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Luxray Kaden's Path

Name: Kaden Alexius
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Class: Hellraiser (Major: Fire, Minor: Dark, Weakness: Psychic)
Appearance: 5'11 and 140 lbs, Kaden is rather thin for his height. He has thick, somewhat unkempt dark hair flowing from his head- reaching over his ears on the sides, down to the bottom of his neck in the back, and just over his eyes when not pushed aside in the front end. His light skin stands out from the black leather jacket he often wears to keep out the cold, a plain old white-tee worn underneath. He usually wears the same dark blue pair of jeans, a leather belt holding it up and a pair of hiking boots adorned over his feet for all terrain travels.
Personality: Kaden is a loner in almost every way, partially due to his own preference and partly thanks to his social ineptitude. Having a general distaste for people, he often shuts others out. Though that doesn't mean that he will not do what he deems right and fair when help is needed of him. He is either angry or upset at almost all times, the glint of a smile barely peaking through on an occasion. He has a pessimistic view on himself and the world he lives in, nowadays feeling like he's just living for the sake of living. His anger can often make him irrational in battles, often showing his sadistic side more times than not.
Background: Kaden was raised by a single mother through the first 12 years of his life. He has no knowledge of his father or his whereabouts, or even if he's alive. Nonetheless Kaden lived happily in a Goldenrod apartment with his mother until the disaster struck when he was just 7.
With a majority of the city turned to ruin, Kaden traveled with his mother throughout the outskirts living off the bare essentials. The strong will of his mother inspired the young Kaden, carrying the hope for a better future from the disaster he has to live through. However, it all came to an end when Kaden hit age 12.
His mother fell to an unknown illness. Having no knowledge nor the supplies to treat her, Kaden's heart hollowed as he watched the one person he held dear deteriorate in front of his eyes. Trying everything he could to treat her, it was all for naught when his mother finally kicked the bucket, leaving Kaden all on his own.
For the next few years, Kaden lived on by himself- using the skills he learned from his mother to survive until he finally reached a relative safe-haven in Olivine City. The loss left Kaden as a fraction of his former self, however, hardening his emotions and closing out all those on the outside, feeling nearly nothing but hollowness on the inside. Though his time for grieving has passed, the emptiness he feels has made him into the hateful, sadist he is now.
Starter Group: 1
Adventure Log


Name: Raiden (Rai)
Species: Shinx
Classification: Flash Pokemon
Gender: Male
Level: 8
Type: Electric
Ability: Intimidate
Nature: Naughty
Held Item: Muscle Band
Biography: Raiden found himself stumbling into Kaden's life soon before he began his journey. The strangely friendly Pokemon quickly attached himself to the trainer, sticking by his side despite his slight initial annoyance at the sight of the Shinx. Nonetheless, Rai eventually grew on Kaden, opening the trainer's heart just enough for him to become open to the thought of taking in Pokemon companions. You could say the bond Raiden created with Kaden gave him the push he needed to start his journey as a trainer in the first place.
Known Moves: Tackle - Leer - Night Slash - Shock Wave - Thunder Wave -

Name: Melos
Species: Magnemite
Classification: Magnet Pokemon
Gender: Genderless
Level: 6
Type: Electric/Steel
Ability: Magnet Pull
Nature: Rash
Held Item: [-]
Biography: [-]
Known Moves: Tackle - Supersonic - Signal Beam - Thunder Wave - Shock Wave -


x5 Poke Balls
x2 Potions
x1 Revive
x1 Escape Rope
x2 Flame Mail
x1 Fishing Pole
x1 PokeGear
x1 Pokedex
x1 Level Ball
x1 Dusk Ball
x11 Star Shards

Red TM Case:
- TM Shock Wave
- TM Thunder Wave

Berry Pouch:
- x2 Sitrus Berry
- x2 Oran Berry
- x2 Cheri Berry
- x1 Chesto Berry
- x2 Pecha Berry
- x2 Rawst Berry
- x2 Aspear Berry

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