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Oscar, having found himself lured by the foreboding eeriness of the Haunted Mansion, had achieved naught in his trek but a haphazard struggle through the rotting undergrowth of its gardens, and the indubitable knowledge that he was lost. Oblivious to his propinquity to the Mansion, he cyclically scoured the once thriving orchard for something of a path or clue as to where he might find a particular curiosity or location from which he could draw a satisfying degree of danger and activity. However, deep within the chilling atmosphere, he could locate nothing.

Driven to practical insanity, he concluded to walk in one, unwavering line, until an exit or occurrence befell his weary eyes. As he strode through the less-than-picturesque environment the tactic he’d adopted failed not in momentarily bringing him a focal point of interest, standing as a practical and alluring structure for his inevitable examination. A glow suspended in a giant of a tree amongst trees, a physical siren to all those, such as him, who pursue a thrilling adventure. Leaping forwards, his every step became a lunge that caused his wide-rimmed hat to teeter upon his head. As the modest yet daunting tree house began to approach, Oscar managed to distinguish a human figure, standing at the base of the tree and gazing up at its crate-like occupant. He heard faintly the cry of ‘Hello,’ as he drew ever closer, and felt his heart leap with the anticipation of encountering a fellow adventurer. Slowing his eager pace, he readjusted his hat, and advanced with a gracious stride,

“Hello there!” He cried, eager to meet the person he’d found and subsequently, perhaps, the occupant of this eerie tree-house.
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"Where are we? This place doesn’t look right…"

Jessica had been ineffectually wandering through the dank woods that presumably surrounded her friend’s Secret Base, though the forest strangely seemed darker and more foreboding than the girl remembered. She shivered, zipping up her sweatshirt further towards the throat, as she trudged doubtfully through the morass of crumpled leaves and mud, wising she had a pair of boots to wear instead of sneakers. How was she to know that the trees had decayed this much during her absence? She worried about Kristina. Was her treehouse still safe?

There was a choking, foul stench of rot entrenched deep in the sodden earth, like something recently deceased, rising similar to heat from the carpet but instead felt cold as it stung her face. Acrid taste on her tongue, a familiar pain. She blinked away memories. Why did this place remind her of elsewhere, of such things far away?

“I guess this map is too old after all.” She stuffed the wrinkled wad of paper into her pocket and turned to a brown-and-white striped creature plodding gingerly at the girl’s side. He spotted her gaze and looked up expectantly at his trainer with round, twinkling black eyes, stars of mischief danced playfully behind the reflections.

“Kief, do you remember how to get to Kris’s place?”

He grinned and wagged his tail. The Zigzagoon bent down and snuffed the brown earth, wrinkling his nose at the initial smell. He took another whiff, and this time caught the past scent of the person whom they were searching for. He barked to alert his trainer and impulsively bounded after the trail, with Jessica hustling eagerly after him to keep pace.

In the distance, a pale light flickered, whitish gold and luminous as an Umbreon’s ring, a pallid moon wrapped in shadow and held aloft by perishing boughs. Jessica heard a faint murmur of voices up ahead, and excitedly hurried towards them. She stopped at the edge of the clearing, eerily bathed in the wan pool of light that straggled weakly through the branches. Shadows swam as ghosts inside the pool. As she approached, she recognized two of the shadows as forms, shifting from fantasies into beings composed of substance. A step closer, and she acknowledged their human appearance. She smiled with relief, though her reservations stiffened again slightly when she realized she was not familiar with either of these profiles. Breathing deeply, on the count of three, the girl and her Zigzagoon stepped warily into the spotlight, revealing themselves to the eyes of the strangers.

“Um… Hello? Is- is this Kristina’s Base?"

She whispered nervously.
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