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Fizzy Tracker - FB Bookkeeping Web App

Fizzy Tracker


The Fizzy Tracker is a web-app that seeks to make the task of bookkeeping much, much easier.

It is a web app that runs completely locally in your browser (which may make it slow on older computers).

The basic idea is that you can dump information into various places in the web app and get out pre-formatted posts you can copy-paste into your Trainer Profile or the various "Bank" Shops.

As of writing, it can track and generate BBCode for the following things for you.
  • Trainer Profiles
  • Pokemon (output template is customizable)
  • Items
  • Wallet Changes: Pokedollars, Rare Candies, and League Points
  • Pokemon Bond changes

Additionally, there are a couple more utility features

Word Counter page where you can type in BBCode and get a preview of your post as well as a live Word Count and Pokedollar earnings.

Post Summaries page serving as a one-stop-shop for logging all changes to your Pokemon, Items, and Wallet that have all come from the same post.

You can create new summaries (with automatic logging of how much money you earned) or at and edit previous summaries which are auto-generated based on all the changes that reference a single post.

For those who have been using the Google Sheets-based tracker I made, you can import that data into the Fizzy Tracker.

Spoiler: show

So, I've gone and made this Google Sheet that you can dump all your bookkeeping info into and it will spit back out automagically formatted posts for use in your Trainer Profile and the various Bank shops (with some exceptions for things that get rarely tracked by most people).


To get started, use the File menu drop-down and select "Make a copy".
From there, simply replace all the information I've put in with your own info.

Before using this to replace what you have in your Trainer Profile, MAKE A BACKUP!

If you have multiple characters that's not really supported, so I suggest making an entirely new Google Sheet for each one if you want to keep their inventories and logs separate.


First off,
This is meant to help get all your various bits of information together, it does not replace your Trainer Profile thread, you still have to keep that up to date! It merely exists to help you do the bookkeeping and upkeep for your thread! (And don't you dare just link to your Google Sheet in your Trainer Profle and stop updating your thread either.)

(Note: Certain things such as Clarity and FC are not currently supported to be tracked by this.)
  • Inventory / Candy / Wallet / Watts Log
    A sheet with sections for keeping track of (you guessed it) your inventory, your rare candies, your pokedollars, and your watts.
    • Inventory Log
      The inventory section can do more than just be a list of what's in your pockets, you can list the same item on it multiple times (say, separate instances of buying some Pokeballs) and it can also track where you've used up your items. All these additions and removals of items will be tallied up later.
      • Quanity Change (REQUIRED): A positive or negative number. How much of that item was added or removed from your inventory.
      • Item (REQUIRED): The name of the item being added or removed. Make sure to spell the name of that item the same way each time.
      • Category (REQUIRED for the first instance of that item): What category the item is to be sorted into. You are not restricted to categories that are found in the games. This is important for how the items will be sorted in the output later.
      • Description (Optional): Some items are unique to FB or maybe you just want to add some flavor text. What you type here will show up in the output later. (Only the description for the first instance of an item that shows up in the log will be used.)
      • Source (Optional, but highly recommended): While this is not used in any output right now, isn't important to keep note of where your items came from and where they're going to?
      • Date (Optional, but highly recommended): Not used in any output right now, but isn't keeping note of when changes happened to your inventory important?
      • Link (Practically REQUIRED): Strictly, this is optional... but if it's an really important item (*cough* Heart Scales *cough*) you're required to keep track of this anyways. Putting the link in here will create a link to where you got the item (and where it was used) in the output.
    • Calculated Inventory
      A summed up list of all item quantities in the Inventory Log. As this automatically fills itself out, do not edit this section.
    • Rare Candies / Wallet / Watts Log
      All of these function in the same way, save for one difference in the Rare Candy section. All fields are required (if not by the sheet, then by the FB rules) and all of them are used in creating the output.
      • Quanity Change: How much was added, or removed, from that currency.
      • Source: A descriptive name for source of the change to the currency. (Examples: "Feeding 10 Candies to my pokemon", "Grabbing my Weekly Candy", "Spent money at the Department Store")
      • Date: The date the change occurred.
      • Link: A URL link to the source of the change.
      • Shop Update: Put an "x" next to the row(s) that have been accounted for by the shop owners in their updates. This keeps outdated lines from showing up in the output.
      • Current Post Link (Rare Candy Log ONLY, REQUIRED, at the top of the list): A link to the current post where are you tracking your Rare Candy totals. This keeps the outputted post from linking to itself (even though it would be a spicy meme to let it do so).
  • Inventory Output
    • Output Preview: A preview of what the output will look like (BBCode tags included).
    • Form Output: The section you are meant to copy paste from, copying from the Output Preview will mess up the BBCode and do other funky things once it's pasted anywhere else that's not another spreadsheet program.
    • Settings: A few settings you can change to control the output.
      • Split Inventory into Categories?: Split the inventory into specific Categories of items or just have it as one big blob?
      • Inventory Item Prefix: A bit of text that will be put at the start of each line that has an item on it.
      • Padding Lines After Category: Extra padding lines after each inventory category section.
    • Item Categories: This is where you can specify what order the item categories will show up in in the output. You can put down categories that don't have any items in them at the moment and they will still show up in the output.
  • Wallet / Rare Candy / Watts Output
    All of these function the same way. Nothing on these sheets is meant to be edited manually.
    • Forum Formatted Output: These lines are what you can copy-paste to the forums.
    • Output Data: You can take a look at the data as it's being turned into the output post here. Mainly, you can look at the current block it's processing, your deposits, and your withdrawals each in their own lists.
  • Link Storage: A little area where you can use to store important links (and dates) so you can easily copy them around to other parts of the sheet. (If you want to be extra fancy, create a Named Range pointing at parts of this sheet and use that to copy the data around.)
  • Level Up Move Formatting Helper: The only page in the entire spreadsheet that absolutely does not interact with others in any way.
    • OUTDATED: Use https://chrisclark13.github.io/Fizzy...MoveSetViewer/
    • Quick Guide: Paste in the corresponding information from each website page (Veekun, Serebii SwSh Dex, Serebii PLG Dex) and collect the output at the far right by copying it. If putting it somewhere else in the sheet, be sure to do Right Click > "Paste special" > "Paste values only" (or CTRL+SHIFT+V).
      A full guide for this may come later and I can also create a standalone version of this if people really want it.
  • Pokemon Sheets Output
    A page that (can) collect all the output from the various Pokemon Pages. However, it will not do so automatically- you must specify each sheet you want to pull in the data for. If you want to collate multiple, separate lists of your Pokemon- feel free to duplicate this page.
    • Settings: A couple settings that you can change, though they should be good to just leave these be.
      • Output Cell: The address of the cell that contains the Output Preview on each and every Pokemon Sheet. If you've not added any extra rows to the Pokemon Sheets, then you don't need to change this.
      • Spaces between Pokemon profiles: How many spaces of padding you want between each Pokemon profile.
    • Pokemon Sheet Tab Names: A list where you must enter in the exact name of the Tab of each Pokemon Sheet in the spreadsheet (that you want to show up in the output).
    • Fetched Sheet Output: If you've entered in the Sheet Tab Name correctly, then data will automagically show up here. Goes without saying, but don't edit this list.
    • Output Preview: A preview of what your list of Pokemon Profiles will look like, BBCode left in. Don't copy from this section, bad things will happen to your post.
    • Forum Output: The section you are supposed to copy-paste from.
  • Pokemon Sheet Output Configuration
    A one-stop place where you can change how the output from your Pokemon Sheets will look. All Pokemon Sheets will use the settings you specify here.
    • Output Place Holders: To be used with the Output Specification Template. Putting in one of the tags on the right side of the list be later replaced with the corresponding information on each Pokemon Sheet. (If you must, absolutely must, make edits to this- add in things at the bottom of the list! Otherwise, things can and will break horribly and your Pokemon Sheets will turn into an absolute mess.)
    • Settings: Only one setting at the moment.
      • Output Level in Level-Up Moves List?: Changes a small thing about how the Level-Up move list is outputted. Best way to show this is with a couple examples:
        • ON Example: Growl (-), Tackle (-), Screech (6), Body Slam (20), ...
        • OFF Example: Growl, Tackle, Screech, Body Slam, ...
    • Output Specification Template: This is where you can specify exactly how the output from each Pokemon Sheet will be formatted! You probably will want to change to your liking. Using the Output Placeholder Tags, note where you want information to be filled in. You do not have to use every Placeholder Tag. (Try taking an existing Pokemon profile and replacing the specific pokemon information with the placeholder tags if you get stuck.)
  • Blank Pokemon Sheet: Guide for how to do Pokemon Sheets in the next post.
  • ...Additional Pokemon Sheets...: Recommended to color the Tabs (Right Click > "Change color") to match each Pokemon's primary type.

Pokemon Sheet Guide

First off, copy the Blank Pokemon Sheet repeatedly (Right Click > "Duplicate") so that you will have a sheet for each and every Pokemon that you have.

Also, if there is a section that wants a link and no link is provided- no URL BBCode tags will be generated for it.

The rough layout of the sheet is as follows:
  • Top Left: Important information that does not generally change. Some of the cells have white text on top of a dark grey background. Those are automatically filled in so don't edit them.
  • Right: Level, Bond, Contest Stats, and Move Lists.
  • Middle Left: Profile Output for Forums and Profile Output Preview. You will want to copy from the "Profile Output for Forums" section or else your post will be messed up.
  • Far Bottom Left: A section for processing the data in the sheet. Highly recommended that you do not touch this area unless you know what you are doing.

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Change Log


New Feature Added: Post Summaries
  • Warning: Page may sometimes freeze up as the code thinks really hard.
  • A "one-stop-shop" like page where you can record everything that's happened in one RP post!
    • Wallet Changes: Pokedollars, Rare Candies, Watts League Points
    • Item Changes
    • Pokemon Changes! Record changes to an existing pokemon or import directly from the FizzyDex!
      • Only changes that can have a link associated with them, including levels, bond, new moves, and contest stats (for those who bother with them)
  • Summaries are also automatically generated for old posts by collecting together links!
    • However, they may end up marked as (Undated) and put to the bottom of the list.

Improvement: Pokemon Page
FizzyDex data can now be imported into Pokemon's entries. You can import to a new Pokemon or to the Pokemon you are currently editing.

Improvement: Pokemon Page
Move Lists and the Special Statuses List can now have their rows be freely reordered.

Improvement: BBCode counter now more strictly strips BBCode and counts words with code borrowed from writtenkitten.co. This should result in word counts that agree (more often) with external sources.

Fix BBCode: URLs with "?" in them are no longer broken when rendering the BBCode.

Improvement Word Counter: Word count should now be more accurate to other word counters.

Spoiler: show
Fix Pokemon Page
"dropdown" / select fields should work now (Gender, Owning Trainer)
Level Logs are now properly sorted by level

Fix: Trainer, Pokemon Pages - Editing long text boxes should no longer randomly set your position to end of text.
Changed: Loading spinner shows up on changing pages, close nav bar on page change on mobile
Feature: Pokemon - Added "Special Statuses" field for tracking things like Shadow, Shiny, GMax Factor, whatever else you want.
(If you've changed the template, add in {{specialStatusesBBCode}} to be able to see it.)

Fix: Pokemon Page - Bond shows up as 30 in edit area

Actually fix Textarea on Firefox. Thanks to @blu3shift

Fix: Items Page - Summary - Add New Item button not working if no items exist
Changed: Items Page - Summary - Added Delete button (with confirmation popup) to accompany the Edit button.
Changed: Items Page - Details - Reorganized so the order is now Definitions then Logs
Changed: Home Page - Split up Change Log and SOON(TM) stuff. Hide full length of stuff by default.

Fix: Spreadsheet imports "Female" as "Male"

Feature: Home Page - Improved Change Log
Fix: Pokémon Page - Evolution Stage 3 Method Link input changing wrong field
Fix: Settings Page - Textarea does not have line breaks on Firefox
Fix: Bond Page - Output dates appearing as "+0000"
Fix: Spreadsheet Import loads "Gender" into "Ability"

v0.1 - Initial Release
Pages: Trainers, Pokemon, Items, Wallet, Bond, Word Counter, Settings, and a hidden-by-default Data page.
Feature: Import from spreadsheet downloaded as a copy of the previous tracker that was based in Google Sheets.
Feature: Import (Upload) from and Export (Download) to file on your local device.

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NOTICE for people using the Fizzy Tracker

Please please backup your Fizzy Tracker save using the "Save to File" button on the main page.

I did a big rewrite of how dates are handled and while nothing should break for people, it might anyways.

New version of the code that fixes Date picker issues is gonna go live next weekend! (Saturday, February 4, 2023)
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