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UPN PASBL Gym Defense: The Doors Finally Open! Gym Leader Miror Vs Snorby!

A young man sits in a folding lawn chair - you know the one, it's what all those soccer moms bring to their kids games to sit and read in. He's been waiting for the doors to open for nearly 6 months now. As he focuses his attention on his phone, there's suddenly a creak that echoes through the cavern. The youth's head snaps up as he sees the doors to the gym finally open. He rises, cracking his neck, and bends down to remove the urine bag he's had strapped to his leg for god knows how long so he didn't lose his place in line. Dropping the bag into a bin near the door, he smirks and saunters inside.

Once within the chamber itself, the doors slam shut behind him, and the gym leader comes into view, his pale skin glowing in the soft light as he smiles, his fangs glistening. He spreads his arms in welcome and gestures for his challenger to take his place on the battlefield. Next to the trainer's box is a stand with writing scribbled on it. The challenger looks close and makes out scribbled writing...

4 v 4
Equiall 4
1 Week DQ (Strict)
Switch = OK
Arena = The Sealed Chamber
Located under the sea to the west of Pacifidlog Town, a cavern known only as the Sealed Chamber lies out of reach of most humans, requiring both an aptitude in reading braille as well as an unusual team choice to access. The walls lined with cryptic engravings encase a room that is surprisingly warm and dry, heated by the hotspot that formed the nearby Mt. Chimney, which causes the temperature of the chamber to be exceedingly hot. This leaves the cavern virtually devoid of moisture, making Water and Ice attacks difficult for those not accustomed with the heat, in addition to those who enjoy or are uncomfortable with heat being affected in kind with their preference. The subterranean room has many large boulders and seven even larger pillars which reach to the cavern ceiling, six of which being organized in a hexagonal shape while the seventh lies against the back wall of the chamber. The placement of the pillars is static, but the boulder's locations are random and can be stated by the participants as long as they don't contradict any prior placements. The roof of the cave is about 15 feet above its floor, said floor being a layer of sand atop mostly rock beneath, easily utilized for attacks requiring the plentiful supply of rocks but the ground itself being less pliable, leaving attacks like Earthquake and Bulldoze weakened. The carved out space of the cavern is spacious but solid, leaving it impossible to cave-in. The cavern is dimly lit by an artificial glow emanating from an unknown source, leaving moves based on the presence of natural light without, as well as invigorating Pokémon who prefer the nighttime.

Old Squad Summary

UPN Mafia Global Rules & Guidelines

UPN Mafia Queue & Statistics Archive

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I was wondering what the high-pitched ringing in my ears was all day, but it's probably kots screaming into a pillow.
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Sorry for the delays as always, life is great I swear. Good luck Snorby even though you won't need it and thanks Kots for reffing.

Since UPN decided to eat my squad post, I'm going to be much more lazy this time around so forgive me.

Items bringinging:

Petrified Badge
Monolith Badge
Nightstalker's Token
Bugcatcher's Token

If you need descriptions Kots feel free to look at the Items section of my squad summary here.

Clan Ru: Level 5 Male Tyranitar (Uplevel)
Nightstalker's Token Attached
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Move: Special Training - Distressing Darkness
Clan Ru constantly exudes an aura of fear and intimidation at all times, which breaks the fighting spirit of any would-be attackers, subsquently reducing his weakness to Fighting energy from 3x to 2x. However, due to his embrace of the darkness, he has lost his resistance to Dark itself as well as Ghost type attacks. He also loses Hyper Beam, Thunder, Blizzard and Fire Blast.

Tother: Level 4 Male Rhydon
Monolith Badge Attached
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Move: Special Attack - Castle Wall (RK)
Tother surrounds himself with an aura of Rock type energy and thrusts it forwards at great speed, shielding him from up to one attack in the same way as Safeguard and knocking back foes and loose objects like a Psychic wave. The after effects of the aura leave him with a 20% boost to both offensive stats. Standard boost stipulations apply. Castle Wall deals no direct damage and uses heavy energy. It can be used twice per battle.

Inoi: Level 4 Female Cradily
Petrified Badge Attached
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Move: Special Technique - Suck Them Dry
Inoi gains the moves Leech Seed and Vine Whip, with the former seeing an increase in effectiveness similar to her inherent Ingrain boost, with the vines also more difficult to break than normal. She has forgotten the moves Recover, Solar Beam, Synthesis, and Rock Polish.

Bumble: Level 4 Female Crustle
Bugcatcher's Token Attached
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Move: Special Technique - Cement Web (RK)
Using good energy, the user spits a series of sticky webs around the foe's team crafted out of wet cement, sticking to their limbs and slowing them. Movement on these webs by non Rock-type Pokémon will be noticeably slowed. They are able to be removed only by traditional entry hazard removing moves such as Rapid Spin and Defog. Bumble also gains access to the move String Shot, which functions no differently from its counterpart outside of the aesthetic change of using wet cement instead of webbing and that it is strong enough to allow Bumble to swing around with ease. However, she loses access to Rock Polish, Shell Smash and Hyper Beam.

Stropo: Level 4 Male Magcargo
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Move: Special Training - Take a Swim
When Stropo is sent into battle, he sacrifices major energy (not contributing to exhaustion as much as normal) to form a lava pool at ground/surface level, dimensions being 15' x 15', and 6' deep. This does not affect the arena around the pool (aka does not set anything on fire and the like), and remains suspended in whatever environment it is placed. Stropo is able to swim and navigate through the lava easily and quickly. Any move involving sending energy through the arena will be unable to pass into or through the pool, functioning similarly to how lava/water do normally. The heat emanating off of the lava also provides any Pokemon's moves used in the confines of the pool as well as within 10 feet of the pool with the effects of Sunny Day. However, Stropo cannot leave the confines of the pool while in battle, and when KO'd the arena returns to its original state. Stropo also loses access to the moves Nature Power, Self-Destruct, Explosion, Body Slam, Recover, Rock Smash, Fire Blast, and Shell Smash.

Floyd: Level 4 Genderless Carbink
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Move: Special Training - I See the Light
Floyd has gained access to Solar Beam, Aurora Beam, Signal Beam, and Mirror Shot, all said moves considered light-based moves. He has the offtype energy to use the move of each newly-granted type twice. His boost to light moves will also enhance the intensity of dazzling effects (such as from Flash, Mirror Shot, and Dazzling Gleam), and increase the sturdiness of Reflect and Light Screen by 1.2x. In return, Floyd loses access to the moves Gravity, Guard Swap, Stealth Rock, Swagger, Explosion, Sunny Day, Sandstorm, and Hail. It's also a Carbink.
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Good luck Miror! I'll be gentle. Thanks a mil for reffing Kotsy <3

Buffer Badge
Token of Community

Napoleon: Level 4 Male Empoleon
HP Water
Special Training: March of the Penguins (WA)
Using Considerable Water energy, Napoleon stomps on the ground, causing wave of cold water to flow through the arena before suddenly dissipating. This attack deals no damage, but causes the arena to cool down significantly, becoming quite cold. This causes any Pokemon not well-adjusted to the cold to feel very uncomfortable. Water and Ice attacks are boosted by 10% by this attack. The effects of this attack fade after four rounds. Napoleon may not use Rock Tomb.

Clee: Level 4 Genderless Claydol
HP Fighting
Special Attack: Obligatory Heat Wave Joke (FI/GD)
Clee can now use the move Heat Wave. This Heat Wave will shatter all screens, cubic and pane, it comes in contact with. This may also be used as a Ground-Typed Attack, ordered as Ground!Heat Wave. Neither version of Heat Wave has any chance to burn the opponent. The fire version may be used twice per battle. Clee never learned Rock Tomb or Psyshock.

Georgina: Level 4 Female Torterra
HP Rock
Special Attack: Vine Slam (GR)
Using Signficant Grass energy, Georgina slams her forefeet into the ground, and from the terrain in front of her erupts a massive, thorn-covered vine. This vine, as manipulated by Georgina, ensnares the foe, and slams them into the ground. This move can be used in any circumstance that a Grass-Type could use Grass Knot. This attack does solid Grass-type damage, though Flying types are weak to this move as opposed to their normal Grass resistance, thanks to the attack's similarities to Smack Down. This attack will leave all flying and levitating foes with hindered flight/levitation for about a round or so after the move is used, though a Pokemon's flight will be hindered less and less with repeated usage of the move. This attack may be used up to three times per battle and Georgina may no longer use Iron Tail, Outrage or Rock Smash.

Skippy: Level 4 Male Swampert
HP Flying
Swampertite Attached
Special Training: Skip in FLAMES (FI)
Skippy can now reside and swim in magma and lava as well as a Magmortar can. He may also use the move Lava Plume, at a max of twice in a given battle. Skippy may no longer use Hydro Pump or Blizzard.

Nova: Level 4 Genderless Staryu
HP Grass
Special Training: Flames and Bombs and Stuff (XX)
Nova can now use the moves Shadow Ball, Mud Bomb, and Lava Plume. She can use Mud Bomb thrice and the other two twice per battle. Nova may no longer use Psyshock and Aurora Beam.

Charon: Level 1 Male Lapras
Item Attached: Token of Community
HP Fire
Special Technique: J u s t K e e p S w i m m i n g (WA)
When Charon is sent into battle, he forms a pool of water at ground/surface level, dimensions being 15' x 15', and 6' deep. This does not affect the arena around the pool, and remains suspended in whatever environment it is placed. Charon is able to swim and navigate through the pool easily and quickly. Any move involving sending energy through the arena will be unable to pass into or through the pool, functioning similarly to how water does normally. This water functions just the way a pool without pontoons would, except the water is very cold, making Charon extreme comfortable in it regardless of the conditions outside the pool. The cold also makes Pokemon that enter the pool very uncomfortable if they themselves are not acclimated to chilling environments. However, Charon may never leave his pool and starts every battle with a Major amount of energy less than the average Pokemon, and never learned Psychic, Shock Wave, Icy Wind, Thunder, Dragon Pulse, and Dragon Rage. This sig does not apply in arenas where a body of water that Charon can reside comfortably in already is present, though even in that situation he still may not use the above attacks.

Let's start off with Nova.

Click on Fawful for my ASB squad summary. Other links coming soon.
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Sorry for the stupidly long wait, I have no self confidence :c

Tother, let's do this.

Smack Down to bring it to our level. If it's in range, Body Slam, otherwise, give it an MC Hyper Beam.
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