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Outsourcing: ASB Quality Control

Spoiler: show
Sneaze has control over the League Table. It has not been updated since 9:49 AM EST on 1/29/15

Sneaze proposed that the unofficial move errata be closed down, because regular members are untrustworthy. A chance to the UPN Wiki Errata site has not been made since 5 January 2015‎.

As we speak, the leadership is sitting on the following:

Spoiler: show

Originally Posted by Sneaze
Originally Posted by Aposteriori
Originally Posted by Aposteriori
Originally Posted by Aposteriori
If you can get me a c/p of the code for the site I can do you a solid and edit in everything that needs to go in. A raw text is all I need. I will secure that everything that needs to be added to:

with priority

with low priority
Level Acquisitions
Gym Leaders

Please trust me with this, and I will do my best to secure the right data. I'm not looking to take credit either, just rather extending a helping hand since I tend to have more downtime than you do. Cheers.
SC updated ; you can double check if you like, but no malice there.

Gym thread ; easy to update.

Acquisitions ; medium priority

working on move errata.
updated [Move Errata]

Celsius was fixed. ALL Pokeemon were eliminated. ALL pokemon were changed to the accent.

I'm sorry but the direct reason I did not supply you with the information you previously had asked for is that I am attempting to move away from the format the site is currently in so it can be more organized. Beyond that, I have spent months scrawling through some pages to de-spaghetti the code and do not feel like proofreading every page again.
Originally Posted by Aposteriori

In this state, Pokémon are visible, yet all attempts at physical damage pass right through. In contrast, while in this state Pokémon are more vulnerable to 'special' attacks such as Flamethrower and Thunderbolt and take 20% more damage from them. Physical projectiles such as wind, rocks or water will also pass through Pokémon in this state, though fire will strike them as a special move. Attacks such as Skull Bash, Zen Headbutt or Silver Wind which are physical in nature but have a 'glow' of energy will deal 50% of the damage they would usually do and do not trigger the 20% extra damage clause. Ref's discretion is advised where the situation is unclear. Pokémon in this state can pass through walls, roofs, floors, Pokémon and any other obstacle in the arena, so long as they keep moving and are not in solid space for more than five seconds. This means Ghost Pokémon cannot go and hide underground in the ethereal state, though they can go under momentarily, coming back out a few seconds later for perhaps a surprise attack. Ghosts may not use Selfdestruct or Explosion whilst in the ethereal state.

Wind Attacks - Attacks involving wind and air interact with Screens and other similar defensive techniques depending on a variety of factors. Moves that are primarily air-based (generally, Flying-typed wind attacks, such as Razor Wind, Air Cutter or Gust) tend to be fairly "solid", meaning that they will be resisted by Reflect but will break through Light Screen, while energy-based wind attacks (such as Silver Wind, Fairy Wind, Ominous Wind, etc.) will be easily blocked by Light Screen but will break through a Reflect. Ice-based winds fall somewhere between these two categories, being partially absorbed by either screen while still weakening them significantly, due to their blend of forceful wind, energy, and in the case of Blizzard, actual ice. Despite this variability, all wind attacks are boosted by moves that boost Special Attack.
Originally Posted by Aposteriori
League Table

I would like to bring this back, but please keep in mind that Sneaze at every stop has tried to maintain control whilst not having the time to upkeep with it. Since it is now on a google doc, it would be easier to set a few people to update the table and it no longer becomes a 1 man job. Shadowshocker is the only one to my knowledge that does not have a record up to date. Some serebii folks probably escaped me as well, but those can be added in a jiff. I don't even need to be control of the table; the only thing I ask is that if you allow me to, I would like to be part of the upkeep. No hard feelings if I'm left out on that regard. Cheers.

I will start by saying that I'm human and if you properly check the SCs, I missed out on the updated Legend SCs. The google doc shared below has that fixed.

Sneaze and Jeri are both in control of the site. Neither have time to update the site manually with frequency because it is genuinely time consuming. I understand that 100%. I understand that it is time consuming because it is littered with errors, and the c/p has to be precise enough so no mistakes are made. After one sit down, the frustrations are real, but we can help one another.

This thread is not boycott the leadership of ASB. It is to provide help doing the menial tasks that no one wants to do due to lack of time. If you can trust us that as human beings we want to minimize the errors, then we can mutually benefit from this arrangement. The site is in dire need of an update. I had to stop 4-5 new trainers and returning veterans alike with several different things that do not match the announcements, mainly acquisitions. So in short, let us the community, help you the leadership.

How? ASB Quality Control.


If there are grammatical, syntax, or outdated information problems that you've found with a move description, glossary definition, other attack-related, SCs, Ghost descriptions, or any aspect of ASB, this is the place to submit corrections. In the past, we operated primarily under the strict control, but to keep the discussion more focused, we will be shifting to a quality control proposal system.

If you wish to submit any information for review, please post the following:

[*B]-Information (if applicable), highlighting any problem areas[/B]:

[*B]-The issues with the current information (in bullet points or short paragraphs):[/B]
[*B]-Proposed changes:[/B]
Once a quality control proposal is posted, there will be a 24 hour period for someone to volunteer to write a counterproposal. Please do not pick apart the posted proposal's points - simply state your reasoning for a different change or for no change at all. It would be prefered that there be only one counterproposal but if a number of different ideas emerge, then the thread will accept multiple. Once someone posts to volunteer, they will have 3 days to get their corrections in. Once all quality control corrections are submitted or no counterproposals are made after 24 hours, we will have a 2 day discussion period of potential revisions to these corrections. Again, please do not pick them apart, but suggest alterations to further fix potential issues.

After this period, the LOs will review the proposals and respond (in as timely a manner as possible) with either a rewrite incorporating one or more rewrites or a post stating why no change was made. After a change is made, there will be a cooldown period of one month in which the same subject of particular thread/page may not be resubmitted for review, barring an emergency rewrite initiated by an LO.

Failure to follow these guidelines may result in banning from the thread and repeat offenses will result in infractions.


These links will remain available, should they become relevant one day.

Documents and Spreadsheets:

League Table

Species Characteristics

Move Errata

Gym Page


Spoiler: show

Since Sneaze does not have the time to proofread, can someone do the honors? You can open the google doc, and do a data dump into this site. In the mean time, anyone who has understanding of coding is free to help out Sneaze in whatever way he sees fit. No point having him spend time on something when he does have very little time to spare. Please Sneaze, look for the kindness/benignity in people instead of the defects which are much easier to find and point out. Let's all work together.

I will add more documents as the thread evolves. Possibly keep record of anything changed as well.

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This is a terrible idea and you need to stop suggesting things like you told me you would. Especially elaborate ways of controlling the suggestion of things.

Not personal. You're just pissing everyone off. Especially the ones who have the power.
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Please stop.

私のことを消して本気で愛さないで 恋なんてただのゲーム 楽しめばそれでいい
閉ざした心を飾る 派手なドレスも靴も 孤独の友達


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