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Your 2018 game of the year?

Times running out on this year with fewer an fewer non-2019 games to be released now. Still got time to play an make up your minds, but mines made up already so I'm posting now!

WarioWare Gold
It helps that its been a loooooooooong time since a WarioWare game last came out but ya know what also helps? That its really good! Early expectations were that this was just a collection of old microgames and thats not entirely the truth here. Theres a whole bunch of new ones, and old ones were remade to add new challenge and some even swapped control-types which shakes things up!

The storys good for a laugh as it should always be in these games! Theres a long list of challenges to undertake at your own discretion. Loads of unlockables. Goofy art and good tunes as well! I'm still pluggin' away trying to surpass the suggested hi-scores!

Bonus!! What game did ya play this year, that wasn't released in 2018, would you call the best?

Super Mario Maker (3DS)
Obviously I should put FF7 since its my fave game but since I play it every year then such a category would be boring! SMM really surprised me with just how plain weird it was. Both in the pre-made story mode and the endless supply of random user-made levels. Its 2D Mario gone crazy and I like it!
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Short thoughts:

Game of the Year has to be Smash Bros. Ultimate. There's so much crammed in here. It's so good. Like all of the hype that led up to it was worth it and it just really paid off. Wow. I've already put so many hours into this and will continue to.

Game from a previous year: NCAA Football 14. No really. The last installment in the NCAA Football franchise and it just feels like such a better football simulator than any Madden that's come out in awhile. Picked it up after being inspired by NotTheExpert's UGF Pandas series on YouTube and I've sunk a lot of time into this one. Even if all the features aren't being supported anymore it's just such a good football game and we haven't had one of those on the market in years.
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2018 has felt like its gone on for about twenty years at this rate, I actually have no idea what games I've played and if they've come out in 2018 or not.

But if I had to take my best guess, I would probably say Slay the Spire. Definitely one of the best roguelikes on the market right now. Being a very decision and strategy based game has definitely endeared me to it. Games like Binding of Issac and Enter the Gungeon are also really fun as well, but reaction timing isn't one of my strongest suits so having a game where you can be rewarded for taking your time and making the most optimal move every turn is really, really satisfying to me.

Into the Breach almost made it but I haven't played enough of it to really be sure.

As for games definitely not released this year that I ended up playing this year, god there is a shitton I could put here. Darkest Dungeon, Touhou Puppet Dance Performance, Final Fantasy VI, Earthbound...I really can't choose so.
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Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee, because they showed that Americans (especially millennials) prioritize brand immersion and don't really care about anything else. A pitiful cohort of would-be's that binge order memberberries off Amazon Fresh.

In Japan, LGPE is the worst selling main series Pokemon game. In the USA, it's sold better than XY, meaning it's the fourth best selling title, behind RBY, GSC and DP. It could possibly surpass DP as the third best selling title.

Maybe the Japan sales would have been better if LGPE were advertised as a Mario game, like Lettsa Go! Pikachu.
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GotY from 2018... Rimworld. Absolutely has to be. Personally, I'd consider it one of the best games on Steam. Yes it's been in Beta for a while but the official release was this year so I'm counting it.

As for game I played a lot of this year... Total War: Warhammer II. Getting into the multiplayer and god damn I'm even worse than I thought despite 270+ hours since june.
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If we're talking games that came out this year, then SSBU. It lived up to the hype and got me playing "fighting" games, which is something I just don't do.

If we're talking what I played the most, AC Origins. My wife loved it so it was practically all we played for the better part of 6 months. Runner-up was Monster Hunter World, but since I don't like hogging the TV for myself, I didn't play it nearly as much.

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The Best 2018 Game I Actually Played in 2018: Monster Hunter World

Maybe it's the fact that 2018 has actually been three years in a trenchcoat, but I've found that I've been playing fewer games but putting large numbers of hours into what I actually do play. I'm sure I'll get around to Dad of War: Every Game Developer Is Having Kids And Is Now Thinking About Parenthood and Rockstar Cowboy Game With Horse Testicle Shrinkage eventually, but I feel like of the 2018 games I actually got around to MH:W cinches it pretty easily for reasons I've already sperged about in the main gaming thread.

The default runners up are Destiny 2: Forsaken and Battletech, but Destiny 2 suffers from the creeping sense that Bungie is going to manage to learn nothing at all and fuck it up again somehow, and Battletech suffers from both the legacy problems of being tied to the Battletech universe (the tabletop game has fundamental balance issues that can only be resolved by the "Pulse Laser+Targeting Comp mechs and the Hellstar do not exist at our table so that we will still be friends afterwards" method) and the uneven difficulty spikes of procgen missions that drop you right within farting distance of every enemy unit on the map.

Also Harebrained if you're reading this the way to be GOTY for me would be to make a campaign in the clan homeworlds complete with all their batchall/zellbrigen/giant robot honor duel bullshit which would be a good change of pace from yet another "you're some rando mercs have fun" plot trying to catch that MW2 Mercs lightning in a bottle again so you know just putting that out there

Best Living(?) Game in 2018: Warframe

Or whatever you want to call the LoLs/Fortnites/DotA/et al of the world that don't fit neatly into a given year but are major gaming forces in their own right.

I wound up putting 800+ hours into Warframe this year, which I feel either is a strong endorsement of the game or evidence that I have severe personal issues that have gone dangerously unresolved. From a clinical perspective the game can be a total clusterfuck of half-baked design ideas that never went anywhere, and despite really liking it I recognize that for some people the scattershot design approach that favors "is this cool?" over "is this coherent?" will be a major turnoff. That said, when you get your first taste of real ultimate power and your character's strength begins its stratospheric climb, the Diablo-meets-TPS-horde-shooter loop is satisfying in ways that Destiny (bound by some semblance of sanity for PVP's sake) can't match: sure, Bungie's shooting is tighter, but you don't get to fire a shotgun down a hallway and watch literally everything explode into chunky salsa like you can in Warframe.
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Spyro: Reignited Trilogy

Mostly because I cried a lot while playing them. Spyro (specifically the third and second games) were the first videogames I ever played and seeing them in this beautiful HD format blew me away. I actually cried a little when I first walked out into Summer Forest in Ripto's Rage. Also!!! Everyone controls so slick (THEY MADE AGENT 9 FUN)!!! And all the hard stuff from the original is easier but still fun and fulfilling and omfg I loved all of these so much.

I know some people have issues with the motion blur but it really didn't bother me? I enjoyed the gameplay throughly and I may have finished all three games in two days...

For great games that I played in 2018 that didn't come out in 2018... well I played Persona 5 again lmao.

I adore Persona 5 and I aimed to get all the trophies this time (although I didn't succeed, ended up missing the compendium achievement, book achievement, and the videogame achievement) so I'll need at least one more playthrough for that.
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