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Azriel's Journal


Name: Azriel
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Class: Warrior (Fighting Major, Steel Minor, Fairy Weakness)
Appearance: Azriel has a powerful figure, standing at an impressive height of 6'01''. Additionally, he has broad shoulders and a muscular build, adding to his striking appearance. He has dark, medium length hair in a fashion that makes it clear he doesn't spend much time worrying about it. Still, it never covers his face, which almost ways bears a serious expression. His eyes are a contemplative shade of jade, not so dull as to be dull but not so bright as to draw attention. Instead, they reveal a deep contemplativeness, windows to a mind that is always moving, thinking, turning, calculating. He typically wears boots, dark jeans, a dark red tee shirt, and a black leather jacket.
Personality: Azriel has but one goal: To become the most powerful trainer, both himself and his Pokemon. Aside from this goal, he is rather apathetic. He tends to go after this goal without care for much else, simply choosing the path that will offer him the most. He's always carefully weighing situations for their worth, quickly deciding if it's worth the effort. He does, however, have a set of morals that he at least somewhat adheres to. He's ambitious, not evil.
Background: Azriel and his family lived in Saffron City before the disasters. Unfortunately, that was the part of the region that got the worst of it, and he lost his parents in the ensuing chaos. Now alone and lost in the wilderness, he had no idea what to do. Eventually, someone found him. A trainer with a powerful team, one of many that were springing to action to try and help who they could during this time of crisis. The trainer escorted Azriel to safety, then disappeared back into the chaos he had emerged from. This experience resulted in Azriel's wish to become powerful, so that he may never be as defenseless as he was then.
Starter Group: Three


Name: Charlemagne
Species: Shroomish
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Grass
Ability: Effect Spore
Nature: Jolly
Ball: Pokeball
Obtained: Starter
Mood: 50
Level-Up Moves: Absorb, Tackle, Stun Spore
Egg Moves: Wake-Up Slap
Technical Moves:
Tutor Moves:
Hidden Moves:
Custom Moves:
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x3 Potion
x1 Revive

x6 Pokeballs

Berry Pouch
x2 Oran
x2 Cheri
x2 Chesto
x2 Pecha
x2 Rawst
x2 Aspear

x1 Escape Rope

x2 Retro Mail

TM Case

Key Items
Fishing Pole

Jeri Co. Giveaways (Waiting to be Claimed)
x2 Star Shard
x1 Rainbow Pass
x1 Quick Claw
x3 Rare Candy
x2 Egg Candy
x2 Enigmatic Candy

Trade - to Send
x1 Enigmatic Candy
x1 Energy Core from Evo Item IOU

Trade - to Pick Up
x1 Rare Candy
x1 Egg Candy
x2 Star Shards
x1 Dive Ball


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Quest Log:

Active (1/3)
1) Attack in Misty Plaza!
2) ---
3) ---



Seen: 3
Caught : 1

#167 Spinarak - The String Spit Pokemon | BUG/POISON
The web spun by Spinarak can be considered its second nervous system. It is said that this Pokémon can determine what kind of prey is touching its web just by the tiny vibrations it feels through the web's strands.

#285 Shroomish - The Mushroom Pokemon | GRASS
Shroomish live in damp soil in the dark depths of forests. They are often found keeping still under fallen leaves. This Pokémon feeds on compost that is made up of fallen, rotted leaves. If Shroomish senses danger, it shakes its body and scatters spores from the top of its head. This Pokémon’s spores are so toxic, they make trees and weeds wilt.

#539 Sawk - The Karate Pokemon | FIGHTING
Desiring the strongest karate chop, they seclude themselves in mountains and train without sleeping. Tying their belts gets them pumped and makes their punches more destructive. Disturbing their training angers them.


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