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Espeon A Beacon in the Gloom


It was raining, as it often did.

Kyle packed light, but as he looked out over the muddy landscape, he was beginning to regret a few of his choices. He took an uneasy glance over his shoulder. Am I making the right decision?


Excellent work, Kyle. You are beginning to understand the spinning kick. One more time, please.

"I'm hungry and tired. Why are we doing this?"


"Please, I'm done. I want lunch. Where's mom?"


"I'm not doing anything until you tell me why we're doing this!"

"Impossible...Fine. Electabuzz!"

A sudden scream peals through the air, accompanied by the sound of sizzling skin.

"Do. It. Again."


Kyle's emerald-green eyes snapped open and hardened. He could stand a little mud. Going back to that monster, undoing all those years of hard work to pry his father's thumb off of his life for a single hour...a fate worse than death. With confident, certain steps, he walked into the rain.

A sudden squeal! An alarm? Had he really been so stupid as to believe that his father's surveillance would be completely turned off? Kyle spun, searching for the source of the noise. As he caught on, he relaxed and actually allowed himself to laugh. Sybil, his lifelong playmate, had somehow wandered through the gate after him and padded through the mucky conditions to follow him. Kyle knelt and extended his hands. "Come here, little one." Sybil excitedly bounded into her companion's arms, and....in a flash of red and with a squeak of shocked surprise, vanished into her pokeball.

Smiling, Kyle turned once more and vanished into the driving rain.

Chapter One

Cerulean Port

"I know what I told ya, kid."

"Then why aren't you letting me on the BOAT?"

"Keep your voice down! Now, look." He waved a conspiratorial hand. Kyle leaned in warily. "You're a smart kid. But you gotta know you got it from your dad. He's just as smart. Maybe smarter. Not for me to judge. You think you know everything, and maybe you do. Maybe you do. But if you did know everything, especially if you knew everything about your dad's...." He shuddered. "Activities. You would NOT get on that boat. You starting to catch my drift here?"

Kyle nodded, winked, then breathed in deep. "LET ME ON THAT BOAT."

"Jeez! Fine, fine, kid! Sorry I was trying to save your FUCKIN hide! You want it that way, you get it that way. Right back here."

Kyle followed the burly sailor out onto the boat and, waving back at him, pretending to descend into the cabins, dropped silently into the water below.


Kyle emerged from the bay, noting with a hint of despair that it was still raining. He would get no chance to dry off. With a resigned grunt, he quietly slipped off towards Rock Tunnel, using years of training to make sure that he would not be seen or heard. Rock Tunnel would be its own challenge, but once he reached Lavender, he would be safe enough to plot his next move.

Hands on pockets. Front. Back. Knapsack. Oh no.

Oh, NO.

"My money!" shrieked Kyle involuntarily, forgetting himself for a moment. Slapping his hands on his head, he let out a frustrated growl. I should have been more careful when swimming! Quickly, he pulled it off and frantically checked inside. Nothing but food, berries, and a first-aid kit. The pokeballs were on his belt, and thankfully none of them came loose. The flare gun! The star shards! The flashlight! GONE!

Phwoo. Deeeeep breaths.


I have no other options. I must continue with what I have.

Quickly and efficiently repacking his goods, Kyle stood and, collecting his bearings, set off towards Rock Tunnel.

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