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Espeon Sppf: Kawaii

Trainer description:

age: 21
Gender: Female
Appearence: Oddly pink hair, not dyed. Hair is short and shaved across one side while long on the other. Eyes are a deep hazel, but light up gold in the right light. Commonly dresses in casual clothes, jeans T-shirt ect., but will wear a blouse and tights on occasion.
Personality: Suffers from OCD, anxiety, and high functioning autism but having Frieghya has reduced her panic attacks to few and far between. Creative and strong willed she does not back down to any challenge. Paints and draws in her spare time and her clothes can often be seen splattered with paint. Prefers to be alone with her Eevee companion. She is super sensitive to noise and smells. What she is passionate about, she will pursue until the end of her days.Despite her inexperience Kawaii was quite a "nerd" for battle. She enjoys chatting on and on about stats and techniques. She was taught by her mother not to overstay her welcome. Kawaii is also often prone to taking the least amount of whatever is offered her, and she almost never asks for other people to buy her things. She is mortally afraid of people saying 'no' or thinking her to whiney and asking for things too much. Which, often leads to her missing out on a few things. Because of her autism she has trouble reading people so she is always apologizing unnecessarily. Even though she is quiet when in public she is very talkative once you are friendly towards her friends
x1 Pokédex
x1 Twistedspoon
x1 Berry Bag
x1 Pokéblock Case
x1 Coin Case
x1 Wallet
x5 Great balls
x5 fresh water
X1 red card
X1 friend ball
X1 psychic gem
x1 snow globe
x3 dragon gems
x9 yummi gummis
x1 rose incense
x10 pokeballs
x2 ultraballs
x1 TM gyro ball
x1 TM Ice Beam
x1 TM flamethrower
(please let me know if i'm missing anything)
pokemon 1

(sprite,made by American Pi on SPPF)
Recolor: Light pink
species: Espeon
type: psychic
name: Frieghya
gender: female
Mate: Nadie (woobat, owned by Median Dia)
level: 25
IQ: 4
moves known:
sand attack, tackle, growl, tail whip,natural gift, wish,swift, confusion, baby doll eyes, quick attack, psybeam,Psychic, Nature Power,Zen Headbutt,future sight, psyshock,endure
nature: modest
loves: dry (beauty)
hates: spicy(cool)
contest stats: none yet
obtained: starter
ability: magic bounce
personality: Since evolving she as been quite calm and able to sense emotions from all others. She has become a mother and wants to train her child fairly. Though her meeting with nadie was short she sensed an instant connection. Her connections to friends and family are strong and unbreakable. She has always been alone until running across kawaii at a very young age. Growing and changing with her trainer. She doesn’t know nor does she care where she was born.
pokemon 2

name: eleven
gender: female
species: meditite
type: phsycic/fighting
Level: 5
moves known: bide, meditate, Bullet Punch, Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Psycho Cut.Dynamic Punch
nature: lonely
loves: spicy(cool)
hates: sour(tough)
contest stats: non yet
obtained: a trade
ability: telepathy
personality: quite and reserved, eleven is often percieved as scary or distant. She is a fierce fighter and will grow up to have incredible phsycic power. Even though she came from another trainer she bonded fast with Kawaii.
(based off of the character 11 from Stranger Things)
pokemon 3

name: Arin
gender: male
species: Aron
moves known: tackle, harden, mud slap, headbut,
nature: brave
loves: spicy(cool)
hates: sweet(cute)
contest stats: none yet
obtained:a trade
ability: sturdy
personality: adventurous and outgoing. hits on all the ladies
(based on Arin from GameGrumps)
pokemon 4

species: Drowzee
type: psycic
name: Baku
gender: Female
level: 11
moves known: hypnosis, pound, psycho cut,psyshock disable, confusion,flashfire
Punch, Ice Punch, Thunderpunch, and

nature: relaxed
loves: sour(tough)
hates: sweet(cute)
contest stats: none yet
obtained: adoption center
ability: forewarn
bio: despite her description and the legends behind her species Baku is quite timid. She doesn't like to get into fights or use her powers. She hopes that forming a friendship with Kawaii will help her become more outgoing and ready for battle. She loves to study other species of pokemon and sometimes "accidentally" uses her hypnotic powers to stun them so she can study them further.
pokemon #8

type: bug/flying
name:little miss
moves known: tackle, supersonic, swift
nature: gentle
obtained:a trade
ability: swarm
personality: warm and inviting. little miss, aka missy, is very friendly to those who have the confidence to talk to her. She is very much a mothering pokemon and makes sure she knows plenty of home remidies.

pokemon #13

species: slakoth
type: normal
name: priscilla
gender: female
level: 3
moves known: scratch, yawn, hidden power,night slash
hidden power: fairy
nature: lax
obtained: a trade
ability: truant
personality/bio: Despite the criticisim put on her final evolution by other trainers, pricilla is determined to be the cutest slaking ever. She loves flowers and hugs and is a very much a non-fighter. Unless, you try to hurt anyone close to her. Then, watch your back.
pokemon #14

species: sewaddle
type: bug/grass
name: kiga
gender: female
level: 6
moves known: tackle, string shot, camauflage,silver wind,grass knotenergy ball, air slash
nature: gentle
obtained: a trade
ability: chlorophil
personality/bio: a gentle and caring pokemon, kiga had a bit of trouble standing up for herself at first but is doing better as she grows. She loves to play with other bug and grass types. Most of all she loves to garden and meticously weeds and tends her garden for hours every day. She has learned to use her gardening skills in battle.
Pokemon 15:

pokemon #18

type: water/poison
name: Bert
level: 5
obtained: a trade
moves known: poison sting,aurora beam, sludge bomb, super sonic
contest stat: all 10
nature: Joly (+speed, -sp attack. Likes sweet hates dry)
ability: liquid ooze
personality: despite Bert's looks and his species' reputation, he is quite the fun lover. He has an affinity for dad jokes and loves to give people hugs with his long tentacles. Bert's greatest joy is seeing other pokemon happy and he is not afraid of doing stupid stuff to cheer others up. While, he is water-bound currently, he will work on trying to walk on land. Despite all this he will attack fiercely if someone upsets his teammates. It may take the team awhile to get used to his delighfully squishy hugs.
pokemon #20

species: Heracross
type: bug/fighting
name: derpules
gender: male
level: 5
moves known: arm thrust, bullet seed,night slash, tackle, leer, horn attack, endure, Brick Break, Focus Punch
nature: brave (+attack, -speed, likes spicy, hates sweet)
ability: guts
personality: overconfidant to the point of boasting, derpules loves to show off his strength and attack power. He looks up to the UB Buzzswol and wants to up his attack and defence as fast as he can. His time with Kawaii will make him realize that this confidence isn't always a good thing.

Name: Paleo
Species: Lotad
Level: 5
Ability: Rain Dish
IQ:[/COLOR] [/B]2
Level Up Moves:[/COLOR] [/B]Astonish, Growl, 6 Absorb, 9 Bubble, 12 Natural Gift, 15 Mist, 18 Mega Drain, 21 Bubble Beam, 24 Nature Power, 27 Rain Dance, 30 Giga Drain, 33 Zen Headbutt, 36 Energy Ball
Egg/Move Tutor:Teeter Dance
TM/HM: Ice Beam, Scald, Surf
personality: Sprightly happy and full of life. He knows his place was always in Kawaii's team and is perfectly happy.

Thanks to my best friend Missingno Master for the banner
óÓŇň furry, witch, and pansexual.
Little (little age of 2-4)
Hater of loss meme
Little (space): someone who goes to a younger sense of mind to deal with stress and anxiety.
crazy in love with my boyfriend AcendedDailga

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Pokemon #25

name: victoria
Species: Purrloin
Type: Dark
Obtained: a gift
Moves known: scratch, growl,hidden power,foul play, assist, TM attract, EM charm
hidden power: poison.
Though she may seem like a charming pokemon and flirty with the males, she is not only lesbian but also has a grudge against any male pokemon unless proven otherwise. She is a fierce fighter on the batlefied and is not afraid to kill if nescasary.


name: Lapis
Species: Buneary
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Obtained: adoption center
Nature: Lonely
moves known: Frustration, Defense Curl, Pound,Foresight
Bio: Lapis has always been a tough nut to crack. Her feelings are hidden deep inside her and it would take some time and effort to unravle her. Before she came to the Adoption Center she was under the care of a very abusive trainer. Who would keep her in her pokeball for days on end until she did what they wanted. This is primaraly the cause of her shut down attitude. Most of the time she tries to be nice. As she learns to let go of the past, she turns out to be more fun-loving and joke-y. She has her own unique style of joke.
pokemon #28

name: newt
species: woobat
lv. 5
obtained: a trade
Type: Psychic/Flying
Nature: hasty
Ability: simple
Held Item: none
Happiness Points: 0
Contest Stats: 0/0/0/0/0
IQ: 0
Moves: confusion, odor slueth
Bio:Much like his namesake Newt is fascinated by other pokemon. He acts like a human in this regard and sometimes is surprised when he is treated as a pokemon. For this reason he detests being in pokeballs. Newt enjoys going on exotic adventures and battling strange beasts.
Pokemon #29

species: Oricorio (sensu)
name: Hatsune
Gender: Female
lv: 5
obtained:a trade
moves known: pound,growl
ability: Dancer
bio: Like her namesake, Hatsune loves music and dancing. She is extreamly proud of her appearance and cuts anyone down as long as it makes her look good. She can be considered cruel but inside she is just insecure.
pokemon #30

species: ponyta
name: Amatsuru
Gender: Female
obtained: adoption
Lv. 6
moves known: growl, tackle,flamethrower, flame wheel, tail whip, high horsepower, flame charge
ability: flame body
nature: rash
bio: She has a fierce temper and unless you know her quite well Amatsuru will likely not trust you. She is quite skiddish and nervous but will charge into battle without hesitation. She dreams of becoming a powerful fighter. As soon as she evolves she will unlock her unbridled power.
pokemon #31

name: Rumpleteaser
species: Skitty
Gender: Female
type: normal
level: 8
obtained: adoption
ability: wonderskin
nature: docile
Moves known: fake out, growl, tail whip, tackle, foresight, sing, attract, fake tears
bio: Coming from an abusive home, Rumpleteaser was put into adoption just a few months after birth. She was the smallest of her litter and is very skittish and is afraid of loud noises.Soon after Kawaii adopted her she began to be more confidant. Now she is a mate of victoria and works very close to her. Her fear has gone away but is still submissive when it comes to authority.
pokemon #33

name: Tonks
species: Shuppet
moves know: Knock off, screech
ability: cursed body
nature: jolly
bio: Unlike the normal for her species this little shuppet is spunky and only eats negative emotions to remove them from people and pokemon. Her powers seem to boost other's positive emotions. She is generally playful and silly. Just do not make her mad.
pokemon #34

name: Gladriel
species: Flabebe
type: fairy
moves known:tackle, vine whip
bio: At first glance Gladriel is beautiful, enchanting and all knowing. But underneath that is a dark and power hungry queen with only one goal, protect nature. However, this form appears rarely and without warning.
pokemon #35

name: Rick(tail) and Morty(head)
species: Girafarig
type: normal/psychic
ability: Inner Focus
nature: Quirky
moves known: Power Swap, Gaurd Swap, Astonish, Tackle, Growl, Confusion
Morty(head): Originally he kept to himself but as he has grown he has become more outgoing. He tells off Rick for messing in his business, but Rick is usually in control despite being the tail. He is young and thinks with his heart more than his brain.
Rick(tail): Rick is ,in blunt terms, a drunk asshole, he forces Morty out of his comfort zone and is very blunt with him. He can be very rude to others. He does things just for shits and giggles and only for his own preservation.
Pokemon #36

Name: porco roso
Species: spoink
Type: psychic
Ability: own tempo
Nature: quirky
Obtained: adoption
Moves known: splash
Bio: porco is very much a free spirit. He is a wanderer and loves to go on adventures. He hates to be confined in any sort of container. Which means he hates to be in any pokeball.
Pokemon #37

Name: wasabi
Species: Starly
Type: normal / flying
Ability: keen eye
Nature: timid
Obtained: adoption
Moves known: tackle , growl , arial ace, fury attack
Bio: wasabi is a very skiddish bird. He's not shy but is very suspicious of those he does not know. He relies on Kawaii for safety.
pokemon #38

species: shroomish
type: grass
ability: poison heal
obtained: adoption
moves known: absorb, tackle
bio: Yoshi is a very determined little guy and lives to help other pokemon and people.
pokemon #39

Name: Shiitake
Species: Foongus
Type: grass/poison
Level: 5
Ability: regenerator
Nature: calm
Obtained: adoption
Moves known: absorb
Bio: At first she is very shy and timid but once you get to know her she will literally tell you her life story.
pokemon #40

name: Gersemy
species: Eevee
type: normal
ability: anticipation
nature: calm
moves known:covet, helping hand, growl, tackle, tail whip, stored power, syncronize,toxic,charm, sand attack
bio:daughter of Frieghya and Nadie she is very aloof of other pokemon that are not eevees or swoobats and thinks herself above all others.She sees herself as a blessing to those in her company. She knows exactly what she wants at all times. Of course she has chosen the most show off-y of the eeveeloutions to be in the future, sylveon.
pokemon #41

name: Huginn
speies: natu
type: psychic/flying
lv. 11
ability: magic bounce
nature: calm
obtained: trade
moves known: heat wave (MT), peck, leer, night shade, teleport
bio:calm and thoughtful, he is the representation of pure thought itself. he wants to learn as much as possible.
pokemon #43

name:to all others she as known as the mistress. only those in her colony know her real name Asarte
type: dark
ability: limber
nature: naughty
obtained: a trade
moves known: scratch, growl, sand attack, assist, fury swipes, pusuit, torment, fake out, TM attract, EM charm
bio: the mistress of the FB colony. She is happy to be back with her second in command Victoria. She is the most powerful and most persuasive in FB.viscious and absolute she has the final word in any unsure recruits or kills.
pokemon #44

species: Mantyke
ability:water absorb
obtained: adoption (on bulbapedia)
moves known: tackle, bubble,supersonic
bio: A happy-go-lucky pokemon, he is always eager to help out in any situation. In his low level he acts like a child, unknown to all he will never grow out of this.
pokemon #45

name: Frank-n-furter
type: ghost
ability: levitate
obtained: adoption
moves known: growl,psywave
bio: a very effeminate male, he is loud and boisterous. Not afraid to dress up and look nice. he's not afraid to be proud of himself even if he is made fun of.
Pokemon #46

Name: Audrey
Species: Ninjask ()
Gender: Female
Level: 21
Type: Bug/Flying
Attacks: Scratch, Harden, Endeavor, Leech Life, Absorb, Sand Attack, Fury Swipes, Mud-Slap, Mind Reader, Metal Claw, Bug Bite, Screech, Fury Cutter, Double Team, Agility.
Usable Z-Moves: N/A. (obviously may change depending on your Z-Crystals)
Next attack learned: Slash (lv. 23)
Evolution; >lv. 20> +
Nature: Adamant (not locked in, can be changed)
Ability: Speed Boost
Bond: 5
Cute stat: 0
Beauty stat: 0
Tough stat: 0
Smart stat: 0
Cool stat: 0
Bio: Very quick to get angry, she is quiet and solitary. She has a tendency to attack those who approach her without warning, or make any sudden movements.
pokemon #47

name: piko
species: Ducklette
ability: keen eye
obtained: Bedlam-Ridge
moves known: water gun, water sport, defog, wing attack,water pulse, arial ace
Bio: A very Happy-go-lucky pokemon, she is very eager to help all the time.

Species: Bonsly
Obtained: a trade
Moves known: headbutt, fake tears, copycat
Bio: a very ready to go Pokemon with a bratty streak. She will get into trouble easily but often regrets her actions when she's found out.
Pokemon #49

Species: Ralts
Ability: telepathy
Obtained:birthday egg hatch
Moves known: growl
Bio: a very quiet pokemon. She doesn't do things the way other's of her kind would. Even when speaking telepathically her sentences are only one word and pick up on the one word she connects to. This and her lack of response when approached can seem like she's rude or doesn't like someone but she is really friendly and likes to play with others. One of the only Pokemon to be diagnosed with autism.
Based on:a character very special to me
Pokemon #50

Species: butterfree
Ability:tinted lens
Obtained: trade
Moves known: gust, confusion, poison powder,stun spore, sleep powder, psybeam, sliver wind, ominous wind, razor wind
Bio: a mysterious and ethereal figure to the team.
Pokemon #51

Gender: Female
Level: 4
Bond: 0
Ability: Fluffy
Nature: Hasty
Birthday: April 16
Ball: PokéBall
Hold Item: None
Obtained: trade
Level-up Moves: Tackle, Leer
EM/MT Moves: Stomping Tantrum
TM/HM Moves: Focus Blast
Bio:she likes to trick people into thinking she is a plushie. Doesn't like violence or fighting. Makes snap decisions and doesn't ever listen.
pokemon #52

Name:Captain Tuck
ability: Thick fat
obtained:Kalapona Wai Adoption Center
moves known:defense curl, powder snow, growl, water gun
Bio: Not a very social pokemon, Tuck is still very playful and happy but only when it is just with his trainer. He doesn't do very well in large groups and likes hanging out with only a couple people at a time.

Thanks to my best friend Missingno Master for the banner
óÓŇň furry, witch, and pansexual.
Little (little age of 2-4)
Hater of loss meme
Little (space): someone who goes to a younger sense of mind to deal with stress and anxiety.
crazy in love with my boyfriend AcendedDailga

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going to be keeping track of my candies here:
24 total

Thanks to my best friend Missingno Master for the banner
óÓŇň furry, witch, and pansexual.
Little (little age of 2-4)
Hater of loss meme
Little (space): someone who goes to a younger sense of mind to deal with stress and anxiety.
crazy in love with my boyfriend AcendedDailga

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