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Originally Posted by Connor View Post

Raid Boss Grovyle

Health Gauge: 0%
Shields Up: 0
Status: Fainted
KOs: 2

Sensing the blood in the water, Lemmy returns to the fray, grinning dopily as he showers his target with another salvo of Sludge Bombs. Brainy chirps as she unleashes a pair of Pin Missiles, and Kita raises his fist to the sky. Flame burns intensely around his clenched hand, and with a shrieking roar of determination he lunges, the singeing strike finally felling his reptilian adversary. Grovyle wails with ungodly misery as he shrinks, slinking back into the shadowy recesses of the Wilds.

For their efforts in defeating Grovyle, the Raiders are awarded the following:

  • 40 Watts
  • 1x TR Energy Ball
  • 3x Rindo Berries
  • +6 Levels to participating Pokemon Lv. 29 or under, +3 Levels to participating Pokemon Lv. 30 or higher. [+3 Rare Candies if Pokemon is Lv. 100]
It hadn’t been all that long since Lemmy had observed his first raid alongside his trainer. The Baby Pokémon had been in awe of the experience with eyes like saucers and it wasn’t long before Zak had signed him up to take part in one for himself. Since that time, the Toxel had shown quite the interest in taking part in raids despite his age but his trainer encouraged this, signing the pair up to head to the Slumbering Wilds to deal with yet another Dynamaxed threat.

Claiming a victory against the gargantuan Grovyle alongside his fellow raiders, the Toxel crowed happily and danced about the group attempting to fist bump the other victors before dashing over to celebrate with his trainer. It was at this moment that the Baby Pokémon started to glow with a bright white light, his form changing shape as he did before the light dimmed to reveal a whole different Pokémon.

“Woah, Lemmy - look at you!” The man was taken aback by the transformation of his team mate. Where the baby had been moments before, a Low-Key Toxtricity now stood. The Punk Pokémon looked pleased with himself and strummed at the newly formed protrusions on his chest, delighted by the bass tones he could now produce.

“Check you out!” Zak was impressed by his team mate’s peculiar physiology and reached forwards to try and simulate one of the notes for himself. As he did, the Toxtricity grabbed the man and dragged him into a close embrace. It was clear he had achieved something today and wanted to show his trainer how happy he was for the opportunity.

“Lemmy, you big softie - you wanna go ahead and grab our spoils?” Zak motioned towards the rewards they had all been offered for vanquishing the towering threat. The Toxtricity gave the man a swift nod before stepping forwards to scoop up the items under one of his long arms to bring back to his trainer. With spoils in hand, the two of them waved a fond farewell to their fellow raiders and turned on their heels to begin the long trek out of the Wilds once more...
- Lemmy the Toxel levelled up from Lv24 to Lv30... and evolved!
- Collecting 40 Watts, TR Energy Ball and three Rindo Berries

Thanks Connor ^^
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