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Ho-oh Contest Hall

I've been on FB for awhile now, but I never really got to participate in any Pokemon Contest. I must admit I'm still trying to make sense of how Contests worked, so I'm starting this thread to raise the topic. I have read this thread on the Battle Frontier that made mention of Contests, but in this post I would like to a start a discussion as to how it will be implemented. I understand it might be too much given we already have a lot of zones, but it may have some future potential.

I suggest that it's a lot like this and this. From what I gather, the updatee simply orders their Pokemon what moves to use, and the updater decides the outcome (much like in regular RP zones). The updater discusses the contest mechanics and also serves as the judge.

Now, I'm guessing concerns here would include the point system for the 5 attributes Cool, Beauty, Smart, Cute, Tough and how it will influence judging, as well as SOPs for holding Contests. I'm also assuming Contest Updaters should apply, much like Zone Updaters. The Poketreats Store may give way to Poffin and Pokeblock making/purchase.

I may have left out other concerns related to the Contest Hall, so I hope to start a discussion for it!


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Median Dia
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Contests were in a fair bit of discussion over on Discord (along with the Pokathalon and a few Battle Facilities), but they are being put on hold for the time being.Folks are worried that some of us are overloaded as is and don't want to make that issue any worse.

Aside from that, we did establish a potential way the Contests could be run, so we'l at lest have that foot out the door once the community feels like it can handle them. The precise system for the stats is actually up in the air (thanks to the Pokeathalon portion of the discussion), so the corresponding shops are still up for debate.

As things stand, however, there are people interested in letting Contests out in the open at some point, so no worries there!

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Lil' Bluey

I would love to see Contests make a comeback, although unfortunately I no longer have time to be a host. I do think the animé's mechanics are the best standard to go by: one round of Appeals, one round of Battle - but geared towards the Contest's category.

I did like how Ushi's version of the Smart Contest incorporated a puzzle element to it. Seemed suited for the category to test the Pokémon's wits. (Strange, I was sure I participated in one with Kief the Zigzagoon even though we failed miserably. Where's Normal Rank I?)
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Marion Ette
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Certainly, we are open to the idea of doing Contests at some point. Perhaps not right away, but in the future - so I'm interested to hear what ideas people have for implementation.
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Honestly as it stands, contests were a bit on the back foot. Deo expressed his desire for the contest stat system as it stands rn to be scrapped, which it probably should be, and I think Cibbir mentioned something about trying to appropriate the ASB Contests into Fizzby, which was one large appeals round of however many members wished to enter, and then from there judges whittled it down to eight people for contest battles, which settled the remainders in a generic tourney fashion (as per the anime iirc). That's about all that was said on the matter though (Contest stats were brought up in relation to the Pokeathlon, not in relation to actual contests).
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Missingno. Master
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I like the idea of making the contests work like in the anime, though I'm not so sure about doing away with Contest stats altogether. Even in the anime, Pokéblocks and Poffins are considered important components of Contest preparation. Maybe Contest stats could still affect things somehow, like make a Pokémon's appeal round more likely to go smoothly, make it stand out just a little more to the judges, something along those lines, y'know?

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Having looked back at the original conversation, the tone was much more 'replace' than 'remove', although the exact manner of replacement would have to be sorted. I think the initial idea was to have contest/pokeathlon people talk it over and throw out some sort of a base system, although given the last few posts in the Frontier discussion I'm not entirely sure how long it'll be before that stuff even starts (For reference the last few posts over there are basically people saying 'Slow the fuck down, do it later').
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Speaking of Contests and Contest Stats, people haven't really talked much about it, but a system has been implemented on WF by Jeri which I personally really like. For reference, here's the entire write-up. The basic idea is that contest stats not only provide a measure of the kind of presence a pokemon has, but also provide a certain advantage towards a specific set of moves, and even the ability to learn some new things after certain benchmarks are reached. In a way, it is sort of similar to the bond system, and what I like about it is that pumping each stat provides a sense of practicality to it instead of just making it a dump stat. Thoughts?

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