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Re: Aposteriori

Firstly, I would like to apologize for my rash actions. Clearly it was not the best time for me to act when I did and I am truly sorry for how I acted. As I'm sure you all know by now, I do not take bans lightly and I very rarely use them as a form of punishment. When I chose to ban a member, it is often because I feel that it will ultimately benefit the community, and in this case, I firmly believed and do continue to believe that my choice to ban Aposteriori was ultimately for both his benefit and that of the community.

Since his return, Aposteriori has had a target painted on his back and the community's general lack of favor towards him put him in a rather bad position. Unfortunately, that general attitude, coupled with context blindness, put him in a situation where I unfortunately found no better option but to remove him, both for his sake and for the community's.

However, on the same note, he is not the only person in the ASB who has behaved badly. I have recently been lax about how I treat threads like S&I and the Mew thread and it has unfortunately caused more problems than it has solved. Moving forward, I expect the League to treat these threads respectfully and I will resolve to be more vigilant to that end. In addition, I feel it is necessary to address some concerns regarding LO rulings, but that is not a topic for this post (keep an eye out for an announcement).

That said, his ban is a temporary one, and while he may decide not to return, when his ban has been lifted, he is welcome to rejoin if he wishes. I hope that we can all take this as an opportunity to reevaluate our collective behavior and look to treat our fellow members a little more respectfully from here on out.
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