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Galvantula GMIII - Reliving it Again and Again

So I found this nifty Hunger Games Simulator at brantsteele.net. It's fairly rudimentary, but it's nice looking and formatted well and everything. So, wanting to try it out, I plugged in the most recent GM. But you can only do it in multiples of 12, so I had six extra slots, and with only thirty participants, how could I possibly fill them?

Oh right, there's the infamous thirty-first participant, Sneazey. The fucking referee himself and his cadre of murderdots. So I threw the five of them in there, and for shits and giggles, the Watchtower as the final contestant.

This is their story.

(Rambling commentary)
Spoiler: show
So first off we see the participants themselves and the nice pictures I picked out for everybody. For reference, district placing doesn't mean shit. Has no bearing on the results.

In the initial Bloodbath...

In the War on Sneazey, we don't see any direct action. Sneazetwat (Zard) acts like a bitch and hides. Sneazedouche (Suicune) and Sneazefucker (Chomp) gather some supplies, while Sneazedick (Entei) shows immense incompetence and grabs an empty backpack. How the fuck do you not tell that a backpack is empty. Empty backpacks are light as shit. Stupid Entei. We do have our two traitors though! Sneazecunt (Meguka) gets allies in Kin and Extroph for help getting supplies. HOW COULD YOU KIN. HOW COULD YOU ALLY WITH THAT ABOMINATION. UGH.

In teamups, Dave and Kush continue to be life partners even in the simulation. Good for them.

Tiny little bug Kamen challenges a fucking Skarmory for supplies. He loses and runs away... but fuck does he have big balls. What a badass. This is the beginning of a trend. Steel types beating bug types continues to be a trend as Connor faces off against Blaze, showing his courage and strength. This is not the beginning of a trend.

And of course we have a few deaths. Not that many, because apparently a lot of you don't know the proper meaning of a bloodbath. Quil has another early death thanks to Zelphon abusing type advantage. Shuckle and Red go to team up, only for Shuckle to whip out a bow and arrow and try to skewer his trusty birb. But he misses and kills EK instead, because Ghosts are weak to arrows apparently. Most impressively, Whimsy improvises an explosion and blows up Phoopes. Whimsy, you are one cool motherfucker.

Oh, and I slowly poison and kill my hopes and dreams. That poor watchtower is never gonna fall :'(

And that's it. Four deaths. And there's 36 people. Yuuuuup.

Moving on to the rest of Day 1...

The War on Sneazey begins in earnest. We don't manage to kill any of them, but we make decisive smaller victories against them. Sneazecunt (Meguka) is scared off by Sentret. Man, Spark would've liked to know that Sentret is Diancie-Repellant in the GM. Maybe he would've worked to keep Deh alive. Harzard also somehow scares off Sneazefucker (Garchomp). Man. Megas do not like tiny things apparently. Whimsy led an attack on Sneazedick (Entei)'s camp, not capturing the beast but stealing all his supplies. Extroph joined the mission, meaning he's either a mole or is desperately trying to make up teaming up with Sneazecunt earlier. Sneazedouche (Suicune) gets the first sponsor help, because fuck it if a Sneazey-run GM won't have blatant corruption. It's water though so lol. Finally, Sneazetwat continues to be a little bitch and hides.

There's a lot of people running away from each other. Connor runs away from Concept (aww, is the big steel snake afraid of the bug?), Kush runs from Dave (don't worry Dave, we're here for you! You are a strong independent woman who don't need no soulless pit of hatred pretending to be a man), and Kamen chases Spark. Fucking Joltiks man, massive balls. Claydols be wary, Kamen is coming for you. Also Slash has a stroke or something and loses to DLV, but DLV can't finish the job and runs off.

Seriously, I have not seen this much running around and pussyfooting since GMII.

Rangeet is the only death, having gone off and found the Oregon Trail and died of dysentery.

I also manage to vaguely injure myself. Goddammit Psyduck.

But that's our Day 1. 5 deaths. EK, My Hopes and Dreams, Phoopes, Quil, and Rangeet.

In Night 1...

The War on Sneazey slows down for the night, but that doesn't prevent it from having its first casualty. Sneazedouche and Sneazedick find each other and sleep in shifts. Which is fucking fantastic, the two most OP murderdots teaming up. Just fucking fantastic. Sneazetwat stops hiding and finds a place around a fire with a variety of non-Sneazeys, clearly cheating and using the fact that he knows Geet is dead and nobody else does to pretend to be him. Because participating in the GM you're running and reffing just isn't low enough, you have to cheat too. What a fucking bitch. Sneazefucker stays awake all night. Alone. And hopefully soon to die. But then there's Sneazecunt. *clears throat*


If you think I'm happy, Spark just creamed his pants.

Not much else happens. People rest. Recuperate for the most part. I find a fire to hang out at. More than a few team up and try to sleep. Like Connor! Connor tries to sleep! And then gets woken up by nightmares. Fucking shit Connor, it's the first day.

The one death is Kin poisoning Harzard, who just so happened to get in a fight with Sneazefucker earlier. HMMMMMM. Extroph may have tried to help out after that brush with Sneazecunt, but this? Kin, you better not be a dirty fucking traitor.

Moving to Day 2...

The War on Sneazey sees more casualties, with both good news and bad news ahead of us. On the bright side, while Sneazedick was practicing archery for the war, Sneazedouche fell out of a tree and died! Two down, three to go! Plus Kin as a potential accomplice. Speaking of... we see betrayal from one of the least likely sources. Crys attacks Sneazefucker, but then SPARKBEAT comes to his aid and slaughters Crys! Spark, how could you?! You were our friend! Meguka bullied the shit out of you, and it's not like Sneazefucker was that much better! If this was a misunderstanding, it will need a good explanation and a lot of making up for. Like the immediate turning around and snapping of that Mega Garchomp's neck. Sneazetwat goes on the offensive, chasing down Deh, but cannot secure the kill. As for potential traitor Kin, s/he stalks down Concept. Potentially ready to strike down one of the anti-Sneazey's greatest assets? Kiiiiiiiiiiin

Aside from this, there's a lot of dawdling around. Seriously, this is like GMII. Kamen continues to try scare people off, this time it's Deebs. What a fucking baller. Connor doesn't embarrass himself, he just hangs out with Birb. Because that's what you people do. Hang out in a killfest. Even I'm doing it, sitting around jerking off and thinking of home. COME ON PSYDUCK. KILL SOMETHING.

Oh look, an Arena Event...

True to GMIII fashion, there is a sudden very deadly event wreaked by the gamerunner. And man is it deadly. Almost as many kills as the Murderdots were responsible for in GMIII. Here come a swarm of poisonous rabid hornets.

Luka, a metal bird, dies to poison. Man. That makes sense. This is some OP shit poison we're dealing with here. Sneazey you cheating bastard. Zelphon, just like in the real thing, also dies of poison. Kamen is a fucking badass and, even though he's a tiny Joltik, throws SK (a fucking Electivire) to the ground and leaves him to die. I hope everybody is rooting for him at this point because man Kamen deserves the win. I then do the same thing to Charm, a massive Dragonite. But it's not nearly as impressive because I am not a

Joltik. Deh and Lost use Machamp and Slash as bait respectively, and Concept, a poison moth, escapes the traitor Kin but then dies from other poisonous bugs. Goddammit.

Kin, of course, strikes again at the Sneazey fighters and this time takes down our immovable object, Shuckle, by leaving him to die. Sneazedick and Sneazefucker unfortunately survive, but then we see dissension in the ranks as Sneazetwat throws Spark at the poison bees to save his own hide! Because man does a MegaZard really fear poison bugs. And man so do inorganic things that are usually underground anyhow. Super vulnerable, the both of them. The question though is whether Spark wasn't a complete traitor, Sneazetwat never got the memo, or if Sneazetwat is committing to the facade of being Rangeet and killed Spark to bolster that image. We'll have to wait and see.

Day 2 has thirteen deaths. Sneazecunt, Harzard, Sneazedouche, and Zangoose during regular play, and then nine from GM interference. Crys, Zelphon, Luka, SK, Slash, Spark, Concept, Machamp, Shuckle, and Charm, all slaughtered by Sneazey's bullshit bees.

We settle down for Night 2...

Night continues to be a restful time. Unless you're Connor and you're screaming for help. Or you're Deh and I ate all your food while you slept... but didn't kill you because reasons. No deaths, just sabotage... and more sadness.

Sneazetwat and Sneazefucker meet up for the night and stay at peace, while Sneazedick has made contact with the now confirmed traitor Kin and... and I didn't think this could be true... Deebs. There's just no way. No way at all. Deebs... I'm gonna cry now. If Deebs has forsaken us then perhaps all is lost. Maybe though... maybe he's a prisoner. Maybe he's trying to be a spy. Maybe... oh maybe something. Please don't forsake us Deebs. We love you.

And onto Day 3...

I chase down DLV, which seems familiar, and Kamen, somebody recognizing his badassness, gets free food. Excellent. Our lovely Whimsy also gets some medicine! We can do this! There's still three Sneazeys left, plus traitorous Kin and potentially Deebs! We can do this!

But the War on Sneazey does not shine well on us. We thankfully avoid casualties, but they are chasing us down. Kin scares off MtG, Sneazedick chases Lost, and Sneazefucker chases Kush. Sneazetwat builds a house, because apparently this is the part of Sneazey that just can't be fucked to do anything productive. Deebs though... Deebs proves loyalty! Deh, devastated because I ate all his food, begs Deebs for the gift of death. But Deebs says no! Deebs is not out to kill us guys! Deebs we're sorry for ever doubting you.

Connor's miserable existence in this GM comes to a close as he bleeds out to a moaning tearful death. Extroph kicks the bucket too. They are the only deaths of the day.

And on the Third Night...

We have peace. Deh and I call a truce. I wonder if he knows I ate all his food. Whimsy thinks about winning, which he can totally do because he is Whimsy and he is great. Kamen... has an infection?! Where did that come from!

Two Sneazeys are loners. Sneazefucker cries himself to sleep. GOOD. But there's more danger ahead. Sneazedick is hiding near a fire, but what fire could that be? The fire around which Kin, Sneazetwat, Deebs, Lost, and Dave sit. Oh... oh no. Oh no. This could be bad. This could be very bad. If nobody knows that Kin is a traitor and that Sneazetwat isn't actually Rangeet, and with Sneazedick hiding right outside, then this is a clear ambush. We could lose Dave and Lost right here! But wait... Deebs knows! Deebs knows! Deebs knows the truth! Oh boy oh boy oh boy. We might just have a chance.

Now for Day 4...

Judging by the lack of an event, Deebs clearly managed to defuse the ambush without any friendly casualties, and singlehandedly turned the tables on the lot of them. Because Deebs is the best. Sneazefucker comes at me, and then runs away like a little bitch. Yeah, I know you cry yourself to sleep. Don't be coming at me talking big. I am a goddamn psyduck. I will not deal with such shit. But because I am a Psyduck I am a slow waddler so you can get away, but I will find you. And I will kill you.

Whimsy... pleads for death? Why Whimsy? You were thinking of victory just last night! He asks from Sneazetwat... for some reason. Does he know the truth? Perhaps... but Sneazetwat doesn't take the bait and keeps Whimsy alive. This complex gambit may be something worth following.

As I go crush Sneazefucker into a nonthreat, Deh strikes at Kin and steals her/his supplies. But the coup de grace comes from none other than Mother. Fucking. Kamen. He kills Sneazedick. And let me be clear, that tiny Joltik didn't just skewer him with a sword or shoot him with an arrow. He beat him to death. That's right. Kamen the Jolitk beat an Entei with his bare fucking hands. Kamen MVP. Kamen for victory. Kamen the GM Hero.

In other news, the ghosts run into some trouble where Kush beats up DLV... but then spares his life. Because goddammit why can't anybody who isn't Kamen deal a finishing blow. Also MtG the Gengar forgets how to fly and dies by falling out of a tree. lolwut.

And with those two deaths, we drop to only 14 left.

As to Night Four...

There's an armistice in the War on Sneazey. Sneazetwat is off licking his wounds, but the broken Sneazefucker is talking with Whimsy and Lost, while traitor Kin is with Blaze and our hero Kamen. Whimsy is wisely trying to woo the broken man, while Kamen must be laying a trap on the traitor for the morning. But all is not well. Deh laid a trap, a vengeance for the food I ate, and I died. Woe is me, a great tragedy of our times. But all is well, for I was not destined to win this GM. That illustrious honor goes to Kamen. Godspeed tiny Joltik.

Okay. Day Five is kinda weird.

So firstly we see Blaze coming to avenge me, but Deh runs off. We then see Sneazetwat, Whimsy, and DLV together looking for other tributes... why? Is Sneazetwat's Rangeet disguise that effective? You'd think that people just wouldn't want to associate so much with Geet. DLV is perhaps ignorant, but what of our brilliant and wise Whimsy? He has a plot here.

Sneazefucker seems to be fully integrated and turned away from Sneazey as he teams up with Kamen, Dave, and Lost to raid Red's camp (where Dave was staying just the last night!). Either Kamen is plotting another trap, or Sneazefucker is now truly not a Sneaze, and just a fucker.

Kin, however, was clearly sabotaged by Kamen last night and has now died of thirst. The traitor has been slain! Good on you Kamen, good on you. The wrath of Joltik knows no bounds.

But there is a tragedy upon this day. Our noble savior, he who mitigated the ambush on Dave by his secret knowledge, the incredibly sexy Deebs, has been literally stabbed in the back by the most vile and hated of all of UPN's creatures: Kush. Kamen, you know who you must kill next.

We have rid ourselves of the traitor Kin, but in the process lost the great Deebs and myself. The war on Sneazey is winding down. Kamen and Whimsy, this is all in your hands now. We believe in you.

The Fifth Night...

As my killer Deh bleeds out (good), and Kush, haunted by his terrible crime, screams in the night, the rest of the GM sleeps and rests in peace. Sneazetwat, DLV, and Whimsy remain together and the inevitable conflict is pushed off. Sneazefucker, Red, and Lost sleep together without incident as the fucker's redemption continues. Kamen and Dave team together, as our strongest duo. Will they be hunting Kush, or aiming to finish off Sneazey?

Emi though, as a tragedy, fails to find Deh and instead finds a frozen lake, in which she drowns. Because Sneazey is still running this GM and bullshit like a levitating dead husk drowning is a thing.

On to Day 6...

Kamen... oh my. Kamen knows that he is the strongest of the competitors. His only threat is Dave. Sneazefucker is broken, Sneazetwat has been hiding, and Kush is not a worry. His eye is on the end game. Kamen is going to win. Like he deserves. He's not teaming up with Dave. He's killing him. And that he does.

Chaos is abound though. Whimsy separates from Sneazetwat, who now has Lost and Kush for company. Just in time it seems. If Kush turns traitor as well, then Lost could be in trouble. Whimsy turns to Red for reinforcements, but Red runs away? Ugh. Red. Stop with the old habits.

Sneazefucker, though, confirms that he is in fact a Sneazefucker and throws a knife into DLV's nonexistent chest. This broken man gambit, it was all a ruse! A complete ruse! He was trying to buy time! Time for the rest of us to die! With their heavy hitters killed early, Sneazefucker and Sneazetwat needed to resort to trickery. Sneazetwat was ingratiating himself well, so he suggested it to Sneazefucker that night they spent together!

There are seven left. Whimsy and Kamen are our two great soldiers. Lost and Red are either on the fence or merely fearful survivalists. The enemy matches our numbers now with Sneazedick and Sneazetwat. And then there is the vile Kush. If Lost and Red cannot come to the rightful cause, we would be outnumbered. But if anybody can win this war, it is that goddamn Joltik paired with the brilliant mind of Whimsy.

Night 6, aka, the one where Whimsy struck...

Things... they're not looking good. Not at all. Lost, Kush, and Sneazetwat are all together with Lost's life in jeopardy. Red is fleeing, noncommittal, and sound asleep. Whimsy and Kamen aren't even together to cooperate, in fact, Kamen is quite utterly lost, and Sneazefucker is prowling, not even trying to sleep.

But none of this will stop Whimsy. He finds Sneazetwat, the one he ran from. He has a plan, and he needs no help to execute it. First he scatters them. Lost, Kush, and Sneazetwat run in all different directions searching for him. None find him. He finds one. Lost is left alone, but Sneazetwat searches a tree where Whimsy's trap lies. He was smart. He left a garbage trail to this tree, knowing that Sneazetwat would search it and set off the contraption that bound his wings together. Unable to fly and forced off balance, Sneazetwat fell from the tree to his death. One down.

Kush, however, required a personal touch. Sneazetwat was a Sneaze, yes, but Kush killed Deebs. That cannot be forgiven. The Claydol roams, and floats right into Whimsy's line of sight. He descends upon the clay figure and hacks him apart with a hatchet. Pieces are skewered across the field as Whimsy walks off, knowing his work is done. He has brought us to the final five, and there is only one Sneaze left. And Whimsy had a plan.

The Tragedy of Day 7...

In which we see our final triumph in the War on Sneazey, but also the loss of our two great heroes.

Whimsy hunted Sneazefucker. The falsely redeemed Garchomp. He knew how to find him. He knew how to make sure Sneazefucker knew he was following him. He made Sneazefucker run farther and farther, faster and faster, all through the day, until he could run no more. Whimsy had chased him right to the edge of the arena. Whimsy was brilliant, but he was hardly a great fighter. His success came from using his ingenuity to his advantage, and here he did just that. Sneazefucker turned to try and fight a last stand, fearing that Whimsy carried Kamen the Enteislayer with him. But he did not. Whimsy then did something brave. He ran. He ran straight at Sneazefucker and tackled him into the edge of the arena. Sneazefucker was vaporized, and Sneazey's forces were vanquished. The war was won. But Whimsy was powerless to stop himself from falling into the edge himself, taking his own life. He did not fear for this, however. Whimsy was not here for himself, to win for his own glory. Whimsy fought for us, to beat that terrible bastard Sneazey, and he did just that. He had faith in Kamen, to finish this GM and take the crown...

But Kamen, having fought a great many battles, and naturally took some injuries. He was strong. He did not need help with them. Or so he thought. Kamen, the Joltik who never lost a battle, died not against a great foe, but from the weariness of a many tiny cuts.

And so we have a wonderful finale... if only that is were just that. We are instead left with a fairly dissatisfying final two of Red, and Lost. Two survivalists who do not have much of a heroic tale to tell.

And on the Final Night:

Lost kills Red, and takes the crown. It may not be our favored winner, but at least it wasn't Sneazey or one of his allies.

Although... Lost did get mysterious sponsor aid on the first day, just like Sneazedick. And he did spend an awful lot of time with some of the Sneazes (particularly Sneazetwat) without any real fear... But no, somebody, surely Whimsy or Deebs, would've picked up on it, right?

Final Placements, Death Summary, and Stats,

I know other people in Skype did some of their own runs, so go ahead and post them here so we can all see how your wars against Sneazey went and how pathetic Connor was in your runs (because apparently that's a common thing). And talk about how everybody else's seems to have been way more bloodthirsty than mine. Seriously. idk what it was, my death rate was set to high. But there were 15 deaths not from other players and the gamerunner directly caused 9 of them, and the highest kill count was Kamen at 3. At least that represents GMIII well.
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This is beautiful.

Spoiler: show

Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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Of course your hopes and dreams was one of the first to go. Isn't that like always the case?
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I still love how that's the first thing I did.
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>Gengar and Mega Char X fall out of a tree
>immediate reaction isn't "well someone used fucking Gravity"
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Ugh how did I miss that joke. Fuck me.
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Oh hey even the simulations wanted me to hit top 3

Spoiler: show
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Even the simulation knows.

Also goddammit Baltoy why do you get Shock Wave what is this bullshit.
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Dewott GMIII by Slash

Round One:

The Bloodbath:
Spoiler: show
So, right off the bat, it seems like Kamen and EK are playing nice, EK grabbing fishing bait while the adorable little bug grabs fishing gear. I'm sure he can make the fishing line himself, so that works. What are they planning? Gato and the Mega Charizard Y murderdot have the same idea, and end up doing same themselves.

Deh just grabs up a shitload of food. Quil likes the idea and does it himself.

Emi, Luka, and Stealthy seem to have teamed up with the megachin murderdot and they're sharing everything they gathered. Fucking career pack. Respect lost. Meanwhile, another alliance, made of Cibbir, Lit, and Deus Ex Machina the swarm of Unown, scramble for supplies.

Kin just lies in wait at the cornucopia for resources, and phoopes hides near it, waiting for folks to leave. Kush just rushes inside and hides there.

While the volcanic murderdot grabs up a handful of knives to throw, Whimsy and Charm each end up grabbing a sickle. The Shuckle now has a sword. Zelphy and Rangeet each find themselves running away with a first aid kid. I end up with a backpack! Oh shit it's empty. Squirtleking kinds a bag of things that go BOOM, which cannot end well. Concept channels Mozz as he grabs up a bottle of alcohol and a rag, and Crys ends up doing the same thing him/herself.

And now, for some violence.
Extroph breaks Deebs's nose for a basket of bread. Literally: "Extroph breaks Deebs's nose for a basket of bread." Red gets stabbed by the pretty pretty princess, with a tree branch. A little Riolu ends up noosing Dave right off, and Dark Lucario comes in with a kill on the Suicune murderdot with a big BOOM. One down, guys. Spark ends up fighting with champ, and wounds her terribly. He puts her out of her misery.

Bloodbath Death Toll: Red, Dave, Sneezeycune, Machamp

Day 1 proper:
Spoiler: show

Have you ever pointed behind someone and said "what's that?!" and they actually fell for it? Luka did it to SneezEntei and ran away. Odd, it's usually the legendary beasts who run away right off the bat. And Meguka Diancie Murderdot does the same to me.

Emi beats up Deh, but lets him live. Mega Sneezeyzard Y scares the little Corsola away as fast as it can run on those stubby legs, and another Sneezeydot, this one with massive amounts of chin, stabs Zelphon with a tree branch. Lots of wood piercing folks here today, and for once, it's not because of me. At the cornucopia, Kush ends up jumping phoopes, but the Kadabra Teleports away.

Spark, Connor, and Stealthy have now formed a trio, and are scouting around for pther tributes. Luckily for Crys, who is wandering the arena, they don't find any victims, and Shuckle just looks for water. Which he's weak to. Pink Harzard's exploration doesn't go quite as well; she ends up dead trying to escape the arena. Oops. Speaking of alliances, it looks like there's no hard feelings over that bread debacle, since Extroph and Deebs are working together. Or maybe it's a grift. Who knows? Dark Lucario, Concept, Charm, and the horde of Unown raid SK's camp, although he's not there at the time.

Kin and Gato each receive hatchets from some unknown sponsor from on high. Eliteknight similarly gets a gift, some medical supplies. Will they come in handy? We shall see.

There's also some self-harm going here. Kamen and geet both end up prickling themselves up pretty bad from thorns while gathering berries. Lit goes emo and injures himself. Whimsy tries to do the smart thing and rig a land mine. It blows up in his face. Literally.

Death Toll: Zelphon, Whimsy, Pink Harzard

Total Day One Death Toll: Sneezeycune, Dave, Marshy, Machamp, Zelphy, Whimsy, Pink Harzard.

Night One:
Spoiler: show

Deh fights flier with fire, as he sets Luka aflame with a molotov. Nice one. Concept is about to kill Dark Lucario, but DL convinces him he's better left alive. He can help him more if he's not dead after all. Concept uncharacteristically spares his life, only to get a knife in the back immediately after.

An Arbok, Dougtrio, Joltik, Mega Garchomp, and Baltoy all crowd around a fire together. This is either a setup for a really good joke or a really bad porn. Elsewhere, a Corsola, Electivire, and Milotic are hanging with another murderous dot, this one Entei, all telling ghost stories to keep the mood light. As everyone knows, in a situation where all your allies can and will be thinking about the best time and way to kill you, and anyone could snap into a murderous rampage at any moment, telling stories to freak each other out is extremely important.

Kin and Charm separately look up at the night sky, phoopes climbs a tree to rest, and Crys sleeps, but this sets up the swarm to destroy his supplies. Mega Sneezeyzard Y sleeps without incidence. Stealthy and EK individually end up not resting at all. Spark tries, but nightmares wake him up. Rangeet sees a fire and keeps his distance, while Shuckle goes hunting and comes up empty. A Steel snake and a hollowed husk fall ill from contaminated water, while the inorganic Kush Claydol tries to treat an infection. Mega Dianciedot thinks about winning.

Gato just gets lost.

Death Toll: Concept, Luka

Day Two:
Spoiler: show
Not terribly much happens. Squirtleking forces Quil to make a choice: he can kill Emi, or he can kill Entei. Gee, I wonder who he'll- ENTEI.

Kamen hurts himself picking berries again, Mega Sneezeyzard decides being one of the only ones to sleep the night wasn't enough, and tries to sleep the day away. Deebs takes his turn at being emo, injuring himself. EK and Shuckle try for stealth, camoufalging themselves in bushes. Spark gets the gift of food.

Charm runs from Charizard, Chomp runs from Sentret (Sentret are really good at scaring murderdots away), and Gato almost kills Cibbir, but spares him. Meguka gets ambushed by Kin and dies a horrible, Fairiey death. Dark Lucario overhears me and Kush talking, but it's in the distance. Could be about anything. Then assorted exploration. Eh.

DEATHS: Sneezecano, MegukaDiancie. Two murderdots in one day, good job.

Death Toll for Night One/Day Two: Luka, Concept, Sneezey Entei, Sneezey Mega Diancie

11/36 down already, and 3 murderdots out. Good record so far.

Night Two:
Spoiler: show
Charm cries himself to sleep. As do Crys, Deebs, and Kush. Pussies. Extroph kills himself, overwhelmed. Squirtleking cuts off Cibbir's head with a sword. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!

Kin, Lit, and I talk about what might happen in the morning. We're pals. For now. MGarchomp, Kamen, Corsola, Emi, and Shuckle are all together around their fire. Big groups are dangerous. In increasingly unlikely events, a poisonous Ghost falls ill from contaminated water. And Eliteknight and Stealthy get their cuddle on together.

Not much else of note.

Death Toll: Connor, Extroph

Day Three:
Spoiler: show

the Unown swarm forages. As does Deebs. Emi and DL each practice archery. Deh distracts Kush to GTFO. Sentret are quite elusive. Shuckle does tha same thing to SK. It seems Gato and Kamen are conspiring, or at least Charm seems to think so, hearing them talk in the distance.

Sneezey gets a laugh, the MCY murderzard using a rope to strangle... a ghost. A fucking Ghost. However, the last laugh is not Sneezey's, as elsewhere, Lost, Rangeet, and Stealthy betray Megachin, slaying him. Kin finds a cave. Maybe it's...

Spark takes his turn being emo, injuring himself. And I get my ass handed to me by a Corsola. A fucking Corsola. But he spares me, so all is still well.

Other folks explore and shit. Kinda non-actiony details ain't really epic right now.

Death Toll: Mega Sneezeychomp, Eliteknight

Night Two/Day Three Death Toll: Extroph, Connor, Mega Sneezeychomp, EK

15 deaths now, and only one murderdot and a swarm of Unown left before Sneezey's reign of terror is ended. Down with tyranny.


Night Three:
Spoiler: show
Geet, myself, and poopy try to raid Kin's fire. He fends us off single-handedly. Someone to watch out for. SK tries to treat an infection I didn't know he had. Quil destroys Emi's supplies. Kamen, Sneezeyzard, Charm, Shuckle, and Stealthy are now sharing a fire. The Unown Swarm screams for help. For some reason. Deebs ends up finding an MtG. Not sure what he plans to do with him, but he found him.

No deaths.

Day Four:
Spoiler: show
I get a hatchet from a sponsor! SK gets food from one. Quil hurts himself. Kin begs Kamen for death. Kamen doesn't give it to him. The Gengar is now stalking the Baltoy. The swarm and Kush are talking, and Deh overhears them. Not much going on, really.

Until Spark, Crys, and phoopes end up meeting and getting into a scrap. Crys is able to get the fuck away, right as Spark delivers a killing blow to Uri Geller. Emi and deebs work together. A rental psyduck kicks a Charizard's ass but lets him live for some reason. I mean, it's geet. Come on, Stealthy, he doesn't deserve to live.

Death Toll: phoopes

A hurricane rocks the arena. For no reason, I'll call this arena event Katrina. Kush pushes Emi into an incoming boulder. Too bad Wonder Guard doesn't protect you from Rocks. I stab Crys and shove him close enough to the hurricane so it sucks him in. Geet gets sucked in. Quil gets sucked in. Dark Lucario's getting sucked in, so Kamen decides to help him. I don't think I have to tell you that a tiny bug trying to overpower a hurricane goes badly. Elsewhere, a Psyduck tries to save Deh in the same manner. With similar results. The Unown Swarm, MCY, Electivire, Charm, Kin, Spark, Shuckle, Deebs, and Gato all survive without incident. Lost avoids getting sucked in, only to be killed by flying detritus. Debris is a bitch.

ARENA EVENT DEATH TOLL: Emi, Crys, Geet, Quil, DL-ADV, Kamen, Stealthy, Deh, Lost

Those nine and phoopes are dead today. We went from 21 to 11 survivors in one day. KICK. ASS.

Night Four:
Spoiler: show
You enjoyed the bloodbath? Well, it's not over. As it comes down to the wire, MCY Sneezey decides to truce with Kush. This does not bode well. Gato spends the night trying to beat his infection. You know, the infected Gengar.

And then Kin, nasty little bugger, sets off an explosive. Charm, Squirtleking, Shuckle, and myself are all caught in the blast, and just like that, we're at 7 left.

I think I'm going to cry is a Claydol or a Sneeze wins this. And with 4/7 left being one or the other, it's scary.

Deaths: Charm, Slash, SK, Shuckle

Day Five:
Spoiler: show
Team one: Mew, Deebs, Spark and Kush. They backstab Kush, killing him. Finally.

Team two: MCY Sneezey and Unown Swarm are with Kin, and they're hunting together.

Deaths for Night Four/Day Five: Charm, Slash, Squirtleking, Kush

The End Run:

Spoiler: show
Night Five:
Spark destroys Deebs's supplies while Deebs is sleeping. Kin plays Sneezey's swarm like a fiddle, tricking him into killing Gato. Out of 5 left, 2 are Sneezey and 1 is a Claydol.

Day Six:
NOTHING FUCKING HAPPENS. Spark gets a late-game sponsor gift of food.

Night Six:
Spark gets lost. Kin kills Deebs for his supplies. You know, the ones that got pretty much destroyed last night. Swarm of Unown tries to find folks, comes up short. Sneezeyzard Y decides to climb a tree. Only he falls and dies.

Deaths: Deebs, Mega Sneezeyzard Y

Day Seven:
Kin makes a wooden spear, Spark tries to sleep, Unown Swarm gets a food donation. Rich folks out there.
At night, Spark destroys Kin's supplies while Kin sleeps. Unown doesn't sleep

Day Eight:
The Unown Swarm kills Kin with a tree branch. It's official: the winner will be either a Sneezey or a Claydol. Your pillow. It feasts upon tears. Feed it.

Night Eight (The Final Showdown):
Spoiler: show
The Unown Swarm kills Spark by catching him off-guard. Anti-climactic.

You know, I really wish I had made that last slot the watchtower after all. Because then it woulda fucking won.

Ending Image:
Spoiler: show

Ending Summary
Spoiler: show
DL-ADV sets an explosive off, killing Sneezecune.
Harzard strangles FishDave with a rope.
Meguka stabs Marshy with a tree branch.
Spark severely injures Champ, but puts her out of her misery.

Day 1
Sneezeychomp stabs Zelphy with a tree branch.
Whimsy accidently detonates a land mine while trying to arm it.
Harzard dies trying to escape the arena.

Night 1
Deh sets Luka on fire with a molotov.
DL-ADV convinces ConceptDave to not kill him, only to kill him instead.

Day 2
Squirtleking forces Quil to kill Emi or Sneezecano. He decides to kill Sneezecano.
Kin catches Meguka off guard and kills her.

Night 2
Extroph cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.
Squirtleking decapitates Cibbir with a sword.

Day 3
Lit, Rangeet, and Stealthy turn on Sneezeychomp, killing him.
MCY Sneeze strangles EK with a rope.

Night 3
No deaths occurred.

Day 4
Spark, Crys, and phoopes start fighting, but Crys runs away as Spark kills phoopes.

Arena Event
A monstrous hurricane wreaks havoc on the arena.
Kush pushes Emi into an incoming boulder.
Stealthy tries to save Deh from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in as well.
Slash stabs Crys, then pushes him close enough to the hurricane to suck him in.
Rangeet is sucked into the hurricane.
Kamen tries to save DL-ADV from being sucked into the hurricane, only to be sucked in as well.
Lit is incapacitated by flying debris and dies.
Quil is sucked into the hurricane.

Night 4
Kin sets an explosive off, killing Charminions, Slash, Squirtleking and Shuckle.

Day 5
MtG, Deebs, and Spark turn on Kush, killing him.

Night 5
Kin tricks Unown Swarm into killing MtG.

Day 6
No deaths occurred.

Night 6
Kin kills Deebs for his supplies.
MCY Sneeze attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.

Day 7
No deaths occurred.

Night 7
No deaths occurred.

Day 8
Unown Swarm stabs Kin with a tree branch.

Night 8
Unown Swarm catches Spark off guard and kills him.
The winner is Unown Swarm from District 12!

EDIT: Dammit I ended up with the same Joltik image. I tried to do all different images (hence Dougtrio instead of obvious Dugthreesome)

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Maybe someone can make custom events? Like "(Player1) hides in the Hideaway Lake", "(Player1) uses Gravity", "(Player1) succumbs to intensified Gravity", "(Player1) gets lost in the Lonely Woods and gets scared", "(Player1) drowns (Player2) in the Crystal Pond" and so on?
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My favorite part was getting beat up by Kush but being spared (ha!) then conspiring with Rangeet!Sneaze and Whimsy. Oh and the part where Sneaze throws a knife at me, that was hilarious.

Although the funniest thing was where I betrayed Concept in Slash's GM, as if I were that smart, and me killing a Suicune murderbot, which again, could never happen.
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My God I am useless in these.
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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Whatever Sneasel says is right
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The Hunger Games simulator is fun as hell.

[obligatory anger at having been on hiatus during the GM]
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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
My God I am useless in these.

"Meteor Jam!"

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Connor kept running these over and over until he was satisfied with his performance. The closest he got was one kill and a top fifteen finish, and even then I think he cried himself to sleep a few times.
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I've been running these with my Y Egglocke mons and the image of some of the kills is amazing, particularly when anything in the EEVEE family uses archery. And then there was the time Magby got 9-11 kills, the most of everyone, but only got 4th place. Despite his massive rampage, he committed suicide.
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Spoiler: show

Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
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>Dies on first night

If this was accurate, I would have plotted to do stuff with half the people in the game, then got killed the first round I actually tried to do anything.
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>Slash calls Arena Event Hurricane "Katrina"
>Claydol survives
>I actually stayed in a friends basement/home all throughout Katrina
>Technically survived Katrina

This simulator knows its shit I'll give it that.
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I was going to type up the one I just did for gits and shiggles, but sadly don't have the time. So I'll just leave you with the best part.

Spoiler: show
First line of the Bloodbath: "Connor cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide."
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Originally Posted by Jerichi View Post
Whatever Sneasel says is right
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I thought this sounded fun. So, I put my ASB team through it, plus the pokes I want to add, and the pokes I cut from the team, as well as myself. There were some good moments, such as:
-My Litwick dying of hypothermia.
-Kadabra stabbing Psyduck with a tree branch. Grass weakness proven, much?
-Beldum going fishing(???) and then decapitating a Pawniard.
-Clefairy spearing the aforementioned Beldum.
-Mega Beedrill and Luxio suiciding.
-Tynamo killing Tyrogue with an arrow.
-Venipede dying from tainted food.
-The Kirlia I dropped ages ago winning.
This was all in one run, btw.
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Mew The Grand Melee III

Spoiler: show
The Participants

The Bloodbath

Quilavaflare starts off by gathering as much food as he can. Lost tries to do the same, but he makes the mistake of actually eating the berries he has collected. Which turn out to be toxic. Stealthy has more success; he breaks Zelphon's nose for the sake of a basket of bread.

Whimsy grabs a bag, and never realizes that it is empty. Maybe because Mega Diancie already took the useful bag, which is full of camping equipment. People get plenty of weapons inside the cornucopia; DaveTheFishGuy and Slash take a sickle, I find some throwing knives, Crys receives a trident... and Emi the Shedinja grabs bows and arrows. Unown, meanwhile, retrieves a sword.

The cornucopia sees other, less interesting things, too. Eliteknight snatches a bottle of alcohol and a rag, while Machamp-X and Deebs hide near it, waiting for the others to leave. Extroph, on the other hand, hides inside the cornucopia. Charminions runs flies away with a lighter and some rope.

Some groups have formed. Most are friendly; Kindrindra is sharing and trading with Mega Garchomp, Entei and Squirtleking. DarkLucarioADV, Pink Harzard and Sparkbeat are collecting supplies together. So are Phoopes, Rangeetsuper and deh74. However, there are violent groups, too. While Kush gets a surprise attack on Mega Charizard Y and kills it, KamenAeons and Connor fight Concept and Shuckle.

I am guessing that while KamenAeons fought bravely, Connor was taken down in one hit, due to which Concept and Shuckle emerge victorious.

Oh, and Lucario188 tries to escape the arena, thinking that she can just fly over the forcefield. She, unfortunately, turns out to be wrong.

Day 1

Unown tries to sleep through the entire day, which is why few people died today. Entei runs around and finds a cave. I assume he just went in and got lost there for the entire day, ultimately doing nothing. Machamp-X also explores the arena. Zelphon the Sceptile, fittingly, camouflages himself in the bushes. Some other people are wasting time, too; Sparkbeat diverts Eliteknight's attention, then runs digs away. Deebs scares deh74 away, unfortunately not just killing him. It would make me have to write less in the future. Crys tries to divert Stealthy's attention, but one glance from the Psyduck, and Crys gets so terrified that he runs away. Rangeetsuper turns out to be too scary for Mega Garchomp, too.

But there is some productivity, too. Charminions constructs a shack. Squirtleking pricks himself while picking berries, Whimsy injures himself. Kindrindra once again decides to team up a murderbot, this one being Mega Diancie (Along with Extroph and Quilavaflare), and they raid Shuckle's camp while he is hunting for a feast to celebrate his victory over Connor. DaveTheFishGuy receives clean water from some unknown sponsor, while I receive a hatchet. No one gives anything to Emi, so the Shedinja just makes a wooden spear for himself. Phoopes follows suit, realizing that a spoon is a terrible weapon. And Slash the Dugtrio is practicing his archery, as usual.

It appears that KamenAeons put up an incredible fight against Concept, because he bleeds out due to untreated injuries. Red Panda attacks DarkLucarioADV, but the ghost vanishes. Oh, and Kush silently snaps Pink Harzard's neck.

Fallen Tributes: Lucario188, Lost, Mega Charizard Y, Suicune, KamenAeons, Connor, Concept, Pink Harzard

Night 1

Crys cries himself to sleep. The poor Zangoose is still terrified due to his encounter with Stealthy. Charminions and Emi look at the night sky, and Deebs stays awake all night, as if to keep them company. Quilavaflare crowds around a fire with DaveTheFishGuy, Sparkbeat, Extroph and deh74, while Unown, Kush, Red Panda, DarkLucarioADV and Kindrindra do the same. Presumably, Red Panda does not want to kill DarkLucarioADV anymore.

Phoopes and Mega Garchomp become best friends. Machamp-X and Entei fail to find any others (They are prone to pointless exploration, you see), but Rangeetsuper encounters Zelphon. The two decide to truce for the night. Shuckle is also met with failure, but that makes sense because Shuckle do not travel very fast.

Whimsy falls ill due to contaminated water, but survives. Slash, Stealthy, Mega Diancie and I sleep in shifts, keeping watch one at a time. However, Squirtleking does not do so, and pays the price for it. Eliteknight catches him off guard and kills him.

Day 2

Today, DaveTheFishGuy and deh74 try to see who can sleep longer. DarkLucarioADV and Kindrindra both remain in their hiding spots. Sparkbeat, Emi and Kush are all pricked by thorns while picking berries. Two Claydol and a Shedinja. Mega Garchomp distracts Slash and then runs away, something I do with Eliteknight, too. Quilavaflare explores the arena, while Rangeetsuper seems to specifically be looking for a water source. Shuckle seems to found one already, because he is fishing.

Today, Machamp-X is being productive; she is working with Deebs. Entei is also off hunting, but Red Panda, Phoopes, Mega Diancie and Charminions take advantage of this to raid his camp. Whimsy stalks Crys. Someone is foolish enough to favour Zelphon, granting him fresh food. Along with its sword, Unown now also has a hatchet, by the grace of another unknown sponsor. Stealthy realizes he should also have a weapon, so, he makes a wooden spear for himself. It is possible that Extroph also tried to do this, but he ends up injuring himself somehow.

Fallen Tributes: Squirtleking

Night 2

Something dangerous and ominous seems to be around. That is the only logical explanation for why Whimsy screams his head off, deh74 stays awake the entire night, Phoopes and Quilavaflare sleep in shifts, Emi and Crys desperately try to find the others, but in vain, and Rangeetsuper is speaking to Entei and Stealthy about what might happen next. Charminions does not seem to care, though; he simply goes to sleep. DaveTheFishGuy somehow climbs a tree to do the same. Kush and DarkLucarioADV are awake, but they seem to be talking about themselves, not about some monster lurking in the darkness of night.

Zelphon tries to treat his infection, which Rangeetsuper may have given him when they met. Mega Diancie and Sparkbeat set up their camps for the night. Extroph and Unown simply pass out from exhaustion, even though neither did anything of note during the day. Machamp-X the Mismagius falls ill due to contaminated water. Eliteknight is also sleeping out in the open, but this turns out to be a mistake, because Kindrindra manages to take advantage of this and destroy his supplies.

Oh, and I team up with Slash and Shuckle, successfully ambushing and killing Mega Garchomp, Red Panda and Deebs. That explains why everyone was so scared.

Day 3

While Zelphon explores the arena alone, I team up with Eliteknight and Mega Diancie to look for other tributes. Phoopes, however, simply remains in his hiding spot. Machamp-X is fishing with Unown, which is surprisingly unsurprising. The unknown sponsors are at it again, giving medical supplies to deh74, and a hatchet to Whimsy.

Someone should die already. Emi chases Stealthy for whatever reason, but does not attack. Extroph scares Charminions off, but does not kill him. Kush is stalking Rangeetsuper. He has already killed a Mega Charizard Y, but for whatever reason, he does not kill an ordinary Charizard. DarkLucarioADV and Sparkbeat actually try to kill Crys and Entei, respectively, but apparently, neither of them is competent enough to do this, because the intended victims run away. Quilavaflare injures himself, but survives. Shuckle pricks himself on thorns, but survives. No deaths. If people die, I would have to write less.

Oh, wait, Kindrindra is actually competent. He somehow kills Slash with a hatchet. I do not know how, but he does, and it looks like Slash's archery practice does help him. And DaveTheFishGuy bleeds out due to some untreated injuries I had no idea he had! So, that is a bonus.

Fallen Tributes: Mega Garchomp, Red Panda, Deebs, Slash, DaveTheFishGuy

Night 3

Crys cries himself to sleep. Again. It looks like he has had a really bad experience with Stealthy. Kush just goes to sleep without any problems, though. Mega Diancie is looking at the night sky tonight, while Emi is thinking about winning. He is a Ghost Type with Wonder Guard. What could possibly go wrong?

Quilavaflare finds Zelphon while looking for other tributes. Charminions and DarkLucarioADV truce for the night, while Unown and Shuckle are more open, talking about each other. Machamp-X and I are doing something similar, both being Ghost Types. Being a Sentret, deh74 falls ill due to drinking contaminated water. However, the same thing happens to Whimsy. A Garbodor. A Garbodor falls ill due to consuming contaminants.

Meanwhile, Entei fends Eliteknight, Kindrindra and Extroph away from his fire... and Stealthy does the same to Phoopes, Sparkbeat and Rangeetsuper. That is right, a Psyduck manages to singlehandedly fend off a Kadabra, a Claydol and a Charizard. Because that is just how awesome Stealthy is.

Day 4

Today, Kush and Charminions go to collect some fruit from a tree. I think this may truly help research on what Claydol eat. Eliteknight and Entei remain in their hiding places, while Crys explores the arena, apparently still averse to interacting with anyone. Zelphon stalks Stealthy, not knowing how badly he shall lose in a fight, while deh74 chases Whimsy. You know, the Sentret who fell ill is chasing the Garbodor who cannot handle contaminants. Incidentally, Sparkbeat and DarkLucarioADV receive clean water from an unknown sponsor, so that this does not happen to them.

Mega Diancie, Unown and I look for other tributes, but do not seem to find any success. Shuckle the Shuckle practices his archery. Emi the Shedinja decides to make another wooden spear for himself. And Quilavaflare injures himself again.

Of course, fun things happen, too. Like when Phoopes, Rangeetsuper and Machamp-X get into a fight, only for the Charizard to turn tail and run fly away, and the Kadabra to kill the Mismagius. Or when Extroph exploits his STAB and Type advantage to blow a poison dart into Kindrindra's neck, killing him slowly and painfully.

Fallen Tributes: Machamp-X, Kindrindra

Night 4

Zelphon climbs a tree to rest, as a Sceptile may. Entei, deh74 and Stealthy all look for other tributes, but none of them succeed. Shuckle looks up at the night sky, while Emi the Shedinja tends to his wounds. When did he get them? Does he think that the crack on his back is a wound? DarkLucarioADV sets up camp for the night, while I have a nice chat with Eliteknight.

Rangeetsuper and Sparkbeat betray us by sleeping with Mega Diancie. Kush, Phoopes and Whimsy are discussing their fates. Unown tries to treat its infection. Charminions falls ill due to contaminated water. Extroph the Arbok falls ill due to contaminated water. Obviously, their bodies are not ready. The contaminants are OVER 9000!

Oh, and Crys reaches his breaking point -- he beats Quilavaflare to death.

Day 5

Right off the bat, Crys, after spending almost the entire game being sad, falls into a frozen lake and drowns. Kush could have saved him, but he would rather do some fishing here. Because this is Kush.

Eliteknight and Whimsy both discover a cave. Charminions constructs a shack to protect himself from the elements. This is his second shack, by the way. As per tradition, Entei runs away, and deh74 chases after him. Phoopes runs away from Zelphon of all people. Unown startles Extroph, then just floats away. And Stealthy just sleeps through the day.

I collect fruit from a tree. Rangeetsuper does not need to; he receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Shuckle does not need to, either. He steals some from Sparkbeat while the latter is distracted. Mega Diancie apparently explodes, killing DarkLucarioADV. And Emi dies trying to escape the arena. The usual.

Fallen Tributes: Quilavaflare, Crys, DarkLucarioADV, Emi

Night 5

This time, I cry myself to sleep. What. Shuckle and Unown are awoken by nightmares, and Whimsy stays awake all night so that this does not happen to him. Sparkbeat treats his infection, while Entei tends to his wounds. Both Zelphon and Extroph get lost, perhaps because Kush, deh74, Rangeetsuper, Eliteknight and Phoopes are all crowded around a fire, obstructing its light. Mega Diancie, meanwhile, dies of thirst. Finally.

Stealthy establishes his awesomeness even further by killing Charminions the Dragonite.

Day 6

After crying myself to sleep last night, I daydream of home. Eliteknight plays a prank on Zelphon. Extroph explores the arena. That is well and good. What is not well and good is trying to escape the arena. Phoopes makes this mistake, and winds up dead.

Stealthy, for his awesomeness last night, or all the time in general, receives fresh food from an unknown sponsor. Rangeetsuper of all people also receives a hatchet, even though he has not done anything. Because he cannot be the only Fire Type with a weapon, Entei makes a wooden spear for himself. Sparkbeat also receives a hatchet, and Kush makes a wooden spear of his own in response. Because, you know, both are Claydol.

Then Unown beats deh74 to death and Whimsy slices Shuckle with a sword.

Fallen Tributes: Charminions, Mega Diancie, deh74, Shuckle, Phoopes

Night 6

Rangeetsuper sets up camp for the knight. Sparkbeat, Entei, Kush and Whimsy sleep in shifts.

Extroph and Unown pass out because of exhaustion. Again. Yes, it was these exact Pokemon last time, too.

Uncharacteristically, nightmares manage to wake Stealthy up. And Eliteknight the Haunter climbs a tree to rest.

I meet Zelphon, and we truce for the night. I regret not utilizing my Type advantage and killing him on the spot.

Day 7

Whimsy practices his archery by shooting garbage. Sparkbeat decides to kick back and sleep the entire day. Entei diverts Zelphon's attention, but runs away. Much roam. So flee. Such Legendary.

Kush goes hunting today, but Stealthy, Unown, Rangeetsuper and Eliteknight raid his camp while he is gone.

Oh, and I defeat Extroph in a battle. This is good. But I spare his life. This is bad.

Fallen Tributes: NONE.

Night 7

Entei and Unown meet each other and stare each other down. They truce for the night, being the gentle souls that they are. Eliteknight and Kush both get lost. Huh. Apparently Kush's psychic powers are not helping him much. Stealthy tries to find the others. Again. He fails. Again.

Rangeetsuper and Whimsy tell each other about each other. Sparkbeat tends to his wounds. Extroph severely injures Zelphon, then puts him out of his misery. I guess something good did come out of sparing his life. But this would be unneeded if I had just kill both when I had the chance.

Oh, and apparently, while Haunter can climb trees, Gengar cannot. That is right, I fall out of a tree and die. Again. Okay, who used Gravity? Kush is lost and Sparkbeat is tending to his wounds, so who?!

Day 8

Whimsy diverts Extroph's attention, then runs to avoid the same fate as Zelphon.

Sparkbeat receives a hatchet from an unknown sponsor. Kush makes a wooden spear in response.

Entei scares Stealthy off somehow. I do not know how, but he does. Or does he?

Unown kills Rangeetsuper while the latter is resting. Finally. Eliteknight cannot handle the death of his dear friend, and commits suicide.

Fallen Tributes: Mew The Gato, Zelphon, Eliteknight, Rangeetsuper

Night 8

Sparkbeat sets up camp for the night. Whimsy, Extroph, Kush and Stealthy sleep in shifts. Entei stays awake all night. It does not matter, because he can run even while he is asleep.

Unown tries to escape the arena. Unown took mortal damage! Unown got hurt and collapsed.

Day 9

Berries seem to be really popular today! Extroph is pricked by thorns while trying to pick berries. Entei and Sparkbeat both unknowingly eat toxic berries. Incidentally, this also causes them to die.

While Whimsy makes a wooden spear to match the two Kush has, Kush maintains a lead over Whimsy by killing Stealthy in his sleep.

Fallen Tributes: Unown, Stealthy, Entei, Sparkbeat

Night 9

Kush is angry tonight. Must be something to do with politics. Whimsy tries to climb a tree to escape his wrath, but of course, he falls to his death.

Extroph convinces Kush to not kill him, especially not with his Type advantage. Extroph proceeds to kill Kush instead.

Spoiler: show

Now I really regret sparing Extroph's life.

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show
Lucario188 dies trying to escape the arena.
Lost unknowingly eats toxic berries.
Kush catches Mega Charizard Y off guard and kills him.
Suicune cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.
KamenAeons and Connor fight Concept and Shuckle. Concept and Shuckle survive.

Day 1
Concept bleeds out due to untreated injuries.
Kush silently snaps Pink Harzard's neck.

Night 1
Eliteknight catches Squirtleking off guard and kills him.

Day 2
No deaths occurred.

Night 2
Mew The Gato, Slash, and Shuckle successfully ambush and kill Mega Garchomp, Red Panda, and Deebs.

Day 3
Kindrindra kills Slash with a hatchet.
DaveTheFishGuy bleeds out due to untreated injuries.

Night 3
No deaths occurred.

Day 4
Phoopes, Rangeetsuper, and Machamp-X start fighting, but Rangeetsuper runs away as Phoopes kills Machamp-X.
Extroph shoots a poisonous blow dart into Kindrindra's neck, slowly killing him.

Night 4
Crys beats Quilavaflare to death.

Day 5
Crys falls into a frozen lake and drowns.
Mega Diancie sets an explosive off, killing DarkLucarioADV.
Emi dies trying to escape the arena.

Night 5
Stealthy's trap kills Charminions.
Mega Diancie dies of thirst.

Day 6
Unown beats deh74 to death.
Whimsy severely slices Shuckle with a sword.
Phoopes dies trying to escape the arena.

Night 6
No deaths occurred.

Day 7
No deaths occurred.

Night 7
Mew The Gato attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.
Extroph severely injures Zelphon, but puts him out of his misery.

Day 8
Eliteknight cannot handle the circumstances and commits suicide.
Unown kills Rangeetsuper while he is resting.

Night 8
Unown dies trying to escape the arena.

Day 9
Kush kills Stealthy while he is resting.
Entei unknowingly eats toxic berries.
Sparkbeat unknowingly eats toxic berries.

Night 9
Extroph convinces Kush to not kill him, only to kill him instead.
Whimsy attempts to climb a tree, but falls to his death.

The winner is Extroph from District 8!

Spoiler: show
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