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Eevee お菊井上日記 - Okiku Inoue's Nikki

Name: Okiku Inoue (stage/geisha name: Umekichi)

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Class: Furisode Girl (Major: Normal; Minor: Fairy; Weakness: Fighting)

Okiku stands a bit higher than most girls of her age, at 4'7" feet tall. Her body is slim but far from being a toothpick, thanks to her dancing training. Her skin is fair, however far from being white as a sheet (at least when she's not wearing makeup, anyway.) Her almond-shaped and slightly slanted eyes are large and blue. Her dark magenta hair is long, but the way she ties them differs on what she is wearing.

Casually, she wears a violet jinbei (Japanese clothing consisting of matching shorts and yukata-like shirt) with, as design on the cloth, various flowers floating on a stream. Staw zori (flip-flops) with purple straps are worn at her feet. As for her hair, it is tied odango style; or more precisely into two little buns, one on each side of her head, with pigtails.

When working in ceremonies as a "Kimono Girl"-in-training or participating in important occasions though, her attire is much more elaborate and formal. She wears a red, flowery maiko-style furisode (long, pocketed sleeved kimono) which is tied around with her gold and green darari obi (a long, large sash tied in a way it dangles down.) She also have a red nagajuban (under-kimono) embroiled in silver under it, which can be seen around the front side of her collar. To keep her kimono from touching the ground, she wears a pair of okobo (tall wooden sandals) with red straps. Her face, neck and the visible part of her chest and back are completely covered with white makeup, for the exception for a part of her nape. Her vivid red lipstick covers only her lower lip partly. Her makeup also accents her eyes and eyebrows with some subtle red and black coloring around them. Finally, her hair is tied in the momoware hairstyle, meaning it is placed in a similar fashion to a chignon with the help of a small piece of cotton to make the hair look like a divided peach, and is decorated with Kimono Girl kanzashi (traditional Japanese hair ornaments), including a small pair of bira-bira (dangling, tinkling metal strips), a couple of Pokéball-shaped tama (pins with a bead on their end), a large kushi (comb) and some hana kanzashi (flower-shaped fabrics.)

Okiku is one filled with determination and enthusiasm. A bit hard-headed, she rarely backs out of something she decided to do, especially if it involves a promise she made either to someone or herself. She always approaches people cheerfully and politely, looking for someone to make them smile and feel important, but she knows how to be serious and quiet when needed. She's patient for her age, knowing that some things can take time. That said, she can be ignorant and innocent with a lot of subjects because of her young age and mostly sheltered life, but she also tend to think in an “old-fashioned” way. However she's a quick learner and is usually accepting to “new” ways of thinking and living. She dislikes above all negative conflicts and unlawful acts, doing everything she can to avoid such things and talk her way out instead of fighting when in trouble.

Born in Ecruteak City, Okiku's father was a Sage, Gaku; while her mother was one of the proud Kimono Sisters, Sayo. Unfortunately, two years later after her birth, the disasters occurred. Gaku, who was on a pilgrimage, perished in the floods of Vermillion City. Sayo, along all the existent Kimono Girls, mysteriously has been disbanded and disappeared without a trace. This left Okiku orphaned. She was then adopted by an old, childless couple, Jiei and Taeko, who also called the historical city as home. They raised her as if it was their real child, but knowing her important inheritance, early on talked to her about her biological parents and their traditions.

With the stories of her parents in mind, Okiku grew up wishing and promising of following her mother's legacy and reviving the traditions of the Kimono Girls. With the help of her adoptive parents, she did her best to follow her life-long dream by studying and practicing the ceremonial and Kimono Girl arts her mother left behind (or at least what was still documented of them, anyway) until her twelfth birthday, which is normally the age where a maiko (apprentice Kimono Girl) start her true training under a onee-san (Kimono Girl mentor). Unable to find one for obvious reasons, the young girl decided to take the matter with her own hands by self-proclaiming herself as a maiko and her disappeared mother as her onee-san, and would travel the world on a Pokémon journey not only to train herself in the ways of Pokémon battling (after all, it is one of the Kimono Girl arts to master) but also to search for her missing mother and “aunts”, and participate to as many events and help those in need to share her goals to others and revive the lost arts and traditions which her ancestors upheld.

In what seemed to be a sign from Ho-Oh, upon receiving her complimentary equipment after registering herself as a Pokémon Trainer, her PokéGear displayed in its news application a press release in which it is asking trainers to help with certain projects through the Kanjohto region... including one to repair the Celebi Shrine in the Ilex Forest, which was previously taken care of the Kimono Girls. Determined, she set course for Azalea as her first destination in her journey.

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手持ちポケモン - Okiku's Team

Species: Phanpy
Name: Zousan (ぞうさん)
Type: Ground
Level: 7
Ability: Pickup (10% chance of picking up an item after a battle)
Nature: Jolly
Gender: Male
Held Item: None
Obtained: Starter
Moves:Evolution Chain: - Lv.25 ->

Species: Sewaddle
Name: Himegimi (ひめぎみ)
Type: Bug/Grass
Level: 6
Ability: Swarm (x1.5 on bug-typed moves when 1/3 HP remains)
Nature: Naughty
Gender: Female
Held Item: None
Obtained: Caught in Azalea Town
Moves:Evolution Chain: - Lv.20 -> - <3 ->

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リュック - Okiku's Pack

  • x5/6 Pokéball [x]
  • x1 Moon Ball [x]

Recovery Items:
  • x1/3 Potion [x]
  • x1 Revive [x]

Hold Items:
  • x1 Luck Incense [x]

Evolutionary Items:
  • None at the moment

TM Case:
  • x1 Hidden Power [x]

Berry Bag:
  • x1/2 Oran Berry [x]
  • x2 Cheri Berry [x]
  • x2 Chesto Berry [x]
  • x1/2 Pecha Berry [x]
  • x2 Rawst Berry [x]
  • x2 Aspear Berry [x]
  • x1 Sitrus Berry [x]

Other Items:
  • x1 Escape Rope [x]
  • x2 Greet Stationary [x]
  • x3 Rare Candy [x]

Key Items:
  • x1 Fishing Pole
  • x1 TM Case
  • x1 Berry Pouch
  • x1 PokéGear
    • Phone
    • News
  • x1 Pokédex

Quest Items:

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