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Gallade The Valley Fort

Tucked away in an uncharted region of Fizzytopia, a lush valley holds the base of Jayson Austin. The old fort rests at the edge of a lake which is fed by a river that winds its way through the valley. The original residents of the fort are unknown, but Jayson has worked hard to repair and expand the existing structure so that he can have a base of operations. The towering stone structure looks out over the crystal clear waters of the lake towards east, where Jayson's aquatic Pokemon spend a lot of their time. The stables were one of the first areas to be expanded, now providing ample space for a number of the traveling warrior's Pokemon. Work has begun on cultivating the nearby land, with hopes of creating a sustainable base. Extensive training facilities have also begun construction, providing Jayson's Pokemon with the opportunity to train, even in his absence.

The Fort: The fort was first constructed centuries ago. Information gathered suggest it was created due to the valley being rich in resources, making it a perfect location to fortify. However it was abandoned late in its construction for unknown reasons and forgotten about until it was rediscovered by Jayson and his team. With the aid of his girlfriend Valka, Jayson completed the construction of the fort, transforming it into a base for his operations.
The Grand Hall: The main area of the fort, where Jayson and Valka greet guests and celebrate victories. A pair of thrones rest at the end of the room, while a long red carpet stretches from the entry to the hall, all the way to the foot of the thrones. Lining the walls are paintings and portraits of Jayson,Valka and their Pokemon, as well as some of their crowning achievements. Pokemon commonly found here include Sigurd, Atalanta, Spartacus, Fenrir and Ajax.
Odysseus's Library: Odysseus the Magneton has begun filling out a library, where exactly he is sourcing his books from is unknown but he seems to disappear for extended periods of time. While the library is still in its early stages, it holds a number of books on Pokemon and Regional lore, as well as many records of myths and legends. Odysseus spends a lot of his time here, and when he isn't training, Sigurd often spends his time amongst the books.
The Keep: The highest point of the fort is home to Jayson's flying Pokemon, most notably Balerion. The Shiny Charizard oversaw construction of the keep, ensuring that a large door was constructed on the eastern side, allowing him to bathe in the morning sun and making it easier for him to enter and exit the fort. Apart from Balerion, Spartacus, Atalanta, Artemis and Hermes are sometimes found within the keep, however the Charizard mostly has it to himself.
Druddigon's Dungeon: When Jayson first discovered the valley, he was set upon by a powerful Druddigon. With Sigurd's assistance he managed to slay the rampant Dragon, which is now stuffed and stored in the Dungeon, to serve as a reminder to anyone that ends up being locked away. The cells are relatively barren, consisting only of a metal cot and a bucket for waste disposal. Pokemon often found here include Labrys and Trieu, who are now tasked with overseeing Moros.
The Stables: The Stables were built as a necessary addition and they were built larger than most. This is because they needed to fit Boudicca, the giant Mudsdale needing a place to shelter when she's not off grazing in the valley. Thowra also keeps Boudicca company, the pair having struck up a bit of a romance since his evolution into a Rapidash. Fenrir also prefers to sleep in the stables, often seen slumbering in the hay during the day.
The Barracks: Another personal addition, the barracks were constructed as Jayson saw them as a necessity. While it isn't the only place his Pokemon use for training, it is the center for such activities. When Jayson or Valka aren't around, Spartacus overseas the training of their Pokemon, putting his experience to good use. Most of the younger Pokemon enjoy having him as a mentor, however sometimes personalities clash and Pokemon soon after. All of Jayson's Pokemon can be found here on occasion, apart from those who are too large or prefer to reside in the lake.
The Gardens: Currently in its early stages, the gardens are slowly being constructed by Iron Maiden. The Ferroseed prefers a natural look, using plants and trees native to the valley, as well as rocks sourced from the mountains.
The Forge and Armoury: In case they one day have to defend their home, Jayson thought it necessary to begin construction of their own armour and weapons. Ajax should immediate interest in the process and has since developed into a budding blacksmith. He is often aided by Thor, as well as Balerion who arrives every morning to ignite the forge. The armoury rests adjacent to the forge and is slowly being filled with armour and weapons, designed by Jayson and Valka to suit their Pokemon.
The Lake: The lake at the end of the valley is crystal clear, allowing one to see lake floor at all but the deepest depths. While the lake is fresh water, Jayson recently discovered a narrow underground tunnel that feeds directly into the ocean.
The Ocean Passage: With construction now complete, a large tunnel drives through the mountain, connecting the lake to the ocean on the far side of the range. Large wooden gates bar unwanted entry into the passage. Ryujin often lurks in the passage, although most of Jayson's water types use the passage often as they head out to explore the ocean.
The Freezer: As Jayson and Valka's collection of Ice Pokemon began to grow, they realized they needed somewhere for them to call home. Although the valley experiences snow during the winter, the only place it where snow could be found most of the year was the peaks of the northern mountains, which were almost impossible to access. After locating a cave near the north side of the lake, Jayson oversaw the construction of an icy paradise. The inside and outside of the cave were layered with ice, as well as a small portion of the lake. Ymir ensures that the Freezer remains frozen.
The Valley: The Valley is home to a vast range of Wild Pokemon, most of which are happy to interact with Jayson, Valka and their Pokemon. Being relatively untouched by humans, the Pokemon of the valley are incredibly friendly, although they will valiantly defend their home if it is threatened.
Atalanta's Outpost: Hidden in a grove near the entrance to the valley, a small sentry tower was constructed in order to safeguard the entrance to the valley. Atalanta spends most of her time here, patrolling the area and setting up traps as a precaution. She is occasionally replaced by Spartacus or Odysseus, while Amarok has also begun spending time here, as he begins his training as a scout. Ullr often stops in here as well,
dropping off supplies he forages from the forest.
The Plains: On the south side of the river, trees give way to rolling plains, making for perfect grazing land. Boudicca and Thowra sped a lot of their time here, although many of Jayson and Valka's other Pokemon can be found here as well.

The Southern Slopes: The slopes on the south side of the valley are more gentle and are covered in wildflowers during the spring. Iron Maiden and Mui often explore the southern slopes to source flowers for the gardens.

The Forest: Forest covers most of the northern side of the river, the largely untouched trees have grown large over time, creating a stunning environment. Many wild Pokemon call the forest home, with flocks of bird Pokemon migrating here at different times of the year.

The Northern Wall: The mountains on the northside of the valley appear as a giant stone wall, being so steep that they are almost impossible to scale. They do however, temper a bit towards the end of the valley. Balerion sometimes roosts up in the mountains when he desires solitude, while Ullr is the only one of Jayson's Pokemon to have scaled the mountains on foot. Ancile sometimes drifts up here when she senses a storm coming. There are a number of caves dotted around the mountains, as well as a network of tunnels.

The Twisting Tunnels: While the map is still incomplete, Jayson has been rigorously mapping the strange tunnels within the Northern Wall. The tunnels are strangely smooth and are a consistent size. On occasion Jayson has heard something moving within the tunnels but has so far been unsuccessful in tracking the Pokemon.

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A feeling of unease had been hanging in the air ever since Jayson had returned from Bedlam Ridge. They'd all recovered, well for the most part, Blinky's mutation had become permanent but the Chinchou seemed to enjoy his new look, using it to spook unsuspecting Pokemon. The uneasiness was due to Jayson's latest capture, one that he wasn't quite sure how to handle. Moros, the Shadow Metang that he had found locked within the strange puzzle in the quarry. The Shadow Pokemon was cold and calculating, Jayson was doing his best to develop a bond with it, however he was only having limited success. The Metang possessed incredible power, every training exercise Jayson put it through, it excelled at. While the Metang was fine when it came to training exercises, as soon as it came to battling another Pokemon, things went to shit.

Along with refusing the majority of his orders, Moros lack any self control or preservation. The Metang had proven strong enough to handle just about all of his Pokemon. Only Atalanta and Sigurd had managed to overcome the Metang, the Gallade handling the fight better when not under the influence of radiation poisoning or Shadow Sky. However the Shadow Metang was growing stronger with every battle, Jayson feared that before too long the Metang would be too strong for them to handle. It was for this reason he had called in some assistance. He'd met another trainer awhile back who had dealt with Shadow Pokemon before, he hoped that he may be able to assist with his situation.

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He had been called Jayson's base to help out with an unruly Shadow Pokemon, yet here Hyrem was having troubles with his own troublesome Shadow Tepig. No matter how many times Kenna and Nissa were easily able to catch up to the hog for her trainer, Ganon would always seem to slip out of his grasp, Tackle him to the ground, and then be off again, forcing the Rapidash and Grovyle to pursue him again. "This is such a sidetrack," he grumbled to himself, "but I have to get Ganon under control! How am I supposed to show Jayson how to work with Shadow Pokemon if I'm having trouble with my own?"

Up ahead, however, was a cliff face, a dead end! "There we go! No other place for Ganon to go now! Let's go, Kenna, Nissa!" They nodded before following Ganon to the dead end, where he turned to face his teammates with a glare. "Teeepiiig teeepiiig teeepiiig..." he growled a warning before a burst of purple light enveloped him, catching the three pursuers off guard. "What? What's happening?" asked Hyrem before he watched in disbelief as Ganon's size changed dramatically, growing twice as big, then three times as big before finally stopping. The glow faded to reveal a bigger, chubbier looking hog that pushed himself up and stood on two legs for the first time. Hyrem was brought out of his shock by Dexelle's ping, signaling that a completely new Pokemon was in front of them now:

Pignite, the Fire Pig Pokemon, and the evolved form of Tepig. Pignite has an internal flame in its stomach that grows more powerful by burning the food it has eaten. A stronger flame means a stronger Pignite, and its high metabolism requires it to eat lots of food often, making it a more demanding Pokemon for beginning trainers to handle. It can also breathe smoke to ward off potential predators while it makes its escape.

"But that's...that's impossible," said Hyrem. "Dad said the Shadow Pokemon he met in the Orre region couldn't evolve until they were purified! What's going on here!?"

"PiiiiiiigNITE!!" Ganon roared as he charged Kenna, his Arms raised in front of him and ready to Thrust against the unicorn. "Kenna, watch out, he just got a lot tougher to deal with-" Before Kenna could react to her trainer's warnings, she was knocked over by Ganon's assault, all five of his palm attacks hitting across her left flank before she was pushed against the cliff, Hyrem being tossed off her and landing nearby. Ganon ran straight past Nissa, who was distracted by her friends' fall and went to help them up instead of attacking the Shadow Pignite. "Ugh, I think we're fine, Nissa, just a little shook up, that's all." As he looked towards where Ganon was heading next, he tensed up further. "Oh no, that's Jayson's base he's running to! Quick, after him!" he said, mounting Kenna again and letting her take him there while Nissa jumped to tree after tree, hoping to cut off Ganon's path again, and hopefully before he reached the base and perhaps attack something there...

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