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Marion Ette
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Darmanitan The FB Members List

In my attempts at compiling, reviewing and rewriting the rules and FAQ of old!FB, one thing I've been having difficulty finding is an actual description of how the FB Member Post should (and shouldn't) work. I know there were some "unwritten" rules regarding Member Posts, so I wanted to address those here officially:


Current consensus seems to be that Member Threads should not be required to contain links of any kind, especially since a number of our older members have broken links or missing links. I am inclined to agree with this - though obviously if people want to maintain the links they currently have or maintain links for their own documentation purposes, that's fine, too. It should no longer be mandatory.


I am of the opinion that Member Posts should not be limited to only two posts, though my fear is that on the extreme opposite end, we'll have people doing an individual post for every Pokemon they own and item they obtain - the other concern is conflating the Member Post with the Visionary Glade. Here, I want to strike a balance between allowing people relative freedom in their recordkeeping, while also preventing threads becoming nightmares for ZAs/ZUs to navigate. Feedback on this would be appreciated - how do we create a reasonable limit?


What is absolutely required of the Member Thread? Which Pokemon stats and attributes should absolutely be recorded, and which are optional? What aspects of the thread - for trainers, Pokemon, and items - should be uniform and non-negotiable?


It goes without saying that stating your Homeboard should no longer be required, but I figure I may as well make that official.

None of this is exciting, flashy, make-or-break stuff, but I would like us all to be on the same page so that when new members come in, they'll know what's expected. I don't anticipate enforcing too many rules regarding Member Posts, but in the interest of making sure that updaters and members alike can use these posts to their full potential, I want to get some discussion going on this topic.
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Missingno. Master
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Linking: I'm in agreement with links not being mandatory. I myself still use them, though now that's more due to personal preference than any sort of rule.

Length: Not gonna lie, I have considered the idea of a separate post for each of my Pokémon, but holy crap, that would very likely be a nightmare, even with the first post being an index for easy navigation. There should be an upper limit on how many posts a member post thread can have, I think, and it should be higher than what we've had... Maybe make the limit 25 posts? It's more than most people would need, I would think, enough to let people spread out more comprehensive details over a greater number of posts should they deem it necessary, and by making it 25, that's ensuring that member post threads stay at one page apiece.

Required stats: Well, obviously, the Pokémon themselves, their levels, their genders, their current moves, and their Abilities. I'm tempted to also say which kind of Poké Ball each one is in. Happiness Points and IQ should also be required, so updators can tell at a glance what IQ skills are in effect, and how powerful Return/Frustration ought to be, things of that nature. Contest stats... I don't know about making them mandatory. Obviously they'll be rather important whenever we get around to sorting out Contests, but even then, they'll only be relevant to those interested in Contests, and only for Pokémon entering Contests.

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.
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Cool. I'll try to keep it brief.

1. Yup yup. Sayonara, links. For obvious reasons, they should remain in the AC and Bank, and the Candy Store for those who choose to track their candies. Otherwise it's an archaic rule. If someone were to ever cheat, it will catch up to them eventually and they will be found out.

2. I see no reason why a member thread should exceed five or six posts at best. Even that seems a bit long to me, but different people have different ideas of what they may want to use their thread for. I think that should be enough space to allow people creative freedom. If it really isn't, then maybe 1 full default thread page at most.

3. The only true requirements in the member threads should be:
Trainer name
Nickname (if it has one)
Hold Item
And of course current Items and money in bag, which should be updated every time there is a change
And *maybe* Nature, though it seems more or less useless outside of roleplaying at the moment.

I don't see the need to link where you got a Pokemon or when you got it, though perhaps instead, and I'm not particularly for or against this, just throwing it out there, you could include a Trainer Memo, like how a Pokemon has in its profile in the games: "Met at/in/on X location" or "Hatched", etc. This is all easily traceable information if it needs to be. No need to link.

Might be missing a crucial piece of info there but yeah, that's all I can think of right now
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Gemini Spark
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1) Link if you want to, I know I will for many things. But if someone else doesn't have them, that's fine too.

2) One problem some of us ran into, at least on Serebii, was having posts exceed the character limit. That's not nearly as big of a problem on UPN, but having one big, long post with 50+ Pokemon's stats is, for many people, obscenely hard to navigate. Being able to split that up allows people to navigate things much easier. 10-20 posts should be a good cap for the most part.

3) So for my Pokemon, I keep track of these stats:
- Name
- Species
- Level
- Current Location (PC or party, and whatever adventure/shop they're in, if any)
- Ability (if the Pokemon can Mega Evolve, and the ability is different for the Mega Evolution, I make note of that too)
- Nature
- Held Item
- Happiness Level (I call it Friendship Score because I'm different )
- Contest Stats
- IQ
- Current Movepool (AKA the moves that Pokemon knows)
- Moves to Learn (whether they be level-up moves, egg moves, MTs, or TMs)
- Evolutions

So name (if your Pokemon has one), species, level, ability, held item (if they have one), moves they know, and items are obviously essential. Almost everything else I've listed can be completely optional and in some cases may not even be needed depending on what we do with certain mechanics like contests/IQ. Happiness level is the one thing that may or may not be required depending on how discussions surrounding Happiness turn out, so I'll hold off on judgement there for now.

4) This one is pretty obvious, yes, no such thing as a homeboard anymore.

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