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Grew up in Fortree and would often play along the river of Route 119.
Later moved to Castelia City where they met Taro, who was a stray.
Memakyu ☆ Emakiss

Currently: Active Team

Species: Lopunny Pronouns: He/Him Bond: 35 Level: 14
Ability: Cute Charm Nature: Impish Characteristic: Strongly defiant
Equipped: Heart Container Obtained: Trade Ball: Premier Ball

Level Up
: Mirror Coat, Magic Coat, Splash, Pound, Defense Curl, Foresight,
Endure, Return, Quick Attack╣⁶, Jump Kick▓│, Baton Pass▓⁶, Agility││,
Dizzy Punch│⁶, After You⁴│, Charm⁴⁶, Entrainment⁵│, Bounce⁵⁶, Healing Wish⁶│
Egg: Fake Out, Fake Tears, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Power-Up Punch,
Sky Uppercut, Sweet Kiss, ThunderPunch Tutor: Drain Punch, Endeavor,
Heal Bell TM/HM: Attract, Swagger, Torment

Contrary and theatrical.
Extras: Recolored

Carrot Cake
Currently: Active Team

Species: Eevee Pronouns: She/Her Bond: 34 Level: 14
Ability: Adaptability Nature: Rash Characteristic: Likes to run
Equipped: None Obtained: Trade Ball: PokÚball

Eevee Level Up
: Helping Hand, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack,
Baby-Doll Eyes, Swift, Quick Attack, Bite╣⁷, Refresh▓⁰, Covet, Take Down▓⁵,
Charm▓⁹, Baton Pass││, Double-Edge│⁷, Last Resort⁴╣, Trump Card⁴⁵ Flareon Level Up:
Helping Hand, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Quick Attack, Bite╣⁷, Fire Fang▓⁰,
Fire Spin▓⁵, Scary Face▓⁹, Smog││, Lava Plume│⁷, Last Resort⁴╣, Flare Blitz⁴⁵
Egg: Captivate, Covet, Flail, Wish, Yawn Tutor: Heal Bell, Hyper Voice, Iron Tail
TM/HM: Flame Charge, Swift

Adventurous and energetic.
Extras: None.

Currently: Active Team

Species: Stunky Pronouns: They/Them Bond: 5 Level: 5
Ability: N/A Nature: Gentle Characteristic: Likes to relax
Equipped: None Obtained: Starter Ball: Dragon Ball

Level Up
: Scratch, Focus Energy, Poison Gas, Screech⁷, Fury Swipes⁹,
Smokescreen╣│, Feint╣⁵, Acid Spray╣⁹, Bite▓╣, Slash▓⁵, Toxic▓⁷, Night Slash│╣,
Memento││, Venom Drench│⁷, Sucker Punch│⁹, Belch⁴│, Explosion⁴⁵
Egg: Crunch Tutor: None TM/HM: None

Sweet and supportive.
Extras: None.

Shadow Slowpoke
Currently: Active Team

Species: Shadow Slowpoke Pronouns: He/Him Bond: N/A Level: 50
Ability: Own Tempo Nature: N/A Characteristic: N/A
Equipped: None Obtained: Trade Ball: Shadow Ball

Level Up
: Curse, Yawn, Tackle, Growl, Water Gun, Confusion,
Disable, Headbutt, Water Pulse, Zen Headbutt, Slack Off, Amnesia,
Psychic, Rain Dance, Psyche Up⁵⁴, Heal Pulse⁵⁸ Egg: Future Sight,
Stomp Tutor: Icy Wind, Signal Beam Shadow Moves: Shadow Half,
Shadow Rush TM/HM: Blizzard, Dive, Strength, Surf

Personality: N/A
Extras: None.

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Join Date: Mar 2018
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PokÚdollars: $6,250

March 13 - Slowpoke
March 29 - Lopunny
April 17 - Eevee
April 21 - Irwin★
May 17 - Stunky

Gummi Bag
Mysterious Gummi x5 (3, 2)
Yummi Gummi x28

Cute TV x1
Gracidea x1
Smoochum Doll x1

Casteliacone x5
Charcoal x1
Dusk Stone x1
Fire Stone x1
Flame Orb x1
Heart Scales x4
(1, 1, 1, 1)
Heat Rock x1
Icicle Plate x1
Icy Rock x1
Light Barrier x1
Shoal Salt x2 (1, 1)
Sweet Hearts x5
Yellow Flute x1

Move Teaching Items
Black Persian Plushie x1
Blueberry Slushie x1
Cranberry Vodka x1
Delibird Plush x1
Gingerbread Man x1
Magical Chocolate Coated Carrot x1
Magical Party Popper x1
Mug of Fiery Fizzybrew Beer x1
Pikachu Doll x1
Red Nosed Stantler Plushie x1
Unknown Z Plushie x1

Chocolate Ball x1
Christmas PokÚball x1
Cyber Ball x1
Ice Ball x1
Love Ball x1
Luxury Ball x1
New Years Ball x1
PokÚball x14 (9, 5)
Premier Ball x5
Snow Ball x1
Vampire Ball x1
Were Ball x1

Rare Candies x17

Seal Case
Heart Seal A x1
Heart Seal B x1
Heart Seal C x1
Heart Seal D x1
Heart Seal E x1
Heart Seal F x1

TM Case
TM Attract x1
TM Drain Punch x1
TM Flamethrower x1
TM Ice Beam x1
TM Rain Dance x1
TM Return x1
TM Thunderbolt x1

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Posts: 35


It is unclear how a Stunky ended up in Castelia’s Sewers. Perhaps they had been the offspring of a PokÚmon that was left behind or maybe they were abandoned as an egg? Either way, this young Stunky found their way up into the streets of Castelia and it was here that they lived. There was food to be found in the alleyways were the garbage spilled over or in unattended fish piles on the docks. There was shelter underneath the bridge, or the awnings above building entranceways, or even sometimes in random cardboard boxes. And there was of course water in the sea all around Castelia, although the Stunky preferred to drink from puddles or the park fountain. One day the PokÚmon was relaxing in front a apartment building but got up quickly when they smelled something good. Irwin had just recently moved in and was returning home with a bag of food. They reached into the bag and shared a purple bread roll. The Stunky it swallowed quickly and then wandered off for adventures. And adventures were had! One time a group of kids scribbled all over the Stunky with permanent marker. The PokÚmon did not mind at all and laid languidly on the ground while adoring the attention. Another time a fisherman spotted the Stunky in their fish pile and shot them in the side with a pellet gun. Such pain and surprise all at once! Never had they ran so fast in all their life!

Fall slowly gave way to winter and winter brought with it problems. It was the year that the Cold Storage was being renovated over in Driftveil City. This had left many Vanillite without a home and some had crossed over the sea into Castelia searching for a new place to live. They were unhappy little creatures and they did not want to share the streets with anyone, especially not a lone Stunky. The Vanillite shot at the Stunky with Icicle Spear, keeping them out of the alleyways where the scraps of food were and away from the shelter under the bridge. The Stunky did their best to avoid the Ice PokÚmon, but they were everywhere that winter. Vanillite had infested the city and when they spotted the purple fugitive, they attacked! The constant stream of Icicle Spear stung. The Stunky tried to flee but was hit with Icy Wind. Their speed slowed and running became harder and harder. The tall buildings loomed overhead and the air was frigid. It was like an awful dream. The Stunky was still being pursued but in their panic became confused. Where could they go to be safe? The Stunky turned into an entranceway, but there waiting was one powerful little Vanillite that attacked with Ice Beam. And that was the last thing the Stunky remembered.

Irwin came downstairs only to find the foyer obstructed by a Stunky frozen in a block of ice! That morning started with a distressed visit to the PokÚmon Center but by evening there was the warm joy of having made a new friend in a new city. Irwin returned to their apartment with the Stunky, now called Taro. Once spring returned, the Vanillite vanished in search of a colder climate and were never seen again in Castelia. With the weather being so pleasant, Irwin and Taro went for a walk out in the city. Irwin offered to share a Casteliacone, but Taro only eyed it suspiciously.


The Sacred Swamp of Celebi
While on vacation, Irwin, Taro, and Carrot
venture into a beautiful but mysterious swamp.
Chapter OneChapter Two
In Progress

The Galea Foothills: Rose Garden
Irwin enjoys the blossoming gardens while
Tira drags the group into a Cloud Garden Trial.
Chapter One Chapter TwoChapter Three
In Progress

Fizzypendence Day '18
Carrot, Irwin, Taro and Tiramisu go
to a Parade and a Fireworks Show!
Chapter OneChapter Two

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