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thank u for being patient while I was in a coma. Luv u.


While Ben flailed around grabbing objects and calling out feebly for his beloved Cleffa, you formulated a plan of action. You knew that you needed to fight these creatures --- although their intentions may be good, you certainly needed to free treasure from their grasp. The creatures did their best to form their goopy mouths into snarls, hoping to frighten you away from their home and away from the creature that had fallen from above. Palmier smirked, approaching the Goomy and ready for another soulful meal. The two bigger Goomy's instinctively moved forwards, stepping in front of Treasure and the third Goomy who was staring down Ben.

"Give her back," He said sternly, moving his hands towards the smallest Goomy and Treasure, only to be greeted by a blast of grey goop in his face. He cried out, falling down in the flooded basement while his hands scraped at his face, trying to get all the goop clean.

"C-cleffa!" Screamed Treasure, seeing her master fall to the ground. There was clear fear in her voice, causing Croquette to squirm more in your arms to try and reach the adorable pink blob. Seeing that Ben was incapacitated, the third Goomy smirked, leaving Treasure in a cocoon of goo as it moved forward to fight with it's companions. This was starting to get dire, you looked at your Litwick and began to shout commands to ensure that you could save Treasure (and her master) as quickly as possible.

Palmier started the fight with a blaze of Will-o-Wisp from his tiny, dripping mouth. Causing all three of the Goomy to stumble backwards, their attacks crippled by their newfound burns. As they were shaking off their toasted bodies, Palmier went for a Night Shade, striking all three with blackened fists. The Goomy's cried out in pain, angry at Palmier for daring to attack them.

The smallest Goomy began their end of the battle with a Rain Dance, causing a small cloud to appear above the flooded basement, pouring a steady stream of rain onto the battlefield. Unfortunately for Palmier, this also meant his fire attacks had a significant drop in power. The largest Goomy's also got on the offensive, the larger one beginning to Bide it's time while the other jumped forward and sprayed Palmier with a steady stream of Dragon Breath.

Both sides are looking alright, but Palmier is certainly looking better being status free. What do you do?


Your Munchlax nodded thoughtfully hearing your praise. After being a feral berry thief for so many years, it felt awkward being showered with such kind words. It watched you in what felt like breathless silence for a few moments while you made your offering. Your eyes closed in a thoughtful prayer to the forest god, honoring it's legacy and thanking it for bringing your and your new unlikely companion together.

As you opened your eyes, you noticed the berries had disappeared amongst the shrine. The stoic Celebi statue was now wearing a small smile with closed eyes, a drastic change from the static expression it had worn just moments before. You took a few steps back, amazed at the sudden change of the statue. You looked back at your companion, confused at the sudden glee the statue displayed. Your Togepi and Munchlax looked just as surprised as you, basking in the glory of the awe inspiring statue. As you stared, you felt filled with warmth --- like a beam of sunlight was suddenly shining directly upon you.

As you continued watching the statue with a sense of confusion, you swore you could hear a murmured. "Bee~" In your ear, following the sudden sensation of your backpack growing heavier. You turned, seeing nothing behind you but a few leaves knocked around by the fresh air that swirled through the swamp. You pulled off your backpack, noticing a few items you most certainly did not remember packing. Inside you find Two Mysterious Gummis, A TM containing Dazzling Gleam, and a Silk Scarf. Confused, but pleased that your offering had made a connection with the god, you smile. Shoving your new items back into your bag and turning your attention back to the road you had taken. Maybe it was time to get out of this swamp and give yourself and Meringue a well deserved rest.

Your adventure in LMN is now complete! I hope you enjoyed it despite a few hiccups on my end (with my speed and whatnot). It was a pleasure updating you!
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Originally Posted by Naru View Post

The courtyard was spacious, gorgeous despite the decaying nature of the building surrounding it... the garden surrounding the courtyard looked well maintained. It was almost as if someone was constantly working on it, despite the nature of the place someone was putting love and care into keeping this one spot beautiful. Perhaps it was the same person who had lit the torches earlier, it was actually quite possible that they lived within the walls of the castle. Maybe some sort of squatter that deeply cared for flora and fauna, or maybe it was something else. Maybe the locals had come back to preserve this place, you couldn't be sure.

As you walked through the garden, you saw more saliva situated around a beautiful rose bush. The figure you had seen had most certainly come this way. As you looked around, you finally noticed whatever it had been. A short creature with a black fly trap making what looked like a ponytail on the back of it's head was clutching a watering can. You realized suddenly that the gardener was in fact this adorable little Pokemon. Whatever it was was taking great time and care in working on the garden of flowers, you couldn't help but smile as you watched it.

You don't want to disturb the gardener, but you are certainly perplexed as to what had cased the creature to take up such an interesting hobby. What do you do?

And just as she thought the castle couldn't get weirder.

Liawe emerged from her hole in the wall, to find that the ruined courtyard wasn't quite as desolate and decrepit as one would expect. A garden, freshly sprang into bloom, awaited her and her team as they slid through the breach. Carl perched atop some ruins, trying to get his bearings, but the sheer nonsensicality of it seemed to throw the bird as much as it did its trainer. Hope and Sheut on the other hand, were more interested in the Mawile. And that could prove dangerous, given their tendencies. The Shuppet was a right nutter at the best of times, and the Baltoy... It hadn't shown much of an anything except a manipulative streak and a desire to cause discomfort to others. Quickly, she recalled the ghost and the statue before they started ripping up the Steel type's flowerbed. Given half a chance, they would, and they, unlike her, had not learnt their lesson from their misadventures with the Gyarados that time. Slowly, she approached the Fairy, wary of the colossal hair-jaws it had, for they were currently pointed roughly straight at her. Never a comforting sight, especially given the last experience she'd had with sizeable jaws. Quietly calling Carl back over to her, she allowed the starling Pokemon to land on her shoulder before slowly moving around the Mawile, keeping on the pathways and generally trying not to startle the poor thing. Given the state of the rest of the castle, there looked to be some things around here that were more threatening than her, and the Steel type might instinctively react with violence if startled, which was the last thing she wanted.
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