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Originally Posted by Maskerade View Post
Schala: The chaos inadvertently caused by Ulysses, the toppled shelf, the potentially ruined books and the angry footsteps of the old librarian all send you into a panic, triggering your most basic of instincts and forcing you to flee the scene to the only place you can think of - the strange door the old woman was seemingly so intent on you never opening. Oh well... that's just one more thing she'll hate you for.

It takes a while for you to settle down, but eventually, your tears begin to dry up. Ulysses looks at you with visible concern, and no small amount of guilt over what happened back there. But more importantly, it seems the old woman hasn't given chase - or maybe she couldn't. As it turns out, it seems you did manage to lock the door in your panicked frenzy.

Looking ahead, you see nothing but a long wooden staircase leading down into unseen depths; candles light up the walls along the downwards path, indicating someone has been handling the path's maintenance at least. With nowhere else to go, you take Ulysses in your arms down the stairwell, wooden planks creaking as you go. Erebos, too, is following you, though you can't see him...

The further down you go, the heavier the atmosphere becomes, and the scent of mold fills the stagnant air. When the staircase finally ends, after what feels like hours of descending, you find yourself in a decidedly curious location, a tiny room that you never imagined existed in the sumptuous library.

The area is small for a human, forcing you to bend over slightly to avoid banging your head on the ceiling. Wooden shelves line the four walls of the room, and are filled to the top with dusty, archaic-looking scrolls. Are those... papyrus?!

Particularly interesting, though, is what you find in the middle of the room: a tiny wooden table with a burning candle, a small stool and, sitting upon it... a lovely-looking !

The black cat stares at you with a curious expression, then at Ulysses, and finally at a nearby wall, as if it knows where Erebos is. Then, it dips its claw into a small inkwell, and begins to scribble on the piece of paper in front of it. When it finishes, it turns the paper around and pushes it slightly towards you. Your eyes shift from the Litten to the paper's contents, and widen at what they see...

"Pleased to meet you. Did you blow up my library?"
Schala sits against the door and cries until she runs out of tears. She wipes at her tearstained face with one hand, holding Ulysses with the other. He’s watching her. He’s probably been watching her and feeling guilty her entire breakdown.

She sniffs. “It wasn’t your fault, well not any more than mine.” She whispers. “I should have thought about how heavy the ladder would be.”

He doesn’t look particularly convinced, even as she insists on taking part of the blame. Regardless, she isn't ready to let him go, and he doesn’t seem to mind. Or is at least too guilty to protest the stuffed animal treatment.

Her attention drifts to the contents of the room, or rather, to the stairwell. Lit by flickering torches, a set of stairs descends in front of her. There’s no other path but back, and facing the librarian after entering the locked door and knocking over a shelf isn’t an option. Down we go.

“Let’s go.” She says, voice still a bit watery from the tears, to both the Rufflet in her arms and the Gastly hovering somewhere to her left (at least judging by the cold).

She descends. For a time, the only sounds are her sniffles, her footsteps, and the creak of the stairs. The air smells of mildew, and hangs heavy around the group, weighed down by the earlier events.

The stairs end in a tiny room that Schala has to duck to stand in. The walls are covered in shelves piled high with what appears to be dusty papyrus scrolls. In most circumstances, she would have been very interested in what those scrolls are, and what they held. But she’s already damaged enough library property to risk damaging what might be priceless artifacts.

Especially when there’s someone else already in the room.

Seated at a small wooden table at the rooms center, illuminated by a flickering candle, is a Pokemon. It studies the trainer, the Rufflet she is clutching, and a spot on the wall where an invisible Erebos likely floats, before scratching out a message with ink dipped claws on a stray piece of parchment.

Schala glances at the words written there in surprise. "Pleased to meet you. Did you blow up my library?" She reads out loud, and then looks up at the Litten watching expectantly.

Ulysses wilts a bit at the second sentence, and Schala can’t help but feel another pang of guilt.

“It’s nice to meet you too.” She starts, and then continues after a small pause of hesitation. “I’m not sure if a bookcase knocked over accidentally counts as blowing up the library, but that was our fault. Sorry.”

It is easier to apologize to the smaller, calm and quiet Pokemon sitting before her than the librarian, even if she definitely owed that woman an apology as well. Working up the courage to go near the librarian again feels like an impossible task, anyway. Getting an apology out makes her feel a bit better, at least.

The strange room and the wording of the note prods at her curiosity until she can’t help but ask “What is this room? And what do you mean by your library? Who are you?”

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