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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Myahoo- Draped in white and followed by your Swablu, you trot along with the rest of your group as you close in on the location for the night’s festivities. As members of group slowly splinter off, Cirrus gives you a chirp to suggest you should probably do the same. Picking out an old brick, two story house, you walk up the steps and give the door a knock. As the door begins to open, Cirrus exhales a mist over the ground, quickly setting the mood. Three kids and two adults appear at the door, immediately marvelling at the eerie beauty of the mist as it blends with your costume.

“The rest of them are up there”, the mother points upwards to a balcony on the second floor. Slowly stepping back into the mist, you look up at the balcony and spot yet another six children, the oldest was likely in their late teens with the others a range of different sizes. It seems you had quite a large audience, hopefully they would all enjoy your trick. Pushing on with his display, the Swablu begins to flap his wings, generating an ominous wind that sweeps the mist upwards, reaching up to the balcony as the kids begin to paw at the slightly cold air. You almost fade from existence as the mist spreads, the house’s occupants are forced to strain their eyes in order to keep track of you.

Suddenly Cirrus begins to sing a haunting melody, you can just make out the confusion in the eyes of the kids and their parents. Another mist begins to form, this one an eerie grey. It swirls and mixes with the mist, causing you to all but disappear from sight. As Cirrus’s song comes to an end, the mother speaks out.

“Thank you so much, that was certainly an entertaining experience. I will leave you reward on the doorstep.” You hear the door close as the family heads back inside, as the mists begin to fade you make your way over to the doorstep and collect your prizes.

(Congratulations on an amazing costume and trick! You have received 2 Rare Candies and 2 Beignets)

(Beignets are equivalent to a Mysterious Gummi aka +5 Bond)
"Could've gone better, but, hey, we got something!" Melissa said, scooping up the Rare Candies and Beignets.

Cirrus twittered and flew over to settle on her shoulder, examining the treats they'd gotten.

"Very true." She pocketed the treats and turned to begin the journey home. "Now let's get home, so I can take all of this off and check out what that notice was."

Collecting my 2x Rare Candies and 2x Beignets for use later. Thanks for the event!
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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Maskerade- You make your way through the streets with the rest of the group, finding that everyone else seems to be giving you quite a bit of space. While Guntz was a rather friendly Pokemon, his costume made him much more intimidating. The rumbling of his stomach scared a few of the smaller Pokemon, perhaps they were concerned that the devourer would see them as a snack? When everyone starts choosing houses, you do the same, picking a rather small house as many of the others on the street were already being entertained. Leaving Guntz in the street where he would have a bit more room to move, you make your way up the steps and give the door a knock. The door soon creaks open to reveal a rather robust man dressed like a chef, food still stained the white garments. Clinging to the man’s leg is a young girl, likely no older than four. At first the girl seems a little frightened by the devourers presence but a reassuring hand and word from her father is enough to comfort her.

“It’s alright baby, this man is here to put on a show for us”, the man grinned, eager to see what you had in store for him and his young daughter.
Wanting to impress, you start your display, sprinkling a few candies across the street. The Snorlax quickly gobbles down the candies as you cry out a warning. “Oh, calamity! There is no more food left to appease the Lord of the Black Forest… His rage grows! The fury that felled Osgard is about to descend on this city… Behold! The fate that awaits you if His famine lasts! Flee, run for cover, make room!!”

The young girl tightens her hold on her father’s leg as she awaits the devourer’s reaction. Suddenly Guntz bounces high into the air, stunning both father and daughter as he pulls of a feat that one would never expect from such a robust Pokemon. As he reached the peak of his jump and started to descend, the Gourgeist mask around Guntz’s head begins to glow. Suddenly flames erupt from the opening in the mask, quickly surrounding the Snorlax’s entire body as he plummets towards the earth like a meteor.

Next came the final move, but Guntz couldn’t do it by himself. With sleight of hand and Guntz drawing most of the father and daughter’s attention, you activate the Grassium Z Crystal on your Z Ring. You quickly perform the necessary movements with practiced precision. The flames begin to flicker green as Guntz crashes into the street. A giant orange flower forms around the Snorlax before it erupts, sending petals scattering around the street. The young girl who was at first scared, now sported a smile from ear to ear as she tried to catch petals before they dissipated.

“Thank you for that display sir”, the man smiles as he looks at his daughter playing cheerfully. “Please take these rewards and share them with your Pokemon.” The chef hands you a clutch of treats before directing his daughter back inside.

(Congratulations on an amazing costume and trick! You have received 5 Rare Candies and 4 Beignets)
As a sea of blazing orange petals surrounded him, Rorik grinned under his plague doctor mask. Things had gone perfectly, from the costumes to the trick, and to be perfectly honest... Guntz had never pulled such a perfect Bloom Doom up until today. Seeing the energy petals alight from the ember remnants almost brought a tear to his eyes; he had never expected to be this successful at something so unscientific.

When it was over, he thanked the Chef and his family, then dropped the contents of the pouch on his hand: five Candies and four lovely Beignets... what a haul. But these would not be for him; after all, the Lord of the Black Forest hungered!


Thanks so much for this fun little event guys! It was great!
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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Sandaa- Ghostly butler follows banshee Buru through the streets as you near the location for the night’s festivities. You let the dyed white Smeargle select a house as your group breaks apart, the Normal type immediately selects a brightly coloured home, perhaps drawn to it by her artistic nature. A solid knock on the door isn’t enough to stir the house's occupants so you give it another go, hoping someone was home. This time the door is answered by an elderly couple who support themselves on a pair of walkers. While the husband seems dreary and unamused, the wife seems delighted at your presence as she nudges her husband, hoping to perk him up a touch.

“Oh that is a lovely pair of costumes isn’t it dear? I hope you have a nice display for us?” The old lady gives you a smile as she waits patiently.
“Eh it's alright”, grumbles her husband, “get on with it though, I’m missing my show.”

Not wanting to keep the elderly couple waiting, you instruct Buru to start her display. She begins to sing an eerie tune, channelling her inner banshee as a cloud of energy begins to build around the pair of prune lovers. As the haunting melody strengthens the husband and wife begin to sway a little, becoming confused by the strange song. Buru takes advantage of the lapse as she sprinkles orbs of pure darkness above them, the energy rains down, through the cloud of energy, causing it to dissipate. Soon the husband begins to snore loudly, slumping down on his walker as his wife still seems rather dazed and confused. Finally, Buru cast a spell upon the slumbering husband, causing him to stir in his sleep. As Buru ends her haunting melody and trick, the wife slowly regains her wits.

“Wow! That was quite the captivating performance, but I must say I’m more impressed that you got the old grouch to sleep! I might actually be able to watch what I want for a change!”

“Banshees, so many Banshees”, mumbles the husband in his sleep, “give me back my remote you banshee….”

The wife helps her husband back inside before returning with a basket full of goodies. “You pair definitely earned these!”

(Congratulations on your amazing costume and trick! You have received 3 Rare Candies and 3 Beignets)

(OOC: I hope you all enjoyed the event and enjoy your rewards. Please wait for Naru's updates before posting in the thread to collect your rewards. Happy Halloween!

Beignets are equivalent to a Mysterious Gummi aka +5 Bond)
Gary felt a little bad about casting those spells on the elderly couple, but he was proud of Buru nonetheless. As they claimed their sweets and bid the couple farewell, they made their way back to the town hall to change out of costume. “You did wonderful,” Gary smiled, giving Buru a quick rub on the head. Buru smiled back and munched on the three pieces of candy. As they thanked the people running the event, Gary and Buru prepared to depart the City of Jesters and Thieves, Gary took one last look back at all of the festivities. “We’ve got to try this again next year!”

Thanks TKF and Naru for a fun event! Claiming my 3 Candies and 3 Beignets. Feeding those 3 Candies to Buru, elevating her from lv.17 -> lv.20.
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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Raves- Having set sail and left the hall in search of delectable treasures, you soon find Atilla steering the ship as she breaks away from the back, anchor skimming along the ground. The Larvitar soon finds a house suitable for her likings, she gives the door a thumping, demanding the occupants rush to meet her. A young couple soon answer the door, the young blonde has her arms wrapped around her brawny partners waist.

“Sick pirate costume bro”, complements the boyfriend, “that hook looks gnarly!”

“Aww and is this your little first mate?” The girlfriend crouches down to get a closer look at Atilla, but as she reaches out to pet her, she is sent stumbling backward by a startling leer. Acting quickly the boyfriend catches her before she manages to hurt herself, although he too seems rather uncomfortable with the Larvitar’s eyes locked on him. You bring Atilla back into the street to prevent any unnecessary damage to the house. Thankfully you had provided yourselves with just enough room before Atilla stomps her foot on the ground, swinging anchor overhead and slamming it into the ground as rocks erupt from beneath the pavement. The rocks hang in the air, moving around slowly as if they had minds of their own. The girlfriend held her partner tight, frightened by the Rock types display of strength while her boyfriend tried his best to remain stoic. As a larger boulder closed in on the Steel Kraken, she coats her head in steel energy, capping her horn with iron. With a sudden surge she shatters the stone into a shower of gravel, working quickly she follows up by swinging her anchor in a sweeping arc. One by one the rocks shatter under the brute force of the anchor, filling the street with dust. As it settles Atilla stands triumphant among the rubble, her eyes still leering at the young couple while she points the anchor towards her trainer.

Digging into a bowl just inside the door, the boyfriend tosses you a reward, “th tha thanks for that, here you go, bye….” He slams the door and leaves you to collect your reward from the rubble.

(Congratulations on your amazing costumes and trick! You received 4 Rare Candies and 3 slightly dusty Beignets….)

The performance to the young couple went well enough, if the intention was to collect debt from debtors. Given the lack of experience in the situation, Attila's brutish technique certainly left the pair a little intimidated, yet the fruits of their labour were clear. A handful of candies and what appeared to be small cakes of some description, dusted with icing sugar and some dust from the broken rocks. Well, they would be fine with a brush down. Better yet, the house she chose was rather close to the entrance to the city, which would allow them a quick getaway from this place. After all, the pair had taken this disguise to elude some irate revellers, and beating a hasty retreat was damn near essential to his survival.

OOC: Picking up 4 candies and 3 Beignets, and the candies will be swiftly devoured by Attila, taking her from level 1 to 5.
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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

Your outfit was positively gothic, it was well suited for the occasion of Halloween. The usual pink that Alice was known for was present, but faded from age and wear. The gothic lolita fashion was certainly appealing, and you could almost feel some of the curious onlookers glance at you as you walked through the crowded streets. Eridian followed, his grape suit reflected the bright moon that shone in the sky above the village. Your trick was practiced, of course, but there was still that room for error if anything went wrong. It was such an experimental trick, you had to wonder if you would actually be able to pull it off flawlessly without a hitch. Eridian looked up at his trainer, everything felt so well rehearsed and well received over at the church but he could barely fight through his feelings of nervousness if his trainer got hurt in some way from doing this trick… he would never forgive himself.

As you two walked at a brisk pace towards your destination, you noticed a small home. It was more of a cottage than an actual house, quaint and small, yet extremely well decorated for the occasion. Various garbage bags lined the lawn, all decorated with crude marker sketches of pumpkins and ghosts. Another garbage bag decoration shaped like that of a man was hung from a tree, although you hated to admit that you knew it was all just a trick made with milk jugs --- you had to admit it was cool just on a surface level. As you walked closer to the house, you saw three pumpkins of varying sizes next to the door. Each was carved with a different Pokemon, presumably by the children that lived her. Some were a little shakier than others, giving way to lead you to believe that they had been done by someone younger. One was carved in the shape of an Umbreon, another as a Zoroark, and the final was done in the shape of an Alolan Meowth. You smiled to yourself upon seeing them, it really was a wonderful time of year for the young and old alike.

As you approached the house, you instructed Eridian to be ready for your signal. A young boy opened the door, dressed up as a certain purple dragon. He looked like he was getting ready to out for the night himself, he looked at you curiously as a middle-aged woman also appeared in the doorway --- carrying a child that looked no older than three. You gave a small bow, as you tossed your Bagon into the air. Allowing him to begin the trick, it went precisely as you had practiced, and following the final reveal of your blackened eyes, the boy at the door let out a startled wail, while his mother simply laughed and admired your trick. She walked forward and placed 3 Rare Candies and 2 Beignets in your hand.

“Please come back next year! That was very entertaining!” She smiled, bidding you adieu.

[Alice received 3 Rare Candies and 2 Beignets (Mysterious Gummis)]
The house that the duo had decided to stop at was smaller than some of the others, but had character that reminded Alice of home. It made her heart ache a little to remember the world that she had left behind, but it didn't matter too much, and her focus had to be on the trick itself lest she die in the act and ruin Halloween for everyone. Thankfully, it all went perfectly.

The blonde couldn't help a laugh at the boy's reaction, though, proud of herself and the Bagon - who was now breaking down the rocks and washing the dirt away with an expertly-done hydro pump - who had done an excellent job. Of course, any expression that Alice made at this point was eerie, because her black eyes veiled any emotion that might have otherwise shone through them.

"Thank you! We totally will, we had a great time!" The blonde assured, thanking the mother again as she packed away her prizes. Candies were always welcome for this particular trainer. It would be sweet to see how much the smaller child had grown, too. "Have a great night!"

[Collecting my candies and beignets. Thanks, Naru! <3]
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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post


Obscure costumes were always welcomed around the village of jesters and thieves. They were used to the same sort of costumes, the ones that were popular for that given year. Tate’s costume, although not recognized by many --- brought a welcome buzz into the area. Many questions of ‘oh what are those ADORABLE costumes?’ flooded Tate, causing her to have to explain her love for this TV show repeatedly. Their routine was easy, a reference to the show. Of course, Tate was unsure how many people would actually understand said reference. But hell, sometimes being self indulgent in your costumes was far more worth it than actually having people understand what you were. After practicing the trick a few times in the alley, you walked back through it. Although the alley wasn’t exactly the safest bet around these parts, hell, you were 90% sure there was some spooky illegal organ trafficking happening around here. It was probably wise to avoid any confrontation that wasn’t absolutely necessary, which included those on the way to your destination.

As you rounded a corner, you saw a series of small apartment complexes. They were quaint, a little on the beaten up side considering that you assumed you were in the bad part of town. You glanced at all of them, seeing three in particular along your stretch. One had a red door, complete with a paper cut-out of dracula pasted upon it. The second in line had a blue door, with a siren whose mouth was opened as if to emulate a horrifying screech. The third and final door, was a pale yellow. This door had a cutesy children’s drawing of a Pikachu upon it’s surface. Considering your earlier sentiments, you decided that it was probably in your best interest to attend to the yellow door. The children’s drawing was the most appealing, even Kai seemed to agree. (They have children, they obviously can’t be that bad… right?). As you approached the door, you got yourself ready --- throwing Kai under one arm so you could quickly hold her in front of you when you opened the door.

A woman around your age opened the door, looking at your as you did your extremely cute and well rehearsed trick. She gasped loudly, cupping her hands to her mouth.

“Ohmygod! Ohmygod! I love YuYu Hakusho!” She exclaimed, squealing in delight. She dropped a few pieces of candy into your hand with a tremendous grin on her face. “You made my night!”

[CENTER][Tate received 4 Rare Candies and 3 Beignets (Mysterious Gummis)]

((OOC: Thank you everyone for participating! This was a lot of fun! Now that my post has gone up, feel free to reply and claim any rewards))
Tate spent several minutes gushing with the resident of the apartment over decades-old television, until Kai got bored with hanging under her trainer's arm like a sack of Topo berries and whacked her trainer in the back of the neck with a thick, muscular tail. Yelping in pain, Tate reluctantly bid the fellow fan a fond farewell, trotting away with an unimpressed Vaporeon still limply hanging from an elbow.

"That was fun!" Tate enthused. "We should do this again next year."

Kai whimpered.

OOC: Picking up 4 Rare Candies and 3 Beignets. Thank you!
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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

=-------------------~Median Dia~-------------------=

A fusion costume was always a tricky task, you had to wonder if just a single simplistic Pokemon to other Pokemon would suffice. You were sure that this idea had in theory, been done to death at this point. Another Pokemon turning into a ~spookier~ Pokemon, well, that was kind of simple. You had to take this up a notch... but how could you do that? The idea came to you rather suddenly, causing a smirk to form on your lips. Throwing a samurai outfit upon your now Lampent, and throwing a few samurai swords his way. He was absolutely perfect, and you were now ready to go door to door and get some candy.

As you walked towards the neighborhood, a few quiet murmurs passed through your ears as you walked. Curious as to what your Pokemon was attempting to portray, but you let them wonder. The wonder added to the fun of the costume, and that was all that really mattered in the end. As you walked through the well lit side of Le Marécage Noir, in The City of Jesters and Thieves --- you took a glance at a few of the brightly coloured homes that were on your left. One house was a pleasant gold, well kept, the lawn was trimmed nicely with beautiful hedges in the front. The hedges themselves were lined with fake cobwebs, with small fake Spinarak lining the edges of it. There seemed to be a rather lively party going on inside, as you could see many jumbled silhouettes in the window. You smiled to yourself, approaching the door with your trick ready in your mind.

Your "Lampent" astonished the trio of drunk guys that stumbled towards the door, one held his joint in his hand and gasped loudly.

"Bro... I'm fuckin, tripping out right now..." He said looking down at the Inkay. "Is that an Inkay or a Lampent, mannnnn..?" He looked bewildered, passing you a few candies. "Dude, I don't think I need these edibles anymore... you can have them..." He stumbled back inside, his two friends in tow.

[Chroma received 3 Rare Candies, and 2 Beignets (Mysterious Gummis)]

((OOC: Thank you everyone for participating! This was a lot of fun! Now that my post has gone up, feel free to reply and claim any rewards))
Claiming these little goodies, whilst wondering if they guy was maybe on more than just alcohol.

Feeding Beignet #1 to Miapladicus the staryu, raising its Bond to 16.

Feeding Beignet #2 to Tobu the passimian, rising her Bond to 8.

Thank you very much!

Tangled Feet- "Only I have the right to hit me!"
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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Naruxami- You find yourself broody and lacking knowledge as you follow the rest of the group through the streets of suburban LMN. Vin/Ghost was pawing along beside you, likewise getting into her new persona. You pick a large house towards the end of the street and slowly stride your way over to it. As you come close to the door, your Leafeon turned dire wolf begins to growl, increasing the intensity as you approach the door. As if summoned by the growl, a shaggy looking man wearing a beanie opens the door.

“Holy shit, it’s Jon Snow!” The man can’t believe his eyes, he quickly turns and shouts back into the house, “dudes, Jon Snow and Ghost are here!!”
“Dude!” exclaim all four of the men who rush down the hallway, beers still in hand. They swig and slurp the bitter beverage, eager to see how things were going to play out.

With your entire crowd summoned, you draw sword from its sheath, the screech of metal against metal puts the blokes on edge. As Vinny lunges at you with his entire body, you swing the dull blade around to parry his advance. With the blow parried you then swing the sword around towards the Leafeon’s white painted tail, but she is well prepared. A steel coating surrounds Vinny’s tail as she swings it around to meet the incoming sword. The two blades clash and the paint masking Vinny’s natural colour scatters through the air like falling snow.

“Winter is coming”, you mutter in your deepest voice. Vinny bares his teeth at the bunch of blokes, waiting to see their reaction.

“Duuuuuuuuuuude”, groan all the men. They raise their beers to salute you before finishing them and crushing the empty cans on their heads.

Four of the blokes then return inside, likely to fetch another beer. The one who answered the door remains, his eyes look a little spacey. “Ah yeah I guess I owe you something for that sick trick right? Just let me see what we’ve got left in here.”

(Congratulations on an amazing costume and trick! You have received 3 Rare Candies and 3 Beignets)

(OOC: I hope you all enjoyed the event and enjoy your rewards. Please wait for Naru's updates before posting in the thread to collect your rewards. Happy Halloween!

Beignets are equivalent to a Mysterious Gummi aka +5 Bond)
claiming my goodies, which includes:
- 3 Rare Candies
- 3 Beignets

Thanks TFK, always a pleasure working with u <3.

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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post
Morningstar- With a harbinger of death padding along beside you, you make your way through the streets before eventually breaking away from the rest of the group. Selecting a nearby house you give the door a quick knock, the mysterious cloak still draped over your body. As the door swings open, Choux lets out a low rumbling growl, only to be met by laughter as a group of three preteen boys stand before you.

“A green dog and girl dressed in rags?” The middle and tallest of the boys questions. “what exactly about this is meant to be scary?”

Frowning as the boys break into laughter once more, you begin your trick, hoping a little backstory would scare the boys straight. They fall silent as you begin to talk…

"Legends tell of a creature who roams the highlands... Travelers who hear its haunting barks find themselves chilled to the bone!" Choux crunches his jaws together as sparks of chilling ice energy splinter forth and chill the surrounding air, sending a shiver down the boys’ spines.

"These travellers are shocked to hear the next bay of this horrible creature..." The boys suddenly jump backwards as Choux jaws crack together once more, sending sparks of electricity dancing towards the boys’ feet.

"For if you hear a third bark... you'll meet certain death!" Fire belches from Choux’s maw as you both hurl your capes to the ground. All three boys scream in terror as they see your head resting in the crutch of your arms and a pillar of flame sprouting from your neck. They quickly turn tail and run, fleeing deeper into the house.

Laughter fills the hallway as the father of one of the boys reveals himself, having been secretly watching the entire time. “That was amazing! I haven’t seen him that scared in ages, thank you so much!” The man happily hands you a clutch of goodies before closing the door, leaving you with a pile of treats in one hand and your own head in the other.

(Congratulations on an amazing costume and trick! You have received 4 Rare Candies and 2 Beignets)

Still in shock, Athena could only watched as the boys ran screaming from the doorway. A brief moment of pride washed over her for creating such a reaction, and she smiled weakly at the boy's father who was joyfully thanking her. She grabbed the treats without thinking, Choux taking an interest in them almost immediately. The door closed and she stood there for a few moments. The illusion, or whatever it was, did not seem to be passing, and Athena was beginning to feel panicked.

"Lets...go find that creepy guy, Choux." Athena said blankly as she headed back to the streets of the city.
"Snubbull!" Choux demanded. Athena handed him a Rare Candy to hold him over until they could get this sorted out.

Claiming my 4 Rare Candies and 2 Beignets! Thanks to Naru and TKF for a fun and spooky event!!!

Choux grew to level 4!

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Lil' Bluey

Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

As you all loaded into the wagon, it was somewhat obvious that Pan seemed a little more excited than usual. Perhaps he was just excited to get going, or maybe he was excited to see his sister perform. The wagon ride was pretty tame, Patty looked somewhat nervous to be put on the spotlight at a stranger's house. Around halfway through the way there, the two young children jumped out of the wagon and trotted excitedly next to each other behind Blueberry. You followed behind them, with Waffle taking up the rear dragging the wagon. As they walked through the city, the children gawked at every person in their costume. They let out small gasps and excited claps as some of the particularly spooked costumes passed them by. As they continued to walk, they came across a few particularly well lit houses. One such house caught the attention of Blueberry, who floated towards it.

The house in question was cute, well painted a dark brown with some pink highlights. The house was perfectly colourful, lit up by the various lights shaped light skulls, zombies, and bats. Caution tape was spread around haphazardly, creating a rather roundabout path through the front lawn. There were various “spooky” decorations within the maze of caution tape, meaning you’d have to see each one as you walked through the maze. There were a few spooky spiders with glowing red eyes, a dracula who moaned as he slowly lifted himself from his coffin, and a zombie hand that would shoot out of the Earth as you walked by. The Litwick children once again ‘oooed and awed’ as they walked through the maze, glancing at everything as they passed. As they approached the door, the parents unloaded the wagon, placing the cauldron and all her props in front of the door as Jess gave a quick knock. Causing a young woman to step out, looking at the cute dressed up Litwick at the door.

The female Litwick went through her trick as rehearsed, everything went off without a hitch… until of course she began to lift the doll out of the cauldron with psychic. Instead of the expected Pika Doll, a skull began to emerge. This caused the woman to give a fake scared “oooo” as it began to levitate in the air above the small candle. As it floated above, Patty seemed obviously confused. She knew this wasn’t part of her trick, especially when the skull’s eyes lit up and an apparition of a skeleton formed next to the female Litwick. It walked menacingly towards the woman, causing Pan to cackle the whole time. The woman gave a terrified scream, throwing candy and beignets into the cauldron before running back into the door, giving it a harsh slam.

[Jess received 5 Rare Candies and 4 Beignets (Mysterious Gummis]

((OOC: Thank you everyone for participating! This was a lot of fun! Now that my post has gone up, feel free to reply and claim any rewards))
Picking up:

5x Rare Candies
4x Beignets

...while Blue punishes Pan for misbehaving by pinching his cheeks. =3=

Thank you, and Happy Halloween!
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Halloween was always the perfect time to dress a little more... provocatively. Considering what a sucker you were for matching costumes, you had to ensure that you and Rompette's costumes matched. The small Bounsweet had been done up to look like a Haunter --- a rather fitting change in order to represent the holiday a little better. Ironically enough, you were dressed as a Gengar. Not just any old Gengar though, a well dressed and sexy Gengar. You could practically see guy's heads spinning to catch a better look at you, gawking at your well placed cleavage. It was kind of flattering, but you had to laugh at the fools. They hunched over like lovestruck baboons, almost as though they had never seen a pair of breasts before. It was kind of pathetic to say the least, but, alas... that was what this holiday was truly about.

As you walked down the street, you came across a particular house. Well, house might actually be a bit of an understatement. It was huge, more like a ritzy manor of sorts. It was a stark black, Gothic architecture at it's finest. You smirked, this would absolutely be the perfect place to spend your evening. You trotted happily towards the door, taking note of the various decorations as you approached. There was a smoke machine that was billowing out a pale misty fog, a fake devil statue --- who's eyes lit up red as you passed it. It made a bleating noise, similar to that of a goat. You assumed it was a way to signal to the owners that someone was approaching the house. You stood at the door, ready for your big moment.

After your performance, you gave a big smile --- especially following Rompette's perfect ooga booga face. The homeowners, an older male couple clapped following the entire thing. The taller of the two smiled and pinched Melody's cheek.

"Well aren't you darling!" He shouted, smiling at the young woman and the "Haunter". He placed a few candies in her hand, bidding her adieu for the rest of the night.

[Melody received 3 Rare Candies and 2 Beignets (Mysterious Gummis)]

3x Rare Candies
2x Mysterious Gummis

Thanks for the event guys.

Fizzy Bubbles: Melody Star
Mountain Stones: Krustallos
Wild Future: Gregor Munch

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Originally Posted by Naruxami View Post

Although your first attempt at a costume wasn’t exactly what the locals would consider, up to snuff for their Hallows Eve events --- a very kind stranger had pointed you in the right direction to get an even better costume. Upon looking over your options, you finally decided on one that you felt would suit the mood perfectly. As you hunched yourself over, trotting through the streets to the best of your ability in your high class Mudsdale costume; your Charmander acted as though it was the headless horseman --- holding a pumpkin in it’s hands and using it’s tail to make the eyes glow. It was a rather spooky costume, but you hoped you could still find a way to brighten any onlookers that saw you’s day.

As you trotted through the streets, you gave your best neighs and whinnies as people would accidentally bump into you. (More often than not, it was you bumping into them due to your somewhat poor vision in the suit.). As you trotted towards the various houses, Kei tried their best to lead you in a good direction, but it was somewhat difficult for the small fire lizard. The two of you eventually found you way to rather beaten up house, it almost looked as though no one had lived there for quite some time. The boards of the house were cracked and decaying, the windows were broken and boarded up to keep the draft out. It was a rather spooky house, and upon first glance --- Kei immediately felt the need to walk you as out of the area as fast as you had come in. However, upon the feeling of a beaten path under your ‘hooves’ you began to rush towards the house; causing a rather worried Kei to clutch the pumpkin more tightly in her small hands. As you walked up to the house, before even banging on the door, you instructed Kei to begin bellowing out her smokescreen. She obliged, causing you to lift a hoof and knock hard on the door.

A man answered the door, he looked somewhat dishevelled and his eyes were seemingly dimming. He squinted upon answering his door, as the smokescreen was obscuring his vision. All he could see properly is the flames from inside the pumpkin, which slowly began to spark as Kei used ember. He took a step back, watching as the rest of your costume was illuminated by the sparks. As he fixated his gaze on Kei once again, they began to do a little dance atop your back. The man chuckled to himself, smiling at you and Kei.

“You know, that’s what I needed tonight. I usually hate this dreary day.” His smile grew wider, as he dropped 4 Rare Candies and 2 Beignets into Kei’s hands.

[Patches received 4 Rare Candies and 2 Beignets (Mysterious Gummis)]
Not sure if it's too late to claim my stuff? If not, then I'm claiming my 4 Rare Candies and 2 Beignets.
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