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Are cats of the same breed more likely to become a couple?


YouTube (skip ahead to 2m37s if you don't speak Japanese)

Looking for the video of cats lifting heavy fish that I shared in this thread, I happened upon a related video I had never seen before. :o The question is, "When cats interact with other cats, are they more likely to form couples with members of the same breed?" (Well, the actual question that they received was sort of the reverse, wondering if pedigree cats don't fall in love with other breeds. Same general idea.) So the Japanese television show crew devised an experiment to try and answer this question!

They gathered ten males and ten females, one each of the ten most popular breeds in Japan right now: (2m47s in the video)
10. Norwegian Forest Cat
9. Singapura
8. Bengal
7. Somali
6. Ragdoll
5. Abyssinian
4. Chinchilla Silver
3. Russian Blue
2. American Short Hair
1. Scottish Fold
Then (4m47s in the video) what they did was, they placed the males and females in the same room, separated by cages and by space. They placed blue ribbons on the boys and pink ribbons on the girls. Then they set up a play pen for the ten females, so the females could roam freely inside of it while the boys remained locked up in their respective cages. One at a time for three minutes each, a male cat would be taken out of his cage, placed in the play pen with the female cats, and the experimenters would monitor the cats' interactions. Then, after the three minutes were up, the male would be returned to his cage and the experimenters would ready the next cat. After all ten males got a turn doing this, what the experimenters then did was, they'd take one female cat at a time and let her interact with the ten males. Based on the trials, they would determine whether cats' breeds factor into their pair-bonding patterns.

5m52s - male Ragdoll placed with the females
7m28s - male Abyssinian " " " "
8m56s - male Somali " " " "
9m25s - male Scottish Fold " " " "
10m26s - male Singapura " " " "
11m23s - fast forwarding through the other five male cats
11m30s - on to the female section!

11m46s - female Ragdoll placed near the males' cages
13m14s - female Russian Blue " " " " "
14m46s - female Somali " " " " "
16m08s - female Norwegian Forest Cat " " " " "
17m01s - fast forwarding through the other six female cats

In the end, this hiiiiiiiiiighly scientific study concludes ...

Spoiler: show
... that out of all the cats, there were two pairs formed between members of the same breed. They don't really explain how this is decided. For instance, is all the weight in making this decision placed on the females' trials? To say nothing of the problem that 3 minutes + 3 minutes is hardly enough to even say the cats even get acquainted with one another, let alone pair off and form a couple.

I may not be too thrilled with the science of this particular trial, but what I did enjoy were the amusing interactions between the cats and the sometimes humorous narration provided by the hosts. If you like cats, I think you'll find this video to be amusing. If not, then maybe just stick with the cats lifting heavy fish video instead. ^^;

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That was really cute (and good listening practice). Thanks for sharing!

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Kaisa informs me that the video has already been removed from YouTube, its account terminated for copyright violation. Great. -_-; I have no idea why this television show is so anal retentive about their stuff not being on YouTube. Do they even sell past episodes of their show on DVD? How is having this on YouTube hurting them in any way? Well, whatever. At least one other person here got to see it before it was taken down.
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