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Pokemon Trainer Athena

Name: Athena
Age: 21
Hometown: Laverre City, Kalos
Apperance: As a Kalosian, Athena has always stayed on top of the latest fashions. Currently she has her hair dyed blond with a lavender ombre. She typically wears a white hoodie, pink knee-length pleated skirt, and high-tops. She has a large purple bow clipped to the back of her hair. She's about 5'6" and has light brown eyes.
Bio: (WIP) Despite being around Pokemon her whole life, Athena hadn't considered becoming a Pokemon Trainer. In her teens, she started work Laverre Café, where she met a steady stream of traveling trainers. Going on a journey with Pokemon was never really on her mind, but she always found it thrilling to be introduced to new Pokemon at work. As she got older, she grew restless. Aside from the occasional trip to Lumiose with friends, she had not traveled much, and being surrounded by trees was starting to feel claustrophobic. She started saving, and spent her days daydreaming and researching other regions. She was dazzled by the skyscrapers of Castelia, and enthused to explore the caves of Mt. Coronet. Since starting on her journey, she's taken to instagramming almost everything, especially new captures. She isn't incredibly confident, but is willing to put on a smile even in hard times. Like many others born and raised in Laverre City, she has felt a strong connection with Fairy-types. Much like Fairy Pokemon, Athena seems to have a mischievous side to her as well.


Lv. 9
Met at Lv. 5, Starter

Nickname: Eclair
Species: Mawile
Gender: Female
Nature: Naughty
Ability: Intimidate
Characteristic: A little quick tempered
Bond: 22 You're starting to get to be friends. Just maybe, walking along the same path has made you understand one another.
Moves: Play Rough, Iron Head, Taunt, Fairy Wind, Fake Tears, Bite, Misty Terrain, Tickle, Captivate, Poison Fang, Metal Burst
Birthday: October 28
Favorite Food: Honey Lavender Ice Cream
Bio: Before Eclair met Athena, she spent her days in Glittering Cave mostly on her own. She enjoyed frightening the occasional trainer, then nabbing anything they dropped as they ran off. Frequent scolding from Athena has curbed her kleptomaniac tendencies, but sometimes she can't help return to her old ways when opportunity strikes.

Lv. 3
Met at Lv. 1, Adoption Center

Nickname: Monte
Species: Scraggy
Gender: Male
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Moxie
Characteristic: Somewhat of a clown
Bond: 14 I think you have a lot of time ahead of you to get to know one another better.
Moves: Leer, Low Kick, Headbutt, Drain Punch, Dark Pulse
Birthday: November 19
Favorite Food: Fried Rice
Bio: Monte can often be quite goofy, and loves to do anything he can to make his trainer smile. In battle, he is a bit more serious and will not stand down easily. Being young, he looks up to older Pokemon and thinks often of what it will be like to evolve.

Lv. 6
Met at Lv. 1, Springtide Isle

Nickname: Mille (Usually called Mille-y)
Species: Stufful
Gender: Female
Nature: Serious
Ability: Fluffy
Characteristic: Often scatters things
Bond: 11 The relationship is neither good nor bad… It looks neutral.
Moves: Tackle, Leer, Stomping Tantrum, Bide
Birthday: April 16
Favorite Food: Pomegranate
Bio: Like other Stufful, Mille isn't keen on touch. Her small, fluffy legs are often seen thrashing about when others try to poke or prod her for being so cute. Athena has been cautious around Mille from the start, but it's hard to resist the urge to give the Flailing Pokemon a tight squeeze. Secretly, she loves the attention.

Lv. 3

Met at Lv. 1, Adoption Center
Nickname: Choux
Species: Snubbull
Gender: Male
Nature: Careful
Ability: Rattled
Characteristic: Somewhat vain
Bond: 17 You still have room for improvement. How nice! I mean, you can become even better friends!
Moves: Ice Fang, Fire Fang, Thunder Fang, Tackle, Scary Face, Tail Whip, Charm, Close Combat, Heal Bell
Birthday: November 20
Favorite Food: Café Au Lait
Bio: Picky and opinionated, Choux would better fit in carried around in a stuck-up woman's purse rather than in battle. He's accepted Athena as his trainer simply for her Kalosian heritage and willingness to carry him over a puddle so his paws don't get dirty. He's stubborn but seems to be motivated by sweets.

Lv. 10

Met at Lv. 10, Le Cimetičre des Cœurs Oubliés
Nickname: Palmier
Species: Litwick
Gender: Male
Nature: Rash
Ability: Flame Body
Characteristic: Mischievous
Bond: - It's not quite familiar with you yet. Pokémon are all quite wary when you first get them.
Moves: Ember, Astonish, Minimize, Smog, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Heat Wave, Energy Ball
Birthday: September 13
Favorite Food: Blueberries
Bio: What do you mean it's """not ok""" to steal people's life force? Palmier's hungry, ok? Athena is working hard to teach yet another Pokemon right from wrong, but Palmier tends to do his own thing. He is proud of his power and sometimes acts without thinking.


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x16 +1 Birthday


x 1 Aurora Veil
x 1 Return
x 1 Ice Beam
x 1 Thunderbolt
x 1 False Swipe
x 1 Cut
x 1 Scald

Key Items
Fishing Rod
Berry Bag
Pokeblock Case
Bunny Suit
$13085 Pokedollars


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