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Victini UPN PASBL: Kyuu-Tales vs Goose!

Kyuu-Tales vs Goose
Equilevel 1
48 hour DQ
Return = KO
[Arena] Sand
Hmm, yeah. Yep, this is the spot alright...and the Trainers are just on time! How do you do? We have a battle pitting two Trainers against each other. Kyuu-Tales is the Fox-savvy lass who always gives it her best! Goose is out on his own mission, and doesn't let anything stop him! And i'm your Ref, I hope things will be exciting for both sides. *At that moment, claws pop out of the sand in front of him, revealing a fidgety Sandslash.* Oh, Salli? Is that you?? What's up?

Hey there! Oh, nothing. Just hiding out from them...


You should already know what that is. They lurk nearby, maybe under our feet! You better watch your back, kiddo. I'm always watching mine!

Um...ok...? While you're here, how about you help me Ref? It'll help you take your mind off "them"...Don't you dare run off until its over! And now, here's the Sand Arena:

Sand: [Indoors/Outdoors] A very basic arena which simply consists of sand underfoot. The sand is deep enough for even the largest of Pokemon to submerge within using Dig, with the obvious stipulation that most Pokemon will feel uncomfortable being submerged for extended periods of time. Moves such as Earthquake and Bulldoze will be slightly less powerful here, but there are plenty of rocks embedded below to facilitate the use of Stealth Rock and other such attacks.
It's sand, lots of it, great for digging through. Not so great for hiding in if you're the wrong pokemon...

That's great and all, but should we get started? Now then, let's see that Kyuu-Tales's party!
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Bump for whenever Kyuu gets better
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