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Destiny, Coincidence, Happenstance, call it what you will- The hero has arrived!

The echo of waves. For a moment, he was in complete harmony, his senses united in a common perception. But then he thought, and the harmony turned to dissonant confusion. Hearing, normal. Feel, sure. But that rhythmic, damp crashing- That's not a sensation you should be able to smell, taste, or see. What in the...
His senses faded away, then returned some time later. He had no idea how long he'd been out, but everything seemed normal now. The taste of salty brine, the smell of the brisk ocean breeze, the feel of grainy sand beneath his skin... And, a moment later, an expanse of black in his sight. Staggering, Kin rose to his feet, blinking as he took in his surroundings. Yeah, it was a beach alright. And judging from the colour of the sand, a volcanic one. Shaking off the last remnants of his confusion (and a bit of the ocean from his utterly waterlogged clothes), the boy surveyed the lush greenery distanced from the shore. Well. There were worse places to wake up. A nagging thought bothered the back of his mind, but he let it be for now- if it wanted his attention, it could make itself clear. There was nothing to do now but explore.


...Riiiiiight, that's what it was.
Glancing between the photograph and the structure before him, there was no doubt about it. This was the base of a certain 'Blaze'. Their travels hadn't crossed yet, but Kin had made their acquaintance online, proofreading a few documents for the other boy. One of Blaze's friends, a 'Remilia', was throwing a party here- He'd received the invitation some time ago. Out of all the places, he'd washed up here? Interesting. Shrugging, Kin turned to the Cherubi at his feet.
"They might need some help- Let's introduce ourselves". Happily giving a few knocks to the door, Kin leaned back and waited. He just hoped his (thankfully, now dry) casual clothing wasn't too out of place...
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People should watch what they enjoy regardless of what others think, even if it's a terribad guilty pleasure.
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Though, I also dislike the concept of lamenting the current day while wishing to re-experience the past. At least, my modern attitude is to try and make each new day magical even if it's not, since exclusively reminiscing about the past is too pathetic.
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Remilia thanks Rowan for the compliment he made her and laughs as she makes what he assumes is a joke. Rowan smiles at her as to say 'You're welcome' but somewhere in her laugh he senses a hint of uneasiness. He isn't bothered by it in the slightest though and happily continues the conversation with her as the topic shifts towards her friend Blaze, the man who owns the place, and towards the current political affairs within the region. Rowan listens carefully to what Remilia has to say, she seems to to care about the affairs that strike everyone in Fizzytopia and she has a lot to tell. Rowan too has his opinions on the subject and he takes Remilia's unfinished sentence as his cue to answer to her concerns, noticing she stopped herself on purpose.

"I have to say I share many of your concerns Remilia, the current political situation is quite dire, to put it lightly, and it has become abundantly clear that the political chaos has had a direct and severe influence on the average middle class man and the SMEs we used to have around here. As you have correctly noticed, many have been forced to close their doors due to the unrest at the top and while I am sure things will change for the better, it's quite uncertain how. The rumors you speak of have also reached my ears and quite honestly I can sympathize with how they feel. I however also feel that staying put is better for me personally. The family business is still running great and personally things are going great too. The only thing I could use more of every now and then is time." After his elaborate response nods in agreement and makes it clear to Rowan she wishes to meet her other guests too. Rowan smiles, "Please do so, it would be rude indeed to ignore the others." And so she walks away leaving Rowan behind at the window, he continues to look at her for a short while. He isn't sure why, be he is intrigued by her.

A tug on his pants makes it known to Rowan that Rose is still there too. He picks her up with a smile and turns around, looking outside again, staring at the Scarlet Moon.

"You know Rose, somehow I have a feeling we're at the brink of something great. I can feel it in the air, there is a tension. Something great will happen, whether it's good or bad, I don't know, but something is about to happen. I'm sure you can feel it too." Rose simply stares outside too. She feels a lot at the moment. Rowan's strong curiosity, Remilia's awkward feelings, tensions, anger, happiness, darkness, the room is filled with it. Rose senses it all, and more is coming.
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Stood in the corner, Dave had picked at a few pieces of food, while dropping the odd sausage roll on the floor, which YB quickly sucked up. Hearing his name, Dave turned to spot a familiar trainer - Keith Masters, who he'd met at the Park a while back. "Hey, sup Keith!" he replied, noticing that the Poison-type specialist currently lacked a Pokémon on his person, though he noticed YB sure enough. "Hah, seems we have similar tastes then - got a Shuppet of my own, Ysabelle, but decided to leave her behind. I actually meant to bring my Koffing along, but..." he glanced at the Fire-type at his feet "...there was some kind of mixup."

At the other trainer's next question, he felt some sweat start to roll down his head, managing to force a smile. "This guy? He's called... You Bastard." he said quickly. "But I call him YB for short. And trust me, if you knew what he's like, you would understand why he's called that. I didn't even mean to, I was trying to introduce myself to him and he let out a scalding blast of steam, and I kinda... blurted it out. And it stuck." he said, chuckling nervously.

Just then, another trainer appeared, one he'd not met before, but he quickly introduced himself as Blaze. "Ah, the 'host' of this little shindig." he replied, the inverted commas needed because while this was the trainer's Base, the invites had been sent by the mysterious Remilia. "Name's Dave, nice to meet you. Party's great, as is the food." he replied, scarfing down another sausage roll. "So, what's all this about again? Something about the moon, right? Honestly I just heard 'party' and thought it was worth checking out." he chuckled, surreptitiously dropping a slice of pizza to the floor for YB to hoover up.
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