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Lady Kuno
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Ho-oh UPN DAY 2014

It's that time again. It's been many years and no matter what happens we gather here on this day so tell tales or whatever comes to mind.

So talk about how you found your way here or interesting things that happened to you here or whatever else you'd like. Or just whatever.

As per the usual, posting here on today only will give you the ability to change your user title whenever you'd like.
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Dewott UPN Day 2014

I've been watching for this thread to come up. A lot has happened to me in this past year, and I wanted to share some.

From the top, last winter Markus and I moved from Arkansas to Sacramento, CA. Around this same time, we let a guy into our little family, as we were both polyamorous, and although not actively looking, we were both open to a third. At first, it was nice. We all got along, were friends as well as partners, liked each other, etc. That did not last long. Our third, Alex, steadily became more and more vitriolic to me. Now, I'll admit he had some points with some of the things he said, but the underlying issue is that he did not respect how crippling my mental and psychological issues are and were. Without going into too much detail here, I have a fair few, and together they just compound exponentially. I did what I could, gave my best efforts to make him feel loved and part of the family, gave him affection. But he became colder and colder to me. Eventually, he stopped acknowledging me completely. Not answering a word I said, not even giving any indication he heard me at all. It hurt. A couple times he acknowledged me, but it was to yell at me for not magically knowing that a half-full sink meant I needed to wash the dishes (despite usually a full sink meaning that and a half-full one meaning nothing), or for not cooking as much as he felt I should (note I was away a third of the time, he was actively enrolled in cooking school and therefore the more chef-y of the three, and my depression and meds meant my appetite was in odd flux, so I never knew when I was hungry and thus the best time to cook when food would not get cold before we ate). And then, a couple weeks ago, things blew up. I had hugged him earlier in the night, told him I loved him and good night. A few hours later, he came into my "room" (a couch in the living room, as I let them have the bedroom and bed. According to him, I was also quite selfish) and told me flat-out that my touch disgusted him, and directly told me to never touch him again. Now, this combined with the fact that Markus has a temper and yells a lot and gets really emotionally abusive was just too much. I moved out that morning. I am no longer with that family, and am single for the first time in over three years.

I've jumped around a bit, but I'm in a safe place now. I have a support system that helps me, and my depression in general has been less terrible than when I was there, Put simply, it was a toxic environment where I was getting abused and victimised because I'm an easy target and I have a few buttons that, when hit, hurt me hard and shut me down. Markus made significant use of these exposed spots.

I'm sharing this because I want to tell UPN as a whole something. Despite all that shit that was shoveled onto me, the damage I sustained, and the baggage that's more private that I won't share here, UPN stayed a home for me. UPN has been my internet home for a few years and I know that despite the fact that some here aren't quite fond of me, no-one here wants to see any actual, real harm come to me. Years of non-suicidal depression and this recent debacle was what made my thoughts venture closest to the idea. I don't know if I would have had the strength to keep on living without this community, really and truly. I was so ready to give up, just let myself slip into myself and never come back out again, but the people here, the support, the care, it all helped me stay out of that shell. I still sink into depressions. Hell, I'm in a pretty shitty one right this moment, as I type this, but I know UPN has my back.

To everyone: if you're reading this and have ever offered me even a single word of support, you have played a part in helping me remain tethered, giving me a reason to care what happens to myself. UPN was already my internet home before this blow-up, but it's become a safe place now, too.

Especially, I want to thank Kuno. You're the boss of UPN. You're the one who keeps UPN what UPN is, and you've set up a place where I know at the very least I can meet people who care about my well-being, and a place where I can feel safe. I have more gratitude to you for this than I can express. Server admins, behind-the-scenes admins, the people keeping the gears of UPN turning, that's to you as well. If y'all had not made UPN what it is I would not have received the encouragement, found the people who helped me care.

As a final note: Kuno, I don't know if you'll be offering name changes or not this year. It wasn't mentioned in your OP, unlike last year's, but I'm hoping, even if it's a long shot. The name Kairne represents the era of my life with Markus, and it hurts me a lot when I see it. I'm not Kairne any more. Kairne was who Markus needed, but I am requesting to get a name change so I can change my name to something that is more who I am and want to be, instead of wrapping my identity over someone I am in a relationship with. I can't define myself by who I am with and what my labels are, not anymore. Either way, Kuno, thank you for your consideration.

Happy UPN Day, everyone, and thank you all for helping be my anchor. I love UPN, quite a bit. So thank you for being UPN.
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Late January 2014...
Having joined PASBL on SPPf, I found myself REALLY wanting to read the legendary battle between Kuno and Latias, but alas, UPN refused me entry. Hands slamming against the keyboard, I vented my frustration at being unable to enter on the account of a broken image, the image to show I was not just a mask, but a human as well. Saddened, I resumed my lurking of SPPf, and participated in my guild's own activities while battling losing battles on PASBL.

Days passed, a week, then two weeks.
I had just begun getting decimated by a Gyarados, had just lost my first match, and was already at a disadvantage with another titanic match. Looking through the TO that was never clean, I found one message on SPPf that brought hope, to finally allow me to read that match I wanted:
Originally Posted by Muyotwo - 6th February 2014, 12:03 AM
For those of you who have been waiting to sign up for UPN- The Captcha issue has been officially tested and fixed as of a few hours ago, so give it another try.
Guess where I am now? RIGHT HERE! The environment here was just so welcoming, it's become akin to a family for me. Chaos everywhere as you'd expect though.
Regardless of this chaos, I found myself looking through the various sub-forums, being amazed by how exciting FB is, getting drawn into various RPGs, and also the grand reveal of WF was pretty swish as well. The Anime forums are always a joy to sift through, just skimming through the opinions of BBB, Doppel, Kaisa, Talon and Yukirin on various shows help ease my boredom when I just have nothing to do.

Of course, one of the things I'll remember the most is "NUKE THE SUN" because heck yeah, why not?


Here's to the bright future! HAPPY UPN DAY!

P.S. Kairne, you're awesome. Don't ever feel glum. Oh, and all hail Kuno! *shot*

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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Probopass UPN Day 2014


Looks like today finally marks my first UPN Day. I think the first thing that needs to be addressed here is the fact that, in UPN and PASBL, I've finally found a community wherein I don't have to constantly front as an asshole. Before having come here, I would always act the cunt simply to fit in, or make sure I wasn't outright victimised too much. Something that could be said is that I was always involved with toxic communities. Only one member can really attest to how much of a royal asshat I was, but in having come to UPN, I feel I can finally properly forget about all that ass. Those who know me now hopefully know me much more how I normally am. Awkward and abrasive, but always with the interests of those I actually care about at heart.

With that out the way, I must admit my story of coming to UPN wasn't exactly a thrilling one. Caught amidst the swarm of Competitive section newbies descending on SPPf PASBL, I eventually followed the crowd across to UPN, initially intimidated by the blatantly tight knit community which had formed here. At first feeling somewhat excluded, I didn't think twice about abandoning PASBL for a short while when University things kicked off with a bang, but I eventually found my way back. Since then I'd like to think I've become a fairly well liked member of the community, but then I've never been good at figuring out other's perceptions of me. I guess the important thing is above all else I actually feel somewhat accepted and integrated, if not yet respected. I'd say a lot of that has to come down to the Skype chats allowing such ready communication, but without a doubt the accepting nature of the community here has helped a great deal. I'm grateful about that.

At first, ASB was one of my only ties to UPN. As it stands though, I'd likely be able to quit ASB without being able to leave UPN, since I've made too many bonds here now. I'm not going to bother with shout outs or anything of the sort, since I suck at those and inevitably someone gets left out. The guys I mean know who they are, is what counts.

Kuno, you're a great bloke for having created and maintained such a brilliant community over the years. I may not have even been here a year yet, but I see myself sticking around for a few to come. Happy UPN Day. Never change.

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UPN Day? Well, I guess I should share my story.

The way I found about UPN was the Serebii ASB TO as well as a few others talking about, so I created an account, got my Manectite then barely touched this site, dumb move by me. Early this year I revisited and became part of the community, in return, I practically forgot about the Serebii ASB TO. Dx

I've had some good times here and have found everyone to be pretty swell. Another thing I'd like to add is how much I've payed attention to everything that is happening, posting in the "Birthday" thread when I've seen its someone's birthday (mine is coming up in less than 2 months). I started up a Showdown comp which went absolutely nowhere, oh well.

Wild Future, even though I'm not far into it, is awesome due to the fact that I've been slowly learning RPG skills from it. I'd also kinda like to know if FB signups are ever coming back. ._.

Anyway... HAPPY UPN DAY!

Also, the titanic match that Kamen mentioned... I lost that due to using an Eevee.

EDIT: Kuno, if it isn't too much, could I please have the power to change my usertitle?

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Some years ago, 4 or 5, I forget, when I was younger, I was into making Pokemon Fusions. I looked and looked for somewhere to share them, along with my brother, who also is on this site and Serebii, but I'm not telling!
So anyway, alas, I found Serebii! So I shared my fusions, but I slowly got out of it, and didn't make 'em anymore, and seldom used the site except for playing games.
So, one day I was playing a game, and I saw a PASBL link in somebody's sig! This was the 21st of January. So I decided to join, but ended up going to the old registration thread. So I asked Muyo, and he showed me the new one! Later the same day I joined UPN, but didnt like it because it was small. But I do now!
Happy UPN day!

"Meteor Jam!"

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I hate all of you.
Originally Posted by Concept View Post
Why are you always a pretty princess?
Originally Posted by Son_of_Shadows View Post
Because I look damn good in a dress.
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Why do you hate us?

"Meteor Jam!"

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Oh, UPN Day? I think I missed that last year! ^^ *checks joined date* ...and the year before. Ha, haha... *trails off awkwardly* Well, my story starting at UPN was a simple one, but boy did my time here was - and is! - something!

It started out when I was in the Serebii forums 3 years ago, wanting to get a new RP buzz with this thing called "Fizzy Bubbles". I was tired of ordinary forum RPs, so I tried to join it. Then came the test which I needed to pass to register. Some of those questions was impossible to answer with staying at Serebii because of forum-specific shops, and since it was impossible to see the FB forums when not registered, I was forced to register to this "out of nowhere" forum. "I don't want to do anything with this place," I thought, "just with Serebi, I'm fine! Who cares about the things outside FB in UPN! Serebii has more people and forums, so it's more fun!"

...Boy, was I horribly, HORRIBLY wrong.

As time went by and came here only for FB, I started to notice something: the people. Everyone here was so chatty, so awesome to listen and hear their stories (make-believe or not). As I made more and more friends here, I finally checked out (slowly) things outside FB, and saw an even more awesome place...

But nothing could and can't beat all the friends I made here. No matter their origins, their personal struggles... they were and are great, to the point that I consider them "right up there" along with my "IRL" friends, wanting to be there for them in good and bad times. To the point that I spent most of my free time only here and its related Skype chat, and for two years in a row so far, have dedicated the little summer vacation time I'm allowed away from work to travel... just to meet some of these UPN friends in person (including a certain Kuno :P) Heck, I'm already sort-of planning for next year's trip, and again, I'll be meeting some UPN friends along the way... including one that, just a few days ago, has become more than just friends

So, as bad as I regret what I thought originally, I do not regret setting into UPN It has provided me with so many friendships - and a relationship - I never thought I would have, I can't imagine how my current life would be if I haven't found this place and its wonderful folks


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It's fitting that on this day of days, Kuno is able to remove my mod powers and relieve me of some of the duties I've still been fulfilling even after I officially quit.

I should probably leave UPN. More specifically, I should leave the ASB and, given that Serebii is Satan, that'll inherently mean leaving UPN. I've reached that stage of my life where I'm out of education and not in work, somewhere I never quite expected to be. So far, my mind is still basically treating it like the summer holidays and not really working very hard to get me a job. ASB (and Pokémon XY) is a comfort blanket and a nice distraction that I am basically addicted to.

But I'll not leave quite yet. UPN is nice, it has some great people and lovely threads that give people the chance to talk about interesting things. People should venture further from the confines of their sub forums and look in to Misc, Entertainment, Pokémon. There are some great places to be here and I don't even look at half of them.


All this being said, I'd quite like to have a colourful username even though I'm no longer an authority. Can I be purple, Kuno?
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UPN day again huh... well at least this time my story is actually relevant.

I joined last year, fresh faced from Serebii with no idea what I was doing. Heck, I still don't know what I'm doing. But it's ok! Joining FB, and then ASB has meant that I've found new friends that I never would have had I not taken the plunge last February. I found myself part of my own little group who would joke and laugh with me, care and comfort me and tell me that I'm not as terrible as I think I am. And when the Skype groups opened I found myself feeling more like a part of the community instead of just another user, because I was able to show the real me (and my apparently British as fuck voice).

So, I'm happy to celebrate this UPN day. Because I can do so with friends.

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Originally Posted by Lost™ View Post
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Originally Posted by Red Panda View Post

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So it's UPN Day. And I didn't miss it! That's so awesome on multiple levels.

How I made it to UPN? I'm amongst those who came by ASB. It was September when I joined ASB, and it was during the period when I was more into the Pokemon Anime in general. I joined ASB from a Serebii friend's influence, though he later quitted. So I was in UPN mainly for ASB and only joined after I finished my first two battles, sometime during November. At first I found it... eh... underwhelming in a sense. Somewhat spoiled by messages left and right on Serebii, the afternoons of UPN (which is either early morning or midnight for most on UPN) were pretty boring to me. Still, my December holidays was mostly characterised with UPN, and I can't deny that the fun chats in Skype TOs definitely made somewhat lazy afternoons a lot more fun.

The thing I like most about UPN is that while it is a small community, it's tightly knitted. The Birthday Thread really shows how people look out for one another and stuff. So yes, I love UPN! So much that I go here more than Serebii lol

I'm so terrible at this but


Oh yeah Kuno is awesome for making UPN. All hail Kuno and MOMO-CHAN!!!
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I find it interesting to see how my changes in post colour closely mirror changes in me, as an aside.

When I joined UPN, I was barely 11. I was pretty naive, innocent and immature(though to obviously toot my own horn, not at all any of those things compared to most 11 year olds.) Everyone put up with me, despite my inability to understand somewhat basic social cues and more-than-occasional bouts of stupidity. I used red font, which quite a few people claimed was eye-burning, but most people didn't really care.

Two years later, I was 13. I wasn't as awesome as Handy, but I was fast becoming okay. I had an occasional argument too many(perhaps something that affects me to this day) and I was still quite immature. Life was still not very frustrating for me at this time, yet. I had switched from red to a bold red, slightly less eye burning. This..."phase" was shorter than my other phases, or at least it feels that way from here. It was very typically adolescent, a transition from child to teenager which must include bumpiness. People on UPN still accepted me, something that probably no other internet forum would in the particular way that I was accepted. I wasn't laughed at for my age too often. This was the time when my friendship with Kind was at its highest and I was very active on MSN. I made a few friends, the memories of which I still carry to this day. I_D, Nikky, and Handy are people who were very awesome to me.

Even more bumpiness in the next two years...the last three years of my life were not good. I switched to this colour- steely green? Right before it hit me hardest. A lot of really awesome things happened, that I can appreciate looking back, but the entire time was overshadowed by a huge veil of hopelessness and depression. Not clinical depression, not exactly, but I could never, ever, shake the feeling that I wasn't and would never be good enough. I was horrible at Maths, and I felt that would define the entire rest of my life. The community of UPN helped me keep my head up until one day I realised, hey, I'm not that bad, and that leads me to where I am right now, doing something I never thought I would: Enjoying school, even if only a little, with a somewhat decent plan of what I'm going to do after.

Not everything in my life was directly influenced by UPN. But indirectly, almost everything after I joined was. I've always said that I grew up in the country of the internet, not in any physical country. If you take that, then my hometown is none other than UPN.

Keep on keeping on, UPN. And keep on keeping on, Kuno.
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I suppose I'll try to do a thing, although I'm an awful writer ^^;

So, in the grand scheme of things, I'm pretty new to UPN. Been on this forum less than a year, and for a few months when I first joined, it was just to check ASB matches that weren't on Serebii. That, of course, was when I was still in the cesspool that is SPPf's Competitive community. That place was awful, and you literally had to be a complete and utter dick in order to survive. However, as time went on, I began to slowly transition from SPPf's comp community into UPN's ASB community. Of course, it took a while, as a developed community looks incredibly overwhelming at first, but thanks to a few select members, I eventually started to kinda sorta be at home on UPN.

First and foremost, Blazey-senpai, or blazeVA. This guy was my first ref on UPN, and somehow that segued into a friendship. Looking back, I am trying to figure out how we ended up becoming friends, but I'll just leave that be for the moment ^^; While I had only ever used UPN for the ASB matches I was currently in, Blaze showed me a whole array of cool things on UPN. Most notable, it's vastly smaller, but much more enjoyable comp thread, and its YuGiOh thread, which Blaze practically had to drag me over to, but it was definitely worth it.

Probably one of the greatest factors in my becoming part of the UPN community was the 2362874234 Skype groups, all of which are far larger than any Skype group should be, but whatever~ It helped me meet and interact with people who I'd most likely never communicate with, otherwise. Mostly people who stay to the FB and RPG forums, as I'd never really go there long enough to meet people ^^; Either way, all the people I've met on UPN are really great, and the community has really gotten me through a few tough moments, if for no other reason than allowing me to vent about whatever little issue I had at the moment.

All in all, I know this is a really relatively short post, and hopefully I can make it longer next year, but thanks to everyone on UPN for truly giving me a home away from home, and Happy UPN Day~! ^o^

Credit to Daisy for this glorious Battle Cut :3
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Litwick UPN Day 2014

Well then... Everyone has a story... So why don't I share mine?

Ah the internet, something I've been on for most of my life. I think that I was using the computer from age four... age five? I know I was one of those five year-olds on the internet. It's honestly a bit weird to think about how this place has taken up more than half my life, but to be honest I'm sort of glad it did. If it didn't, I might not be here today, in more senses than one. This harsh, cruel place helped me mature and survive.

I think I was a Pokemon fan for a few years when I stumbled onto Serebii in 2006 (I was more into Mario games at that time... With me having either FireRed or Emerald as my first game. I do think it was Emerald... Hey I'm sorry I was born when RBY came out you twenty year olds. :p). I saw the Japanese Pokedex for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, a little while bit before the Japanese games were released. I was amazed at them, and picking up a love for Poochama (Piplup) and thinking Biffa (Bidoof) to be a Normal/Flying Winged-Cow (I was a third grader don't judge.) I could have joined the forums then and there, but then this post would then largely be irrelevant. I did lurk, however, from roughly 2008...2009? to 2012 when I eventually joined for a mafia game.

I got into Neopets for awhile, and I commonly went on the forums there and RP'd (And I was horrible at ten XD). I could haveve actually met a UPNer long before I did there, but I didn't :/. After that three year phase was over, which matured my by a great amount, I saw that the official Pokemon website had forums. Before thinking straight, I went joined and met some pretty cool, and I would argue life long, friends there. People like Luka (Lucario188 ), App (Apollo77), and Quil (Quilavaflare) were all there, and that's how I met them a lot longer then the UPN community then. We had fun there for roughly a year, with me becoming a pretty big hotshot and influence on misc. there (And where my nickname Lit originates from, which is from my old username.) Though, once all of us started leaving I finally cracked and joined Serebii in July of 2012 under the name CandleReaper (Which I still use btw for non-forum things.) I had a good first six months (changing my name to Lost Requiem in October, and getting a lot of my experience I have now), growing from a semi-newblet to part of who I am now. I was part of the whole Froslass Pokemon Breeding Club fiasco, and once that was gone and broke all ties with those involved, I really didn't know where to go (I was in comp for awhile, met some good friends, but comp wasn't for me.). I joined ASB in late May, roughly the same time I actually joined UPN but I felt a bit scared going into, I was the the WoJ (Writers of Justice) group for a bit, and I would until the start of this year. Though, I eventually cracked and started getting active in July, already knowing how bad Serebii was.

I guess these past 11 months have changed me the most. I met really good friends in Whimsy, Toy, Marshy, and hell even Icarus (despite the constant arguing both of us were in.) And later in people like Blaze, Cibbir, and Shaddy. I started livestreaming constantly, and met a lot of cool different people from UPN. I was finally starting to get a sense this was "home" here, and that you guys weren't people who would back stab me and betray me... People who wouldn't abandon me even in my darkest hour. I guess... in a long time, people who I really could call friends.

Then fall came about. Loki's MD&DT campaign, Schaddy's Mafia games, and Jeri's UPNRonpa all occurred around that time, and I met people from a land I never thought I would: Fizzy Bubbles. I met some really good friends from that land, from Marion and Yuki to Okiku and CB. For once, I could finally sense the community was "completely" together. Even if I knew I wouldn't always be on someone's good side, it was a fun and happy experience. Strong friendships were formed out of this, and both the ASB Skype Chat and UPN Skype Chat prove great ways to talk to all of the friends I've made here. Hell, it was in the UPN Skype Chat where the idea of the RPG Forum game forth. With Vye raising awareness, Marion and I working on the fundamental workings of the forum itself, and Blaze being the messenger... It just popped up overnight in February. (Literally... Even so it still does have some problems).

I guess what I want to say is thank you for everyone. I honestly don't know how I would be today if I didn't join ASB and didn't come here. I know my sanity has been slowly dying away, and I don't know when it'll finally heal. But I'm glad you guys put up with me and helped me through my problems (Even so I still have most of them.). Even if we haven't truly met, you guys are my friends through and through. All of you have your own little quirks and traits that make you enjoyable people to be around (Even sour grumpy pants like Sneaze and Kush :p). Thank you for everything guys... it really means a lot. I feel bad for those who join yet never experience the community here. I feel like they miss a lot of fun, and the sense that here people are here to help. I hope all of us have many fun times ahead in years to come, even once UPN is long gone. Even for lifetimes to come, if you believe in that stuff :p. Once again, thank you all for everything you'll have done, and have a great UPN day everyone!

And I guess... I'm finally able to smile once again.

And there may come a day
Where you forget the faces, and voices
Of those you've met along the way

Hawke | Leo

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Mew The Gato
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So, I came here due to ASB. I started ASBing in September, and I was thinking about staying on only SPPf for two months, before I joined, partially because of my inability to see the ASB threads on UPN otherwise, and partially because I wanted my battle slots. I have still not wandered out of the ASB section much, although I have looked at threads occasionally. At first, I barely came on UPN, especially when I did not have a battle to order in or a match to referee. I am almost as active on UPN now as I am on SPPf, however. I do not really know the reason for the somewhat of this increase in activity... probably the ASB Time Out thread. To be honest, I do not know when I shall start being active in the rest of UPN, if ever. I have been going to forums on SPPf other than ASB much less than before, too. Does this count?

Anyway, happy UPN day!
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Here's a quick recap of all my UPN Day Posts:



私のことを消して本気で愛さないで 恋なんてただのゲーム 楽しめばそれでいい
閉ざした心を飾る 派手なドレスも靴も 孤独の友達


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Red Panda
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Empoleon UPN Day 2014

Well, hello everyone. I'm embarrassed to say that I share the same boat as Okiku, seeing as I missed UPN Day last year. If I had not woken up this morning when I did, I probably wouldn't have seen the talk about it in the TO and missed it again.

So, my story of coming to UPN. I'll start with the very beginning - Serebii.

I joined Serebii in August of 2011, mostly for comp. I was fairly inactive, only came on one or twice before disappearing. I'll be honest, it was daunting. I was an already shy twelve year old and the community wasn't exactly accepting. Still, I did plenty of lurking, which can attribute to my love for Random Battles and general knowledge of Competitive Battling.

In January of 2012, I found out that my two best, and basically only, friends would be moving to Upstate New York. I was, in short, devastated. I had other acquaintances, my cousin was also in my grade at school, but it wouldn't be the same. My friends and I had a natural acceptance of each other. We weren't interested in the special handshakes or verbalizing our particular closeness. We knew that we all cared for each other, each of us being each other's rock in and out of school. We never said it aloud, but I relied completely on them. And when they left in March, I had to find other friends. But I really didn't fit in with any of the cliques at my school. I could play soccer, yes, but I wasn't comfortable with the "physical" friendship that many of those people shared. I simply drifted throughout the remainder of 7th grade. Over the summer I met with my friends up in New York, and they both were beginning to get into competitive battling, which got me back in to it. I went back to Serebii, starting in July of 2012, but I still wasn't all that comfortable.

I looked at the many sections of the forum. Two, all the way at the bottom of the list, caught my eye. Anime Style Battling and Fizzy Bubbles. I looked throughout both forums often, wanting to join one of them, but for some too nervous to. In August of 2012, at the peak of my boredom (no vacations, no friends to hang out with), I finally joined Anime Style Battling (Coming up on two years!).

I'd like to say that my joining along with Toy coming back was the start of a generation of battlers, but I really can't put myself on that pedestal. Still, my first battle was against Tyoyo, and it was fun. I found myself facing more and more TL1s, and beating all of them. But still, I stayed far away from the TO. I began to look at more of the older trainers, but every time I went to look at their squad summaries, it would lead me to UPN. UPN was a dark place to me, and I was far too shy to enter it. In December of 2012 I finally mustered up the courage to make an account, but I never actually posted anything until that spring (May?) of 2013 because of how nervous I was. To be truthful, my biggest fear in life is not being accepted, being cast out, being made fun of. In May, as I started to ease into the PASBL section of UPN. My introductory post to the TO was along the lines of "I'm new, and can be annoying, please don't hurt me." As time passed, though, I became more and more incorporated into UPN. I posted more and more in the TO (I've been in the Top 5 of posters consistently for the past two) and got to know some fellow newbies. Things got much better when I became the Starter Gym Trainer as a TL2, and soon after the Senior Starter Gym Trainer when ZeroZoner stepped down.

Kairne took me under his wing. He showed me the ropes. I didn't even need to ask for help. He would take a look at my sigs and give me advice on how to make them better. Quite a few are his ideas in full. I offered my help to Kairne whenever he needed it too, or at least I tried. Kairne may have left the Starter Gym, but not without a parting gift. He gave me his badge, which has started my journey towards becoming the next Starter Gym Leader.

Now, on UPN, a year after I really started posting, this feels like a home on the internet. I've met so many people, amazing people, and although everyone has their fights I still consider UPN to be a tightly knit community. From the Skype Chats to the mostly rage-inducing TO, and the Tournaments and Grand Melees (*ekans hiss in background*), I truly love UPN. And all of this is thanks to the one man who keeps it running, Kuno. So Kuno, thank you so much for everything you've done.

I still miss my friends, truly. That much will likely never change. But now I am confident that even if the people around me don't accept me, I can always come here, where I can be myself.

Thank you to everyone, for putting up with me all those times my ugly immature 14/15 year old self reared it's head (*looks at Mafia*) or when I'm in general being a little bitch. And for putting up with my constant use of the blinding color red.

(If I need to put it somewhere, I'd like to be able to change my user title.)
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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
I feel I can finally properly forget about all that ass.
You can never forget about dat ass.

UPN is not quite my internet family, as I unfortunately cannot allow myself to grow to close to all y'all It's really not you, as you're all wonderful, but I would easily spend 100% of my time on the computer given the chance and I don't want my life to be like that.

However, you're like a network of friends who I can just drop in and say hi at any time, and that's really cool; I've been here a lot longer than I think I have (I should start leveling o.o) and it's seen me grow and mature from an internet-obsessed friendless teenager to a slightly less friendless but much more active adult.

If we're sharing stories about our lives, I think I would like to mention that we are all very glad that Grandpa is stubbornly remaining alive after being told that he had less than a week to live sometime back in January or February, I forget exactly when.

We like to joke that he just needs a little vodka and he'll be right as rain; he's been drinking it all his life and it's protected him from all these diseases, so his immune system doesn't work as well without it.


haha, the punch line is violent abusive alcoholism!

Love y'all have fun it's been fun is fun and will be fun forever
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somewhat temporarily back
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Blaziken My UPN Experience

Okay, Ill bite. After all, Id like to be able to change my usertitle at will. I guess Ill just give my experience of UPN.

It all started when EG asked me on a Xat if I wanted to do an RF all the way back in March. Since I was still new to PASBL (hadnt even been a month yet), I said sure, because who doesnt like battles that end quickly? Anyways, I didnt do much on here except for another RF for a few days, but then I went to the TO. At first, I lurked (which was idk like 10 minutes or so) and then I posted. Idk what my first post was, but I do remember that one of my first posts was about how I LOLed at Umbreon being the greatest Pokemon ever. Long story short I blew up the TO on my very first day. From then on, it was weird. I had never seen some of these people before, but I decided to put myself out there, for better or for worse. It was probably the latter. I got into quite a few arguments, and I blew up the TO again when I said stuff about Blaziken being the coolest looking, and (most) everyone here were on the complete opposite side of the spectrum. Didnt help things for what little reputation I may have had.

Fast forwarding a bit, colors came up, and I started posting in this orange from that point on. Other than that, nothing notable happened (that I can remember) untill the GM, which I was lucky enough to be picked for. PM stuff happened, and I trusted people because thats all that I had. Turns out, my greatest companion during that was Mozz, and even though it was more of a "he can kill me at any point" kind of alliance, we became Gengbat. Fast forward to a little bit before the Top 8, I went on one of Kunos streams, watched for a bit, then came back to see people talking about me. Naturally, I scrolled up, and saw that they found me as annoying. Wont name names, but if they read this, they know who they are. Afterwards, I PMed one of them about it and got a reply, and he told me that I came off as a know it all, which is what I never intended. I (think I) backed off a bit, and I felt a little more accepted than I was before, but idk, I felt like I still came off as a bit annoying.

The next notable thing was when I joined Skype. There, I felt like people were more accepting of me, yadda yadda ya. I talked to people more there, and they were more conversations than arguments or whatever they were previously. Anyways, it stayed like that for a bit, and then I got the results for my ref app, and I was accepted. That felt good. Since Im keeping this to UPN, Ill only briefly mention how I took a few matches and because of my ban, they got screwed over, so once again I apologize for that. Anyways, I asked quite a few questions in the Q&A section in the beginning, and I once again got the feeling that I was a bit annoying. So if I was, sorry. I prefer to be safe than sorry when it comes to asking questions, both here and IRL. I took a couple of matches, and one is still in the works (Ill get to it today, promise) and the other finished yesterday. There were a couple of things that came up in that match, but overall I feel like I did decently, which was backed up by what Kush and Kairne said, so yeah. Thats pretty much everything up to now.

Id like to thank everyone here for putting up with me for the three months Ive been here. Looking back I can see how annoying I was, so Im sorry about that. Taking a pseudo break from ASB (ignoring the TO and Skype and only doing reffings and orders) seems to have helped a bit with that. I dont really have any shout outs I could make, but I guess I could shout out everyone Ive met here. Whether we get along well, okay, or not that great, it was cool meeting you here. Thats pretty much all I have, so yeah. Happy UPN Day everyone!

Edit: I kinda forgot about the comp section when writing this, but to those who post there (mainly Talon, Red, Blaze, and whoever else), sorry I came off as a know it all there as well. Hopefully Im not that way as much.

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Ah, UPN Day at last! While cystom usertitles are nice, thats a small bit of what i'm here for. So, it was kinda a stroke of luck that I found this place, as I would never even know what ASB was if it weren't for a friend of mine at school telling me about some of his experiences with being steamrolled. Yes, Lost, I'm referring to when you swept said Trainer with a Marill. I checked it out after he finally convinced me to join up, and shortly after I took my first match against him, which still hasn't finished despite starting in february. The conversation leading up to the ASB talk is fuzzy, but I remembered jokimgly saying I'd get myself a Klinklang and see what I could do once the subject came around. I came along and just hung in the TO between orders, and I quickly slipped into the great community here, and the squad still battles to reach TL2 today.

Since the real life doesnt say much, lets talk about my experience here. While I still don't have the UPN Skype thingy down, I remember putting together my squad of six to leave room for later and starting my first battle, and hung out in the TO between orders, slipping into the community in almost no time.I also remember that chopy gif I had for an avi of Cyborg's "MOOYAH!" Which I loved having, but eventually took out due to people constantly saying it was choppy. Since then, there have been comp debacles, damage calc fails, close mafia games, Wild Future, and more. In ASB, i learned wuite a fw hilarious lessons:
1: Some switches are horribad.
2: Bulls cant learn that sitting on an angry Elekid is bad for their face.
3: Being conservative will lose you your matches when not done properly.
4: Patience is a virtue.

Besides that, ive had a Roggenrola curbstomped by a Charizard, lost a gamble to get a good position thanks to a Staryu, and a host of other missteps. A few monhs later and a full squad now in place, life goes on.

So before I close this little story, I have to say one last thing:

Thank you, Mane, for bringing me to the best pokemon community I'll ever find. And thank all of you for making it that way.


Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
Fizzy Member Post: Mint Earhart

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Getting married! :D
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That time of year already?

Happy UPN Day! All hail King Kuno!

And the most intesting UPN related thing that happened since last year UPN Day is that I joined the PASBL, became a ref there, and have thus found more ways to fill the days of empty existance yet again.
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Beat The Heat.
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Happy UPN Day.. I guess.
I joined here for UPN, thats it.

now a new user title maybe?
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Happy UPN Day, Y'all. I guess I'll bite.

I made my way to UPN strictly for ASB as part of the first wave of the comp influx towards the end of last summer. Since then, well, yeah, that's all I've done on UPN, having just hit TL3 this past week. Not bad at all, if I do say so myself. Not much else to say, really. Happy celebrating.

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Originally Posted by SoS View Post
I was wondering what the high-pitched ringing in my ears was all day, but it's probably kots screaming into a pillow.
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>Third UPN day I've been here for
>First time I've actually been around to post in a thread

Oh god this feels so satisfying.
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