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Connor- This strange Pokemon was like a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Up until now, just about everything that could go wrong, had gone wrong. What if something wrong happened during the challenge? What had happened to the last person who tried? Despite some initial reluctance, you agree to help the Pokemon out. Sophie relays the message and triggers a elated response from the mystery mon.

Fallllll Falinks!

"It, Falinks, requests that we follow it, single file." Sophie translates and transfers the message to you and your team. You line up behind Falinks as it turns to head deeper into the temple. Marco seems reluctant to get in line, hanging at the back with a disgruntled look on his face. Were you really going to follow this things lead instead of his?!

You're joined by a lone 'Brass' Falink. It is lvl 2 and knows the move Smart Strike.

You follow the Pokemon through the temple as it marches rhythmically to some unknown destination. It isn't long before you reach it though. The hallway opens up into a large room, a large six pointed star is engraved on the floor, much like the one on the statue's shield. The circular room had five exits, large stone arches stretched over each, a different symbol seemed to be carved into the centre stone of each arch. You inspect the arches from left to right. The first depicts a pair of cross swords, the second a shield. The third showed a glowing eye, while the fourth seemed to depict some sort of force field? The final arch had a pair of wings carved into the stone.

Link Links Falinks!

"Each path leads to a trial, we'll need to overcome all five in order to reunite it with its troops", Sophie passes on Falinks' message as the Pokemon eagerly awaits your decision. Which trial would you take on first?

Emp- Ty's uncertainty certainly wasn't expected. Him asking your opinion even more so. There was still a bit of a sore spot after Ty knocked back your last idea, but the elderly Hunter had given you an opportunity to make the call here. Cautiously gripping the ball containing your own Pupitar, you suggest the best course of action is to begin the search. If the shaman was already here, giving him more time to carry out his plan would likely be unwise.

Ty and yourself continue to make your way along the path towards the temple, eyes peeled for any signs of activity. As you get closer to the temple, two pools of water begin to run alongside the path. The water is barely visible beneath the multitude of water plants overrunning the pools, although the water you do see is murky and green. All was good so far, too good to be true.

"Wait", Ty stops, raising his hand. "Do you hear that?" Taking the time to listen carefully, you begin to hear what the old hunter was hearing. A hissing, bubbling sound, coming from either side of the path. "Get back, get back now!"

You both bustle backwards, just in time as the pools of water explode with a surge of energy. A violent tornado erupts from the pool on the left, the roaring wind almost seemed..... alive? Meanwhile on the other side, electric leaps from the water, the bolts lashing out before returning to wrap around each other as they seem to take form. It doesn't take long for you to put two and two together. This was the work of the Shaman again. Your mind flipped back to the rock creature that you'd fought earlier, this was clearly the same thing, expect these ones weren't made of stone. The living tornado sprouts smaller tempests from its side, almost like a pair of twisting limbs. The electrical anomaly condenses into what could only be described as a serpentine form, powerful jaws snapped together in a shower of sparks.

"More of these bloody things, guess that means that monster beat us here. Can't see anything like the Gigalith crystal that powered the last one, got a feeling their weak spots are going to be harder to find." Ty was quick to assess the situation and Tyranitar was raring to go. The Shaman was already in the temple, you couldn't afford to waste time here.

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Originally Posted by TheKnightsFury View Post

King Ghidorah- This was beginning to feel hopeless, almost pointless. You almost lose your resolve completely, but your Pokemon deserved better. Snapping yourself from self doubt, you order your Pokemon back onto the offensive.

Mr.Mime rushes in, seeking to Copycat Kyurem's Breaking Swipe technique, while Mamoswine breathes deeply before billowing a thick mist to stop his stats from being dropped any further. Mr Mime rushes into close range, but its Breaking Swipe is met by a Brutal Swing of Black Kyurem's tail. Mr.Mime is crushed into the side of the cavern and Kyurem quickly puts an end to it with a Shadow Claw.

Mr.Mime is unable to battle! Mr.Mime gained 2 levels!

As Mr.Mime slumps against the wall of the cavern, Mamoswine charges in. At this point his Superpower strikes with less power than he'd hope for. Kyurem slams itself down onto the Ice type's back, Pressing the entire weight of its body down upon the worn swine. Mamoswine's knees buckle and it collapses beneath the Guardian's bulk.

Mamoswine is unable to battle! Mamoswine gained 2 levels!

Rising up, Kyurem lets out a victorious cry, its form reverting to normal as it releases a burst of electrical energy.

You fought hard and you fought well. Relentless, tenacious, almost enough but you lack experience. A shame that you won't live long enough to gain some, but die with the knowledge that you pushed me to my limit.

An Icicle Spears gathers in front of Kyurem's mouth. Instinctively, you recall your unconscious Pokemon into their balls. You begin to slowly take steps backwards, but you knew that at this point, running was futile. You're breath slows as you resolve to accept the fate that has been decided for you. Kyurem fires the spear with a tremendous roar. Your eyes clamp shut as you see the splinter of ice hurtle toward you. Suddenly something slams into you, not from the front, but the side! Almost in the same instant, you feel a burn cold in your shoulder as the Icicle Spear strikes home. If not for the shove, the spear likely would have pierced your heart. You slip into unconscious as your body succumbs to shock, eyes rolling into the back of your head.


The searing pain in your shoulder stirs you from your slumber. You reach immediately for your left shoulder, which was coated in dried leaves. Fresh blood dampened the leaves directly over the wound, but the good news was that you were alive, but how?! A fire was crackling nearby, looking across from the warming flames, you spot the white Lycanroc who you'd encountered during your climb up the Edelweiss. Was it the Lycanroc who had saved you from Kyurem's finishing blow? If so, why? There was certainly something odd about this Pokemon. Your bag and Pokeballs were all set off to the side, well out of reach, especially in your injured state.
It took all Hugo could muster to not scream out from the pain radiating from his shoulder. Flashbacks of the battle flood back to him; his last memories being Mr. Mime and Mamoswine going down while he faced certain death from the guardian of the mountain. He should be dead. He knew it. Somehow, he cheated it. But how? Who dressed this wound? Moreso, why?

The heat from the fire provided a modicum of comfort and over the blaze, he noticed the white Lycanroc. He and his compatriots had tried to stop Hugo from reaching Kyurem. Even at the time, Hugo sensed that there was more to their actions. They weren’t acting out of malice. No, Hugo could sense in his heart that they had been trying to protect him from a fate they knew he couldn’t handle. And they were right.

Still, what Hugo couldn’t figure out is why the white Lycanroc had come back. Hugo defied their efforts to protect him, and had shown nothing but arrogance and foolishness in the process. Truth be told, Hugo probably didn’t deserve to be saved. Not to mention that the Lycanroc likely had to put his own life at risk to save him. There’s no doubt that Kyurem wouldn’t be happy to have his kill taken away.

Hugo gingerly tried to prop himself up on his elbow, each move sending shooting pains through his arm.

“You. You saved me? Thank you. But I don’t understand. Why? Why would you do this for me? You owe me nothing. Had I been in your position, I probably would have just let me die.

Who are you?”
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