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Stranger Things

Netflix's new show. Taking place in a small Indiana town during the 80s, a boy goes missing. His friends search the woods near his home and find a strange, lost girl. His mother claims to have made contact with him through strange means. And the sheriff investigates the nearby laboratory.

When I was introduced to the series, it was described as, "It's like they went back in time and got a young Steven Spielberg to make this." And it shows. It definitely has a Poltergeist and Goonies feel to it.

I can literally say this is Netflix's best show to date. It easily beats their other series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black in my mind. The acting is top notch, especially from the mom and, strangely enough the children. The atmosphere and the story is very strong and compelling. If you watch any show this year, check this one out for sure!
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Altaria it's a shame I don't watch things when I actually have free time

My friend is super into this show! It sounds interesting so I'll probs pick it up when school starts because that's when I binge watch everything lol

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Spoiler: show
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I mean, I'll check out anything Nap-related at least once.

Is it closer to Twin Peaks, or X-Files? (Tonally, I mean.)
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Originally Posted by tau View Post
I mean, I'll check out anything Nap-related at least once.

Is it closer to Twin Peaks, or X-Files? (Tonally, I mean.)
I'm 2 episodes in and it's somewhere between the two. More like the former, I think. But with kids as the main characters. With a dash of 'E.T.'/'The Goonies' (also I say this as someone who does not like The Goonies [don't crucify me])

This show is actually crazy good so far. No wonder it's such a hit.
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I started watching this, I'm up to the third episode so far. It's really really good, like I would definitely agree that it is significantly better than any of Netflix's other output, or at least of the ones that I have seen.

I'm also super digging the Stephen King influences on the show.

EDIT: Omg onto episode 4 and the ET influence is very very very much coming through.

And just as a side note, goddamn the young girl who plays El looks insanely like Sam Huntington, it's really weird.
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I'm not usually a fan of this genre but I thought the show was extremely good. Excited to see the inevitable return of Eleven and see what is happening with Hopper in subsequent episodes.

So very eighties.
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