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Mime Jr. Inquiries & Rulings

If you cannot find the answer to a question anywhere and have tried the Q/A thread, you can ask it here.

League Officials will proceed to answer your questions as quickly as possible. LO responses given here are official and you can rely on us to back you up if there is a dispute. Responses made in this thread by LOs are considered to be more-or-less firm rules, but if you have questions, concerns or have a reason to appeal a decision, please let us know via PM and we'll gladly answer or review your appeal (you don't have to be the asker to do this either).

If you aren't an LO, you should not answer questions posted here. This thread is for official rulings only.
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Connor and I discussed this and he suggested asking for a ruling: does Knock Off remove the target's held item, or does it just disable it?

Knock Off (Dark) - The user strikes the target from an unexpected angle, hitting for good damage and using good energy. If the target has an attached item, the move deals heavy damage and disables the item for three rounds (except for Mega Stones, which trigger the boost but are not negated). It will also cause any Pokémon who wield items to drop their item for three rounds, as well as sending it a great distance from the user. This boost and effect will only apply once per battle.
[Drk, Atk/Def, User: N/A, Target: Embargo (3 rounds)]
[DMG: Good (Heavy if item held), NRG: Good]
[Item Move]
Thief (Dark) - The user uses a good amount of Dark energy to cloak themselves in a bubble of Dark energy and dart through the shadows and deal a light, dark-charged tackle attack for good damage and energy, before retreating to its original location. If the target has an attached item, this attack negates its effect and gives it to the user for three rounds. If the target is physically holding an item, the user of Thief will steal it. Items which are particularly important to the target, such as a Marowak's bone, will be harder to steal. Mega Stones are not affected by this move. If the user is already holding an item, it will not be able to steal or embargo the target’s held item, but can still steal things such as Marowak’s bone.
[Drk, Atk/Def, User: Steal Item (3 rounds), Target: Embargo (3 rounds)]
[DMG: Good, NRG: Good]
[Item Move]
In that vein, if a Pokemon has had its item disabled by Knock Off, would it be able to steal the Knock Off user's own item using Thief?
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An attachable item like a berry is disabled for three rounds. Other kinds of items, like Farfetch'd's leek, would actually get dropped.

Thief would not steal an attachable item if the user is already holding one, even if its been disabled- if that were the case, the user of thief would have two items three rounds after the use of knock off.

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