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The Path of Now & Forever
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Mega Dunsparce UPN: Old Man Loki


Gender: Male

History: A wizened traveler who spent many years adventuring.

Blue = Male
Red = Female
Silver = Move Learned

[]L100 w/ Scope Lens
Level Moves:
01- Rage
01- Defense Curl
11- Yawn
14- Glare
21- Rollout
24- Spite
31- Pursuit
34- Screech
41- Takedown
44- Flail
51- Endeavor

Other Moves:
TM- Powder Snow
TM- Flamewheel
TM- Hidden Power: Dragon
TM- Bullet Seed
TM- Water Pulse
TC- Dig
EM- Ancient Power
EM- Astonish
MT- Counter
MT- Substitute

-Not required. Dunsparce is the perfect Pokemon.

Brief Bio: Level 5, Starter
Dunsparce was Loki's starter Pokemon. Merrily the two have cultivated many companions and have defeated many enemies. But the two have also seen many sad times as they had to lose some friends along the way, including a Venonat, Loki's first capture, Abra, Loki's first adoption and became a powerful Alakazam to aid his adventures, and a Vulpix, which helped him acquire his Powder Snow TM. Dunsparce is also one of Loki's more versatile Pokemon with it's learning of Dig from Training Center; Hidden Power : Dragon, Bullet Seed, Powder Snow, & Flamewheel from TMs; Ancient Power & Astonish from Move Tutor. Dunsparce is Loki's most faithful and beloved friend with a strong bond that can never be broken.

Level Moves:
00- Fire Fang
00- Thunder Fang
01- Rage
05- Bite
05- Leer
17- Headbutt
21- Focus Energy
25- Ember
30- Protect
32- Dragonbreath
37- Zen headbutt
43- Scary Face
50- Fly
53- Crunch
61- Dragon Claw
70- Double-Edge

NOTE: Salamence was capable of learning moves early by not evolving.

Other Moves:
EM- Hydro Pump
EM- Dragon Dance
EM- Rock Slide
EM- Twister
EM- Dragon Rush
MT- Body Slam
MT- Substitute
TC- Rock Smash
TC- Strength
TC- Cut
TM- Aerial Ace

-Fully Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 5, Hatched Dragon Egg from Egg House
Bagon was born from one of Loki's Dragon Eggs. The small dragon had big dreams for the future, including being one of the strongest Pokemon out there. After many months of vigorous training and intense candy munching, Bagon evolved into a powerful Salamence! It's patience paid off since now it is capable of doing every move it can naturally learn.

Level Moves:
01- Splash
15- Tackle
01- Thrash
20- Bite
23- Dragon Rage
26- Leer
29- Twister
32- Ice Fang
35- Aqua Tail
38- Rain Dance
41- Hydro Pump
44- Dragon Dance
47- Hyper Beam

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
00- Whirlpool
TM- Aerial Ace
MT- Thunderwave

- Fully Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 6, Captured in Mountain Zone
After a strange explosion and landing in the middle of no-place lake, Loki was able to obtain his much vaunted Magikarp. Afterwards, Loki quickly put it to work with weekly Daycare drop-offs and Rare Candy feedings. Eventually Magikarp evolves into the devastating Gyarados it is now and helps win many of Loki's most crucial battles.

Level Moves:
00- Roost
00- Fire Punch
00- Thunderpunch
01- Wrap
01- Leer
05- Thunder Wave
11- Twister
15- Dragon Rage
21- Slam
33- Aqua Tail
39-Dragon Rush
47- Safeguard
53- Dragon Dance
55- Wing Attack
64- Outrage
73- Hyperbeam

NOTE: Dragonite was capable of learning moves early by not evolving.

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
TM- Iron Tail
MT- Icepunch
MT- Thunderpunch

EM- Haze
EM- Light Screen

-Full Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 5, Cable Club trade with Thargor(?)
Originally babysat by Sciz, but after his disappearance, Loki reclaimed his stake on Dratini. Now it has finally reached full potential as it has evolved into a Dragonite at Level 57, allowing it to learn all his moves early.

Level Moves:
00- Pound
00- Leer
06- Absorb
11- Quick Attack
16- Fury Cutter
17- Pursuit
23- Screech
29- Leaf Blade
35- Agility
41- Slam
47- Detect
53- False Swipe
59- Leaf Storm

Other Moves:
EM- Leech Seed
EM- Dragonbreath
EM- Crush Claw
MT-Swords Dance
MT- Thunderpunch

-Fully Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 7, Cable Club trade with Skrusti
Treecko travels around the world trying to sell car insurance to people who think he's the Geico gecko. So far he has helped over 100 people save 10% to 15%... on fake car insurance. Where he keeps his money is a mystery to even Loki...

L53 w/ Spell Tag
Level Moves:
01- Theif
01- Tail Whip
01- Astonish
01- Lick
01- Scratch
04- Bind
07- Faint Attack
10- Fury Swipes
15- Psybeam
20-Shadow Sneak
25- Slash
32- Screech
39- Substitute
46- Sucker Punch
55- Shadow Claw
64- Ancient Power

Other Moves:
TC- Cut
TC- Strength
TC- Dig
TM- Water Pulse
TM- Shadow Ball
TM- Shockwave
TM- Tri- Attack
TM- Icy Wind
MT- Rock Slide

- None

Brief Bio: Level 5, Adoption Center
Dropped off by Wayne, Loki took up the young Kecleon as yet another Reptile in his collection. Kecleon's ability to blend and hide makes it a valuable trickster on Loki's team, aiding him with stealthy recon or ambushing foolish foes who would dare battle against Loki.[/size]

Level Moves:
00- Yawn
01- Bubble
08- Leer
11- Water Gun

14- Focus Energy
18- Bubblebeam
26- Twister
30- Brine
40- Hydro Pump
48- Dragon Dance[/color]
57- Dragon Pulse

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
00- Whirlpool
EM- Dragonbreath
TC- Dive
TM- Icy Wind
EM- Auroura Beam

- Fully Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 6, Cable Club trade with Enchantress
Originally owned by Enchantress. Loki was in a deep desire for the Horsea and asked Enchantress if she wanted to trade for hers. While she was very saddened by the trade, she agreed to it and eventually gave it to Loki. Now Loki has raised it to be an almighty and powerful Kingdra, where he stands to defend against all who would challenge Loki.

L50 w/Leftovers
Level Moves:
01- Splash
01- Water Gun
01- Wrap
05- Water Sport
09- Refresh
13- Water Pulse
17- Twister
21- Recover

25- Captivate
29- Aqua Tail
33- Rain Dance
37- Hydro Pump
41- Attract
45- Safeguard
49-Aqua Ring

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
EM- Dragonbreath
EM- Hypnosis
EM- Mirror Coat
EM- Confuse Ray
TC- Dive
TM- Toxic
MT- Icy Wind

- Fully Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 4, Cable Club trade with Ichimatsu
After a few trips to Cable Club, Feebas came to the ownership of Loki. Under his care, he was able to evolve after many weeks of Salon beauty treatments and finally evolved into a handsome Milotic. Now Milotic strives to be as strong as it can be and help Loki achieve his dream of World Domination... erm... having strong Water Pokemon.

01- Scratch
01- Leer

07- Rage
13- Water Gun
20- Bite
27- Scary Face
35- Slash
43- Screech
52- Hydro Pump

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Whirlpool
00- Waterfall
EM- Dragon Claw
EM- Crunch


Brief Bio: Level 5, Cable Club trade with Ariel
Loki was in search of yet another 'Sea Monster' for his team. He originally asked if Dragon Tamer wanted to trade for his, but instead Ariel took up his offer and now Totodile is in the ownership of Loki. Loki plans to help Totodile become a great and powerful Feraligatr, which will be a reach asset to his team.

Level Moves:
01- Tackle
04 Tail Whip

07- Bubble
10- Withdraw
13- Water Gun
18- Bite
23- Rapid Spin
28- Protect
33- Rain Dance
40- Skull Bash
47- Hydro Pump

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
00- Whirlpool
EM- Foresight


Brief Bio: Level 5, Adoption Center
Squirtle is yet another one of Loki's many sea monster Pokemon. With it Loki will be able to finally have one of each of the Water Type Starter Pokemon on his team. With Blastoise, Loki can trick his enemies with it's tricky Mirror Coat technique that will prove to be many Pokemon's downfall.

Level Moves:
00- Wrap
07- Lick

10- Bite
16- Poison Tail
19- Screech
25- Glare
28- Crunch
34- Poison Fang
37- Swagger
43- Haze

Other Moves:

- None

Brief Bio: Level 7, Cable Club trade with Shinjara
Traded to Loki by his close friend Shinjara, Loki keeps Seviper to add another cold-blooded companion to his team. Seviper has a fondness for wrapping around things and biting them. His favorite movie of all time is Snakes on a Plane but cried at the end when the snakes were defeated. Now he strives to make a new movie, Snakes on a Plane 2: Revenge of the Snakes. True to his snake nature, Seviper drags out his 's' sounds.

Level Moves:
01- Tackle
01- Growl
06- Mud Slap
10- Water Gun
15- Bide
16- Mud Shot
20- Foresight
25- Mud Sport
31- Take Down
37- Muddy Waters
42- Protect
46- Earthquake
53- Endeavor

Other Moves:
00- Surf
00- Waterfall
EM- Iceballs
TC- Dive
TC- Strength
TC- Rock Smash
TC- Dig

-Fully Evolved

Brief Bio: Level 5, Adoption Center
Dropped off by a different trainer, adopted by Loki, this Mudkip is Loki's 2nd of this species. His original Mudkip was hatched from an Egg, but traded away to Lonely Cubone. Loki felt lost without a Mudkip and decided to adopt this one before someone else grabbed it. Now Loki treats this one as thought it was the one he had hatched and hopes to make it a mighty Swampert to help defend his team from any electric types.

Once Upon a Team:

Brief Bio: Level 5, Adoption Center
The first Pokemon to join Loki & Dunsparce, recieved from Adoption Center. Abra was also the first Pokemon to ever be admitted into the Daycare Center and eventually evolved into a powerful Kadabra thanks to it. Not too long after Cable Club was opened, Kadabra decided to assume it's most powerful form, Alakazam and was traded to and back to become the all-knowing, all-powerful Alakazam. Eventually, Loki decided it was time to part ways. While Alakazam had always been a fierce and loyal warrior, Loki felt it was time for some change. Alakazam was being used less and less, so, Loki traded him to Lord Andrew, with hopes he will be more useful to him then to Loki.

Brief Bio: Level 6, Water Zone (Run by Azure Dream)
The first of Loki's catches. Venonat was very useful to Loki. But soon Loki was able to find stronger Pokemon to join his team, and started to use Venonat less and less. Eventually, Loki had no use for Venonat, nor did he have any more room for it. Sadly, he placed Venonat into adoption for someone else to have adventures with.

Brief Bio: Level 5, Volcano Zone (Run by ZoraJolteon)
While lost in the Ice Caverns, Loki found an odd Vulpix there with a TM Powder Snow. Loki defeated Vulpix and claimed Powder Snow as his prize. Feeling bad for the Vulpix, Loki decided to bring Vulpix along. Together, they were able to have many adventures, but Loki's love for Water Pokemon eventually got the best of him and he traded it to Enchantress for her Horsea.

Brief Bio: Level 5, Egg House (Run by Azure Dream)
This was Loki's first Egg Pokemon, which was a love-able Mudkip. Unfortunately, Loki didn't have much use for it. It sat around idle with little to do. Shortly afterwards, Loki was given an offer he couldn't refuse from Lonely Cubone. Loki traded away young Mudkip to Lonely Cubone, who raised it quite lovingly. While he did not regret his decision, he did miss having a Mudkip. So when the opportunity arised, Loki adopted another one from Adoption. While it was replaced, Mudkip will never be replaced in his heart.

Brief Bio: Level 5, Egg House (Run by Enchantress)
Loki hatched his Nature Grass Egg to find a large Tropius within. But before he even knew it was a male Tropius, SkepticReptile quickly made an offer. So Loki took up the deal and then Tropius found a happy home with a different trainer.


-100 Pokeballs
-10 Revives
-10 Full Heals
-1 Pumpkin Ball
-1 Fire Ball
-1 Thunder Ball
-1 Feather Ball
-1 Chocolate Pokéball
-1 Salac Berry
-1 Wiki Berry
-1 Mago Berry
-1 Tomato Berry
-1 Base Token
-10 Potions
-1 Cupid's Bow & Arrow
-1 Ruby Pendant
-1 Heart Scale
-1 Fishing Rod
-1 Glass Rose that teaches Thorns
-1 Bottle of Perfume that teaches Sweet Scent
-1 Red Flute
-1 Crystal Egg
-1 Chocolate Berry
-1 White Chocolate Berry
-1 Chocolate Easter Egg
-1 White Chocolate Easter Egg
-1 Blizzard TM
-1 Thunder TM
-1 Reflect TM
-1 Ice Punch TM
-1 Skull Bash TM
-1 Metronome TM
-1 Attract TM
-1 Softboiled TM
-1 Whistle
-1 Red Coin Case
-1 Slice of 2005 FB Birthday Cake (now stale)
-1 Dragon Fang
-1 Heavy Ball
-1 Mystic Water
-1 TM Dark Void
-1 Shadow Lance
-1 Black Persian Plushie that teaches Shadow Claw.
-1 2008 New Years Pokeball
-1 TM Energy Ball
-1 TM Captivate
-1 Box of Chocolate which teaches Chocolate Bomb.
-1 Valentine's Ball
-1 Heart Scale
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