she was now exposed, she let out a small, shy, cute Growl, holding the plushie even closer to her. Realising she was fine, she was emboldened. She held the plushie's hands his hers. Small, harmless spark pom poms emerged from her hands, where the plushie Minun's were touching, and she jumped and danced around with it, using her Helping Hand.
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“That, is...a lot of candy.”

No, wait, that’s too far in. Swivel swivel swivel, click!

”Froakie, give me those chocolates! They won’t teach you Chocolate Bomb! Pawniard, quit cutting up that jelly snack! It’s for eating, not whittling!”

Nope, that’s too far back. Where’s the scene where they find the ticket? Swivel swivel, click!

Crinkle, crinkle, crump, “Eh? What’s this ticket doing here? An invit—”

Perfect. Just crop the previous part out, and...play.


It was Halloween night. Jake Celeste and his Pokémon, sitting in the lobby of the Laba Dome at the Campus of the Tech and Psychic, were feasting on the multitude of snacks they had gone trick-or-treating for earlier that day. Wrappers littered the tiled floor around an overflowing garbage bag in one corner of the room; another, larger garbage bag beside it was filled dangerously close to the brim.

“We don’t have much candy left,” Jake called out to the Pokémon who were still stuffing their faces. “Go easy on the stuff. I don’t want to have to treat you guys’s stomachaches tomorrow morning.”

One more chocolate, please? Lucario’s telepathic voice pleaded in the Trainer’s head.

“Of course,” replied Jake, suddenly getting an idea. “Hey, everyone! Finish the piece you’re on, and we’ll be done for today, alright? I’m on my last chocolate bar,” he was saying as he unwrapped the candy he held in his hand, “and once I’m done, I’ll—eh?” The young Aura Guardian removed a thin blue and white ticket from the bar’s wrapper. “What’s this ticket doing here? An invitation to Saccharine Island?”

Saccharine Island?” A small voice with a vibration perked up as several Pokémon gathered around Jake, looking cluelessly at the ticket (for they could not read). “What does it say?” asked Ribombee, the voice’s owner.

The Trainer flipped the ticket over, reading the fine print on its backside. “‘All trainers are bidden to attend a very special event to be hosted by an anonymous benefactor’? I think I got that right?” he reported. The very next statement in the invitation made his eyes bulge. “Tomorrow?”

You’ll need quite the sound sleep, then,” remarked the cackling voice of Gengar, “in preparation for getting up early to practice for tomorrow’s big day. Hurry downstairs before I use Hypnosis to put you all to sleep on the lobby floor!” she added teasingly.

Gengar!” Jake chided the Ghost/Poison-type playfully, even as he put the ticket in his pocket, stuffed the chocolate bar into his mouth whole, beckoned his Pokémon over and had them quickly finish what was left of their candy, and ushered them toward—and then into—the elevator leading to the sleeping quarters.

The next day, the Trainer arrived at Saccharine Island on the pre-chartered ferry service. Led by the Milcery guides into the sugary environment of the candy-covered island, Jake navigated carefully around the syrupy swamp, but despite his best efforts, his shoes were soon caked in sweet, sticky substances by the time the group stopped to wait for their mystical ride. Nothing that Jukin, his big-mouthed Loudred, couldn’t fix, though. Or better yet…

Anyway, once one of the Milcery whistled into the fragrant fog, a tasty magnificent gondola, made of gingerbread and granola, appeared, ready to ferry the guests further into the island’s delicious delights. The Fairy-type Pokémon were quick to usher the travelers onboard the unmanned (or should I say “un-‘monned?”) vessel, which carried them through the fog, unnerving mirages shifting all around them. Far from frightened by the fluid fantasies, the Aura Guardian closed his eyes, concentrating his senses on the wonderful landscape rather than the mist that enshrouded it.

Soon, the boat came to an abrupt stop, after which Jake opened his eyes and immediately spotted the spectacular setting of the sponsor’s so-called Cute Contest. Making his way off the sugar-sweet ship, the Trainer excitedly entered the almost illusory Contest Hall, greeted by a fancily-dressed woman whom he was not familiar with, but whom several of the other guests seemed to recognize. Once everyone who was attending the event had made their way into the building, this sponsor dramatically opened the doors inside, revealing an impossibly large sum of Rare Candies sitting on the stage as if they contained Gigantamix.

Jake’s mouth fell open at the sight of the mountain. “That, is...a lot of candy. And to think someone could win all that...” He put his hands together. “We’ll give it our best shot, won’t we?” he murmured seemingly to himself.

The young Aura Guardian listened attentively as the rules of the Contest were explained. Three rounds: only three moves allowed in the first two, which were Appeal rounds... Jake was feeling confident about his chances.

As the contestants were sent off the stage to prepare the plans for their performances, Jake took a Pokéball out of his pocket and patted it, knowing that its inhabitant would give his all into the performance. Size—or more rather, lack thereof—wouldn’t stop the Pokémon here; if anything, it would help. This was a Cute Contest, after all.


So, here they were. Jake Celeste stepped onto the stage of the first Appeal round, giving the onlookers, spectators, and whatever name you could give to an audience, a friendly wave with his left hand. The Trainer held the Pokéball from earlier in his right hand, which was hanging relaxedly by his side at the moment—but that would soon change. Grinning proudly, Jake lifted his right arm up and backward, before thrusting it, and the Pokéball, forward with gusto. “Ribombee, it’s showtime!” he exclaimed.

“Beeeee!” With a bright flash of light, the Bee Fly Pokémon appeared, buzzing daintily in the air with almost invisible beats of his translucent wings. Ribombee’s stunning appearance right off the bat, his soft, impeccable scales sparkling with Shield Dust, captured the attention of a sizable number of those present. Not to mention, the species’ natural tiny stature and cute appearance, coupled with the glimmering Ruby Pendant this Bug and Fairy-type wore around his neck, was a recipe for success.

Recipe, you say?

“Alright, Ribombee, let’s do it—ahaha, hey!” Jake started to say as he made a grand gesture toward his Pokémon, before chuckling visibly. Ribombee had made a beeline for the sticky syrup stuck to the young Aura Guardian’s shoes, and was now smothering his tiny limbs in the melted candy, zipping around his Trainer while sucking much of the stuff clean off. Soon after, the Bee Fly darted toward the audience, fluttering softly on the frosting-coated lollipop bushes lining the sides of the stage as he sipped up all the sugar in sight. Each time he made eye contact with a spectator, the small buggy friend winked, letting the glare of the light reflect just right off the shining surface of his Ruby Pendant and encouraging the judges and audience members to keep him in their sights as he went on his candy-collecting journey.

Then, as Jake watched in excitement and anticipation, Ribombee stepped back from the stage sweets, and flew gracefully back to the center of the performance area. The Bug/Fairy-type spun around in place, twirling like a small whirlwind. After a second or two, he stopped and spread his forelimbs out in a voilŕ!, facing the spectators as he drew attention to the two cotton candy-flavored Pollen Puffs he now held in his “hands”, the puffs’ ingredients taken from the Contest Hall itself. Smiling brightly, the pint-sized pollinator fluffed his Pollen Puffs around him like pom-poms, performing a series of movements that resembled both a bee waggle dance—one that mapped the way around and through the stage sweets—and a cheerleader routine. Occasionally, he would take a little bite out of his confections as he frolicked, to trigger the sweet teeth of those watching if the rest of his Appeal thus far hadn’t already done so. All the while, Ribombee’s Ruby Pendant shimmered and sparkled, working with his Shield Dust to add flair to his performance.

To wrap up the Appeal, Ribombee put one of his Pollen Puffs to his mouth and then extended out the forelimb that held it, blowing a pure and innocent Draining Kiss at the judges. The move manifested itself as a sparkling pink trail of light, which swirled suspensefully around the Bee Fly Pokémon until he flung his two Pollen Puffs up into the air, each ball sailing toward the other in a slight arc. Joining the Pollen Puffs, the ray of Draining Kiss shot upward along with the pollen-cotton-candy combination. The three projectiles collided perfectly, exploding high up in the air and releasing a vibrant wave of sugar confetti that floated softly down toward the audience, the Bug and Fairy-type having pulled off the finale.

With their performance over, Ribombee and Jake took a simultaneous bow, letting themselves be showered with any applause that rang out, before straightening up and waving as they exited the stage. Would the two of them impress the judges enough to make it to the next round of the Contest? Only the judges themselves knew. But whatever the previous Appeals, Jake and the Bug/Fairy-type were confident that the latter’s display of adorable sweetness—both figuratively and literally—would be enticing enough to sway the judges’ opinions to their side.

(OOC: Entering my Ribombee in the Cute Contest, and choosing this Ruby Pendant to be his held item during the Contest.

Spoiler: show
Species: Ribombee ()
Held Item: Ruby Pendant
Gender: Male
Type: Bug/Fairy
Level: 29
Bond: Quicklink
Nature: Docile
Ability: Shield Dust
Moves: Moonblast, Absorb, Fairy Wind, Stun Spore, Struggle Bug, Sweet Scent, Silver Wind, Draining Kiss, Bug Buzz, Pollen Puff, Covet, Aura Sphere, Psyshock, Roost
Evolution: >lv. 25>
Contest Stats: None yet!
Birthday: February 24
Method of Obtainment: Caught at the Campus of the Tech and Psychic (Hatched at the Hatchery)
Bio: A former member of a wild swarm, Ribombee was frequently used by the swarm's leader as a Cutiefly for his powerful Moonblasts that packed a surprisingly forceful punch. After being forced to use the attack on a Luxio, Jake's Luxio, who meant no harm to his swarm, he left the colony, and was immediately drawn to the aura of Jake Celeste. Now a Pokémon on Jake's team, the Bug and Fairy-type helps calm the atmosphere around him just by being present, and his friendly and caring character has served to lighten the general mood of his Trainer and several other Pokémon on the team. Uniquely, his species' dislike of water has taken a backseat since his evolution, but something else now bothers the Bee Fly Pokémon: when others mistake him for a female.
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Lil' Bluey

Posting to formally announce that the deadline for First Round Appeals will be extended 24 hours.

Also a couple things that came up on Discord:

1) Actively using an Ability will count towards one of your Moves.

2) Accessories bought at the Boutique are acceptable here (despite the Boutique's OP stating they can't be used for Contests - apologies for the conflicting oversight OTL).

Please consider participating if you're interested! All entrants will be sure to receive something by the end~ ;o
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Having thoroughly enjoyed the festivities this year Rylie ponders on what to do next. Wandering from the shopping district and over towards one of the gyms of Fizzitopia he notices signs of a contest being held in the Fairy gym.

Excited for such a rare event taking place Rylie quickly makes his way over to where the registration was being held, signing his and Naula's names down before being escorted over to the waiting tent.

The wait would not prove long as he watched in wonder at the various performances taking place on a nearby screen, with an adorable Ribombee's act being the last he'd get to see before a member of the staff informed him that it was his turn to be on stage.

Nervous to be in front of so many people Rylie meekly makes his way onto the stage before pulling out a Luxury Ball containing his partner pokemon, eyes closed he throws the Pokeball into the air before it shoots down a beam of red light...revealing a present box?

Bursting forth from the box in a shower of confetti it's revealed that Naula had used Celebrate to make a grand entrance, the Eevee complimenting the confetti with a series of cute hearts from a Charm before giving the judges a direct glance of her Baby-Doll Eyes
Species: Eevee
Calendar Date: April 17th
Name: Naula
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Level: 30
Ability: Anticipation
Nature: Gentle
Pokeball: Luxury Ball
Held Item: Light Clay
Covet, Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Swift, Refresh, Take-Down, Charm, Double-Edge, Double Kick, Bite, Copycat
Egg Move: Wish
Tutor Moves: Heal Bell
Bond: Reflect, Tri-Attack, Soft-Boiled Heart Swap, Magical Leaf, Pollen Puff, Celebrate, Einherjar
Life, but a series of paths and flows
Down many one can go
May yours run smoothly and be soft to your feet

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“Alright. This might be the most stupid thing you’ve dragged me into, and that does count the time we were attacked by a mad psychic scientist and barely made out of it alive.” Vegeta the Quilladin grumps from his position next to his trainer, scowling at the surroundings covered in pink, sugar and… cuteness.

Big sighs. “You don’t actually think that was stupid. You were having the time of your life trying to match up against Karsk. Bad example. And don’t try and bring up the warehouse either, you weren’t even there!”

“Even so, this is no place for a warrior. Especially one of my caliber.” The grass Pokémon replies and attempts to cross his arms, though fails due to his current awkward middle stage anatomy.

“Exactly. That’s why Wake is gonna participate.” The trainer replies holding up the great ball containing the Marill with a slight smirk. “He’s way more adept at playing cute.”

“What?! That’s not fair!”

“No more complaining ’Geets you didn’t even want to anyway.” Big says biting back a chuckle. “Now why don’t you get back in your ball so we can get this show on the road.”

“Why I oughta-“ the Quilladin is cut off by the red beam of light absorbing him into his dusk ball as the great ball pops open revealing Wake rolling on his back laughing.

“Oh man. I needed that.” Wake says, wiping a tear of laughter from his eye.

“I’d hoped that’d be good motivation for ya.” Big admits matching the grin. “You ready for this?” He asks pulling his bag around to dig out the final touch.

The Marill nods, an interesting sight given its whole body is kind of his head, but the giddiness from before is replaced with fierce determination. Even though it wasn’t the traditional battleground, it was now absolutely a competition. Not just against the other Cute Contest Competitors, but against Vegeta once again. “When you are boss man.”

Big nods back and pulls out the Waterium Z handing it to the water pokemon. “For the big opener, you know the plan.” Wake nods again as he hands back the uneaten Sitrus berry for the moment. The two go to take their place.

Big had avoided watching any of the other appeals up until now, normally he would have liked the chance to see what kind of tactics his opponents might use, but in a subjective contest such as this he didn’t want to bias his strategy, even unconsciously, by copying someone else.

“Let’s go Wake!” He calls out now that it’s his turn, and without needing the rest of the order Wake and Big’s movements sync up into an Alolan style dance. Their arms mimic waves as the Z crystal lights up before producing a torrent of… bubbles. Using the move Bubble as a base rather than a stronger water move, the Hydro Vortex has covered the area in what looks to be the biggest bubble bath in the world. Wake is obscured for a moment, but soon can be seen Bouncing among the bubbles with a joyful look on his face. As he continues to Tigger amongst the bubbles an odd white light starts to shine, causing Big’s face to flash with a moment of confusion, there wasn’t anything like this in the plan. But the light soon completely envelopes Wake as his form balloons out into a slightly larger form. More rotund, much larger ears, and with light fading the white on his belly has taken a more bubbling form. He now stands in his final pose with all the Charm and cuteness of an Azumarill, stunning even his trainer at the turn of events.

As they wait for a score only Big really hears, muffled from his belt (even though it shouldn’t be possible): “Oh come on! That’s how he gets his final form?! And before me? This is bull-“

*scene abruptly ends*

Species: Azumarill ()
Gender: Male
Level: 21
Type: Water/Fairy
Attacks: Splash, Charm, Bubble, Slam, Tackle, Defense Curl, Water Gun, Tail Whip, Water Sport, Rollout, Bubble Beam, Helping Hand, Slam, Bounce, Aqua Tail, Play Rough, Ice Punch, Ice Beam, Blizzard, Icy Wind, Surf, Waterfall, Dive, Whirlpool, Rock Smash, Firestream, Gummi Bomb (Fighting), Low Kick, Dizzy Punch, Crabhammer, Moonblast, Aqua Jet, Sing, Tickle
Next attack learned: Aqua Ring (lv. 23)
Evolution: >w/ Bond 30>>lv.18>
Nature: Undecided
Ability: Huge Power
Item: Waterium Z
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
Obtained: New Fizz City
Birthday: Febuary 26th
Spoiler: show
Insert bio here

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Lil' Bluey

Thank you to everyone who participated, and sorry for the short delay! Without further ado, let's get the judging underway~

Missingno. Master: Our first contestant is a seasoned veteran who's been around for just as long as our generous host, but this is his first time participating in an official Contest... How will he and his Pokémon fare in their initial debut? And by Pokémon, we mean holy moly that is a giant Meganium! (Thought the Raiders got that pesky Power Spot under control already...)

No wait, there's something beneath its legs... Why, it's a majestic Ivysaur, wearing a stunning crown on her head! It seems she's playing with the plushie and pretending to be a royal fairy princess by spreading sparkly powder dust all around... How exquisite! Perhaps an Appeal slightly better suited for a Beauty Contest, but given this is also the home of mystical faekind it feels fitting as well.

Creativity: 8.5/10
Overall Flow: 8.8/10
Overall Appearance: 7.9/10

We award Princess Pomona a score of 84%!

Lil'twick: Next up, we have the island's resident Gym Leader himself: Leo and his cute Clefairy, Parfait! It looks like they've also brought a plushie along, of the legendary Pokémon Jirachi no less... What's this though? Jirachi appears to be ignoring its partner Parfait for some reason... Could the two have had some sort of argument? Oh dear, poor Parfait's tears are truly tugging at the audience's heartstrings... Don't give up, Parfait!

Ah, it seems the pair are making up now with a snuggling kiss; aww, how sweet~ What a heartwarming story! The Attacks all worked together well to tell a simple but sympathetic tale. May the stars shine on these two for eternity~

Creativity: 8/10
Overall Flow: 9.5/10
Overall Appearance: 8.6/10

Parfait earns a score of 87%!

Marion Ette: Next is a mysterious newcomer to our midst... Although something feels oddly familiar about the dark, dashing gentleman's appearance... Strange. He certainly seems just as formally dressed as Ms. Jess- er, Yuki Yonka - for the occasion at least even if such attire's depressing color scheme is perhaps less appropriate. Compared to his companion, Mr. Oroitz also looks decidedly less thrilled to be here... But, we are here to judge the Pokémon's performance, not their gloomy trainer - so let's see what Rhubarb the Gulpin has cooked up for us!

Hm, what's this? She appears to be fiddling with a... microwave oven? Ah, she's taking a quick nap while her food prepares... Whoops, looks like she's overslept! Quick, Rhubarb, the meal is burning! Oh dear, is it ruined? ...Wait, what is she doing now? Folks, she's gone and swallowed the entire dish whole, oven and all! Amazing, she must have a stomach made of steel. A somewhat bizarre Appeal indeed, but certainly unique with a clear, cute story told. The little licorice bow was quite inventive as well (and after some discussion we've decided not to dock points for its *ahem* "improvised" origins or the damaged boat earlier either).

Creativity: 10/10
Overall Flow: 9.8/10
Overall Appearance: 7.8/10

Rhubarb is given 92%! (and perhaps some indigestion)

Ironthunder: Following that rather distinctive display, we have a lovely young lady named Liawe and her charming Bounsweet. Ms. Liawe also looks a little ill after her journey, but it seems her berry buddy Cavaroc is eager to perform... Perhaps a bit too eager, oops. The poor plant has taken a tumble right at the start! Hope the flustered fruit's skin isn't bruised...

Ah, Cavaroc's getting up now; seems she's got her clumsiness under control after all, and she's not letting a little mishap stop her. In fact, she's hopped straight onto the judges' bench and is now bouncing playfully between them! How adorable~ Why, the judges could just eat her up... Er, metaphorically of course. *cough* A simple, but cute Appeal indeed, and the more personal take was a nice touch.

Creativity: 7.5/10
Overall Flow: 8/10
Overall Appearance: 8.9/10

Cavaroc receives 81.3%!

Slash: Now we've got a young boy named PJ, who's being accompanied by his Grandpa Joe- er, Uncle Darik. Looks like the lad's even affixed some sticker Seals to his partner's Ball - been a while since we've seen those! Here's his partner Plusle now; all that poppin' confetti sure adds a "spark", making for quite a spectacular arrival, wow!

And she's not alone either- why, she's brought a friend in the form of a plushie as well. The two look just like each other, aww. They're even producing pom-poms from where their paws are touching, perhaps to celebrate Christmas early... Let's also give them a big hand, shall we? Capitalizing on a clone companion and their cheerleader theme together was certainly smart. A plus and minus pair isn't complete without both, after all~

Creativity: 8/10
Overall Flow: 8.2/10
Overall Appearance: 8.8/10

Plusle gets 80.7%!

Zorchic: After that is another young boy by the name of Jake, along with his lively Ribombee! ...Seems the latter bug's a bit distracted by the chocolate mud on his trainer's shoes though, d'oh. And, well, pretty much everything in sight. Look at him zip around, gathering all the honey and sugar his tiny limbs can carry - as well as the hearts of the audience it seems. That attractive pendant he's wearing combined with the iridescent color of his shimmering wings' scales, plus every time he winks at the crowd... He may be small and hard to keep track of, but he sure knows how to keep everyone's eyes on him as the center of attention. What a busy bee!

Oh, seems he's doing a cheerleader routine too, using the ingredients he collected to create confectionary pom-poms - how creative! Tossing them in the air and blowing a kiss to cause a twinkling cotton candy confetti explosion... Delightful, and delicious! Such an enchanting Appeal, that utilized the environment to its fullest. A truly excellent job~

Creativity: 9.5/10
Overall Flow: 9.3/10
Overall Appearance: 9.6/10

Ribombee scores 94.7%!

Zelphon: Next we have Rylie and Naula the Eevee! ...Er, at least that's what written on the sign-up sheet... Did he just send out a box? It's still too early for Christmas...

Oops, there she is! What a pleasant surprise present indeed. The glittering confetti combined with the gift ribbon bow does lend an extra flair for Eevee's grand entrance. Another simple, but effective Appeal. Though perhaps it would've benefited from showing off more of the Pokémon's own personality a bit...

Creativity: 7/10
Overall Flow: 8/10
Overall Appearance: 8.5/10

Naula earns 78.3%!

biggggg5: Last but not least, here's Big and his Marill, Wake! Seems these two have been scheming something special... What's this? The two appear to be coordinating their movements in an Alolan style dance sequence! How unprecedented~ Their arms are moving in sync like graceful waves, summoning forth a bunch of bubbles in a swirling vortex... It's like the world's biggest bubble bath! And there's Wake, bouncing gleefully about the center, truly having the time of his life. Wait, what's happening? There's a bright light enveloping his body...

...Unbelievable, folks, Wake has Evolved mid-Appeal into an adorable Azumarill! What an astounding turn of events! Such a fantastic demonstration of friendship and harmonization between human and Pokémon, it doesn't get much more "aww-worthy" than that~

Creativity: 9/10
Overall Flow: 9.4/10
Overall Appearance: 9.5/10

Wake wins 93%!

With that, our four contestants progressing on to the semi-finals are...

Zorchic and Ribombee, with 94.7 Points!
biggggg5 and Wake the Azumarill, with 93 Points!
Marion Ette and Rhubarb the Gulpin, with 92 Points!
And Lil'twick and Parfait the Clefairy, with 87 Points!

To the rest of you...

...Just kidding. Stay tuned for the end of the event where prizes will be distributed to everyone who entered~ ^~

As a reminder to the four semi-finalists, for the second round of Appeals, you must design a stage yourself, and PM a description of it along with your Appeal to me. The deadline for sending in your Appeals will be Saturday, November 27th, 11:59 PM GMT. Good luck! <3
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Lil' Bluey

Welcome back, folks! Our backstage helpers have been working hard to create the perfect personalized settings according to the contestants' visions, so let's give a big hand once more for our four semi-finalists~

Originally Posted by Lil'twick

The stage of this appeal will be a pop idol stage. The stage will be a basic platform stage with a circular hole in this center. This hole is actually a rising platform that when fully risen will be decorated in shooting stars, swirling around the cylinder of the rising platform. As well as that, there will be effect streamers at the front of the stage, that allows it to billow out fog and shoot out confetti on command by a small effect device.

For the backdrop will be a large, sparkly board covered in shooting stars, with a red, blue, and yellow trail as they decorate the entire stage. Small, white lights are affixed to the back, giving the illusion of shimmering stars on a pastel blue backdrop. Bubbles will also be floating around, and spotlights will be hanging out of view from the top of the stage. This gives off a cheerful, fun vibe.

Now, for the raised platform itself. Its sides are decorated with yellow stars, perfectly spaced apart to draw the audience’s attention. A mic stand is placed in the center, at the perfect height for the contest contestant to sing. While the mic stand was run of the mill, the mic itself had small yellow stars decorating it. There was also a muffler, to help reduce the noise of all the technology going on. Additionally, yellow, star covered beaters and glow sticks were distributed amongst the audience, to fully go with the feel of the stage and upcoming appeal.


With a deep breath, Parfait stepped onto the platform beneath the stage. He was ready to perform once more for the audience while leaving the props behind. If they wanted cute, then well he would give them cute. THe stage was set, and he gave his trainer the nod. The platform began to rise, and he could hear the murmurs of the crowd as he rose into the darkened stage. With a gulp, he waited until his platform was well above the stage, still dark. It was time to begin his performance.

With a snap, he cast the Spotlight onto himself. This immediately commanded everyone’s attention, as the lights began to show onto him before illuminating the stage into a dazzling display. He was in awe of the shimmering lights, his shiny ears shining brightly with the stage, and his pink blush heightened ever further. He was ready to perform before his audience.

Grabbing the mic, he began to Sing. He began to sing about the moon, and the stars. While the song started off slow and somber... His tune soon changed. With a bang, the stage’s effect machines send out a pop of smoke. The melody quickly fastened, turning from a sleepy lullaby into a cheerful pop song. Singing about how they could all reach towards the sky, and shine brightly like the stars above. This was his cue, and he jumped off the stage before flying down in a twirl, flapping his little wings. He continued to sing as he did so, his cheerful, peppy tune not faltering.

And then, at the height of his performance, he continued with a wink and a Lucky Chant. Small stars surrounded him as he held out the mic towards the audience, signaling them to chant along with him. For the next part of the song, he would go back and forth with the audience, giving the live performance that chants often seen at a pop concert. And all this time, he was jumping and dancing around, fully commanding his song to his cheerful, uplifting tune.

And then he was done, the stage bursting into confetti. Giving the audience one more flap of the wings and a wink, he began hopping to the final beats of his song. Twirling back to the top of the platform, he gave the audience continuous cheerful waves while thanking them from the bottom of his heart. He then descended beneath the stage, exiting the same way as he entered as the stage grew dim once more, only the twinkling white lights remaining.
Lil'twick: First up we have Leo and Parfait the Clefairy here to give us a special musical performance! Seems he's serenading with a soft, lovely lullaby... Oh, his tune has changed all of a sudden into a catchy pop number - and he's even taken flight amongst the stars~ Capturing the audience's attention with lights and effects plus getting them actively involved in the song was a great way to start off the show, excellent work!

Creativity: 8.8/10
Overall Flow: 9.5/10
Overall Appearance: 9.6/10

Parfait earns 93%!

Originally Posted by Marion Ette
After respectfully watching the rest of the appeals, clapping for each in turn, Oroitz gathers Rhubarb up in his arms, bracing her for judgment. Though the esteemed Ms. Yuki Yonka and her panel of judges had been upbeat and positive in their observations of each contestant, even in this world of seemingly endless sweetness, there was no sugarcoating the scores.

Fortunately for Oroitz and Rhubarb, they would have no need for a spoonful of sugar to help digest the results of their performance. Third place. Semi-finalists. Rhubarb practically jumps for joy, nearly tumbling out of Oroitz's arms in her show of sheer excitement. Luckily, the dashingly gloomy gentleman catches her before she falls, giving her an awkward hug before gently setting her down. "No time to rest on your laurels, my dear Rhubarb," Oroitz instructs. "The competition will only get fiercer from here. We have full creative reign over the stage upon which we perform this round... but so do our opponents."

Rhubarb nods, deep in thought. As semi-finalists, the psychic types of the island would make their creative dreams a reality (or close enough to reality to serve the purposes of the competition), but the Gulpin was not quite sure what she needed to do in order to make it happen. Did she just... think really hard? Perhaps that was the key to it... Concentrating intently, Rhubarb imagines the cutest kitchen set she can think of - the kind you'd see on a popular baking show, with an adorable and bubbly host, explaining her process, making culinary magic happen. It was true that Rhubarb's first appeal had been based around a microwave oven, but with that prop already thoroughly digested in her stomach after a pantomime of overcoming failed efforts, she was hoping that, perhaps, she could give some actual, successful baking a try. Through her appeals, Rhubarb was moving up in the world from a struggling amateur chef to an emerging baking celebrity, learning from her mistakes and becoming better as a result. She could see it now!

The overall color scheme would need to be a delectable palette of pastels - mint green, luscious lavender, and creamy yellow, with accents of pure, sugar-crystal white. Rhubarb envisioned shelves on the back wall, lined with an assortment of jars, cups and bottles, all shaped to look like various adorable Pokemon. The appliances appear almost like toys, with buttons and handles designed to looked like cookies and baguettes. She would need a table adjusted to her diminutive height, of course. The mixing bowl on that table would look like a Gulpin with mouth wide open, with pre-measured quantities of bread flour (3 & 1/3 cups), yeast (2 tsp.), salt (2 tsp), sugar and dried rhubarb (to taste) inside - all the dried ingredients she would need. Since this appeal was in the style of a television demonstration, and no one wanted to wait hours for her to finish her proofing and baking, she would need a completed baked good waiting in the oven to retrieve, to simulate a sort of time skip between steps, just like they did in the cooking and baking shows she drew inspiration from. She would need a pair of oven mitts for brief use to retrieve bread from the oven - safety first - but why not make sure they match her licorice bow, for good measure? Finally, she would need a heart-shaped radio, to play a bit of music when the situation called for it.

So dreamed, so executed. Oroitz watches with an odd mixture of awe and suspicion. Having spent years investigating supernatural phenomenon gone wrong, such displays had a tendency to bring out the pessimist in him - even more so than usual, anyway. Rhubarb, however, opens her eyes and regards what she sees with nothing but sheer delight. It was perfect! Everything she had imagined! With such a cute kitchen to work with, the little poison type's confidence grows, and her cheeks blush with exuberance.

The stage was set, and aspiring chef Rhubarb was ready to perform. A banner falls from the ceiling, with big, pink letters announcing the title of today's episode: How to Make a Friend who will Keep a Secret! Chef Rhubarb is here to show you how, in just a few simple steps, you, too, can whip up a warm, sweet-smelling and perfect confidant, who will not go gossiping about behind your back. Yes, who better to tell your secrets to than sweet Rhubarb - or a bread-shaped facsimile of her, at least!

The first step for Rhubarb was to mix 1 and 1/4 cups water into her dry ingredients - easy enough, when she knows Water Pulse! With some very soft, measured pulses from her lips, as well as guidance from her stubby hands, she both adds the water and mixes it with the dough, mixing dry and wet together to form a shaggy ball. She displays the dough to the audience, so they can see how it looks.

Next was the kneading stage... Yes, it was time to Pound the dough out! This was the most fun stage of breadmaking, in Rhubarb's opinion, and the perfect time to turn some music on in the kitchen, which plays on cue from the kitchen's radio. With a song in her heart and in her ears, it was easier to pace her kneading, so as not to overdo it or tire herself out prematurely. Pounding the bread to the rhythm of the music, the enthusiastic Gulpin mouths the lyrics and wiggles a bit as she keeps time - turning the kneading process into a bit of a dance - it is not professional or practiced, but rather, the joyful movements of a happy chef, eager to enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Normally, the dough would need to sit for proofing for an hour or two, then bake in a 400F oven for 40-45 minutes, but with the magic of production values the psychics of the island, there is a pre-proofed, pre-baked, perfect loaf of Gulpin-shaped bread already waiting for Rhubarb on the counter to grab from the oven. Putting her mitts on for safety, she opens the oven door, pulling out the adorable bread for everyone to see. This Gulpin-shaped rhubarb bread has been formed with two lips and two little stubby appendages, has two slits cut for the eyes, and a slightly-burned feather atop her head - well, one could always break that piece off when serving after secrets have been shared! The bread-creation wouldn't mind.

Setting her likeness down, she leans close to the bread, to Confide her deepest secret. With a whisper, a giggle, and a deep blush, Rhubarb speaks to the "ear" of her sweet companion, hoping the cameras won't catch the movement of her lips, and the mic won't catch her words. Though she does her best to conceal the secret, Oroitz's sharp eyes miss nothing. Innocent little Rhubarb, with her innocent little heart, earnestly admitting her naďve desires to baked goods... Even so, the man was a secretive one himself, and though he was not made of bread, he, too, could be a good confidant.

Having displayed the art of making an edible, secret-keeping friend from start to finish, Rhubarb bows to signal the end of the show. Will Chef Rhubarb make it to the finals? Find out next time, on The Great Galarian Baking Show Yuki Yonka's Cute Contest!
Marion Ette: Next we've got Mr. Oroitz and the rapturous Rhubarb returning for another run. What have they cooked up for us this time? Looks like we've got a full kitchen set to work with now, and our host Chef Rhubarb is going to show us just How to Make a Friend who will Keep a Secret! The first step of course is to mix and knead the dough well - you can even have some fun dancing while doing it, which she certainly seems to be~ Finally, pop it in the oven - and out comes a perfect round brown friend whom you can confide your deepest thoughts to and it won't tell a single soul from inside one's stomach. Such a cute, instructive display has definitely captivated the crowd, with many members taking notes or wanting to purchase their own bread buddy to take home. Perhaps Chef Rhubarb has a future in the culinary career after all!

Creativity: 9.2/10
Overall Flow: 9.4/10
Overall Appearance: 9.5/10

Rhubarb receives 93.7%! (and several requests for custom confidante cakes, including from the judges)

Originally Posted by biggggg5
“What do you mean we don’t have a plan? You always have a plan!”

“I dunno. I honestly didn’t think we’d get this far.”

The bespectacled trainer sits across from his new Azumarill looking pretty sheepish. “Yeah, this isn’t usually our thing so I figured we’d go big. But apparently the judges liked it.”

“I mean yeah, I’m freaking adorable. I have been since I was an Azurill that couldn’t swim.” Wake replies putting his arms on his hips(?) “But you’ve gotta come up with something.”

“I used up all of my creativity though, if we could get through this round at least I understand the mechanics of a battle. We can cutsey up a battle. But this doesn’t have mechani…” Big trails off, eyes widening.

“I know that look.” Wake hops up into Big’s face starting to grin. “That’s your idea look. That’s your Psychic the meinfoo just enough off the cliff look. That’s your just guessed the last part of the bad guy’s password look.”

“You weren’t even there for either of those.” Big raises an eyebrow.

“No but I still know the look.” Wake pouts a little. “What’s the idea?”

“Mechanics Wake. Contest mechanics.”

After quickly explaining the plan to Wake, Big consorts with the psychic Pokémon responsible for constructing the arena. Luckily for his idea, the materials in mind should be plentiful in a place as full of sweets as this and thankfully with telepathy the ideas in his mind aren’t as hard to convey as they are to articulate.
The arena is a giant Poffin mixing bowl. Roughly the size of an above ground outdoor pool albeit more circular, it is full of warm Poffin batter that can be manipulated by Pokémon moves as if it were water, though is certainly a bit thick to swim through. The edge of the bowl has just enough space for a Pokémon about as big as an Azumarill to stand on, and every few feet there are proportionally sized berries of various kinds, perfectly balanced so as to not fall in or out without a good jostle. Should the battle leave the bowl, just outside at four cardinal corners are Silph Co. official spinning tiles for ease of getting around the bowl, or as a trap if one missteps.
With the arena complete Big and Wake are ready for their performance. “Alright, just like we planned. Let’s make sure we’re ready for the contest.” Big says a little cheekily toward the audience after taking a big breath to settle his nerves. “Get those berries in!” He calls out to Wake who uses the movement of the spinning tiles to put him exactly where he needs to be, where with a hop up and a Dizzy Punch he knocks the first of the various sweet berries into the batter before keeping his spinning momentum to move on to the next one. Once he’s completed his lap Big turns on the heat as Wake lands up on the edge. “Alright, time to mix!” He calls out and the Azumarill nods using Whirlpool to spin and mix the batter, not too fast to spill it, not too slow to let it burn. Soon there is a comically loud ding to show that the poffin batter is ready and both Big and Wake take a bow… before Wake tumbles headfirst into the bowl, doing a full turn to land in the goop on his back with a Splash where spirals can be seen in his eyes.

“Spinning, he says. That’s a good trick, he says…” Wake groans to himself.
biggggg5: Next up is Big and Wake the newly Evolved Azumarill! Seems they're also planning to bake something... In fact the entire stage resembles a giant Poffin mixing pot! The two are using their teamwork to coordinate adding ingredients and blending the cake batter, almost like a party game - oops, looks like poor Wake has taken a tumble right into the bowl at the end! All those hypnotic spinning Attacks must have given him quite a headache... A clever, creative environmental concept and consistent use of themed Moves makes for a very effective - if dizzying - Appeal!

Creativity: 9.8/10
Overall Flow: 9.6/10
Overall Appearance: 8.9/10

Wake scores 94.3%!

Originally Posted by Zorchic
(OOC: The stage for my second round Appeal is a rather simple one: a forest of deciduous trees in autumn. One tree in the center stands out from the rest in that a small hammock fit for a Bug is hanging from one of its branches.)

“We made it!”

Jake Celeste high-fived his Ribombee, the Pokémon he had chosen to enter Yuki Yonka’s Cute Contest. Or more rather, the Trainer held up his hand and the Bee Fly Pokémon lightly slapped it with a forelimb. Um. Whatever the technicalities of the action they had just performed, the duo had received the news of the score of their first Appeal while in their waiting room. What was more, they had earned the highest score out of all the contestants!

“But don’t get too cocky,” the Aura Guardian was advising his Pokémon. “Things have only just gotten started. Fortunately for us, it doesn’t stop here—we’ve got plenty more tricks to use up in our next appeal, haven’t we?—but the last thing we want to do right now is to coast into that Contest Hall without a plan.”

What kind of plan?” Ribombee asked curiously, before making a high-pitched noise with his wings. “Aha, I should have known.

Jake grinned. “You knew all along, didn’t you?” he remarked. “No surprise there, of course. Get ready to act cute.”

Alrighty,” replied the Bug/Fairy-type, who was polishing his appearance. “But let it be known that this is not my typical kind of thing.


Soon after, the second round of Appeals, the round in which each contestant would design the stage for the Appeal, was underway! Jake stepped confidently into the Contest Hall, the Ruby Pendant-wearing Ribombee fluttering by his side. With a dramatic gesture, the Trainer gave his Pokémon the cue to proceed. “Take it away, Ribombee!” he exclaimed.

And take it away Ribombee did! The Bee Fly Pokémon flew to the center of the currently blank stage—though that would quickly change—as the Appeal began. Indeed, as the stage dimmed, a whooshing sound filled the hall, and the stage lit up again.

At first, all that the audience could see were rows and rows of deciduous trees, decorated with the colorful leaves of autumn, but it didn’t take long for most of the trees to fade into the background as the focus was placed on one tree in the center. Upon a closer look, a tiny hammock could be seen hanging down from one of the branches, Ribombee swinging leisurely back and forth from the hammock.

The calm atmosphere was suddenly dispersed, however, when a glob of Psyshock appeared high in the air from seemingly nowhere (though Jake knew this was all part of his and Ribombee’s plan). The Psychic-type attack slammed into the tree that the Bug and Fairy-type was in, surrounding the tree with strange energy. Startled, the Pokémon zipped out of his hammock and looked back at the tree, hovering and watching as the tree limb he was hanging from a moment ago broke off the trunk. But things got stranger after that.

The branch that had broken off was levitating in the air, glowing with the energy from Psyshock as it shook off the hammock, which floated down to the ground and stayed there. The branch, which was longer than Ribombee was tall, made a quick jab at him, which the Bee Fly Pokémon dodged. The twig didn’t stop there, though: it continued to try to poke at the tiny pollinator, Ribombee avoiding its jabs while attempting to ward it off with a Struggle Bug...but his efforts were not enough.

As the part Bug-type ducked to avoid the Psyshock-affected stick, it burst through the aura of Struggle Bug, swooped in between him and the necklace of his Ruby Pendant, and pulled away, lifting the held item right off of Ribombee. The Bug and Fairy-type yelped as his prized possession was taken away, and flew desperately after the fleeing magic twig as it winded in and out of the other trees in the forest stage.

Finally, the strange stick and the Bee Fly reappeared at the front and center of the stage. In high-pitched buzzes, the latter pleaded with the former as if trying to get the stick to return the Ruby Pendant that hung from it. The branch, still controlled by the Psyshock move from earlier, inched backward as Ribombee carefully flew forward, blinking rapidly to induce sympathy. Once he was close enough, the part Fairy-type slipped the Ruby Pendant off of the stick and quickly darted backward, nodding gratefully as he hugged the Coveted gemstone to his chest. A second or two later, the glow of the Psyshock vanished from the large twig, and it clattered dully to the ground.

As the stick settled on the ground, Ribombee gasped—er, made a gasp-like hum with his wings—and flew to the stick, now a normal inanimate object. Realizing that the “stray” Psyshock, and the acquisition of the Ruby Pendant, had magickified the branch somehow, the Bug/Fairy-type took his held item and pressed the back of it into the base of the twig. Though nothing happened, Ribombee nevertheless picked up the stick with satisfaction and glee, flying back up to his previous height as he patted it and gave it a few experimental waves. The stick may not have regained its “magical” powers, but the Bee Fly Pokémon was happy with it nonetheless. Ribombee turned to the audience, hugging the rod with one of his forelimbs as he waved innocently with the other, before turning and vanishing into the forest with the Ruby Pendant-adorned stick.

A moment later, the special stage dissolved into thin air, the trees disappearing and leaving the now-empty stage. At the back of the stage stood Jake, where he had been since the beginning of the Appeal. Like before the Appeal had begun, Ribombee once again fluttered next to his Trainer; he was now properly wearing the Ruby Pendant, and the mysterious tree branch was nowhere in sight, having disintegrated with the rest of the forest stage. Pleased with the performance, Jake and Ribombee bowed, before making their way out of the performance area.
Zorchic: Last but not least is Jake and his Ribombee! Looks like the little bug is relaxing happily on a hammock amidst the calming colors of autumn - appropriate for the season~ Wait, what's this? A Psychic blast seems to have broken the branch he was sitting on, and is now attacking the poor insect - why, it's even stolen his precious pendant! Has one of the Galarian Rapidash gone rogue again? Ah, seems he's managed to regain the necklace, as well as the wooden wand - though it appears to have lost its magic powers... A somewhat strange, but suspenseful story of mystical enchantment indeed...

Creativity: 9.7/10
Overall Flow: 8.4/10
Overall Appearance: 7.9/10

Ribombee is rewarded 86.7%!

With that, it's a very close call, but our two finalists proceeding to the last Round are...

biggggg5 and Wake the Azumarill, with 94.3 Points!
And Marion Ette and Rhubarb the Gulpin, with 93.7 Points!

Big has also achieved the highest average score of 93.7, so will have the choice of utilizing either his own designed stage or the Saccharine Sweets Island itself as the arena for the battle. Please make a post in this thread with your decision, and then both contestants are to PM me their first Round Attacks. You can again order up to three Moves per Round. There's no hard deadline for this portion of the Contest, but there will be a total of five Rounds. Each Round a maximum of two Points are available to attain: +1 for Most Appealing, and +1 for Most Damage Dealt during the Round. Whoever accumulates the highest number of Points by the end of the match is declared winner. (Also keep in mind a KO will count as an automatic victory. Roleplay is optional but regular Cash and Bond rates still apply. In the interest of time, if you'd prefer to go back and edit in RP to a Round later please contact me and I'll add it to the reffing post.)

Thank you to Lil'twick and Zorchic for joining us and compliments on making it this far, as well as a reminder to check back at the end of the event where everyone will receive prizes based on their progress~

Congrats once again to our two finalists, and good luck! <3
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Well we designed it with this in mind, I’d like us to battle in the arena I designed. Which I only now realize I haven’t given it a formal name so it’ll be called Big’s Poffin Mixer

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Originally Posted by Marion Ette
There wasn't much time for Rhubarb to revel in her success, as the announcement of the victors of the semi-finals led directly into the final competition of Cuteness. Rhubarb would now face off in a 1v1 battle at Big's Poffin Mixer, against the Pokémon whose trainer was responsible for the stage's design. Upon the announcement of the competitors and invitation to the stage, Oroitz takes a brief moment to hesitate, gauging Rhubarb's reaction - the little Gulpin had never battled before, and had yet to express interest in doing so. A flash of worry sparks in Oroitz's eyes, particularly for the poison type's safety, yet Rhubarb is resolute, lips puffed out with determination. Though she was normally a rather timid sort, if she had to fight for candy, then fight she most certainly would!

Oroitz offers a gentlemanly bow to Big, while Rhubarb offers a bouncy attempt at a curtsey to Wake. The Gulpin takes her place on the stage, looking rather like a living Lum berry about to be thrown in the mixer... The thought fills Oroitz with trepidation, at first. Their opponent's most likely priority was to send Rhubarb spinning - either into a series of tiles, or into the batter itself, to disorient her. It's an unpleasant mental image, but it also gives Oroitz an idea. If their opponents were truly intent on treating Rhubarb like a berry, then perhaps the trick was to give them a berry...

"Rhubarb, quickly SUBSTITUTE yourself! Use a Lum berry if you can find one, or else Aguav, Watmel, Tanga... any round, green berry will do! Have it take on your appearance, such that whatever fate your opponent has in store for you, allow it to befall this adorable Rhu-berry instead! Then, perhaps, give your sweetest, juiciest YAWN... Throw your voice as best you can, so as not to give away the substitute." Oroitz smirks. "Ah, but what better way for our Rhu-berry to attack then a SEED BOMB? Make it a berry-seed bomb, in this case!"
Originally Posted by biggggg5
“So. We made it.” Big says, the realization and weight of the situation obvious in his voice. “Maybe we have a better knack for this contest thing than I realized? Maybe we’re due for a career change.” He says grinning over at Wake to his side.

“I dunno, it’s been fun but I dunno if I’d do it again. Cute is so niche ya know? And not really a space I want live in. Vegeta wouldn’t let me hear the end of it anyway.” The Azumarill chuckles. “But that said, we are now back closer to our wheelhouse in a battle.”

“Yeah but of the four finalists I think this is our worst match up.” Big crosses his arms and looks across the arena at the opponents, a woman trainer that gives off an unsettling presence and an obvious air of experience, along with the Gulpin that brought them to the finals. “It’s not just a bad matchup as a poison type, but you can tell just by looking they’ve been well trained with a bunch of different moves.”

“Yeah but I’m not too worried. If there’s one thing we can do it’s win a battle.” Wake punches one hand(?) into the other and hops up to take the starting position on their end of the giant mixing bowl.

Big nods. “And I’ve got just the opening move too, just be careful of their status moves. This should definitely be a crowd pleaser though.” He says. “Charm your way in close to get them with a Tickle and while it won’t do much damage let that turn into a Play Rough.” It won’t be the most damaging round, but it should appeal well and should heavily weaken the most dangerous of the Gulpin’s potential moves. He thinks to himself.
As the two trainers and their partners formally greet each other, they then make their way to opposite ends of the Poffin bowl, ready to mix it up in a good old-fashioned Pokémon battle - whilst still acting their cutest of course. Pleased to be back in his element, Wake coyly takes the initiative by giving a CHARMing wink at Rhubarb in order to reduce her guard and beguile into complacency, blowing a bubbly kiss for good measure. Rhubarb blushes furiously at the amorous advance, hiding behind a SUBSTITUTE fruit out of shyness as the alluring Azumarill approaches and tries to TICKLE her teasingly. However, his attempts at amusement are to no avail, strangely eliciting no response other than stiff silence. Rather, he eventually hears a bored YAWN and his spirit sinks dejectedly from rejection, confidence visibly shot like a cartoon arrow through the heart.

Deciding to up his game, he PLAYs a little more ROUGHly with the decoy, but the reticent Rhu-berry still seems to rebuff his efforts to engage. The real Rhubarb giggles as she gathers up several more SEEDs in her mouth and spits the berry BOMB straight at her hapless suitor's face - literally showering with refuse. Wake wears an expression of shock as he reels back from the slap, as while he's not too hurt physically by the stoning snub due to the living stomache's weakened state from prior wooing, the poor scorned creature is clearly confused and crushed emotionally by the conflicting signals he's received. The audience seems to side with the unlucky bunny, sympathizing with his failed quest to impress and shouting words of encouragement to root for the rabbit's success in romance. Will Wake be able to win lady Rhubarb's affections?

As the first round finishes, Rhubarb's health sits lower than Wake's due to sharing with her still standing seed sister, however she did technically deal more direct damage to the opponent - even if slighting his soul rather than skin. Wake appears disappointed but also somewhat drowsy after all that pointless playflirting plus being doused in exhaustion, and will likely fall asleep from fatigue sometime during the next turn.

Trainers, please PM your Round 2 Attacks~
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Originally Posted by Marion Ette
Though Oroitz attempts to keep an unwavering poker face, the slightest hint of a scowl plays at the corners of his lips at the audience's reaction, his thoughts darkening. They feel for the sad little suitor, eh? If rejected, broken-hearted boys are so damned endearing, they may as well throw me out there after an unsuccessful night on the town... He shakes his head, snapping out of his sulking contemplations as he notes Rhubarb's expression - the timid little poison type was clearly enjoying the battle, which was a bit of a surprise to the darkly-clad gentleman. Then again, perhaps it wasn't too far-fetched; this was not a duel to the death, after all, but more of a play-fight. Regardless, it would not do for Oroitz's pessimistic attitude to ruin Rhubarb's fun. Taking a deep breath, he takes a moment to consider his orders.

Wake was clearly exhausted, yes, and likely to slumber soon - Oroitz's first instinct to take advantage of his foe's rest to douse him in poison, but he reconsiders immediately. Perhaps it would be effective, but it wouldn't make for a very good show for this contest, now, would it? Besides, with the audience already feeling pity towards Wake, to essentially kick him while he was down would do nothing to sway their favor, and given little Rhubarb's inherently sweet personality, he doubted such vicious tactics would sit right with her. No, Oroitz would have to be clever about it.

"Rhubarb, once Wake falls asleep, you should snuggle up and Rest alongside him - perhaps a cuddle during your shared nap would help soothe that bit of heartbreak he's feeling from misunderstanding your intentions?" Oroitz grins. "Ah, but we didn't promise to be sound sleepers, now, did we? Utilize your loud, yet adorable Snore, and a bit of Sleep Talk."
Originally Posted by biggggg5
“Crap, a substitute.” Big winces a bit as the gulpin resists the bulk of their opening round. “Our opponent’s just as crafty as I thought.”
“Yeah. ‘S strong…” Wake mumbles, clearly on the verge of falling asleep.
“Oh crap.” Big looks around for a plan. “We’ve got till the end of the round to figure this out. First we’ve gotta get rid of that substitute, we’ll try a Crabhammer. Then with that of the way we’ll match their tactics by Singing them to sleep as well. And then try and stay awake by chomping on that convenient nearby Chesto Berry. If they can use the berries we can too.”
As round two opens, one trainer is seen briefly sporting a rather unpleasant scowl as the other wears an expression of worry, whilst an innocent Rhubarb remains blissfully unaware as she bounces excitedly, enjoying this so-called "Battle" - feeling more like a fun farce than a serious fight. Her heartbroken opponent however is nearly as frustrated as the human"(s)", and with fatigue fast taking over his body the CRABby bunny shakes off pelted pellets and takes his insomniac irritation out on the already half-bruised berry buddy by HAMMERing it hard - splattering the imposter into mush as green juice and pulp fly everywhere like guts. The audience looks a little disturbed by the dark imagery as the petulant performer ups the drama by bursting into a mournful tune and pines after his true love, attempting to serenade her to join him in deep slumber...

Rhubarb, as it turns out though, is already well ahead of Wake as she willfully cuddles up close to the jilted suitor, snuggling to soothe his hurt ego as they snooze together. While outwardly it might seem his sentimental song is finally working its magic on her, in fact the Sleeping Beauty falls under the power of her own spell, RESTing to recover the health she lost to her clone mirror's counterpart. Wake's weary eyes and ears start to droop too to the gentle sound of his own lullaby - and while the wily Oroitz might be tempted to take the opportunity to poison Romeo rabbit to complete such a Shakespearean tragedy - Juliet isn't interested in backstabbing during a nap as she suddenly unleashes a loud SNORE: disrupting her peaceful, picture-perfect princess presentation as the crowd giggles at such unladylike behavior, effectively turning the play into a comedy.

The volume does make Wake wince slightly due to his sensitive hearing, startling him just barely awake in time to register Big's last order as he blearily blinks around in search of a coveted blue berry. He spots one nearby and manages to stretch far enough to snag the stimulant and pop it in his mouth - still somewhat trapped by his bed partner as she nuzzles nearer (burdened further by the weight of the microwave oven she swallowed earlier). Rolling over on her back, Rhubarb begins to babble unconsciously, as if TALKing in her SLEEP to an imaginary friend. Seemingly dreaming of being back on her baking show, she then starts lightly kneading and POUNDing Wake's blubbery belly like dough, molding into makeshift marzipan. While the weak beating is hardly a bother and more of an annoyance than anything, the poor pinned victim glances to his trainer for help as the audience laughs uproariously at the "prince's" predicament being prepared as a pretend pastry.

By the end of the second round, Rhubarb's cute comatose obliviousness has helped her to win the crowd's favor while simultaneously replenishing her strength. Wake took a little more damage but is at least wide awake now with a defenseless damsel dozing in his lap...

Trainers, Round 3 PMs please.
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Lil' Bluey

Originally Posted by Marion Ette
Though Oroitz's strategy had worked like a charm, this was no time for the clever gentleman to pat himself on the back. After all, there were still three rounds to go in this battle of Cuteness, and Big had been no less clever in his own strategy, instructing Wake to use the environment to his advantage in order to awaken from slumber before Rhubarb. Indeed, though the Gulpin's position on her opponent's lap might appear sweet on the surface, the vulnerable state she found herself in now was... concerning, to say the least.

This was cute to people? Broken hearts? The exchanging of blows? Watching lovers destroy each other? Oroitz wanted to scream. To potentially watch a horrible tragedy unfurl to precious, innocent Rhubarb - his first instinct was to run onto the stage, scoop her up, and deliver her from this evil.

Instead, he takes a deep breath, trying to calm himself. Rhubarb had held her own thus far in this fight, and he had to believe that she could continue to do so. For good or ill, she would have to see this romantic tale to its end. It was strangely fitting, after all... During her cooking show, had she not secretly confided to her sweet bread companion that her deepest, most ardent wish was to fall in love, and be loved in return...?

In that moment of recollection, Oroitz knew where the narrative would need to go next.

"Rhubarb, now that you've grown closer to Wake, it is time to make your own feelings known. Attract him to you, Confide in him that which you feel, and Return his affections! Take this vulnerable moment to bear all to the one you love!"

Alea iacta est, Oroitz mumbles under his breath. He rather missed when the greatest of his worries in this competition involved Rhubarb getting stretched by a taffy puller or accidentally swallowing magic chewing gum... No, falling in love was far more dangerous than any other saccharine threat, but they had already come this far, and it was too late to turn back now.
Originally Posted by biggggg5
“You’ve gotta be kidding me.” Wake groans as the Gulpin pounds his dough. Vague laughter can be heard rattling from the dusk ball at Big’s belt. “They’re literally beating us in their sleep!” Wake calls out pleadingly to his trainer.

“I know I know I’m thinking!” Big replies quickly before his eyes fall on the mashed Substitute. “I guess it’s time to really use that home field advantage, and hopefully they’ll keep asleep for a bit longer.” He says and throws his his forward. “Let’s get baking with a Surf using the batter to pull the Gulpin in, then get mixing once more with a Whirlpool. Then we’ll really get cooking with a Firestream.”

“Wouldn’t a poison type ruin the dish?” Wake asks

“Nah it should be fine. It’s like fugu or something.”
While both trainers seem displeased at the sudden turn of events for separate reasons, Big takes the opportunity to try and turn things around using the home field advantage. Wake nods as he summons a saltwater taffy tsunami to wash ashore and carry the unconscious weight away, freeing him from captivity as he SURFs after atop the flood’s warm wafer waves. Rhubarb snaps awake with a rude start as gooey wetness splashes against her skin, sputtering and flailing as the poor Gulpin now finds herself the main ingredient in the dream meal she was preparing instead. Hearing her trainer’s orders, she attempts to ATTRACT the hunky surfer boy, playing the drowning damsel in distress who needs a strong, strapping lifeguard to come save her. Fully presenting herself as a – ahem – tasty “snack” by smearing sultry chocolate across her lips as she swoons and feigns failure to swim well enough to stay afloat.

Wake’s heart softens slightly at the sight of such a seemingly helpless victim, but hardens again at the remembrance of how recently she rebuffed him, carrying on with his cruel plan for revenge by plunging beneath the depths and a knife simultaneously into her back. Racing circles around the rim of the basin in a spiral towards the center, an intense WHIRLPOOL starts to form, sucking Rhubarb in to Wake’s waiting arms – which are obviously only eager to drag her down with him. She squeaks in panic as she struggles to escape the viciously viscous liquid; straining desperately to swim through sweetness with such stubby paddles, unable to part the thick syrup by weak power of butter-stroke alone.

Just as the vortex is about to vore her completely, she cries out and CONFIDEs her true feelings, causing Wake’s conscience to waver again – but it’s too late as he shakes his head and continues to coldly serve vengeance by spitting a STREAM of FIRE at the target to toast to perfection. The tiny molten bubbles burst on contact, lightly searing spots of flesh but fortunately not leaving a permanent burn mark. Still, Rhubarb bites her lip as her eyes well with tears, clearly unable to get her honest emotions across. She wails as she strives once more to RETURN Wake’s affections by clinging closely to him and beating against the bunny’s breast in passionate despair, but with her current heartache state it’s barely effective before the swirling currents’ strength pulls her body beneath the surface, leaving behind only bubbles as the audience watches in fear she may be turned into a green currant pastry at this rate…

As the round draws to a close, Rhubarb took a good deal more damage than her opponent, and is now in a rather sticky situation if she doesn’t do something fast. While Wake managed to turn the tables combat-wise, his heartless tactics are quickly losing favor with the crowd as their sympathies switch to the newly spurned sufferer instead… With two rounds remaining, whose love will ultimately triumph, and whose Unfezant will be cooked? Only time will tell…

Round 4 PMs please.
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