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We're finalising the discussion on coins and are going to come to a conclusion by a majority vote. The vote will be done in private, meaning each member has to send a PM to Emi, Ex-Admiral Insane and Marion Ette with their preferred choice. You may vote for more than 1 option but be clear on what your preferences are.
In all instances we will not be looking back at the casino or the CfP once this has been dealt with and they will not be repurposed.

The choices are as follows:
1. Coin Wipe - All the old balances will be deleted and we'll be moving on in FB without them. No compensation or prize for anyone.
2. The Voucher System - the system that has been proposed earlier. (Link here). No additional vouchers will be given out. All items and Pokémon on that list will remain as purchasable options and will remain on their price tier. No reimbursement for past purchases.
3. The RP Event - the proposal and theme of which have been presented earlier. (Link here). All coin balances will be wiped and everyone can join the RP event to obtain a Pokémon, regardless of their previous coin balance.

The poll will close June 16th at 23:59 PM GMT

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I understand where everyone wanting RP for the Pokemon involved here are coming from--I'd normally be for some sort of RP myself--but unless someone thinks of a way to make a campaign that doesn't give Pokemon to people without coins AND makes sure those same people don't feel left out in any way I can't see how a campaign would solve things without someone having a problem with it. Again, I would be willing to come to this kind of compromise that Deoxys is referring to, but what about the newer players? Would they be okay with having to sit out on an event involving some very popular Pokemon that required an archaic currency to participate in? Maybe they are, I can't say for certain. Or there's the alternative question: would everyone with coins be okay with involving those without and just accept that everyone participating gets Pokemon? Again, I can't speak for everyone, but I'd be fine with it personally. If either of these groups can compromise, then it's fine by me if we end up deciding to go with an event.

I should point out though, the timing for such an event here is really unfortunate; the Springtime Egg Hunt is still busy being concluded and likely would still be incomplete when the new event would start. Even if we waited for the Egg Hunt to be over, it'd still be a while before this event resolved, and by then we might be in the autumn season when FB's Birthday and Halloween would be coming up. Can we afford to go through with the event with main zone adventures going on and have the updaters (most likely the mods) keep doing this kind of work? I don't know...

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Ok, to be honest, my first reaction reading the new recent posts was "...wut." Aaaaaand I'll keep it at that ^^; I'll just go through the voting (which I already have) and see how that turns up.

To respond to GS:

As one that owns coins, I am concerned about those who never got any coins and to feel left out. I know and remember how something like that felt. I rather see everyone having at least some fun (like we should be, in FB) than being fair in terms of "you get the equivalent of what you have gained".

As for the timing of the event, if said event gets chosen, I would simply say to wait for the Springtime event to finish. However, but I have a feeling that the Springtime event will be over soon, like... at the end of this month if not next month. So I don't see how problematic it would be to put that Coin/Casino event as a Summer event.

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