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Originally Posted by satosere View Post
Isn't "Showdown at Pewter City" the episode where Ash and Misty meet Brock? If so I love that one
That's the one.

My Shiny Pokémon (not up for trade, I don't do requests for Shiny banners or recolored Pokken artwork). FB team banners like the one above, however, those I do requests for.
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Joelle Poké
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I was about 6 or 7 when I began watching the anime, and when I turned 9 I got Black 2 for my birthday <3
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First watched Pokemon when I was 6 or 7 years old I think, I don't remember when I first played the games nor the first game I ever played between Ruby, Saphir, LeafGreen and FireRed, but I started with GBA games, never played older games (GB, GBC)
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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Late 1997/Early 1998. I came home from school one day and had received this promotional video in the mail:

I remember being incredibly excited to watch it but was told I could only see it after I finished my homework. I don't have specifics, but I recall having known about Pokemon from prior to that, from where and when I don't know as I wasn't sure of what Pokemon was the very first time I saw it, but I thought it was cool, and upon seeing the video in the mail I became overwhelmed with excitement due to seeing it again.

Here is the video in question (warning: cheesy)


Then, my interest returned for the games when I saw this in the very last page of a 'Disney Adventures' magazine, which had this advertisement:

I immediately fell in love with Poliwhirl for some reason (it was my first favorite Pokemon and remained that way for a long time).

I began showing my friends and talking to them about it, and one of them had a relative who worked at Toys R Us and had a few spare promotional Pokemon posters, which had the entire Pokedex on it, and they gave one to me (this all occurred leading up to or during the release of the franchise in the states).

I became pretty obsessed, needless to say. I went on to participate in the Pokemon Mall Tour in 2000, got Mew, and received two badges in the gameboy link tournament. Bought a bunch of japanese cards and packs, had a huge collection of cards, even the, at the time, illustrious white star "Here Comes Team Rocket!" and 1st Edition Charizard, among others that have since disappeared.

Damn, this nostalgia makes me want to play Red and Blue again. Kind of.
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Pokemon Blue, and Nintendo Power magazine hyping up the games/anime.

First episode I ever saw was "The Problem with Paras" on KidsWB way back in 1998. I then saw the rest of Season 1 on reruns since they aired it to death back in the day.
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I think I got into Pokemon when I was about three years old. My cousins have a deck of TCGs, and even a Pokedex! (Unfortunately I can no longer find it T_T)

As for my own adventure in Pokemon, I had the limited edition Pikachu Gameboy Color. I plan to pass it on as an heirloom LOL. I played the games first, I think, though I saw some episodes every once in a while when I happen to see one. The first game I played was Pokemon Yellow, so no matter how many times I play the newer games, Yellow will always have a special place in my heart.
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