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Lence's Journal

Name: Lence Pesti

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Class: Creeper (Poison major, Bug minor, Fighting weakness)

Appearance: Lence stands at 5'11" and is rather skinny. He has a dark complexion and has black coloured eyes. His head is always clean-shaven, although as for facial hair, he has a not very well maintained goatee, his hair colour being dark. He appears gloomy most of the times, and usually doesn't have a smile on his face. As for his clothes, he usually wears the same sky blue full sleeved shirt and his favorite khaki pants almost everyday. He also wears a black pokeball belt, the type that can hold upto six pokeballs. For footwear, he wears a pair of grey coloured sneakers. In colder climate, he also wears a red and black striped woolen sweater and a red thick skull cap.

Personality: Lence is a rather quite fellow. As a kid he was very cheerful and friendly, being able to make friends easily with human and pokemon alike. But after "the disasters", he has become a shy guy, introvert even. Unless he needs to, he rarely ever talks to strangers because he feels kind of awkward around them. Although he is a shy fellow, once he warms up to someone and gets close enough to someone to refer to them as his "friend", he becomes a very different person, talkative and jovial. He tries hard to please those close to him. He is also a sensitive fellow. He becomes deeply attached to those close to him, making him overly sentimental. He is very thankful to anyone who does anything to help him, and although not social, he loves to help those in need of help.

Background: Lence was from a middle class family. His father worked at a pokemart, while his mother was an aide to the local pokemon professor. Neither of his parents ever had a pokemon. It was that day. The day a bunch of 10-12 year old kids were going to get their starter pokemon. The day when they were going to venture out on there own pokemon journey. 12 year old Lence too was one of them. His mother always used to talk about this day, how this would be an important day in young Lence's life, and how one day, unlike his parents, he will go on his own pokemon adventure and will grow up to be a fine trainer. That was his mother's dream. When Lence reached the lab, he saw a long queue of kids, each eager for their turn. When he was about to enter the building and join the queue, he spotted an injured venonat appeared hidden in a bush. Lence went after it and offered it some sitrus berries to heal the injury. But then the dreadful "Disaster" happened. An earthquake shook up the place. It was not the pokemon move "earthquake", it was something far worse. The entire lab collapsed and came crumbling down. Most of the kids and lab workers, including Lence's mother, died that day. He was devastated on losing his mother and all of his friends. Lence and his father were traumatized. Lence became weak and timid and built a shell around himself, not easily opening up to anyone. However, with time the scars healed enough that they could move on. And 10 years later, with the full support of his father, Lence finally left on his pokemon journey, to fulfill his mother's dream.

Starter Group: 5

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Name: Azure
Species: Slakoth
Ball: Poke Ball
Level: 11
Gender: Male
Type: Normal
Ability: Truant
Nature: Relaxed
Mood: 126
Level Up Moves: Scratch, Yawn, Encore, Slack Off
Next Move: Fient Attack (Level 14)
Egg Moves: Tickle
Mood Moves: Hammer Arm, Return
HM Moves: Cut
Biography: Coming Soon

Name: Crimson
Species: Stunky
Ball: Love Ball
Level: 11
Gender: Male
Type: Poison/Dark
Ability: Stench
Nature: Impish
Mood: 136
Level Up Moves: Scratch, Focus Energy, Poison Gas, Screech, Fury Swipes
Next Move: Smokescreen (Level 13)
Egg Moves: Smog, Flame Burst
Mood Moves: Foul Play, Return, Play Rough
HM Moves: Cut
Biography: Coming Soon

Name: Beige
Species: Pinsir
Ball: Net Ball
Level: 10
Gender: Male
Type: Bug
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Nature: Rash
Mood: 94
Level Up Moves: Vice Grip, Focus Energy, Bind, Seismic Toss
Next Move: Harden (Level 11)
Egg Moves: Bug Bite
Mood Moves: none yet
HM Moves: none yet
Biography: Coming Soon

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Star Shards: 4
Money: $5500

Healing Items:
2 Potions
1 Revive

1x Oran Berry
2x Cheri Berry
2x Chesto Berry
1x Pecha Berry
2x Aspear Berry
2× Sitrus Berry
1x Kelpsy Berry
1x Leichi Berry
1x Ganlon Berry
1x Leppa Berry

Poke Balls:
5x Poke Balls
2x Love Balls
2x Fast Balls

Miscellaneous Items:
1 Escape Rope
1x Flower Mail
1 Fishing Pole

1 TM Case
1 Berry Pouch
PokeGear (w/ Phone Card)

Awaiting Pickup:
1 Enigmatic Candy (Raffle)

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