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Oh yeah Waterfall is pretty decent, but now Rock Climb has like no distribution since its limited to things that get it naturally as its no longer featured on a TM or HM, and its first and last appearance as such can't be moved between gens because for some reason, despite the fact that you had to move things from the PC between 4 and 5, you still had to drop your HMs. And besides that, Whirlpool is piss, and Defog is mainly used for comp rather than story. It was also just stupid to make it an HM at all.

@Talon: The new story can still be Team Rocket and all, just make it a good one that actually satisfies. RBY doesn't deliver to me. Yellow's feature of Jessie and James feels forced, even.
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Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
Quoth the Honchkrow (nevermore!).
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Originally Posted by Myles Fowl II View Post
Yellow's feature of Jessie and James feels forced, even.
That's sort of because it was.

My issue with Giovanni was by the time I'd gotten to the last gym, I'd forgotten who he was. Yes I started in gen 4, but imo the best part about the originals was that there was no story. It was just you wandering around and kicking the shit out of some supposedly tough trainers, and sometimes getting the shit kicked out of you. Team Rocket felt like a sidestory almost, something that was optional, or at least should have been. They weren't overly important. That was the one thing that I genuinely liked about gen 1. Not the crappy region or the terrible gyms, or the rival being the champion, but the fact that you weren't this 'chosen one' who was saving the world. You were just some kid. This is my main gripe with every single story in every pokemon game I've played other than FRLG and HGSS (And Red but it's impossible for me to clear rock tunnel so I may have to glitch to Lavender).

Also don't ask me about music, I'm yet to play a handheld game with the sound on.
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Because Kanto was so barebones, it allowed the user so much freedom. Like, you don't want Fly? Don't beat Lt. Surge. You can still get to Lavender Town. You can skip basically everything and everything until you need the appropriate HM. And when do you need Strength, from Erika? I don't think you need it *need* it until Victory Road. The only HMs you need is Surf and Cut. And you can beat Koga (it *is* Koga you get Surf from, right?) whenever you want.

The issue with a guided storyline (Like BW[2]) is that you feel less of an adventure. That's why I like Kanto so much and I feel like it could do well with a remake. Especially with the post above me mentioning that you don't need to become the kid who saves the entire world. Like, you just beat a gym leader, an attainable goal that anyone in the Pokemon world should be able to do.

It's really nice just being a normal kid becoming champion without having to battle your local god. But it wouldn't surprise me that putting Ho-ohs and Giratinas on game covers increase sales.

A Kanto remake could really benefit from throwing a bunch of sidequests at the player, and perhaps dynamic gym leaders so that I can make Lt. Surge be my last battle.
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I never really noticed that.

That Red/Blue were the only games with evolved starters on the front, and everything after that featured a Legendary.
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I'm pretty sure I beat Koga before Sabrina my first time around. Or are you supposed to do that? To be honest, I don't even remember.
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Originally Posted by Beautiful Savage View Post
I'm pretty sure I beat Koga before Sabrina my first time around. Or are you supposed to do that? To be honest, I don't even remember.
That's more or less how I do it. The general order of events I do after emerging from Rock Tunnel is as follows;

1: Beat all immediately accessible Trainers. If Generation I, abuse Mew Glitch as needed for prospective new Pokémon for the team and/or Missingno. encounters to clone items. End by acquiring HM02 and teaching Fly to something. If Fly user is intended to be Dodrio, catch Doduo en route to getting HM. Obtain any new Pokémon desired for team that has become available, except Hitmonlee/Hitmonchan.

2: Acquire the necesary beverage to enter Saffron City. Get TMs from little girl on Department Store roof, and TM Psychic from Mr. Psychic.

3: Clear out the Rocket Hideout. Acquire Silph Scope.

4: Clear out Celadon Gym. Acquire Rainbow Badge.

5: Ascend Pokémon Tower. Defeat rival, Channelers, Marowak ghost, and Rockets. Talk to Fuji. Acquire Poké Flute.

6: Clear out Silph Co. to an extent. Acquire Card Key. Systematically go through the building, defeating everyone you can reach without needing to use teleport pads. Collect all accessible items within. Save rival battle for later.

7: Clear out Fighting Dojo. Obtain Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan. This is where I went wrong in my Yellow Nuzlocke- I didn't save the Fighting Dojo for this late, and while there was only one death, it was a pretty significant one.

8: Battle both Snorlax. Catch as many of them as desired.

9: Ninja past as many Trainers as possible to get to Fuchsia City. Acquire Surf and Strength HMs from Safari Zone and its warden, respectively, teach to team as needed. Obtain any potential new team members from Safari Zone.

10: Proceed to take out all Trainers between Snorlax spots and Fuchsia City. Very lengthy step.

11: Clear out Fuchsia Gym. Acquire Soul Badge.

12: Backtrack and do whatever Surf is needed for, including reaching Cinnabar Island, battling all Swimmers and non-Swimmer Trainers at sea, and catching Articuno and Zapdos.

13: Clear out Pokémon Mansion. Acquire Secret Key. Catch Weezing if desired for team.

14: Clear out Saffron Gym. Acquire Marsh Badge.

15: Clear out Cinnabar Gym. Acquire Volcano Badge. If Generation III, complete Sevii Islands sidequest.

16: Clear out Viridian Gym. Acquire Earth Badge.

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.
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RBY was much more guided than people realize. About the most freedom you actually got was to skip 1 or 2 gym leaders and come back to them at a different time. Vast swathes of the game were locked to you if you didn't finish some errand or collect some important item (ex. the police officer, the snorlaxes, thirsty guards, etc.). It was the same way with Johto, although GSC also feels rough and free compared to the newer, story-locked games, even without the ability to actually skip gym leaders. It's good game design to keep the progression of your game feeling natural instead of forced and I wasn't terribly pleased with some of the contrived plot barriers in RBY and DPPt and even B/W/2.

XY was a little better though, with a lot of optional mini plots. Felt way too safe though! Not a real adventure. It was like running a marathon or something where there was little excitement or adventure beyond the challenge of completing the circuit. Sort of like I was walking ground that had been traversed many times before.

But maybe that was intentional lol.
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And, while some areas were not officially locked, big parts of the game were power locked. The Pokemon and trainers were just too strong for most players to handle without either artificially grinding or beating the Gym Leaders in order.

A lot of people did grind, though, for EVs and searching for rarer Pokemon. I know I spent a lot of time in the Viridian Forest looking for low-level Pidgeotto, Pinsir and Pikachus.
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